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The Originals Season 2, Episode 4: "Live And Let Die" Recap/Review

In what is yet another amazing episode in a streak of fabulous episodes of The Originals, we get even more development of the plot, including some more insight into Esther's plans and what they entail, Elijah getting more involved in the rebuilding of the vampire community with Marcel, more werewolf mythology, and an update on what Davina and Mikael have been up to since they fled New Orleans. Since I'm still ridiculously behind on recaps, way more so than I wanted to be by the end of my winter vacations, I'm just gonna stop wasting time and jump right in! Let's talk about "Live And Let Die!"

Previously, on The Originals: New Orleans was the Mikaelson children's home once, and they want it back. Even though Klaus has managed to kill both of his parents over the many centuries he's been alive, both Esther and Mikael still found ways to crawl their way back from the Other Side/ancestral witch limbo to torment their children once again. Esther hopped out …

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 4: "Black Hole Sun" Recap/Review

Aside from being a 1994 classic by Soundgarden, "Black Hole Sun" was also a very entertaining and interesting episode of The Vampire Diaries, full of flashbacks to the Salvatore brothers in 1994, which finally explains what led to the final estrangement between Stefan and Damon that lasted until we met them for the first time in the pilot in 2009. Also notable in the episode was some interesting backstory regarding our newest bad guy, Malachai, known as Kai. Kai in particular is giving me all kinds of issues, because he's super entertaining and wildly attractive, not to mention the fact that his actor, Chris Wood, is doing EXCELLENT WORK to portray him, but he's clearly a sociopath and is no doubt going to be bad news for our Mystic Falls Gang, so I'm so torn! Also, Bonnie and Damon's relationship continues to be awesome, as well as Stefan and Elena's, as the two have finally gotten over each other for good and moved past their toxic, codependent romantic…