The Originals Season 1, Episode 2: "House of the Rising Son" Recap/Review

The Originals is continuing to really intrigue me, although "House of the Rising Son" is more flashback and exposition-heavy than it is packed with action, but it's definitely setting the pieces up for some intense drama, and I, for one, cannot wait.

The character who is fascinating me most on this show is Davina. I need to know where she's from, how she's so strong, how she met Marcel and why she's so protective of him. What is she getting in return for being kept in that attic? Obviously, she's allowed to use her magic whenever she wants, as long as she's also using it to keep Marcel in the loop of the witchy happenings in the French Quarter, but is she reaping other benefits? Why is she so willing to work against her magical brothers and sisters in New Orleans? I am dying to learn more about her. Anyway, Rebekah, my favorite of all the Originals, is back in town, and things are starting to heat up, so let's just jump in!

Previously, on The Originals: Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson are three of the Original Family, from which all vampires were created. The French Quarter of New Orleans was founded by the Mikaelsons back in the day, and now Klaus and his siblings been lured back to their old home by a coven of witches who are trying to take down the tyrant vampire who is holding them under subjugation. The aforementioned vampire is Marcel, who was both sired and mentored by Klaus himself during his reign in the Crescent City, and when the siblings fled N.O. to get away from their murderous dad, Marcel stayed and took the entirety of the French Quarter under his control. To make matters more complicated, Klaus accidentally knocked up a werewolf named Hayley after a one-night-stand, not knowing that he was even capable of reproducing. Now she's gestating what they believe is a half-werewolf/half-vampire hybrid baby; Elijah thinks the baby will bring Klaus happiness and redemption, but Rebekah, who has been on the wrong side of his daggers for centuries, is much more skeptical. Now, Klaus is in the midst of a plan to stage a coup and reclaim what he believes is rightfully his, which is where we pick up today!

In yet another voiceover, Marcel explains to Klaus on the balcony how the non-stop party in the Quarter goes down. New tourists are constantly flowing in from all over the country/world. "Some are just looking for fun...some are looking for something a little darker, more dangerous. So, we invite them into my home and we give it to them." Marcel's afro'd crony, whose name is Diego, hands a flyer to two tourists. The flyer has a fancy "M" printed on it, and beneath the monogram, it reads "ABBATOIR, WHERE THE PARTY NEVER SLEEPS."

Marcel continues to say that once midnight rolls around, the shit hits the fan and the vampires are allowed to feed on the tourists. "This is how I keep my guys happy; the occasional all-you-can-eat buffet." He mentions that his night-walkers in particular are especially fond of it, because it's a chance to relax after working hard for Marcel 24/7 in order to earn a daylight ring. Klaus' face tenses slightly, considering how annoyed he is that Marcel more or less stole his mom's daylight ring spell, but he says nothing. Down below, he notices some sort of crest that is carved into the stone wall, which has the same "M" monogram as the flyer, with a coiled snake winding around it; Klaus wisely remains silent about these observations, considering he's working a long con and it wouldn't do for him to screw it up only weeks into his plan. (They seem to be suggesting that there is a time jump between the pilot and Rebekah's arrival in this episode, but they never actually confirm how long it is, so I'm going to say it's at least been a month, maybe longer.)

He does, however, bring up the victims of these little parties, since there are dozens, if not hundreds of humans currently being fed on as they speak. Marcel admits that they can't kill them all, because when the death toll/list of missing people gets too high, tourism in the city takes a nosedive, so they pass around little Dixie cups of vampire blood to heal them, compel them to forget everything, and let them go, so there are rarely ever consequences. Klaus informs him that he's impressed, to which Marcel replies, "Nothing I didn't learn from you, back in the day."

Their discussion is interrupted by Thierry, who approaches them, though he still seems a little wary of being around Klaus after just being nibbled on by him in the previous episode. He reveals to Marcel that he's just learned that six of Marcel's nightwalkers were killed in a bar outside the Quarter, though no one there saw who it was. Klaus looks slightly guilty upon hearing about this news, but for once, it wasn't actually Klaus who did the slaughtering. This time, his sister Rebekah, who is speeding down a country road in her little red convertible, was behind it. Her hair whips around in the wind as she checks her reflection in the rear-view mirror; she spots a smear of blood on her cheek, and she smiles happily as she dabs it off. TITLE CARD!

Rebekah is calling Elijah as she pulls in front of the most recent Mikaelson Manse, and of course, she gets his voicemail, since he's currently in the middle of a nice, long coffin nap. She asks his voicemail if screening her calls is part of his plan to drag her back to New Orleans, and threatens to kick down his door if he doesn't pick up. Thankfully, she enters the home like a normal person, but it still spooks Hayley enough to slink down the stairs with a fireplace poker as a weapon. She stops midway down and once again asks, "Who the hell are you?" Rebekah rudely assumes that she's the maid, and asks her to bring in the bags from her car for her. Hayley smiles and puts down the poker as she informs her that she isn't the maid.

REBEKAH: "Right, you're that werewolf girl my brother, Klaus, knocked up. I was expecting to see some kind of supernatural, miracle baby-bump. Guess you're not showing yet. It's Hayley, isn't it?"
HAYLEY: "You have your brother's manners."
REBEKAH: "And his temper, too, so watch it! Where's Elijah?"

Hayley hasn't the foggiest where that dashing Elijah has run off to, so Rebekah asks her to elaborate. "Well, one minute he was here, making epic promises about protecting me in this predicament that a bottle of scotch and some bad decisions got me into--he was all poetic about how we're family--and then Klaus told me he bailed. Guess that's what I get for trusting a vampire." Rebekah coldly tells her that she's mistaken, because Elijah isn't just any regular old vampire, and he never breaks promises, which means that obviously Klaus has something to do with his absence. She shouts at the top of her voice for Klaus to come out and tell her what he's done with her brother, and refers to him as a "back-stabbing wanker." It's awesome! I love Rebekah, though I think there's a bit too much of her in this episode. Either way, I'm glad she's here!

Klaus appears out of nowhere and chides his sister for shouting unnecessarily. He assumes that the dead vampires were her doing, and Rebekah hilariously shrugs it off. "There were very rude." We get a flashback to her at that bar, where she kills all of them by staking them with a broken-off pool cue. "Trying to victimize a poor, innocent girl, just trying to find her way to the Quarter. So sorry, were they friends of yours? Oh, that's right, you don't have any friends." Klaus is hilariously offended by this, and defensively snits, "I do have friends!" He reminds his baby sister about his bestest buddy Marcel, and brings up his rules about killing vampires. He figures it will be very entertaining to watch him come up with some sort of punishment for her, but Rebekah gives zero fucks about Marcel and his ~rules~.
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Who she DOES care about is Elijah, and since he doesn't renege on promises, Klaus must have done something to him. Klaus lies that he could be on holiday, or taking a "long autumn nap upstairs," and encourages her to have a look around. He asks her if she still remembers the house, which she does, and I think it's safe to say they're not very good memories. "I remember everything," she spits, before taking us into a flashback to the 1820s, which her voiceover narrates. They're in a similar-looking house, which is full of people in 19th century finery. Rebekah explains that she remembers how the alcoholic governor at the time covered up their vampiric indiscretions as long as they forked over some gold as payment, and he always threw extravagant parties.

She watches Klaus leave the room with a lady on each arm, and then finds a handsome young man, whom she kisses. He is the governor's son, Emil, with whom Rebekah was very happy, and it appears that even Elijah had found himself a lovely lady friend as well. She breaks her kiss from Elijah and remarks that Klaus has gone too far, because as usual, he has drained his companions completely dry in full view of the party full of humans. Elijah takes it in stride though, and jokes that there's no hope for him. Rebekah approaches them, with Emil in tow, and after a moment of rudeness from Klaus, turns her attention to her superior brother.

"Dearest Elijah, you've only ever wished happiness for me. Emil and I are in love. Please, let me turn him!" Elijah is pretty patronizing, and points out that since the governor has so graciously turned a blind eye to their extracurricular activities, it would probably be unkind to turn his only son into a creature of the night. Rebekah pleads for him to reconsider, but Klaus cuts her off and tells her it will never happen. "If we turned every man you dropped your knickers for, then human beings would cease to exist and we'd have no bloody food!" Emil is offended by Klaus casting aspersions on his lady's virtue, or whatever, and stupidly decides to threaten Klaus with bodily harm. Elijah and Rebekah both shout at him to lay off, but Klaus acts as though he didn't hear them, and instead grabs Emil by the neck and throws him off of the balcony, where he falls to his death. That's VERY subtle, way to keep a low profile, Nik. Rebekah sobs into Elijah's arms, and Klaus coldly walks away.

In the present, Klaus just shrugs and states that Emil wasn't good enough for her, but Rebekah reminds him of that thing he does where he somehow ALWAYS makes sure that NO ONE is ever good enough for her. She's done playing around though, and wants to know where Elijah is. Luckily for Klaus, his phone rings and gives him a way out of this conversation. When he's asked where he's going by his increasingly annoyed sister, he reveals that he's getting another drink with Marcel. Rebekah snits, "Elijah told me about your plan to take apart Marcel's empire piece by piece. I don't remember it involving you two drinking New Orleans dry together." 

Klaus explains that when friends drink, they spill their secrets, which is exactly how he plans on finding out how Marcel manages to control the witches, and blames Rebekah's confusion on the fact that she doesn't have many friends of her own. Low blow, dude! Before he leaves, he sarcastically adds, "Oh, and welcome home, little sister," just to really piss her off. Rebekah takes a moment to think about that before she turns to Hayley and demands that she assist her in tearing the house apart to find Elijah.

The girls walk down into the basement, which is dusty and covered in cobwebs. Hayley assumes that Rebekah thinks that Klaus killed Elijah, so Rebekah replies, "We can't be killed, silly girl. That doesn't stop Klaus from finding ways to torture us. He has a set of mystical silver daggers. One in the heart sends us into a deep slumber." Did they retcon the daggers to not need white oak ash anymore? Sigh. She goes on to say that Klaus gets off on carting them around in coffins until he feels it's time to wake them, and figures that's what Klaus has done to Elijah as well. She points out her own casket, and Hayley is dumbfounded at the idea that Klaus keeps her coffin on standby. Rebekah goes the tough love route, and reminds her of the fact that the person of whom they're speaking is the father of the hellspawn currently cooking in her womb. "Welcome to the family, love. You should've run the second you realized Elijah was gone."

Hayley exposits that the witches have put some kind of hex on her, so as long as she is pregnant with Klaus' child, she can't leave New Orleans, or she'll die the second she crosses city lines. Beks figures that Klaus will probably kill her as soon as she pops the demon child out, so she's kind of fucked either way. She informs her that she's hitting the road the second she finds her eldest brother. "Being daggered in a box for decades sucks, trust me. You'd best find a way to break that hex and run." Aw, it's nice for Rebekah to finally have a sort-of friend. One of the things that made me saddest about Rebekah joining The Originals is that she doesn't have Elena and Caroline to be her kind-of girlfriends anymore. I really loved how Rebekah and Elena's friendship developed, especially. Rebekah leaves to continue her search, and Hayley remains in the house, hating her life even more than she did before.

Sophie is at work at Rousseau's, scrubbing the prep table in the back, when the soft *whoosh* of nearby vampires startles her. She figures it's Marcel skulking around, and yells that she had nothing to do with his dead nightwalker pals. When the pots hanging on the walls gently clang around with another *whoosh*, Sophie grabs a knife from the table and gets ready to lunge at the mystery person. Unfortunately for her, it's Rebekah, who is way too fast, and easily disarms her. "Sophie Deveraux. My brother, Elijah, told me about you. Know who I am?" Sophie confirms that she does, because EVERYONE there knows them, so Rebekah suggests that they have a little chat.

Sophie takes Rebekah to the Lafayette Cemetery, and presumably invites her in so they can talk shop without any eavesdroppers. Rebekah explains her suspicions regarding Elijah being daggered by Klaus, and assumes that since the daggers are a magical object, Sophie should be able to do a simple locator spell to locate the dagger, and thus, her brother. Sophie is forced to turn her down, and reminds Rebekah that doing magic in the Quarter is punishable by death, per Marcel's rules. This doesn't please Ms. Mikaelson a bit, though. "What do you think I'M going to do if you don't give me what I want?" 

Sophie's like, "Uh, probably not much, unless you want your brother's baby mama and their demon child to die along with me." Rebekah is like, "Who?" because she's already forgotten who Hayley even is. After she's reminded, she concedes that since Elijah seems to be fond of Hayley, she'll refrain from snapping Sophie's scrawny neck. She is curious as to how Marcel has managed to get so powerful, though, since he was basically nothing when Beks left a century ago. Sophie brings up the fact that he has a way to monitor whenever magic is done in the quarter, though she says that how he accomplishes it is irrelevant. So, does that mean that she knows about Davina? Or does she not care, since it really doesn't change anything?

"I'll tell you what's not bloody relevant--a coven of witches who can't do magic. Here's an idea: move away," Rebekah sasses, but obviously that isn't an option for any of the witches, or they would have done it already. We learn that Sophie and her coven practice ancestral magic. If you recall, Jane-Anne did the spells that got her killed here in this cemetery, and she did so because the cemetery is full of the remains of their dead ancestors, which fuel their power. We know from The Vampire Diaries that it is a powerful source of magic, one that Bonnie has tapped into on multiple occasions. If Sophie and her witchy brethren leave New Orleans, they lose the source of their power, not to mention their familial legacy and home.

Rebekah has had it about up to her eyeballs with family, and proclaims it to be overrated. She has no desire to stay in this city, which has given her nothing but heartache, and couldn't care less about Klaus or his hybrid spawn, either. Sophie has trouble believing that, since she's here and all, but Beks maintains that she's only here for her good brother, and she's leaving as soon as she finds him. Rebekah gets into the tough love again, and tells her that Elijah is the only one who actually believes that Klaus can find redemption, and adds that Sophie is stupid to think that she could convince Klaus to go against Marcel, despite their history. Soph is quite aware of the fact that Klaus sired Marcel, but what she doesn't know is that Klaus loved him like a son, and thus he's more than just a vampire he sired.

We flashback to 1820 again, at the cemetery while they were burying Emil. The members of the procession are all wearing nothing but black, including Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus. Apparently, though everyone thought Emil was the governor's only son, he actually had a second child with one of his slaves, and this son is being whipped by one of the men in charge of the slaves. The boy cries out in pain, and fights back by lobbing an apple at the man. Klaus watches the boy as the man gets ready to whip him again, and ultimately kills the man to protect the child.

Klaus is stared at by his siblings as he approaches the boy. When Klaus asks the boy his name, he learns that he doesn't have one; his mother wanted to wait until he turned ten to name him, in case he died of the fever, but she ended up succumbing to it before she could. Klaus kneels down to look the boy in the eyes, and kindly says, "You're a survivor, and survivors need names. How about Marcellus?" He explains that it comes from Mars, the god of war, and means "little survivor," which is an apt name for the boy. Elijah and Rebekah are shocked at his tenderness, and the former wonders if maybe there is hope for him after all.

I kind of love this, tbh. It's like he has this very Tyrion Lannister-style fondness for "bastards" and others who were abused as he was by his father. It's very in character. Rebekah more or less says the same thing to Sophie, and basically tells her that this is why her plan is shit, because all she's done is reunited two long-lost besties. And, now that Elijah is gone, Rebekah has no idea what the two will do now without him to mediate. She swans off, leaving Sophie to rethink her whole master plan.

Off in one of the Quarter's numerous bars, Marcel is drinking some kind of whiskey/bourbon/scotch in a tumbler and looking pretty bummed out. Klaus walks in and declares him a far cry from the party animal he hung out with last night, but Marcel just nods in Camille's direction, where she sits at the bar and writes in a notebook. He deduces that his BFF has taken a shining to the Rousseau's bartender, who Marcel argues is a work in progress. Klaus calls him out, "And yet here you are, pining over her when you should be eating her for lunch! Oh, she must be special." She does bear a pretty significant resemblance to his favorite Vampire Barbie, Caroline Forbes (from TVD), so maybe it's just some jealousy talking, who knows.

Marcel blames his lack of a Cami-game plan on the fact that he was just called by the coroner, who has been instructed to inform him whenever the morgue gets some dead tourists. Klaus fills in the blanks for us: the morgue received the bodies of some dead visitors who had the "M" stamped on their hands and vampire blood running through their veins. It's apparently an occasional occurrence, considering how often drunken idiots in the Quarter end up taking a tumble off a balcony or accidentally drowning in the Mississippi. Today, it happens to be TWO tourists from last night, the blonde girl and her dude BFF.

Cami rises from the bar and packs up her books, so Klaus decides to take this opportunity to play wingman and gain some points. He asks her what she's studying, and when she replies "Abnormal psychology," he asks for her help in diagnosing his friend, who is getting all depressed about being so into this girl. "He tells me she's a queen, fit for a king! I think he should cut his losses and move on. What's your professional opinion?" Cami sees right through Klaus, especially when Marcel gives her an apologetic and embarrassed smile. She looks Marcel in the eyes and sighs. "Be a nice guy, and maybe the opportunity will present itself someday." He asks if tonight at 9 o'clock works for her, but she simply states that she will take it under consideration. Way to play hard to get, girl! Marcel proclaims that response "harsh," and Klaus admits that it's possible that either or both of them have lost their touch with women, and the two sip their drinks.

Hayley, now that she has no supervision, has been able to easily slip out of the Mikaelson Manse in order to visit the voodoo shop, the Jardin Gris. Unfortunately, she's shown up right as the shopkeeper, a witch called Katie, is closing up show. Hayley promises she only needs one little thing. Katie asks what she needs, and when Hayley replies, "Crushed aconite flower," it becomes glaringly obvious that Hayley is trying to get rid of that baby so she can run far, far away. Katie reminds her that wolfsbane is a POISON, and asks if she's trying to kill a werewolf. Hayley stuuuuuupidly looks down at her stomach and replies, "Just a little one." STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID. Has nothing in this experience taught you that you should trust no one? JFC.

Katie suddenly gets what is going on, and runs in to grab what Hayley needs. She returns with a glass vial, and hands it to the little wolf, advising her to cut it with jimson weed; she's pretty sure that adding a couple drops of the mixture to hot tea should be able to do the trick. Hayley tries to pay her for the herbs, but Katie says it's on the house. "It's an ugly town for werewolves. You're doing the right thing." The second that Hayley is out of earshot, Katie pulls out her phone and calls someone. She tells the person that if they want to gain points, they should tell Marcel that there is a werewolf in the Quarter, so it seems safe to assume that she's calling one of Marcel's lackeys. Oh, joy.

We cut to some parking garage, where Marcel has brought Klaus to meet up with Thierry and Diego. The two henchmen open the back of a van, where the two newly-undead tourists are being held, still half in their body bags. Marcel claps his hands and starts his spiel. "Welcome to the land of the newly dead! I won't waste your time." Thierry informs his boss that he doesn't think they have much potential, but since Marcel just lost six of his men, beggars can't be choosers. "I'll keep this quick. That itch you feel? That's the need to feed coming on strong, a hunger for human blood. Drink it--you're a vampire. Don't--you die. Again. This time, for good." 

He asks Klaus who he thinks should get to live, "cute dorky girl" or "gay best friend," but Klaus chooses "dealer's choice." Marcel holds up a coin, and says that whoever grabs it first gets to live forever, and the other one will die. He sets the coin down between them, and shouts, "Go!" It takes all of three seconds for the two to stare at each other frantically before the girl snatches up the coin. Marcel laughs gleefully, and shouts, "Damn, girl! I said, DAMN!" The dude makes his betrayal well known to his now ex-friend, but the girl argues that they didn't have a choice, and is about to suggest that he would do the same before Marcel snaps her neck. He takes great care to give Klaus a knowing look before adding that he's got a thing about people who backstab their friends. Subtle.

Rebekah has watched this all go down from one of the many balconies in New Orleans, which brings back a memory from the 1820s. Young Marcel is practicing his fencing with Rebekah as Klaus shouts out moves. "Attack au Fer! Now counter-parry! A hit! A palpable hit!" Marcel is in awe of Rebekah's skills, and grins. "I'm gonna marry you someday!" Rebekah kindly teases him, and says that she would never marry someone who couldn't best her in a duel, but still offers to give him another lesson.

The flashback goes into time-lapse, where we can see Marcel growing up to his current appearance as he continues to spar with Rebekah. He's finally able to best her, and backs her into a corner. They remove their masks, and Marcel invades her personal space. He's just about to kiss her when Klaus catches them, and they quickly step away from each other. Back in the present, Marcel finds Rebekah on the balcony and greets her. "Rebekah Mikaelson. Come to teach me another lesson? Last time I saw you, Royal Street was burning, and you all were fleeing from the city from your daddy."

Rebekah reminds him that she thought he was dead, but he does have a point when he argues that she never actually looked into whether or not he lived. He wants to know why she's back, so she admits that she's looking for Elijah, and repeats her suspicions that Klaus did something to him. He stops her, but doesn't do nearly a good enough job at acting like he has no idea what's happening. He says that he knows better than to get in the middle of Mikaelson family feuds, because it never ends well, and of course we're graced with yet another flashback to demonstrate.

It's the 1830s now, and Marcel swears on his life to Klaus that there is nothing going on between him and Rebekah. Klaus has always had an unhealthy obsession with his sister's love life, and does nothing to dissuade anyone of that fact in this memory. He assures Marcel that his life means something to him, but adds that if he lies to him, that will be the case no longer. His protegee admits that he does like her, and believes it to be mutual, but promises he would never act on it. "And you won't," Klaus demands. "I love my sister, but she lacks fortune when it comes to men." I wonder why, Klaus? I'm sure it has nothing to do with her weirdly overprotective brother who constantly scares them away/kills them/erases their memory of her existence. Sorry, I'm interrupting. "They come and go for her, but I am the constant. She's my family." Marcel points out that he also has said that HE is their family, and reminds him of his promise to turn him into a vampire. They seem to have had this argument before, because Klaus reiterates that he will turn him when he's ready. There is a caveat, though--if he goes near Bekah again, he will NEVER become one.

In the present day, Rebekah calls him out on being scared of Klaus, even now that he's basically got the whole of the city wrapped around his finger. Marcel gets really defensive and argues that he's not afraid of anyone. Rebekah's not playing around, though. "If I find out you know where Elijah is, you needn't fear Klaus--I'll kill you myself!" GO BEKAH, GO BEKAH. That guy is a diiiiick. Marcel is far too calm and patronizing to not be lying when he says he can't help her. He smugs that it's been nice catching up before he jumps off the balcony and vanishes.

So, as you can imagine, Marcel isn't too pleased when he tracks down Klaus at yet another bar. Klaus assumes he's having lady troubles, but Marcel isn't in the mood, and calls him a dick before asking him why he didn't tell him his sister is in town. Klaus figured it would be more entertaining to watch him find out by himself, but his shadiness just makes Marcel wonder what else he needs to know. "Only that she's grown considerably more insane in the last century," Klaus offers, but Marcel isn't amused, and wonders if it was Rebekah that killed his nightwalkers. "Doubtful, unless that biker bar is frequented by small-town, high-school quarterbacks, I can't imagine she'd be interested." HEY! Don't think I didn't notice you talking shit about Matt, dude. He's my bb!

Their argument is cut short when Marcel receives a phone call, which Klaus listens in on, naturally. The caller reveals that a werewolf has been spotted in Bienville Park, so Marcel orders him to get a couple nightwalkers to kill it, and demands that they bring back its head. Once he's hung up, Klaus muses that the werewolf sighting solves "the mystery of the murdered riffrafff," and determines that his sister is in the clear. Marcel levels with him, and warns that he has no time for Mikaelson feuds. "You're my guest--keep your sister in line." Klaus takes a swing of his drink and shouts after him, "I'd have a greater chance of draining the Mississippi...with a STRAW!"

In Bienville Park, Hayley has parked herself on a park bench, where she drips some wolfsbane/jimson poison into her tea and tries to will herself to drink it. "Come on, Hayley. One upset stomach and all this stupid drama is ancient history." She takes a deep breath and lifts the cup to her lips as she closes her eyes. After a moment, she lowers the cup without drinking and sighs. She can't do it. A branch snapping nearby startles her, and she jumps to her feet to find a vampire right in front of her. "Dumb move, coming into the quarter. You're coming with me, wolf." Hayley mutters that she's about done with being bossed around by vampires, and throws the tea in his face, which burns him. Did it have vervain in it too, or was it just THAT hot?

The vamp growls in pain, but Hayley's small smile drops when she realizes she's surrounded by two more vampires. Before they can touch her, though, Rebekah shows up, and quickly snaps the neck of one before then ripping the heart out of the other. She looks at the heart in her hand and deadpans, "Now, that is NO way to treat a pregnant lady! I do hate bad manners." Bahahahaha. She tosses the heart on the ground, and Hayley just gapes like a guppy at her. YAY! Rebekah has a friend! Please be a good friend, Hayley. Rebekah's the type who will be loyal to the end of time as long as she is shown the same loyalty.

Apparently, they called up Klaus for some help dragging the dead/unconscious vampires back to Chateau Mikaelson. Of course, he has to get in some berating of his sister and baby mama while he's doing it. "THIS is why I told you never to leave the house! Werewolves are banned in the Quarter. I had a plan, and your little night-time stroll put it all in peril!" He yells at his sis to leave the body that she was just about to pick up, and twists the knife by assuring her that she's done more than enough damage by leaving a trail of bodies to his doorstep like cookie crumbs.

Understandably, Rebekah becomes furious, and reminds him that if she hadn't overheard the Marcel's lackeys talking about bringing him back a werewolf head, literally everyone in this house would be royally fucked, not to mention that Hayley and the baby would be dead meat. She then brings up the fact that Elijah made a deal to protect KLAUS' child, and adds that Klaus hasn't done one single thing to honor his deal to the child or Elijah. Klaus, on the other hand, begs to differ, and explains his plan in great detail, JUST so no one will be under the delusion that he's not working a long con.

"I have done EVERYTHING. Let me spell it out for you, shall I? From the day I arrived, Marcel hasn't trusted me. From day one, he's had his vampires ingest toxic vervain, which, as you know, little sister, protects them from my mind control." We flashback to the party, where he stumbles upon Cute Dorky Girl and Gay Best Friend with the "M" monogram stamped on their hands, and proceeds to snap both their necks.

"I needed a spy, someone on the inside with me who Marcel would never suspect. So, I created a Day Zero and got there first. Marcel had just lost six vampires, thanks to your little murder spree, and he needed new recruits. So, I made the new one mine, before he'd had even a drop of vervain." We cut to Gay Best Friend, who gets into the backseat of an SUV with Klaus, where he gets compelled by the hybrid to keep him updated on Marcel's plans. He might ingest vervain later, but that won't undo any compulsion he's already had, as we well know from Katherine's little problem in Season 2 of TVD.

He also knows that Marcel has a weak spot for Cami the bartender, so he meets up with her at Rousseau's and talks his sire up. Cami agrees that Marcel is, "charming, sexy, confident, and incredibly hot," but has also identified him as a "bad boy," like Klaus, so she's not interested. "The damaged ones...they're not good. At least, not for me," she admits. Klaus is very understanding, but still compels her to give him one chance to prove himself, and adds that he'd like her to tell him where he goes and who he sees, when she does. Smart!

Klaus grabs the still-alive vampire (the one who got the tea dumped in his face) and pushes him into the house, where he plans to keep him for a couple days. "I'm gonna drain him of vervain, compel him to believe his mates found religion and moved to Utah, so that HE can explain to Marcel why he lost three more vampires tonight." He asks if anyone has any more questions, and when the ladies remain silent, he asks Hayley why on earth she had decided to go into the Quarter to begin with. Rebekah defends her and orders Klaus to leave her alone, but Hayley's had it up to HERE with just about everything, and shouts that she was buying wolfsbane so she could put the demon child out of everyone else's misery.

Of course, this causes Klaus to grab her in a chokehold and throttle her, but Rebekah is able to pull him off of her as she scolds him for being such a psychopath. "Keep your hands off her! She is pregnant, for God's sake! All of this bluster about not wanting the child, and then the second she tells you she's ready to get rid of it?" She softens when she sees his face, and assures him that it's okay to care and to want things. All she and Elijah have ever wanted is for him to be happy. Klaus sits on the ground, with his head between his knees, and confesses that he gave Elijah's body to Marcel.

Any kindness that Rebekah was showing him went straight out the window at this revelation. She can't believe that he would go so far as to actually BARTER their brother, but Klaus knew that Marcel was having trouble trusting him after biting Thierry, not to mention the fact that there were then TWO Originals in the city, so he thought it would be the best peace-offering. "I have a plan. Gain Marcel's trust, dismantle his empire, honor Elijah's wish that the baby be born. I am executing that plan the only way I know how. If you don't like it, there's the door. See if I care." He gets up and leaves the girls alone in the room.

Later, Rebekah is sitting on the back patio when Hayley comes outside and joins her. She remarks that she knows Rebekah doesn't know her very well, but she wants to thank her for having her back with Klaus and the vampires. Rebekah rightly replies that the girls need to stick together, which they totally do. Yay, they're friends! Hayley cautiously broaches the topic of Rebekah and Klaus, because though Rebekah says she hates him, it's pretty obvious that they love each other, even when they hate each other. Bekah admits that after spending 1,000+ years with someone, it gets pretty difficult to quit them, but Klaus definitely doesn't make it easy to love him, either. She explains that Emil wasn't the first or the last boyfriend of hers that Klaus killed, and adds that he kept doing it until she decided to stop falling in love altogether. He claimed that no one as ever good enough for her, but one day, a man was.

Cue flashback to the 1830s. Rebekah is in that same courtyard, sitting at a table, when a shirtless Marcel approaches her. She asks how the river was, and he gets all sexy and in her face. "It was cool...sweet." She's obviously nervous, and says that she should go inside, but Marcel blocks her and pushes her up against the wall as he kisses her. She's obviously into it, but still adds that Klaus will murder him. "Then I'll die smiling," he replies, and goes in for another kiss, but Klaus, with his impeccable timing, has just showed up and seen everything. He pulls Marcel off of her and bellows that he warned him about messing with his sister.

Rebekah pleads for Marcel's life, and appeals to his kinder side by reminding him of how he saved, protected, and raised Marcel himself. After a moment, Klaus agrees that he doesn't have it in him to kill Marcel. He DOES however, have it in him to dagger Rebekah for a while. "But you, dear sister, need a lesson in what you can and cannot take from me." OH SHIT. This just adds a whole new creepiness to Klaus and Rebekah's relationship. He's still overprotective of his baby sister, but he also extends that to his surrogate son Marcel, and it all basically boils down to Klaus' control-freak nature and his selfishness with regards to what he feels belongs to him. Oh, Niklaus.

Back in the present day, Hayley wonders why Rebekah doesn't just go get Elijah back from Marcel herself, but Rebekah fears retribution via a dagger to the heart if she messes with Klaus' plan. Hayley's eyes dart around as if to make sure no one is watching them, and then she pulls out a bundle wrapped in what looks like a cloth napkin or something. When she unfolds it, we can see two of the magical daggers inside, and Rebekah gasps. Hayley confesses that she found then under Beks' coffin when she was snooping around, and snarks, "So, if I couple of antique steak knives were the only things stopping you from getting Elijah back, then here you go!" Rebekah looks stupefied for a moment as she stares at the daggers, but then she smiles at her newest friend, who smiles back. YAY FRIENDS FOR REBEKAH. This is all I have ever wanted. Yes, I will probably keep harping on this for a while.

Marcel and Cami are on their date, at one of the unnamed bars, where Marcel has apparently sent home all of the staff so they can be alone. Cami gives him some points for flair, which makes him pretty chuffed. He asks what changed her mind, but all she can say is, "Everyone deserves a chance." Their tender moment is totally ruined by Rebekah, who stomps in and loudly calls him out on lying about Elijah. Marcel tries to keep the peace by introducing the two girls, but Rebekah isn't really in the mood to meet new people. "I see you still have a thing for blondes." Cami looks pretty bewildered by all this, especially when Rebekah throttles Marcel and pushes him into the wall. She threatens to kill him right then and there, but Marcel locks eyes with her and sasses, "No you won't," which is our cue for another flashback to their makeout session nearly two-hundred years prior.

After a beat, Rebekah releases him and admits that he's probably right. Sadly for Marcel, Rebekah doesn't feel that way about Cami, so she throttles her instead. "But I WILL kill HER," she snaps, and Marcel immediately acquiesces. "Let her go. You won. I'll take you to see Elijah." Rebekah lets go of Cami, who gasps for air and promptly freaks out. She asks her what the fuck they are, but Marcel nips that line of questioning right in the bud by compelling her to go home and forget about everything that just happened. He adds that all she needs to know is that he will make it up to her before he leads Rebekah out of the bar to see Elijah.

As it turns out, Marcel has been keeping Elijah daggered in his coffin, which has been stored in Davina's attic room, RIGHT NEXT TO HER BED. Creepy! Marcel strolls through the door, but Rebekah is stuck at the threshold. Marcel gets quite a few laughs out of the fact that she has to be invited in by the "lady of the house," Davina. Davina steps out into Rebekah's line of sight, and reluctantly invites Rebekah in at Marcel's command. Once she's able to get through the door, she immediately runs to Elijah and starts to yank the dagger out of his body.

Unfortunately, Davina snits, "I wouldn't do that!" as she telekinetically shoves the dagger back into Eli's chest. Davina points out that Bekah doesn't seem very nice, and while Marcel concedes that she can be, he does bring up how she wasn't very kind to Marcel tonight. Davina turns to Rebekah and deadpans, "Then I'm afraid you have to go," and uses her telekinesis to slam her into a couple walls before Rebekah flies out the open window. Damnnnnn. I SAID, DAMN! WHERE IS SHE GETTING ALL THIS POWER, WHAT THE FUCK.

In flashback, Klaus has just awakened Rebekah from her post-Marcel-makeout daggering, and naturally, she's quite pissed. When he tells her it's Sunday, she assumes that she has been daggered for an entire week, but it's actually much worse than that--it's 1887, which means that Rebekah has been slumbering for 52 years. DIIIIICK! Now full-out enraged, Rebekah is like, "The fuck you say?" so Klaus drops the worst of it on her. "And don't worry about Marcel. I presented him with a choice. He could choose to undagger you and live out the rest of his human days with you, or I could turn him instead, as he's always wanted, in exchange for giving you up." We all know what decision he ended up making, but Rebekah is loathe to believe he would do that to her. To prove it, Marcel opens the door a crack to show his still-youthful, but expressionless, face. SUPER DICK MOVE, DUDE.

In the present day, Rebekah has woken up in the exact same bed as in the flashback, only now the house belongs to Marcel, and he stands at the foot of the bed. "Welcome back, Rebekah. You were out for quite a while." Rebekah wants to know how she got here, so Marcel explains that she upset Davina, which lead to her getting punished. He's glad they finally met, though, since now she knows what kind of power he has backing him up. Rebekah realizes that this used to be her room, so he stupidly twists the knife. "Oh, it's mine now. Just like this town is mine, Davina's mine, and Elijah is mine until I feel like giving him back. What was once yours, what was once your brother's--it's now mine." As he walks out the door, he adds, "And don't ever touch Cami again."

SUPER SUPER DICK MOVE. Not to mention SUPER STUPID, because Beks had no interest in this silly little war until Marcel pulled this stunt with Elijah and Davina. Now she's going to want retribution for how he's treated her, and she will automatically join up with Klaus to fight against Marcel with him. I'll get into that more in the notes at the end, though, because we've got another scene or two to cover first!

Hayley appears to be sleeping soundly in her bedroom when Klaus enters. He watches her silently for a moment before he slips his hand into her bag to retrieve the vial of wolfsbane. He opens it to sniff it, and sighs when Hayley sleepily says, "I didn't use it." Klaus is relieved at this news, as well as surprised that she was awake, but Hayley complains about the house feeling like "a freaking swamp sauna." Bahahaha. He asks what stopped her from her magical abortion potion, considering she could be free of the ongoing nightmare that is the Mikaelson family, but Hayley confesses that when she was fighting off the vampires, she realized that she was actually fighting for the baby as well. She brings up her family history, namely, being abandoned by both sets of parents, and says that she realized that after everything she's been through, she needs to break the cycle and be a good mom.

Klaus' face softens, as it sometimes does when he finds a kindred spirit. "I'm beginning to think we're a lot alike, you and I. We're both castoffs who have learned to fight when we're backed into a corner." Hayley points out that they are definitely backed into a corner right now, and Klaus agrees. "Ah, that we are. It's time to fight, little wolf." He gently places his hand on her shoulder, and it's pretty affectionate, really. After a moment, he backs away and goes to leave, but is stopped by Hayley, who asks what happened between him and Marcel. It's here that we get Klaus' side of the story. We know Marcel thinks that Klaus abandoned him and his home when his dad chased him out and never looked back, but Klaus feels like he was abandoned, too.

KLAUS: "I made Marcel everything that he is. I treated him like a son. And when my father chased me and my family from New Orleans a hundred years ago, we believed Marcel was killed--we each mourning him, in our own way. Yet, when I returned, I found not only had he survived, he had THRIVED. Instead of seeking us out, instead of sticking together as one, he made a choice to take everything my family had built and make it his own. Now, he is living in our home, he is sleeping in our beds. That "M" he stamps's not for Marcel. It's for "Mikaelson." 

He assures her that he'll do whatever it takes to get that life back for himself, even if it means pushing him out to get it. He realizes that he's ranting, takes a deep breath to composes himself, and runs away before he ends up spilling more of his feelings. Though, he does add that he will have someone fix the air conditioning for her. Aw, Klaus! That's like as close to a tender moment that you can really get from him.

Rebekah is entering Chateau Mikaelson as Klaus reaches to the bottom of the stairs, and she wastes no time informing him of what happened to her last night. She frantically explains that it's clear now that Cami is the key, since Marcel demonstrated how much he cares for her last night. And, because he likes Cami so much, Rebekah was able to finally learn his secret weapon--Davina. Rebekah describes her as no older than sixteen, but more possessing more power than Rebekah has ever witnessed in her ancient life. Klaus is all, "A witch? Really?" but his sister believes she's more than just a witch, because she's more powerful than any normal witch she's ever known, which just adds to her fury about Elijah.

Klaus obviously wants to know where she is, but Rebekah has no idea, because DAVINA MAGICALLY COMPELLED REBEKAH TO FORGET HER LOCATION. It's pretty rare when there is something that is stronger than an Original, so Elijah is royally FUCKED. "Marcel possesses a weapon bigger and more powerful than an Original, and you handed our brother to him! How many times will Elijah forgive you? How long until his hope for your redemption finally dies?" Klaus maintains that he did what he had to do to get back at him, and reminds her that Marcel took their home. Rebekah doesn't think having a home means shit if there's no family in it, and swears that she will do whatever it takes to get him back. "Are you going to help me?" Klaus stares his sister down and agrees. "Whatever it takes." OHHH SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.

Davina is scribbling in charcoal at her easel as Marcel walks in, and she turns to him. He apologizes for having to deal with Rebekah's "unpleasantness," but Davina doesn't fear any of the Originals. Marcel knew she wouldn't, but figures that they're probably going to end up sticking around for a while, which doesn't seem to please Davina much. She pouts, "They don't belong here!" Of course, Marcel is in complete agreement there, but since they're not really a lot to be bossed around, he's going to need her help. "I'm gonna need you to figure out how we kill an Original." Oh, boy, you are playing with fire.

Next week: Sheer chaos. There seems to be some sort of masquerade ball/dance happening, which always results in chaos in Mystic Falls, and I have a feeling that it will be no different in New Orleans.

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-Okay, here's where I complain about what a fucking dumbass Marcel is. For one, big man on campus as he may be, he's still only like, 180 years old at the most, which is only like 20 years older than the Salvatores. So, even if he COULD find a way to kill an Original, it's going to be super difficult because there is only one thing that can kill them permanently, and they don't have it. Second of all, those of us who watched TVD know that killing an Original is a really, really, REALLY bad idea if you're a member of their bloodline. Unless you have a death wish, anyway. So this is just a terrible plan. I know that there's no way that any of the remaining Originals would be killed in the first place, considering the show is named after them and all, but still. Marcel isn't playing this very smart.


-Seriously though, my back-and-forth feelings for Klaus are starting to give me whiplash. I really do miss Elijah already, though, and I'm still shocked at how much Hayley is growing on me. Coming up with this spin-off was the best idea EVER, because while I love The Original Family, I was really starting to bore of them on TVD, because they were these villains who couldn't really be killed, but they couldn't get rid of them either. This way, my TVD characters get to breathe, while the Mikaelsons get to have their own new playground where they don't have to squabble with teenagers anymore. That, my friends, is what we call a win-win-win.


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