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The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 2: "Yellow Ledbetter" Recap/Review

Ugh, this episode was such a rollercoaster! On the one hand, I have the Alaric/Elena relationship and the Damon/Elena relationship making me cry my eyes out, and then on the other hand, Damon and Bonnie are, like, the light of my soul. So many conflicting feelings! And then, when you add in the anxiety and stress that comes from Tripp's confession and actions at the end of the episode, I am both excited and ridiculously nervous for what is to come! EEEEE.

Also, this is a little off-topic, but it's recently been brought to my attention by a reader that I've never put my Tumblr URL up on this blog? SO, if you're a fan of TV show gifsets, flailing liveblogs during the airing of said TV shows, with a light sprinkling of feminist/SJ stuff scattered around, feel free to follow me at emily--kate.

Anyway, I'm already so fucking behind because school and studying for exams has just sucked up literally all of my time, so let's just hop to it, yeah? I have a shitload of c…

The Originals Season 2, Episode 1: "Rebirth" Recap/Review

Welp, if this premiere episode is any indication, I have very high hopes for how The Originals is going to be this season, because "Rebirth" was an absolute delight of an episode. All of the actors did some of their best work yet, and it's set up lots of threads that could lead to some very interesting story lines. Not to mention the fact that I assumed the Guerrera plot would last at least through the first chapter of the season, but it was wrapped up all in one episode, so at this rate, we'll have plenty of exciting stuff to talk about! And that reveal at the end? BEST THING EVER. Basically, there aren't enough nice things to say in the English language to describe how much I loved this episode, so I'm just going to stop dawdling and get started. Settle in, babes, we have a LOT to discuss.

Previously, on The Originals: In lieu of a "Previouslies" this week, we got Rebekah, who has her own home where she lives with Hope, tells a story (that just so…

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 1: "I'll Remember" Recap/Review

[Once again, sorry for the lateness, y'all! Midterms were this week and they were super brutal, but I am determined to get back on schedule ASAP so I don't run into the same problem I did last year when I thought I could recap three shows at once on top of school and work. Thanks for your patience!-- Emily]

So, Kathleen and I watched TVD together this week, as per our Thursday tradition dating back to at least mid-season 4, and honestly, neither of us were super impressed. Still, I resolved to give it another couple of episodes, at least until we get a better idea of what Damon and Bonnie are up to, etc. Then, I decided to rewatch the episode, which ended up actually changing my own mind about a lot of it. Watching all of our faves in the Mystic Falls Gang being split apart because of everything that happened at the last season was an interesting change of pace. It felt like a pilot in a way, or a reboot, (which is likely why Kath and I weren't huge fans, at least at first…

Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episodes 17-18: "Rescue Me" & "Resident Evil"

Blah, blah, blah-- let's get talking about the Travelers, the witches, the doppelgängers, and the Other Side, because methinks it's gonna be relevant here in the present. You know, just a hunch.

Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episode 16: "While You Were Sleeping"

YAY, ELENA IS FINALLY BACK. I still to this day cannot believe that the showrunners decided it would be a good idea to eliminate their main character, around whom the entire show revolves, just so a secondary character can have the spotlight for five episodes, but now that that infernal story line is over, it's all uphill from here! So, I'm not going to waste any more time getting into it! Let's talk "While You Were Sleeping!"

Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episode 15 "Gone Girl"

Yeah, so procrastination is kind of my biggest bad habit, so I apologize for cutting the season 5 refreshers so close, considering that season 6 has now already started. So, for time's sake, it's time to speed things up, as quickly as my wordy, rambly-ass can manage, anyway. So, I'm gonna dispense with the introduction. Let's dig in, shall we?

Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episode 14: "No Exit"

Welp, the Ripper serum still sucks, but the Mystic Falls Gang finally figured out the fact that their enemy has been parading around in the body of their best friend and most beloved Petrova doppelgänger, so that's a win! It's all uphill from here, for the most part, so hopefully the following recaps will be more positive than these ones have been. Let's dig into "No Exit!"

Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episode 13: "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Welp, I've managed to do something to fuck up my upper back/right shoulder and it's been bothering me so much that I can barely get comfortable enough to write this post as it is, so for the sake of time and my very limited patience, I'm just gonna cut the bullshit and get started, cool? Cool.