The Originals Season 1, Episode 5: "Sinners and Saints" Recap/Review

Man, this show is BANANAS. I am loving it SO, SO much, easily as much as I like the Vampire Diaries, which I definitely wasn't expecting. This week had a lot of mythology and flashbacks and story-telling, like the first couple episodes, but UNLIKE the first couple episodes, it was still so dramatic that it was really difficult to be bored. The majority of my questions about Davina, her powers, and her animosity toward the witches were answered, as well as my questions regarding Davina and Marcel's relationship. Plus, we ALSO learned a lot about witches in general, Sophie and Jane-Anne, and Father Kieran! Klaus and Rebekah were perfect, and Hayley too. And, ELIJAH ELIJAH ELIJAH. If the show was just forty-two minutes of him just explaining basic shit in that awesome, formal way that he speaks, I would literally watch every week and soak up every word. Basically, I loved everything, and I have very few complaints! Now, let's get to it! I am bound and determined to crank out these next two recaps by Tuesday, so let's see if I can meet my own self-imposed deadlines, yeah?

Previously, on The Originals: The Mikaelson siblings are the first ever vampires to grace this earth with their presence. They claim to have more or less built the city of New Orleans by hand, and when they lived there, they were one big happy family. Or, as close as you can get when you're a dysfunctional trio composed of two ancient vampires and one vampire-werewolf hybrid. The NOLA coven of witches (with a little help from Katherine Pierce) lured Klaus (and indirectly, Elijah) back to the French Quarter, and managed to keep them there by using Klaus' unborn baby (that is currently cooking in Hayley Marshall's womb) as leverage. Klaus thought it was a fabulous idea to gain the trust of the leader of the vampire faction of the city, Marcel Gerard, by giving him his daggered brother to him as a sign of good faith. Now, Marcel can't even give him back, because his powerful baby witch protegee, Davina Claire, is determined to keep hold of him. Klaus has a plan to get him back, but Elijah has his own agenda to put an end to all the crazy shit that is happening. And now we're caught up!

In Davina's attic room, Elijah is awake, but still very gray and peaked looking from not feeding in God knows how long. He's been a vampire for nearly 1,000 years, so I'd say his control over his bloodlust is pretty awesome, but that doesn't stop him from salivating over Davina's pulsing carotid artery. She informs him that word on the streets is that he is known as the honorable Mikaelson sibling. Elijah chuckles, and admits that is what people say, but he's not so sure, considering he followed his baby bro to the city to get involved in the inevitable war between witches and vampires, which he doesn't believe to be very honorable. The baby witch points out that he's looking a little strung-out, but I mean, wouldn't you, if you had been starved for weeks/months? I'm still a little confused about the timeline. Elijah's motives are simple: he wants to prevent the upcoming war by 1) babysitting Klaus so he doesn't do anything stupid, and 2) allowing Davina to do as she pleases, without being used as a weapon for Marcel or the witches to use on each other.

She wisely asks him why he should trust her, so Elijah offers a bit of proof. "Well, for one thing, in spite of a ravenous hunger, I have not tried to take your blood." Davina doesn't know why he wouldn't, since they're all alone up there, but Elijah is an honorable man, remember? So, he draws the line at feeding on children. She takes a hatpin from her vanity and uses it to prick her finger. There's a drop of her blood clinging to the tip, and she slowly holds the pin near Elijah's mouth. He tries to control himself, but he's starving, so when she places the drop on his lip, he licks at it immediately. Within seconds, his skin has gone back to its original complexion, which is pretty fucking cool. This scene has some pretty sexual undertones, which makes me conflicted because 1) Elijah is so damn hot, I basically ship him with anyone/anything, including myself, but 2) as we already discussed, Davina is like, 16 years old at most, and Elijah looks like he's 30 and ACTUALLY is like, 300 times that age, so it's a little creepy. Anyway, it seems that even Davina's BLOOD is magical, which is pretty cool. TITLE CARD!

As we assumed would happen last week, Klaus has come after Sophie Deveraux, and he paces back and forth in the back room of Rousseau's until Sophie walks in with a basket full of gumbo ingredients. As soon as he sees her, he grabs her and zoops her away to Mikaelson Mansion in under a minute. He shoves her onto their couch in the living room and immediately gets to ripping her a new one. "We had a DEAL. You protect my unborn child, I dismantle Marcel's army! And whilst I've been busy fulfilling MY part of the bargain, you allowed Hayley to be attacked and almost killed by a gaggle of lunatic witches!" Sophie swears up and down that she had nothing to do with it, and I'm inclined to believe her, because as she reminds us, she and Hayley are linked, and since Sophie doesn't have a death wish anymore, it's not really in her best interest to agree to something like that.

Rebekah wants to know who the actual culprits were, then, so Sophie explains that it was a faction of extremists witches who had been spooked upon hearing about Sabine's vision (from "Tangled Up In Blue," if you need a reminder) When Klaus asks what the vision was about, Sophie begins by implying that this is a regular occurrence with Sabine, and that her visions can be interpreted in various ways. She's not very convinced of its validity, but Klaus asks her to humor him and tell him what these witches believed the vision means. "Pretty much that your baby would bring death to all witches." Klaus: "Ah, well, I grow fonder of this child by the second." Bahaha. Rebekah reminds her that Elijah made her promise that she would protect Hayley and her demon child while he works out an alliance with Davina, so she needs to know how extreme these witches are so they can deal with them. Sophie is shocked to hear that Elijah is speaking with Davina, and mentions that Davina likely has quite a bit to say about this mess. Rebekah, Klaus, and Hayley are intrigued, so they settle in for story time as she explains that it wasn't until recently that she had even really been involved in the whole witch thing.

FLASHBACK, EIGHT MONTHS AGO: Flashback-Sophie is behind the bar at Rousseau's, wearing a cropped halter top and dancing to music as she woops and hollers about how people party in Rio de Janeiro. She pours liquor into her mouth straight from the bottle as Present-Day Sophie voice-overs about her history. "My sister was devoted, like our parents, and our upbringing was very strict, which drove me nuts. The minute I turned 21, I left the Quarter to travel...and play." She pours liquor into a random dude's mouth, and then into a random girl's mouth. When the girl swallows it, she and Sophie make out on the bar. "But, I wanted to be a chef, so I came back to Rousseau's." Jane-Anne enters Rousseau's to see Sophie chugging more drinks, and when Sophie sees her, she runs over to hug her and welcome her home. Jane-Anne wants to talk someplace quieter, but Sophie isn't in the mood to wait, so she insists that she just tell her here and now. Jane-Anne informs her that the elders of their coven had taken a vote, and that they've decided to perform the Harvest.

PRESENT DAY:  Rebekah naturally wants to know what the Harvest is, so Sophie exposits that it's a ritual that the NOLA coven (and possibly all covens who practice ancestral magic) does every three-hundred years to strengthen/restore their link to their ancestor's magic, which involves the witches appeasing said ancestors in some way. Klaus is shocked that he's never heard of this ritual in his ten centuries of life, and nearly a century of living in the Quarter, but Sophie says that since it happens so infrequently, a lot of witches don't even believe it's real; they see it as a myth, like Noah's ark. She adds that some people do take it literally, but some don't, and judging by her tone, I'd say she was in the latter category, at least at first.

FLASHBACK, EIGHT MONTHS AGO--THE HARVEST REHEARSAL: There is a row of girls in white dresses kneeling outside of a farmhouse who are surrounded by the elder witches, who wear gray dresses. The lead elder, Bastiana, starts with the first girl, Monique, and uses a knife to make a small nick in the palm of her hand as she intones, "To be reborn, we must sacrifice." Monique repeats the line, and Bastiana moves onto the second girl. "To be reborn, we must have faith." When she cuts the third girl's hand and asks, "Do you have faith in the Harvest?" Sophie shows up and starts yelling about how nope, she doesn't have faith in the Harvest. She asks Bastiana WTF she's doing, and the elder witch spits that she's saving the community of which Sophie seems to want no part. Sophie is shocked that Monique volunteered for the ritual, but Monique just stares at the ground and reluctantly admits that her mom is making her. Sophie calls them "ridiculous" and turns to "have words" with Monique's mom about what she's doing. As Sophie walks away, Davina, who is at the far end of the rope, watches her walk away and seems to be contemplating what she said.

PRESENT DAY: Sophie expositions about how the girls in their coven had been learning about the Harvest and getting ready for it for months, and in the end, four of the girls would be chosen for the ritual. "They said that it was an honor, that they were special. I thought it was a myth," Sophie says bitterly. Rebekah asks her if it actually WAS a myth, and while Sophie looks super guilty, she doesn't actually get to answer, because they're interrupted by Klaus' phone ringing. It's Marcel, of course. Klaus teases him for being up so early, and Marcel smugs about how hard he works to keep his empire running, blah blah blah. Klaus plays like he's not interested in Marcel's position, and is all, "Rather you than me. All that responsibility seems like such a bore."

The reason he called is because he heard about the handful or so of dead witches in the bayou, and he wants to investigate. Just as the Mikaelsons/Hayley suspected in the last episode, the damage done to the bodies looks like a werewolf attack, but it wasn't a full moon, so he's stumped. He has an informant to meet, and considering Klaus' blood is the only known cure for a werewolf bite, he obviously wants Klaus to tag along, just in case. Klaus agrees, and when he hangs up, we see Marcel is consulting with some random woman who is holding photos of the Mikaelson Mansion. He tells her, "This is the one." UH OH, watch yourself Hayley!

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Sophie is fretting about the news of the dead witches, because apparently, if they're not consecrated within a day of dying, then their coven loses access to their magic. Klaus isn't worried about that as much as he's worried about his interests, though. "Those witches tried to KILL Hayley, I'd prefer for Marcel's informant not to find anything that would lead him back to us, to her, or know." He gestures to Hayley's stomach. "That." Hayley chuckles sarcastically and sips her tea. "You are all class." Klaus goes to leave and orders Sophie to not continue with the story until he returns home.

Father Kieran is still working on cleaning up the church when Marcel comes in to check on Davina. Kieran snarks at him about visiting his prisoner, but Marcel denies that she is one, and adds that he's moving her tonight anyway, as too many people know that she's there. Well, Marcel, that was kind of your fault for bringing Rebekah to Davina's room as some sort of power-play, wasn't it? The priest mentions that he's heard about the shit he's pulled with Davina ever since he left town, and is not impressed that he's using her to keep the witches from doing magic. Marcel isn't really impressed with him getting into his business, either, per usual. "All respect, Father K. If you're going to defend the witches' rights, we got nothin' to talk about." He leaves Father Kieran to continue to clean up while he goes upstairs.

In Davina's room, Elijah is examining Tim's broken violin and asks her if she plays. She seems a little upset at the memory of what happened with Tim, and just tells him that the violin isn't hers. He fiddles around with it for a few seconds until they can both hear Marcel's footsteps approaching. When he walks in the door, Elijah has hidden himself away in a corner somewhere, and Marcel informs Davina that he's moving her to a better place this evening. Davina seems visibly pleased to hear this news. Marcel gestures to Elijah's going and asks how everyone's favorite Original is doing, but Davina stops him before he can open the coffin and lies that he can't disturb the body because she's working on a spell. Marcel totally buys it, and instructs her to pack up anything she wants to take. He promises he'll buy her anything else she needs when they get to wherever he's taking her.

When he leaves, Elijah walks out of his hidey-hole and comments on the fact that she didn't drop the dime on him to Marcel. She grins and chirps, "We're not done talking yet!" Elijah sits down and starts fiddling with the violin again. He brings up her relationship with Marcel, and says they seem very close. Davina admits that Marcel is her family, which confuses Elijah a bit. "And yet Marcel is someone who delights in harming the witches. Those people, I would think, you would consider family. This doesn't trouble you?" Davina replies in the negatory, and says that they deserve it because they're all liars.

FLASHBACK, EIGHT MONTHS AGO--THE HARVEST REHEARSAL: The girls are still kneeling on the ground outside the farmhouse, where Bastiana dips her finger in dirt and touches it to the forehead of each of the girls who were chosen for the Harvest. Monique, Davina, a blonde girl, and a girl with short dark hair are each chosen, and they stand up with a small dot of dirt on their foreheads. They seem genuinely proud and happy to be chosen, as the smile and giggle at each other. In voiceover, Davina explains her side. "They made me and my friends do this Harvest ritual. They said our participation would bring our family strength, health...that we'd forever be celebrated as saviors of the community. But all they really wanted was more power, so I left before they could get it. Now, they're running out of time, because after the Harvest comes the Reaping. And if they don't complete the Harvest, there won't BE a Reaping. Soon, all the witches in the Quarter will start to lose their power. Eventually, they'll cease to be witches altogether." Am I the only one who got major Hunger Games vibes from this revelation? Yes? Okay, moving on.

PRESENT DAY: Elijah asks her what they have to do to complete the ritual, and Davina reveals that she has to die, which stuns Elijah into silence.

Sophie is gathering supplies from the witchy crypt in the Lafayette Cemetery, and is startled when Hayley arrives to join her. Soph asks wtf Hayley is doing there, so the little wolf replies that she wants to come with her to the bayou. Sophie rejects that idea right away, because she isn't overly fond of being assaulted by Klaus, but Hayley has a pretty good counterpoint: whoever/whatever killed those witches seems to be protecting Hayley, and doesn't seem to like witches very much, so Sophie would be better off with her around. I think she's pretty right on this one, plus Hayley can kick major ass, so it wouldn't hurt to let her tag along. Sophie is having trouble believing she has any concern over her safety, which is stupid, because like she said earlier, they're linked--if Sophie gets hurt or killed out there, so will Hayley.

Hayley blocks the exit of the crypt and levels with her; "Listen, the whole reason I came to this stupid town in the first place was to learn more about my family. Your sister's the one who told me Marcel ran the werewolves out of the Quarter into the bayou. And, last night, I'm pretty sure that some guardian-angel-wolf saved my life. So, I'm coming with you." Hard to argue with that, tbh! Rebekah, of course, shows up to call them all idiots, and to remind them of how Klaus and Marcel are planning to go right where they're going. Hayley tells her to distract them, then, because Elijah would be pretty pissed if they locked Hayley in a tomb to keep her from going. Sophie rolls her eyes and sighs and possibly starts to regret even bringing them into the plan in the first place.

Klaus is standing outside a hillbilly bar as he talks to his sister on the phone. He informs her that the bar he is at is called "Big Auggie's Bayou Bar," and Rebekah instructs him to keep Marcel occupied for a while until they get out of the bayou. "The witch is on a burial mission, your baby mama is on a spirit quest, and I'm keeping Elijah's promise to keep her safe, so--stall, please?" Klaus is pretty pissed, but ends up agreeing, and walks back into the bar. Marcel asks what's up, so he just complains about how temperamental Rebekah is and asks after their informant, whose name is Tomas. Marcel says he's out gathering intel, and claims that they'll go join him after they have a drink.

"Well, I suppose it will give us a chance to talk things over, like why you haven't returned Elijah. Maybe your young witch has grown partial to his company? She must get so bored." Marcel calls him out on always getting into his business, and asks him why he's so curious about Davina. Klaus figures Marcel would be curious too, if Klaus had such a powerful young witch at his disposal. Marcel swears that Klaus will never get Davina, so Klaus wisely concedes victory to him for now, and settles for simply learning her story instead. He asks how the two met, and Marcel laughs as he explains that it happened eight months ago, before he banned the witches from doing magic. Back then, the witches and vampires still didn't like each other much, just like it's always been on TVD, but there was a lot less tension, and some of the vampires and witches even got along quite well, if you know what I mean.

FLASHBACK, EIGHT MONTHS AGO: Sophie and Marcel are in a shower, getting all soapy and kissing/sexing it up and whatnot. It's pretty hot, tbh. Sophie and Marcel have a lot more chemistry than Marcel and Cami. Afterwards, Marcel is chilling in his bed, watching Sophie dry her hair as she complains about her troubles with the "whacked-out, militant" witches in her coven, including her sister Jane-Anne, who seems to have bought into all the Harvest business too. Marcel proclaims Jane-Anne as having martyr written all over her, and Sophie adds that she and the rest of the elders have every 16-year-old girl in the coven doing everything to be chosen for the ritual. Marcel kindly asks if there's anything he can do, but she teases him for having done enough to stir up the witches, and kisses him. She implies that their little arrangement is a secret that no one can no about.

PRESENT DAY: Klaus rightly calls Marcel out on being a hypocrite. "You torture those witches, and yet there you were, getting positively Romeo and Juliet with Sophie Deveraux!" Marcel swears it was simply a hook-up that happened to benefit them both. Klaus wonders what she did to put a stop to the Harvest, if she didn't want Marcel to get involved, so Marcel, who is loving this story-telling time, smugs that she instead went to her priest.

FLASHBACK, EIGHT MONTHS AGO: At St.Ann's Catholic Church, Sophie and Father Kieran are meeting with Jane-Anne, Agnes, and Bastiana. The latter is extremely pissed that Sophie, who isn't even interested in the witches' culture, would go to an outsider and blab their business. Father Kieran, on the other hand, disagrees, and says they need to find another way to get what they need. Bastiana is offended that he would think they weren't taking this situation seriously, and reminds him that because the vampire presence in the community is getting so large, they need more power to protect themselves. Jane-Anne adds that Sophie doesn't get what's going on because she doesn't believe, and reminds her that she's put everything on the line for this because she has faith. She firmly believes that being chosen for the Harvest is an honor, but Sophie is sure it's just a legend.

Father Kieran reminds them that what they're planning is both wrong and ILLEGAL in their city, but Jane-Anne is like, "In your city full of vampires?" Apparently, the vampire faction and human faction of the city have an arrangement (which alludes to what Marcel has said in the past, regarding not feeding on locals, etc) just as the human faction and witch faction do. His main priority is protecting the locals and their homes, and to do that, they look the other way regarding the vampires' extra-curricular activities. "We are simply taking what we need. Our connection to our ancestors weakens over time. You sow and you reap, that's the way the Harvest works," Bastiana argues.

Kieran reminds them that he's the only ally they have in the Quarter, and without him, they'd have to face Marcel by themselves; AND, if they go through with the Harvest, that's exactly what they'll have to do. Sean O'Connell, in his seminary outfit, comes out to ask "Uncle Kieran" if everything is okay, and Kieran assures him that they were just finishing their talk. He tells the witches he's made his views clear, and Agnes replies that they'll take the matter to the elders. She walks over to Sean and takes her hand in his and smiles at him. "Continue your studies, Sean. Your uncle is an EXCELLENT role model." He just looks at her, slightly confused, and as she turns to leave, she whispers a hex under his breath. OH HELL NO, AGNES! I already knew she was awful when she pulled that shit on Hayley, but that is STONE COLD. Also, he looks WAY younger than Cami, so I have a hard time believing that they're twins.

PRESENT DAY: Klaus is pretty enraged, but he's hiding it decently, as Marcel exposits that the witches were so furious with Kieran that they hexed his nephew Sean. The hex made him feel like he was slowly losing his mind, which they used as a way to distract Kieran so they could continue to plan for the Harvest anyway. As Klaus already knows, the kid ended up having a psychotic break, killed all his fellow seminary students, and then killed himself. Klaus lies and says that he thinks he read about it. "The boy...killed a twin, or he was a twin, or something." Marcel confirms that he had a twin sister and sips his scotch. Klaus, who is still livid about what he's just learned, due to his feelings for Cami, downs his scotch in one.

In Davina's attic room, Davina packs her suitcase as Elijah continues to work on the violin and asks questions. He's curious as to what she meant when she said she had to die, so she gives him the deets. "That's what the Harvest was. They said they'd put us four girls in a state of, like, peaceful limbo, as part of the offering. And then later, at the Reaping, we'd awaken and be reborn. I never got as far as the limbo part, which means the Harvest isn't complete. That's why the witches are so freaked out. The Reaping is just around the corner, and if they don't finish it before then, it's over. All I have to do is wait it out." Elijah assumes she means that she'll be free of Marcel, but she actually meant that she'll be free of MAGIC. All she wants is to be normal, because she has a really hard time controlling all of her powers, and the result is usually that she hurts people, even the ones she doesn't want to hurt.

Elijah asks about her friends, since she must miss them, now that she's been away from them for a year or so. She brings up Tim, who she likes because he's not involved in any of the supernatural business. She also brings up Monique, her best friend, who was also chosen for the Harvest. "She's lucky. No one ever fought for me, but someone fought for her. The only one who ever spoke out against the Harvest was Monique's aunt." Elijah's confused by that, and asks who Monique's aunt is, but we already know--it's Sophie Deveraux.

Sophie, Rebekah and Hayley are hiking around the bayou, looking for where they remember the witches were killed, and Rebekah asks Sophie to tell them the rest of the story. Sophie doesn't want to go against Klaus' orders, but Beks reminds them that they already did by coming out here "amongst the crawly, buzzy creatures." Rebekah isn't a nature girl, as you could probably guess, and I don't blame her, because I HATE bugs. Hayley informs them that they've found the location, and we can see all the slowly rotting corpses laying bloody and ripped up on the ground in front of them. Sophie looks ill as she kneels down to dig her consecration ingredients out of her bag.

A few feet away, Hayley finds a HUGE pawprint in the mud, and three deep, bloody scratches in the nearby tree. Sophie asks if it's a wolf track. I'm not a nature person, as I just mentioned, but I'm thinking that track is wayyyy too big to be an ordinary wolf, or a werewolf, for that matter. The girls are all distracted when they hear a twig snapping a few yards away. Rebekah stupidly calls out, "Who's there?" It's Marcel's informant, of course, Thomas. He recognizes Rebekah as an Original and immediately zoops away in fear. You'd think that Rebekah would chase after him, since she's most likely way older and faster than him, but nope. She just stands there and gapes with the rest of the girls.

This next scene is a little tricky, because it cuts between the Bayou Bar, Davina's attic, and flashbacks to the Harvest, so bear with me. Klaus is on the phone with Rebekah, who is filling him in on her fuck-up with the informant. Klaus chastises her for letting him get away, but Rebekah seems to feel pretty bad about it. "Yes, and now that we've established that I am a failure as a sister, and a friend, and an Original, you should probably know he's on his way to Marcel right now to rat me out." She describes him as a scrawny, nervous looking guy who "looks like he saw a ghost," and her brother assures her that he'll take care of it, he just needs a little distraction for Marcel while he does it. Rebekah's all, "Roger that," and leaves the two girls to go seduce Marcel a bit.

When Klaus returns to their place at the bar, he blames his absence on his sister and her attention-hogging ways, and orders him to get back to the story. Marcel looks pretty somber, and says he can't joke around about what happened to Davina. "I've done a lot in my day, but I do have a rule about kids." Yeah, I'd imagine he would, after what we've seen about his past. He continues his story about Davina, as Davina tells the same story to Elijah in her room. Pretty convenient that these stories seem to match up so perfectly, eh? Davina explains that Sophie was the only person who ever questioned the Harvest; even her own mother was pushing her to do it, so Davina didn't question it either. They all thought it was an honor, but now, she thinks they were stupid to think so.

Elijah asks her how the ritual began, so Davina starts to explain that they were led out like princesses into the cemetery, where they were doing the ritual. The girls knelt in a row yet again, as they were surrounded by a crowd of family and fellow witches to watch. There are huge bowls of fire surrounding them, and Bastiana and the other elders stood in front of the girls. Bastiana begins with, "Our magic fades as our ties to our ancestors weaken over time. We beseech them, accept this offering as a sign of our faith."

DAVINA (VOICEOVER): "Bastiana, one of the elders, called upon the four elements to bind our past and future magic together. Earth, to connect us to our ancestors. Water, to heal the community. Wind, to carry us to our ancestors and back. Fire, to purify. After all of our preparation, we knew exactly what to expect. For week, they told us that the magic in the knife they used to cut our palms would put us to sleep, and that later, at the Reaping, we would all be resurrected. They said we'd awaken, and all be together and more powerful than ever. And it was just like we rehearsed it. All that was left was a little cut on our palms for the blood sacrifice."
FLASHBACK--THE HARVEST: The first girl, the blonde, steps up to begin the Harvest, but they're interrupted by Sophie, who runs in and screams at Bastiana to stop. A manwitch grabs hold of Sophie and restrains her as he puts a hand over her mouth so she can't yell or interfere. In voiceover, Davina explains that even after Sophie tried to stop the Harvest, the girls didn't consider that anything could be wrong. Bastiana picks up where she left off, and asks the girl, "To be reborn, you must sacrifice. Do you have faith?" The blonde girl nods nervously in response, and holds out her hand for the blood sacrifice. Bastiana takes the girls hand in her own, but instead of cutting it, she fully SLITS THE GIRLS THROAT WITH THE KNIFE. The girl falls to the ground, and the other three girls scream in terror and are restrained by other manwitches so they can't run away or back out. Davina yells to her mother to help her, as she's standing right next to her, but her mom just stares straight ahead and ignores her.

PRESENT DAY: Elijah deduces that everyone involved in the Harvest knew that the girls were going to be killed, which Davina confirms. "Except the four of us. They weren't putting us to sleep, they were SLAUGHTERING US." Elijah is about as grossed out as the rest of us.

FLASHBACK: The short-haired girl is pushed forward by the manwitch who was restraining her, and despite the girl's protests, Bastiana slices her throat open as well. Davina shouts at them to stop, but they don't listen, and Bastiana calls Monique Deveraux up to be sacrificed next. Davina in voiceover recalls sadly, "I begged for someone to help. My own mother turned away from me. Sophie screams and screamed for her sister, anyone, to do something." We see Sophie scream, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" to her sister, who is standing next to her, and though she does look like she's slightly reconsidering the ritual, she doesn't do anything.

PRESENT DAY: Davina tells Elijah that no one did anything, despite her and Sophie's pleas. He points out that she's still alive, so someone MUST have eventually stopped it, and as her eyes tear up, she confirms that someone did eventually step up to save her.

FLASHBACK: Sophie is yelling to Monique to run away when a shrill whistle startles the crowd. A group of vampires, led by Marcel, jump down from the roofs of various mausoleums and descend upon the crowd, feeding on and killing the witches.

PRESENT DAY: Klaus is surprised to hear that Marcel is the one who stopped it, although it makes sense--why else would he and Davina have such a close relationship? And why else would she be willing to work with him against the witches? He explains that Father Kieran told him the details he learned from Sophie. Since he was so traumatized from his nephew massacring his fellow students and himself, he didn't want anything else like that to happen to the community. He left just before the Harvest, though, so he left it to Marcel to stop it, knowing that Marcel would do whatever it took to keep the witches from getting more power to use against the vampires. Add that with the fact that Marcel hates seeing kids abused, he was more than willing to do what he asked. Unfortunately, he showed up too late.

FLASHBACK: The vampires continue to kill the witches. One male vampire latches onto Bastiana's neck and drains her dry; she falls to the ground, dropping the magical knife she had been using to kill the girls. A couple feet away, another vampire kills Davina's mom right in front of her. Everyone is distracted by the chaos, so no one noticed Agnes picking up the knife until it was too late--she walked up behind Monique and slit her throat in an attempt to finish the ritual in the newly-dead Bastiana's place, presumably so the witches could use the extra power to get back at the vampires for interfering. Davina shrieks, "No, Monique! NO! Let go of me! Stop it! Stop it! Let go of me! Stop it!" She fights against the man restraining her and headbutts him, which finally gets him to let go. Marcel notices what happened, and immediately kills the manwitch who was holding onto her. He wraps his arms around Davina and assures her that he's got her.

PRESENT DAY: Marcel admits, "There was something about seeing Davina fight. She didn't just go along to the slaughter, you know?" Klaus smiles weakly and admits that he does indeed know, and calls him Marcellus, as a nod to the circumstances upon which they met. If you recall, Marcel was being whipped by a slavemaster, and he picked up an apple from the ground and threw it at the guy to defend himself, which is what endeared Klaus to him so much in the first place. Marcel adds that he felt that he and Davina were kindred spirits, which is why he protected her.

FLASHBACK: Marcel is still holding onto Davina, and they watch Sophie as she pulls her newly-dead niece Monique into her lap. Davina reaches her hand out toward Monique, and you can see this crazy golden light inside of Monique's arm that slowly drains out of her hand and into Davina's own outstretched hand and absorbed into her body. Sophie and Marcel both see this happen and stare at her in amazement.

PRESENT DAY: "Every girl who died released her power onto the next. When I was the last one, I suddenly had all of it, all the power that was supposed to be released back into the earth to appease our ancestors," Davina explains. Elijah assumes this means the Harvest was actually working, and Davina does concede that SOMETHING definitely worked. At the time, she knew that she was supposed to be killed so the Harvest could be completed, in order for all four girls to eventually be resurrected at the Reaping. Still, since the witches all lied to her about what the actual ritual was, how is she supposed to believe that they were actually telling the truth about the girls coming back to life? Besides, either way, Davina didn't want to die, which is why she let Marcel rescue her. Elijah looks absolutely disgusted about the way that Davina and the other girls were treated, because he's definitely the most human of the Mikaelsons.

FLASHBACK: Marcel sees the shocked look on Sophie's face after Davina absorbed all of the girls' powers from Monique, and knew that since the Harvest was actually working, Sophie and the other witches would want to complete the ritual by killing Davina. So, before Sophie could try to finish her off, Marcel zooped himself and Davina away from the cemetery.

PRESENT DAY: Klaus calls Marcel a "knight in shining armor," but points out that he owes Davina as much as she owes him, considering he would have never been able to control the witches without her. Marcel reminds him how badly they fucked her over, plus the witches still want her dead so they can complete the Harvest, so she needs to be protected. Klaus brings up the fact that if Davina DOESN'T die, all the witches lose their power, including Davina, but Marcel counters that to keep their power, Davina loses her life, so it kind of sucks either way.

Rebekah chooses that moment to join them and comments that it's just like old times. She asks them how drunk they are, and Klaus hilariously pretends to be wasted and fake-slurs, "Skating on the razor's edge. I'm gonna use the loo, back in a tick." Rebekah says she hasn't seen Klaus so hammered since the 20s, so Marcel asks if she's here to take him home. She's pretends like she doesn't care about him and tells him there's no other reason she would be here. "I don't know, maybe to make sure I didn't get too drunk and spill secrets better left unspilled about you and me. I know better," Marcel smugs, and OH SHIT they probably hooked up wayyyy more than Klaus is actually aware. I can't wait to see those flashbacks. Rebekah advises him to keep his mouth shut, because he does NOT want to get on her bad side, but Marcel just reiterates the same back to her about himself, and they stare at each other all sexily and whatnot.

Instead of hitting the loo, Klaus actually went outside, where he finds Tomas the informant. He puts an arm around the guy, and lies that Marcel has sent him to find out what he learned about the dead witches in the bayou. He still looks pretty nervous, since he probably knows Klaus is an Original too, and stammers, "I heard they were going after some pregnant werewolf. She was stupid, being out there all alone." Klaus agrees that she was, and deadpans, "It's amazing how gullible people can be." Before Tomas can realize that Klaus is actually referring to HIM, Klaus chuckle's and snaps the vampire's neck. That's not really going to stop him from telling Marcel what he knows, right? I mean, snapping a vampire's neck is basically like forcing them to take a nap for an hour or two. Stupid move, Klausy, you should have just bitten him instead, or done one of those delightful heart-rips of which you and Elijah are so fond.

In the attic, Elijah has somehow miraculously fixed Tim's violin, and presents it proudly to her as he tells her she can return it to whom it belongs. Davina looks really sad as she looks at it, and whispers that she's not even sure she'll ever see him again. Either way, he's been compelled to forget that he ever saw her, so that'll be tricky. The room starts to shake, as if there was an earthquake, and Elijah looks pretty alarmed. After a moment of violent shaking, the window shutters burst open, and eventually everything calms down. Elijah informs Davina that the power she gained from her friends is too much for her to handle, and says that she needs to learn control over her magic before something bad happens, which will require her to study and practice.

He offers to help her, by allowing her access to his mother's collection of grimoires, which should be able to teach her what she needs to know. I'm not exactly sure how this information will be useful if everyone is going to lose their powers anyway, but I have a feeling this means that Davina is eventually going to be sacrificed and brought back, somehow. He points out the problem, though, which is that if Marcel takes her to a new place to hide, he'll likely never be able to find her, which means he won't be able to help her. Davina's hackles go up a bit, and she reminds him what happened when the witches tried to manipulate her. However, Elijah isn't manipulating her, he's offering her a deal, where he offers her something in exchange for something else.

This is one of many reasons why I really love Elijah. With his vampire abilities, which are especially heightened from being a vampire for a millenia, he could basically threaten anyone into doing whatever he wants. But, he knows what Klaus, and occasionally Rebekah do not: people are a lot more cooperative when you bargain with them instead of, say, threatening their loved ones. Although, she's a witch, and a powerful one at that, so compulsion would be a no go. Anyway, Davina looks as if she's considering it. I personally wouldn't turn down Elijah's protection, although there was that one time that he reneged on Elena and the Mystic Falls Scooby Gang, but that more or less worked out in the end.

When Klaus returns to the bar, he sees Marcel and Rebekah are gone, so he sits and waits for them. Rebekah comes out, and her brother greets her with a, "That was fast work, Rebekah. Where's Marcel? In there, touching up his lipstick?" Rebekah: "Credit me with some taste, it's filthy in there. Where'd he go?" Klaus is unnerved to hear that he didn't inform her that he was leaving, and Rebekah looks pissed for being outplayed twice in a row. She asks if he thinks Marcel caught on to the fact that they were stalling him, but Klaus figures it's more likely that he was stalling THEM.

Just as they suspected, Marcel bursts into Davina's room to tell her it's time to hit the road. He asks her if she's ready, and she smiles and tells him she can't wait. He picks up her suitcase and the two prepare themselves to leave. On their way out, Marcel gestures to Elijah's coffin and says that they'll leave it as a parting gift for Klaus and Rebekah. "Might buy me a little forgiveness for pulling one over on his siblings." Does the room still have a magical invite-only seal on it? How would they be able to pick him up? It's not like Marcel knows he's awake, and Elijah seemed to suggest that he couldn't leave without her say-so, either. ANYWAY, Marcel walks out the door, and Davina spares her room one last parting glance before following him down the stairs.

Once they've entered the main room of the church, Marcel is walking ahead of Davina when she suddenly stops in her tracks and looks around. He turns back to her and asks her what's up. Then, the church starts to shake, just like before, and Davina tenses up and starts to spasm. She stammers, "Marcel, there's something dangerous out there! Take me back!" She passes out, and Marcel just manages to catch her before she falls to the floor. He mutters "God DAMNIT," and picks her up to take her back to her room. HEY, dude! You're in a church, watch the language! Upstairs, Elijah (who was hiding in his coffin, I think I forgot to mention that earlier) stands in the doorway and smiles. By the time Marcel brings her back up, Elijah has hidden himself again. He puts her in her bed and tucks her in before taking his leave again. Once he's gone, Davina opens her eyes and lifts her head a bit to look out the door.

FLASHBACK: Marcel and Davina walk into the attic for the first time, and Marcel explains that this is where she'll stay for the time being. "No one's going to look for you here. It's only for a little while, 'til I can get you out of town and some place safe. For now, I can get you whatever you want. What do you like to do?" She nervously whispers that she likes to draw, and he proclaims the fact that she's an artist to be very cool. He offers to buy out an art supply place, and get her some curtains. She cuts him off; "Marcel? You know what I really want? [beat] I wanna make them pay." Marcel stares at her, and after a moment, he nods his head in agreement.

PRESENT DAY: Davina sits up in bed and calls Elijah out. He's smiling when he walks back into the main room, and tells her he's happy that she stayed. She asks him if he intends to keep his promise about allowing her access to his mother's grimoire, and he confirms he will. "You know, all difficulties aside, I value my family above everything. I am sorry that yours failed you." Davina reminds him that Klaus handed his daggered body over to Marcel in a coffin, and wonders why he still hasn't given up on him. "Well, I've given up on giving up. It's an affliction. I will fight for my family until my last breath." Elijah, you're a vampire, you don't need to breath! But, I get the metaphor. Davina: "And I'll fight the witches until mine." OH MAN, SHIT IS GOING TO GET SO REAL.

Downstairs, Marcel is walking out of the church when he's stopped by Father Kieran. Despite my Catholic upbringing, I still have, like, no idea how the churches work. Do priests live in the church? That seems to be the only explanation for why he seems to be there at all hours, now that he's back. Readers who are much better Catholics than me, please let me know how this works! Father Kieran is pissed that he's just leaving Davina up there alone, when so many people know where she is. He reminds Marcel that he was supposed to move Davina out of New Orleans after the Harvest. "We failed those other three girls, we DIDN'T fail her. That is why I came to you for help. That was the plan." Marcel informs him that sometimes, plans change, but Kieran thinks it mostly has to do with the fact that Marcel knows how powerful she is.

Marcel gets up in his face, and tells him that he's been running the Quarter just fine during Kieran's absence, and that he doesn't really appreciate him getting in his business. "I do what I want, where I want. Got it" This was probably not the best approach, tbh. "You wanna be the boss? You wanna call the shots? Fine. But I call the shots with the humans, and you don't wanna make an enemy of me. So, I would suggest one thing--stay away from my niece." Marcel seems cool with that, but that's only because he doesn't know who she is. When he's all, "The fuck is your niece?" as he walks out of the church, Father Kieran drops the bomb that it's Cami. This stops Marcel in his tracks, but he doesn't say anything. After considering it for a moment, he continues to walk out of the church.

It's dark now, and Hayley and Sophie, who are still in the bayou, are walking back to Sophie's truck. Hayley is still reeling that all of those witches were killed because of a vision Sabine had about her hellspawn that Sophie doesn't even believe is accurate. Sophie sighs, and explains her reasoning. "Look, I love Sabine, but she's the witch equivalent of a drama queen. I've learned to take little stock in whatever she says or sees. I just kinda wish she'd kept her mouth shut." Hayley changes the subject to the Harvest, which Sophie claimed she didn't believe in, and asks if she was right. Sophie sighs, and explains that no, she was wrong--she was it with her own eyes, and she knows now that it was working. This definitely doesn't sit well with Hayley, who asks her how she knows that Sabine's vision couldn't be correct, too. Sophie doesn't have an answer for that, and simply shuts the door to her trunk.

Marcel walks through the gate to the courtyard of the Abbatoir (I think), where Klaus is standing on the top of a fence, waiting for him. He yells down to Marcel, "Taking me on a field trip to distract me. Pathetic. And obvious. I taught you better than that." Joseph Morgan's delivery of that line was so perfect and hilarious, I love him so much. Marcel counters that Klaus taught him to protect what's his, and adds that Davina will not be taken from him. Uh, think again, bucko. Also, he should probably remember that line for when he inevitably finds out about Hayley and tries to do something about it, because I totally see Klaus turning into a papa bear to protect her.

"An immutable law of nature, Marcel, is the strong always take from the weak." Marcel: "Oh, if you were so strong, you wouldn't have run away from New Orleans like a little bitch, all those years ago." Uh, Mikael's a kind of scary dude, and plus, Klaus eventually killed him, so I feel like Marcel should probably be happy Klaus hasn't torn his heart from his chest yet. As you can imagine, Klaus takes that personally, and jumps down as he punches Marcel right in his fat face. "You've been playing king with a bunch of children for too long. Don't mistake me for one of your nightwalker lackeys, Marcel. I can take Davina anytime I like." Marcel lunges for Klaus, but is slammed the fuck down again by Elijah, who has just showed up out of nowhere. Of course, he's super polite about it, and asks Marcel to forgive him as he explains that the only person who can beat up Klaus is him. BAHAHA. Elijah, you are the fucking best. Klaus isn't too happy to see his eldest brother, though, probably because he knows he'll probably get payback for handing him over to crazy ass Marcel.

Hayley and Rebekah are gathered around the grand piano at the Mikaelson Mansion, and talking about the day's events. Rebekah informs her that she will be making no more trips to the bayou, under any circumstances, and asks her what her deal is with the wolves is, anyway. Hayley has a hunch that she's connected to them somehow, though she admits it could possibly just be wishful thinking that she might find some link to her real family. She confesses that the thought of finding them keeps her going when shit really sucks, and that's when something awesome happens.

First, Rebekah offers her a scotch that she just poured for them, and when Hayley side-eyes her for it, she remembers that hello, Hayley's pregnant, and downs the whole glass in one gulp. (Also, I have a feeling a half-werewolf, half-vampire baby could handle a little scotch, but what do I know?) "Well, if you ask me, family is a pain in the behind. And as for being in it alone, how dare you? I don't ruin a perfectly fabulous pair of boots traipsing through the bayou for just anyone!" Hayley gives her a small smile, because really, this is as nice as it gets with Rebekah, and Rebekah smiles back before she downs her own drink in one gulp. The drinking habits of the characters in The Originals and The Vampire Diaries really is impressive, isn't it?

The girls' tender moment is interrupted by Klaus, who stomps through the front door, scowling. Rebekah is about to ask him what took him so long, when Elijah, wearing the most beautiful smile ever, follows their brother into their house. Rebekah runs straight to him and hugs him, totally thrilled that he is both safe and home, and over her shoulder, Elijah looks at Hayley, who smiles at him before leaving the room. Rebekah lets go of him and asks, "Now that you're home, is your first plan to kill Niklaus?" LOL. Elijah beams at her and asks her to excuse him for a moment, and leaves. Klaus seems to know where he's going, but that doesn't stop Rebekah from asking.

As expected, he has followed Hayley out to the back patio, where she is standing and staring at the swimming pool. She sees him coming, and says, "You're back." He reiterates the same, and they just stare at each other with tons of romantic and sexual tension. After a moment, Hayley full-on slaps him across the face, and he makes this face, like, "Bwuh?" She states, "Don't make promises you can't keep. [beat] Welcome home," and walks back into the house, leaving Elijah to touch his face where he slapped her and smile at her nerve. Ohhhh shit, I smell a love triangle, and unlike most people, I can't WAIT.

Inside, the Mikaelson family plus Hayley sits in the study, where Elijah is standing behind the desk and summarizing what we've all learned today. "Everything that brought us here to New Orleans was a lie. This story that Sophie Deveraux fabricated, this struggle for control of the French Quarter, this war between vampires and witches, wasn't over territory at all; this was over DAVINA."

FLASHBACK: Jane-Anne and Sophie argue in the back room of Rousseau's about what happened, and they are both sobbing. Sophie swears up and down that she had no idea that the Harvest could actually be real, but that's what upsets Jane-Anne the most--she was so sure that Jane-Anne was wrong, and believed that she would sacrifice her own daughter on something when there was a chance it wouldn't work. Sophie asks her how to fix it, but Jane-Anne doesn't even know. "Now that Marcel has Davina, how are we even supposed to find her? If we don't finish the Harvest, Monique and those two other girls are dead for REAL." She starts to sob harder, and Sophie runs over to her and grabs her hands. "Look at me. You and I are gonna find a way to get Monique back. It'll be our little secret. We'll do it together. I'll seal off the cemetery from the vampires, find Davina, stop Marcel, and finish the ritual once and for all. Even if I have to slit Davina's throat myself." Welp, that explains what turned Sophie from a rebel who wasn't interested in her witch heritage, to someone who was willing to lie to the Originals about her intentions.

ELIJAH: "Eight months ago, Sophie Deveraux and her sister Jane-Anne lost everything. Now, four months after that, a young, pregnant girl wanders into their restaurant. Suddenly, all hope is renewed. Jane-Anne actually sacrificed her life so that her sister can use you to find Davina. If Sophie Deveraux is successful in capturing Davina, she can return Jane-Anne's daughter back to life. We thought we'd come here to wage a war for power. This is about FAMILY. In order to return her niece to life, Sophie Deveraux will fight to the death. That makes her more dangerous than anyone."
As they speak, we cut to Sophie in the Lafayette cemetery, where she is kneeling in front of her sister's grave, crying, in the pouring rain. HOLY. SHIT. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO INTENSE.

Next week: Stone Cold Agnes decides the best way to kill Hayley and Klaus' demon child is to take advantage of the link between Sophie and Hayley, and Klaus is about to go POSTAL as a result. IS IT TUESDAY YET?!

[screencaps via KissThemGoodbye]

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-First, I kind of appreciate Elijah's monologue, because I have been wondering forever what the timeline of the show is. If Hayley showed up at Rousseau's for the first time four months ago, that means that the Originals (or at least Klaus and Elijah) have been in New Orleans for at least as long. We know that Rebekah went on some awesome round-the-world trip over the summer, so I'm thinking that there was maybe two months between the pilot and when Rebekah showed up? Which would mean that Rebekah has been here nearly two months. Anyone have any better ideas?

-Secondly, now I'm wondering if the Mikaelsons are going to start helping Marcel protect Davina? If what Elijah said is true, Sophie has been using them to find Davina, knowing that Klaus would want to take control over her when he dismantled Marcel's empire. We now know that the whole reason why they wanted Marcel taken down in the first place was to distract him so that they could get their hands on Davina, although I'm sure that basically being held in subjugation was also a part of it. I'm curious to find out what side of this actual war the Originals will decide to fight.

-I was a little unnerved by Marcel looking at those photos of the Mikaelson Mansion early in the episode. The only reason I can think of as to why he would be interested would be to a) keep tabs on Klaus' comings and goings, or b) he's onto Klaus and Hayley, and he wants to eventually take her out. It could also be a combo of the things, or maybe he'll find out about Hayley as a result of keeping tabs on him. Either way, he best not go after Hayley if he values his life, because he won't just be crossing Klaus--Elijah and Rebekah would surely kill him and anyone he cares about where they stood as well. GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

-Agnes is fucking crazy, man. Like ESTHER levels of crazy. I kind of both love and hate her, omg. Although, between the stunt she pulled with Hayley last week, and Klaus learning about what she did to Cami's brother, AND what she appears to do to Sophie/Hayley next week, I'm guessing her days are probably numbered, because like I said above, all three Mikaelsons are attached enough to Hayley, for various reasons, that they would have no problem killing her. I mean shit, they've killed people for WAY less.

-I am really intrigued by what Hayley so affectionately dubbed her "guardian-angel-wolf." Do you think that there are Original Werewolves out there? And, if so, maybe they can turn at will, just like hybrids can? Klaus did say that Hayley's birthmark was a characteristic of a large and well-known werewolf bloodline in New Orleans, after all. The only other explanation I can think of is that it's a hybrid who is just hanging out in wolf form. The only problem with that is that there is only one other hybrid in existence (that we know of) other than Klaus, which is Tyler Lockwood. This scenario isn't completely out of the realm of possibility (which I will discuss in the next TVD recap that should be up in the next day or two) but it still doesn't seem that likely, especially considering that TVD and The Originals seems to be on different timelines. I guess we'll see! I am excited to find out.


  1. Catholic Priests usually have a house beside the church but it is well known that some priests live in the attics of churches so that they can be closer to God I am catholic so that is how I know by the way I love how you add your opinion in I think it is great.

  2. Oooh, thank you, that is really helpful actually! I'm Catholic too, technically (I was baptized when I was a baby), but my dad was never very devout so I can count the number of times I've been in a Catholic church on two hands, probably. :P But thank you so much for the comments, I appreciate SO MUCH the fact that you have been reading my recaps and commenting! It makes me smile. :)


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