The Originals, Season 1, Episode 4: "Girl in New Orleans" Recap/Review

The first couple of episodes of The Originals may have been a little slow, and full of exposition/flashbacks, but THIS episode was full of awesome, from start to finish. Like, I really don't know what else I can say about it, so I'm just going to let what happened speak for itself. Let's get moving!

Previously, on The Originals: Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah are three of the first vampires of all time, and they pretty much built New Orleans by hand 300 years ago, blah blah blah. They returned to find Klaus' former protegee, Marcel, running the city as a tyrant with the back-up of an army of vampires and a baby witch named Davina, who is more powerful than anyone has ever seen. There is a coven of witches who are tired of being held under subjugation by these vampires, and want Davina for themselves. Also, Marcel and Davina are currently holding a daggered Elijah hostage, so Klaus is making a move to both free his brother and topple Marcel's regime from the inside so he can become king. Any questions? Good! Vamanos, amigos!

Klaus' voiceover plays over a montage of Marcel walking through an abandoned church, and Davina kneeling by Elijah's coffin. She removes his dagger, stares at it, and then, after a moment, replaces it into Elijah's heart. Meanwhile, Klaus is at the Mikaelson Mansion, where he is staring at that big face painting we saw in the backdoor pilot as he talks to Cami. The Cliff's Notes-version of his monologue is this: good and evil doesn't exist, people look after themselves first and everyone else last, regardless of who it hurts. "Is it evil to take what one wants? To satisfy hunger, even if doing so would cause another suffering? What some would call evil, I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world."

Cami, of course, is a liiiiiittle confused and unnerved by this little speech, and asks why the fuck he called her here. He admits that he enjoys spending time with her, plus, since she's a psychology whiz, she's more than equipped to handle "someone of [his] complexity." He vaguely explains why he came to New Orleans: first, he thought there was a threat against him, and then he found a young pregnant girl in need of protection, whom Elijah used to manipulate Klaus into redeeming himself by caring for her. Since then, he's ALSO learned about another young girl who is being held captive, and he wants to help both girls, since he's clearly such a gentleman who cares only for the safety of others, especially helpless young women.  He asks her if that sounds evil to her, and that's where Cami gets AWESOME.

"I don't believe in evil as a diagnosis. I think you have unstable personal relationships, stress-related paranoia, chronic anger issues, fear of abandonment. I think you could benefit from talking to someone. Professionally." LOLOLOL. Giiiirl, you don't know the half of it. Klaus quips that he'd prefer to talk to her, rather than some shrink who knows nothing about the supernatural, and tells her he'd like to hire her to write his memoirs. Especially considering that spending so much time together will allow them to also discuss her "handsome suitor," Marcel.

Cami's not so big on the invasion of her privacy, but Klaus gives zero fucks about that, and starts to reveal his plan: since Marcel wants her, he'll trust her, which makes her the perfect spy for Klaus. He gets into the whole war between vampires and witches thing, which immediately freaks her out, as anyone would hearing someone talk about supernatural beings like they're real. Before she can say anything, or run away, he pushes her against the wall and compels her. "You're frightened. Don't be." She blinks, and is both confused and intrigued when she realizes that she isn't scared anymore. She asks him how he managed to do that, so he explains compulsion, and promises to tell her all about it, after she spills her guts about Marcel. TITLE CARD!

Back in Davina's attic room, Marcel leans over Elijah's body as Davina peeks out the window. "This sucker's resilient! He's like a cockroach in a suit." He figures it doesn't matter now, because he's waited long enough--he has to give Elijah back to Klaus. Davina is pissed, because she was instructed to find a way to kill them, but she's not done yet. She sounds pretty frustrated as she explains that the silver dagger HURTS them, but that's it. Marcel reminds Davina for the second time that Klaus saved his life, which means he owes him one, which means he gives him what he wants--his brother.

Davina changes tactics, and brings up the Dauphine Street Music Festival, which is happening that evening that she really wants to attend. Marcel automatically nixes that idea; "The whole point of you being up HERE is so you're never spotted out THERE. You know who works smack in the middle of Dauphine Street? Sophie Deveraux. Pain-in-the-ass witch. And you know what the witches will do you if they find you." Davina whines that he controls the witches, so he should just make them go away for the night, but Marcel's mind is made up, and he's just about to walk out of her room when her voice stops him.

"I do anything you say, but sometimes, I think you forget what I'm capable of." She glares at Marcel as she explains that she learned how to make someone's blood boil. "All I have to do is focus." As she focuses on Marcel's face, we can hear the hiss that accompanies boiling liquid, and beads of sweat start to form on Marcel's forehead. He wipes his brow, and instead of pulling a power play, as we'd expect, he smiles and decides they'll compromise: it's too dangerous for her to be out alone, but he'll introduce her to a friend of his, who he thinks she'll like. Davina grins and bounces on the balls of her feet, which made me realize just how young she really is. Little girl in the middle of a big war.

Cami is wiping down the bar at Rousseau's when Klaus saunters in and says hello to her. She gets a puzzled look on her face before she pulls Klaus aside and whisper-yells at him. "How is it that when you come up to me now, and no one else is around, I suddenly remember that you just told me you're a vampire, and you're mind-controlling me? And then you leave, and then I go back to thinking you're just some hot guy with a cute accent and money to burn on your sprawling memoir?" Klaus just smiles and informs her about how compulsion works, but she wants to know more, and cutely asks, "Yeah, but what's happening? It is hypnosis? Are my neurons being shut down somehow?" This episode has solidified me as a Cami and Hayley stan, they are both SO awesome this week.

Klaus compliments her on her brains and curiosity, but he really wants to know more about Marcel, and reminds her that she told him she has intel for him. She explains that he called her up to ask her about a girl he's bringing to the music festival; apparently, he told her that the girl is having a hard time, and dealing with rebellion and anger issues. He wanted to hang out with her, in an effort to get her on the straight and narrow, but she politely declined. Klaus encourages her to change her mind, and she correctly deduces that he's going to force her to do it.

He rolls his eyes, but he knows it's true. To make her more cooperative, he confesses that while he likes her, and even thinks they could be good friends under better circumstances, but he explains that he can't pass up this opportunity, because Marcel and Davina are currently holding his brother Elijah captive. He turns on the compulsion eyes, and stares her down. "In other words--the girl needs your help. Call Marcel. Tell him you'd be happy to oblige." Cami blinks again, puzzled, but after a moment, the compulsion kicks in, and Klaus leaves.

Back at the Mikaelson Mansion, Hayley is sitting on the couch in the living room with Agnes, the witch from Sophie's coven. On the other side of the room, Rebekah is sitting in front of a laptop sitting on the coffee-table, anxiously searching satellite maps. Agnes reminds Hayley that she's way overdue for a prenatal check-up, but Hayley swears she feels fine, and makes a pretty good point. "What am I gonna do? Pop into the Quarter for a quick ultrasound? A pregnant werewolf escorted by a witch? Nothing to see here!"

Rebekah bitterly remarks that many women would kill to be pregnant/have their own child, and that she should be taking better care of her own. Agnes adds that she knows a doctor out in the bayou who has a clinic off the beaten path. She claims she took the liberty of making an appointment for her that night, after hours, just the two of them. She promises the vampires will never know a thing about it. Agnes is a pretty good actress, but you know she's hiding something, because that woman has been against Sophie's tentative alliance with the Mikaelsons from day one. Hayley doesn't notice Agnes' shadiness, and after rolling her eyes a bunch, agrees to go. The two of them leave the room, but Rebekah is still searching through Google Maps. Klaus waltzes in and automatically gives her shit for it. "Please, sister, tell me you're not still at it with the internet search. How does one begin, anyway? Just type in "anonymous attic?"

He pours himself a scotch as Rebekah glares at him, and she informs him that SOMEONE has to find Elijah, even if she has to break into every attic in the city. She also remembers some details of Davina's room, specifically, that the window behind Eli's coffin had shutters. Klaus sits down and starts arguing about how strategy is better than "mind-numbing labor." He figures since Marcel is taking his sweet time in returning their brother, it's probably because he no longer has control over his body. If Davina and Marcel are fighting, he might be able to sway Davina to their side. As always, Rebekah is disgusted by Klaus' power grabs, but he shrugs it off as more like killing two birds with one stone. "Rob Marcel of his secret weapon, bring our brother home." At this thought, Rebekah smiles. Reluctantly.

It appears that Marcel's nightwalkers hang out at a bar that has completely blacked-out windows. Inside, a bunch of vampires congregate in small groups. Diego, Marcel's daywalker and close friend, is feeding on a girl when Josh, Klaus' secret minion, approaches him. Diego's not too pleased to see the guy, and asks what he wants as he drops his victim's body onto the floor with a thump. Josh wants to know how to expedite the whole "daylight ring" thing, but Diego rudely informs him that daylight rings are only for Marcel's inner circle. "For you, that may never happen." Josh figured there would be an opening, considering Thierry is currently incarcerated, but Diego is pretty pissed at being reminded of his friends' century-long sentence in the Garden. He yells at Josh to shut up, and snits that Thierry didn't deserve what happened to him--Marcel was just showing off because Klaus is around. He turns back to the bar and mutters, "Can't wait 'til his ancient ass is outta here."

Rebekah takes that moment to walk into the bar, and Diego hops to his feet. He sarcastically announces her presence with a, "Look alive, boys! We got ourselves one high-class Original vampire." Rebekah isn't impressed, per usual, and gets to the point: she wants a little gossip, in exchange for getting Klaus out of New Orleans. Diego seems pretty interested, and asks what she wants to know. "You might have heard the rumors that Marcel and I were quite the item, back in the day. He seems to have moved on, and I'd like to know with who." Rebekah, come on! You can do way better than that.

Diego scoffs and reminds her about Cami, who she has seen with Marcel before, but Rebekah doesn't buy it. "What, that plain-Jane he carries on with? Only a blind man would choose her over me. There must be another girl in his harem." Rude, tbh. Diego may be pissed at Marcel, but he isn't going to spill anything, so he just shakes his head. Rebekah argues that she just need closure; once she has it, she'll be able to leave New Orleans, and she'll be sure to bring her bro with her. Diego sighs, and admits that Marcel is a super busy guy, so if he's got a side girl, she would live in the Quarter, probably pretty close by. Rebekah smiles at him, but he insists that is all the information he has.

Meanwhile, Marcel is leading a crowd of his vampire soldiers down Dauphine Street as he explains what their jobs will be this evening. He reminds them that because of all the people who will be here, drinking and people-watching and whatnot, he's banning witches from coming and starting trouble, so he orders them to send word through the Cauldron that if they show up, they're dead. Literally. He also instructs them to make sure the Originals stay away, too, because he's not cool with all the snooping Rebekah is doing. Then, he gets to his more vulnerable friends. "I got my girl Cami coming, her and a little friend of hers--I want eyes on them at all times, EYES ONLY. Alright? I don't want anyone getting anywhere near either of them." His vampire lackeys don't seem too thrilled about their orders, but they all nod in agreement and skulk away.

We fast-forward a couple hours, and now it's dark and Dauphine Street is bumping with people. Davina walks down the street and listens to all the different bands playing as she looks around. She's wearing a cute little white sundress and flats, and she looks adorable, especially since she actually looks happy for once! She and Marcel walk into Rousseau's, which is also teeming with people. A really awesome brass band is playing up front, and after they listen for a moment, Marcel asks if this is what she was hoping. She giggles and agrees that it is, but gets a little distracted by a cute boy who seems to be friends with the band.

Marcel thinks they should go over the rules again, which earns him a little sigh and a pout from Davina. "I won't talk to anyone, about anything. I won't say anything about witches, or vampires, or Originals, or YOU." Marcel nods and smiles, and Davina starts to get embarrassed. "You said you weren't going to hover!" Marcel gives her a pretty incredulous look, but she's so adorable, he can't even yell at her for her insubordination.

Agnes has driven Hayley to the Bayou Baby Doctor, who runs her practice out of a kind of run-down-looking house in the middle of nowhere. Hayley seems pretty skeptical that this is even a doctor's office, but Agnes explains that the doctor, called Dr. Paige, is only all the way out here because Marcel's vampire cronies keep harassing her patients. She encourages Hayley to go, and assures her that Dr. Paige is a good doctor. Hayley reluctantly gets out of the car and heads for the front door. When she's out of earshot, Agnes pulls out her cell phone and makes a call. She frowns, and says. "Send them in now, and tell them to do it quickly." OH AGNES, you in danger.

Back at Rousseau's, Davina is still staring at the cute boy from earlier, who is now playing the violin with his own folk band, who are pretty awesome as well. At the bar, Marcel is catching up with Cami. He's glad to see her, because he was afraid that she'd be turned off by his little aggro-display last week, but luckily for him, Klaus compelled Cami to give him another chance, so she just chirps, "We all have our hotheaded moments!" She informs him that she's pretty much done working until clean-up, and offers to keep an eye on Davina if he needs to go shmooze with some city officials or whatever.

Davina cutely butts in and whines, "You know, he was supposed to stop hovering like, ten minutes ago." Marcel just shakes his head and laughs, all, "See what I mean? Authority issues! I'll go talk to the mayor--he actually knows how to show me respect!" He leaves, and Davina goes back to oogling her little fiddle boy. Cami watches her for a moment before approaching her and asking who the boy is. Davina smiles shyly, and says his name is Tim; she knew he'd be here, because he's very involved in the music scene in the Quarter. When Cami asks how long she's known him, she says they've been friends since they were ten, and admits that she had to leave school, though she doesn't say why. She didn't get to say goodbye to him, which is why she fought so hard to come tonight, so she could talk to him. The band finishes their song, and the audience woops and applauds them while Davina smiles and watches Tim jump around.

Now we're back to the church Marcel was walking through at the beginning of the episode, St. Ann's Catholic Church, which looks pretty run-down and abandoned. A priest is cleaning up near the altar when Rebekah walks in. He only spares a small look in her direction before going back to what he was doing and muttering, "Church is closed. If you want your horror fix, go take a ghost tour." Rebekah: "I don't much care for ghosts. I am, however, fascinated by window shutters. I've been on a town tour of them all day. I noticed the windows of your attic have shutters." LOL. I love how involved Rebekah is willing to get into the most mundane things when she needs answers. Remember when she was questioning Carol Lockwood about white oak trees in Mystic Falls when she was trying to track down the wood that could kill her and her siblings? That was pretty hilarious. She seriously gets into the weirdest shit.

The priest sees right through her little schemes though, and calls her out on lying about why she's here. His name is Father Kieran, btw. She sees the red stains on the wall and asks what happened in the church. The way he sighs before telling the story seems to suggests it's still a pretty painful memory, and understandably so. "St. Ann's used to the heart of the neighborhood. It's been abandoned for a while now. Since the night of the massacre." We flash back an unknown amount of time, where a young, blonde seminary student, decked out in all his seminary school gear, murders his fellow students by beheading them with a scythe before killing himself the same way; all the while, Father Kieran yells for him to stop. In the present, Father Kieran explains, "Nine seminary students were one of their own. You're standing on blood."

Rebekah promises that she isn't squeamish, and asks where the attic is. He keeps mum, so she turns on the compulsion eyes and asks again, even though I'm pretty sure the attic is the upper-most room in a building, so all she has to do is find some stairs. She likes to do things the hard way, I guess. He tells her that it's past the sacristy and up the stairs, just like anyone else would assume. She smiles and thanks him before she compels him to forget she was here. She walks away, and after a moment, Father Kieran blinks and shakes himself out of his daze.

Upstairs, she's found the attic and opens the door. Unfortunately, though, Davina must know how to do an uninvite spell or something, because she can't get in. I was about to be like, "Somebody needs to teach Bonnie Bennett how to do this spell," but I guess that doesn't really matter right now. :( Boo! Anyway, as she stares at Elijah's body, his eyes open, and he wiggles his way into her head for a little private chat, using a flashback/memory of theirs from the 1880s. They're both wearing 19th century finery, and standing in front of a horse and carriage, by the New Orleans opera house. Rebekah's like, "What the hell?" and Elijah adorably chastises her for her unladylike language. I'm just going to transcribe the rest, because I love the way Elijah speaks.

REBEKAH: "What is all this?"
ELIJAH: "You don't remember? We went to the opera house together. It was your first full day back into New Orleans' society after Klaus removed the dagger from you. It's a memory that only you and I share. Also, I needed to know it wasn't another one of Davina's tricks."
REBEKAH: "Well, how are you even awake?"
ELIJAH: "Davina removed the dagger, unaware that doing so even once would negate the dagger's power. In a few hours, I shall be as good as new! " [turns and skips]
REBEKAH: "So, pop me into the attic and we can find a way to get you out!"
ELIJAH: "I'm afraid I'm not quite ready to leave yet, Rebekah. This girl, Davina, she's...curious. Willful, too. Soon, I shall be able to speak to her, perhaps to even propose a truce of some kind. So, if we can end this war between the vampires and the witches, we'll be able to eliminate the threat to Hayley, and her baby. Perhaps then, Niklaus and our entire family can finally know peace. In the meantime, I need you to look after Hayley. She is our family now, so I need her and her unborn child to fall under our protection."
He hands her a drink that he's poured for her, and holds his up in order to seal their deal with a drink. Back in reality, Rebekah, still standing in the doorway, swears to Elijah that she'll take care of Hayley. I loved this scene SO FUCKING MUCH. First, I'm really glad they didn't retcon the white oak ash-component of the daggers; at first, it seemed like they had forgotten about it. I also, 1) love how close Elijah and Rebekah are, since the Mikaelson siblings squabble with Klaus so often that it's easy to forget that they care about each other, and are loyal to each other, and 2) Elijah is probably the only one who actually gives a fuck about Hayley in this situation, like truly cares about her, more than just leverage or a possible heir or whatever else. Though, I do think Rebekah is growing to like Hayley, too. Man, Elijah is the best, however misguided he may be.

At the Bayou Clinic, Dr. Paige, the Bayou-Baby-Doctor is doing an ultrasound on Hayley, and assures her that the demon child's heart rate is perfect, which Hayley totally expected. "I knew it. She's a tough one, like her mom." If what we see from Hayley later is any indication, that kid is going to be a serious force to be reckoned with, hooooly shit. Hayley cleans herself up while Dr. Paige does doctor-y things. She looks over as Hayley puts on her sweater, and comments on her unique, crescent-moon-shaped birthmark. Our little wolf is still a little antsy, and for good reason, so she asks the doctor if she can hit the road. Dr. Paige claims her blood pressure is a little high, and goes to find some medicine for it. Hayley is watching her walk into the waiting room to talk to Agnes when she gets a text from Beks, asking where she is. As she's texting back a reply, ("Bayou clinic with doctor") a wolf howls loudly and startles her. She looks out the window to investigate and sees headlights, which immediately sketches her out.

Dr. Paige returns with a cup of pills, so Hayley lies and says she's not good with pills. The doctor nervously admits that she isn't either, and sets the cup down to fill up a syringe instead. A bunch of intimidating-looking heavies walk in the clinic, and one of them whispers to Agnes, which causes Hayley to turn around just in time to see Dr. Paige lunge at her with that syringe. That's Badass-Hayley comes out to play--she grabs the doctors arm and pushes it away from her, headbutts her to disorient her, and then jams the syringe into the doctors neck. NICE! As the doctor passes out, she manages to lock the door to buy herself some time to escape out a window. The dudes don't seem to be vampires, because it takes them a while to break the door open, and once they do, Hayley's already out and running away. GET IT GIRL.

Outside Rousseau's, Tim is juggling his keys and his violin case as he tries to get into his car. Of course, Klaus finds him, and after explaining that they share a common acquaintance, he compels him. "Be a good lad, and help me send her a message." Cami and Davina are still inside, looking for Tim. Cami assures her that he has to be nearby, since he just finished his set, but Davina looks super frustrated and disappointed. She figures it was a stupid idea to come and see him anyway, and though Cami tries to convince her otherwise, Davina ends up telling her to forget it, and runs away. That's when Klaus pops in for some more mind-whammying. He hands her a note and says, "Tell her this is from one of the musicians. She'll want to leave, and you're going to want to help her slip out the back exit so Marcel doesn't see. Whatever you do, don't let her out of your sight." OH LORD. Cami calls out for Davina and runs after her to deliver the note. OH KLAUS bodily autonomy and consent really do mean nothing to you.

The note Klaus forged apparently involved St. Ann's church, because Tim is standing in the aisle, staring at the lit candles and the statues up at the sacristy, when Cami and Davina find him. Cami smiles at the baby witch encouragingly, and when Davina is too nervous to go talk to him, she literally pushes her toward him. When he sees Davina coming, he smiles, and she just kind of waves awkwardly. This scene is so cute, and so high school. She thanks him for meeting her, and he starts to get a little tongue-tied. "Uh, it's so amazing to see you! I can't even believe I'm standing here right now. I just...[sighs] Wow!" Davina giggles and ankle-dips and does the whole shy-girl routine, and he asks her why they're meeting at such a creepy place, referencing the massacre. Davina walks up to the altar and hover over the candles. "I dunno, I kind of like it! It's quiet. The place can't be bad for all time, just because one bad thing happened...right?" Something tells me she's not just talking about the church.

Tim seems to kind of come back to reality a bit, and asks her what happened to her. "One day you just stopped coming to school, and then it was like you just...vanished." She vaguely explains that there was an emergency, so she had to leave to deal with it. He reflexively asks if she's okay, and comments that she looks great, which gets another giggle out of her, though their love buzz gets dulled a bit when she informs him she probably won't be coming back to school. I NEED TO KNOW DAVINA'S STORY LIKE NOWWWW. He looks pretty sad about it, so she tries to explain what she can. "But, I need you to know that even though I was away....I miss you. I miss seeing you at school, seeing you play your violin." He gulps nervously at this comment, and gets the idea to play a song for her, especially since churches have such great acoustics.

Cami has been watching this all go down from the back of the church (or the front, rather, by the door), and she's staring at the bloodstains when Klaus joins her. He comments on Tim's gift of music, but she's thinking about more troubling matters. "I know what you are. It's crazy to me, but at least it makes sense. But this...massacre...was just a pointless, brutal thing. In your life, have you ever heard of anything like that? A good man, an aspiring priest, just goes on a killing spree out of nowhere." He sits down next to her and starts discussing the awfulness of the world again, but she doesn't think the world is awful, or people, for that matter--she believes something breaks people down and turns them into something awful.

"There are always signs, symptoms, before someone has a psychotic break. The guy who did this had none of them. He didn't drink, he didn't do drugs...." Klaus can tell right away that this case is personal to her, and she confesses that it was her twin brother, Sean, who killed all those people. Klaus tries to comfort her with words, but she's most afraid of his demons becoming her demons; she can't sleep, because when she does, she dreams about what happened to him. Since he's short on time, Klaus falls back on his old buddy, mind compulsion. "I have some business I should attend to, but before I do...You should go, enjoy the music. Put this out of your mind." As expected, she gets up and leaves Klaus to finish off his scheme.

Father Kieran is out for a nighttime stroll on Dauphine Street when he sees Marcel, and he calls out for him as he runs to catch up. Marcel calls him "Reichen," and tells him he didn't know he was coming back. When the priest makes a comment about Davina in his attic, Marcel's demeanor is friendly, but his eyes are stone-cold; he claims he didn't think Father Kieran would mind, and reminds him that he owes him a favor or two. Reichen mentions Rebekah was snooping around the church, and tells him he's got problems.

Marcel doesn't give a shit about his opinion, so Reichen gets serious. "Never forget, Marcel, that you live in this city by the grace of those who know your secret and tolerate you." Marcel reminds him that the city thrives because of him, his people, and the work that they do, and basically tells him that if he doesn't like them, they'll gladly take their business elsewhere. Yikes! Watch your back, Father Grumpy. Josh interrupts to inform Marcel that Diego has lost eyes on the girls, so Marcel spits, "To be continued!" and runs off to find Cami.

Klaus interrupts Davina and Tim's tender little moment at the church. "You two are absolutely adorable! Warms my heart, it really does, but I do need a word with the young lady. So, Tim," Klaus says, as he grips Tim's shoulder and turns the compulsion eyes on him. "Go, sit down, count to one-hundred-thousand." Hahaha! When Tim has settled himself in the last pew of the church, Klaus turns his attention back to the little witch. He calls her problems with Marcel a "case of poor alliances," and brings up the fact that Marcel keeps her locked away in an attic by herself. Davina argues that he's her friend, and does it to keep her safe, but Klaus counters that he could be a better one, because he can keep her safe AND allow her to live her life as she chooses. (In return for doing his bidding, of course)

She may be angry, but she's also considering it, and for some stupid reason, Klaus changes tactics, even though he seemed to be making progress the first way. He gestures to Tim, and argues, "If Marcel could do that, why hasn't he done so already And it does beg the question: if Marcel can't protect you, then what of those you care about?" Davina gets LIVID, and growls that she will kill anyone who even tries to hurt someone she cares about, which just proves Klaus' point. He reasons that if she can take care of herself, why does she even need Marcel at all? "Your dear friend Marcel tricks you into doing his bidding, and all the while, you rot in an attic, alone, while young Timothy moves on with his life."

That tips Davina's anger into outright rage, and she focuses intently on Klaus as she starts to boil his blood. When she points out what she's doing, Klaus starts to groan in pain, and wipes at his brow, before mustering up the energy to zoop over to Tim and get him in a headlock. "Such a shame to lose him, just as you found him again! And I really did admire your skill with that violin." Davina shrieks at him not to hurt Tim, but Klaus claims he doesn't really want to, it just depends on her. She thrusts her arm out in front of her and twists her hand, which breaks Klaus' tibia and fibula, although it takes only seconds for him to reset it and heal.

He promises to allow the boy to live if she swears allegiance to him, which results in Davina completely losing control--she screams and throws her arms out in front of her, which creates a wind so strong that it completely blasts out the windows. Tim and Klaus are thrown backwards toward the front of the building, and even Davina is thrown back into the altar, where she passes out. Yikes! She has so much power and not much control, that is suuuuuch a bad combo!

Out in the bayou, the hulky men who came to capture or kill Hayley are skulking through the woods, each with shotguns, long knives, or bows and arrows. Unfortunately, they pass right by Hayley and don't even see her, which gives her a chance to sneak up on the guy who is at the rear of the group, kick him in the gut, and knock him out. The other guys hear this and turn on her, but she basically turns into the Black Widow and just takes them all out! The second guy gets kicked in the chest, and when he falls to the ground, she snaps his neck for good measure; the third tries to attack her, but she disarms him of his knife, and slits his throat as she spins in the air. She tackles a fourth guy, steals his shotgun from him, and knocks him out by kicking him/beating him in the head with the butt of the gun. When she's done, she crouches on the ground, her eyes werewolf-gold and glowing, and looks for any more threats. The biggest guy of them all descends upon her, but before Hayley can even get up, Rebekah snaps his neck from behind. HELL YEAH! I love Hayley so much more now.

Even Rebekah, the ancient Original vampire who literally slaughtered like eight dudes with a pool cue in like, seconds, is impressed with Hayley's ability to severely injure/kill a bunch of huge dudes WHILE PREGNANT with a demon child. Rebekah asks Hayley who the dudes were, but Hayley has no idea, though she's guessing that they're manwitches. Rebekah looks around nervously and notices that there are more people with flashlights heading their way, so she orders Hayley to run. Wisely, she complies; when she's out of earshot, Rebekah mutters, "If I had a dollar for every mess my family has got me into..."

Oh girl, you're already loaded, what do you need those dollars for? She gets shot in their heart with two arrows, which temporarily neutralize her. Hayley cries out for her when she sees Rebekah go down, but she's shot in the shoulder with an arrow, too. It seems to be coated in some sort of tranquilizer or wolfsbane or some other kind of magic herbs to knock her out, so she goes down too.

Cami is walking down Dauphine Street, people watching and listening to the music. Marcel spots her, and chases her down to ask where Davina is. Cami is like, "She went to meet a boy? In St. Ann's church?" Marcel isn't a bit pleased, but to his credit, he doesn't give her crap about it, he just instructs her to stay put in case Davina comes back.

Back in the woods, Rebekah wakes up with a start, and groans as she pulls the arrows out of her chest. When she sits up, she looks around for some clues as to what happened while she was out, and sees at least five bodies, all bloody, shredded, and super dead. Rebekah understandably rasps a "What the hell?" and then starts to call out for Hayley, though unfortunately, she is nowhere to be found. Nooooo!

Davina wakes up on the floor of the sacristy after being unconscious for an unknown amount of time. She immediately gets up and runs toward the entrance and out the door to find Tim. Once she's gone, we pan upwards to see that Klaus is on the phone with Rebekah in the balcony. She gives him the bulletpoint version of what happened, and he's like, "What do you mean, she's missing?" Rebekah: "What do you think  I mean? There's blood and bodies EVERYWHERE, somebody's ripped this lot to shreds, and there's no smart-aleck pregnant girl." Klaus is stony-faced when he instructs her to keep looking and hangs up. He pulls a whimpering Tim up to his feet, who begs Klaus not to hurt him. Klaus tell him that he's run out of time for politeness before he proceeds to throw Tim over the balcony. As he goes to leave, he notices Tim's violin, and tosses it over as well. Damn, that's cold, dude!

When Davina comes back a little later, she finds Tim gasping for breath as he lays on a pile of broken glass, right where he fell. She feels terrible, naturally, and apologizes profusely, but Tim stays silent. Klaus' plan, of course, is to take advantage of her guilt. "One of the tragic consequences of war. Innocent bystanders. What terrible guilt you'll have to live with! Young Timothy's blood on your hands." As you can imagine, she doesn't want him anywhere near Tim after the shit he pulled, but Klaus assures her that he can heal Tim, if she asks for it. After a moment, she pleads, "Please," so of course he obliges.

Klaus kneels down, bites his wrist, and feeds Tim his blood, and when he pulls away, Tim seems to be feeling a bit better. Our crazy hybrid turns Tim's face toward him and compels him to forget everything that happened after he got off stage, including seeing Davina. She is SO not happy about that, but after Klaus reminds her that if Tim remembers he saw her, he's probably going to try to find her to see her again. AND, if the witches learn that she has feelings for him, it'll put him right back in harm's way, because they'll use them to get to her.

He helps Tim up and claps him on the neck, before he compels him once more to take his violin case with him. "You'll remember losing the instrument backstage. You really should be more careful!" As he leaves, Klaus reminds Davina that he owes her a favor before zooping off to find his baby mama. Marcel FINALLY finds Davina, and asks her what happened in the church, and what she's doing here. Davina's had just about enough "freedom" for the evening, and snits, "I live here, remember?" before stomping up to her attic.

At the clinic in the bayou, Rebekah walks around looking for clues. She looks puzzled when she finds Dr. Paige, still passed the fuck out on the floor (or maybe she's dead, it was never really specified what was in that syringe). She isn't even the least bit startled when her older bro just appears out of nowhere. Rebekah snarks that she's impressed that he actually stopped his crazy plans to help his family for once, but Klaus is more interested in what the fuck happened, and asks what happened. Rebekah has no clue, as you well know, and they're in the middle of brainstorming about who could have killed them when they hear a wolf howling in the distance. Rebekah's like, "Lovely! Maybe her cousins will know where she is."

Klaus follows his sister outside to find Hayley stumbling up to the building, her clothes all ripped up and dirty. She looks super dazed. To Klaus' credit, he looks extremely concerned when he runs up to her and asks her to tell him what happened. He examines her for wounds as she explains that she can't remember anything, and when he can't find any, he points out that someone has healed her. Hayley's like, "One of the perks of being a werewolf, remember?" but Klaus is sure that she's healed much quicker than a regular werewolf.

Rebekah defends her and wraps an affectionate arm around her to lead her to the front step of the clinic. After thinking for a moment, she realizes that it must have been Klaus'/the baby's vampire blood who protected Hayley, a revelation that stuns Klaus to the point of ACTUALLY SMILING. Like I've said before, I'm not an expert in werewolf or vampire physiology, but in humans, the maternal and fetal blood never mixes in utero--the only time it really does is during childbirth, so if this were a human, it would be completely implausible. ANYWAY, Rebekah asks how Hayley was able to get away, despite being outnumbered AND unarmed, so Hayley tells them about the wolf who has been following her around; she thinks it's been protecting her.

That statement reminds Klaus of the fact that the WITCHES were supposed to protect Hayley, and gets right to threatening Sophie Deveraux. Rebekah and Hayley both defend Sophie, and inform him that it was Agnes who tricked Hayley into coming here, but you know Klaus, he doesn't give a fuck. He'll just kill all of them for the hell of it. Rebekah's like, "Not if Elijah gets there first!" Klaus and Hayley are both shocked that she's made contact with him, and ask him if she found him. She tells them that he has a plan, but he wants them to focus on Hayley, which makes her smile. "Hey, so...can we go home now? I'd really like to sleep for a few days." You've earned it, girlfriend. She stands up and wobbles on her feet like Bambi, so Klaus zoops over in a flash to catch her, and picks her up. "Oooh. I've got you, love. I've got you." Aw! That's about as tender as it gets with Klaus, although he totally ends up ruining it later.

Over at the nightwalker bar, Marcel is SUPER pissed and ripping his henchvamps a new one. "I was crystal clear! Eyes on my girls at ALL TIMES." Diego scoffs, and retorts that it's not their fault that his girl's "little friend" snuck away from HIS party. Marcel glares at him, but Diego seems to be growing tired of Marcel's 'tude. "What, Marcel, are you going to send me to the Garden too?" Nope, probably not, but he WILL snap your neck so you can take a little nap, which is totally what he does. He looks around to the rest of his vampire lackeys, who immediately scatter in efforts to avoid his rage. Before Marcel goes to leave, he stops by Josh and says, "When he wakes up, tell him an apology would have gotten him a lot further than his attitude." Pissy Marcel is my least favorite Marcel, tbh.

Rebekah swaggers into the nightwalker bar like she owns the place, which does nothing to improve Marcel's mood. "Awful, what happened to the church. I hear their calling it a gas leak. Such a pity." Marcel points out that he's heard that she's been quite the little sleuth this afternoon herself. She claims she only wants her brother Elijah back, but Marcel doesn't buy it. "Is that ALL you want?" He gets in her face, and tells her that she'll get Elijah back, but until then, she needs to stay the fuck out of his bar. She calls him out on being jealous, which he is, but so is she. He brings up Cami and calls her "his queen," but Beks tells him to quit fooling himself, because he's just using her as something to fill the void, because he can't have what he really wants. She looks at his lips, like she's about to kiss him, or waiting for him to kiss her, but neither happens--he just walks away without a word, leaving Rebekah to feel like a huge idiot.

Cami's at her apartment, taking off her jewelry and getting ready for bed when Klaus shows up outside her open door. When she asks what he's doing there, he reminds her that she mentioned having insomnia and nightmares, and claims he has something that could help. She had forgotten that she had even told him about what happened with her brother, because she never tells anyone. Then she has a dawning realization. "And you said something about Sean standing alone against his demons. When he killed those men, I thought he must be mentally ill, but...[gasps] what if it WAS demons? What if a vampire compelled him?"

Her eyes are getting teary, and Klaus' eyes look pretty wet too, tbh. He asks her if that is true, if it means she'd devote her life to finding the culprit. "Would you sacrifice everything to find out the truth? To what end?" She reminds him that this is the entire reason why she came to New Orleans in the first place, but Klaus assures her that no matter what actually happened, the knowledge won't do anything but bring her more pain. Her eyes open wide when she realizes what he's going to do, and yells "No!" at him. Transcription time!

CAMI: "No! Don't compel me to forget this!"
KLAUS: "And if I allow you to remember, the knowledge will eat away at you! [tears fill his eyes] Your quest for truth will only put you in danger."
CAMI: "You don't care about me! You only want me to forget this so I can focus on Marcel! So I'll be a good little spy, for you!"
KLAUS: "I need your loyalty, yes, and though it may appear selfish to you, the scope of my plan goes far beyond myself! Power aside, I am TRYING to honor my brother!"
CAMI: "What about MY brother? My TWIN brother. We were bonded our whole lives, and I know, I KNOW he didn't just snap. And I need to know who did this, and I need to make this right!"

She sees that Klaus is inching towards her, and starts to scream at him not to do it, but of course he does. He compels her to do nothing, and tells her that her brother was ill, and it was a tragedy, but she has to move on. She sits on the couch, still crying silently, and Klaus takes her hand in his as he continues. "Know that your brother is at peace, and that you needn't worry. I WILL find out what happened, and when I do, I will make sure whoever harmed your brother will suffer. And as for you...tonight, you will sleep, and you will dream of a world that is far better than this one...a world where there is no evil, no demons, and all people desire only to be good." OH KLAUS WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT. Like, on the one hand, this is probably the nicest thing he's ever done for someone, but it doesn't even matter, because he doesn't understand that 1) he can't control everything, no matter how much he wants to, and 2) AGENCY AND CONSENT ARE IMPORTANT. Sure, those memories were most definitely hurting her, and learning whoever pushed her brother to kill all those people probably wouldn't help things, but she should still have a CHOICE, and Klaus took it away from her. Gah, it's like one step forward, ten steps back for Klaus.

Finally, we go back to Davina's attic, where she's touching Tim's broken violin. She looks over at some wind chimes hanging from the rafters, and uses her magic to make them play the song Tim played for her downstairs, before Klaus ruined everything. She looks super sad, but is startled when she hears a floorboard creak behind her. She's walking toward Elijah's coffin when she hears his voice behind her. She turns to see him, and he is his usual suave self, except he looks SUPER GRAY. Elijah bb, drink some blood, you're looking quite peaked. He lifts his hands defensively. "It's all right, Davina. I don't mean you any harm, though I do think it's time we had a talk." He smiles at her, and after a moment, she smiles back. YESSSS ELIJAH IS BACK, YESSSSSS.

Next week: Elijah tries to make a deal with Davina, we learn more about the witches, and Klaus and Marcel fight over Davina. Woot!

[screencaps from this KissThemGoodbye album]

Click HERE to read my recap of the next episode of The Originals!


-I am so glad that Elijah is finally back! He is like, 75% of the reason why I watch this show, so being without him the last couple of episodes has been pretty sad. And I'm pretty pumped to see how the Mikaelson brothers deal with the witches after the stunt Agnes pulled this week.

-Sophie was notably absent this week, I wonder what role she plays in this, too. She seems genuine, but it wouldn't be the first time we were tricked into thinking that a bad guy was actually a good one. I am just SO into this show right now, gahhhhh.


  1. Hi! Catching up to TV favorites on Netflix lol. Do you happen to know the name of the folk band in this episode (one with cute boy she likes playing the violin)? Thanks for your time and any help!! :)

  2. Hello there! Thank you for commenting, and sorry it took me so long to see this comment! I'm pretty sure the song/band you're looking for is "Wind It Up" by the Stooges Brass Band! I hope that helps. :) Enjoy, and thanks again for reading!

    1. Yay, awesome! Yes, and thank you very much! :)

    2. Yay, awesome! Yes, and thank you very much! :)


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