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Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 15: "Galvanize" Recap/Review

Hey amigos, sorry this is a little late, it's midterm week and I've been swamped with homework and playing catch up with just about everything. I'm hoping once my major tests are out of the way, I'll be able to get caught up a little bit, but it might take a little time. Thanks for your patience!

ANYWAY, this episode was hands down the most entertaining episode of Teen Wolf that I can remember in a long while. I mean, let's be real here, there are literally no episodes that I dislike, and this season has been my favorite of the three, partly due to the storylines, and partly due to the much improved cinematography, thanks to the tax credit the show got for moving filming from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

But seriously, I laughed so much in this episode, especially during the best scene of all time with Stiles, Isaac and Scott at school. To balance out the funny, there were some SERIOUSLY scary parts of it, due in thanks to Doug Jones, who is has played literally every c…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 10: "The Casket Girls" Recap/Review

Man, I didn't really realize how much I missed The Originals until I saw that new promo for the post-hiatus episodes! And now that it's back, I am super excited to see where all of this goes. Klaus was still a whiny baby this week, but, to fit with the "Casket Girls" theme and title of the episode, the majority of the ladies, Davina, Rebekah, and Cami, rose up against the men who had been oppressing them and fought back, and wow, was it glorious! We also got to return a bit to Hayley's determination to learn more about her family, and what she's willing to do to get that information, which was a nice touch, no matter how awful she may have fucked things up. Finally, how amazing is Josh? I am so worried that he's going to die, because that's what happens to all the tertiary characters that I love, but if it happens, I will be SO SAD. Alright, enough summarizing, let's get to it!

Previously, on The Originals: Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson built…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 14: "More Bad than Good" Recap/Review

THIS (HALF-)SEASON IS BANANAS. Seriously! "More Bad than Good" was yet another totally solid episode, full of exciting twists and some mythology stuff, not to mention a COMPLETELY unexpected return of an awesome character I thought was gone forever. I'm pretty sure I was on edge the entire hour, to be totally honest. So, let's get started!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Derek and Peter were taken captive by an unknown group of people (though it's probably safe to assume that they're hunters) and have been tied up to a chain-link fence and electrocuted for god knows how long. Scott, Allison, and Stiles started suffering from some unfortunate side effects of their surrogate sacrifices to save their parents: for Scott, loss of control of his wolf instincts: for Allison, terrifying hallucinations about her aunt Kate and loss of control over her hunter instincts, and for Stiles, sleep paralysis, nightmares, and acquired dyslexia. Oh, and the Sheriff started going throug…

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 10: "Fifty Shades of Grayson" Recap/Review

So, I've gotta be honest with you guys--I am kind of meh about The Vampire Diaries right now. My BFF and fellow TV superfan, Kathleen, were talking about it, and we realized that the second act of a season of TVD is usually the worst of them, at least in our opinions. Think about it--Season 1, there was the tomb vampires, in Season 2, there was the whole Sun-And-Moon-Curse/Vampire-Werewolf War thing, in Season 3, we had Alaric's evil alter-ego and all the people he accidentally killed, plus Stefan being a huge, humanity-less dick. Then, last season, we had the whole cure thing, which was a total snooze.

BUT, after the second act, everything usually gets back to the show's awesome self, and I'm hoping this season is no exception. I am just not enjoying Wes and his mad-scientist cult behavior. However, there are still some good parts that I am enjoying a lot, and I'm going to try my best to keep my downer-ness out of these recaps. So, let's talk about what happen…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 13: "Anchors" Recap/Review

[Note: I really should have written the TVD midseason finale first, but I was so excited to watch/recap the winter premiere of TW that I decided to go for it, especially since TVD doesn't come back for another two weeks. Sorry about the slight out-of-orderness of it all, I promise that the "Fifty Shades of Grayson" recap will be up ASAP!]

OMFG IT IS SO GOOD TO BE BACK TO THIS SHOW. I will always love TVD and The Originals, but as the quality of the former has slowly decreased, Teen Wolf has worked it's way up to #1 TV show in my heart. Even when the fandom goes absolutely batshit over the tiniest things, or Davis deals with character's issues particularly problematic ways. So yeah, it feels SO good to be back! I haven't enjoyed recapping an episode nearly as much as I enjoyed writing this one, and I'm hoping it's an indicator of awesome things to come in the final eleven episodes of season 3!

Right off the bat, I'm just going to say that this epis…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 9: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans" Recap/Review

This is already way later than I intended, so I'm just going to get right to the point and talk about "Reigning Pain in New Orleans," 'kay? Let's do this!

Previously, on The Originals:The Mikaelson siblings were the first vampires in the history of ever, the Original family of vampires, and they built New Orleans from nothing three hundred years ago. Klaus finally succeeded in taking down Marcel's empire as the self-proclaimed "King of New Orleans." He got in a bit of a hissy fit with Elijah and Rebekah, and basically told them to fuck off, leaving them at their plantation house to live by themselves while Klaus moves back into the Abbatoir. He also forced Hayley to come with him, despite her protests, and tells her that anyone who tries to get between him and his child will surely lose. DRAMAAAA.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 9: "The Cell" Recap/Review

Man, this episode was painful to watch (in a good way), don't you think? Between Damon's story about his time in Augustine, Elena finding out her dad was an Augustine doctor, Aaron finding out about vampires and his family's history, it was pretty heartbreaking!

As usual, I have some complaints with a few parts, but for the most part, this episode is a fascinating peek into Damon's past, that explains a TON about how he acted in the 70s and at the beginning of Season 1 when he first showed up. So, I'm going to stop summarizing it and just get to it, yeah?

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan has been having terrible PTSD-related panic attacks as a result of being locked in a safe at the bottom of Stephen's Quarry all summer, ever since his memories were returned by Tessa. Once Katherine was force-fed the cure, and then force-fed to Silas in order to cure HIM with her blood, Katherine has been aging at an increasingly rapid rate. Distressed by the fact that…