The Originals Season 1, Episode 6: "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree" Recap/Review

This week's episode was a stunning example of how fucking AMAZING Elijah is. I mean, we've always known that, ever since we first met him on The Vampire Diaries and he fully decapitated Trevor by KARATE-CHOPPING HIM. It's always nice to be reminded of his badassery, though, and it was a wonderful reminder of the fact that 1) Elijah gets shit DONE, and 2) while Elijah might not be at Klaus-levels of sadistic, he can be chillingly scary when he wants to be! HOT DAMN.

So yeah, if you couldn't tell, this episode was pretty much all about Elijah, even when it was supposed to be other people, like Sophie, Hayley, and Rebekah. Still, everyone was pretty amazing this week. I feel like we've seen centuries worth of character development happen just in this past year for Rebekah, and Hayley and Sophie are becoming more and more interesting every week. Even Marcel, who I love to hate, has shown a lot of depth this week.

Anyway, let's get into what happened in the Quarter this week!

Previously, on The Originals: The Originals are the first family of vampires, and they've lived just about everywhere in the last 1,000 years. Three-hundred years ago, they stumbled upon New Orleans while rediscovering the New World, and made it into the supernatural melting-pot that it is today. Now that they're back, they've learned that they were more or less lured back by a coven of witches who are using Klaus and Hayley's unborn demon spawn as leverage to gain their help in kicking Marcel from his throne. Klaus, of course, wants to take back what he believes to be rightfully his, so he handed over a daggered Elijah to Marcel as a peace offering, which, as you can imagine, has pissed Elijah off pretty badly. Now that Elijah is awake again, the family is pretty divided, which is bad news, considering all the shit they're up against. Which is where we pick up this week!

We open in the Mikaelson Mansion's parlor, where Klaus and Elijah are sitting on opposing couches and chairs, reading silently as they listen to Violin Concerto in E major, BMW 1042: I. Allegro by Bach. (Specifically, the one performed by Munich Bach Soloists Hanspeter Gmür and Otto Büchner). You know, just as another reminder of how sophisticated and old-fashioned they are. On the coffee table between them is a dead girl, just lying there. Oh, before I continue, I should say that Elijah is reading Esther's old grimoire, and Klaus is reading "A Poison Tree" by William Blake. Rebekah waltzes in and is confused to see them just sitting there in silence. "So, this is what you do the first time we're back together as a family? Vampire book club?" Klaus touts the benefits of reading, to which Elijah begrudgingly agrees.

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Rebekah gestures to the dead girl on the table and asks what the deal is. Elijah explains that it was a well-intentioned, but otherwise unappreciated peace offering from his younger brother. Klaus adds, "I presumed, after so much time desiccating in a coffin, that my big brother might be a bit peckish!" Elijah: "And I explained to my little brother that forgiveness cannot be bought. I'd simply prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates contrition, and personal growth." See what I mean about the way he talks? I could listen to it ALL DAY and I would never complain. Apparently, when Elijah rejected the offering, Klaus decided that fresh lady blood shouldn't go to waste, and fed on her himself. Rebekah frets about the girl's neck wound bleeding onto a two-hundred year old carpet, and runs to go get some cleaning materials.

Klaus begins to recite "A Poison Tree" in a voiceover that plays over a montage of different scenes:
 "I was angry with my friend;" 

Klaus looks at Elijah, who is still reading.

"I told my wrath, my wrath did end. 
I was angry with my foe;" 

Marcel walks down a street and walks into the Palace Royale Hotel, looking for Klaus.

"I told it not, my wrath did grow. 
And I watered it in fears," 

Cami walks to the cemetery to visit her brother's grave, only to find someone had spray-painted "MURDERER" across it.

"Night and morning with my tears; 
And I sunned it with smiles," 

Father Kieran pulls wooden boards off of the windows in St. Ann's Catholic Church. He sees a group of city officials standing in the foyer and gestures to them to come inside.

"And with soft, deceitful wiles, 
And it grew both day and night," 

Klaus looks over at Elijah again, who is distracted by Hayley as she walks through the room and into the kitchen, one hand resting on her growing baby bump.

"'Til it bore an apple bright. 
And my foe beheld it shine, 
And he knew that it was mine, 
And into my garden stole,"

Klaus watches Elijah not-at-all-subtly lay down the grimoire on the table and follow Hayley into the kitchen.

"When the night had veiled the pole; 
In the morning glad I see 
My foe outstretched beneath the tree." 

So, yeah, to say that Klaus is one, worried about becoming a dad, and two, has noticed Elijah's growing affection for his baby mama would be an understatement.

Elijah leans in the doorway and watches Hayley dig through the fridge for breakfast before wishing her a good morning. Hilariously, Hayley has pulled out what looks like cake and ice cream, which is the breakfast of champions. She smiles when Elijah greets her, but is distracted when Rebekah enters through the back door, dragging a trashcan behind her. Hayley says that she realizes she lives in a house full of vampires, but she likes to drink milk, and wishes that they'd remember to buy it for her at the store. Calcium is definitely important for growing demon fetuses! I really should stop joking about that, considering the actual characters are now calling it a demon child too. It's less of a joke and more of a reality now. Rebekah grabs a pair of rubber gloves and asks them to add bleach to the list as well, before she stomps off to clean up Klaus' mess.

As he digs around a cupboard, Elijah tells Hayley that he hopes his siblings took good care of her in his absence. "In your absence, as you like to call it," she begins, as she watches Elijah bring a bowl, a bag of granola, and a spoon over to the island. "--which is a way-too-polite way of saying that your brother put a dagger in your heart-- I have been attacked by French Quarter vampires, I've had to live in a house with a secret dungeon full of coffins, and I was nearly murdered by witches how are convinced my baby is Lucifer." LOL. Damn fine summation, Hayley! Elijah smiles at her in a sympathetic way, and pulls out some OJ and a half-gallon of milk that must have been hidden in the back of the fridge. He pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and fills it with milk, which makes Hayley feel bad for complaining about the lack of milk earlier. Her voice gets kinder, and she switches gears to admit that his siblings have actually been really protective of her, which she figures is on Elijah's orders. He smiles and assures her he's glad that she's more-or-less safe and whole. However, he does have concerns about the witches.

Hayley shares his concerns as well, both because they're evil, AND because she's still linked to Sophie Deveraux, which is not very reassuring. Elijah has decided it's time that they unlinked her from Sophie. Rebekah walks back into the kitchen, dragging the girl's body behind her by her feet, and wholeheartedly agrees with Elijah's plan, as she's ready to blow New Orleans and run to greener pastures. She asks who they'll have to kill to get that accomplished, and Elijah thinks for a moment before saying, "Probably no one." Hayley side-eyes him, because like that EVER happens, so Elijah sighs. "Alright, potentially everyone." He turns to leave and scampers away. BAHAHAHAHA. God, I love them all so fucking much. TITLE CARD!

Over at Rousseau's, Sophie is making gumbo, because that's like her only job, as Sabine watches. Sophie sasses Sabine for sitting on the table on which she cooks things, but Sabine tells her to cool it. "Don't get cranky with me! I'm the only witch who still likes you." Sophie reminds her that she's the only one who is actually working to save their witch heritage, but Sabine figures the others will come around eventually. She thinks they're just being old-fashioned and scared, which is why they keep trying these stupid plans that ultimately get them hurt. Sophie latches onto that last part and subtly slams Sabine's abilities.

"Scared of what? Your prophecy about the hybrid baby? Agnes and her freak-show minions had a real field day with THAT one." Sabine claims she can't control her visions, but Soph makes it well-known that she doesn't think Sabine is a psychic by any means. The girls move to a different table to work, and we see a shadowy figure in the periphery. Sabine's like, "the fuck?" when she sees this men in crazy masks come out of the shadows. One of the dudes backhands Sabine so hard that she falls and cracks her head on the edge of the table on her way down. Sophie seems to have some training in fighting, but when one of the dudes blows some sort of powder into her face, she passes right out. Creepy!

Rebekah is hilariously scrubbing at the blood stains on the carpet, while Klaus ignores the fact that she's cleaning up HIS mess as he continues to read his poetry. "Poetry about poisoned apples from dead trees," Rebekah snits. "Looks like someone's worried about impending daddyhood!" Klaus denies it, although it's pretty obviously true, and claims that since Elijah has now returned to them, all problems are magically turned into pixie-dust in his presence. Elijah walks in, having overheard their conversation, and starts to rifle through Esther's grimoire some more as he snarks again about his time daggered in the coffin at Davina's. Rebekah asks him what he's doing with their mother's spellbook, so Elijah reveals his deal with Davina. "Well, in exchange for my freedom, I promised the witch Davina that I would share a few pages from Mother's grimoire, to help her learn how to control her magic. I thought we'd begin with a little unlinking spell." Genius idea, considering Davina is the only witch in the Quarter who is actually allowed to do magic, and she happens to be quite fond of Elijah, anyway, so it shouldn't be hard to get her to do it.

Rebekah is impressed as well, but wonders if that would go against their deal with the witches. "Sophie brought us here under false pretenses!" Elijah declares. "She doesn't just want us to take down Marcel and his minions, she wants to take Davina back. So, she yolked her own cause to ours, with magic threats and half-truths! Well, no more! As of now, our deal with Sophie Deveraux is null and void." Elijah for president of the world! Klaus and Rebekah both grin peevishly, so, seeing that they're all in agreement,  Elijah hands out orders: Klaus will be joining him to be a look-out while he stops by Davina's room and instructs her on the spell, and Rebekah will stay home with Hayley to keep her safe and comfortable. Rebekah's all, "How did I get elected supernanny?" Klaus isn't so fond of being bossed around either, and snits about how no one put Elijah in charge. Hey dude, I know you're a control freak and all, but Elijah gets shit done! Quit pouting.

Marcel's sitting alone at a table in the nightwalker bar, while his various lackeys feed on randoms. I thought they weren't allowed to kill that many tourists? He pours himself another scotch as Josh walks past him in a really nice blue polo. It looks good on him! Josh notices the lone day-drinking and asks if he can help Marcel with anything. Apparently, he's already been informed that Josh wants a daylight ring, and claims that there is, like, an eighty-year wait list at the moment. Feeling awkward, Josh goes to leave, but Marcel stops him when he realizes it's an opportunity to get some intel. He brings up Klaus, and the fact that Marcel has had Josh drive Klaus around a couple of times, and asks if he's staying at the Palace Royale still. As you may recall, Josh has been compelled to be Klaus' spy since he was first turned, before he was forced to take vervain. Unfortunately, Klaus didn't compel him to be a good liar, because Marcel is clearly not buying it when Josh stammers that Klaus is still staying there.

"See, I stopped by his hotel, to say sorry about an argument we had. Turns out, he lied about living there. Lied! Do you ever hear the phrase, 'Uneasy is the head that wears the crown?'" Since Josh is an American millenial, he's not really well-versed in Shakespeare, and asks him if it's from The Lord of the Rings. Marcel corrects him, and explains that Klaus taught him how to read by reading Shakespeare's plays, always about kings who had eventually gone mad with power and lost everything, blah blah blah. "But now, I get it! You see, when it's all said and done, and you look around at the empire you built, the only thing that matters is who you trust!" Josh figures there has to be SOMEONE who Marcel can trust. "'To stick to you, through thick and thin, to the bitter end.' [beat] Sam and Frodo, The Fellowship of the Ring." LOL. I love nerds so much. After thinking a moment, Marcel concedes that there is one person he can trust, who used to be his best friend. He pats Josh on the arm in thanks as he pushes past him to leave.

In the church's attic, Davina is sketching with charcoal in her room when Elijah shows up and leans in her doorway, like he does, and knocks to get her attention. She gives him the biggest smile when she sees him, and Elijah holds up a cloth that holds a page of his mother's grimoire. "I made you a promise." Davina smiles wider, and beckons him to come in. I have been curious about this room ever since Rebekah was unable to re-enter when she found the attic again. Does she reseal the room with a spell to keep people out each time someone leaves? Or is Marcel the only personwho has an open invitation, and everyone else has to be invited in every time? And, if no one can enter without her permission, why was Marcel so worried about everyone knowing where she was?

Downstairs, Cami has come by the confessional, and sits outside the screen as she talks to Father Kieran. "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been...oh, a year, since I've had a good conversation with you?" Kieran greets his niece by name, and when she tells him he's been avoiding her, he states, "My favorite niece? Never!" Cami scolds him for lying in a church, and clarifies that she's actually here for professional advice, regarding her twin brother. Father Kieran gulps uncomfortably.

Back upstairs, Davina smooths the paper out on her vanity and reads it for a moment. Elijah sets an intricately knotted piece of rope on the table, and she refers to the spell as a spell of unknotting. "This is a sanguinum knot," Elijah explains, as he gestures to the knot. "The witches use it as representational magic. If you can unknot this using that spell, you will have taken a step towards learning control. This is one of my mother's later spells. It requires much more power than you realize. Now, if you can perform this, then I shall return with another page." He turns to leave, but stops and faces her once more to add that the next time, it will be whichever spell she chooses. I LOVE that Elijah is helping her learn control, and gaining her trust by being genuine to her. It could be said that it was a little manipulative, considering she didn't know that the spell would unlink Sophie and Hayley, but I think she'd be happy to do it knowing that it would ultimately lose the witches their leverage.

We return to the confessional, where Cami admits that she went to visit Sean's grave and saw the graffiti. Kieran curses, and says he had hoped to clean it up before she saw it. He tells her that he hopes she wasn't too upset by it, that's the reason why she's here. "It didn't bother me at all. That's the problem, that's why I'm here. I slept like a baby every night this week, even though my brother hacked nine priests to death, not two feet from this confessional." She mentions that she had gone on a couple dates with Marcel, which visibly angers Kieran, and goes as far as to say that she's more upset that he's blowing her off than she is upset about her brother's vandalized grave.

The gears seem to be turning in Kieran's head regarding Cami's involvement with Marcel, but he still tries to assure her that she's just healing, which isn't a bad thing. It doesn't feel right to Cami, though--she couldn't think about anything other than the massacre for months after it happened, and now without that constant pain, she feels like she's broken somehow. "[I feel] empty, like there's someone to blame, and...I'm letting them get away with it!" Kieran says that she shouldn't question a good thing, and reminds her that the only person responsible for Sean's behavior is Sean himself. Cami clearly doesn't believe that, and asks her uncle if that's what he really believes as well. He confirms that he does, which upsets Cami so much that she gets up and leaves without another word. When she walks out the front door, we see that Klaus was hanging out in the balcony and had heard the whole thing.

In what appears to be one of the mausoleums in Lafayette Cemetery, Sophie has awakened while the masked goons shackle her wrists to chains that are attached to the ceiling. She yells at them to let go of her, but they do nothing until Agnes waltzes in with a bag of stuff and sets it on the table. She instructs them to leave her alone, and Sophie is PISSED to see her. She shouts that killing Sophie to get to Klaus/Klaus' baby isn't the right way to go about things. "I'm not gonna kill you, Sophie. I was there the day you were born!" She roots around in her bag as she continues, "I am the last remaining Elder of our coven. It is my duty to protect our power, and our power means nothing if that baby grows another day."

She turns to Sophie and walks toward her. "Sabine's omen was clear. That baby will bring death to us all." I still don't really get how a little hybrid baby will be a danger to witches, tbh. If anything, the baby will just grow up hating them BECAUSE they worked so hard to kill her while she was still in Hayley's womb. Sophie is pretty scared now, and asks what Agnes is going to do to her. She pulls out this creepy, old-looking metal syringe with a HUGE needle. It looks terrifying, definitely, and Sophie seems to recognize it, because she automatically starts to plead with Agnes not to do it. As expected, Agnes doesn't listen, and instead holds Sophie's head down as she jams the needle into her neck.

Meanwhile, at the Mikaelson Mansion, Hayley is walking toward her bed in her bedroom and screams in pain. She grabs her neck, and when she pulls her hand away, we can see blood both on her fingertips and on her neck. Rebekah runs into her room to see what the commotion was about, and Hayley informs her that she felt like she was being stabbed, though she has no idea why. The girls look at each other as the dawning realization of what happened smacks them both over the head.

Somehow, Elijah and Klaus have shown up at Rousseau's, where they find Sabine laying on the floor. Did Rebekah call them and tell them what happened? That's the only explanation I can think of that makes sense, because if they knew that Hayley was hurt in some unknown way, they'd naturally assume Sophie had something to do with it and go to Rousseau's to find her. ANYWAY, Elijah helps Sabine up off the floor and demands to know what happened. Sabine rubs her head in confusion and admits that Agnes and her men took Sophie. Klaus is both pissed and pleased to have an excuse to give Elijah shit about his leadership skills. "Day one with you in charge, brother, and already the witch linked to Hayley has been abducted by zealots!" I wouldn't point fingers, buddy. This is Agnes' second attempt at trying to harm Hayley/the baby, and the first time happened while Elijah was still daggered. Plus, if he hadn't instructed Rebekah to protect Hayley at the bayou clinic, she might not have been able to save Hayley in time.

Elijah asks Sabine where Agnes is, but she doesn't want to tell him, since it's clear by the glint in their eyes that they're feeling a little murderous. Klaus is like, "Duh, love, do you not know us at all?" Sabine argues that though Agnes is definitely off the rails, she is the only living Elder in their coven, and since only Elders are allowed/able do certain important spells, they need her to be laalive so she can perform them. Couldn't they just promote another witch or two to be Elders if they need to? I mean, all of the Elders have to die eventually, right? Witches are pretty against immortality, so they'd have to have a way to replace them when they eventually die. Elijah assumes that the important spell she's worried about is the Harvest ritual, which surprises her for some reason. I mean, all the witches, Father Kieran, and all of Marcel's vampires know about it, so it's not like it'd be hard for them to find out about it.

Elijah tells her she'd be surprised by the things he knows, but Klaus is growing tired of all the dawdling. "Allow me to entertain you with today's list of priorities. One, unlink your friend Sophie, so she no longer controls the fate of the woman carrying my child. Two, convince my brother to accept my heartfelt apologies for some recently dodgy behavior. Three...there is no three." BAHAHAHA. Oh, Klaus. Elijah translates that for her. "I believe what my brother is attempting to communicate, here, is that neither the life of this Elder, nor the Harvest ritual, nor your coven's connection to magic are of any relevance to him, whatsoever. So, talk." 

Marcel walks through the gates of the Garden, where we immediately hear groans of pain from the various "inmates" currently desiccating down there. He walks up to Thierry's cell, which is just a brick fence surrounding where he's standing in front of a wall. He's pretty weak from not feeding, so he leans his chin on the top of the wall to keep himself upright. Marcel greets him, but Thierry's not impressed "Marcel. Come to punish me again?" Marcel rudely informs him that today, he realized that Thierry is the only person Marcel has ever fully trusted, and because of that, he has decided that the two of them are going to have a talk about Klaus. He picks up a nearby sledgehammer and starts getting to work on destroying the brick wall around him. Dude, that's kind of a dick move, don't you think? "Hey, you're my best friend and most trusted confidante, so I sentenced you down here for a century to desiccate and rot. Let's gossip about the dude who may or may not have framed you for this crime, yeah?" If I were Thierry, I would have lunged at him and drank him dry, tbh.

Hayley is chilling out in an armchair in one of the various rooms of their mansion when Rebekah comes in with a basket of fruit. "Time for the demon spawn to snack!" See what I mean about the devil child jokes? Hayley isn't really a fan of that term either, but Rebekah claims since she doesn't have a name yet, she's kind of at a loss for things to call her. She holds out the basket of fruit, and Hayley chooses an apple, which came from the tree outside the house. She asks Hayley how she's feeling, and Hayley admits that she feels fine, which is weird, and figures it's definitely a result of something Sophie did. Rebekah urges her not to die on her watch, because Elijah and Klaus will never let her live it down. Then, this beautiful conversation happens. I LOVE THEM AS FRIENDS SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN DEAL.

HAYLEY: "You know, when I first met you, I thought you were a real bitch."
REBEKAH: [smiles] "What changed your mind?"
HAYLEY: "Oh, I still think you're a bitch! [smiles] I've just grown to like that about you."
REBEKAH: [chuckles] "Aw, well, that's sweet of you to say! Remember it when I'm gone."

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Hayley's smile dims slightly, and asks where she's going. Rebekah confesses that she's only here in the first place to make sure that Elijah is okay. Now that she knows that he is, and he's back to getting involved in Klaus' shenanigans, not to mention not punishing him for what he did, she's ready to skip town, because she doesn't want to be left to constantly clean up their messes. Not a bad reason to want to leave, really, though it seems pretty obvious that she's not going anywhere. Hayley looks sad, but simply says, "Oh..." as she's about to dig into the apple in her hand. She doesn't get a chance, though, because she's overcome by a feverish wooziness, which doesn't escape Rebekah's notice. She frowns as she asks Hayley what's wrong, but she weakly admits she's not sure. Hayley figures it's just morning sickness, but when Rebekah puts a hand on her brow to check her temperature, she notes that Hayley is burning up. Yikes!

Klaus and Elijah have found Sophie, still shackled in the mausoleum, but Agnes is nowhere to be found. So, did Sabine know this was going to happen? Was she part of it? Or did she just guess that this is where Agnes would take Sophie? Anyway, Elijah is breaking the shackles off of Sophie as she explains what happened. "Agnes stuck me with a needle. Cursed objects were created a long time ago. We use them now so we don't get busted by Marcel for doing magic. The one she used is called the Needle of Sorrows. It was cursed in 1860 when--" Klaus cuts her off and urges her to cut to the chase and tell them what it does. Sophie grimaces and admits that it has only one purpose, which is to kill a child in utero by raising the mother's blood temperature. CREEPY. Why curse something to do that?

Elijah is stunned to learn that the needle was cursed to induce miscarriages, and asks how long they have to fix it. "It will do what it's meant to by tonight's high tide. And believe me, it will work. I saw her use a similar object on a kid who went mad and killed a bunch of priests." HOLY SHIT, I wonder what the object was. Agnes was holding Sean's hand when she hexed him, maybe it was like jewelry or something? Klaus wants to know where Agnes is so they can threaten her a bit, but Sophie says she could be anywhere, hiding out until this all blows over. Uh, blows over? Unless she ran away forever, there's no way that this would not end with one or all of the Mikaelsons killing her, and anyone else who was involved. Elijah insists that they need to unlink Sophie and Hayley so that way the baby will survive, but Sophie is not cool with losing her leverage over the Originals. Dude, you don't say that shit out loud! Elijah tells her that they're not on the same side, and that their deal is dead, which makes Sophie furious, of course.

Thierry is sitting on a step in the Garden, and Marcel sits down next to him. As shitty as Marcel's motives are, here, he was at least thoughtful enough to bring him a canteen of blood, although it's just going to delay the inevitable if he's not going to bust Thierry out anytime soon. Thierry asks if he's being pardoned, but of course he isn't. "You know I can't do that, you broke my number one rule! You killed a vampire, T. I let that go, it'll make me look weak." That's what best friends are for, obviously. Thierry chugs the blood and reminds Marcel that he warned him about Klaus, and Marcel concedes that he's right, and that he should have listened. Marcel is hurt that Klaus would lie about where he's been living, and figures if he'd lie about something like that, he's probably lying about other stuff, too. He wants Thierry to re-explain what happened the night he killed the nightwalker, and says that he could be out by Mardi Gras if it helps him figure out what's going on. Does this friendship seem a little one-sided to anyone else? Marcel really is Klaus' protégée.

After a couple more chugs of blood, Thierry starts from the beginning, which is when Marcel sent the vampires out rousting in the Cauldron, after Klaus suggested that the witches could have been behind the deaths of the nightwalkers. "So, when Max came in rousting, he went straight for Katie's throat. Now, you said to roust, you didn't say to kill. Now, Max was a nightwalker, I'm a daywalker. I told him to stop, and he wouldn't. So, I stopped him." He admits that night is on endless loop in his head now, and believes that Max was compelled by one of the Mikaelsons. Marcel deems this as impossible, as all his vampire minions are on vervain for that reason, but Thierry reminds him that Max went missing a couple days before the rousting, which would have given them plenty of time to drain him and compel him.

Marcel brings up the daylight ring spell that they found in Katie's shop, but Thierry swears that they had never seen that spell, and that it's so messy in the Jardin Gris, it would be impossible to find anything so quickly. He invites Marcel to see for himself, and warns him to watch his back, as he thinks there must be someone else in their crew who is also compelled. See? One-sided! Why should Thierry even help him? Marcel seems to be putting the pieces together, though. Ohhhh, shit!

Outside the entrance to St. Ann's church, Father Kieran has put up a "Substance Abuse Anonymous" sign in order to have a cover for his meeting with what looks like a bunch of city officials. Notably, the mayor of New Orleans, a police commissioner, and maybe some council members or something? Only the mayor gets any lines, though. "So, a few tourists go missing, okay. We can spin it, no problem. But, do you know how hard it is to sell a gas leak story to the city council when a bunch of windows magically explode?" LOL, they sound like the Mystic Falls Founders' Council. Kieran assures him that it was a one time occurrence, and blames Marcel for overstepping his boundaries. He promises to deal with it as Klaus makes his dramatic entrance.

"Easier said than done, Marcel is quite the little warrior." Get it? Because Marcellus means "little warrior?" I see what you did there, show. The mayor rudely asks Klaus who he is, even though it seems like everyone in this town can identify the Originals just by looking at them. "My name is Klaus, and you lot are the Faction. Pillars of the community who maintain the city's supernatural balance. Well, I should know, I created this group. Only, in my day, it was a bunch of pirates and corrupt officials." He looks around at the group of men, and laughs as he quips, "Looks like nothing's changed." Bahaha. Kieran argues that the one thing that has changed is that the Faction is now exclusive to humans only, no vampires or Originals allowed. Aren't the Originals supposed to be legendary? Why is everyone being so rude to them, even more so than the regular vampires? Is it just their reputations? I thought they built this town from scratch, shouldn't at least some of the citizens like them?

Klaus chuckles and informs them that he's not here to join their little group, he's just here so that the police officers can use their resources to find Agnes. Kieran huffs at him and asks why they would want to help him, so Klaus starts dropping some truths. "What if I told you that Agnes was the answer to a question you've been asking since you ran screaming from this town? That she is the witch who hexed your nephew, Sean?" Kieran is silent for a moment, and then says, more kindly than before, that they'd need time to discuss it. Unfortunately, Klaus is a little strapped for time right now, and says so, at the top of his voice.

Kieran musters up all the nerve that he has, and explains that they're the human faction of the city, so unless Klaus plans on killing all of them, he needs to give them time to discuss it. Why wouldn't Klaus just kill all of them? That's a pretty risky bluff to make, imo. Anyway, Klaus appreciates his ability to stand tall against him and gives them one hour before he takes matters into his own hands. Once Klaus is out of earshot, Kieran tells the officials to find Agnes. They're scandalized that he'd want to help Klaus, but Kieran swears that this is for him.

Upstairs, Davina has been working on the spell. She holds her open hands out over the sanguinum knot, and starts to read the spell from the page. She adorably butchers the pronunciation of the Latin-ish language of Esther's spells. "Phesmatos omnio legares coldate sangorium." She stares at the knot, but it doesn't do anything. She exhales in frustration and smacks her canvas off of her easel. Easy, bb! You got this!

Rebekah is playing nursemaid to Hayley at the Mikaelson Mansion. Our pregnant werewolf is laying in bed, as Beks blots at the sweat on her forehead and chest with a towel. "I feel like I'm been microwaved," Hayley groans, but you know Rebekah, she has no patience for whining, and tells her that being pregnant is no excuse to act like a baby. She assures her future sister-in-law that Elijah should be home any time now, plus she figures that the half-vamp baby in her womb will be healing her up in no time. After a moment, Elijah shows up, with Sophie in tow, which does not please either of the girls. Sophie swears that she's here to help, though Rebekah reminds her that they're in this mess BECAUSE of her. Elijah wants to allow Sophie to help them, and Sophie adds that there are some herbs that she can use to help bring Sophie's fever down. The only problem is that Rebekah will have to find them. Once again, she's thrilled to be the "fetch girl."

(via marystuarted)
So, Rebekah goes to the Jardin Gris, which, as Thierry said, a huge, cluttered mess. She frantically rifles through the various jars and bottles of herbs as Marcel walks in the door. "Isn't this Katie's shop? She leave you the keys in her will, or maybe it's just Help-Yourself Tuesday?" He asks her what she's doing here, so she snits, "You know, I read if you mix mugwort and sage, you've got quite a vampire-repellent? Wards off even the most resilient pest." She asks why HE'S there, and he claims he's just protecting his city from thieves, like herself and her brothers. "Every time I turn around, I catch an Original with their hand in the cookie jar." Rebekah denies wanting his cookies, and I am almost convinced she's over him, but she's not unaffected when Marcel walks over and gets in her face, talking about when they actually liked each other. She maintains that she doesn't anymore, and finally finds what she needs (camphor, if I didn't mention that before) and runs off before he can seduce her further.

Father Kieran is still hanging out at the sacristy when he receives a text message from Chief Sullivan, who must have been the dude in the fancy police uniform in the Faction. "3631 CHARBONNET ST. LOWER 9TH WARD." He shoves his phone into his pocket and goes to leave, but is stopped by Klaus, who has appeared out of nowhere. Kieran states that Klaus is early, but Klaus replies that it's a good thing he was. "You seem hell-bent on enacting vengeance all on your lonesome. The problem is, I need something from Agnes before you send her off to meet her maker. So, I propose we strike a deal!" He sweetens the pot by adding that he'll even protect Cami from all the supernatural baddies in the community, if Kieran would be so kind as to have to cops bring her here.

So, he agrees, and a little while later, Agnes is brought in, in handcuffs, by two police officers who seat her in one of the pews. She wants to know the charges against her, like anyone would, but Kieran isn't playing around. "Please, Agnes. You know that Marcel runs the vampires in this town." One of the officers hands him something wrapped in cloth. "Who do you think runs everything else?" He unwraps the cloth and holds up the Needle of Sorrows, and asks Klaus if this is what he's looking for. Klaus zoops over in a nanosecond and says hello to Agnes, who is appalled that Kieran would be working with an Original. "After what you did to Sean, I'd deal with the devil himself just to see you suffer," Kieran spits.

Agnes reminds him that he can't kill her, because the witch community would turn against him, but Klaus is tired of all the arguing. "ENOUGH! Please, enough! I don't care about witch politics. I don't care about your ridiculous little Harvest ritual. What I care about is this trinket." He holds up the Needle of Sorrows and orders her to undo the curse, or he'll torture her, you know the drill. Agnes smirks and smugly informs him that you can't just undo the curse on cursed objects. "The curse took root in Sophie. She's linked to your devil child, it's just a matter of time!" Klaus is feeling pretty murderous, as you can probably imagine.

Elijah, Rebekah, Hayley, and Sophie are on the back patio. Sophie and Elijah whip up an herbal remedy for Hayley, as she sits on the edge of the pool. Rebekah checks her temperature, which is super high, so Elijah decides they have to move NOW. Sophie instructs Hayley to get in the pool, and Elijah jumps in to help her get down. Sophie dumps some herbs in a cup of water, and follows them into the pool. Elijah asks her what he should do, as she instructs Hayley to drink the herbal concoction. They need to slow her heart rate to lower her temperature, and Sophie tells Elijah to hold her, since cuddling is known to lower blood pressure and heart rate. So, Elijah picks Hayley up bridal-style, though Rebekah is pretty skeptical that they'll be able to prevent Hayley from miscarrying. Elijah insists that Davina will break the link, they just need to buy her some time, and Hayley starts gasping in pain and clinging to Elijah.

Alright, things get kind of tricky here, because we cut quickly between Davina in her attic, and Hayley, Sophie, and Elijah in the pool:

Davina has been studying the spell on her bed, and decides to get up and try it again. She lifts the knot off the table and holds it in both of her hands as she starts to incant the spell again, although this time, her pronunciation is much better. "Phesmatos omnio legares cardate sangorium..."

Hayley starts hyperventilating and gasps that she can't breath, so Elijah holds her closer and urges her to take long deep breaths and to focus on the sound of his voice. He looks panicked, and whispers, "You'll be okay, you'll be okay," over and over. OMG, ELIJAH.

Davina continues to repeat the spell, and the clock on her table chimes as the time changes to 09:00PM. Hayley screams in pain, and Elijah holds onto her tightly. The knot in Davina's hand floats in the air on its own, and begins to unknot itself.

Sophie can feel the spell unlinking her from Hayley, and gasps as she looks up at the moon. Hayley's groans start to weaken. The sanguinum knot has completely unraveled, and the rope straightens itself out in midair. Davina is so proud of herself, it's so adorable; she smiles and giggles as she looks at the rope.

Sophie informs the gang that the spell has been lifted, and Rebekah sighs in relief. Hayley eventually begins to calm down. Elijah looks completely stunned as Hayley manages to stand up on her own, though she still has to lean against his shoulders. Sophie, looking pretty bummed out, pulls off one of her earrings and stabs her palm with it. Elijah slowly takes Hayley's hand and flips it over so they can both see that she hasn't been injured. Sucks to be you, Soph! Rebekah takes notice of her eldest brother and Hayley staring into each others' eyes, still holding hands. When Elijah notices her noticing him, he shakes himself out of their little moment and leads Hayley out of the pool. Sophie, whose plans are starting to unravel now that she has no leverage, defeatedly points out that as soon as Klaus learns that the link is broken, he's going to kill Agnes. "I know you don't owe me anything, but PLEASE, don't let him kill her." Elijah zooms out of the pool to gather up his clothing so he can find his cell phone.

Sophie, nervous that Elijah is going to ignore her, reminds him that she's their only hope to regain access to the magic they need to survive. I still feel like that's bullshit. She wants him to promise that she'll stop Klaus from killing her. He calls Klaus to find out where he is, and after a moment, instructs Klaus not to harm her. When they hang up, Elijah gives her his word that he will not allow Klaus to kill her, which seems to mollify her a little. Elijah picks up his jacket and shoes and walks into the house to change. Sophie goes to get out of the pool, but Hayley blocks her. "I know you were just using me to save your people, but try it again, and I'll kill you." YOU GO, HAYLEY!

(via klausenjoysthehunt)
Inside, Elijah has nearly finished getting dressed when Rebekah walks in. "The unlinking worked! Maybe now, we can make plans--" Elijah cuts her off, and says he really doesn't have time right now. He asks if they can talk about this after he deals with Agnes and Klaus, but Rebekah admits that she won't be here, then. Elijah points out that that sounds like a goodbye, and Rebekah concedes that it is. "I only came to New Orleans to make sure you were safe. You are. I thought that I might be able to convince you to come with me, but here you are, rushing into whatever Klaus and Marcel and the witches have cooked up. And, I finally get it." She starts to cry, and adds. "You'll never leave this city. You'll never leave Klaus." I'm not sure that's completely true, but I'm sure they will be in New Orleans for the foreseeable future. Elijah thinks she should stay, but Rebekah has no interest in getting involved in this mess with Marcel. She confesses she just wants to be free. Elijah looks pretty sad, but he walks up to his sister and kisses her on the cheek as he encourages her to go do what she needs to do. "You ARE free!" He leaves to go settle the Agnes thing, and Rebekah tries to compose herself. Aw, Beks! You're not going anywhere, cut it out!

(via rebekastan and sophiedeveraux, respectively)
Marcel is at home at the Abbatoir, still having a one-man pity party with a bottle of scotch, when Rebekah shows up at his door. "Rebekah. Twice in one night. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Rebekah tells him she's here to say goodbye, as she believes farewells should happen in person. Marcel gets in a dig at the fact that she just got Elijah back, and their first move is to get out of dodge. "Smart girl. Have a nice life!" She informs him that Elijah is staying, and that she's not running. "I'm disembarking a sinking ship." Marcel brushes that comment off, and reminds her that people have said that shit about New Orleans since he was a kid, and it's still alive and kicking. He offers her a farewell drink, but she figures he's just trying to get her all drunk so that she'll be too weak to reject him.

He asks why else she came to see him, if not to do that, but she maintains that she just wanted to say goodbye. He gets all into her face and whispers, "Then say it," in her ear. They stare into each others' eyes/lips, but Rebekah loses her nerve and turns to go. He grabs her wrist and pulls her back into a kiss. She pulls away almost immediately and glares at him, and for all Marcel's confidence, his face is like, "WOW, I think I totally miscalculated and now she's going to kill me via a stiletto to the heart." After a moment, though, she starts kissing him again, and he pushes her against a wall to make out. Then, Rebekah pushes HIM into a chair and rips her shirt off, and they continue to make out. HOT HOT HOT.

Meanwhile, Klaus, Agnes, and Kieran are still having their little tiff. Klaus tells Agnes that while she's pretty crazy, he's MORE crazy, and describes his earlier plan to scatter her body parts in front of her family's graves as a message to all about what happens when you mess with his family. Agnes is finally starting to look terrified, especially when Klaus grabs her in a chokehold. Elijah strolls in just in time to order Klaus to unhand her. Klaus isn't impressed, and pulls her into a headlock as he turns to face his brother. Elijah explains that he gave Sophie his word. "You tend to give your word at the most inopportune times, brother! We've been doing things your way ALL DAY. Come on! Just one little snap, and it's 'Toodle-loo, Agnes!' She deserves it!" Eli demands that he not make another move, and makes his own deal with his baby bro; if Klaus lets Agnes go without killing her, Elijah will forgive him for daggering him and handing him over to Marcel for months.

Klaus is PISSED, but ultimately, he wants Elijah to like him again, so he lets her go. "My noble brother, how was that for personal growth? Still, it is just like you to spoil my fun." Elijah looks at Agnes as he tells Klaus that he hasn't completely spoiled it. Agnes gets a little confused, but everything is made perfectly clear when Elijah zooms over and rips one of Agnes' men's heart out, picks up another and throws him up against the ceiling, and rips the heart out of a third as he throw shim into the air as well. NICE! Vintage Elijah.

He turns to Klaus and Agnes, with a heart in each of his outstretched hands. He drops them onto the ground and pulls his pocket-square out to delicately clean himself up. Agnes is horrified, and Klaus is completely thrilled and proud of his brother for returning to his former glory. "Now, I swore you would not die by my brother's hand. I said nothing of my own." He grabs Agnes in a chokehold and pushes her backwards."Nobody hurts my family and lives." He snaps her neck with a flick of his wrist, and adds, "No one." He turns on his heel and struts out of the church. BAD-ASS. Klaus is SO HAPPY.

(via morallymikaelson)
Rebekah is wearing Marcel's button-up shirt and a post-coital glow as she looks out on the street from the balcony. A shirtless Marcel walks up behind her and starts nuzzling at her neck, which she seems to appreciate a lot. She points out that even though she's been gone for a century, he still hasn't changed anything about her old bedroom, which is now HIS bedroom. He smiles, and figures that part of him was hoping Rebekah would come back someday. He realizes this is a perfect opportunity to sneak around a bit, and adds, "Though, I imagine it's not quite as comfortable as those beds at the Palace Royale Hotel." 

She starts to get suspicious, so she lies that his bed was perfectly comfortable. She changes the subject to how hungry she is now that they've worked up quite an appetite, and pulls out an apple from her bag and hands it to him. He claims he doesn't like apples anymore, though Rebekah recalls that he loved them back in the day. "Ah, they were! I'd get my ass beat if I ever ate them working on that plantation. Even the spoiled ones. Now, they just remind me of a time when I couldn't have things." Aw. :( Rebekah assures him that he can have whatever he wants, now, and after a beat, she urges him to come with her.

He doesn't know where they'd go, but she reminds him that they could go wherever they wanted. "We can build a home together, we can leave behind Klaus, this city, and those Orphan-Annie-vampires." WHOA, pump your breaks, girl! You literally just hooked up for the first time in decades, give the man a minute. Marcel gets more than a little offended at her comment about his crew of vampires, whom he refers to as family, and tells her that New Orleans is his home, and a man doesn't run away from home. "I've lived a lot longer than you have, Marcellus. I have seen kings rise, and fall, but there is one thing I know to be true. It is, that no matter how big your empire becomes, it is nothing if you have no one to share it with." She looks him in the eyes and informs him that she won't be here to stop him, if New Orleans is what he really wants, and shoves the apple at him before she leaves. Marcel looks pretty pissed, and then notices that the apple looks familiar, so he brings the apple up to his nose and smells it.
(via marystuarted)

Now that it's night time, Josh is finally able to mosey on over to the Mikaelson Mansion, where Hayley finds him on her doorstep. He asks where Klaus is, and admits that Marcel knows Klaus lied about where he's been living. Hayley reminds him that she's Klaus' baby mama, not his actual mama, so she has no clue where he is, nor does she have control over what he does. Josh softens a bit, and simply asks her to have Klaus call him back ASAP, which she agrees to do. When Josh walks off the porch and leaves, he has no idea that Marcel is hiding behind the apple tree, and has heard his entire conversation with Hayley. He picks up an apple off the ground, and we get a short flashback of Marcel being whipped by the slavemaster who lived at this very house. The young Marcel picks up an apple from the ground and lobs it at him in self-defense. In the present, Marcel looks at the apple in his hand, and for a moment, I thought he might actually lob it into a window or something. He doesn't, though; instead, he walks up to the door and knocks. Hayley figures it's Josh again, so she reluctantly opens the door, only to be startled to see Marcel there instead. He smiles, and says, "Hi there, I'm Marcel. I don't think we've met." OH SHIIIIIIIT NOOOOOOOOO. Hayley looks both pissed and terrified. DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER, MARCEL!

We finally catch up with Cami, who is cleaning up at the bar at Rousseau's when Klaus enters to talk to her. She asks him why he's here, so he asks HER if she remembers the promise he made her. She doesn't at first, but after a moment, her compulsion kicks in, and she remembers he promised to look into Sean's massacre. "And I kept my word. Your twin brother's behavior was not born of natural causes. A witch hexed him to commit those murders, and kill himself." Cami is relieved that her suspicions were correct, and demands to know the name of the witch. Klaus assures her she no longer has to worry about it, because she already paid for her sins with her life.

This does not please Cami, nor does it give her any comfort, because apparently she's upset that Klaus indirectly got her involved in a murder she didn't ask for? This really doesn't make a lot of sense to me, tbh. Like, Klaus mostly killed Agnes for what she did to Hayley; the fact that Agnes also hurt Cami and Kieran was just another reason to justify it. Klaus reminds her that people have died for way less than what Agnes did, and tells her that now she can find comfort in knowing that none of this was Sean's fault. Cami's more pissed about the fact that Klaus compelled her to forget all of her anger and pain from Sean's death and murder spree. I can totally understand Cami being pissed that Klaus messed with her head without her consent, but I feel like she is really punishing herself WAY too hard for something that wasn't her fault in any way. Hanging on to all of those terrible memories and feeling guilty for actually moving on with her life is a really unhealthy way to deal with it, in my non-expert opinion.

"The truth? You compel me, you make me at peace with something that should be tearing me up inside! I don't know how, but I WILL undo whatever the hell it is you've done to me, and when I do, you're gonna wish you'd never laid eyes on me!" Klaus is super sad/angry, and just looks at her for a moment before taking off quickly. Cami looks murderous until her brain processes his absence, and then she suddenly becomes really confused as to why she's so angry in the first place. I'm guessing that Klaus is probably going to avoid her for a while until he can think up a better plan--it's a lot harder for her to question everything if he isn't around to remind her of what he did to her.

Once Klaus gets outside of Rousseau's, he starts stomping up Delphine Street, where he's stopped by Marcel. Bad timing, bro! Marcel asks where he's been, and asks if he's still mad about their little tussle the night before. Klaus assures him that it's all in the past and smiles fakely. Marcel returns the fake smile. "Cami's all yours, if you're interested. I'm feeling like right now's not the right time to pursue a relationship. Life's all about timing, you know? Speaking of, I swung by your house earlier to commiserate over a drink, but I must've JUST missed you." Klaus starts to get suspicious, but he covers it well, and informs him that he got bored of the Palace Royale and moved elsewhere a couple weeks ago. Marcel's like, "No, I mean your OTHER place." OH SHIIIIIIIIIIT NOOOOOOO.

Elijah returns to the Mikaelson Manse, only to find the entire house is empty. He calls out for Hayley, but gets no response.

Marcel gives Klaus shit for choosing to live in the same plantation house where he worked as a slave, before Klaus took him in. "I guess that's why you never invited me over." Klaus plays like that fact just slipped his mind, and assures him that he and Elijah would be happy to host Marcel and Davina for dinner soon. "Especially after you were so hospitable to him." More fake smiling. Marcel laughs and tells him they look forward to the dinner, and the two shake hands and grin. When Marcel walks away, the smile slips off of Klaus' face, and he starts to get worried about what game Marcel is playing.

Rebekah is in her adorable red convertible when Elijah calls her. On speakerphone, she quips, "Goodbye means GOODBYE, Elijah!" Unfortunately, Elijah is calling to see if Hayley is with her. Rebekah is like, "Whuh?" so Elijah informs her that Hayley's gone, and asks her where she is. Rebekah is stunned to hear this news, and Klaus walks into Hayley's room to join Elijah, and informs his eldest brother that Marcel was just there at the house. OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT THIS IS TERRIBLE. Elijah looks so stunned, he absentmindedly hangs up on Rebekah. NOOOOOO HAYLEY COME BACK.

Next week: Marcel and his dudes have Hayley in their possession, and the Mikaelson siblings have no problem killing him and anyone else in order to get her back safe. Also, Tyler Lockwood shows up to stir things up, and Marcel holds a Fight Night, with the grand prize being a daylight ring for a lucky nightwalker.

Click HERE to read my next recap of The Originals!

[screencaps from KissThemGoodbye]

-Now that we know that the Tyler cross-over is legit, is it possible that it HAS been Tyler protecting Hayley this whole time? We know his goal is to fight/hurt Klaus, but I don't know how he could do that without killing himself and all of the TVD vampires we know and love. Something tells me that he'll be shocked to hear Hayley's connection to Klaus, and that could possibly change his tune about some things.

-I still don't really understand the point of teaching Davina control of her magic if she's just going to lose it, anyway. She doesn't want to die, for the Harvest or otherwise, and for now, it seems the only witches who could finish the Harvest are now dead, so it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It's possible they'll figure out a way to finish it, though, which I'm totally game for, as long as Davina doesn't actually die. I'd be happy to see the witches be able to practice magic again, someday.


-I'm super curious to see where Sophie's plan is going, now that the Originals, who were supposed to help her, are kind of pissed at her, plus the witches are pissed at her, too. Maybe she'll end up becoming an Elder and will fulfill her promise to kill Davina herself? GAH THERE ARE SO MANY STORYLINES HAPPENING RIGHT NOW

-Hayley needs to just bite Marcel and his cronies, you guys. Tyler bit Damon before he was even fully transformed, back when he was just a regular old werewolf. He wasn't transformed at all when he was a hybrid and got sire-bond-compelled into biting Caroline that one time, either. BITE THEM HAYLEY, BITE THEM.

-I hope Rebekah doesn't end up leaving, she's one of my favorites! I have a feeling she won't be, but you never know with Plec running things. She could always decide to send her back to Mystic Falls for some more threesomes with Matt or something.


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