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The Originals Season 2, Episode 2: "Alive and Kicking" Recap/Review

Could this season of The Originals be any better? If anyone was to tell me before this show started that I would end up loving this show more than pretty much any other show on television, I probably would have laughed. I liked Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah just fine, but I figured it would basically be exactly like the Vampire Diaries, only with a baby that nobody wanted. I am very glad to be wrong on this, because this show is seriously great, between all the battles between supernatural factions and the politics involved, the emotional growth of these Mikaelsons and their allies, and the complicated relationships between them, there is SO MUCH TO LOVE ABOUT THIS SHOW.

Anyway, I'm still ridiculously behind, so I'm just going to plow into the recap so we can talk about the shenanigans that have been happening in the French Quarter, 'kay? Kay.

Previously, on The Originals: New Orleans was the Mikaelsons' home once, back from the early 1700s to 1919, and last year, Klaus de…