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Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 23: "Insatiable" Recap/Review

[Just a warning, but this is a LONG recap. Like, 14,000 words long, about 5,000 more words than I normally write, and TONS of gifs and screencaps to boot, so bear with me! This is gonna be a doozy--Emily]

Okay, gentle readers, settle in and let me explain you a thing about Allison Argent.

Allison Argent is and will forever be an important character in the young-adult supernatural drama genre. Whenever I think about her journey through the last three seasons of Teen Wolf, I think of a quote Sansa Stark said in George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series. "My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel." The first time we met our dear Allison Argent, she was a wide-eyed, dimpled, porcelain-skinned naive girl who had no idea about the secret world of supernatural creatures, that her family had a centuries-old tradition of hunting them, and that her new boyfriend was a werewolf. Even before she learned the truth, she begged her aunt to teach her how to fight, because s…

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 22: "De-Void" Recap/Review

This episode of Teen Wolf really was a rollercoaster from start to finish, but even more, it will most definitely go down in history as the MOST DISGUSTING EPISODE EVER. Like, seriously, you guys, Teen Wolf has done some really disgusting stuff in its day (like, say, having a ridiculous clawed hand come out of Jackson's mouth, having Jackson swallow a snake that eventually comes back out HIS EYEBALL, having Gerard projectile vomit a fountain of black goo from every orifice in his body, Deucalion squishing Ennis' head like a melon, and flies coming out of William Barrow's tumor, are just a few examples I can think of off the top of my head), but nothing has made me gag more than "De-Void." I've seen this episode a handful of times by this point, and I STILL like, dry-heave at the sight of the fly going into Derek's wound, or up Ethan's nose.

That said, this episode was still exhilarating, terrifying, and all-around AMAZING, in a "OH SHIT WHAT THE …

The Originals Season 1, Episode 15: "Le Grand Guignol" Recap/Review

Eeee, so this episode of The Originals explains SO MUCH about EVERYTHING. About why Marcel never went looking for Klaus and Rebekah after Mikael showed up, why Klaus and Rebekah thought Marcel was dead until they came back to New Orleans a century later, and why Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah are SO. FUCKED. UP. Because basically, Mikael is the fucking WORST, and not only did he quite literally create the monsters his children became by abusing them physically and emotionally and then forcing them to become vampires, but he also proved to be even more cruel and monstrous than even Klaus, of all people, could never possibly be. He's like the Gerard of this universe, willing to do whatever it takes to get his revenge, anyone or anything else be damned, and it's awful, awful, awful.

I just got talked about how flashback episodes when I talked about Teen Wolf the other day, and how they can be really good, or really boring, and while Teen Wolf leaned toward the latter, "Le Grand …

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 21: "The Fox and the Wolf" Recap/Review

Flashback episodes are tricky, because it's hard to give the flashbacks relevance to the present-day story line. Making good flashback episodes is actually something that The Originals does REALLY well, because the characters are ancient monsters who have made a shitload of enemies over the centuries, so the events that happened in the past always end up having bearing on what's going on in the modern day.

Unfortunately, "The Fox and the Wolf," which is not a BAD episode, kind of went the way of season 3A's "Visionary," in the way that as interesting as the flashbacks were, and as much as it made the current events make sense, it ultimately didn't do much to further the plot. However, we did learn quite a bit about Kira's family, and the flashbacks were seriously gorgeous, so it ended up being quite a nice break from the life-and-death drama before we end up exploding from the nonstop horror that will be the last three episodes.

Also, I am alway…

The Originals Season 1, Episode 14: "Long Way Back From Hell" Recap/Review

This was a pretty exciting episode, right? It's sort of a continuation of the themes we talked about in "The River in Reverse." With the Originals being pretty much truly immortal (unless you just happen to have some ancient white oak wood laying around), it's easy to forget that they aren't completely invulnerable--if you've got enough smarts, patience, and and nerve, as well as some magic on your side and plenty of desire for revenge in your heart, it is possible to torture them in one way or another. We have Klaus being physically tortured, Rebekah psychologically tortured, and Elijah emotionally tortured, all in one episode. Man, Genevieve is about as bonkers as they come, isn't she? I don't know whether to be impressed by her nerve and rationale behind her actions, or terrified. She's almost giving me Victoria Argent from Teen Wolf vibes, though that might just be the redheaded similarity.

Also, can we talk about how amazing Claire Holt was i…