The Originals, Season 1, Episode 3: "Tangled Up In Blue" Recap/Review

This week was full of a lot of exposition, which some found to be a little boring, BUT, there was some action that was pretty neat to watch. We learned more about Marcel's particular brand of leadership, including more about the vampire hierarchy and punishments for those who break his rules. We also got to see more about Davina and how her powers work, which has only made me more curious as to who and/or what the fuck she is. Plus, it was nice to see Klaus back to his super-strategist ways, where he's got back-up plans for his back-up plans, as well as side plans that serve to better assure that his current plans will actually go successfully. It was pretty sweet! So, I'm going to quit summarizing and start discussing it. Let's go!

Previously, on The Originals: Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson are the oldest vampires in history, "The Originals," and thus every vampire is somehow descended from them. Three centuries or so ago, they sailed back to the New World from Europe and ended up in Louisiana, where they built the town now known as New Orleans. They left for a while, and came back to find the vampires at war against the witches, and Klaus' sire, Marcel, the leader of the French Quarter. Klaus is playing both sides to overthrow Marcel and take back the city he believes is rightfully his, blah blah blah. Also, he accidentally knocked up Hayley, a werewolf, so he has to protect her and the baby, too, since under Marcel's rule, werewolves are banned from the Quarter. The problem, is that Marcel has a daggered Elijah in his possession, who is being protected by a baby witch, Davina. She's so powerful that she gives the Mikaelsons a run for their money, so it's time for Klaus and Rebekah to work together to get their brother back. Which is where we pick up!

Hayley sits on the floor of what I assume is her bedroom, where she is reading a humongous, leather-bound book. As it turns out, it's Elijah's journal, and his sexy voice narrates his entry from August, 1359 while we watch flashbacks. "I have noticed a difference in my siblings. Our bond strains beneath the pressure of our life as vampires. Each day removes them further from the humanity we once possessed. My sister, Rebekah, has grown quite indifferent to brutality." We flashback to Rebekah, when she killed the vampires who attacked Hayley last week via heart-ectomy. "However, the true problem remains my brother, Niklaus." The problem is ALWAYS Klaus, dear Eli. Speak of the devil, as we speak, Klaus is out in the front yard of their new-old home, where he soaks the dead vampires' bodies in gasoline before setting them alight. "He continues to hide his loneliness with cruelty. Still, I cling to the hope that I, as their eldest brother, can lead them down the correct path, a path charged with the power of a family united. For if I fail, our legacy will end in darkness." Optimistic to a fault. Oh, Elijah.

Downstairs, Rebekah gives Klaus a hard time for dealing with the vamps' bodies without her. Klaus playfully argues that it wouldn't do to leave them in the front yard and stink up the neighborhood. "Besides, they were my responsibility! They attacked the helpless pregnant girl who's carrying my child." I love that Klaus's favorite part of this whole becoming-a-father thing is having an excuse to kill people. That's so Klaus. Rebekah snarks that she's impressed by his sudden fatherly affection toward the demon spawn currently cooking in Hayley's womb. Hayley has overheard this entire conversation, and asks the two Mikaelsons what their plan is. Klaus has many plans, you see, so he asks his baby mama to be a little more specific.

"The plan to rescue Elijah. You know, the good brother. The one who is now in the possession of your mortal enemy after you STABBED HIM IN THE BACK." Klaus is all, "In the front, if we're being specific," but Hayley's already tired of his games. He sighs and explains that Marcel is not an enemy, but his friend, although he has no clue that Klaus is planning a coup to dethrone him. He also clarifies that he only daggered Elijah to gain Marcel's trust, and had he known about Davina the Baby Witch, he probably would have chosen a better plan. Rebekah picks up where he leaves off, and reveals that their plan is for Klaus to simply ask Marcel to give him Elijah back. Hayley may be new, but she's not stupid, and is like, "Please tell me that's not the whole plan." Thankfully, it isn't. "That's only the plan A, love. There's always a plan B!" When she asks what their plan B is, he smiles and calmly states, "War." Of course it is. TITLE CARD!

Since the Event-of-the-Week seems to be a Masquerade Ball, Marcel is in the process of having his suit fitted for the party. He states the obvious by reminding us how good he looks in a suit. Thierry chuckles before his attention is turned to the TV, which is set to the local news. The newscaster is reporting about the newest missing persons, Tina and Josh, who you remember from last week. Thierry assures Marcel that he's got a guy at the dock who will come forward as a witness to say that he saw them drunkenly fall into the Mississippi, so the cops will be too busy searching it to look around here, which Marcel appreciates, since one is dead and the other is his newest henchvampire.

When he asks if there is any other news, Thierry admits that he sent four of their nightwalkers to look into a tip of a werewolf sighting, and they haven't been heard from since, which means they've likely lost ten nightwalkers this week. Marcel wonders if it's a werewolf taking out their men, but Thierry figures it's more likely that Klaus and his siblings were the perps. Klaus chooses that moment to walk in to defend his family's honor. "Oh, come now, Thierry. You're not still upset about that little, toxic werewolf bite I gave you, are you? I thought we were at bygones!" Bahahaha. Thierry snits at Marcel for letting Klaus come into his house whenever he pleases, so Klaus argues that the fact that his family built the house in the first place is reason enough. Marcel, ever the peace-maker, reminds the two that each of them are like family to him, and demands that they play nice.

He's like, "So, what do you need?" so Klaus plays like Rebekah is inconveniencing him and breaks the news that she is demanding he ask for Elijah back. I feel like they would have had much better luck if they had lied and said that Rebekah intended on leaving with Elijah as soon as they get him back, but that would be too easy, I guess. Thierry HATES the idea of three Originals walking around New Orleans, because half the vampires in Marcel's crew think Rebekah and/or Klaus killed their nightwalkers as it is. Klaus gets into his face, all, "Are you accusing an Original?" so Marcel has to break it up again by asking to speak with Klaus in private.

Once they're alone, Marcel concedes that while Thierry may be a little overprotective, he is loyal to a fault. "I saved his life back in the 40's, found him dying of a war wound outside a VA hospital. He'd kill for me, and die for me. Plus, that boy can play the trumpet like you wouldn't believe!" He asks Klaus if he'll be at the party, and Klaus replies that he couldn't miss the chance to meet the City Councilman, who will be accepting a huge check for charity on Marcel's behalf. Just as in 1830s, this politician kindly overlooks their vampiric activities in exchange for lots of donations and a promise from the vamps that they'll not feed on the locals. He brings the topic back to Elijah, and he pretends that it pains him to not help him out. He cites Thierry's nerves around Klaus' family, and explains that all the vampires dying right after they got here is freaking his guys out. "If I hand him over now, it might give the wrong impression about who's really in charge here, you know what I mean?" Oh Marcel, poor choice of words, as usual. Klaus gives him a fake smile, and admits that he had to ask to get Rebekah off his back.

Rebekah is walking through the Quarter while she calls her brother for an update on the first step of their plan. "Niklaus, for the love of Mary Magdalene, how long does it take to ask a simple question?" LOL! Klaus breaks the news that, as expected, Marcel nixed the plan to give Elijah back. He then mentions that Thierry is under the impression that Rebekah killed ten of his nightwalkers. "Well, that's a lie! I only killed eight. Should I make Thierry the ninth?" He urges his baby sister to leave the favorite son alone for now, since Marcel is playing nice for the moment, so Rebekah deduces that Plan B: War is ago, then. Klaus instructs her to deal with Sophie Deveraux, while he works on the next cog in their plan, which involves mentoring his newly compelled spy, Gay-Best-Friend Josh, and the hostage vampire whom they are currently draining of blood.

When he hangs up on his sis, Klaus approaches Josh and berates him for taking so long to properly torture their guest. Josh confesses, "I'm not, like, medieval torture expert guy," which doesn't seem to please his new boss much. Klaus demonstrates what Josh needs to do by stabbing the hostage in the gut with a pitchfork; he then compels him to practice driving the pitchfork through the guy by himself, which he does. Josh doesn't get why he keeps following Klaus' orders, even when he doesn't want to, so Klaus has to teach him the finer details of being a vampire. There should really be some kind of Vampire Codex-style book for newbies, JFC. "It's called mind compulsion. Vampires can compel humans. Originals, like my siblings and I, can also compel vampires, and no one can compel Originals. You following?" Well, besides baby-witches, anyway, but okay, I get it.

Josh nods nervously, so Klaus reveals more of his plans to him, since he's likely compelled to keep his secrets as well as to do his bidding. Josh doesn't understand why this guy needs to have his guts ripped out of him, so Klaus impatiently explains the vervain thing, and how all of Marcel's dudes have been taking it since they got there so that none of the Mikaelsons can compel them. Since the aforementioned hostage was also taking it, he has to be bled dry of the vervain so that he can be compelled to do whatever Klaus wants, just like Josh is now. "And with my brother currently in captivity awaiting rescue, we can't afford to be gentle about it, can we?" He grabs the pitchfork from his little fledgling and impales the hostage again before twisting it in a bit. Yeeowch!

Meanwhile, Rebekah has been waiting impatiently outside of the Jardin Gris voodoo shop when Sophie finally arrives. Once Rebekah is done being rude about her running late, she explains to the witch why they are both there. Hayley was attacked by Marcel's henchvamps the previous night, after they received a tip that there was a werewolf in town, and since she only made one stop, at this shop, whoever saw her here was the one who tipped them off, and they need to figure out who it was. Rebekah is all, "Watch and learn," and instructs Sophie to follow her.

The ladies walk into the store, where they're greeted by Katie, the witch who gave Hayley the wolfsbane last week. Rebekah admires a necklace hanging from a hook, which Katie explains is full of marigold, a flower that apparently attracts the opposite sex. Rebekah unsubtlely asks her if she has any necklaces filled with wolfsbane, and of course, Katie plays dumb and immediately gets called on it. Rebekah zooms over to Katie and slams her against a wall before pushing her down flat on a table. Sophie is not at all cool with this display of physical violence, but regardless, it gets results-- Katie immediately confesses that all she did was sell a werewolf some herbs. Rebekah knows she's not telling the whole truth, and after some encouragement from Sophie, Katie adds that did tell someone. "But you don't understand. I--I love him." Rebekah throws her to the floor and shoves the pointy heel of her stiletto against Katie's neck, and asks her one last time to tell her who her "Vampire Romeo" is.

Klaus is still torturing his soon-to-be new minion when Rebekah calls, so he passes the pitchfork off to Josh with instructions to keep at it. When he answers, his sister wastes no time in letting him know what's up; basically, he was right about Katie ratting Hayley out, but she has no idea about the Mikaelsons and their plans to overthrow Marcel, so she's not a threat. However, Rebekah did learn something that will be of great use to them. "She's in love with someone in Marcel's inner circle. Guess who it is?" Klaus: "Right-hand-man type, favors silly caps?" Truer words have not been spoken, hahaha. Since Thierry is "fraternizing with the enemy," he is now the linchpin in their war game. Klaus is really going in with the dramatic narration this week, so he adds, "Oh, to be young and in love in a city where witches and vampires are at war. How very tragic."

Klaus, Rebekah and Sophie have all met at the Mikaelson Manse, where they are all currently arguing. Why, you ask? Because they still need Sophie to do that teeny, tiny locator spell Rebekah asked for last week after all. Sophie's like, "Have you forgotten that witches who practice magic in this town get caught? And then get dead?" Klaus points out that they were unaware of HOW Marcel was monitoring the magic in this town when they first agreed to help Sophie, whose eyes grow wide when she realizes they've met Davina. She asks where they saw her, but Rebekah snits that she can't remember, due to being telekinetically thrown out of a window and then having her mind magically wiped of her location.

Tired of the arguing, Klaus cuts them off. "Let me cut to the chase. Davina has Elijah. You witches, I assume, want to get Davina away from Marcel. We don't know where she is. Ergo, we need magic." Sophie argues again that Davina would sense it, but they've thought that part through already. Rebekah suggests that they allow their "traitor to the cause," Katie, do a larger spell that would act as a smokescreen for the smaller, simpler spell that Sophie would be doing at the same time. The problem is, Sophie HATES this plan, namely because of the risk to Katie. Sophie is basically the Bonnie of The Originals, isn't she? In order to convince her to get on their side, Klaus drops some factoids on her.

"Sophie Deveraux, you're in no position to be so principled. You can't win a war without a few strategic losses, no matter how regrettable they may be." He's one thousand years old, so no one can really argue that he doesn't know war inside and out. H'es probably seen a ton of it over the centuries. "How many times have the vampires been one step ahead, known something they shouldn't? You sister, executed in the public square for practicing magic, who knew she'd be caught? Did she even attempt to flee?" Sophie sighs, and reveals that Jane-Anne had been caught hiding out in the cargo hold of a freighter just before it took off down the Mississippi. When Klaus asks her which of Marcel's men is in charge of his business at the docks, we all know that the answer will be--Thierry, Katie's boyfriend, which means it's pretty likely that she was involved somehow in Jane-Anne's death as well as Hayley's attack.

Having convinced Sophie to do the spell, Klaus returns to the Abbatoir for a little pre-party chat and subtle manipulation. He and Marcel stand and listen to Thierry play the trumpet, which Klaus admits is indeed impressive. Marcel brags about his talent a little more before he admits that he's in a relationship. "He knocks around with this pretty little witch. He says he loves her, but I don't know." Klaus brings up the conflict of interest in having his best man involved with the enemy, and suggests that Marcel doesn't care, which he denies. He argues that he does care, but believes Thierry is a grown man who isn't going to do anything to mess up his awesome life here. Plus, Marcel gets some good intel out of him as a result.

Klaus starts to plant the seeds of doubt in his mind, and it works like a charm. " don't want the witches getting TOO bold, given that a witch's tip about a werewolf in town led to the disappearance of your nightwalkers. I'm sure you've considered the possibility that it could've been a trap?" Marcel's face tenses at this very slight dig, and decides that he probably should do another show of force. He calls Thierry over and orders him to take a team of nightwalkers to the Cauldron for some "rousting," and adds, "Make it nasty." Dundundunnnn.

Rebekah seems to be working her own angle in her part of the plan, which involves befriending Cami the Bartender at Rousseau's. She sits at the bar with a scotch, and explains to Cami that she moved to N.O. to be closer to her brothers, because family above all and blah blah blah. Cami looks at Rebekah kind of funny, and asks her if they've met before, because she looks really familiar to her. We flashback to Rebekah throttling her last week, which has obviously been compelled from her memory, and when we return to the present, Rebekah just shrugs and lies that they must have seen each other out and about.

She mentions she heard a rumor that Cami is dating Marcel, whom she refers to as a "sort-of friend," but Cami shrugs it off. "I would hardly call it dating. He's wooing me...sort of. I don't know. I mean, he's very charming, which means I should run for the hills!" Rebekah admits that she's kind of in an on-again/off-again thing herself, and Cami agrees that those are the worst, because they're the hardest to shake. Rebekah laughs and tells her that she likes her. "Most girls have the unfortunate tendency of being whiny little twits." Bahaha, is that some sort of subtle dig to Elena and Caroline? I hope not. After Cami awkwardly laughs and thanks her, Rebekah invites her to go to a charity party, though neglecting to mention that Marcel is hosting it. Cami nods in agreement. Oh, I can't wait until she finds out about vampires and werewolves and witches f'reals.

Klaus is in his study, folding up some parchment with symbols sketched onto them and stuffing them into an envelope when he gets yet another phone call from his sister for a confab. Rebekah assures her brother that Marcel will be far too distracted to pay attention to their undercover mission, though she doesn't explain how, for good reason. She asks what Klaus has done to ensure that they get Elijah back, and Klaus vaguely mentions that he's making sure that Katie has the right motivation to do her part of the plan tonight; namely, casting a strong spell to throw Davina off their scent. As he explains the plan, we cut to the different events as they happen.

"Marcel has ordered a rousting of the witches..." At the Cauldron, (which appears to just be a neighborhood predominantly populated by witches) a bunch of vampires jump down from balconies and start terrorizing the witches by attacking them and destroying everything. "I, in turn, have arranged for things to go tragically wrong." We cut back to earlier that afternoon, where Klaus compels Josh and Hostage Vamp into fulfilling his instructions. Back at the Cauldron, the vampires are still trashing everything in sight when Thierry sneaks into the Jardin Gris. Katie sees him walk in and throws her arms around him before kissing him. She asks what the fuck is happening outside, and he admits that Klaus has convinced Marcel that the witches are planning a move against him.

He knocks over a table full of goods onto the floor, though he apologizes as he does it, and reminds her of what could happen if Marcel believed Theirry was playing favorites because he was in love with a witch. She's just happy to hear that he loves her, and he assures her that it's all going to be okay. "Marcel may not be concerned with Thierry's romantic entanglements..." Klaus continues, as Hostage Vamp heads into the Jardin Gris, which Thierry is now exiting. He informs HV that he's already taken care of it, but he still goes in anyway. "...but there are other crimes which he'll be less inclined to so easily forgive."

Thierry hears screams from inside the voodoo shop, and when he turns around, he sees Hostage Vamp dragging Katie outside as he chomps onto her neck. She screams in pain, and Thierry yells at him to GTFO. He pulls HV off of his girl, throws him across the courtyard, and reflexively stakes him with a broken leg of a table. All around him, the vampires go silent as they stare at the now-dead Hostage Vamp, and Thierry looks horrified as he realizes how badly he just fucked up. "Killing a vampire, for example. That would be unforgivable. If Katie hopes to save her one true love from Marcel's punishment, well...a rescue mission like that will require something positively magical. But then, what's worth dying for, if not love?" Katie stares at Thierry with an equally horrified expression. OHHHH, shit's about to get real.

The party seems to be in full swing when Rebekah and Klaus enter the ballroom, arm in arm. They both seriously look AMAZING. Rebekah is in a tight black dress with what looks like a mermaid skirt, and a chunky, black-beaded necklace. Her hair is done in an updo with black feathers. Basically, she looks like a bazillion dollars. Klaus is wearing a black suit, dress shirt, and tie. There is glittery confetti falling on everyone as they dance, and there are acrobats doing all kinds of crazy moves from huge ribbons tied to the ceiling. Klaus proclaims this party to be a fabulous backdrop to their plotting and scheming, but the smile wipes right off his face when he sees Cami walk in the room.

She looks gorgeous as well, though, of course, she went the opposite direction of the Mikaelsons, sartorially-speaking; fluffy-white fitted dress, light-colored make-up, braided updo, and huge, white-feathered angel wings. You can already tell Klaus is developing quite a soft-spot for her, because he defensively asks Rebekah why the fuck she's here. (Meanwhile, Klaroline and Klayley shippers start sharpening their pitchforks and lighting bonfires outside Julie Plec's house) Rebekah argues, "What better way to distract Marcel than to put his very-human new girl in a room chock full of vampires?"

She crosses the room (which is apparently a courtyard, actually-- I'm really terrible at identifying locations) to meet up with Cami, and compliments her on her outfit. Marcel watches the girls talk as Cami snarks about how ridiculous the party is; when she notices Klaus, she asks Rebekah if he's the "on-again/off-again" boyfriend they spoke of earlier. Klaus overhears, and walks over to introduce himself as Bekah's brother. He also comments on how lovely she looks, which she kindly returns, though Klaus smarms, "Well, don't be fooled, love! I'm the devil in disguise." Accurate, tbh. Rebekah begs off in order to get some booze, so Klaus offers Cami his arm and leads her away.

Marcel approaches her at the bar as she orders another scotch, and he calls her out on inviting Cami to his party. "I think she's darling! I can tell you fancy her pure heart. Perhaps I'll feed it to you?" He tells her that her jealousy is very becoming, and they continue to chit-chat as we cut over to Klaus and Cami, who are watching the two talk. She brings up Rebekah's unshakeable ex, who she assumes is Marcel, and declares Rebekah to be "a bit of a bitch." Klaus laughs, but assures her that it's ancient history, and thus nothing to worry about.

Cami isn't so sure, though she seems to have a little crush on Klaus as well, and they both get drawn into gazing into each other's eyes, or some shit. Klaus sees Marcel heading their way and politely excuses himself. Once he's left, Marcel greets her, and she replies, "Killer party!" Oh, she has NO idea. Marcel apologizes for not inviting her himself, and explains that it's a work thing, but Cami reminds him that they've only been on one date, so he needn't make excuses. She assures him that she can entertain herself, but he promises that he wants to stick around, especially considering the fact that she looks like an angel princess.

Hayley has once again been left behind at the Mikaelson Mansion, but this time, she's not alone. She wonders around the backyard's swimming pool in a little sundress, when she's startled by a twig snapping nearby. She turns to find an actual wolf just standing a few feet away, staring at her, so naturally, Hayley stares back. There was a lot of speculation online that this wolf was a werewolf, but I don't know how that could be possible; if it were a full moon, Hayley would be shifting too, unless she gets some kind of magical protection from it by being pregnant. And, only hybrids can turn whenever they want, so it could only be Klaus, who seems pretty busy at the moment, or Tyler Lockwood, who is supposedly in Tennessee, and who isn't going to be on The Originals, as far as I know! Basically, I'm thinking WAY too much about this again. ANYWAY, Hayley is startled again when she hears a voice behind her.

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"You're not supposed to be out here," the person says, and when Hayley gives her the stink-eye, she introduces herself as Sabine, one of the witches in Sophie's coven, who was sent here by Sophie to keep an eye on her tonight. After a moment, she notices the wolf, who is still staring at Hayley, and explains that it's drawn to her. "The child you're carrying is part vampire, part werewolf. You and Klaus made something special." So, is it confirmed that it really is partially vampire, then? I don't see how that's possible, since vampires are dead, but whatever, I'm not an expert in vampire physiology, what do I know? Hayley is skeptical, though, and is feeling a little hopeless without Elijah, especially since she doesn't even know what the child is. Sabine smiles and tells her that she could help her find out if it's a boy or girl, using an old, non-magical trick that her grandmother taught her. Hayley hesitantly agrees, and Sabine leads them both into the house.

Back at the Abbatoir Masquerade, Cami and Marcel continue to chat as they dance, while Klaus and Rebekah eavesdrop from afar. Cami thought Marcel was in community work, so he clarifies that he's more into fundraising via throwing extravagant parties, in which rich people throw money at the city. Cami's bitterly asks, "And Rebekah, she's one of your donors?" Marcel assures her that she's simply an old friend, but Cami doesn't buy it, since she looks like she's 17. "You'd be surprised. I was a kid when I met her. Enough about her, I just want to be right here with you." She seems to be mollified by this for now, and they continue to dance.

Klaus and Rebekah have been having their own conversation as they eavesdrop on the lovebirds. "You really are a hideously evil little thing, aren't you?" Klaus sasses, but Rebekah argues that he wanted Marcel distracted, and now he is. Diego enters the courtyard and makes a beeline for Marcel, which is Rebekah's cue to skedaddle. Diego whispers the bullet point-version of the Thierry debacle, which makes him FURIOUS, so he excuses himself from Cami for a moment. When he sees Thierry walk in, Marcel's eyes go from furious to absolutely livid, and he grabs him by the throat and pushes him away from the party. Unfortunately, he doesn't go far enough away, because Cami is still within eavesdropping distance, and she looks very disappointed and sad as she watches him yell. Diego breaks it up and wisely advises them to go someplace more private to talk business. Marcel backs off, Cami worries, and across the courtyard, Klaus smiles. DRAMAAAAA.

Katie is crying about Thierry to Sophie in one of the mausoleums at the cemetary. She admits she knows Sophie thinks he's a monster. "It doesn't matter what I think. Thierry killed another vampire. He broke Marcel's biggest rule. You'll never see him again...unless we do something. [...] I want to save our people. You want to save Thierry? There's only one way that we can do both." A little while later, we see Sophie and Katie sitting cross-legged next to each other, getting their magical items together for their respective spells. Sophie asks if Katie's ready, and when she nods, they start sprinkling what looks like sand over the table on which they're working. We cut to Davina's attic-room, where she's sleeping in her canopy bed. She tosses and turns as whispering voices get louder and louder, and they eventually wake her up. She whispers, "Marcel! Something's coming," before she runs straight to her easel and scribbles manically at the paper for several seconds. When she finally stops, she whispers, "Magic." WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT. I NEED TO KNOW.

At the party, Marcel and Thierry have moved over to a balcony, where Marcel demands to know Thierry's side of things before he makes any decisions. After some urging, Thierry finally explains that they were destroying the Cauldron when "some nightwalker" attacked Katie for no reason. Marcel's not at all soothed by this story. "His name was Max. I turned him, and as far as reasons go, he doesn't need one. She was a witch. He was a vampire. Now, he's dead." Unknown to Marcel, Cami is still watching them argue from below, though I don't think she can hear what exactly he's saying. Thierry swears that he didn't mean to kill the guy, but Marcel gives no fucks about his excuses. "You broke my most important rule! Damn it, T! How long we been friends, seventy years? I turned you into something that would never die. I gave you a gift!" Thierry pleads with him, and reminds him that he's always been loyal to him, and that is still is--he just made a mistake, but that doesn't mean he isn't Marcel's friend.

Cami still looks apprehensive as she continues to watch them, which Klaus totally notices as he saunters over to her. He asks her if she's alright, but she isn't, really. "He's got a temper, doesn't he? I guess this is the moment I remember I know better." She's seen enough, so she walks away, allowing Josh to covertly approach Klaus, who hands him the folded parchment he was working on earlier. Klaus watches his minion as he pockets it and walks over to where Marcel and Thierry are fighting, and hands it to Marcel. "We found this at his girl's place." 

When Marcel opens it, he finds a spell written out, with diagrams, kind of like a page from a grimoire. Marcel's fury hits critical mass, and he spins to show it to Thierry. "Still my friend, huh? That's funny, because it looks tome like that little witch of yours got her hands on a spell that I keep locked away." Thierry swears up and down he's never seen that before, but Marcel ain't buying it, because since he has his own daylight ring, he wouldn't need a spell to make one, unless he was planning on building his own empire elsewhere. Marcel reminds him that his friends don't lie, break his rules, or take what is rightfully his, and takes a deep breath to compose himself before switching to Judge, Jury, and Executioner-mode. "Ohhh....for the crime of murdering one of his own, I sentence Thierry Vanchure to 100 years in the Garden." Below them, Klaus smiles his evil little grin, and smugs, "And it begins." OH SHIT!

I've already written like, several thousand words about this episode as it is, but I need to sidebar to talk about Marcel for a minute. I really loved this scene, because it just goes to show you how much he projects his own insecurities (mostly involving Klaus) onto everyone around him, including Klaus himself. We already know that he grew up abused and neglected, and Klaus took him in; in doing so, he evolved into a combination of a father and brother-figure to him. Then, the Mikaelsons were rushed out of town by their father, who slaughtered a bunch of vampires in the process, and Marcel took advantage of the chaos to take Klaus' place in the Quarter and make the town his own.

Marcel knows that he more or less fucked over his sire by doing this, and now that Klaus is back, he knows just what Marcel did, so Marcel is extremely paranoid that the same fate will happen to him. It's especially telling in his reaction to Thierry's fuck-up; that daylight ring spell doesn't technically belong to him, it was created by Klaus' mother, and he took it, and shared it with his close friends. Now, he's afraid someone else will take it from him, like he did to Klaus, and he's punishing Thierry severely for supposedly trying to do what he ACTUALLY did. So angsty, and so fascinating! And of course, Marcel's reactions only fuel Klaus' desire to take his place, which makes it even better. Not to mention, as we'll see soon, that Marcel has even surpassed Klaus in terms of cruelty and punishment.

ANYWAY, back at the cemetery, Rebekah joins Sophie in front of the altar where she's planning to do her spell, and assures her that she's doing the right thing. Sophie agrees, but she doesn't seem to feel very good about it. As she chants, we cut back to the Abbatoir, where Marcel and his cronies are leading Thierry outside and onto the street. There is already a crowd forming around them, who gapes in confusion as they see Katie walking purposefully down the street, chanting loudly. The scene cuts back and forth between this, and Davina in her room, as she continues to scribble at her easel.

Thierry shouts at Katie to stop, but she just raises her hand and makes a nearby lamplight explode. "Like clockwork," Klaus narrates gleefully, as all of the vampires in the crowd are brought to their knees with an intense witchy migraine. Davina draws what looks like Katie's face on her easel. Marcel manages to push himself back onto his feet to take down Katie, but she explodes another light and hits him with another mystical migraine. It seems as though she and Sophie are connected, so the latter can to feel Katie's magic and know when to stop her spell, because Sophie is still chanting when Rebekah urges her to hurry. Marcel rises to his feet once more, but Katie twists her hand and breaks several of his bones, which knocks him back down again.

Speaking of having a magical connection, it seems there is also one between Marcel and Davina, because when Davina shouts, "NO!" from her bedroom, and lifts her hands slowly, Marcel is able to pick himself back up off the ground. Katie looks astonished, but that doesn't stop her. "You're here to save your man? Well, come on, little girl," Marcel taunts, and lunges at her. She fights back with more magic, and he ends up once again sprawled on the floor. In her bedroom, Davina ALSO falls to the floor at the same time, and gasps. Katie lifts a stake above Marcel's incapacitated body, and spits, "Die, you son of a bitch!" Thierry pleads at Katie to stop, but it is Klaus who actually saves the vampires, by snapping Katie's neck.

At the cemetery, Sophie worriedly informs Rebekah that something is wrong, because Katie's magic stopped. She wants to keep going, but Rebekah is not having that. Sophie goes to continue the spell anyway, so Rebekah intervenes by grabbing the sand-covered map she's using and throwing it aside. "You may be willing to die to get your witch back, but Hayley and the baby will die with you. Elijah will never forgive us, and rescuing him will be for nothing. It's over, we failed." Sophie's face looks furious, and then turns to sad, but ultimately, I think she knows Rebekah is right.

Back outside the party, Thierry has crawled over to Katie's body, and is whispering, "No, no no," over and over as he cradles her head in his arms. Marcel catches Klaus' eye from across the street, and gives him an appreciative nod. Here's where shit gets disturbing--the "Garden" appears to be some kind of underground room or sewer, where Thierry is being chained to a wall. Marcel asks his former-BFF if she was worth it, but all he can do is say that he loved her, which earns him an iron stake to the gut. One of Marcel's other lackeys approaches them with a mallet, where he is instructed to seal Thierry up with bricks and mortar, and leave him to rot. Dammmmmn! I think I might prefer Klaus just ripping my heart out over being locked in a brick coffin to starve for a century. You know, in the hypothetical situation where I was a vampire in this universe. I'm pretty claustrophobic. It appears that Thierry isn't the first to be sentenced to time in the Garden, because as we cut away, we catch a glimpse of some other vamps in various stages of desiccation down through the tunnel. Eep!

Klaus and Marcel are now hanging out on the balcony overlooking the now-empty Abbatoir courtyard, and they clink their glasses of scotch together. Marcel wonders how much of his feud Cami witnessed, but Klaus assures him that it wasn't anything he can't fix, and figures he must really like her. Marcel confesses that he really likes that she's not a part of this supernatural drama. "Sometimes it's good to see the world the way the humans do." Klaus apologizes about Thierry, but Marcel replies that he obviously misplaced his trust, so it's his bad. Our favorite hybrid does a pretty good job of being the sympathetic friend, which leads Marcel to admit that Klaus saved his ass this evening. "I guess I owe you one. You asked for your brother back. Seems like the least I could do." God, I hope it happens! I miss his suave, European elegance.

Cami is still decked out in her angel oufit, drinking a pint at one of those nameless bars where the characters are always hanging out. Klaus catches up with her there, and tries to play wingman again, but Cami stops him before he can even finish saying her name. "Don't even try it. I get the bro code. You're here to smooth things over for your friend. It's very nice of you, but--" Klaus: "But you've been hurt before, and you aren't taking any chances." Man, all of these characters are so fucking damaged, good lord. Cami agrees that it's sort of like that, and adds that he saw a side of Marcel tonight that wasn't who she thought he was; she doesn't really want to be with a guy who can just lose it within seconds like that.

"Sounds like more than just a broken hear. Someone broke your trust," Klaus says. "Camille, the brave bartender." They stare at each other, little hearts fluttering around their heads, and Cami alllllmost kisses him, but he blinks and ruins the moment. He apologizes for killing the mood, and reluctantly tells her he needs her to give Marcel another chance. She gets really flustered, and apologizes for misreading his signals, but Klaus reassures her. "No, you read it quite well. But, we all have our roles to play." He turns on the compulsion-eyes, and adds, "You went to Marcel's. You danced. You feel badly that he had a row with his friend, but otherwise, all you remember is that it was perfect." She looks confused for a brief moment, and then the mind-control kicks in and she smiles.

Back at the Mikaelson Mansion, Rebekah is drinking scotch and lazily tinkling the keys of their grand piano. When Klaus returns home, she proclaims the night an epic failure, but Klaus begs to differ. "Tonight was a masterpiece!" Rebekah reminds him about the fact that Katie died before Sophie could figure out where Elijah was, but Klaus already knows that, obviously. He informs his sister that HE was the one who killed Katie, which pisses her off, because Sophie trusted him to protect them. Klaus points out that since he saved Marcel's life, he's in his debt, which means he'll trust him more and hopefully lower his guard.

"Wake up, Rebekah. The witches are on no one's side but their own. This girl, Davina? That's all they want, and when they have her, what do you think happens then? A truce? Of course not. They will use Davina's power against all of us." Beks points out that even if that's true, they still don't have Elijah, which was the entire point of this evening's events. Klaus is offended at his little sister's lack of faith in him, and reveals that Marcel has kindly offered to return their brother, in order to help repay Klaus for saving his life. Then, Klaus plans to get Marcel to tell him everything about Davina, and afterward, he'll take her for himself. All of this fighting over possession of this young girl is extremely gross, TBH. Davina should just mystic-migraine all of them until they do what she wants and leave her alone. Rebekah is less than impressed by Klaus' methods, as well. "I have all the faith in the world that you'll get what you want, Nik. You always do, no matter what it costs the rest of us. You disgust me." She downs the rest of her scotch, sets the glass on the piano, and takes her leave.

Davina is leaning over Elijah's open casket when she hears her door open. Once she sees it's Marcel, she runs over to him and gives him a big hug. "You're okay! I was so worried!" Marcel thanks her for whatever magical mojo she gave him, because he could feel it help him. She asks if it was the "old ones" who were causing trouble, and Marcel admits that it was actually Klaus who saved him. "I'm gonna make things right, starting off by giving him his brother back." He leans down to close the coffin, but Davina just shouts, "No!" at him. He side-eyes her for her display of insubordination, but she insists that they're dangerous, and refuses to give Elijah back until she knows how to kill them. Ooooh, girl! So many have already tried and failed. Marcel looks torn, but you can see in his eyes that he kind of agrees with her. STUPID. He knows he doesn't want to make Klaus an enemy, but yet he keeps doing these things that he KNOWS will result in Klaus tantrums that just end up hurting everyone. Guh.

Hayley is in Klaus' study, typing on a laptop, surrounded by old books that are laying open on the desk. Klaus leans against the doorway to inform her that Elijah will be returning soon. She congratulates him for a diabolical job well done, but he seems unsettled. After a beat, he asks, "You hardly know him, and yet you miss him. What is it about my brother that always inspires such instant admiration?" Hayley bites her lip, and admits that it's really only because Elijah was nice to her her. Imagine that, liking someone because they're not temperamental dicks. Crazy! That's when Elijah's diary-voiceover-narration from earlier kicks back in. "There are moments when I doubt my family is capable of redemption..." Klaus turns to leave, but Hayley stops him, and confesses that she learned something today--she thinks the baby is a girl. Klaus looks dumbfounded for a moment, and then he smiles. Aw, yay! I'm glad it's a girl. Klaus with a son would be a nightmare, am I right? "Yet, each time that I am tempted to surrender, I see it--the glimmer of goodness that allows me to believe."

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Rebekah is walking down a street in the Quarter; she's still in her party dress, but a little more disheveled. She sees Marcel, and immediately turns to walk the other way, but he zoops around to block her way. She calls him out on stalking her, but he just continues by creeping into her personal space until she is backed up against the wall behind her. He mutters, "Maybe you're just in my way," and backs off, before he walks away. Nice intimidation tactics, bro. Ew. After he leaves, Rebekah closes her eyes and sighs.

The witches have gathered around Katie's body in the cemetery, where they have dressed her in white. Sophie waves a smoking bundle of what looks like sage over her body as part of her last rites. Agnes snits, "I told you no good would come from this unholy alliance of yours." Sophie, frustrated and angry, points out that at least she's trying to find a way out of this hell-hole for them, and reminds her that she's not exactly doing anything to help. After Sophie leaves the room, Agnes asks Sabine to tell her what she saw. Sabine sighs, and admits that it was about the girl. Specifically, the only werewolf girl in the Quarter.

We flashback to to earlier in the evening at the Mikaelson Mansion. Hayley lays on the kitchen table, as Sabine dangles what looks like a crystal pendant attached to a necklace over her stomach. The crystal spins around, and she says that she thinks it's a girl, but when the crystal starts spinning the other direction, she tells her to hold on a minute. Hayley is a little freaked out. "Wait, what? Please tell me I'm not having a mini-Klaus!" Sabine is studying the crystal curiously when it suddenly flares white/gold with light, which causes Sabine's eyes to roll back into her head. She gasps, and after a moment, she mutters, "Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam." 

Back in the present, Hayley is still sitting at the desk with her laptop, where she is entering the phrases Sabine chanted into an online translator. She goes down the list of languages, testing out each one, but none of them have any results, likely because she's choosing random languages like Albanian and Bulgarian and Galician. She doesn't try Latin, much to the dismay of like, the entire fandom. Latin is not a language I know well--I took it my freshman year of high school, and ended up transferring to Spanish the following year because I was so bad at it. However, I've seen several different translations of this line online, but they all seem to mean more or less the same thing--"She will destroy all things." So, basically we were all right about the demon child, and now they're all FUCKED.

Next week: tons more fighting--someone goes after Hayley, and Rebekah has to protect her, while Klaus finally meets Davina in a church of some kind.

[screencaps from KissThemGoodbye]

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-First things first, I have read a ton of speculation that Davina is Hayley and Klaus' baby, which makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL to me. Anyone want to explain to me how the fuck that started?


-I'm pretty excited to see what looks like more Hayley/Rebekah friendship stuff next week. Hooray!

-How much longer until Cami figures out all of the crazy supernatural shit that is happening around her? Like, if she keeps dating Marcel, what happens when she meets one of his nightwalker pals and starts commenting on the fact that she never sees him in the daytime? Or when she inevitably figures out that he keeps a 16 year old girl hidden in an attic? That's kind of a dealbreaker.


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  2. Thank you so much for reading, Lisa! You don't know how much I appreciate you stopping by to tell me what you think. :) I'm sorry it took me so long to see this comment!


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