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Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episode 12: "The Devil Inside"

Alright, let's talk housekeeping before we dig in, shall we? Since school has been consuming my time and energy and soul in general, and have now been left with about six days until The Vampire Diaries' next season starts up, I'm going to finish up the seasons' recaps with some quick(er) and dirty recaplets to get us all caught up for the new season that starts next week! The little feedback I got on the first one seemed very positive about the recapping style, so it's likely that I'll be adopting it for this season's TVD recaps, and saving the usual format for The Originals. So, that's the current plan for the updates that will be coming as we return to fall TV season (hallelujah!), and I'm hoping that many of you will be sticking around, even despite the lack of Teen Wolf for the next seven months.

SO, let's talk "The Devil Inside," shall we?

Emily Rewatches TVD: Season 5, Episode 11: "500 Years of Solitude"

Welp, this revisiting of the second half of TVD's fifth season has taken me WAY longer to start than I wanted/expected. To be honest with you guys, I pretty much loathed the second chapter or act of this season, (known as "The Augustine Chapter") and even though I have wanted to talk about the third act, which was much better, the thought of having to go through the middle episodes was not very appealing. But, season 6 will be approaching here in the next few months, and it looks AMAZING, so for the sake of my OCD-induced inability to leave things unfinished, no matter how late they may be, I am going to be talking about the rest of the episodes of the season over the two weeks of hiatus we have left

Most of the hold-up for getting this series up and running was just waffling about how I wanted to go about doing these write-ups, because I didn't want them to be full-length recaps like I normally do, because that will take FOREVER and I will never end up catching up, …

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 12: "Smoke & Mirrors" Recap/Review

Welp, even though I'm positive my heart stopped at several different points while watching this episode, we all made it through (I think?) what ended up being hands-down the best episode of Season 4. I mean, what's not to love? Scott McCall truly is the truest of alphas; Derek Hale is a reborn-beta with even more power than before; Liam Dunbar is the most precious, strong, and brave little babe in the world, Malia Hale exceeded everyone's expectations and tbh, I think the fandom owes her a huge apology; Lydia Martin and Mason are two of the most die-hard loyal friends in the universe; Stiles Stilinski loves his pack so much that he ran into an Aztec temple full of berserkers and werecreatures in the middle of a full moon with no weapons whatsoever; and while Peter Hale and Kate Argent may not have been killed like I was hoping, they are out of the picture for now, each with their own story lines that have the potential to be amazing next season. Plus, Stilinski family feel…

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 11: "A Promise To The Dead" Recap/Review

Sorry, guys, but this week's episode killed me. Like, I am straight-up cremated, ashes-spread-at-sea dead. There was so much about this episode that I wholeheartedly loved and so much that I hated in the way that it's so bad because it is so intense and I can't handle my faves being hurt. I'm not even going to try to summarize my feelings for this intro, I'm just going to dive right in, because honestly, a shitload of drama went down in "A Promise To The Dead," and to be honest with you, I still don't completely understand it. So, let's talk about this season's penultimate (NOOOOOO! :((((() episode of Teen Wolf! Settle in, babies, because this recap is seriously going to be a doozy. Like, as long as my "Insatiable" recap was. Consider yourself warned!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Kate Argent was killed by Peter clawing her throat out, but instead of being dead the last eight to twelve months like everyone thought, she was actually totall…

Can't Go Back: A Teen Wolf Season 4 Round-Up

Alright, so a lot of confusing stuff has gone down this season up to the events of 04x10 "Monstrous," right? And a lot more confusing stuff is going to go down because of the confusing stuff that has already happened. Do you understand? No? Me either, but I'm going to try to make sense and order of what has been revealed so far, as well as coming up with some predictions about what the last two episodes of this season will be bringing us. I plan on making a decent guess at the timeline of the season, as well as the timeline of the events that led to the deadpool, plus we have a LOT to speculate about in regards to banshees, true alpha werewolves, nagual werejaguars, berserkers, and what the fuck Jordan Parrish might be, as well as our dear Stiles. We'll probably be talking a lot about the characters, too, naturally, because that's the best part. Basically, get saddled in, kiddos, because I have some words to say. ALSO, just as a warning-- this post will contain s…