Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 10: "The Overlooked" Recap/Review

OH. SHIT. This week, Teen Wolf was a fucking rollercoaster, and pretty much everything I predicted would happen ended up being completely wrong, and everything I heard people speculate about that I figured couldn't POSSIBLY happen ended up TOTALLY HAPPENING. And that is one of many, many reasons why I love this show, and will probably watch it until it's cancelled. It always keeps me on my toes!

Anyway, the only thing that really disappointed me about this week was the fact that not only was Lydia completely absent, but no one even talked about the fact that WE NOW KNOW SHE'S A BANSHEE! Shouldn't they be researching what the hell that means, and what kind of powers it entails, so they can see how she can help them? I mean, it's looking like they're now fighting a war on two fronts. (Although, that may be changing. More on that later.) I mean, I get that there was no room for her with everything else going on, but I was just really looking forward to watching them all react to this new development. And the lack of communication between ALL of the characters is starting to worry me so much that I'm wondering if maybe it's not part of the plot. We shall see!

I apologize in advance for all of the quoting of the dialogue/monologues in this recap. Since this is the first of the last 3 episodes, you never know what is going to be important later, or will end up being a hint/clue, so I wanted to make sure I have it written down to refer to later, if necessary. So, as you can see, we have a lot of stuff to talk about, and I absolutely have a shit-load to say, so I'm just going to cut with the chit-chat and get started. Let's go!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: When Derek was fifteen years old, he tried to turn his girlfriend into a werewolf by enlisting the help of Ennis, but she ended up rejecting the bite, and she ultimately asked her beau to mercy kill her, which is why Derek's beta eyes were blue. Also, somewhere between 8-10 years ago, Chris and Gerard Argent were on a werewolf hunt when they stumbled upon a Nemeton, which Chris explained is a place of worship for druids. Down in a root cellar, the Nemeton tree's roots were found to have sacrificial blood on it. In the present day, Cora became extremely sick after Aiden beat the shit out of her in the school locker room, and wound up in the hospital. Derek began a secret romance with the high school's newest English teacher, Ms. Jennifer Blake, who was revealed to be the Darach, a druid who has "gone down the wrong path." In the span of less than an hour during last week's episode, Jennifer managed to: almost kill Lydia three-fold-death-style, ACTUALLY kill a woman while she played piano at the music recital, AND kidnap Sheriff Stilinski right before Stiles, Scott and Lydia's eyes! I don't know whether to be impressed by her hustle or pissed at her for touching Sheriff Stilinski! Hands off one of the three whole parents in this series who actually give a fuck about their kids, lady!

Over at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, the ER is in chaos, per usual: a storm is raging outside, branches are flying through windows, the electricity is flickering, and Mama McCall is running around, organizing the hospital's evacuation and yelling random orders. Dr. Gardner approaches her to ask stupid questions about the weather, and she's forced to waste precious time expositioning that a bunch of towns, including Hill Valley (I see what you did there, show, referencing the 1980s classic movie for whom you are named!) are flooded and have lost electricity, and Beacon Hills seems to be next on the list. She asks him if all of his patients are ready for transport to the unnamed hospital downtown, so he checks his list of patients on his clipboard before informing her that they're all ready to go except for one--Cora Hale, of course.

We cut over to Cora's hospital room, where our littlest Hale is not looking good-- she's feverish, sweating pretty profusely, and she appears to be unconscious. Peter is at her bedside, wearing the deepest V-neck I have ever seen and anxiously blotting at the sweat on her face with a washcloth. He yells out toward any health care professionals who are nearby and listening that he needs to know what's going on with his niece, and of course Mama McCall is the one who has been assigned to get her ready for transport. She walks in while she's quickly reading Cora's chart, so she doesn't notice right away that her revenant former boyfriend is in the room. She backs up, horrified, and whispers, "You're supposed to be dead!" Peter ducks into the shadows, like that'll help matters, and just deadpans "I get that a lot."

Before Melissa can freak out any more, Cora interrupts their little reunion by lurching out of bed to puke up a boatload of werewolf ink and mistletoe over the side of her bed. Peter and Melissa both know enough of what's going on to know that werewolf in and/or mistletoe is a terrible sign, and both gape in horror.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has just rushed into Derek's loft, likely straight from dropping off the Sheriff wherever she's stashing him. She frantically calls out for Derek, and when he strolls on out, like, "Uh, 'sup?," she immediately hugs him and explains that something crazy happened at the recital. She continues on to explain that he needs to hear her side of the story before he talks to anyone else. Derek plays dumb, so she goes on to say that Stiles and Scott are going to be coming to him in the near future to tell him something, and she insists that he has to trust her and not believe them, no matter what they say. He asks her again to tell him what the hell happened, but first, she wants his word that he'll listen to her before she tells him what's up. He promises that he trusts her, so she kisses him, maybe to use some of her virgin-sacrifice mind-whammies to ensure he'll take her side. Unfortunately for her, that when she realizes that he already knows what's up, because Scott and Stiles got to him first. Derek's a pretty good actor, I have to say, I almost believed that he was completely clueless, too!

The boys make their dramatic entrance by walking out of that weird hole in the wall of Derek's loft; Scott looks extremely pissed, but Stiles is both enraged and devastated, and is nearly in tears, he's so overwhelmed. She ankle-dips, and quietly asks, "So, they told you it was me taking all those people?" Scott's like, "No, we told him you're the one KILLING people." To Jennifer's credit, she's pretty impressive in how she fully commits to her lies, even though Stiles and Scott literally witnessed all of it with their own eyes and know that she's just trying to cover up her crimes. Still, she continues to tell Derek that they're lying to him, even with all of the details the boys have shared already. Stiles is like, radiating with rage at this point, and the tears start flowing when he determinedly asks where his dad is. She maintains that she has no idea, and pleads with Derek that he has to believe her. He looks like he has no idea who or what to believe, but still asks her, "Do you know what happened to Stiles' father?" When she is like, "No way, Jose!" and crosses her fingers behind her back, Scott brings up the fact that she nearly three-fold killed Lydia less than an hour ago, too, to which Jennifer replies, "Lydia Martin? I don't know anything about that!" Derek is just about done by now, and finally asks, "Well, what do you know?" Jennifer claims the boys are misguided liars who lie, who also have no evidence to back up their stories. The problem (for her) is that Scott totally does!

Apparently they made a pit stop to good old Dr. Deaton before heading over, and he gave his protegĂ©e a vial of powdered mistletoe. "My boss told me it's a poison and a cure, which means you can use it, AND it can be used against you," Scott states, as he unscrews the cap. Jennifer sneers, "Mistletoe?" but doesn't move quickly enough. He quickly throws the powder at her, which forms a cloud that surrounds her; as she hacks and coughs on the powdered mistletoe she accidentally inhaled, the glamour that makes her look like Jennifer and not like the clawed-up Jane Doe fades momentarily, revealing Jennifer's true face.

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Derek is both completely horrified and PISSED, and instinctively whips out his claws and grabs her by the throat in a choke-hold. He asks her what she is, and she manages to gasp that she's the only person who can save Cora, and urges him to call Peter to verify it. (This seems shady to me. Why would she know Peter was there? More on this at the end.)

When he does, Peter says she's not getting better--she's fading in and out of consciousness and that she throwing up "black blood, and one other alarming substance." When Derek answers, "Mistletoe," Peter is like, "How did you know?" Derek hangs up and is totally ready to just kill her ass, but Jennifer insists that she is the only person who can tell them where Sheriff Stilinski is, too. After lots of pleading and convincing, Stiles and Scott get Derek to let her go; when he does, she's all, "Yeah, that's what I thought. You all need me, suckas!" Not a way to help your case, lady. TITLE CARD!

Derek and Jennifer are driving to the hospital in the rain in his Honda, while Stiles and Scott follow behind in the Jeep. Jennifer is trying to justify her actions to Derek; "You should know... I'm not doing this because I have to. I want to. I could still run, and you wouldn't have an easy time stopping me, but I don't want your sister to die. I'm only doing what I had to do." Derek tells her to kindly shut the fuck up, but she insists that he needs to hear her story, because the two of them are more connected than he realizes, blah blah blah. "Stop. Talking," he responds. So much for story time. Don't worry, it'll come later.

Behind them, Stiles has a really bad feeling about all of this, because even after Derek found out who she truly is, she still looked like it wasn't a hitch in her plan at all, and everything was still working the way she wanted it to. When they get to the hospital, they all run out into the pouring rain; Stiles grabs Scott's mom's baseball bat, which he brought with him just in case. "You have claws, I have a bat," he reasons when Scott side-eyes him, and they all head into the hospital.

On their way to the elevator, the group runs into Scott's mom, who wants to know WTF they're doing, because they're about to evacuate the hospital. "And why does Stiles have my bat?" Melissa asks in confusion. Bahahaha. Scott says they've come for Cora, and gives her a hard look to communicate that supernatural shenanigans are afoot. He instructs his mama to get the hell out of there ASAP, so she gives them the skinny on what they need to do-- there are two ambulances on the way, 10 minutes out and 20 minutes out, respectively, that will be picking up in the basement garage. She emphasizes that Cora needs to be on one of those ambulances to get to the other hospital, so they need to hurry it up. Scott nods, and they all pile into the elevator. Melissa looks pretty stressed out, understandably. It's hard having a supernatural hero for a son, I'm sure.

Derek has had Jennifer's right arm in a Vulcan death grip the entire time, and once they're in the elevator, she sighs, "You don't have to keep me on a leash, Derek, I'm going to help!" As she looks around the elevator, she sees Scott trying to give her his best stink-eye, but he still looks like a lost puppy. She looks over her other shoulder to see Stiles, who is scowling and holding the bat upright, ready to swing at her head at a moments notice. It's seriously hilarious, especially after reading Haley Webb's tweet about how many takes it took to film that shot, because she and Dylan O'Brien kept laughing the faces the other was making. I would never be able to be on this show for that very reason. I mean, look at Dylan's face!

They funnel out of the elevator when the doors open, and as they quickly walk down the hallways, the lights start to flicker. Derek notices that Cora's room is empty, and spots the puddle of werewolf ink and mistletoe on the floor. When they follow the trail of vomit down the hall, they automatically gets a bad feeling that something bad is waiting for them. All of a sudden, they hear a loud noise that sounds like a bunch of cats fighting; the double doors in the hall open and Peter is thrown out, sliding right over to Derek's feet. "We've got a problem," Peter groans, as we get a nice shot of his crotch. "A big problem."

The big problem is the Alpha Twins, who have formed Voltron Wolf and are more than ready to rumble. He growls at them, causing everyone to brace themselves; Derek and Scott get into wolf-mode, and Stiles grips his baseball bat like his life depends on it. Derek runs at them first, of course, and while he does manage to tackle the twins, they still beat the shit out of him. Scott runs up to help him, and does a sweet parkour move off of the wall. He has slightly better luck, because he's at least able to dodge their punches, but eventually he's put in a choke-hold against the wall.

Stiles notices Cora laying unconscious on the floor behind the combined twins and grabs Peter to help while Voltron Wolf's occupied with Scott. When the two sneak behind them to grab her, they accidentally (and stupidly) leave Jennifer completely unattended. Scott manages to choke out a plea for the twins to cut their shit out, but they bellow that they just want "her," as in Jennifer, who has managed to sneak back into the elevator while everyone else was busy. DAMN IT! Voltron Wolf drops Scott and runs after her, but she's gone. Imagine that, one of their plans going horribly awry! I'm sure none of us predicted that!

Downstairs, Melissa is yelling at everyone to get evacuated, NOW. As she walks backwards down the hall, giving orders, she bumps into a doctor and knocks his files out of his hands and onto the floor. When she kneels down to pick them up and starts to apologize for her clumsiness, she somehow completely misses the fact that the always-barefoot Kali and her toe-claws are stomping all over the papers she's trying to pick up. Kali is accompanying Deucalion, who scatters the papers even more with his cane as he waves it in front of them as he walks. Jesus, like we need MORE trouble right now.

So, Jennifer has just gotten off the elevator on another floor, but stops dead in her tracks when she sees Deuc and Kali at the other end of the hall. Kali smirks triumphantly while Deucalion uncaps his walking stick and hurls it at Jennifer, who watches in horror as it lodges itself into the wall next to the elevator.

Kali sprints towards Jennifer as she ducks back into the elevator and pushes the "close door" button a million times in hopes that the doors will shut in time. They don't, though--Kali's hands wedge in between the doors as she tries to pull them open. Jennifer braces herself for the worst, and her eyes flash bright white just before she slams her hands into the doors so hard that Kali is flung backward all the way down the hallway. Damn, girl! That is AMAZING, although it would be even more so had she not sacrificed, like, twelve people to obtain them. Deucalion seems unimpressed by her power, though, and just watches as Kali lands on the floor and slides toward him. Exhausted, Jen falls back against the wall of the elevator and breathes a momentary sigh of relief.

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Meanwhile, the gang, with unconscious-ragdoll Cora in tow, are running through the hospital with Derek bringing up the rear. He yells not to stop, but Stiles remembers that he has his baseball bat and is feeling pretty empowered, plus he's basically running on rage right now anyway. Derek's like, "No, just no," but Stiles will not be deterred! When Voltron Wolf swaggers in after them, Stiles swings the bat with all his might at their head!

As brave an act as it was, it was ultimately futile, because that bat was seriously obliterated into powder the second it made contact with Voltron Wolf's thick skull. Stiles looks at the broken end of the bat in his hands in shock, like "Nooooo this wasn't what was supposed to happen," before he scampers behind some tables. To the twins' credit, though, all they really do is roar angrily at him; other than that, they leave Stiles alone. Maybe even evil sociopath werewolves believe that killing humans for no reason just isn't worth it. Anyway, Scott notices the overhead lighting, and Derek immediately understands Scott's telepathic message. He turns around and helps lift him up in the air so Scott can pull the fluorescent lighting down into the twins' combined face, electrocuting them both. Yikes! Yay to improvise, you two!

Isaac, Allison and Chris are still at the school from when they attended the recital, and they look around nervously as the the lights flicker off and on as well. Allison makes her way through the throng of people and deputies in the hall to finally meet up with Isaac. Isaac updates her on how he can't get a hold of Derek or Scott, and asks how Lydia is doing. "She's got bruising on her neck," Allison informs him. "They're taking her to a hospital downtown because Beacon Memorial is being evacuated." They both discuss the severity of the storm, and Allison explains that she overheard an EMT saying that the back-up generators could be too old to hold up if the power goes out.

Isaac suddenly remembers that Cora is at Beacon Memorial when Papa Argent swaggers over to tell them that he's going to drive them home. Isaac begs off, because Cora can't be left at the hospital all alone with just Peter, but since Chris can't stay out of supernatural drama to save his life, he's all, "Okay, fine, you win, I'll drive." Just like last season, with Scott and Isaac and Jackson! Oh, Chris Argent, I love your face. The electricity in the school chooses that moment to go out, and everyone is plunged into darkness. Wonderful.

Melissa is waiting for the elevator when she sees Deucalion's walking stick still lodged into the wall beside her. Her face goes from perplexed to freaked out when she pulls it out and sees the shiv that's attached to the end. Suddenly, Deucalion gently takes it from her hands with a friendly, "Thank you, Ms. McCall." Melissa's understandably startled, and whispers, "You're him, aren't you? You're the bad guy?" Deuc just chuckles because he's the Demon Wolf, and we all know he gets off on that shit. The power goes off there at the hospital, too, and when the back-up generators kick in with some weak lights, we can see Deuc and Kali's eyes glowing red in the shadows. That shit is the stuff nightmares are made of, you guys.

The twins are wandering around somewhere in the hospital, after presumably splitting apart after they got a fluorescent light fixture to the face. Aiden is pissed that Ethan was hesitating during their fight, but Ethan's like, "There's a difference between hesitating and pulling back, ya dick." I get where he's coming from, though, considering there must be some sort of physical compromise that goes on when they're sharing a body, you know? Like, we've noticed that Aiden always seems to punch himself into Ethan, and not the other way around, so maybe Aiden is the one with the majority of control, though Ethan can still dial it down a bit? Either that or it's a 50/50 coordination of movements, which just seems super complicated. ANYWAY,  Aiden reminds his twin that the gang is protecting Jen, but Ethan seems to sympathize with his sort-of friends, since he understands that they don't really have a choice. Maybe this is his guilt for what he's done on Deucalion's orders? I knew I liked Ethan better for a reason. Aiden argues that the two of them don't have a choice either, since Jen having the power to kill all of them is kind of a problem, considering they enjoy being alive and stuff. "If all these sacrifices, all these bodies piling up--if it's actually giving her the power to get rid of us, then we need to take any chance to get rid of her." Ethan concedes that point, but their argument is put on hold when the electricity suddenly turns back on.

The gang is hiding in an OR, or some kind of treatment room, where Scott and Derek join them, informing them that Voltron Wolf is close and they can't seem to find Jennifer, either. Stiles takes this about as well as you can expect, considering she is the key to finding his dad, and Derek makes the mistake of being like, "Uh, now's not the time, bro." Stiles is PISSED, you guys. "Me, be quiet? Me? Are you telling me what to do now, when your psychotic, mass-murdering girlfriend-- the second one you've dated, by the way-- has got my dad tied up somewhere waiting to be ritually sacrificed?"

Wait, how does Stiles know about Kate and Derek? I know Kate burning down the Hale house is common knowledge, but I thought Derek said he didn't tell anyone about his relationship with Kate? To Derek's credit, he just stands there and takes Stiles' rage, because he knows that harsh as it is, he's totally right. Scott assures Stiles that she's still out there, so there's still hope, but Stiles reminds him of the MAJOR problem they have, now: the Alpha Pack is after her, too, and since the gang doesn't have her anymore, they can't protect her from them long enough to get the information that they need. Which sucks, because you know that they'd be perfectly cool with the Alpha Pack taking care of her if they weren't relying on her to save Cora and Stiles. If she dies before they find her, then Cora and his dad are pretty much goners, too. Scott really doesn't want to believe that Cora is actually dying, but Peter argues that she's definitely not getting better, so either way, it's pretty bad. Scott insists that there's got to be something they can do to at least stabilize her, just as Jennifer waltzes in out of nowhere to inform them that they can't, because only she has the ability/power/knowledge of the problem that can save her. (Most likely because she's the reason why Cora's sick in the first place, but I digress.) "I can save her, and I can tell you where Sheriff Stilinski is, but there is a pack of alphas in this hospital that want me dead. So, I'll help you, but only when I'm out of here, and safe. Only then." UGH. How can I find her so attractive and yet hate her so much?

Derek tosses a table out of his way so he can lunge at her, but once again, Scott stops him. Derek reminds Scott that she was trying to escape, but Jennifer clarifies that she was trying to protect herself and argues that she can't be blamed for wanting to stay alive. Stiles wants her to prove that she's a "good guy" by curing Cora, but Jen refuses to do it until she's out of the hospital. Peter's like, "I think torturing her is probably a better plan," to which Derek wholeheartedly agrees, but before they can get to it, they're all stunned into silence by Melissa's nervous voice playing over the PA system.

"Um, can I have your attention? Mr. Deucalion--exc-cuse me, JUST Deucalion--requests you bring the woman calling herself Jennifer Blake to the ER reception. Do this, and everyone else can leave. You have ten minutes." Everyone in the room is shocked and glares at Jennifer with the rage of a thousand burning suns. She gulps nervously, realizing that this has just royally fucked up her plan, and desperately assures them that the alphas aren't going to hurt Mama McCall. Derek's like, "Are you fucking serious? Have you met these people before?" Jen's sure of it, though, and begs Scott to tell them why he knows it's true. Scott just stands there awkwardly, so after a moment of silence, she sighs and breaks it down for them: Derek isn't the only person the Deucalion is trying to add to his pack. Cue stunned silence and confusion from literally everyone but Jennifer and Scott.

It's still pouring down rain when Isaac and the Argents finally pull into the hospital, and they all run quickly toward the main entrance. When they get to the doorway, Chris can tell by the darkened, empty hospital that the evacuation has already happened. Allison asks Isaac if he's caught a scent to help them know what they're walking into, but since it's been storming for hours, any scents that might have been lingering before have since been washed away.

Back in the random treatment room, Jennifer is explaining Scott's little secret to the rest of the gang. "Deucalion doesn't just want an Alpha Pack, he wants perfection. That means adding the rarest of alphas to his ranks." Peter correctly deduces that Scott is a true alpha, and looks genuinely proud and impressed when he explains what it is to a confused Stiles and Derek. I love how he's all proud-papa now that the boy he totally bit without consent has risen to being some super-rare form of werewolf. Scott, being the humble prince that he is, swears it doesn't matter right now, and directs the topic of conversation back to figuring out how to get Jennifer out of the hospital. Stiles is like, "Uh, you forgot about your mom, dude," but Scott reminds them that she said there was an ambulance coming in twenty minutes, and he thinks that they can still make it down there and get out in it.

Peter brings up the accurate point that the twins, Kali and Deucalion aren't just going to let them leave with Jennifer, so Scott offers to distract them. Derek's like, "Uh, you mean fight them," but Scott's on a martyr tear that rivals Derek's greatest hits, so of course Derek agrees to help him. Jennifer shuts that plan down, because she won't go anywhere without Derek, probably because it'll be easier to dupe him than the others, since Derek's the one who slept with her and got hit with her dark-druid-y, virgin-sacrifice-fueled mind-whammies. Weirdly enough, Peter finally joins the team and offers to help them out in combat for the first time EVER. Even SCOTT is surprised at this uncharacteristic generosity. "But, I'd prefer to be out there with an advantage," Peter adds, and implies that a weapon more hardy than that baseball bat would be preferable.

So, all of them start searching through the different drawers and cabinets in the treatment room for something they can use to give them an edge. Stiles suggests using the defibrillator, but since he doesn't know how to work it, Derek just tells him to put it away. Scott finds a gigantic syringe of epinephrine, which Derek claims will just make them stronger. Peter's formulating an idea, though, and is like, "How much stronger?"

Cue Peter lurching out into the hallway with the huge syringe sticking out of his chest and his eyeballs bursting out of his head. Yeah, Peter just ROOFIED HIMSELF WITH EPINEPHRINE. This made me laugh so much it made me hate him slightly less. His blue eyes and fangs come out, and he and Scott lunge for the Alpha Twins while Derek, Stiles and Jennifer sneak away in the other direction, with Cora flopped over Derek's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. After getting tossed around a bit, Peter and Scott run away from the rest of the gang to lure the twins away from the basement.

Stiles, Derek and Jennifer have made it down to the basement to find that the ambulance is still there. Stiles helps load Cora in, but Jennifer calls Derek away when she finds the body of the EMT who was driving the ambulance on the ground outside the driver's side door, covered in blood and clearly dead. So much for that "not killing humans"-theory earlier, eh? Maybe Stiles is just more endearing than most humans. Anyway, they're slowly stepping closer to the body when they hear a voice. "Juuuuuliaaaaaa," Kali sing-songs, as she walks around the front of the ambulance, twirling the ambulance keys around her finger. Stiles wisely shuts the ambulance doors and locks them in the case that Kali doesn't realize that the two of them are in there. Kali, whose clawed feet are bloody, leaving wet, red footprints on the cement floor as she walks, chirps, "It IS you." Jen whispers to Derek that he can't take her on his own. Duh, girl! Derek's like, "Yup, no lies detected, that's why we're gonna run away and hope she can't catch us." Which, they do.

Kali chases them back into the hospital, where Jennifer urges Derek to go back into the elevator. Derek turns and follows her, throwing a gurney behind him to slow Kali down, and thankfully the doors shut right before Kali has the chance to wedge herself in between them. Derek and Jennifer are both SO relieved as they both lean back against the wall of the elevator and try to catch their breath. Of course, no one can catch a break in this show, so the electricity starts to flicker before it goes off completely again, stranding them between two different floors.

Up on the roof, Melissa is with Deucalion, and has just shut off the emergency generator on his orders. He thanks her for her help in his war games, and she asks what he wants her to do, now. He kindly replies that she's his "gesture of good will" and instructs her to leave and go find her son. Before she leaves, he warns to be safe on her way back. This is sooooo not gonna end well, is it?

Stiles is reinforcing the doors in the ambulance, and once he's satisfied, he settles in on one of the seats in the back. He's starting to relax now that they seem to be safe for the time being, and asks Cora how she's doing. "Wait, why do you look like you're not breathing?" he asks, when Cora doesn't respond, and when he hovers his ear over her mouth, he gets his answer. "Because you aren't breathing, are you?" EVERYTHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG AT ONCE, OH MY GOD. He starts to freak out, and tries desperately to remember what he learned in CPR about this kind of thing. After a moment of paralyzing fear, he tilts her head back and checks to make sure there's no obstructions before he then starts to give her rescue breaths. She really doesn't look so good, she's super pale and sweaty and just looks really miserable in general.

Meanwhile, Derek has pulled the elevator doors apart to find that yes, they are between levels, so that sucks for both of them. He then tries for the service hatch next, but Jennifer stops him and declares it useless, because it locks from the outside, so he'd have to make a lot of noise to break it that would just give away their position. Derek counters that Kali already knows where they are, so what do they have to lose by giving it a shot? Jen doesn't think that's necessarily true, though. "She knows that we got in, but she might not know we didn't get out." Derek still thinks it would be better if they could go out onto another floor through the hatch, but Jen thinks it's just as likely that they'd end up fighting in an elevator shaft, which would inevitably result in her death, and probably Derek's, too. Eventually, Derek's just 1000% done with everything, especially her, and is like, "GOD, FINE, YOU WIN" before he whips out his phone to get Scott or Stiles or someone else to turn the electricity back on again.

All the while, Stiles is still trying to revive Cora, and thankfully it ends up working after a couple more tries and lots more verbal urging on Stiles' part. She sits up and coughs a bit before passing out once again. Stiles sits back in relief. "Next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake!" Aw, Stiles. I kind of like them together, TBH. To be fair, though, I basically ship every possible pairing on this show, even the weird ones like Derek/Allison or Scott/Lydia or whatever.

Scott and Peter are still being chased by the twins when Peter collapses on the ground. "That shot didn't last very long," Peter complains weakly, forcing Scott to lift him up and half-carry him into the soiled utility room so they can regroup. Peter remarks that the twins are starting to piss him off, but Scott is at a loss for ideas on how to get past them. "Personally, I think if we keep letting them beat the crap out of us, eventually they'll grow tired of it and give up." Scott has a better idea, though, when he spots a laundry chute in the wall that looks just big enough for Scott and Peter-sized people to fit inside.

We cut to Peter, who falls through the chute into one of those big canvas laundry baskets full of linens, and Scott promptly falls on him a few seconds later. Peter's a little pissy that Scott didn't wait the extra ten seconds for him to get out, and dramatically cracks his back a bit until he's distracted by Scott receiving a text. Peter knows before Scott's even read it out loud that Derek and Jennifer didn't end up making it out of the basement. In the elevator, Derek waits quietly until he receives a text from them, which he reads aloud to Jennifer: "Don't move, on our way." They both sigh in relief.

Stiles is keeping Cora company by talking to her and comforting her, despite the fact that she's unconscious and likely not processing any of it. This scene will be easy to transcribe, because it's basically a monologue, considering she's out like a light and not responding to anything.

"You just hold on a little longer, okay? Trust me, if anyone is going to get us out of this, it's Scott. [beat] I can't believe I just said that. [scoffs] You know, I used to be the one with the plan. Well, at least a plan B. [sighs] Now I'm thinking maybe you were right, maybe we are pretty much useless. Maybe all we really do is show up and find the bodies. ...I don't want to find my father's body. [quickly wipes away tears and exhales deeply]...You know, you're a lot easier to talk to when you're completely unconscious." God, that scene was a killer. Poor Stiles. :( That last line did crack me up a little bit, though. Thank goodness for those small bits of humor, otherwise this show would make us all want to off ourselves each week.

Stiles hears a growling noise and automatically braces himself for the worst, flattening himself against the wall so he can discreetly peer through the window to see what's coming. Voltron Wolf slowly skulks past the ambulance and back into the hospital. When he's out of sight, Stiles sighs in frustration/fear/exhaustion. Yeah, methinks Stiles is like 5000% done right now. Nervous breakdown incoming in 5...4...3...2...

We haven't checked in with the Argent/Isaac clan in a while, who are slowly creeping through the hallways. Chris has his gun out, and after a few minutes, he cocks it, or whatever it is you do to guns to prep it to be fired. I know absolutely nothing about guns whatsoever, so if someone else knows the correct terminology, please tell me what it is! Isaac's like, "Yeah, so I'm going to take that as a sign that you're kinda worried," which impresses Chris not one bit, and he simply instructs Isaac and his daughter to stay close to him. After another moment, Isaac says he hears something, and determines that it's below them; he lowers himself to the ground and presses his ear to the floor, where he hears some weird clanking noises, like footsteps.

Stiles hears the noises too, and flattens his own ear against the wall of the ambulance, and gets worried once he realizes that whatever it is that is making the noise is headed his way. He goes to grab the door in hopes of using his strength to keep it locked, but thankfully, it's just Scott and Peter, the latter of whom is so weak from the epinephrine shot that he can barely walk at this point. Stiles quickly opens the door for them and helps Peter in, and his hand TOTALLY grazes Peter's ass as Peter settles in beside him. When he asks where Derek and Jennifer are, Scott informs him that he has to go back for them AND his mom, too. Stiles warns, "Okay, two problems: Kali has the keys to this thing, and I just saw the twins like 30 seconds ago." Scott looks around and tells Stiles to stay where they are.

(Sidebar: I thought that the twins were just weirdos who pronounced Kali wrong, but now everyone except for Deucalion is pronouncing it the same way, so maybe I'm the wrong one? They've been pronouncing it Kuh-LEE instead of KAA-lee. Noted.)

Inside the hospital, which looks even eerier than it did before, because it's completely dark save for a faint green glow from the backup generators. Scott is walking around the halls, trying to find his mom. He stops when he hears a loud noise, and upon focusing his hearing, he is startled by another sound of something metallic falling and hitting the ground. Of course, it's Voltron Wolf, who wastes no time lunging at Scott and beating the shit out of him. His small-stature makes it much easier for him to dodge punches than the others, but he still ends up in a choke-hold, pressed up against the wall.

"WHERE IS SHE? WE'RE TRYING NOT TO HURT YOU!" The twins shout, and Scott manages to adorably choke out, "TRY HARDER," before his mom runs toward them out of nowhere. She's shouts, "I'd like to try something!" and uses a nearby defibrillator on a crash cart to shock the twins apart! YEAH MAMA MCCALL, BETTER THAN YOUR FAVES SINCE 2011! Scott just stares at his mom in awe, but she's like, "Uh, come on Scott, I know I'm awesome but we gotta get out of here." She pulls him up and they run away. That was so badass, I am so in love with Melissa, omg.

In the elevator, Derek is staring at his phone, waiting for updates, and aggressively ignoring Jennifer's questions. "Derek? I know what you're thinking. That I'm using you, that everything that has happened between us is a lie, or that I'm evil...a bitch..." She steps closer to him. "But I hope you're not thinking the most superficial thought: 'Is that her real face? The slashed, mutilated face revealed by the mistletoe. Is that what she really looks like?'" Yeah, sorry Jen, but even Derek is probably more concerned about the fact that you've been ritualistically killing/intending to kill over a dozen people, including his own sister and Stiles' dad. No one really gives a fuck about your face right now.

Kali and Deucalion are in the morgue, where she tells him he should have kept hold of Melissa. He's like, "Yeah, whatever," but she gives him shit for having a soft spot for him. "I have an investment that I'm trying to mature," he retorts, and he does have a point-- if something happens to Melissa, you bet your sweet ass that he will want nothing to do with him and the Alpha Pack. He'd rather die than support someone who hurt his family/friends. "If you want to talk about soft spots, let's talk about Jennifer Blake," he sneers at Kali. "Or, what was her name again?" Kali blanches, and stammers "Julia."

Jennifer continues her story in the elevator with Derek. "Julia Baccari. That was my name." Derek's literally could not give less fucks, but she continues as if he didn't say anything. "I guess I should have changed it to something with different first letters. I think I read somewhere that people always pick aliases that are subconsciously derivative of their original name. It's a way of not completely letting go of your identity, since your name is so tied to your sense of self. But do you know what else is? Your face. The one that's supposed to be staring back at you in the mirror. Not some hacked-up atrocity you can't even recognize."

Derek still doesn't care one bit. "But I bet you're curious. I bet you wonder exactly what happened." Derek gives her the bullet point version of her story that he (or, let's be real, Stiles) has already figured out: she was an emissary to one of the alphas' packs, they tried to kill her and the rest of their packmates, the end. Jennifer (sorry, I'm not calling her Julia, that's way too confusing) decides to give him the details anyway. "I was Kali's emissary. And I was the one she couldn't kill."

We cut to a flashback, where Jennifer falls to the ground somewhere in the woods, her face and body clawed to bits. Kali stands above her, long hair blowing in the wind, blood spattered across her face and clawed feet, just silently staring at her beaten emissary. Then, Kali steps over her body, and stops to take one final look at her former adviser before walking away.

Back in the morgue, Kali picks up the story. "I didn't understand why I had to kill her too. She was harmless! But I did it because you wanted me to. I did everything you asked to be a part of this pack." Deuc's not here for her complaints, and reminds her that she joined the pack to be with Ennis. "So don't point that accusing toe at me!" I LOL'd, I couldn't help it. He points out the fact that while she may have been harmless then, she definitely isn't harmless now. Kali swears that she thought Jennifer was dead, but Deucalion is skeptical, and grabs his cane from the autopsy table.

"Are you asking if maybe there was a moment of uncertainty that when I walked away, thinking she was dead? That maybe I turned back? And maybe I saw her there, lying perfectly still, but I focused my hearing anyway, listened to the sound of her heart still beating, still fighting for life, and I thought, 'I could go back,' and I could finish it, or I could let someone that I love die peacefully. And maybe I just kept walking." Deuc has no time for love or any of that whole ~feelings~ shit, and gets right up in Kali's face. "My heart bleeds for you, Kali. Apparently hers could have bled a little more." Yikes! TBH, I was sure he was going to kill Kali or something, but instead he just walked away. This scene totally made me like Kali even more, as ruthless as she is. I have a love/hate relationship with the villains of this show. Except for Gerard. That bastard is the worst.

Jennifer finishes up the story, to the tune of the AMAZING Nemeton theme, and we see a flashback of her crawling across what looks like a desert with tons of trees, which makes no sense at all. "For years, the Nemeton's power was virtually gone," Jennifer explains in voice over, as her flashback-self crawls desperately toward the Nemeton, which is apparently a tree STUMP, and not a full tree, whose roots stretch down into that root cellar where Derek took Paige. Or at least, it was a stump, then. It's possible that the Nemeton was an actual tree at one point that was used by the druids. "Like the dying ember of a burnt out fire. But a few months earlier, something happened that caused that ember to glow a little brighter. Something that gave it a spark of power again. The sacrifice of a virgin."

Flashback Jennifer puts her hand on the roots of the stump, and we pan down to see the roots in the cellar are covered in blood. "You didn't know what you were doing back then. But, killing Paige in that root cellar, sacrificing her there, gave power to the Nemeton. You gave it power again!" Derek looks like someone just simultaneously kicked him in the gut and the balls, it's so terrible. Conversely, Jennifer is almost crying from the memory of this traumatic event as she continues; "You gave ME power. Just enough to hold onto life a little longer. Long enough to be found."

She smiles, and we see a passed-out Jennifer being found by Sheriff Stilinski, then Deputy Stilinski, who checks her pulse to find that she's alive. Way to pay the Sheriff back for finding/saving you by TAKING HIM AS A SACRIFICE, JEN. And, for being so grateful to Derek for giving her the spark that allowed her to stay alive, she seems to be rewarding him with a heaping pile of shit, too. I mean, she has been deliberately been choosing people who were connected in some way to the Beacon Hills pack, so what kind of thanks is that? Sigh. Like always, Derek's life is the worst, holy shit.

Downstairs, Melissa is explaining to Scott that Deuc just let her go as a "gesture of good will," which Scott thinks is suspicious, since Deucalion always has a reason for the things that he does. "Well, if that means I should continue to be profoundly terrified, then don't worry about that, I've got that covered." Aw, Melissa! Scott hears a noise and grabs his mom's arm. They hear another clicking noise, so he gestures for his mom to stay where she is while he investigates. He creeps around the corner, only to find Isaac, Allison, and Chris sneaking down the hall from the opposite direction, startling them all so much that Chris, once again, almost shoots Scott on accident. Eek! Once they realize they're not in danger, they all sigh in relief.

Back to Jennifer's Monologues: this time, it's a mythologically incorrect storytelling of the myth of the Norse gods and mistletoe. "You know mistletoe is important to Druids, but do you know the myth of why people kiss under mistletoe?" Derek is still grimacing and aggressively trying to ignore her, and just mutters a no. "It's a Norse myth. Baldr, the son of Odin, was the most beloved by the other gods. So much that they wanted to protect him from all of the dangers of the world. His mother, Frigga, took an oath, from fire and water, metal, stone and every living thing, that they would never hurt Baldr. And at a gathering, they tested it. Stones, arrows, and flame were all hurled at him, and nothing worked."

"But, there was one god that wasn't so enamored by Baldr--the God of Mischief, Loki. Loki discovered that Frigga had forgotten to ask mistletoe, a tiny, seemingly-harmless plant, and completely overlooked. Loki fashioned a dart out of mistletoe and it killed Baldr. Frigga was heartbroken; she decreed that mistletoe would never again be used as a weapon, and that she would place a kiss on anyone who passed under it. So now, we hang mistletoe underneath our door during the holidays so we will never overlook it again. We were the overlooked, the emissaries. It was a mistake that Deucalion and the alphas should never have made, because I made an oath of my own, from virgins and warriors, from healers, philosophers, and guardians, to loan me their power so that I can teach these monsters that their monstrous actions would never be overlooked again."

Derek reminds her that doing this involved her killing innocent people, but she turns the tables on him. "So have you. I know the real color of your eyes, Derek, and I know what it means." Okay, I don't really think that's fair, though. Yeah, Derek's idea to turn Paige was misguided at best and pretty god awful at worst, but, if we take the story at face value, he was highly manipulated by Peter into doing what he did. I guess what I'm trying to say is that mercy-killing your girlfriend, who was going to die anyway, isn't really the same as sacrificing innocent people to add to your own power to fuel a revenge fantasy, you know? Jennifer makes her last plea to Derek, informing him that in helping her, he won't just be saving her, he'll be saving everyone that the Alpha Pack will ever hurt again. He reminds her that she can't beat him, no one can, but she's not so sure.

"Are you sure about that? Boyd asked you right before he died what happens to a werewolf during a lunar eclipse. You didn't get the chance to tell him, but you know, don't you? What happens, Derek? During the total lunar eclipse?" Derek: "We lose all our power." !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! While I'm busy hyperventilating, Jennifer just smirks and nods.

Isaac, Allison, Chris, Scott and Melissa regroup in the ER treatment room and try to come up with a plan to get Jennifer and Derek out of the elevator and the hospital. Isaac points out that there's no way of getting them out without turning the power back on, and Melissa adds that even if they get the power turned on, the alphas will be able to hear the elevator moving and kno right where they are. Scott agrees with her, and reminds them that they CAN'T get into a fight with them for obvious reasons. Chris thinks that having him and Allison there increases their odds, but it's still too big of a risk-- the Alpha Pack wants Jen dead, and if she dies, Cora and Sheriff are as good as dead, too. Chris doesn't think he even knows which teacher Jen is, but Isaac helpfully describes her for him. "She's the one with the brown hair, she's kinda hot." When they all turn to side-eye him, he adds, "Just, uh, just an observation!" Allison, bless her heart, sees her reflection in the window and is like, "Hey! She's hot with brown curly hair, and I'm hot with brown curly hair! I have an idea, let's trick them!"

Still in the morgue, Kali and Deuc are trying to eavesdrop, and Kali asks what they're doing. "Plotting," says Deucalion. Way to state the obvious, bro. Elsewhere, the twins are walking around looking for stragglers. In the elevator, Derek gets a text that they have a plan, which he recounts to Jennifer. This part confused me for a minute, because I couldn't understand how Allison managed to go from wearing the blue dress and fishnets to wearing jeans and a sweater, but when Derek closes the elevator doors, we see Jennifer taking her shoes off, so I think they somehow swapped clothes?

Isaac is outside in Chris' car, talking to Allison on via video chat. She asks if he's ready, and when he confirms that he is, she asks if he's nervous. He retorts, "Do I look nervous?" so she's like, "Nope, cool as a cucumber!" She sets her phone down on the ground so he has a view of the hallway. Isaac can overhear Chris asking if he looked nervous, and she's hilariously like, "Yeah, super terrified." Isaac's offended, and reminds her that he can hear everything they're saying, but she just instructs him to leave as soon as he sees "them."

The twins bust into a room, but it's empty. They determine that the sounds they're hearing must be coming from another floor, but before they go to leave, they hear someone running. Cue Allison, running like a marathon runner in Jennifer's platform sandals. Way to go, girl! That's the sign of a true warrior. Kali hears her running too, and she's quickly followed by the twins, although despite being tough alphas, they can't seem to catch up with her.

Isaac sees the twins pass their checkpoint from where Allison left her phone on video chat, and throws his own phone on the passenger seat before driving to the basement garage. Allison makes it out of the hospital's entrance, just as Kali JUMPS THROUGH A THIRD STORY WINDOW AND LANDS ON THE GROUND BELOW. Bad. Ass. She crouches down in a three-point stance, with the twins following closely behind her. Allison, however, has crouched down to get her bow and quiver where her dad left it for her, and reveals herself to be not Jennifer when she starts shooting flash-bang arrows at them once again. Kali catches one, but once Chris jumps into view with a gun in each hand, firing furiously at them, the alphas run back inside. Way to go, Argents! Way to be awesome.

On the roof, Melissa turns the back-up generators back on, and sighs in relief when the power returns. When Derek sees the lights turn back on in the elevator, he frantically pushes the button for whatever floor they're headed to. Behind him, Jennifer whispers, "Derek? Please, look at me." In the reflection of the elevator doors, we can see she's back to her real, scary face, and she makes a screechy noise at him before the screen goes black.

Isaac pulls into the garage, and Stiles and Peter rush out carrying Cora, and put her in the backseat. Isaac yells at Stiles to hurry up, but he's noticed a clipboard on the ambulance door. Specifically, the words "Parent and/or Guardian" signature line at the bottom of the form. His hands start to shake as he realizes what the Guardian sacrifices REALLY mean. He runs off as Isaac shouts for him.

The song that plays during this last scene, Snow Ghosts' "And the World Was Gone" could not be more perfect. Scott runs through the halls towards the elevator, and stops quickly in shock when he sees what happened: Derek is unconscious on the floor of the elevator, and the escape hatch is open. Obviously, the reason why she didn't want Derek to use it was because she had planned this all along. UGH! I hate her, but also admire her deviousness and her ability to plan ridiculously complex plans, even when obstacles arise. Scott suddenly remembers that his mom was on the roof to turn the electricity back on, and immediately rushes up the stairwell next to the elevator.

Stiles has almost caught up to Scott and yells for him to stop, but when he runs toward the elevator and sees Derek on the floor, he stops and stares as well. That's when he's hit with the realization that Scott's mom is next, just as Scott deduced, and he makes the decision to leave Derek where he is in favor of rushing up the stairs after Scott.

Isaac shifts the car into reverse as Peter yells at him to go. Isaac shouts, "I can't, not without Scott!" SO LONG, DEAR FRIENDS, I AM GONE. My heart literally just died. Peter's yells, "Do you want the Argents dead too? Make a choice!" When they see the twins approaching the car, Peter's like, "JFC GOOOOOOOOO" and Isaac finally backs up, nearly hitting the twins, and turns around.

Run, you can run, you can run
I blink and the world was gone

Scott runs up the last set of stairs onto the roof, and yells for his mom once he gets outside. Of course, Deucalion is lying in wait for him. "They're gone. Guardians, Scott. If you were with me, I could have told you what it meant. I could have warned you." Scott looks so distraught and defeated, and tears fill his eyes as Deucalion hits him where it hurts. "Let me help you, Scott. Let's help each other. You help me catch her, and I'll help you find your mother and Stiles' father." NO SCOTT, HE COULD HAVE SAVED HER, TOO, AND HE DIDN'T! RUN AWAY RUN AWAYYYYYYYYYY. He doesn't listen to me, though. They never do. :(

You said you'd wait forever,
But I blink and the world was gone

Scott takes a step towards him as Stiles runs up on the roof, having overheard the last bit of what Deucalion said, and pleads with his best friend and brother to stay with him.

You wade through the water,
Slowly your hands grow numb

STILES: "Scott, Scott don't do this, don't go with him!"

SCOTT: "I don't know what else to do."
STILES: "No, Scott, there has to be something else, we always have- we always have a plan B!"

I wish you felt me falling
I wish you'd watch over me

Crying, Scott tells Stiles that they don't have a plan B this time, and walks towards Deucalion. Stiles is crying now too, and calls after him, but Scott promises that he'll find his dad. OMG MY HEART IS SMOOSHED.

You said you'd wait forever
But I blink...and the world was gone.

Scott walks away with Deucalion as Stiles desperately calls after him, and the two disappear into the fog.

Meanwhile, Melissa wakes up with a start to find that her hands and feet are bound with rope, which is also binding her shoulders to the wooden support beam against which she's leaning. Sheriff Stilinski asks if she's okay while she takes in her surroundings, but when she asks where they are, Sheriff says he's not sure, though he thinks it's a root cellar. After a moment, he adds that Jennifer called it something else. "She called it a...Nemeton." Melissa's eyes bug out, because she knows exactly where they are and why. Cue creepy Darach chanting! We get a wide shot to show that they're in the same cellar where Derek and Peter hid alllllll those years ago, and where Derek mercy-killed Paige. When we pan upwards, we see the same tree stump where Jennifer desperately crawled after she had been attacked by Kali.

NOOOOOO JEFF DAVIS YOU SADISTIC BASTARD! A lot of people on Tumblr called this as soon as we learned that "guardians" were a sacrifice trio, but I didn't think he'd actually go through with it. If one of them dies I will be so fucking sad, omgggg.

Next week, according to the promo: STILES AND LYDIA KISS; Cora is dying and Derek thinks he can save her, but he'll have to give her his alpha powers; Jennifer's next target is Chris Argent; and Stiles, Allison and possibly Scott get their very own ice/water baths, though for what reason, we can only speculate.

What did you guys think? What do you think will happen in the last two episodes of Season 3A? I'd like to hear your thoughts and theories!

[screencaps via this Screencapped album]

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-Please please pleeeeease, let Lydia's banshee powers at least be explained, if not utilized to save the day in these last two episodes. I desperately need Lydia to feel powerful. I would also like Stiles to feel powerful too, but I have a feeling that probably won't be explored until 3B, and I'm okay with that. I would really like the Argents to at least train them both to be able to defend themselves a little, since Scott, Isaac, Derek, etc can't always be around to save them. Maybe that's something they can do in 3B.

-I have a nagging suspicion that Peter is either working with the alphas, or working with Jennifer. OR, possibly Deuc, Peter and Jennifer are all working together on the sly? I also have a bad feeling that if those scenarios aren't the case, then perhaps Cora is like a double-agent with the alphas.
1) It's weird that Jennifer knows details about Paige's death that she probably shouldn't know, and who else was there when it happened who could have filled her in? Peter.
2) Peter was also conveniently out in the nature preserve when the kids were trying to corral Cora and Boyd in the school. That was the night that the gang found the bodies of the virgin sacrifices, which we now know were performed by Jennifer. One of the sacrifices was even taken from that same area in the woods where they were searching for Boyd and Cora, the same night that Jennifer was also conveniently at the school, which gave her the opportunity to be "saved" by Derek.
3)Deucalion let Melissa go knowing that she would be taken by Jennifer as a sacrifice, when he supposedly wants Jennifer dead so she's no longer a threat to his pack. I get that he ended up using it as a ploy to get Scott to help him out, but it's kind of a risky bluff, you know? What if Jennifer killed Scott's mom and the Sheriff before they could stop her? Why take that risk, when he knows that if anything happened to either of them, he would never join the pack? Unless, of course, he's working a different angle than we know of right now.
4) As for Cora, it weirded me out that they didn't really care that she was there listening that day when Deucalion, Kali and Ennis came to the loft to try to threaten Derek to join their pack. Why would they want Cora to be there, witnessing them order him to kill all of his packmates, which now includes Cora? It just doesn't make sense to me.

-WHO THE FUCK IS THE GIRL/MW? I need to know RIGHT MEOW. And while we're at it, I want to know where Cora has been the past six years, too. GET ON ANSWERING THOSE QUESTIONS, JEFF.


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