The Originals Season 1, Episode 7: "Bloodletting" Recap/Review

[2:26PM November 20, 2013--Screencaps and gifs finally added! Thanks for your patience. :)]

HOLY SHIT, TYLER LOCKWOOD, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU? This new Tyler was pretty fucking frightening. Michael Trevino said that he would be returning to his season one-'roid-ragey self, but this was actually way worse. Season one Tyler was a dick, for sure, but he wasn't cruel, not like he was this week. This is a man who literally has nothing to lose. Klaus wasn't exactly his best self this week, either, but Elijah was 100% flawless, and Hayley was pretty badass and smart, too. SO, let's get to talking about this episode, yeah? Because a LOT of shit happened that is going to be causing some serious problems in the future.

Previously, on The Originals: Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah Mikaelson are the first vampires in history, the Originals. Klaus is super special, though, because he is the first ever vampire-werewolf hybrid, due to his mother having an affair with a werewolf villager ~1,000 years ago. They returned to New Orleans for the first time in a century after being lured there by a bunch of witches who think Klaus' hybrid baby, carried by Hayley, is going to bring death to all witches. Elijah got pissed at them for trying to kill Hayley, of whom he is quite fond, so he killed the lead witch, Agnes, as well as her cohorts. The siblings wrongly assumed that that would be the end of the danger to Hayley, but unfortunately, Marcel found out where they were staying and paid Hayley, who was home alone, a visit. Which, is where we begin now!

We begin in the courtyard of the Abbatoir, where dozens of vampires are hanging out in a huge crowd, drinking and chatting and whatnot. The song playing in the background, "Let it Go" by The Neighbourhood, is AMAZING, in general and for this particular scene. I have been really impressed by the Originals' soundtrack this season, even better than The Vampire Diaries! (And maybe even tied with Teen Wolf, tbh) I always mean to talk more about the music in these recaps, but I get sidetracked by everything going on. ANYWAY, I digress. Marcel comes out onto his balcony and looks proudly over the crowd before he begins to speak.

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Fight Nigh! And, the first rule of Fight Night is--the vampire left standing at the end of the night is one step closer to the inner-circle, and one of these. [holds up hand] A daylight ring. If you can impress me with a little ultra-violence, you, too, can enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. All you gotta do is kick a little ass! Here we go!" The vampires form a huge circle in the courtyard, and when Marcel calls out the first fighters, Felicia and Otto, the two walk into the circle and begin fighting. Felicia is a small, scrappy, and lean woman, and Otto is a tall and hulking dude. He predictably kicks her ass at first, but eventually, she manages to crawl up onto his shoulders, where she pulls him down onto the ground. When they're both sprawled on the floor, she wraps her legs around his neck and SNAPS HIS NECK with a quick flick of her hips. It is AMAZING. I like this Felicia girl, I hope she sticks around! Marcel was pretty damn impressed, too. Unfortunately for her, Klaus and Elijah waltz right in, and Klaus snaps her neck before she can fully enjoy her victory. The whole crowd goes dead silent.

Klaus wishes them all a good evening, and shouts up to Marcel that he'd like to speak with him. As you can imagine, Marcel is not at all pleased with the rude interruption. He asks them what the fuck they're trying to do, so Elijah smugs, "It appears that we've interrupted a collection of filthy amateurs! We've come for the girl. Give her to us, or we'll kill everyone here. Starting with you." TELL HIM! Marcel calls them out on having the gall to swagger into his home and start bossing him around. DUDE, you basically stole that home from them, that's probably not your wisest choice of words. Klaus reminds him of the same, and Elijah repeats his request for him to hand their girl over. Marcel, not used to Klaus being so protective of anyone, asks him why Hayley is so important to him, but Klaus maintains that she's just an old friend. "You know how sentimental I am about old friends!" I love Klaus and Marcel's loaded, fake-nice-y, politically-scheme-y way of talking to each other, it's very entertaining.

Marcel insists that he doesn't have Hayley, but does confirm that he met her that evening, after he decided to indulge his own nostalgia and visit the plantation where he was formerly a slave. He's still hurt that the Originals moved into a house that has such terrible memories for him, but maintains that he only said hello, and then he left. "You don't believe me? Look around. Hell, I'll even help you find her. But, the question that I'd ask is: if Hayley isn't here, then where is she?" He's still pretty good-natured about all this, which makes me suspicious, but I'll get into that more later.

Meanwhile, Hayley wakes up in the trunk of an old SUV. She realizes her wrists are bound with zipties, and tries to stay quiet as she tries to come up with a plan. After a few moments, she starts to kick at the window in hopes of breaking it to make an escape, but the driver hears her and immediately pulls over. The guy gets out of the SUV and walks back to the trunk, punches the back window out, and opens the door. Hayley immediately starts kicking at the guy, but he just catches her foot in his hand. IT'S TYLER GUYS, OMG. He yells at her to quit kicking him. "You don't want to fight me, Hayley. You know you can't beat a hybrid!"

He zipties her ankles as well, so she can't get away, and Hayley is pretty pissed. "Let me go, you backstabbing half-breed piece of SHIT!" I love you, Hayley, but your hands aren't exactly clean in this mess, either, you know. Though, I'm not trying to defend Tyler, because he's a HUGE dick this week. Tyler yells at her to shut up, and throws her over his shoulder. As he walks down the dirt road, his hybrid eyes and surrounding eye-veins come out due to his frustration. Dude, Tyler really has lost his mind.
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I don't know if this is a different courtyard at the Abbatoir, or maybe a back yard, or perhaps the same courtyard that has been emptied of people, who knows? This place looks HUGE, we need a floor plan or something! But anyway, Klaus and Elijah are sitting and having a drink at a little patio table while they wait. Elijah snarks, "Not the most attractive community, are they?" Marcel walks in, and doesn't take too kindly to the remark. "Elijah, I liked you better in that box." He turns to Klaus and turns on the fake smile. "But, Klaus, my sire, you I owe the world, and I always show respect to my elders." As a sign of good faith to Klaus, he offers to allow Sabine to do one locator spell to help them find Hayley, and claims that Sabine is the best guide in the Quarter. He goes to leave, which surprises Klaus, so Marcel politely informs them that he's a busy man who needs to take care of his nightwalkers before the sun rises, and continue running his city, etc. As he leaves, Elijah asks Sabine if she can find Hayley, and she replies that she will try her best.

It's daylight, now, and Tyler drops Hayley on a little porch of a shack in the middle of the woods in the bayou. She asks where they are, and Tyler refers to this location as "the armpit of Louisiana." He pulls a knife out of his back pocket, which understandably concerns Hayley, but Tyler simply cuts the zipties on her ankles, though he suggests that if she tries anything, he could do much worse with it. She reminds him that HE'S the one who abducted HER from her own backyard, but Tyler argues that it isn't HER backyard, it's Klaus', and starts talking shit about how she's all teamed up with Klaus now. She tries to inform him about how things have changed since they last saw each other, but Tyler already knows.

"You mean, that you're pregnant? A hybrid baby, yeah, I know all about it. I've been roaming around the bayou, asking questions. Let me tell you what I learned!" He walks over to her and pulls the shoulder of her sweater down so we can all see the birthmark on her scapula. "This crescent birthmark means you come from a big-shot family. Some kind of royalty for the werewolves of this region." He gestures around them for emphasis. "And right here, this is all that's left of them." There's a timid-looking blonde woman nearby, watching them, and it looks like she has a scar on her shoulder in the same place where Hayley's birthmark is. Hayley sees her and yells at her for help, but the girl just runs away. Tyler rudely informs her that none of them can help her, because they've been hiding for decades after being run out of town by vampires, Marcel in particular. A man in flannel and jeans comes up and asks Tyler if Hayley's the girl. Tyler calls him Dwayne as he confirms that she is, in fact, "the girl," and orders him to take Hayley inside, despite her shouted protests. Oh god, this is going to be a hot mess.

Back at the Abbatoir, Sabine is waving her hands over a map, and a puddle of Klaus' blood begins to form a trail from where they are in the French Quarter, all the way down into the bayou. "She's in the back country, way up, past Houma, deep in the bayou." Elijah was hoping her findings would be a little more exact. Klaus teases Elijah about being afraid of getting his good shoes all dirty from wandering around in the swamp, but Elijah figures that he could use the fresh air of the countryside, after being stuck in a coffin for months. Sabine reveals she's heard rumors that the werewolves who had been exiled from New Orleans had set up camp in that area, and assumes that Hayley was probably looking for them. Klaus, still ribbing at Elijah, and snarks that their company wasn't good enough for Hayley, but Elijah just ignores him and worriedly stares at Sabine.

At the nightwalker bar, Josh is sitting alone, drinking and watching a crowd of vampires play some kind of beer-pong-style game. Marcel approaches him, and tells Josh that he should join them. "Drinking games?" Josh asks. "It's not really my thing. It kind of reminds me of the jocks in my high school. We had a high quota of what you'd call 'douchenozzles.'" Hahaha, aw, Josh! Marcel, being the old man that he is, assumes he means, "bullies," and suggests that now, since Josh is a vampire, he could totally take those guys out. Josh laughs nervously, and jokes that he would go "all ninja-vamp" on them. Marcel laughs, too, but his smile goes cold. "You're a funny guy, Josh! In fact, I thought it was really funny last night. You know, seeing you outside that plantation where Klaus is staying?" Josh totally knows where he's going with this, and tries to escape, but he's blocked by some of Marcel's vampguards, and is forced to turn back around. Marcel just grins at him, all, "Going somewhere, Josh?" EEK! I figured Marcel would go after him, poor Josh!

Elijah and Klaus have made it to the bayou, and they're walking through the area where are the werewolf encampments are set up when Klaus brings up how dead-set Elijah is to find Hayley. "If I'm moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you're welcome to wait in the car. Do be certain to leave the windows down." See, even his shade is super elegant! Elijah is flawless. Klaus notes his touchiness regarding Hayley, and suggests that he's taken the role as boss of the family to impress her. Elijah's at all not impressed with Klaus' jealousy. "If you insist on treating her like a walking incubator, then that's your mistake!" Their bickering is cut short when Klaus catches a scent. Elijah gets his hopes up about it being Hayley's, but it's actually Tyler Lockwood's.

They stumble upon his car, and Klaus starts to go through his things and sniff at the clothes and blankets. Ew. Elijah asks what Klaus' "little hybrid sidekick from Mystic Falls" has to do with Hayley, but Klaus figures that he's pissed at Klaus and seeking revenge for going after Caroline. "Why do I suspect this is the least of your offenses?" Elijah deadpans. You're quite correct, Elijah, which is why Klaus is forced to run down his history with Tyler to Elijah, who I believe missed the last parts: back when he was flush in Elena's doppelgänger blood and could make hybrids, Tyler was his first successful attempt. Then, Tyler got sick of being bossed around by Klaus to do shitty stuff to his friends, like biting his girlfriend and almost killing her, so he broke his sire-bond toward him, and then helped the rest of their pack to do the same. So, Klaus, being Klaus, got pissed and slaughtered his entire pack with a goddamned broadsword, and was about to kill Tyler, but he ran away before he could get the chance. So, he took his frustrations out on Tyler's mom, instead, and drowned her in a fountain.

Elijah is literally, like, "You killed his mother? Wonderful." He yells at Klaus, because that's quite a lot of motive for Tyler to do something awful, like hurt or kill Hayley and her baby. Klaus gets all petty again. "So, you do care about her? Well, go on, then. Have at it, brother. Save her! Claim what spoils you can. I've sampled what she has to offer, and let me tell you, she is exquisite--" Elijah cuts him off with threats of bodily harm, but Klaus quiets him, and insists that HE will take care of it and kill Tyler once and for all. Before Elijah can protest, he zoops away. Oh, Klaus, you make it SO HARD for me to like you this week.

Davina is looking super cute in a black lace dress with cap sleeves and her hair in a ponytail. Marcel walks in with a huge canvas bag thrown over his shoulder, which he throws onto the floor. Davina runs toward him to inform him that she sensed someone doing magic in the Quarter. but he assures her that he had sanctioned it and thus, there was nothing to worry about. He is more concerned about something else, which is Josh, who is revealed to be inside the canvas bag. Davina is like, "And why the fuck would you bring him here?" Marcel forces him into a chair, and fills her in on the fact that he found out Josh had been compelled by Klaus to spy on him. Though, his first instinct was to kill him, he didn't want to break his own rules; so, he has decided to have Davina remove Klaus' compulsion, so that way Josh can start to spy on Klaus for Marcel and feed him misinformation.

Davina warns him that the more intense the compulsion, the more it's going to hurt. Josh wants a daylight ring really bad, though, so he's willing to do it if it'll get him into Marcel's good graces. He asks how bad it will hurt, so Davina gets started. Josh immediately starts grabbing his head and ends up falling onto the floor as he screams in agony. Yikes! Also--witches can remove compulsion? Couldn't Bonnie have done this for the gang, like, all the times that they were compelled to do terrible shit? Or is it just because Davina is super strong?
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Hayley's wrist is ziptied to a firestove at Dwayne's place, and she glares at Tyler angrily as he walks into the shack. She brings up the fact that a wolf has been following her around lately, and protecting her, like it would protect it's pack mate. Since Tyler's a hybrid, and can become a wolf whenever he wants, she was wondering if it was him. Tyler seems a little shocked to hear about this wolf, but denies being the one protecting her. "No, but you're right, only hybrids can control when they change. And I'm the only one left, besides Klaus, which is why we're here." Hayley admits that she has no idea what he's doing, but regardless, the Original siblings have sworn to protect her and her child, so if Tyler hurts her, they will kill him. Brutally. Tyler claims that he's not afraid to die, and I'd hope not, because this is basically a suicide mission. (Or, it would be, if Tyler wasn't a main character on TVD and was actually killable. I wouldn't really miss him, thought, tbh.) Their discussion is interrupted when Dwayne walks in and joins them.

Tyler asks him if he's ready for whatever they're about to do, and Dwayne replies that he is. Hayley watches in horror as Tyler digs around in a bag and pulls out a huge syringe. Hayley is pretty frightened at this point, and Tyler crouches down in front of her as he explains that since Klaus took everything he loved from him, he's going to take away what he wants most. Despite Hayleys cries, Tyler TOTALLY JAMS THE NEEDLE INTO HER STOMACH and draws up a couple milliliters of blood. He pulls the syringe out, walks over to Dwayne, and SHOVES THE NEEDLE IN HIS NECK. Once Hayley's blood has been injected into him, he snaps Dwayne's neck, and Hayley looks like she's about to throw up. Do vampires all have like, O-negative blood or something? The nurse in me just doesn't understand how you can just inject someone's blood into them, all willy-nilly, with no regard to blood types or anything. Graft-versus-host is no joke! Not to mention the fact that Hayley and the baby don't have the same blood, anyway, so Hayley shouldn't actually have vampire blood in her system in the first place, but, whatever! Maybe werewolf/vampire anatomy/physiology is different. What do I know?

Marcel, having just left Davina's room, walks through the aisle in the church on his way out the door, but stops when he senses someone there with him. He calls out, "I thought you were leaving town? Couldn't stay away, huh?" Rebekah responds to this by zooping toward him out of nowhere and slamming him onto the floor. She places her stiletto-heeled foot against his throat and growls, "I was half-past Louisiana when I found out you invaded our home. What have you done with Hayley?" Marcel answers by smugging that she's hot when she's angry, which doesn't help Rebekah's mood one bit, so she picks him up and tosses him against the back wall of the church.

She's livid that he used her by charming her into sleeping with him so he could follow her home and take Hayley, but Marcel maintains that he never took her, and that he already cleared this whole mess up with Elijah and Klaus. He figures she just wanted an excuse to come back and keep playing this game with him, but shes more worried that if Klaus figures out that Rebekah was the reason Marcel was able to find his way there, then she'd probably get a dagger to the heart for at least another century. "You really think I'd rat you out? Come on!" He caresses her cheek with his hand, and continues. "If you think that I'd ever, in a thousand years, do anything to hurt you, you've got me confused with Klaus." Rebekah assumes he's still just manipulating her, just like her brother, and honestly, I don't really trust him either, tbh. She invites him to prove her wrong, so he decides that he needs to show her something, and asks him to come with her to check it out. Reluctantly, she follows him.

Hayley is still ziptied to the firestove in Dwayne's shack, and she watches Tyler drag Dwayne's dead body across the floor. He's like, "Don't get all judgy! Dwayne knew what he was getting into, he volunteered!" Hayley is skeptical that Dwayne volunteered to get himself killed, but Tyler decides it's time to start dropping facts on her. "Dwayne is a werewolf who died with YOUR blood in his system! The same blood you share with your hybrid baby!" Hayley realizes that Tyler is trying to turn him into a hybrid, and proclaims that idea as impossible, but Tyler's not so sure. He has been traveling the country since he had been on the run, and ran with a bunch of different wolf packs. One of them had a witch friend who had prophetic nightmares about Klaus using her baby to create an army of hybrids. I mean, Klaus already did that, when he made his hybrids the first time, and they were all pretty weak and were all killed pretty easily, weren't they? So, I don't see why this concept is so scary NOW. I'm guessing Tyler just needs an excuse to justify his desire for vengeance.

"I am SICK of these witches and their premonitions about my baby! It's just a baby!" Tyler concedes that she could be right, but also believes she could be wrong, which is why Dwayne volunteered to be the guinea pig for his little experiment. "If you haven't noticed, these people don't have much to live for! They'd ALL welcome the chance to become the superior species!" The problem with hybrids, according to Tyler, is that they're all sire-bound to Klaus, except for him, because he broke it. So, he doesn't want to allow any more "hybrid slaves" to be created. Hayley isn't completely convinced that Klaus even knew that it was possible to create more hybrids with her baby, but Tyler refuses to buy that theory.

"Klaus Mikaelson, killer of men, women, and puppies, all of a sudden wants to be a daddy? Or, he's got an ulterior motive. Hybrids can walk in the sunlight, their bite is LETHAL to vampires. They'll take over New Orleans by the end of the week. And, you know what's going to stop Klaus then? Nothing." Again, remember how easy it was for Damon and Stefan to kill those hybrids? Even fucking JEREMY GILBERT, who wasn't even a hunter then, managed to kill one without even getting hurt in the process! All he did was shoot him in the heart with an arrow and then chop his head off with a butcher knife. I really don't understand what the fuss is about. Anyway, Dwayne chooses that moment to wake up, and starts to freak out the same way that Tyler did right after he was turned. Tyler insists that Dwayne needs to feed, and cuts Hayley's neck with a knife.

After Tyler yells at him to feed on her a couple times, Dwayne eventually runs over to her and clamps down on her neck as Hayley shrieks in terror and pain. He stops after a few moments and continues to freak out a bit, panting and running around all deranged. So, Tyler eventually pushes him outside to deal with him. Hayley sees the knife on the floor and tries to reach for it, but her arm isn't long enough, so she grabs a broken-off chair leg from the floor instead and tucks it behind her. Outside, Tyler is holding Dwayne down and yelling at him to look at him. After a moment, Dwayne starts to calm down and lies still. Tyler looks at him, and reassures him that he's okay. Dwayne's eyes go golden-green, and his eye veins pop out. "I'm better than okay." OH GEEZ.

Over at Davina's attic, Josh is continuing to lay in the fetal position on the floor, with sweat coating his face. Davina stops her little spell, and sighs. "I'm sorry, but it's just gonna get worse. Klaus' compulsion runs deep." She rolls her eyes and pulls him back onto a chair, and instructs him to think about something else to get his mind off of the pain. She asks if he likes music, but Josh is a little too overwhelmed with his "voodoo lobotomy" to think of anything. After she presses him a little harder to think of something, he tells her he likes club music, like trance. "You know, *unce unce unce unce*?" Davina: "I'm a witch, I'm not Amish! It's just, I'm only sixteen, I don't go to clubs." Josh recalls when he was her age, and says that he had been to hundreds of clubs by then. He tells her he feels like it was another lifetime, because things are so different now; instead of chasing boys to be with them, he's chasing boys to FEED on them, and he just really wants a daylight ring so he doesn't die of burning to death in the sun.

I think Davina can relate to how weird life has become, and talks about her favorite music as she touches Tim's violin. "I like the classics. Puccini, Bach, Mozart. I took piano...not that it matters, while I'm stuck here." Josh doesn't know her back story, so he asks why she can't play now. She explains that Marcel is afraid someone will hear her while she's playing and figure out where he is, and he's trying to keep her safe from the "coven of psycho witches who want to sacrifice her in a blood ritual." Josh is as sympathetic as a person can be, when their eyes are just being opened to a supernatural world of vampires, witches, and werewolves that they never knew existed before now. When he apologizes for what she's going through, she urges him not to be sorry. "I'm going to destroy them all. And once they're gone, everything will go back to normal. I'll have my old life back!" She grins, and he gives her this sweet smile. It's like, part-awe, part-endearment, and part-"Oh, girl, bless your heart."

Tyler returns to Dwayne's shack, after his transformation, with a sullen look on his face. Hayley can tell right away that the experiment work, and that Hayley's baby's blood really CAN sire more hybrids. "If Klaus gets ahold of you, if he gets that kid--he wins." Hayley doesn't see the manic glint in his eye, and urges him to help her hide the baby from him by running away. Instead, Tyler picks up the knife off the floor and starts to walk toward her as he reminds her that if Klaus finds her, he'll snatch up the baby and start creating an army of "more hybrid monsters" who will do anything he asks of them. Hayley is downright terrified now. "Tyler, whatever you're thinking of doing, there has to be another way! You're not like this!" He continues to kneel toward her, so she takes the chair leg she grabbed earlier and stakes him in the gut with it. As expected, it doesn't do anything but piss him off, and he even calls her out on how stupid of a move that was.

He gets distracted from his quest to kill Hayley by Dwayne, who walks in and yells at Tyler to get away from her. Tyler's like, "What do you care?" but Dwayne just repeats his demand again. Tyler reminds him that he gave Dwayne what he wanted, so now he needs to scram, pronto, but Hayley notices Dwayne's personality change and sees an opportunity. "Dwayne, he's gonna kill me! And he's gonna kill you, too! He said that hybrids are too dangerous to live! You NEED to stop him!" Dwayne gets enraged and shoves Tyler across the room. Tyler drops the knife on the floor, right within Hayley's reach, so she grabs it as the two fight it out and cuts herself free. After wrestling for a moment, Tyler reaches his hand into Dwayne's chest and rips his heart out. See what I mean? Hybrids are supposed to be super powerful, but in the vampire game, age what is important, so baby hybrids still aren't really a match for well-trained older vampires. When Tyler turns back to get back to killing Hayley off, he's totally shocked to find that she's flown the coop. YEAH HAYLEY! Her fighter instincts are amazing, she's like a somewhat-nicer Katherine Pierce.

Hayley is running top-speed through the woods, and eventually stops to catch her breath and ducks behind a tree. After a moment, she hears a twig snap nearby and braces herself for another fight. She grips Tyler's knife in her hand, and turns to stab the approaching assailant, but it's just Elijah! He catches her hand so he doesn't get stabbed, and smiles another one of his beauteous smiles. "Forgive me! I thought you were in danger. It appears I was mistaken." He is so smitten, look at him! I just want to pinch his cheeks. Hayley is SO relieved to see him, and immediately gives him a hug, and murmurs, "You will not believe the crap day I'm having." She pulls away from him, and he gently assures her that he'll take her home. However, Hayley knows that going back home is probably going to be a little more complicated than that, so she stops him. "Elijah, there's something you need to know about the baby." Omg, I am really starting to ship them, I just can't help myself.
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Meanwhile, Tyler is walking super slowly around the various tents in the encampment as he calls out for Hayley. "Hayley! Don't make this harder than it has to be! Give up now...I'll end it quick." Dude, you are a HYBRID. You could chase her, you could track her using scent. There is no reason why you should just be dawdling around if you really want to find her. Anyway, Klaus appears behind him and snarks, "Quite an offer! Though, not one I'll be extending to you." Tyler braces himself in anticipation for a fight, though for whatever reason, he seems surprised to see Klaus, despite the fact that Tyler literally kidnapped his baby mama from his own backyard. He was obviously going to show up eventually, dude!

Klaus comments on how Tyler looks in good health/spirits before calling him out on kidnapping/threatening a poor, defenseless pregnant girl. "I never expected you to sink so low! I admit, I'm impressed." Tyler suggests that perhaps it was Klaus' influence, which annoys Klaus enough to bring out the big guns. "What would Caroline say if she saw what you've become? Perhaps I'll ask her, when I call her to tell her about your demise." Ouch! Tyler counters that regardless of what Caroline thinks of him, she will always hate Klaus, which wipes the smiles right off of his face. He shoves Tyler, who flies straight into a tree and bounces onto the ground. Klaus shouts at him to actually try to fight, because you know he loves a challenge, so Tyler tenses up like he's about to lunge for him. At the last minute, he zoops away. Klaus stands there and smiles for a moment before chasing after him. Oh, shit, Tyler, wtf do you think you're doing?

Marcel leads Rebekah into the Garden, and nods at the vampire guard so that he'll give them some privacy. This place is super creepy, you can see heads of desiccated vampires sticking out of the concrete floors. Rebekah looks pretty creeped out herself, and asks him where they are. He explains that this is where he buries vampires who break his rules. However, it used to be something else. He pulls a roll of blueprints out of a little nook and asks her what she sees. It's a gorgeous house, really. And extravagant. "Two stories, Greek columns, wrap-around porch. High ceilings, transom windows. It's lovely. So what?" Marcel claims that this was supposed to be a home for the two of them. I'm not sure I believe him, and Rebekah isn't sure either. He tells her that he had only gotten the foundation done when Rebekah and her brothers ran off, so he halted constructions in hopes of resuming when she returned. Unfortunately, she never did, and Marcel seems to still be a little bitter about it, because when she didn't return, he turned what was supposed to be their love nest into a place to bury people who betray him. That's totally romantic, right?

Rebekah reminds him that it wasn't as easy as just coming back, because not long afterward, Klaus daggered her and kept her locked up for NINETY YEARS, but that is Marcel's point. "That's what he does, Rebekah! Klaus will never be happy, he'll be damned if he lets anyone get anything that HE can't have!" Rebekah is like, "Uh, duh, I've been his sister for the last thousand years, ya dumbass," but Marcel gives her an ultimatum. "Starting right now, you have a choice, between the brother who takes away your happiness whenever he feels like it, and the man who wants to give you anything you ever wanted." Rebekah reminds him that they've been through this already, and Klaus will literally eat his heart in front of her, just out of spite, but Marcel thinks it'll all be okay, as long as they just take Klaus down. GAH, should she trust him? I feel like he's just using her to get her help in taking down Klaus, since he has been treating her like shit more-or-less since she showed up. Then again, maybe the writers are just trying rushing too fast to make them happen, and that's why I'm just not feeling anything but suspicion with him. I really like Rebekah, though, and I'd like her to get lucky in love, for once.

Back over in the bayou, Elijah is pacing back and forth as Hayley sits on a tree stump and explains her current predicament. She figures that Klaus had to have known that the baby could be used to make more hybrids, since it's obvious he doesn't seem to really care about the baby that much. She does share her suspicion that Dwayne was actually sire-bound to Hayley, which could be an interesting advantage, should Klaus end up trying to use the baby to make more hybrids. They both continue to ponder the implications of this new revelations for a moment, before Elijah tells her that he should take her home. Hayley's like, "Uh, home to what?" so Elijah tries to soothe her with his support. "Look, regardless of my brother's intentions, mine remain the same. I said that I would protect you, even, if need be, from Klaus himself." AW, ELIJAH. You are the best! Hayley gets a little icy toward him, and insists that she can look after herself, considering she's done it more most of her life. She stomps off, and after a moment, Elijah follows after her.

Now, it's Klaus who is poking around all the various tents in the encampment, looking for Tyler. He mocks him for his childish game of hide and seek, but Tyler completely takes him off-guard when he zoops up behind him and stabs him through the back with a big wooden stake. Klaus growls in pain and pulls the stake out of his chest and throws it aside. He's pissed now, and his hybrid-face comes out full force as he asks, "Let's end this, shall we?" Tyler's hybrid face peeks out as well, and the two run full-force at each other. Tyler tackles Klaus, and the two of them roll down a little hill until they land in front of Dwayne's shack. Tyler punches Klaus in the face, which seems like a totally useless move for a vampire/werewolf/hybrid, don't you think? Klaus grabs his fist before he can hit him again, and puts Tyler in a chokehold, all, "How very dare you!" Tyler claims he's just getting started, and stabs him in the side with another stake. How has Tyler even managed to make it thus far? He's been a hybrid for, like, a year. Klaus is literally 1000x his supernatural age. Bahhh.
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"You've grown bloodthirsty. Perhaps its best your mother didn't live to see you like this," Klaus spits, and begins to laugh hysterically. Tyler doesn't take kindly to that low-blow, and starts to pummel him in the face again. Klaus gains the upper-hand, and flips them over so Klaus is on top. He pulls the stake out of his side, and jams it into Tyler's chest. Tyler yells in pain, so Klaus, satisfied for now, stands up and waits for Tyler to get up and ready for round two. He snits about how much of a disappointment Tyler is, so Tyler decides to get in some major digs of his own. "I guess I'm another one of your failures. Like, how you failed at making hybrids, how you failed your family." He walks toward Klaus and drives it home. "Now it looks like you're going to fail your own kid!" DAMN, Tyler, that's cold. This really is just a contest where they each try to see just how horrible they can be, jfc.

Klaus pushes Tyler against a tree and throttles him for a moment before reaching into his chest and grabbing onto his heart. Tyler eggs him on, "Do it! You're never gonna break me! Only thing you can do is kill me, so go on! Go on, get it over with!" That last part was the wrong thing to say, because Klaus automatically realizes what this is really all about. "Ahhh, you want me to end your suffering, don't you? Hmm? I did break you! Took everything from you, and now you're begging me to sweep away the shards of your shattered little life." He clenches Tyler's heart a little tighter in his hand, and you can tell Tyler's thinking that he's about to die, but at the last minute, Klaus lets go of his heart and pulls his hand out. "Death offers you more peace than you deserve." He turns on the compulsion eyes, and compels Tyler to live the rest of his life knowing that Klaus thinks nothing of him. JFC, letting people live in situations like this NEVER WORKS OUT WELL, and I'm sure this time, it's no exception. Anyway, Klaus leaves, and Tyler looks devastated to not be dead, which kiiiinda makes me feel bad for him, but not really.

Marcel is continuing to try to make his case to Rebekah about taking down Klaus, but she knows better. "Do you know how many fools have tried to vanquish my brother? If you stand against him, he WILL kill you, and it will be awful, and bloody, and I will not stand around and watch." She turns to leave the Garden, but Marcel stops her, and reminds her about Davina, who is the most powerful witch they've seen in centuries. He wants to try to see if she can kill Klaus, but he doesn't know the rules, so Rebekah breaks it down for him. "You don't know, do you? You can't KILL Klaus! Not without dying yourself! We learned it from the deaths of my brothers Kol and Finn. If an Original dies, every vampire ever made from their line dies with them." She insists that even if they killed Klaus, he'd still win, because Marcel and all the vampires Marcel has sired would die as well.

"There's another way," Marcel insists, and he pitches the idea of burying him down in the Garden, forever. Rebekah isn't optimistic. "Are you mad? This little chamber of horrors may work for your riff-raff, but do you really think it will hold my brother?" Marcel figures it's worth the risk, and tells her that she knows he's right, because he'll never stop trying to control her, as that's basically Klaus' entire MO. Rebekah is not buying the fact that Marcel suddenly, after nearly a hundred years, is willing to risk Klaus killing him just to spend the rest of his life with her. Marcel maintains that he just wants to protect his home and his empire, but does confess that being with her is just icing on the cake for him. He asks her what SHE wants, but she stays silent.

Klaus is waiting on Dwayne's porch when Elijah and Hayley find their way back. He's kind enough at first, when he welcomes them back, but then gets a little colder when he asks Hayley to explain Dwayne's body/death to him. He can tell that Dwayne is a hybrid, but he also knows that he didn't sire him, which would seem to be impossible. Hayley gets pissed, and suggests that he already knows what's up, but Elijah pulls her back, and steps in front of her to protect her. Klaus can tell that something is up, and asks what "horrible accusation" they're about to give him. Elijah takes a deep breath and starts to explain. "Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley here to test a theory, that the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims that you knew that. Furthermore, that you intended to use this knowledge to build an army."
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For whatever reason, Klaus is really offended that they would assume Tyler's claims were accurate, even though he's admitted on more than one occasion that he's as evil as it gets. Of course, I'm sure this was also Tyler's intention, though Hayley did kind of fuck it up by not allowing Tyler to just outright kill her/her baby. Klaus calls Elijah out on believing a "heartbroken little crybaby" over his own brother, and taking Hayley's word for it. Elijah isn't really feeling Klaus' complaints, though. "Oh, spare me your indignation. When have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern for Hayley, beyond your own selfish pursuits? And what was it you once said to me? 'Every king needs an heir!'" Elijah's Klaus-impression was SPOT ON, omg. Daniel Gillies, you flawless being. Klaus gets all choked up AND angry, and starts playing the victim, all, "Elijah, Elijah, Elijah! How can I ever be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard, wah wah wah."

Elijah actually starts to actually feel bad as Klaus continues to go on about how everyone believes Klaus to be an evil bastard liar manipulator, including Rebekah, and Elijah, and now Hayley, who he's now angry at for liking Elijah better than him because he actually treats her like a person. Elijah's voice softens, and he tries to backpedal a bit, but Klaus believes he totally gets it now, and tells him he's said all he needs to say. He steps back a few paces and opens his arms in surrender. "I'll play the role I've been given." Klaus looks like he's about to walk away, but he turns back and zoops over to Elijah and bites him right on the neck. DICK MOVE, BRO. Hayley screams in terror, and Elijah just glares at him. Klaus wipes the blood off his mouth with his hand and smugs, "You two enjoy each other's company! You'll have much to bond over, once the hallucination and dementia set in. Consider that bite to be my parting gift to you both." He strolls away, leaving a shocked and appalled Hayley and Klaus to fend for themselves. Bad Klaus!

Josh is laying in a pain daze on Davina's bedroom floor when she assures him that they're done, and he's now totally free. He thinks for a moment before exclaiming that he can feel the difference, because before, he was only thinking about what Klaus wanted him to do, but now, he doesn't give a fuck. "Klaus Mikaelson can SUCK IT!" He declares proudly, and he and Davina dissolve into giggles. After a moment, Davina's smile fades, so Josh asks her what's up. She admits that Marcel told her to wipe his memories of her, to protect her. Josh seems legitimately bummed by this news, and insists that she doesn't have to. "I, like, owe you my life! I'll keep your secret. Besides, it's kind of nice, just talking to someone normal again." Davina smiles, but is shocked at that statement. "You think I'M normal? I'm a sixteen year old witch, living in an attic like some kind of freak." Josh feels her on feeling weird. "I'm a gay club kid who died and came back as a vampire! Yeah, normal's kinda relative, you know?" He holds out his pinky to pinky swear on it, and man, I really love these two being friends. Look how cute they are! I like Josh way more now that we get to see this kind of personality. Also, did I mention how happy I am that TVD finally has a gay character, for once? Because I am.

Hayley and Elijah are looking around Dwayne's shack for clues about the werewolves and her family. She reminds him that he doesn't have to stay and help her snoop around. Then, she notices how nasty Elijah's bite is already looking, and wonders if he should maybe "put some ointment" on it, or something. Elijah assures her that the bite won't kill him, it'll just make him have a REALLY bad trip for the next 8ish hours. "Like Niklaus himself, it's more of a nuisance than anything." Hayley's happy he's not dying, and jokes that she still needs a ride home. She thanks him for staying with her, since he didn't have to. He wants to help, though, both because he likes her and enjoys being around her, and because he can understand only having few family members left. She correctly deduces that he's thinking about Klaus, and he confesses that he is wondering if maybe he was too hard on Klaus, and maybe should give him the benefit of the doubt.

"In the thousand years we have been together, my brother has committed numerous unspeakable atrocities. But, then again, so has Rebekah. So have I." Hayley admits she also did, last time she was in Cabo (which is, I assume, when she triggered her werewolf curse). "We've all done bad things. It's just, most people die before the list gets embarrassing." LOL, that is hilarious and true. They look at each other for a long moment, and then they both awkwardly look away when they realize how thick their romantic tension is. Hayley excuses herself to get some fresh air and hops out onto the porch. When she gets out there, she sees a Bible laying on the corner of the porch, and starts flipping through it. After a moment, Elijah joins her, and looks over her shoulder. When he asks her what she's reading, she tells him it's a book someone left her, that has a family history that spans generations. There are a TON of names and birth dates, non-chronologically. The last name is Andrea Labonair, whose birth date was 06 June 1991. Elijah asks who Andrea is, and Hayley reveals that she thinks it's herself, because that's her birth date. I didn't catch all of the names, but judging from the last couple birthdays, which were in the late 1980s, I'm guessing Hayley has a sibling or two as well. OH SHIT.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Klaus is brooding with a scotch and staring out the window, when he says, "I thought you were leaving us." Rebekah: We both know this family can barely function without me. Where are Elijah and Hayley?" Klaus gets a little icy when he informs her that he left them in the bayou, which is more than enough indication for Rebekah to tread lightly. When she asks why, Klaus whines about how he got in a fight with Elijah because Hayley has "conspired to turn him against Klaus," so he lost his temper and bit Elijah and left them in the swamp. Rebekah is pretty fucking pissed that he BIT Elijah after just finally getting him out of that coffin, but Klaus argues that his little tantrums are his form of self-preservation. "And I wouldn't have to go to such lengths were I not presented on all sides with ignorance and treachery!"

His voice and demeanor go even colder, as he explains that since Elijah has abandoned him, Rebekah will have to take his place in his plot to take down Marcel. Little does Klaus know that Marcel wants her to do the same against Klaus, and she probably wouldn't have been able to bring herself to betray Klaus like that, if he didn't treat her the way he treated her in this scene. He pours himself another drink and mutters, "Don't expect to be leaving town anytime soon." Rebekah asks him why she should help him, after what he just did to their brother, but Klaus counters that she's his family. "Besides, who better to spy on Marcel than the girl he so clearly loves?" He sits on the edge of the coffee table and gets right in Rebekah's face, as he's wont to do, and suggests that she tell him all Marcel's secrets, such as how he was able to find their house in the first place.

From the way Rebekah's face and tone change in this next exchange, I'm pretty sure that's the exact moment where she is like, "Fuck Klaus, he needs to go." And that, gentle readers, is why Klaus will always end up getting himself into trouble, because he uses and manipulates people until they have nothing left to do but to turn against him. And eventually, people are going to find a way to take him out of commission somehow, consequences be damned. Although, knowing Klaus, it will just cause him to fight back even harder, making it an endless cycle of bullshit. Somebody reallyyyyy needs an attitude adjustment. But, I digress!

Rebekah musters up all the nerve that she can, and tells her brother that she has no idea how or why Marcel does the things that he does. Klaus reveals that he knows about their "engineered run-ins" all over town, and that he knows they've had chats, so he just wants to know what he's told her, as he believes Marcel is conspiring against him. (Which, he totally is.) Rebekah just glares at him. "My poor brother, so paranoid. Marcel knows nothing! He's not plotting against you, he simply thinks you're in a quarrel in need of making up." Klaus suggests that they may just do that. He leans in aggressively and growls, "After all, you know I'm capable of forgiving those who disappoint me! As soon as they've seen the error of their ways, and suffered for it. You'd do well to remember that." He gets up and walks away, and as she watches him leave, she mutters, "You never let me forget." YIKES. This fight is going to go nuclear.

At the nightwalker bar, Marcel sits at a table and talks to a person sitting across from him, while his vampguards hang out nearby. "You wanna make a deal with me, you gotta offer me something! I already know about Hayley, the werewolf girl. What else you got?" The camera pans around, and we see the person is Tyler! Oh shiiiit! "What if I told you that werewolf girl is carrying Klaus' child?" Marcel looks interested, though, he doesn't look surprised to hear that a vampire somehow knocked up a werewolf, which is weird to me. Maybe he's just trying to keep his poker face, I don't know. Tyler adds, "And, if that baby is born, it'll mean the end of the vampire species." Since Marcel's a vampire, and loves it, I think he's plenty interested in this fight, now. OH GOD, Tyler and Marcel are totally going to form an unholy alliance, and I cannot WAIT to see how this turns out!

Next week: Hayley plays nursemaid as Elijah hallucinates about bad stuff from his past, and Tyler helps Marcel take down Klaus for good, possibly with Rebekah's help.

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[screencaps from KissThemGoodbye]

-Do you guys think Marcel had been working with Tyler the whole episode? I mean, obviously he didn't know about the baby/siring hybrids aspect of it, but it seems pretty convenient that he was able to stir Elijah and Klaus up enough to go tromping through the bayou, which gave him the perfect opportunity to conspire with Rebekah without either of them overhearing somehow. Marcel is a pretty smart guy when it comes to strategy, though, so it's possible he just noticed an opportunity and seized on it.

-I've seen a lot of people online talking about how The Originals seems to be retconning the process of making new hybrids, since before, the only way to make a successful hybrid was to feed a werewolf Klaus' blood, kill them, and then feed them the blood of a Petrova doppelgänger. Klaus originally used Elena's blood to make hybrids, but then when Elena died and became a vampire, she was no longer a viable candidate. Now, though, Katherine is human again, which WOULD make her a candidate, but Nina Dobrev is way too busy playing like, three characters on TVD to allow Katherine to come visit New Orleans. Still, I don't really see the problem with Hayley's blood being able to be used to make hybrids. Hayley is literally the first person to ever be impregnated by a hybrid with a hybrid baby. And that baby is the first baby ever to be BORN part-vampire. So, it doesn't seem to be thaaaat out of the realm of possibility for Hayley/her child to be able to change the rules a bit, since they're literally freaks of nature that have never existed before until now. The only real complaint I have is the fact that maternal blood and fetal blood is NOT shared in the body. The only time they ever mix is occasionally during vaginal births, but that's not even thaaat common. But, mythologically speaking, I don't see how this couldn't be possible.

-Obviously, Elijah's out camping with Hayley, but what do you think he'd say about Rebekah's potential plan to turn against Klaus? After what he did, do you think Elijah would help them out, or at least give her his blessing, or would he get angry at Rebekah for going against their "always and forever" pact? I mean, Klaus literally just threatened Rebekah with a good daggering, or a hybrid bite, or other bodily harm, so honestly, I wouldn't blame her at all for going for it.

-I have a feeling that there are werewolves who can turn without a full moon. I don't know how, or why (though I'm hoping they're the Original werewolves!) but I just have a feeling it's going to happen. I am also really excited to learn more about Hayley's family. I feel like we don't know enough about werewolves, and after fleshing out vampires, Originals, hybrids, witches, and doppelgängers between the two series' at this point, I think it's definitely time to start learning about how the werewolves were created, and why. GAH I LOVE TV SHOW MYTHOLOGY. Even in this universe, which is getting super complicated and nonsensical.


  1. I feel like I'm the only one who's seriously annoyed that we keep seeing Hayley in heeled boots in this series. Isn't she supposed to be pregnant?


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