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The Originals Season 2, Episode 3: "Every Mother's Son" Recap/Review

Continuing on the streak of amazing episodes of The Originals in this fabulous second season, this particular episode features an awkward family dinner (which are the best kind, let's be real), some awesome chemistry between Elijah and our newest baby vamp, and an introduction to a new witch Lenore, who lives and works across the river in Marcel's new neighborhood, and who, for reasons that will become obvious as I get into this recap, we will probably be seeing for quite a while.

Considering this is the third episode out of EIGHT that have aired as of my writing this introduction, I'm just going to cut the chit-chat and just dig in, because I have a LOT of words to write. So, vamanos, babies, because "Every Mother's Son" is fantastic!

Previously, on The Originals: New Orleans used to be the Mikaelsons' home, and Klaus wanted to get back control over it like he had from the 1700s to 1919. Unfortunately, all his scheming and power-grubbing resulted in getti…

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 3: "Welcome to Paradise" Recap/Review

Ugh, real life sucks, doesn't it? My professors at school seem to think that their students only have their class and no others to worry about, so they assign hours upon hours of work, I've been spending 95% of my limited free time studying like a madwoman for the NCLEX (which I'm taking I took on the 20th! AND I PASSED! WOOT!) and as a result, I am RIDICULOUSLY behind on recaps, and for that I am so, so sorry! Never fear, I will be continuing to recap as much as I can, but chances are I won't have an opportunity to fully dedicate myself to catching up at least until after the NCLEX, if not when winter break rolls around. So, please keep checking in when you can, because I will be trying to get up new content as quickly as possible given the too-full plate I have going right now. Thank you guys so much for your patience. :) It drives me crazy when I can't meet my own deadlines, but sometimes you just have to be an adult and do what you need to do, you know? (Edited…