Recap Scheduling and General Blog Talk

My plan for this blog this summer was to recap the line-up of shows I planned on watching: Teen Wolf, Graceland, and Suits, with the possibility of maybe doing some retroactive recaps and/or discussion of TV shows I love that are currently on hiatus. As you can see, I've only written about Teen Wolf thus far.

I had high hopes for Graceland, I really did. The cast is beautiful and talented, and I'm a sucker for crime procedurals too, so I figured this would be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, that hasn't seemed to be the case. I watched the first two episodes when they aired, and I have been unable to force myself to watch the rest yet. The premise is neat enough, with a bunch of different special agents from various federal agencies living together and working undercover, but the story lines are so unrealistic that it has been totally taking me out of the story, and I end up having more complaints about stupid details than I do good things to say about it. So, as of right now, I've decided to forego watching and recapping Graceland, and instead focus on the other two shows. That isn't to say that I won't change my mind about it in the future, because that happens. Frequently. But at this point, I'm just not feeling it.

However, Suits' third season begins on Tuesday, and I feel a lot more optimistic about that than I feel/felt about Graceland, so I will likely be posting my recaps for it by Friday or Saturday. If recapping Suits is anything like recapping Teen Wolf, it will probably take me a couple of hours for each phase: writing the recap, finding/adding the pictures and gifs, and editing the finished product. (I'm pretty self-conscious about the length of my recaps, but I have always had trouble discerning the important details from the unimportant ones, hence the 6,000+ words for each episode so far. I'm hoping I'll eventually find my groove and decrease the length, but that hasn't quite happened yet. >:])

So, for the rest of the summer, you can expect Teen Wolf recaps to be posted by Thursday or Friday afternoons after the episode airs at the latest, and Suits recaps should be posted shortly afterward on Friday or Saturday.

Anyway, this just a heads up about where this blog is going. I'm not actually sure how many people actually read this blog anyway; I've been promoting it a bit on Tumblr, and Blogger tells me that I get a hundred or so views a week, but I'm not sure how many individual people that is.

So if you're out there, dearest readers, tell me what you think! What do you want to see on this blog? Should I talk less, and/or use more pictures and gifs? Do you want less of a recap and more of a review/general discussion of what happened in the episodes? Should I be focusing more on meta and speculation of what's to come? Are there any other shows you'd like to see? I'd like to know what you think; comments, criticism, and questions are always welcome and appreciated!


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