Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 2: "Chaos Rising" Recap/Review

Sigh, this show is going to be the death of me. This recap is much later than I wanted (plus I still have two episodes of Graceland to catch up on as well!) but I'm hoping to get that all done in the next day or two (while I procrastinate on studying for an exam on Wednesday, ugh) and be back on schedule! I'm also hoping that with time, I will be able to do these recaps without writing a grillion-plus words, unlike last week's episode, which was a monster of a post. I've never been able to write so much when I needed to in school, but when discussing television, I can apparently talk all day long. But I digress. Let's begin, shall we?

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Scott and Allison didn't talk all summer long, but now, after almost four months, Allison finally wants to talk. At long last, Derek confessed to Scott and Stiles that the Alpha Pack is in Beacon Hills and have taken Erica and Boyd captive. Also, he, Isaac and Peter have been looking for them all summer. A mysterious woman, who is known around these parts as MW/Mystery Woman/"The Girl," saved Isaac from meeting the same fate as Erica and Boyd at the hands of the Alpha Pack. MW also had a message for Scott, and death-gripped Allison and Lydia so hard that they get crazy matching bruises on their arms in an attempt to find him and deliver said message. She eventually got the shit kicked out of her by the Alpha Pack, though the leader, Deucalion, got in what is to be assumed was the death blow. Lydia and Allison realized that their bruises make a specific pattern, a pattern which also happens to be the floor of the building where Boyd and Erica are apparently stashed. Dun dun dunnnn...

We open this week with Lydia and Allison in Allison's car, driving in the dark, as they do. Lydia's tracing her bruises with an pen in the passenger seat, and compares them to Allison's. She doesn't think they have much of anything to go on, but Allison is convinced it means something, since MW was so intent on finding Scott, as if it was an emergency. Allison is determined to get in touch with Scott to see if he can help them figure out this puzzle.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are walking down a dark street in their party clothes, where Stiles is harassing Scott about not being excited about the party they're about to attend, but Scott thinks it's weird to be going to a different high school's party. (Emily's Note, Septembe 2016: Isn't Beacon Hills a small town, like Mystic Falls? Why are there two high schools? Is it a private school? Did Heather go to Devenford Prep???) Stiles assures him that one drink won't kill him, and exposits that the party's host is his best friend from childhood, who is celebrating her birthday tonight. She invited Stiles, and has promised to introduce both boys to all of her friends as well, which gives them a perfect opportunity to forget about their respective obsessions with Allison and Lydia, at least for one night. As they speak, Scott receives a call from Allison, but he reluctantly ignores it at his best bro's urging. Scott then finally decides to humor Stiles and get with the program, so he and his BFF agree that they're "moving onward and upward" as they engage in the most adorable bro-five ever. This is why they are one of my favorite BrOTPs in this show. (Oh, what am I saying, I basically love every friend and romantic pairing this show has. It's not my fault they all have such great chemistry! Also, apparently, this is a real high-five that the real life best friends Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien do on the regular, which makes it even better to behold)

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Inside the party, people are cheers-ing each other with blue Solo-cups, as a cute blonde girl (who we soon learn is Stiles' friend Heather, the hostess) drunk-babbles about how it's her birthday, yayyyy! She talks to her friend, Danielle, the awesome and sassy girl who dunked Stiles' head into a swimming pool last season at Lydia's party to help sober him up. Remember her? I'm glad she's back! The girls discuss how the Heather is fully ready to turn in her v-card as a birthday gift to herself, which is when Danielle reminds her that first-time sex is awkward, kind of gross, and ultimately just not that fun, for the most part, but Heather is not at all deterred! She explains that when she falls in love for reals, she wants to be good at sex. Fair enough, girl. Get it! Danielle asks, "Do you at least have a target of opportunity?" but is interrupted when Stiles and Scott enter the party. Heather squeals a drunk-white-girl "Heyyy!" as she runs toward them. Danielle realizes her BFF totally intends to bone Stiles as her first-time milestone, and she side-eyes Heather SO HARD in response. Come on, Danielle, how can you resist Stiles? Or, rather, who can resist Stiles?

Stiles walks toward Heather to greet her, and is midway through saying "Happy Birthday!" when she jumps up and kisses him. Scott looks about as shocked as Stiles does, and when the two pull away, Heather asks him to come with her to pick out a bottle of wine. Wine, at a high school party? What kind of a town is this, anyway? (The kind that has parties on a Monday night, right before the second day of school, apparently.) Stiles makes a "OMG!" face at Scott as Heather pulls him downstairs, and while Scott seems pretty pumped about his BFF's recent good fortune, he's quickly rebuffed by Danielle when he smiles amiably at her, causing her to blow him off almost immediately and kill any enthusiasm Scott had mustered up for the party. Damn, Danielle, why you gotta be so hard on Scott? The world is already hard enough on her as it is. Luckily for him, Allison texts him again, which gives him something to do while Stiles is off doing sex to his childhood amiga.

Heather leads Stiles down to the basement, which is basically a dungeon filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves full of wine, while he reminisces about how they used to play down there when they were kids. Of course, she's ready to get down to it, so she interrupts him by kissing him again. That's a fun way to get him to shut up! Wouldn't you do it too? Stiles is like, "Nope, we never did that," as Heather pushes him around between the shelves of wine. Once she has literally cornered him, she kicks off her shoes (which are like five-inch espadrilles and cause her to become like, an entire head shorter than Stiles without them) and reminds him about how she just turned seventeen. She asks him what he thinks she wants for her birthday, and Stiles, who seems to be really nervous, hilariously answers "A bike?" She's like, "Nope, not quite. Actually, I want to fuck you so I'm no longer a seventeen-year old virgin! Surprise!"

When she asks him if he'd be okay with sleeping with her, he is like, "Uh, are you serious?Obviously, duh," solidifying the fact that he is both a teenage boy and also totally a virgin who has probably dreamed of this day every day since he learned about sex. She kisses him again, so they make out a little. When she starts undoing his belt, he realizes he doesn't have a condom, which is a bit of a buzzkill, tbh. She sends him upstairs to the bathroom where her brother has some stashed, while she waits in the basement for him. Since Stiles is played by Dylan O'Brien, and thus cannot have sex for the first time without something awkward or bad happening, there's no way that this can end well for him.

Scott goes outside and meets up with Lydia and Allison. When he sees the looks on their faces, he correctly assumes that she's not here to talk about whatever she wanted to talk about at school last episode. She admits that she needs to show him something, and pulls up her sleeve to show him the bruise MW gave her. He looks confused, which is pretty par for the course, considering Allison and Lydia don't know what the fuck it means either.

Back in the house, Stiles is upstairs in the bathroom rooting around all the cabinets and drawers until he finally finds a box of condoms. He sighs triumphantly until he notices that they are labelled "XXL," and then comically glances down at his junk in horror. Whether he's nervous because he's too small or too large for the condoms, we will never know, but fangirls everywhere will definitely speculate and write hilarious fanfiction about it either way. Oh Stiles, please, never, ever change.

Down in the basement, Heather is wandering around barefoot, looking at various bottles of wine, and waiting for Stiles to come down with his rubbers. After a few moments, all the shelves start rattling violently. At first, she thinks Stiles is pulling a prank on her or something, until the bottles start magically flying off the shelves. What a waste of wine! She walks around, trying to figure out who would be so cruel as to waste precious booze like that, but the bottles just keep flying anyway. She screams and covers her face as she slowly backs up against the far wall, her feet bloodied from walking barefoot over the broken glass. Suddenly, everything stops, and she looks around the basement to figure out what the fuck is happening as the window above her head opens. When she looks up, something mysterious pulls her up and through the window! Oh shit! There's no shadow or anything, so I can only assume it's some kind of weird poltergeist until we're told otherwise.

Stiles comes down several seconds too late, mumbling about how he only found one condom, when he notices Heather is nowhere to be found. The floor seems to be clean, so I don't know if that's a continuity error, if the mysterious kidnapper cleaned up quickly to avoid suspicion, or if said kidnapper just has mind control powers that allowed her to make Heather hallucinate the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure my Stiles, the expert detective, would have noticed a bunch of broken glass and blood and spilled wine, let's be real here. He does find a single one of her espadrilles on the floor, though, and sighs at the realization that he won't be having all kinds of sex tonight like he hoped. Poor guy. As he heads back upstairs, the window slowly closes behind him. Aaaaand, TITLE CARD! (Sidebar: the clip of Scott levitating in the new credits never fails to crack me up, do you guys think it's hilarious too?)

After the credits, we meet at Derek's new loft, which is grungy-looking and awesome, both outside and inside. Isaac is pacing back and forth in front of a huge wall of windows, which lights his perfect face with golden light, just like last week's episode. Nice videography, TW directors! I dig it. Isaac doesn't like whatever plan Derek has, and tells him so, adding that he also doesn't like "him." Derek assures him that whatever is about to happen will be totally fine, but Isaac is not convinced. He goes on to ask if it has to be "him," and Derek reminds him that he's never done whatever it is that they're doing, which would make it more dangerous for Isaac than whatever it is that they've planned on doing. Isaac, still concerned, brings up Scott as part of his argument-- "You know, Scott doesn't trust him. And personally, I trust Scott." My Scisaac feels EXPLODED at this part, because guys, they are right below Scott and Stiles in my "Male slash ships I wish were canon" list. They are the best! Derek asks him if he trusts him, but while Isaac's voice reluctantly says, "Yes," his facial expression is screaming, "LOL NO WAY BRO HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THE HORRIFYING SHIT YOU'VE GOTTEN ME INTO SINCE YOU GAVE ME THE BITE?" Despite this, Isaac still doesn't like "him," though, but Derek assures him that no one does, so it's fine. UH-OH. There's only one dude they could be talking about, here...

Sure enough, the loft door slides open, and in walks... Creepy Uncle Peter Hale! Damn, Peter, resurrection has done you well! He has literally never looked better, and I really dig his jacket. Peter sasses, "Boys...FYI, yes, coming back from the dead has left my abilities slightly impaired... But, the hearing still works. So, I hope you're comfortable saying whatever it is that you're feeling, straight to my face." Derek deadpans in response, "We don't like you. Now, shut up and help us!" To Peter's credit, he just shrugs and gets started by whipping out his claws.

Isaac nervously sits in a chair in the middle of the loft, where Peter instructs him to relax, as he will get more memories out of Isaac if he's calm. They're going to try the memory-sharing thing that they talked about last episode when Braeden informed Isaac that one of the Alphas stole his memories-- if you remember, Peter already did this once with Scott in the first season to show him his memories of Kate Argent lighting the Hale House on fire and literally BBQ-ing him and his family. Peter goes on to explain that it's an ancient ritual, usually done by Alphas, since it takes a lot of practice and skill to do it correctly; one wrong move, and the person could be paralyzed or even killed. Isaac is not reassured a bit by this information, especially when Peter deadpans that he's never paralyzed someone.

Before he or Derek could ask, "Wait, does that mean you have killed someone doing it?" Peter has stabbed his claws in the back of Isaac's neck and their eyes flash to their wolfy state. Isaac's are gold, per usual, but Peter's are blue, like Jackson's, and Derek's, back when Derek was still a Beta. I need to know the werewolf eye color mythology like, right meow, you guys. Any theories?

Peter is in Isaac's mind, but his memories are all blurry and flashing by too quickly to be helpful. When Peter releases him, it seems to have taken a lot out of them both; Peter looks exhausted and shaky, and Isaac is extra broody, shedding one single manly tear a la Dean Winchester from Supernatural due to the pain involved in the ritual. Isaac asks what it all means, but all Peter could gather is that Isaac did indeed find Boyd and Erica during his recon mission in the last episode; in the memory, Peter (and by extension, Isaac) overheard Deucalion mention that the two captives will be dead by the next full moon, which is, of course, the next night. Isaac, Peter and Derek do not look happy about this new development.

We cut to what looks like the school's library, or maybe an empty classroom. Scott, Derek and Stiles have met up with Lydia and Allison, and are showing Derek their bruises. (Sign BHHS up for upgraded security too-- how is Derek constantly getting into a school he no longer attends?) He seems extremely unimpressed by their theory that the symbol of the combined bruises could help them find Boyd and Erica. However, Scott thinks it has to mean something, since it's exactly the same on each of the girls, and Lydia even drops some neurological factoids about paridolia on our favorite broody Alpha to help sell their point. Scott goes on to remind him that the girls are just trying to help, but Derek's not really in the mood for their help, as you can probably guess.

"These two? This one used me to used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle," he begins as he gestures toward Lydia. "Thank you! And this one," he continues as he points at Allison, "shot about thirty arrows into me and my pack." Whoa, dude, did you forget that your psychotic uncle basically terrorized Lydia for months after brutally injuring her by hitching a ride in her mind and forcing her to resurrect him? And where Allison's concerned, Derek should know better than anyone how someone can be so overwhelmed with grief that they do things that aren't exactly the best. In short, way to be gross, Derek.

Stiles, ever the mediator, points out that while people did get hurt, nobody died, before adding "And that's what I call an important distinction!" as emphasis. Allison quietly reminds them that her mother did, in fact, die, since everyone seems to have forgotten, but Derek argues that it was the Hunter's Code that killed her, not him, which is a fair point. She retorts that she's here to help Scott, not Derek, so he responds by insisting that if he really wants to help them, she should bring them some real leads and not some strange-looking bruises. Scott stops him before he can leave the school and tries to reason with him, but Derek angrily reminds him that he really needs to let Allison know why Derek really bit her mom. Which, if you recall, was because she was trying to kill Scott via a vaporizer full of wolfsbane; Derek found them in an abandoned warehouse, and, of course, Mama Argent proceeded to stab the shit out of Derek in an attempt to kill him, so Derek had to bite her to get her to stop. Scott looks pretty guilty about keeping it from her, but says nothing.

Stiles and Scott are walking to class. Stiles admits he doesn't get why the Alpha Pack would even bother taking Erica and Boyd, since they're only Betas, and super-fresh newbie Betas at that, but Scott thinks maybe they are trying to get to Derek by messing with his pups. He gets distracted from that thought when he senses the Alpha Twins walking out towards the parking lot. I'm a little confused as to how he could detect that Ennis and the twins were werewolves, or at least shady but not Deucalion. I'm hoping it'll be explained later. Maybe Scott didn't think a blind guy could be a werewolf? Maybe Deucalion can hide his wolfiness from other wolves, like scent masking or something like the fandom has been speculating about werewolves forever? Who knows. Maybe Scott's just overwhelmed by the twins' matching jackets, helmets and motorcycles.

Hey look, we're back to Coach Finstock's class, but, instead of Economics, he's now teaching Intro. to Business. Today's lesson is Risk vs. Reward. When Scott raises his hand to answer a question, Coach figures he is doing so in order to ask to use the restroom him, so he's pretty shocked to hear that Scott knows the correct answer. He is super pleased to witness this new Scott, and after praising him for hi correct answer, Coach asks for a volunteer from the class to loan him a quarter. As Stiles reaches into his pocket for one, he accidentally flings the XXL condom from the previous night into the air, and it flips in painfully slow motion before it lands on the floor in front of the whole class. Oops! Finstock picks it up and hands it back to Stiles as he congratulates him, though whether he's congratulating him for getting lucky, or having a huge penis, no one can really be sure. Danny makes a face at him like he's suddenly reconsidering how attractive he finds Stiles, which cracked me up major. (Danny! Where have you been all my life? I've missed you!) It's even more hilarious when you consider the fact that Coach likely believes, as evidenced from his own experiences with Stiles, that Stiles is not only extremely well-endowed, but that he enjoys engaging in kinky extracurricular activities that involve bondage with long lengths of chains and fapping multiple times a day.

Anyway, the class is basically playing quarters to demonstrate the "risk vs reward" theme: if they win, they don't have to take a pop quiz tomorrow, and if they lose, they have to take the quiz and write an essay. They can also choose not to play at all, which is what Scott decides to do; he won't have to write the essay, but he will have to take the quiz. Stiles is about to try his luck at the game when his dad walks in, looking very grim and worried, and calls his son out of class.

Out in the hall, Sheriff Stilinski stops Stiles outside the classroom and wastes no time inquiring about Heather, who has apparently been declared a missing person, despite the fact that it's been less than 24 hours since she was snatched by a poltergeist last seen hosting her party. Are the rules different for minors? Readers in the legal field, help a girl out on this? Anyway, once again, Stiles is involved in what could possibly be a crime, at least, as far as the Sheriff is concerned, anyway. He's told by the Sheriff that witnesses from the party mentioned that Stiles was the last person to see Heather before she disappeared. Now just as worried as his father, Stiles informs his dad that he lost track of her after a while and just assumed she just met up with her friends. I really don't know how anyone at that party could not know what happened to the party's hostess, but whatever, no one asked me. Inside the classroom, Scott is eavesdropping on the Stilinskis with his super-hearing, while Danny, who has just won at quarters, does a cute little dance. Can Danny join the Team Human contingent of the Beacon Hills Packs already? I love him.

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In the library, (which seems to be fixed up finally, after being destroyed by Jackson the Kanima, under Creepy Matt's orders, last season) Allison is sketching their complete bruise pattern in her notebook while Lydia gawks at the Alpha Twins. "I want one," Lydia purrs. Allison just smiles and asks her which one, to which Lydia scoffs and replies, "The straight one-- obviously." We pan over to the twins, where one of them is making eyes at Danny, who seems pretty smitten... So smitten, in fact, that he bumps into some random extra because he's too busy oogling the gay twin. Bored by this conversation, Allison turns back around in her seat, where she notices the logo on her coffee cup and thinks that perhaps the pattern MW bruised onto their arms could be a logo as well. She tries to ask Lydia for her thoughts on her new hypothesis, but Lydia has already left the table and begun chatting up the straight twin. Allison just sighs and types "Beacon Hills logo's [sic]" into a fake search engine as she begins her research. Nice detective work, girlfriend! I'm so proud of you.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Stiles is explaining his own hypothesis about what's been going on lately, which is that Heather was taken by the Alpha Pack. Scott doesn't know why they'd want her, but Stiles thinks it could be to turn her, because Derek told him that it's easier to turn teenagers, since they're less likely to die or something. (I want to know more about these talks that Stiles and Derek have off-screen, tbh-- when could Derek possibly have told him that? When they were swimming for their lives in the pool while Derek was paralyzed? When they were both paralyzed and laying on the floor of the Sheriff's station? Questions, questions.) Stiles explains that Heather's mom was BFFs with his own mom before she died, and that they used to take bubble baths together when they were babies, which is why he's so intent to find her. The boys then determine that Isaac is the key to figuring this all out, but since Peter's attempt to get answers pretty much failed, they're at a loss for options. That's when Scott realizes that, while they don't know any other werewolves who could help, they do know someone who knows a whole lot about werewolves who might have an idea or two.

Cut to Dr. Deaton's office, where Derek, Stiles and Scott are filling one of those steel medical bathtubs full of water and bags of ice. The good doctor explains to Isaac that this procedure probably won't be very pleasant for him, but points out that if they can use the ice to slow his heart rate down enough, they can get him into a "trance-like state," which could then allow them to access his repressed memories. Apparently, Isaac will be half-transformed during this li'l ice bath, which will enable them to enter his subconscious, kind of like hypnosis. Scott and Derek are curious as to how slow his heart rate will have to be to do this, and Deaton doesn't mince words when he deadpans, "Nearly dead." Oookay then. Nobody really likes the sound of that, especially not dear Isaac. He asks if it's safe, to which Deaton is, like, "Do you really want me to answer that?" No, he really doesn't. Stiles brings a little comic relief by pulling on a huge latex glove that goes all the way up to his elbow, which earns him a silent Derek eyebrow-waggle/stare combo. Jeff Davis is just begging to get sent heaps of Sterek fisting fanfiction, isn't he?

Derek assures Isaac that he doesn't have to do this if he doesn't want to, which causes me to remember that Isaac's dad used to punish him by locking him in a deep freezer in their basement, so being held down in a small, enclosed, and cold space is probably going to be a little traumatic, to say the least. Poor Isaac. Just when I thought maybe this episode would be light on the Isaac-torture, after last week. Isaac wants to help his former pack-mates, though, so he pulls his shirt off. Tumblr (and myself, let's be real) goes wild at this first glimpse of shirtless Isaac, and we were not disappointed. I enjoy that he's not all super-buff like all the other dudes on the show, *coughHoechlincoughHaynescough*. Not that there's anything wrong with that, though, because they're totally hot, too. Anyway... ahem. Moving on. Isaac climbs in the ice-bath, and after a moment, Scott and Derek push him under and hold him down.

He thrashes about, eyes golden and fangs out, so Deaton yells at the boys to hold him down better, as if it would be easy to restrain a slippery werewolf who is in an ice bath and in survival mode. Isaac finally calms down after a little while, and the boys gently let go of him as he rises to the surface, shivering and pale. Deaton instructs them all to stay quiet, because too many voices will be confusing and overwhelming for him, plus it could pull him out of the trance-like state. He goes on to ask Isaac some basic questions before gently encouraging him to remember back to the night he found Erica and Boyd, with as many details as he can possibly recall. Something about these flashbacks causes Isaac to get really freaked out, and he starts to thrash and whimper that he doesn't want to do that. As he freaks out, the lights flicker in a really creepy way. Deaton assures him that memories can't hurt him, and asks him again for details. Isaac eventually calms down enough to describe the place he found: it's made of stone, like marble, and it's empty and dusty. He starts to get anxious again, because he's begun flashing back to when the alphas found him, but is yet again reassured by Deaton's voice. He grabs Scott's hand and holds it for comfort, and my heart explodes for the first of many times this evening.

Isaac goes on to recall Boyd being worried that he won't be able to control himself during the full moon. When asked about Erica, he says he thinks Erica is there, but can't be sure, because he can't see her. He also adds that Boyd and Erica are worried that they're going to end up hurting each other on the full moon. Derek quietly points out that if they're locked in a room together during the full moon, they'll tear each other to shreds. When Deaton urgently presses for more details, Isaac freaks out. "They found me! They're here!" Derek, knowing they're quickly running out of time, can't handle it any longer, so he starts to yell at Isaac to answer his questions, despite Deaton and Scott's protests that stressing him out could cause cardiac arrest.

Isaac gets launched completely into his flashback for a bit, and in his memories, we see him spying on Deucalion, being found by Kali, and then being thrown in the vault itself with the alphas. He then comes out of his trance, and shouts that Boyd and Erica are at Beacon Hills First National Bank, which is abandoned. As he stands up, he continues to reveal that they were both locked inside the vault. The boys pull him out of the tub and wrap a blanket around him, but it doesn't take long for Isaac to notice that his friends are all pretty tense and stony-faced. He apparently described a lot of stuff in the vision that we weren't privy to hearing while we were watching the flashback. When he asks about it, Stiles confesses that Isaac told them he was locked in a closet that had a body in it. Isaac can't remember saying that part, and he asks Stiles what he said. This leaves Stiles no choice but to sigh and admit that he said it was Erica.

Derek absolutely refuses to believe that she's dead, but Stiles doesn't think Isaac's description leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Derek wonders who else was in the vault with Boyd, then, if Erica has been dead for at least a couple weeks before Isaac found them. Scott guesses that it's MW, but Isaac doesn't think so--he's pretty sure MW wasn't a wolf, but knows that this girl was. Derek decides that they need to rescue him tonight, but Deaton and the rest of the boys are like, "Yeah, maybe we should make a plan first, so you don't get killed the second you walk in?" Derek asks how they can make a plan to break into a bank vault in less than 24 hours, but Stiles is already on it. He pulls up an article on his phone about how someone already broke into that same bank three months ago. When Derek asks how long it will take for them to figure out how it was done, Stiles is like, "Dude, it's the internet." Derek used to live in a burnt-out husk of a house that likely didn't even have running water, so he's not really familiar with the interwebs and their speeds, so to save time wasted on explanation, Stiles just assures him it'll take minutes at most.

Ten hours later, we're in Stiles' room, where Stiles is asleep with his face on the floor and his ass in the air. God, he's the best. Scott fell asleep reclining in the desk chair, and the printer behind him is still printing out webpages as Sheriff walks in to wake them up for school. Luckily for them, Sheriff Stilinski doesn't take notice of the bank schematics that are covering the floor, otherwise there would probably be some problems. Stiles asks his dad about Heather, but there are no leads or updates yet. The boys lament the fact that they wasted so much time without finding any answers, but Scott, ever the optimist, assures him that they still have time to figure everything out.

In the school parking lot, Lydia exposits that Allison also figured out that Boyd and Cora are in the bank vault, because the symbol their bruises make is ALSO the logo of the bank. She pulls her bag out of the trunk of her car, revealing a pair of bolt cutters, and tells Lydia that she won't be able to take her home after school because she has to break into an abandoned bank run an errand. Nearby, Stiles and Scott are getting out of the Jeep, (actually, Stiles and his out-of-control limbs pretty much FELL out of the Jeep, but I digress) and Scott explains that they'll meet at Derek's at 5pm and leave for the bank after dark. Until then, they will just go to class.

We don't see the rest of their school day, though, because when we catch up with Allison, it's already dark, and she's using the bolt cutters to break the chain holding the doors of the bank closed. I applaud Allison's bravery and badassery in this situation, but she really should have brought her cross-bow, or butterfly knives, or SOMETHING. What kind of huntress walks into a wolf-den with no weapons? Stupid move, Alli A.

At Derek's loft, Stiles is explaining how the robbers broke into the bank, using the aforementioned bank schematics and a pen to demonstrate. They apparently lowered themselves into a shaft of some kind that is adjacent to the vault, which the boys can fit through, but barely. Then, the robbers used a drill to get through the thick layer of stone and into the vault, which apparently took quite a bit of time. After that, they just siphoned the money through the hole in the wall and up the shaft. Stiles recommends a diamond-bit drill to get through where they patched up the wall, but Derek doesn't need a drill, because he's the fucking alpha, duhhh.

Stiles scoffs at him, "What do you...what do you think you're gonna do, Derek? Punch through the wall?" Derek humors him, and says yes, he will punch through the wall. Stiles eggs him on, asking to see his fist. He then holds his own outstretched palm in front of it, to show him that he'll only have three inches or less of space to get the force necessary to punch through the wall. Derek demonstrates his strength and skill by punching Stiles' hand, which is apparently enough for Stiles to determine that Derek can do it? Come on, Stiles! You're 147 lbs of pale skin and fragile bone, remember? Your hand is not the same as like, twelve-inch thick marble. No one listens to me, though. Peter just sits nearby on the spiral staircase and giggles, all "Get a room, you two."
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Derek says he'll get through the wall, and asks who is following him. Peter's like, "Uh, I'm still a weakling, remember? Just got magically resurrected?" and reminds him that since Isaac's currently out of commission too, Derek's odds of dying are pretty substantial. Derek asks if he's just supposed to justlet them die, but Peter points out that Erica's already dead. Derek's still refusing to believe it, of course, so Peter goes into lecture mode; he recounts how it's a pack of alphas who are all experienced killers, plus two of them can combine to make one extra-large and scary alpha. He finishes his spiel by saying that Boyd and Erica were sweet kids who will be missed. Stiles calls on them to kill Peter again, which earns him a side-eye from the revenant beta. Derek's finally like, "Whatever, man," and asks Scott if he'll help, which he will. Stiles offers to go too, but Derek's not having that either. Before they split, Scott wonders aloud who the other girl who is locked in the vault with Boyd is.

Back in the bank vault, Boyd is pacing, obviously not feeling too hot as a result of the full moon. We then catch a glimpse of the other captive, a small, dark-haired girl who is obviously NOT Erica. She also doesn't seem to be too happy either, for obvious reasons.

Allison's creeping around the bank when she's attacked by a woman and pushed up against a wall. Allison puts up a damn good fight for being unarmed, but is caught off guard when she recognizes the woman as Ms. Morrell! OH SHIT. Ms. Morrell has some pretty sweet fighting skills herself, tbh. She gives Allison twenty seconds to get in the storage closet and lock herself in, and instructs her to stay there until she hears the fighting start. Allison is way confused, as you can imagine, but complies, and gets in the closet just in time to avoid the Alpha Pack as they waltz through. Kali looks like she smells Allison, but our girl isn't that stupid, so she knocks over a jug of ammonia to cover her scent. As she's taking in her surroundings, she pans her phone-light across the room, only to find Erica, who is totally dead and decomposing. NOOOO, ERICA, NOOOOOOOO.

Back at the loft, it's just Stiles and Peter. Stiles is complaining about how nerve-wracking it is to wait around in hopes that nothing bad happens to their friends, and Peter, being the gentleman that he is, offers to knock him unconscious and wake him when everyone gets back. Stiles asks if he really believes Erica is dead, but Peter gives no fucks about them either way, and makes that point well known. Stiles doesn't understand why the Alpha Pack would hold onto Boyd and Erica for so long, and wonders why they'd wait until this full moon when they've had three months worth of full moons to have them kill each other. Peter, who was slowly getting annoyed by Stiles' rambling, gets an idea, and implores what material the vault was made of. The two detectives pore through their notes and building schematics to find out.

Derek and Scott are outside the bank, where Scott randomly remembers his business lesson from earlier. He points out that the risk really outbalances the reward in this scenario, since they're missing so much crucial intel as to what they're up against. Derek reminds him that they're out of time to collect intel, and claims he knows what he's risking: his life, for Erica and Boyd's. He then parkours onto a weird ladder thing that's a couple feet off the ground, like an acrobat, and assures Scott that he won't blame him for not coming with him. Scott's a loyal puppy, so of course he follows Derek up to the bank with a huge sigh.

Stiles and Peter figure out that the vault is made out of some stone called "hecatolite," which seems to worry Peter, because he immediately orders Stiles to call Scott. When Stiles is like, "What? Why?" Peter explains that he's figured out that it's a trap. YIKES.

Derek busts through the stone wall next to the vault door, and Scott saunters in behind him. They're looking around when Stiles calls, and Boyd walks out, growling and looking pretty menacing. Scott answers the call to tell him that it's not a good time, instead of ignoring him per usual. It's a good thing he didn't ignore them, though, because it's emergency-time. Stiles quickly explains the vault is made with hecatolite, which is a mineral that scatters moonlight. It turns out, that this stuff has been blocking Boyd and the mystery she-wolf from feeling the moonlight this whole time, which means it has kept them from turning for three months.

Now that Derek and Scott just busted a hole in the wall, they can feel the moon's light coming in, so when they turn, they're going to be super- juiced-up from having three full moons-worth of aggression and bloodthirstiness built up inside of them. Peter makes a comparison to starving lions in the coliseum before fights to make them more brutal and vicious. Basically, the alphas knew that if someone came in to free them, it would let in the moonlight, causing them to turn and get so out of control that they'd kill whoever came to rescue them. Obviously, they assumed it'd likely be Derek and/or Scott. If memory serves, Boyd wasn't super in control of his shifts during the full moon to begin with, since he's still a noob-wolf, which makes their bad situation even worse.

Scott tells Derek that they're in trouble, and as he looks around, he notices a line of mountain ash that has been placed all the way around the room. The she-wolf comes out of the shadows, and the look on Derek's face is heartbreaking. "Cora?" Derek asks softly, and Scott's like, "uh, who?" Derek repeats her name, and Cora tells Derek to get out now. She doesn't look so good, as she's covered in sweat, but she still seems to care about Derek's well-being despite the fact that she's struggling against the moon. Stiles is yelling on the phone at them, and Scott looks around to see Ms. Morrell complete the circle of mountain ash, locking them in with the rabid werewolves. As if it was a cue, Boyd and Cora attack. OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT.

As the wolves fight, Ms. Morrell comes out and extends her arm to Deucalion to lead them away. Deucalion cracks, "Don't kid yourself, Marin. This isn't the first time you've gotten your hands dirty." OH SHIT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Allison hears them fighting from inside the closet, and runs out to help. Scott is fighting Boyd, while Derek is fighting Cora, but they're both able to break away for a moment to readjust their plan. The two flatten themselves against a wall away from the wolves, where Scott asks Derek who Cora is. Derek reveals that she's HIS YOUNGER SISTER OMG. Scott is stunned and like, "What is she doing here?" but Derek doesn't know because HE THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD OMG. So many questions, but I'll save them for the end.

Allison yells at them to look out, but only Derek heeds the warning, giving Boyd the opportunity to swing at Scott and throw him across the room. Derek manages to disarm his sister briefly by holding onto her wrists, but she still fights against him fiercely. Boyd's got his claws in Scott's guts, and as Boyd lifts him up with his claws and presses him against a wall, blood gushes out of Scott's mouth. It's looking pretty bad for Scott, but Allison sees the mountain ash barrier and goes to break it, though Derek yells at her to leave it alone. I don't really know what alternative they had, other than Derek and Scott dying. Allison seems to be thinking what I'm thinking, because she yells at Boyd to distract him as she breaks the ash line. I guess Derek's plan was to just hold them off until the full moon was over? Not his brightest idea.

Boyd and Cora immediately run out and escape, because hello, they've been captive for four months, what else would you do in that situation? Derek runs over to Allison to grab her by the arms and give her a good shaking. Scott reminds him that she just saved their asses from becoming 'roid-rage wolf kibble, but Derek's more concerned about the fact that those same rabid wolves are now going to run around town eating whomever they happen to stumble upon. Allison brings up the fact that he's blaming her when he's the one who is turning teens into killer werewolves in the first place, and I have to admit that she has a point.

Derek counters by arguing that her family members are more like killers than he and his pack, which is also a solid point. Allison admits her part in what happened at the end of last season, but says that she had no control over what Gerard did, which is true, and thus, it isn't her fault that he did what he did. It's not like Allison didn't get fucked over by him, too, it just wasn't to the extent that Derek did. They both have some excellent points, to be honest. Derek's like, "but ur mom, tho," and Allison, of course, has no idea what he's talking about. Derek rudely urges Scott to "tell her," about what ACTUALLY happened when her mother was bitten. Allison, super confused and a tiny bit pissed at this point, asks Scott what Derek is talking about. Scott continues to look guilty as fuck.

I really do hope he tells her, though! She really needs to know. If he does tell her, we don't see it, because we cut away to the next scene. To recap the online responses, Derek fans think Allison was being out of line, and Allison fans think Derek was being out of line, but really, I think they each have reason to distrust each other, although Derek definitely has the upper-hand, due to the fact that not only did her aunt murder his entire family by burning them alive, she seduced him WHILE HE WAS UNDERAGE to get the information required to do it, and then TORTURED him years after the fact. Allison even watched him being tortured at one point and didn't do anything about it. But, Allison ALSO had no idea what her mom did until this point, either, and for most of the series she (mistakenly) believed that Derek was some kind of serial killer, LOL. So basically, let's agree that both sides have made mistakes, yeah?

Back in town, Lydia is sleeping soundly, surrounded by books and notebooks, and I'm like, hooray! Lydia finally gets a good night sleep! But, of course, that can't happen, so she wakes up screaming and kicking and generally acting terrified. What is Lydia's deal, you guys? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

According to next week's promo, we can look forward to: Derek evidently finding Erica's body (sob!); Boyd and Cora ravaging the town, hunting for fun, and killing a bunch of people; Lydia finding a dead body, and screaming a whole bunch per usual; Derek waffling between watching more innocent people die and killing his own packmate and sister; Peter encouraging him to make more werewolves; and Scott suggesting that the gang bring in Chris Argent to help hunt them down. Oh shit!!!

Read on for more notes and speculation about what's to come, and click HERE to move on to my recap of the next episode of Teen Wolf. :)

[screencaps are from www.screencapped.net, and gif credits can be found under the gifs]

NOTES AND SPECULATION (Potential spoiler alert):
-At first, I was really shocked to see Ms. Morrell was involved with the Alpha Pack, but upon re-watching the episode, I noticed the fact that she didn't hurt Allison, and even encouraged her to get involved in the fighting to help, which makes me think she's running a long con. She might not be on the Scooby-gang's side, but I don't think she's on the alpha's side completely either. Triple-agent alert!

-I need to know more about Cora. The info that was released about her before the season started said that she was 17, which would have made her about 10-11 years old when the fire happened. How did she survive the fire? Have the alphas had her this whole time? If not, where has she been? Did she know Derek, Laura and Peter were still alive? Did Peter or Laura know that Cora was still alive? If not, how did she manage to survive the fire without Laura/Derek/Peter knowing? Does Cora know that Peter killed Laura? At what age do born werewolves start to shift? Is Cora a newbie too? SOMEONE GIVE ME ANSWERS OR THEORIES, I NEED TO KNOW.

-I heard mumblings that Derek is supposed to have a love interest this season, and everyone thought it was Cora, but unless the show goes in a weird incest-y direction I don't see that happening. Maybe it's the new teacher, Ms. Blake? Kali? I sure hope it's not the latter.

-I'm really sad that Erica is dead. I was really hoping that maybe she wasn't, and to be honest, I'm still a little skeptical. People say that characters aren't dead until you see a body, but we all totally saw Peter's burnt-to-a-crisp body and he still turned up alive. In fact, he's better than he's ever been, in both looks and sassiness. Plus, Gage Golightly left the show because she got a lead role on a new CW show whose pilot didn't end up getting picked up, so it seems weird that they would just kill her character off instead of doing what they did with Jackson so they could possibly bring her back later.

-Can Isaac maybe not get tortured next week? Just asking.

-What's up with Lydia? I've read theories about her being magical somehow, like a Druid, and I've read theories that she's a banshee, you know, since she's always screaming and stuff. I'd be interested in either option, but regardless, I really hope it's something good, because I really want Lydia to be stronger and less damsel-y. She deserves it!

-More Danny, please and thank you!


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