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The Originals Season 1, Episode 8: "The River In Reverse"

Once again, I have been swinging so violently between, "Ugh, I hate Klaus," and "Ugh, I love Klaus." How does that work? I do have to say, though, I am really enjoying how this show is more of an ensemble show, in the way that every week, we see the show through one of the Mikaelsons' perspectives. Obviously, they're all featured each week, unless they're daggered, of course, but each week, there is a special focus on one of the siblings, and this week, Rebekah is the star, from the opening voiceover throughout the action of the entire show. That isn't to say that Klaus and Elijah don't get some excellent time in as well, not to mention Hayley and Marcel, but in general, I have appreciated Rebekah's character development more than any other character! Elijah has always been amazing, and Klaus has always repeated his same mistakes, but Rebekah in this series is SO different from the Rebekah we met in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, don't…


So, to say I'm a little behind on recapping would be an understatement. To be fair, Thanksgiving was the kickoff to a super-busy last few weeks. After the holiday stuff was over, I got sucked into finals hell, and my boyfriend, who is in the military and currently stationed 1,000 miles away from here, was finally able to come home for the first time in nearly a year, so I've hardly had enough time to watch my shows, let alone blog about them!

BUT, now I am on break, so the last two recaps of bothThe Vampire Diaries and The Originals should be up within the next week or so! Also, Teen Wolf Season 3B is starting on January 6th, and I am hoping very hard to continue recapping it as well, so keep your eyes out for those recaps, TW fans!

Sorry for the delay! I hope all of you are having a nice holiday season, and thank you for reading. :)

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 8: "Dead Man on Campus" Recap/Review

[08 December 2013 12:35 EST--screencaps and gifs are added! Thanks for your patience. :)]

Before I get started, I just want to wish my American readers a VERY belated happy Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone stayed safe and happy and ate so much turkey and stuffing leftovers and took awesome carb-coma naps. If you're not American, or don't care for Thanksgiving (and I don't blame you if you are!), I still hope that you had an awesome and safe week/weekend as well! As you can probably guess, the lateness of this recap is 50% from it being dangerously close to finals week, and 50% due to a turkey/stuffing coma of such epic proportions that I was unable to break free from the tryptophan haze until like, yesterday. So, my apologizes, once again, for the lateness! I'm expecting the other two The Originals recaps to be up by Monday and hopefully TVD's will be up by Thursday!

ANYWAY, "Dead Man on Campus" was the perfect way to move on from all the doppelgänger sh…

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 7: "Death and the Maiden" Recap/Review

[10:05AM EST: Screencaps have been added, thought, apparently not only are photos/gifs not working in Google Chrome, but gifs aren't working in Firefox, either? So, I apologize for the lack of gifs, I sent feedback reports on both browsers to Blogger in hopes that they can fix it in time for the next recap! Thanks for your patience. :)]

HOLY. CRAP. This episode had some of The Vampire Diaries' best work, ever. It was so incredibly thrilling to watch, I don't even know what else I can say about it yet, so I'm just going to dig in, okay? Let's talk about "Death and the Maiden."

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan is in love with Elena. Elena is in love with Damon. Silas is a raging dick who has the same face as Stefan, and used that fact to his advantage as he spent the summer impersonating him, after locking Steffo in a safe at the bottom of a quarry to drown over and over and over. Bonnie died bringing Jeremy back to life, and Elena, Caroline, Damon…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 7: "Bloodletting" Recap/Review

[2:26PM November 20, 2013--Screencaps and gifs finally added! Thanks for your patience. :)]

HOLY SHIT, TYLER LOCKWOOD, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU? This new Tyler was pretty fucking frightening. Michael Trevino said that he would be returning to his season one-'roid-ragey self, but this was actually way worse. Season one Tyler was a dick, for sure, but he wasn't cruel, not like he was this week. This is a man who literally has nothing to lose. Klaus wasn't exactly his best self this week, either, but Elijah was 100% flawless, and Hayley was pretty badass and smart, too. SO, let's get to talking about this episode, yeah? Because a LOT of shit happened that is going to be causing some serious problems in the future.

Previously, on The Originals: Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah Mikaelson are the first vampires in history, the Originals. Klaus is super special, though, because he is the first ever vampire-werewolf hybrid, due to his mother having an affair with a werewolf vill…

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 6: "Handle With Care" Recap/Review

[Just a note, I wanted to say sorry about the lateness of this recap! I have had a bunch of exams, papers, and lab reports due this week, plus I somehow caught a nasty cold or some kind of bug, which reeeeally slowed me down. I had this recap completely written by Wednesday, but I didn't have time to proofread it and add gifs/screen caps until today, so you have my apologies! This weeks recaps for The Originals and The Vampire Diaries should be done by Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. Thanks for your patience!]

In the words of pretty much everyone in the TVD fandom on Tumblr, THIS EPISODE WAS SO FUCKING WEIRD. But, it was weird in an AWESOME way. Damon was hilarious and heart-breakingly conflicted. Caroline and Katherine made the best and most unexpected team in the history of the show, even more than Elena and Rebekah. Stefan actually wasn't that terrible, Tessa was annoying, but still badass (and even proved to be a huge genius) AND, most importantly, PETROVA DOPPELGANGER…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 6: "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree" Recap/Review

This week's episode was a stunning example of how fucking AMAZING Elijah is. I mean, we've always known that, ever since we first met him on The Vampire Diaries and he fully decapitated Trevor by KARATE-CHOPPING HIM. It's always nice to be reminded of his badassery, though, and it was a wonderful reminder of the fact that 1) Elijah gets shit DONE, and 2) while Elijah might not be at Klaus-levels of sadistic, he can be chillingly scary when he wants to be! HOT DAMN.

So yeah, if you couldn't tell, this episode was pretty much all about Elijah, even when it was supposed to be other people, like Sophie, Hayley, and Rebekah. Still, everyone was pretty amazing this week. I feel like we've seen centuries worth of character development happen just in this past year for Rebekah, and Hayley and Sophie are becoming more and more interesting every week. Even Marcel, who I love to hate, has shown a lot of depth this week.

Anyway, let's get into what happened in the Quarter …

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 5: "Monster's Ball" Recap/Review

The season of the Vampire Diaries is really kicking up, just in time for November sweeps, and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. Not to mention, the 100th episode is coming up in a couple weeks, and it is sure to be absolutely bonkers. This week, we got a lot of information regarding Silas, Tessa, and how the gang plans to get Bonnie back, but it also stirred up a lot more questions that have had me dying for days. Wes/Dr. Maxfield is getting more curious and sinister-seeming by the day, and we met a new character this week who is pretty mysterious, himself. So, I'm going to quit summarizing, and just get to the good stuff, k?

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan came back to Mystic Falls to be with Elena, but now she's with his brother, Damon. Silas is an immortal sociopath who locked Stefan in a safe at the bottom of a quarry in order to steal his identity and accomplish his evil plans. Bonnie died resurrecting Jeremy, and everyone finally knows it. Qetsiyah/Tessa brought hersel…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 5: "Sinners and Saints" Recap/Review

Man, this show is BANANAS. I am loving it SO, SO much, easily as much as I like the Vampire Diaries, which I definitely wasn't expecting. This week had a lot of mythology and flashbacks and story-telling, like the first couple episodes, but UNLIKE the first couple episodes, it was still so dramatic that it was really difficult to be bored. The majority of my questions about Davina, her powers, and her animosity toward the witches were answered, as well as my questions regarding Davina and Marcel's relationship. Plus, we ALSO learned a lot about witches in general, Sophie and Jane-Anne, and Father Kieran! Klaus and Rebekah were perfect, and Hayley too. And, ELIJAH ELIJAH ELIJAH. If the show was just forty-two minutes of him just explaining basic shit in that awesome, formal way that he speaks, I would literally watch every week and soak up every word. Basically, I loved everything, and I have very few complaints! Now, let's get to it! I am bound and determined to crank out …

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 4: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" Recap/Review

Remember how when the first season started, and I was like, "What is this, am I starting to feel sympathy for Stefan? What is wrong with me?" This affliction seems to have been temporary, though, because after this episode, I'm right back to disliking him the way that I did last season. I mean, I do get that he literally lost like, 164 years worth of memories, which would be totally traumatic for anyone, as well as all involved parties, but UGH, he's even more self-obsessed than he was before. I think part of it is that I used to LOVE Stefan, but somewhere along the way, he became so hypocritical, self-righteous and otherwise preachy as hell that I just couldn't deal with it. The past season or two, especially.

But, enough about that, because there's still quite a bit that happened this week, as well as plenty of nods to 2009, when things were much simpler, and wayyyy more characters were still alive. So, let's hop!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries:Elena…

The Originals, Season 1, Episode 4: "Girl in New Orleans" Recap/Review

The first couple of episodes of The Originals may have been a little slow, and full of exposition/flashbacks, but THIS episode was full of awesome, from start to finish. Like, I really don't know what else I can say about it, so I'm just going to let what happened speak for itself. Let's get moving!

Previously, on The Originals: Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah are three of the first vampires of all time, and they pretty much built New Orleans by hand 300 years ago, blah blah blah. They returned to find Klaus' former protegee, Marcel, running the city as a tyrant with the back-up of an army of vampires and a baby witch named Davina, who is more powerful than anyone has ever seen. There is a coven of witches who are tired of being held under subjugation by these vampires, and want Davina for themselves. Also, Marcel and Davina are currently holding a daggered Elijah hostage, so Klaus is making a move to both free his brother and topple Marcel's regime from the inside so he …

The Vampire Diaries, Season 5, Episode 3: "Original Sin" Recap/Review

This episode, as full of exposition and flashbacks as it was, was still pretty fucking thrilling to watch, IMHO. We got a lot more doppelgänger mythology, which is awesome, and figured out who Silas' ~one true love~ really was, too. Although, chances are you weren't so surprised about that. I am really pumped to see where these storylines are leading us, though!

Unfortunately though, with the massive info-dump we got this episode, there will probably be a LOT of just straight-up quoting the dialogue, because you never know what is going to end up being important later, and I don't want to ruin the finer details by paraphrasing. So yeah, my apologies in advance, but this wasn't as fun to recap as it was to watch (although you know I still managed to write like, 8,000 words about it, so maybe I'm a liar) Hopefully you'll all still find this recap worth reading! So, here's what's up:

Previously, on the Vampire Diaries: Elena loved Stefan, and then she love…

The Originals, Season 1, Episode 3: "Tangled Up In Blue" Recap/Review

This week was full of a lot of exposition, which some found to be a little boring, BUT, there was some action that was pretty neat to watch. We learned more about Marcel's particular brand of leadership, including more about the vampire hierarchy and punishments for those who break his rules. We also got to see more about Davina and how her powers work, which has only made me more curious as to who and/or what the fuck she is. Plus, it was nice to see Klaus back to his super-strategist ways, where he's got back-up plans for his back-up plans, as well as side plans that serve to better assure that his current plans will actually go successfully. It was pretty sweet! So, I'm going to quit summarizing and start discussing it. Let's go!

Previously, on The Originals: Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson are the oldest vampires in history, "The Originals," and thus every vampire is somehow descended from them. Three centuries or so ago, they sailed back to the New Wo…

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 2: "True Lies" Recap/Review

This week, much like the premiere, was really heavy in exposition and not so much in action/plot development, which is sort of a bummer. BUT, on the other hand, it is a super fun episode to watch, and it begins to set everything up for the rest of this arc, so I'm really excited to see where this leads!

This week's MVP award should go to Nina Dobrev, because SERIOUSLY, she is absolutely the hardest working and most underrated actress in TV, imo. I literally never think about the fact that Elena and Katherine are played by the same actress, because she is SO GOOD at making them similar but completely different, all at the same time. PLUS, each character has had about a million different life stages to deal with, which means that she's really playing like, a dozen characters. Think about it; with Katherine alone, we have 1) human, 15th century Katerina Petrova, 2) Civil War-era vampire Katherine Pierce, 3) modern-era, super-strong vampire Katherine, and now 4) modern-era, su…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 2: "House of the Rising Son" Recap/Review

The Originals is continuing to really intrigue me, although "House of the Rising Son" is more flashback and exposition-heavy than it is packed with action, but it's definitely setting the pieces up for some intense drama, and I, for one, cannot wait.

The character who is fascinating me most on this show is Davina. I need to know where she's from, how she's so strong, how she met Marcel and why she's so protective of him. What is she getting in return for being kept in that attic? Obviously, she's allowed to use her magic whenever she wants, as long as she's also using it to keep Marcel in the loop of the witchy happenings in the French Quarter, but is she reaping other benefits? Why is she so willing to work against her magical brothers and sisters in New Orleans? I am dying to learn more about her. Anyway, Rebekah, my favorite of all the Originals, is back in town, and things are starting to heat up, so let's just jump in!

Previously, on The Origi…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 1: "Always and Forever" Recap/Review

(Blogger's note: I know this is super late, but the whole switching The Originals from Thursday to Tuesday, in addition to a week full of exams, totally fucked up my schedule. The next recap of the S01E02 of The Originals and S05E02 of The Vampire Diaries should both be up within the next few days, and then with any luck I should be all caught up!)

Did any of you guys watch the backdoor pilot of the Originals? (AKA "The Originals," Season 4, Episode 20 of the Vampire Diaries) The real pilot was more or less the same story, except this time, we saw the events from Elijah's perspective, rather than Klaus', which I thought was pretty cool. We got some new information as well, and we were introduced to a new character who already has me asking tons of questions. So, I'm just going to skip the chit-chat and get right into it!

In case you haven't watched The Vampire Diaries before, or haven't watched in a while, here's what you should probably about thi…

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 1: "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Recap/Review

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. The season premiere of The Vampire Diaries seriously exceeded all of my expectations. Although, to be fair, my expectations weren't thaaaat high to begin with, tbh. It took me a little while to get excited about this season, because 1) Teen Wolf ruled my summer, as you might have noticed, so I kind of forgot all about it, and 2) I wasn't a huge fan of TVD's fourth season; I liked the beginning episodes up until the cure was introduced and they started training Jeremy to hunt vampires, and then I hated it until Elena flipped off her humanity switch, and then I loved the episodes from then to the season finale. So when I thought about season five, I figured it would either be really awesome or really terrible, because the whole college-transition thing is usually a killer for teen dramas, (like Gossip Girl) and especially supernatural teen dramas. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, anyone?)

I had a bit of trouble actually watching the premiere, which was kind of …

Suits Season 3, Episode 6: "The Other Time" Recap/Review

I know there are a lot of people who aren't big fans of flashback episodes, but I usually dig them, and this one was no exception. The problem is, I'm a nervous girl, and it doesn't take much to make my anxiety skyrocket. Even despite the fact that we know what's going to happen, since all of the events in this episode have already been referenced throughout the series so far (Mike getting kicked out of school, Harvey covering for Cameron when he hid evidence, Jessica and Hardman taking down their fellow name partners at the firm, etc) it's still very tense to watch-- it might actually be that fact that makes it even worse, because we're bracing for it from the get-go. Plus, in Mike's case, we know that literally every single idea that Trevor has ever had ends up fucking over Mike in some way, so that really doesn't help either.

On the other hand, I really did enjoy this look back to the beginning of Harvey and Donna's story, and why they act the wa…

Suits Season 3, Episode 5: "Shadow of a Doubt" Recap/Review

I like Rachel a lot. Really, I do. She's cute, she's funny, she's super smart, and is probably better at law than most of the associates at Pearson Darby. I wish we saw more of her adventures with Donna. I even like her with Mike, although I hate that her role on the show is basically 90% her relationship with Mike. But damn, can't they go one episode without some relationship drama? Either she's jealous of Katrina, or she's still processing the whole concept of "my boyfriend is a fraud and I have to hide it from everyone," or she's hiding stuff about her law school applications. I just enjoy them best when they're getting along and kicking ass, like they did in their case with that. There's already enough angst with regard to Harvey's cases and his beef with Jessica and that Cameron guy causing trouble at every turn, we don't need the additional complication of their love life. Sigh.

Anyway, let's recap, yeah?

Previously, on Su…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 12: "Lunar Ellipse" Recap/Review

So, there was an...interesting development in the Teen Wolf fandom last weekend. Somehow, "Lunar Ellipse," the mid-season finale of Season 3, was released on iTunes on Friday, four days early. And then, of course, it was only a matter of time before it was on all over the torrent and streaming video sites as well. This was apparently not at all what the TW execs wanted, although I still have no idea who leaked it in the first place, so fans were left with a moral dilemma: do we watch it early, and try to hold in all our feelings about it until it airs, or do we wait until Monday, and try our best to avoid spoilers about it online? I waffled over it for a while, and finally decided I should probably watch it before my tumblr dashboard was full of spoilers and I ruined it for myself. So, I let myself watch it once and it took most of my willpower not to talk about it, for fear of spoiling others. Then, I didn't watch it again until Monday, when it aired, in hopes that the …

Suits Season 3, Episode 4: "Conflict of Interest" Recap/Review

[Blogger's note: First things first: I cannot find screencaps for this episode or any episode that aired after it ANYWHERE, so I apologize in advance for the lack of photos to break up the walls of text! I don't have Photoshop or any other photo editing software, nor do I have the skills to cap the episodes myself. Plus, capping AND writing these recaps would just take way more time than I have, so until I can find them elsewhere, I have a feeling the Suits recaps will be screencap-free until further notice. Sorry, again!

Secondly, I know I'm still woefully behind on these recaps. I have one last TW recap to write, and two more Suits recaps to write before I'm caught back up! I'll do them as quickly as possible.]

Man, this episode was full of verbal ass-kicking, wasn't it?

If anything, it just proves that Jessica and Harvey really are two sides of the same coin. Louis, too, could fit into that category, but his problems stem more from low-confidence than over-co…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 11: "Alpha Pact" Recap/Review

On Sunday evening, Jeff Davis, or whoever usually runs the Teen Wolf tumblr, warned that the last five minutes of "Alpha Pact" would leave us breathless, and JFC they were NOT lying. This episode was so intense that I literally held my breath through an entire scene on more than one occasion, partly from confusion and partly from shock. SO MUCH HAPPENED.

Basically, when this show is good, it is really, really, REALLY fucking good. All of the actors did the best work they've EVER done in this episode, and everything happened so fast that I'm still getting random realizations about the implications, even 24 hours later. I have been so excited to start this recap ever since the episode ended, so I'm just going to get to it. Settle in, gentle readers, we've got quite a lot to talk about!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Scott doused Jennifer with powdered mistletoe to prove to Derek that she is, in fact, the Darach, a former emissary of Kali's original pack who manag…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 10: "The Overlooked" Recap/Review

OH. SHIT. This week, Teen Wolf was a fucking rollercoaster, and pretty much everything I predicted would happen ended up being completely wrong, and everything I heard people speculate about that I figured couldn't POSSIBLY happen ended up TOTALLY HAPPENING. And that is one of many, many reasons why I love this show, and will probably watch it until it's cancelled. It always keeps me on my toes!

Anyway, the only thing that really disappointed me about this week was the fact that not only was Lydia completely absent, but no one even talked about the fact that WE NOW KNOW SHE'S A BANSHEE! Shouldn't they be researching what the hell that means, and what kind of powers it entails, so they can see how she can help them? I mean, it's looking like they're now fighting a war on two fronts. (Although, that may be changing. More on that later.) I mean, I get that there was no room for her with everything else going on, but I was just really looking forward to watching th…

Suits Season 3, Episode 3: "Unfinished Business" Recap/Review

I'm SO BEHIND on Suits recaps, but I finished my last final this morning and now I am done with school for a couple weeks, so yay, more time to spend on word-vomiting about scheming lawyers in fabulous suits and teenage werewolves and their human friends. Let's start dishing on the former, yeah?

Try as I might, I don't like Katrina. Although, I'm pretty sure that's the point. She has all of the ambitious, cut-throat, sneaky deviousness that most/all lawyers must have, but without the charm and charisma and general social skills that allows people like Harvey, or Mike, and especially Jessica, to get away with what they do. At the same time, though, on this show, you know that every time someone treats someone else like shit, it's going to bite them in the ass in a big way; something tells me that Katrina is no exception. Harvey (and by extension, Donna and Mike) have enough shit coming their way from Jessica when Harvey's deal with Darby inevitably gets out,…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9: "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" Recap/Review

I am so sorry for being such a slacker, you guys. I am in the middle of final exam hell, and trying to find time to sit down and write for several hours has been a little difficult, since my nose has been in a chemistry book all week. My promises don't mean much at this point, but after this Wednesday, I will be done with school for several weeks, which will give me much more time to devote to word-vomiting my TV feelings! Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about teenage werewolves!

I think we can all agree that this episode was definitely a highlight of the first half of the season, yeah? We learned who the Darach is AND what Lydia is, and despite the fact that many of us had already guessed what and who they were, it was still thrilling to watch. We also learned more about the Alpha Pack's plans, and all the pieces seem to be set up for plenty of bombshells for the last three episodes of 3A. So, to refresh our memories in preparation of what's to come...

Previously, …

Suits Season 3, Episode 2: "I Want You to Want Me" Recap/Review

Oh, Louis. I really, really love Louis Litt. It took me a while, but once I started, I just couldn't help myself. Unlike Michael Scott from The Office, I can kind of relate to him, and appreciate his role on the show, and especially his actor, Rick Hoffman, who is excellent at being such a weirdo character. Even when Louis is being a huge dick, it's usually pretty warranted, and even still, I love hating him as much as I love to love him. Seriously.

For being (or claiming to be) so smart, I have no idea why Harvey, Jessica, Mike, et al continue to be shitty to Louis. If we've learned anything about him the last 2+ seasons, it's that he's not really that complicated of a guy, not really. If you're nice to him, get him to believe you respect him, allow him to help you with things, and generally just make him feel like the actual person that he is, instead of making him feel annoying/uncool, the guy will ALWAYS be loyal to you. Like, the "walk with you to the…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 8: "Visionary" Recap/Review

Did any of you guys ever watch Gossip Girl? I still maintain that it was one of the best shows on TV during it's time (2007-2012, although the last two seasons were iffy.) Anyway, on GG, if you dug deep enough into the cause behind any shitty situation the characters had to deal with, you could be 99.99% sure that Lily van der Woodsen was somehow behind it all. Likewise, on Teen Wolf, we learned this week that if you dig into any supernatural problem, you will find that Gerard Argent is always the cause, as well. He's like fucking Voldemort in the way that no matter how hard you look, you can never find any redeemable qualities in him. Or like Professor Umbridge, while we're talking about Harry Potter.

Anyway, so as predicted, "Visionary" was more back story and mythology than action and plot development, but I still enjoyed it immensely. It was a nice opportunity to take a breather before we resume the usual onslaught of emotional abuse that the show usually pro…

Suits Season 3, Episode 1: "The Arrangement " Recap/Review

So heyyyy, I realize that today is actually Tuesday, and not actually last Thursday or Friday like I said this would be finished, but real life is so annoying sometimes, you know? You have to do things that you don't want to do, so you put off doing them until the last minute, and then as soon as you've finished catching up on everything, you just want to chill out and relax, so even stuff that you enjoy doing (like writing recaps of tv shows you love) gets put on the back-burner while you recharge. To get to the point, I have basically been swamped with bullshit to do all week, and then I was invited to spend the weekend with a good friend in Cleveland, where I didn't have reliable access to internet. This was good in the way that it led to a much-needed catch-up fiesta, but bad in the way that made finishing this recap impossible. Recaps, especially my word-vomity ones, take FOREVER to write. And then the editing and adding caps takes just as long. And that's why thi…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 7: "Currents" Recap/Review

Just when I'm like, "Nope, Teen Wolf can't possibly be more more of an emotional rollercoaster," the show decides to take it as a personal challenge and always, ALWAYS succeeds. It's like all riddles and metaphors and buildup until the last five minutes, and then it changes to "OH HEY LOOK DRAMATIC REVEALS, DEATH, AND A CLIFFHANGER BOOYAH." And then I spend the next week dying of anticipation. When did this become my life? I should probably just get on with it, yeah?

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Derek was super broody to Jennifer about how everyone around him always gets hurt. Deaton taught Stiles about the magic of positive thinking (especially in combination with some mountain ash, natch). Deucalion threatened Scott about the possibility that he will eventually having to choose between his no-killing moral code and saving the life of one of his loved ones. The Argents bragged about how much research their family has done regarding the amount of electrical…

Recap Scheduling and General Blog Talk

My plan for this blog this summer was to recap the line-up of shows I planned on watching: Teen Wolf, Graceland, and Suits, with the possibility of maybe doing some retroactive recaps and/or discussion of TV shows I love that are currently on hiatus. As you can see, I've only written about Teen Wolf thus far.

I had high hopes for Graceland, I really did. The cast is beautiful and talented, and I'm a sucker for crime procedurals too, so I figured this would be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, that hasn't seemed to be the case. I watched the first two episodes when they aired, and I have been unable to force myself to watch the rest yet. The premise is neat enough, with a bunch of different special agents from various federal agencies living together and working undercover, but the story lines are so unrealistic that it has been totally taking me out of the story, and I end up having more complaints about stupid details than I do good things to say about it. So, as of …

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 6: "Motel California" Recap/Review

Last week, everyone's favorite scary mom, Victoria Argent, asked her teenage daughter a question: "How do we approach a [stressful] situation like this?" And the answer to this question is "clinically and unemotionally," which is a lesson we would all do well to learn, QUICKLY, in order to get through this third season of Teen Wolf.

So. Intense. I really don't have words for the emotional assault that was "Motel California," but I promise I mean that in the most kind and positive way possible. (That's actually a lie, I do have words, thousands and thousands of words, but they're not at all eloquent.) It was painful, but in a good way, and it hit me right in the feels with the power of an angry god.

All of the actors were SO on top of their game, I really mean it; Tyler Posey did some of the best work I've ever seen from him, ditto Sinqua Walls and Daniel Sharman. However, this week's MVP is Dylan O'Brien, hands-down. I'll g…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 5: "Frayed" Recap/Review

So, this episode was HANDS DOWN the best of the season thus far, if not THE best episode so far in the entire series. As far as recapping goes, it's going to be a huge pain in the ass, because it's so non-linear, I have gotten a little lost in figuring out what is a flashback, what is currently happening, and what order these events actually happened. But, from a viewer perspective, this episode is amazing, intense and full of action. So, let's get started, eh? I have been thinking about how I am going to write this recap since the live airing ended, and as annoying as it is, I think I'm just going to write through this in the same order that the episode was shown. I considered recapping the events chronologically, from Scott and Allison's play-fight to Scott breaking up Isaac beating the hell out of Ethan, but that was just as complicated, if not more. So, here goes nothing!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Derek went back to the school to check in on Ms. Jennifer Blake&#…

Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 4 "Unleashed" Recap/Review

JFC, that was intense, and I have to say that my heart is a little destroyed by Isaac's entire existence right now. That story-line hit me where my heart lives, guys. I'm not even going to try to introduce this episode any further, and instead just get down to business. Notes/comments/speculation will be at the end (mostly, anyway; I'm kind of an expert at interrupting myself and tend to do it frequently) so if you're not into that, you can skip it easily.

Previously, on Teen Wolf: There's a pack of alphas/an "Alpha pack", who had Derek's long-lost, thought-to-be-dead younger sister Cora and Boyd held captive for 3-4 months. Isaac's dad was an abusive shitbag who used to punish him by locking him in a deep-freezer, until Derek found Isaac one night while he was working his job as a grave-digger and gave him the gift of lycanthropy. (Also, Jackson the kanima accidentally killed Isaac's dad for him, oops, but that's another story for another …

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 3: "Fireflies" Recap/Review

This week's episode, despite being a filler episode to set up more drama for next week, was still pretty awesome to watch, tbh. I read some people who really noticed how obvious the CGI, greenscreen, and slow-mo fight scenes were, but to me, that is part of what makes Teen Wolf awesome and kind of hilarious. It's an MTV show, it's obviously going to be campy and cheesy as hell. Annnyway, there is plenty of action going on this week, despite how much time it took to get those runaway werewolves under control, so let's get moving, yeah?

Previously, on Teen Wolf:Stiles' childhood BFF Heather was kidnapped by a phantom or other beastie just before she was about to swipe her v-card at his register, if you know what I mean. Allison realized that her bruise from MW is actually part the logo of an abandoned bank. Scott, Derek and Stiles came to the same conclusion, via more-or-less torturing a (willing) Isaac in order to access his repressed memories. Derek and Scott went t…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 2: "Chaos Rising" Recap/Review

Sigh, this show is going to be the death of me. This recap is much later than I wanted (plus I still have two episodes of Graceland to catch up on as well!) but I'm hoping to get that all done in the next day or two (while I procrastinate on studying for an exam on Wednesday, ugh) and be back on schedule! I'm also hoping that with time, I will be able to do these recaps without writing a grillion-plus words, unlike last week's episode, which was a monster of a post. I've never been able to write so much when I needed to in school, but when discussing television, I can apparently talk all day long. But I digress. Let's begin, shall we?

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Scott and Allison didn't talk all summer long, but now, after almost four months, Allison finally wants to talk. At long last, Derek confessed to Scott and Stiles that the Alpha Pack is in Beacon Hills and have taken Erica and Boyd captive. Also, he, Isaac and Peter have been looking for them all summer. A…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 1: "Tattoo" Recap/Review

If you asked me 6 months ago if I thought I would ever like the MTV show Teen Wolf, I probably would have laughed at you. Really, who heard that they were going to reboot the 1980's movie into a TV show and actually thought it would be good? I didn't. When I started to get into Tumblr, TW gifs flooded my dashboard on the regular, so decided to check it out, assuming that it'd be stupid and I'd give up after the pilot. Miraculously, I ended up hanging on until S01E08 "Lunatic," and after that I was hooked, and marathoned the rest of the series one weekend back in April.

Their storylines don't always make a lot of sense, and I'm pretty sure their special effects budget is like, $20 dollars and whatever change is in the cup holders of Jeff Davis' car, but still! The cast is so pretty, and the characters are so endearing, and the drama is just so intense that I just can't quit it. The cast is also super adorable in real life, and have such excelle…

Oh shit, you guys.

So, I don't really know how this happened, but I have developed a pretty serious television addiction over the years.

Believe it or not, there was a time when I didn't watch TV at all. Like, nothing. Television couldn't have bored me more back then. And then, sometime during my senior year of high school, I got grounded for being a stupid teenager for like, half the year and had nothing better to do than watch NCIS and CSI and whatever else my parents were watching because I wasn't allowed to do anything else. And that's how it all started. I picked up House, The Office, in addition to the other shows I started watching, and it all just sort of snowballed. Then, you know, some genius came up with Netflix instant queue and put just about every season of every show, ever, online to be watched whenever, and after that there was no turning back. Especially once I discovered all the people out there who are like me, who want to talk about their shows all. the. time. So …