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Teen Wolf Season 5, Episode 10: "Status Asthmaticus" Recap/Review

Hey, mis amigos favoritos! How are you doing? How was your spring and summer? You look great!

So, I've been gone a really, really, really long time, and honestly, I'm kind of embarrassed about it. I've always enjoyed this blog, because talking about television is literally my favorite thing to do in this entire shitty world, but I'm going to be honest here-- mental illness is kind of a pain in the ass. Chronic depression makes it difficult for me to do anything but the absolute bare minimum of what needs to be done, which is how my to-do list ended up getting too long, but when you combine this with my awesome OCD whose fun quirk is screaming "YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ALL OF THIS UNFINISHED OR SKIP AHEAD BECAUSE THEN YOU HAVE A HUGE CHUNK MISSING AND IT WILL BOTHER YOU FOREVER," it's enough to drive you a bit mad.

So, I was in a dilemma that kept me pretty much stuck-- my list of recaps to write was getting so long it was becoming unrealistic to expect to…

"The Rules Have Changed"-- A Post-Season 5A/Pre-Season 5B Discussion & Speculation Post

Alright, kids! This post was initially meant to be a meta post to follow the first two or three episodes of 5A, but, of course, I haven't met a self-imposed deadline that I didn't end up breaking, so the post just kept growing longer and longer and taking more and more time to write, and then more and more episodes were airing, and then the next thing I knew, the season finale had just aired, and I was like... well, fuck.

Fortunately, this super-sized season is two halves of an ongoing story of the Dread Doctors, so while the first half of Season 5 passed me by, a lot of my observations and questions are still relevant, even after we learned more information about what was going on regarding those steampunk assholes, Theo and his villainy, what the hell was going on with Kira and Jordan, why Scott suddenly developed asthma out of nowhere, etc. So, I was able to morph my in-season meta discussion into a post-season meta and speculation discussion! Hooray! So, since the premiere…

Teen Wolf Season 5, Episode 9: "Lies of Omission" Review


Anywho, I am so sorry about how late this damn post has been. My descent into bluesville had terrible timing, apparently, because then school started at the end of August, so I not only had no motivation to write or do anything, but I also had no time to do it, and basically it's all been a mess. Now that the fall and winter weather has improved my malaise a tiny bit, I'm attempting to hop back on the saddle, but I've decided to make a few changes to the blog and my entries in hopes of making things a little easier on myself in the coming weeks and, in turn, getting my looooong to-do list of blog posts written and posted faster while still giving you guys the discussions I've promised. So, to do this, I'm going to switch from my usual recap format with review material sprinkled throughout to just simply posting reviews-- I'm sure the posts will still end up being novel-length as usual, but at least now I can jus…