The Originals Season 2, Episode 12: "Sanctuary" Recap/Review

Like the previous recap, I'm just going to jump on in, but I just wanted to say WOO FREYA MIKAELSON, because she is seriously the best, am I right? And I am so excited for Rebekah to actually have a mostly-nice sister to support her, because being the lone girl (and the youngest girl/sibling, which is like a double-whammy) in a family full of boys probably gets old very quickly, wouldn't you say? So yay, she and Rebekah are finally out of the damn Fauline asylum, and it's time for a family reunion! Also, sorry for the lateness-- I was doing so well, but then a bunch of unexpected distractions ended up making me behind, so hopefully the rest will come quicker than this one! Let's talk "Sanctuary," yeah?

Previously, on The Originals: After a day spent on the astral plane with his brothers, Finn figured out that Elijah and Klaus are hiding something major from him (*coughHopecoughcough*) and decided to take Marcel and his vampires prisoner in hopes of somehow forcing that secret out of him. Jackson and Hayley decided to get married in a Unification ceremony that will allow the rest of their pack to gain her hybrid ability to control her shift, but to do so, they have to complete the Rite of Divulgement, where they cleanse their spirits by sharing every one of their secrets with each other. As you can guess, Hayley is very conflicted about this for so many reasons, the greatest of which is the fact that Klaus will kill everyone if she spills about Hope. During Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol's plan to depower Esther by turning her and her vessel into a vampire, they were unable to stop the spell that Esther cast to jump Rebekah's spirit into a new vessel. Fortunately, Kol found her a new vessel that wasn't Cami; unfortunately, he decided to dump her in the body of a witch trapped in the Fauline asylum, where, according to the Harvest girl and former vessel of Esther, Cassie, literally no one can escape. While Rebekah has been biding her time until she finds a way to bust out, she came upon a spirit wandering around the house, which eventually leads her to the body of an incredibly powerful witch who is in some magical form of sleep in a coffin in the attic. Which is where we pick up today!

We open this episode at the witch asylum, where Reekah is still in her new vessel's body and sleeping fitfully in her bed. On the floor next to her are the lettered tiles Freya's spirit-self magically moved to spell her name, which I don't think she's seen yet. The scene flashes up to the attic, so we can once again see the green glass-topped coffin in the locked room. Suddenly, the locked door opens, and Freya-- not a spirit like last time, but an actual flesh-and-blood person wearing a drab sundress and an oversized sweater-- makes her way to the doorway of Rebekah's bedroom. As Rebekah tosses and turns, she begins to get visions of five-year-old Freya when she was being taken away from Esther (who was very pregnant with Elijah) and Finn by Freya while they were still living in Norway. In the real world, Freya has just walked into Rebekah's room, and is staring at her curiously at her bedside while she sleeps. Man, I just love Freya so much already! TITLE CARD!

We return after the break to the Bayou, where all of the werewolves who are ready to ditch Finn's control in favor of getting Hayley's power of transformation control are all bustling around the encampments in preparation for the Unification Ceremony. There are two little boys throwing a baseball around nearby, and after a moment, one of them accidentally misses it and it falls onto the ground. When they rush to go grab it, they find that it has been stopped by Klaus' boot-clad foot, and he picks it up with a smile and carries it with him as he walks toward the crowd to address them. "I'm wondering if you lot can help me?" Klaus begins. "I'm looking for the hybrid who calls herself your queen!" The werewolves all stare at him in silence, not wanting to betray Hayley, even to someone who is pretty much her family, so Klaus just sighs impatiently and adds, "I'm prefer you tell me where she is before I grow irritated. After all, there are children present!" He tosses the baseball back to the young boy and raises his eyebrows expectantly at the crowd.

Somewhere nearby, Hayley is standing by the lake near the edge of the woods, where she's in the middle of skipping rocks with a pensive expression. Jackson finally finds her and admits that she scared him for a moment, because he thought she ran off in the night, but Hayley assures him that she's just thinking. Jackson joins her and starts skipping stones alongside her until she finally brings up her hesitation about the rituals they have to perform. "Jack, I know I'm supposed to divulge my great secrets, but I-I can't. I can't even tell you why I can't." Once again, Jackson thinks this is all about being embarrassed about whatever she's holding back, and he incredulously asks her if she really thinks there's anything so bad she can't be honest with him. Of course, that's not what she means, and she insists that she can't tell him because it's not safe, but Jackson has a pretty good rebuttal. "When have we ever been safe, Hayley?" Jackson asks, his voice rising a little in frustration. "Now, our people have been cursed, hunted, exiled. But you and me, this wedding? We can change that! We can create a new pack, one with your ability to turn at will! So, we give each other our secrets. If we don't, then the transfer of power won't work, and then we're back to where we were."

Hayley anxiously bites her lip as she hesitates, still looking torn about this. And I get it! I mean, the fate of their pack rests on this ceremony, which rests on Hayley spilling her secrets about Hope, but if she does confess, then that puts herself, Jackson, and the others all in danger from Klaus. Jackson can easily sense this hesitation, and sighs for a moment before admitting that even if they do end up calling off the wedding/Unification, there's still something he needs to tell her, but Hayley, knowing what she knows about Jackson, isn't buying it. "Jack, I'm sure you've lived quite the life, but I can't imagine that your secrets are anything like mine," Hayley says sadly, but Jackson's tone becomes somber as he replies that there is one secret that is, which has to do with Hayley's parents and how they died. DUN DUN DUNNNN. I have been so eager to learn anything about Hayley's mother and father and the rest of the Labonair family, and I'm actually kind of bummed that we didn't get more, but maybe next season they'll be able to drop more information.

Back in town, the residents of the Fauline asylum are all congregated downstairs, where some of them sew, and others read or play card games. Freya is barefoot and sitting cross-legged in front of the floor in front of a super old-school television set that is playing Tom & Jerry and that I'm pretty sure is identical to the one my Gran had at her house back in the day. It's still unclear to me if any of the witches recognize her, but if they do, no one is mentioning it. After a moment, Rebekah walks into the main room and sighs dramatically as she sits down next to Cassie on the piano bench as she plays a simple tune. She side-eyes Rebekah in exasperation before remarking that she looks terrible, and that she heard Rebekah got caught out past curfew, again. "A simple misunderstanding," Rebekah says with a smile as she reaches into the pocket of her sweater. "Kindred witches like to be in charge. I don't much care for taking orders." She pulls an apple out of her pocket and surreptitiously hands it to Cassie, who looks shocked and appalled at the sight of it. When she asks Rebekah where she got it, she replies that she snagged it from the pantry, and immediately heads of Cassie's lecture by reminding her that she doesn't care about rules. Cassie, of course, thinks Rebekah's out of her mind and shoves the apple back into Rebekah's sweater pocket before she walks away.

Rebekah's not done yet, though, so she chases after Cassie and insists that she's a free spirit, which means she has no intention of staying in the asylum any longer. Cassie's eyes grow wide, and she asks what the hell girlfriend is talking about, so Rebekah gives her the details on her newest escape plan. "You know that any spell can be broken with enough power. All we need is to channel something strong." When Cassie looks at her in confusion, Rebekah becomes even more excited a she continues her pitch. "I went into the room with the locked door. There's something in here. Someone. I'm not sure who she is, or why she's here, and I don't care. The point is, she's strong. I mean, I didn't even know what witch power felt like, and still, I could sense it coming out of that room in waves. You and I can channel her and bust free of this loony-bin!" Aw, yeah, resourceful Rebekah strikes again! I love that she's adapting to her new human-witch life so quickly, it's amazing. Rebekah smiles and hands Cassie the apple again, and she smiles back at her before reluctantly taking it. When they walk into the next room, Rebekah immediately notices Freya, though she doesn't recognize her, and asks Cassie who the "new girl" is. Cassie isn't really sure either, all she knows is that she's clearly another bonkers witch who was dumped in the house last night.

Cassie ends up walking away again, and Rebekah's sense of kinship with women ultimately leads her to walk over to Freya and strike up a conversation with her. She smiles and asks her if there's anything good on the television. Freya smiles in wonder, not taking her eyes off of the screen as Tom and Jerry chase each other around. "These paintings can move!" Freya exclaims excitedly, which seems to indicate it has been quite a while since she was last in circulation-- like, ninety-nine years ago, perhaps, in 1914, when she was at the Mikaelson Christmas party with Kol? (Keep in mind that in The Originals and TVD's timeline, it's early 2013.) "They depict a rodent breaking the bones of a rather tenacious feline," Freya continues, giggling as she watches Jerry outsmart Tom once again. Rebekah is totally amused by her, in an endearing way, and points out that they're just cartoons, and when Freya says nothing, Rebekah kneels so she can get a better look of the new girl. She asks her if she knows her, but Freya remains silent yet again, so Rebekah understandably assumes that there's no way she could have met her before now. She gives her a sweet, affectionate smile, pulls her last apple out of her sweater pocket, and hands it to Freya before encouraging her to keep up her strength and enjoy her cartoons. When she stands up and walks away, Freya waits for a moment before snatching the apple and hiding it under her skirt, smiling happily at Rebekah as she leaves.

At Lafayette Cemetery, Davina wakes up on the futon in Kol's playhouse to the sound of old-fashioned jazz music coming out of the gramophone player sitting on the nearby table. She looks over groggily looks over at Kol, who is playing around with a Bunsen burner, and asks how long she's been out. "All night," Kol replies with a smile, as he lights the burner with a flint. "It was a rather fitful sleep, though. You were muttering about how you wanted to kill Klaus." This gets a giggle out of Davina, and Kol adds that he's glad she's up, because they're ready to get started on finally making the silver dagger into a gold one that will work on Klaus. He pulls out the dagger and holds it up, and when Davina asks him if he's sure that he knows how to do this, Kol just smirks and tells her to have a little faith, considering he's literally been planning this for a century.

Davina smiles in response, but looks a little unsure, which makes Kol worried enough to ask her if she's sure she's not having second thoughts, considering she's the one who wanted to put Klaus down without hurting her friends in the process. "I'm past second thoughts," Davina says, as she shakes her head, and Kol just beams at her, because she's pretty much the perfect girl for him. Just then, Davina's phone buzzes, and Kol instructs her to turn it off before they start, since it's been buzzing all morning, but when she checks her messages, she sees that she's got several panicked texts from Aiden. "Call me." "Josh and Marcel are missing." "Call me ASAP." Davina immediately begins to worry and rushes over to show Kol the messages before scampering away to meet up with Aiden, leaving a very conflicted Kol behind.

Meanwhile, Finn is at Lenore's old convenience store in Algiers, where he's somehow managed to bring Marcel, Josh, and the rest of the vampires into the building, each of them trapped in their own respective binding circles made of actual human bones. Some of them are conscious and rolling around in agony, and others, like Marcel, are unconscious. Finn smirks triumphantly as he walks around the room and talks to the unconscious group, though he's specifically addressing Marcel more than the rest of them. "How the mighty have fallen," he begins smugly. "Simple bit of magic, and the once-mighty vampires lie before me. How does it feel? Hunger so intense, it's like shards of glass creeping through your veins?" He kneels next to Marcel's unconscious body and continues, "Of course, they have you to thank. You led them to this. But, perhaps, you still may be able to help them. In a thousand years, you are the closest my brother has come to making a friend. And, I wonder... what secrets did he share with you? And, what do I need to do to you in order to tear those secrets loose?" Well, shit. Man, Finn is the worst. Can we get Vincent back already? He's way more endearing than this bozo.

Back in the Bayou, Mary is at her cabin, where she's in the middle of chopping up potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers. Naturally, that's when Klaus appears in the doorway, where they have a very tense chat while Mary anxiously clutches the knife in her hand in case he gets shifty, though we all know, Mary included, that the knife won't do shit against Klaus regardless.
MARY: [aggravated] "What do you want?"
KLAUS: [shrugs] "Well, we could start with some common courtesy. You could invite me in?"
MARY: [scoffs] "Not likely, vampire."
KLAUS: [smiles] "I'm a hybrid, dear. Half-wolf. You and I could be distant relatives, for all you know! Matter of fact, I'm looking for another of my kind. Rumor has it she's nearby."
Mary's eyes narrow in concern, and she demands to know what he wants with Hayley, but Klaus assures her that he only intends to remind her of the importance of their family bonds, and to not make any foolish mistakes where Jackson is concerned. Mary assures him that she's with Jackson, and that they can take care of each other, before suggesting that he just leave them alone. "Well, perhaps I should," Klaus says politely, though you know he's raging internally right about now. "Clearly, I can trust Jackson's selfless nature, as willing as he is to marry Hayley and save her from the horrors of her current existence. And, in exchange for nothing more than an empowered werewolf pack to serve as his own personal army!"

HAHAHAHA. Oh, Klausy-poo. Like, on the one hand, it's kind of sweet, in a very, very Klaus way, that he does seem to legitimately be concerned that Jackson is taking advantage of Hayley, especially considering the self-loathing she's felt as a result of being a hybrid-- she wanted to be re-welcomed into the pack, and to prove that no matter the vampire blood in her veins, she's still a wolf, and Jackson gives her that. Obviously, Klaus is most concerned about Hope's safety, but it's still nice to see he's trying to look out for Hayley. On the other hand, Jackson hasn't done anything to make us think that he's anything less than madly in love with Hayley, and Klaus is literally the zenith of control-freakiness, so the way he goes about trying to communicate this concern and protect her is kind of not a good look, especially given what comes later. Anyway, so Mary's eyes widen in alarm, which Klaus finds incredibly amusing. "No doubt they're close by, attending to their prenuptial observances." He aggressively slams his hand against the door frame he's leaning against and insists that if Mary won't help him find them, then he'll just have to hunt them down himself. Mary gives him a nervous look, but before she can even blink, Klaus has vamp-sped away to find them.

Speaking of Jackson and Hayley, the former has just led the latter to a makeshift graveyard deep in the Bayou. Jackson explains that this is where the Bayou wolves bury those who walk away from the pack or otherwise betray them-- traitors, murderers, etc. He specifically points out one grave, which has been marked with a rudimentary gravestone made of wood, which has a crescent moon and the initials RXD carved into it, indicating that it was a Crescent wolf. "Richard Xavier Dumas," Jackson explains somberly. "He was Mary's husband... my grandfather. He was an Alpha of his time. He was a militant radial hellbent on raising war with vampires. When he found out your parents and mine planned to join the packs, try for peace with Marcel and his crew, he... he went ballistic." Hayley, horrified by this story, realizes that this means he killed her parents, which Jackson confirms sadly. "He wanted to stop them and everything they stood for... and he did."

HOLY SHIT. First of all, I wonder what happened to Jackson's parents-- the few hints we've gotten seems to indicate that they died when he was young as well, since all of the wolves around his age (Jackson, Oliver, Aiden, Eve, etc) all seem to have raised themselves for the most part. Secondly, this fits in perfectly with what we learned from Marcel in "An Unblinking Death," when Hayley confronted him after the Bayou bombings. He said that Hayley reminded him of her father, whom he admitted that he knew well before explaining that he found Hayley in her cradle after she found Hayley's parents' bodies. If you recall, it was also Marcel who got Hayley to Father Kieran, who found her an adoptive family, though we all know that ended up very badly, since they kicked her out at age thirteen after she triggered her curse and turned into a werewolf in their living room on the full moon. But, I digress! The point is, it seems like Marcel, Hayley's parents, and Jackson's parents, all seemed to be friendly allies, if not actual friends (or as close of friends as vampires and werewolves can be in this town), and it's kind of putting everything else in perspective. Once the Labonairs died, the alliance between the vampires and werewolves must have been flushed down the tubes, and if my math is correct, Marcel had Brynne Deveraux (possessed by the infamous Céleste Dubois at the time) curse the Crescents to be trapped in their wolf forms shortly after all of this went down in mid-late 1991. YIKES.

Anyway, back to the story! Hayley admits that she's spend her entire life wondering what really happened to her parents, and Jackson looks both anxious and guilty to be associated with her parents' killer. When Hayley asks him why he waited so long to tell her, Jackson confesses that he actually just learned the information himself from Mary. "She said she'd held onto the secret about what my grandfather did for two decades, and knew it was time for it to come out." Jackson bites his lip nervously and adds that he knew he needed to be the one to tell her, though he admits that he wasn't sure if he would have had the nerve to do it. Hayley shakes her head and assures him that she doesn't blame him at all, but concedes that she just really hates secrets, which is funny, since she's the one who is still waffling over whether or not to tell Jackson hers."That was my secret," Jackson replies. "Whatever yours is... if you don't want to tell me, then don't. It doesn't change a thing, least of all how I feel about you." AWWW, JACKSON! Why u so perfect? Of course, Klaus chooses right then to appear behind Jackson and make a snarky comment about the romantic sentiment before asking him if he could have a word with his future bride-to-be. Jackson does not seem cool with this idea, but Hayley assumes that Klaus isn't a threat to her and insists that she'll be okay before promising to meet him at Mary's. Jackson sighs reluctantly and pats Hayley on the back before heading back to his grandmother's, leaving the co-parents to talk amongst themselves.

We then return to the Fauline asylum, where Cassie and Rebekah are sitting across from each other at a small table in the living room, where they're pretending to play cards while they discuss their escape plan. "Tonight's the night," Rebekah explains quietly. "Once everyone's asleep, I'll grab you."
Cassie looks nervous, but she smiles weakly at her nonetheless. Unfortunately, their conversation is interrupted by the sound of groaning as the mean, blonde Kindred witch lady dragging Freya into the dining room and pins the girl face-first onto the table by the back of her neck. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the Kindred witch now has a fresh cut on her cheek that runs perpendicular to the two parallel diagonal scars that were already running along her cheekbone, though I have no idea to this day what it means. Anyway, the witch holds out a half-eaten apple, the one Rebekah gave to Freya, and demands to know where she got it. When Freya doesn't reply, the witch slams her head into the table again, causing Rebekah to stand with the intention of intervening. Cassie instantly stops her and insists that she should just let it go, but when the witch slams Freya's head against the table a third time, causing her to look as though she's about to lose consciousness, Rebekah is unable to stand by while this girl gets hurt, which is probably my favorite thing of all the millions of amazing things about Rebekah-- after being pushed around and controlled by her brothers and lovers all these years, she has NO tolerance for any kind of violence against women.

So, Rebekah rushes over to the Kindred witch and punches her straight in the face, and when she crumples to the floor, Rebekah is forced to stop and massage her weakling mortal hand, giving the orderlies the opportunity to grab Rebekah and shove her against the table instead, while Freya watches in confusion and surprise. The blonde Kindred witch, who is infuriated and has a bloody nose, stands to her feet and shrieks, "YOU BITCH!" before picking up a fireplace poker and walking toward Rebekah with it. The orderlies grab Rebekah's right hand and holds it flat against the table, and despite Rebekah's cries to the contrary, the Kindred witch slams the poker against Rebekah's hand and wrist, seriously injuring it and causing Rebekah to cry out in pain. "Today's lesson--" the witch says to all of the prisoners crowded around them. "You take from us?" she continues, before turning to Freya, noticing the silver chain necklace with the clear blue stone pendant she's wearing and ripping it off of her neck. "And we take twice as much from you." She and her cohorts stomp away, leaving Rebekah to examine her shaking, injured hand by herself. A shocked and appreciative Freya walks over to her and asks her why she would help her like that, but Rebekah just winces in pain as she cradles her injured wrist and tensely replies, "Because I'm a bloody fool! And maybe I just like the idea of us girls sticking together." She then leaves Freya to rejoin Cassie in the next room, and Freya smiles again, as though Rebekah has passed some sort of test. I just love Freya so much, you guys!

Back in the Bayou, Klaus and Hayley are still standing in the makeshift graveyard for bad wolves, where Klaus is incredulously asking her if she's lost her mind, because as expected, he thinks that this "preposterous truth-telling idiocy" is a bad idea. Hayley retorts that she's actually on the fence about it all, but, like me, Hayley is kind of a spiteful little thing, so the fact that Klaus is so adamantly against it is making her begin to think that telling Jackson might be a good idea after all.
KLAUS: "Well, allow me to make this simple for you-- under no circumstances will you divulge any family secrets, especially none that would endanger our child!"
HAYLEY: "Except it's not that simple, Klaus. You saw what Finn did. He's growing more powerful by the day!" [Klaus sighs and turns away from her, knowing that she's right] "Right now, he controls over half of the wolves. This marriage could change that."
KLAUS: "The outcome of your strategy is not worth the risk it imposes on our daughter."
HAYLEY: [frustrated] "Well, it's not a risk if I trust Jackson!" [Klaus rolls his eyes and sighs in frustration] "Klaus, think. We could have a whole army of super-wolves who could protect Hope as one of their own."
KLAUS: [irritated] "Hope doesn't need a wolf army! I'll protect her myself! And and easier time I'll have of it, too, without you running off sharing secrets with every motley member of your werewolf brethren."
OH, COME ON, KLAUS. I think part of the reason why Klaus and Hayley were initially attracted to each other is because they're very much the same-- stubborn, opinionated, outspoken, and damaged by their respective childhoods. But, in this instance, they're way too much alike, because as I said before, the more Klaus resists this divulgment ritual, the more Hayley thinks it's a good idea. And, conversely, the more Hayley argues in favor of it, the more determined Klaus becomes to stop it at any cost, even when Hayley has quite valid points:

"Damnit, Klaus! This is our chance! We can bring her home! We have to at least consider this," Hayley argues loudly, because she has been desperate to bring her daughter home since she left. I mean, wasn't that the whole point of Hayley returning to her pack and taking her place as the Alpha of the Labonair bloodline of wolves? So that way they'd have the werewolves and the vampires on their side to make the city safe and stable enough to bring Hope back to them? Anyway, Klaus insists that he has, in fact, considered it, and since he's deemed it a bad idea, he's decreed that the marriage is off. "And, in this matter, there is no one above my decree," Klaus states emphatically, as Hayley glares at him. "Not even you." Hayley angrily retorts that she doesn't take orders from anyone, least of all Klaus, which does nothing but make him more aggravated. Ummmm, has everyone forgotten about the fact that when Tyler turned Dwayne with Hope's blood in "Bloodletting," he ended up being sire-bound to Hayley/Hope? So, chances are, Hayley is sire-bound to Hope as well? I highly doubt Hayley would even be entertaining the thought of telling Jackson about her if any part of her thought it would put her in danger, and I don't get why Klaus is so eager to believe that Hayley's just some idiot who knows nothing about raising and protecting a child.

Back in town, Davina has just returned to the playhouse in Lafayette Cemetery with Aiden in tow, and Kol doesn't seem pleased that their "secret lair" has been infiltrated by an outsider. Davina just rolls her eyes and tells him to ignore her snarky boyfriend before asking him if he brought what she asked for. Aiden digs around in his knapsack and pulls out a hairbrush and a toothbrush before explaining that it's everything Josh left in his apartment. "Wow," Kol remarks sarcastically. "Practically moved in, has he?" Davina cutely tells him to shut up before setting down Josh's things on a map of New Orleans, which she has weighed down with hematite stones and a small, lit white candle. She sprinkles black sand over the map before stating that she's ready to start the locator spell, and Kol just sighs and good-naturedly holds out his arms before insisting that she channel him to make it faster. The two do the spell, and the black sands ends up congregating on a street corner on the map to indicate where Josh is.

When Kol looks at the map, he pipes up, "Oh, yeah, I know it. It's the little bodega the witch Lenore used to run before my mother hijacked her body." Aiden looks both anxious and determined and thanks them for their help before grabbing his things and turning to leave, but Davina immediately stops him and points out that he can't go there alone. "Well, to be absolutely clear, here, technically, he definitely could go alone," Kol hilariously blurts out, but Davina shakes her head and reminds Aiden of Finn's strength before insisting that it's a suicide mission. "Yeah, and what's more tragic than a suicide mission but a MASS suicide mission?" Kol adds unhelpfully, but Aiden, now frustrated, maintains that there's no way that he's leaving Josh trapped with a magical lunatic who loathes vampires. Davina turns back to look at Kol, who makes it clear with a look that he's not keen on helping, but Davina just shoots him a glare before turning back to Aiden and assuring him that she will not be leaving Josh there with Finn either. When the two head for the door to leave, Kol sighs in frustration before reluctantly following after her. Aw! Kol must really love Davina, if he's willing to go face the brother that he totally screwed over by teaming up with Klaus and Elijah.

Over at the Fauline asylum, the blonde Kindred witch is walking up the stairs with Freya's sapphire-blue talisman in her hands. She's just passing the locked attic room when she suddenly hears a creaking noise nearby. When she looks over, she sees the door to the usually-locked room has cracked open, and the now-confused witch walks toward it to investigate. As soon as she makes it to the doorway, she peeks into the room, only to be yanked inside by an invisible force. The door slams shut behind her, and a moment later, you can hear her shrieking inside. Ohhhh, shit! I'm having a hard time feeling bad for her, because she's kind of the worst. Good riddance!

We return to the Bayou, where Hayley has just emphatically made it clear that she's done listening to Klaus and his rampant paranoia. "Let me know when you want to have a real conversation," she spits as she starts to walk away, but Klaus chases after her and grabs her by the arm to stop her. Before he can start yelling at her, she cuts him off and insists that she's not going to just stand there while he dictates what she can and can't do to protect her daughter. Klaus reminds her that it's "their" daughter, not hers, which Hayley completely agrees with before pointing out that it was his mother who tried to kill Hope, and it's his brother Finn who could be up to Gods know what right now. Klaus doesn't like the argument being turned on him, just as you would expect, but when he argues that he'll deal with Finn, Hayley brings up another valid point. "And then what? Hope will always be the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, the hybrid killer with a thousand enemies!" Klaus looks hurt and turns away from her, but Hayley isn't done yet. "Don't you get it?" Hayley pleads desperately. "It's you. You're the threat. You're so paranoid that you can't see that this wedding can help her! She can come home! The wolves will be on our side!" 

Klaus continues to claim that the wolves can't be trusted-- which we know is about 99% untrue-- the only risk they run is Klaus pissing them off and causing them to turn on all the Mikaelsons, Hope and Hayley included-- but Hayley retorts that in Klaus' paranoid mind, literally no one can be trusted. "Where does it end?" she shouts at him, only for Klaus to reply, "There is no end! Need I remind you that I killed my own father to protect her?" OH NO YOU DID NOT, KLAUS. Hayley is so exhausted at this point that she's near tears, and she brings up what we're all thinking-- did Klaus REALLY kill Ansel to protect Hope? Or did he kill him because he's so afraid of letting someone in that he couldn't stand it? Klaus continues to scowl at her silently, visibly hurt by all this fighting, and Hayley knows that she might have taken it a shade too far, so she lowers her voice to a pleading whisper. "I know this wedding can work," she insists quietly. "We can bring our little girl home. But you have to trust me." Klaus nods at her and gently caresses her face with his hands, and it's almost like that tiny spark of romance has been relit when he replies, "I do trust you. More than you know." Of course, that's when Klaus has to completely ruin the moment by snapping Hayley's neck before she can reply, and catching her body just as she's about to fall to the ground. "I just don't trust Jackson," Klaus murmurs to her unconscious body. DAMNIT, KLAUS. What the hell?

Time to catch back up with Finn and the vampires, yeah? Marcel reawakens in Lenore's shop to find that he's been bound by his wrists and ankles to a chair. He instinctively struggles against the binds in hope of breaking free, but naturally, they're soaked in vervain, as Finn points out helpfully. He then informs Marcel that he did lessen the hunger spell he cast on him so they can have some mature conversation regarding Klaus. Apparently, Finn was assigned to Cami by his mother both so he could get close to the girl she wanted as Rebekah's new vessel and so he could learn more about Klaus-- unfortunately for him, Cami didn't really have any information about Klaus that was useful to him. However, since Finn had his little chambre de chasse fiasco with his brothers, he's known that there's something Klaus and Elijah are hiding from him, and he's so desperate to figure it out that he's now got Marcel all tied up, with his suffering vampires as leverage, to try to get the secret out of him himself, something that makes Marcel laugh incredulously. "You really think that he would trust me with anything that can be used against him?" Finn is insistent that since he is Klaus' closest non-Elijah ally, that it's likely that he DOES know something, but Marcel isn't having it. "You can think whatever you want, as long as you don't mind knowing that you are a chump," he replies with a bitter grin. YAS MARCEL. Gotta respect a dude who can call out his torturer in the midst of his torture.

So, since Finn isn't a particularly patient man, he immediately casts that spell where he blows on his fingers and causes the victim's muscles to seize up to the point that Marcel is roaring in pain. Finn then stops the spell before once again demanding to know what Marcel knows, so Marcel takes a deep breath and states that he'll tell him what he remembers, a statement that piques Finn's interest, though he's soon to be disappointed. "Two centuries back, I was just a kid looking through the compound," Marcel begins, and Finn immediately frowns when he realizes where this is going. "I found a coffin. Klaus catches me, and he says, "That's my brother Finn. We keep him like that because he is such a bore." BAHAHAHAHA. Gods, I love Marcel so much, you guys. Who knew I'd grow to adore him to this level when he was constantly going against the Mikaelsons last season? He is so wonderful. And, as you can probably guess, this story wins him yet another muscle-seizing spell, but it's worth it to be a dick to Finn, let's be real.

Meanwhile, Rebekah is sleeping in her bed in the Fauline asylum while Freya stands in her room and looks out the barred-up window. After a moment, Freya quietly calls out Rebekah's name, which causes her to launch herself out of bed in fright and admonish her for practically giving her a heart attack. Freya continues to look out the window while Rebekah examines her injured wrist, which has been wrapped up with some dirty-looking gauze, until Freya finally asks her if New Orleans is still beautiful, as she loved it the last time she saw it. "New Orleans will remain a beauty long after you and I are bones beneath its clay," Rebekah replies impatiently, before instructing her to go back to her room, since she has things to do. Freya doesn't seem to be at all offended by this slightly rude response, and watches as Rebekah prepares for her plan.

When she asks how she got into the asylum, Rebekah vaguely explains that she was trying to help her brothers, but her "con-artist" of a brother, Kol, played a trick on her and stuck her in this body. "Why do you fight with your own family?" Freya asks in confusion, for reasons which will become obvious over the next few episodes. "You should stand beside them." Still, Rebekah insists that it's a thousand-years worth of complicated problems before hesitating a moment, mulling over whether or not she should include Freya in her plan. In the end, she determines that Freya is a nice, trusting girl who deserves to be free as well, so she admits that she thinks she's found a way out of the hell-hole in which they're stuck, and if she's interested in breaking out as well, then she should meet her at the front door in twenty minutes. "Either way, wish me luck!" Rebekah adds with a smile before leaving the room, and once again, Freya smiles with pride at this interaction with her littlest sister. Aw, I love them together so much it kills meeeee.

Back in the Bayou, Jackson is at Mary's, where he's washing dishes at the sink for her while she sharpens a stake at the table in case Klaus comes back. Of course, saying that pretty much summons him right there. "Speak the devil's name, et cetera, et cetera," Klaus replies with a smirk, before hilariously asking if Jackson can come out to play. Mary approaches him with the stake gripped tightly in her hand, but Jackson holds her back and insists that it's okay before walking toward him until he's standing just inside the threshold of the home to which Klaus has yet to gain an invitation. When Jackson asks him where Hayley is, Klaus just shrugs and insists that she's resting, since she was so tired from all the wedding preparations, which he thinks is excellent timing, as it gives them a chance to talk one-on-one. "I want your word," Jackson replies gruffly. "This is between me and you." Klaus smiles pleasantly and assures him that he has his promise as a gentleman, and Jackson's lip twitches anxiously as Klaus steps backward in an invitation for Jackson to step outside. Finally, he does just that, and Klaus smiles, all, "Brave lad," before hybrid-ing out, grapping Jackson by the lapels, and vamp-speeding him into the woods.

Once there, Klaus lets go of Jackson and drops him on the forest floor before vanishing. You know, just to add a little more drama to this inevitable beat-down. Jackson scrambles to his feet and shouts at Klaus to just fight him already, which is when Klaus finally steps out from behind a tree. "You mistake my intentions," Klaus replies calmly. "I haven't come to fight you. Not at all This is to be an execution. Tell me... how exactly would you like to die?" OH KLAUS. Why must you be so awesome and awful all at once? Loving you is like riding a rollercoaster with tons of loops and no seatbelts, so you're risking falling out of the cab at any moment, and even if you don't, your head is still constantly being beaten against the walls in the process. It's really rough, is what I'm trying to say here, and it is also seriously exhausting and nervewracking.

When we return from the break, Jackson's face has been beaten to a bloody pulp, and he's thrown onto the ground by Klaus, who, to his credit, does seem impressed by Jackson's stamina, considering most of his victims are begging for their lives at this point. Though, to be fair, Jackson has been a triggered werewolf for years now, so I'm guessing he's probably used to pain at this point. Jackson starts throwing punches at Klaus, but he easily dodges them as he mutters, "I would rather you spare me the tedium of any last words, but if you are so inclined, now would be the time." Jackson's response is simply, "Go to hell, you bastard!", but that does nothing but make Klaus angrily point out that yes, he is a bastard, who was made so by Jackson's "precious mentor" Ansel. "I'm curious-- did he teach you to regard me with such loathing, or is that bias all of your own?" Oh, come on, Klaus! Ansel never, ever, ever regarded Klaus with anything less than affection, even when Klaus was insulting him in seventy different ways, even when Klaus was about to kill him! So, that's hardly fair, but I guess Klaus has never regarded himself as a fair person.

Jackson winces in pain as he clutches his injured torso, but he's still able to bark out an incredibly bitter laugh and ask him if he really hates Jackson because he's jealous that he spent so much time with his dad. Klaus confirms this by reminding Jackson that he was Ansel's prized pupil and the benefactor to all of his wolfy wisdom, though he does add that this does not seem to be doing him any favors in this fight. The topic then turns to Hayley as Klaus kicks Jackson in the back of the knees and knocks his legs out from under him.
KLAUS: "I see you've mastered the self-righteous air of all hypocrites. You know, the truth is, you're worse than me! Using Hayley's best intentions for your own self-serving power-grab!"
JACKSON: [offended] "You're wrong!"
KLAUS: "You want her power so you can wage war and win territories! After all, that's what wolves do."
[Jackson finally loses his temper and lunges for Klaus as he furiously begins fighting back, but once he punches Klaus in the face, he gets thrown to the ground again]
JACKSON: [wheezing] "You don't know a damn thing about being a wolf!"
KLAUS: [angrily] "No, I don't. I never had the luxury to live among my kind, nor the chance to truly know my father." [He grabs Jackson in a choke-hold and holds him up off the ground] "But you knew him. Perhaps he saw in you the son he always wanted." [He squeezes Jackson's throat even tighter, and Jackson starts to gasp for breath] "I'm glad I was spared such a sorry fate."
Klaus throws Jackson across the clearing, where he hits his back hard against a nearby tree and lands roughly on the ground, causing Jackson to groan in pain and roll onto his back exhaustedly. YIKES, KLAUS. This guy seriously has more daddy issues than any person, fictional or real, I have ever known. Like, it's not enough that he has all of these unresolved issues with Mikael and all of the abuse he suffered, but he's also got all of the Ansel insecurity that came from never being claimed by him, and how he never got closure because he literally killed him before he got the chance. Oh, Klaus-- maybe you should be the one doing some couch time with Cami instead of Elijah. (And, in this instance, I don't mean couch time as a euphemism, although I think that would probably mellow Klaus out a little, too.)

In town, Marcel is fading in and out of consciousness after being hit by numerous pain infliction spells from Finn, and when Finn roughly lifts his chin to look him, Marcel angrily bares his teeth at him, which does nothing but make Finn chuckle and determine that Marcel truly doesn't know anything of import. Which, of course, means that whatever Klaus is hiding is so secret that he can't even trust his closest friend and surrogate son with it. "Perhaps there are other ways you can be of use to me," Finn wonders aloud, but before they can get into it, Kol walks into the front door of the shop. At first, I was sure that Kol had turned on everyone and I was about to be super pissed, but nope! He's just playing the distraction for Davina and Aiden, and ends up paying dearly for it, which just goes to show you how much Kol has matured since we first met him in TVD. But, I'm getting ahead of myself here!

So, Kol greets the surprised Finn, who immediately becomes annoyed and asks him what the fuck he thinks he's doing there. "I heard a rumor that you had taken Marcel prisoner," Kol begins, as he picks up a knife from the nearby table. "And, it just so happens that I owe him." He takes the knife and stabs it into Marcel's right hand, just like Marcel did to him in "The Brothers That Care Forgot." Marcel moans in pain and glares at Kol with a mixture of betrayal and loathing before bellowing that he's going to kill both of them, but Finn, over Marcel and his threats, flicks his wrist and easily snaps Marcel's neck with his telekinesis before turning back to Kol.

He starts off by insisting that Kol has a lot of nerve coming to see him, since any good grace Kol had with him was lost when he sided with Klaus and Elijah over him and their mother. "You know me, Finn," Kol says with a roguish smile. "I take side with whoever I think is going to win. And, to be honest, well... you and Mum were acting a bit daft, weren't you? But, I heard how you turned Dad into your own personal black magic battery pack, and I though, 'Wow, that's cold.' But, it's smart." Finn looks at Kol in mild amusement as Kol adds, "And now, I can see which way the wind is blowing, and after the way the three of them treated us, I will be happy to see the lot of them get what's coming." That's the thing with Kol-- even when he's bullshitting, he's still mostly telling the truth. It's the sign of a true trickster, don't you think?

If you thought that there would be no way in hell Finn would welcome Kol back with open arms, you were totally right-- Finn is not only ruthless, but he's also the most unforgiving asshole of anyone, so he just balls his hand in a fist in front of Kol's face and hits him with a pain infliction so strong that it brings him to his knees. After a moment, he releases the spell, and Kol glares at him before asking what the hell that was for. "For being a duplicitous weasel," Finn replies, but Kol just gets angry and insists that he's proved himself more than Finn has, because he was the one who stuck Rebekah in another body, giving him the time to forge a dagger that will put Klaus down for centuries while he's too distracted trying to find her. "I don't want to put him to sleep!" Finn yells in exasperation. "I want him dead." Kol concedes that point and states that if that's his endgame, then he's going to need allies, which Kol has-- specifically Davina Claire, the Harvest girl who has been wrapped around her finger. "With her on our side, there is nothing-- NOTHING-- that will stand in our way," Kol insists, as he and Finn stare at each other intensely.

At the Fauline asylum, Rebekah has been walking around upstairs, trying to find Cassie, but when she makes it into her room, she finds that it's totally empty. Worried, Rebekah rushes down the hall on the top level, but when she sees the usually-locked attic door is cracked open, she walks inside to see who is in there. The first thing she sees is the blonde Kindred witch from earlier, whose face is covered in blood that has come out of her eyes, nose, and mouth-- the kind of injuries caused by a witch's instant-death hex. OH MY GODS, FREYA KILLED HER FOR HURTING HER AND REBEKAH. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! Rebekah quickly walks over to the coffin and wipes the dust off of the clear-green glass lid, only to find, to her horror, that the coffin is completely empty, which puts the kibosh on her original plan. Just then, she hears a creaking sound behind her, and turns to find Cassie standing in the doorway with two fresh cuts that run diagonally along her cheekbone.

Startled, Rebekah looks at Cassie with wide eyes, but she has nothing good to say. "I'm sorry, Rebekah, but you didn't leave me much choice. I told you-- there's NO escape. I had to turn to the only people I knew I could trust." Just then, three more Kindred witches file into the room and surround Rebekah, many of them holding fireplace pokers and other makeshift weapons. Okay, so Cassie's a Kindred witch, now, thanks to the scars, right? I don't understand why she'd be so adamant to stay in that place, though? Like, what the hell is her motivation here? I'M SO CONFUSED. "And I told them that they had to deal with you," Cassie continues on before gesturing to the dead Kindred witch on the floor. "My only regret is that I didn't stop you before you killed one of our own! And now, you have to be punished." HAHAHA. Um, wait--- she actually thinks Rebekah did this? Rebekah, who can't even send a simple message spell without assistance and something to channel for extra power? That's hilarious and also so, so stupid.

So, Rebekah obviously argues in favor of her innocence, though she doesn't really do herself any favors by pointing out that she'd be lying if she said she'd miss the "ugly cow." Rebekah falls back on her vampire muscle-memory and lunges for the witches, elbowing one in the face, kicking the legs out from under another, but before she can get to the remaining manwitch, he knocks her over the head with a cane and she crumples onto the ground. Fortunately, before he can hit her again, an invisible force lifts the guy up into the air and throws him against the wall. Rebekah is clearly shocked as she looks up and sees that her mysterious savior is none other than Freya herself, who is standing in the doorway. The other witches gape at her in stunned silence as well, and Freya, who is visibly unimpressed by the lot of them, quietly mutters, "You're all so mean. Like the mouse that tormented the cat in those cartoons. I think you're the ones who need to be punished." HAHAHAHA, FREYA. You are hilarious. She then casually throws her arms up into the air, which sends the other two Kindred witches flying across the room and into the walls until they fall in a heap onto the floor.

Cassie, who looks absolutely terrified, starts backing away from Freya, who raises a hand and telekinetically slams the door shut so she can't escape before cornering her. "The others were just ignorant bullies," she says quietly as she caresses Cassie's face with her hand. "But you? You're a smart girl. Powerful. And yet, you still betrayed a friend." YES YES YES YES YES! Tell her, Freya! That was seriously terrible behavior. Obviously Esther did not treat Cassie well, but Rebekah has been nothing but nice to her since she got there. Rebekah watches in shock as Freya grabs Cassie's face with both hands and concentrates, which causes Cassie to start shrieking in pain as blood begins to pour from her eyes, nose, and ears.

She's dead within seconds, and Freya carelessly lets her body drop to the floor before sneering, "I despise traitors" to Cassie's corpse. She reaches over to the original dead Kindred witch and snatches her talisman from her hands before turning to Rebekah and helping her to her feet. When she notices Rebekah's wrist is still injured from earlier, she takes it in her own hands and squeezes it, casting a brief spell that completely heals her almost instantly. Rebekah looks at her in awe and flexes her fingers when she realizes that she's been healed perfectly before asking her how she did that, but Freya just smiles at her and turns away, leading Rebekah out of the room and down the stairs. Powerful witch alert! I'm thinking she could have given Esther a run for her money, to be honest.

Meanwhile, in the Bayou, the Jackson vs. Klaus smackdown is still going on, although its finally winding down as the severely-injured Jackson desperately crawls away from Klaus, who easily catches up to him. "I've drawn this out long enough," Klaus snits while Jackson groans in pain. "Though, you can hardly blame me, given the sheer audacity of your plot! It's quite offensive--Hayley is part of my family now! Then you'd seek to use her for your own ambitions!" Jackson is super offended by these remarks, and understandably so, even if it is kind of sweet in a really gross way that Klaus is considering Hayley as his family. So, Jackson continues to maintain that he isn't using her, but Klaus promises that he'll end his suffering quickly if only Jackson admits to his true intentions for the Unification ceremony. "I love Hayley," Jackson insists, as he continues crawling away from Klaus. "And I will fight for her--" He pulls a wooden blade out of the waistband of his pants and stabs Klaus in the abdomen with it. "--Until I am dead." Completely exhausted by the effort this move took, Jackson collapses onto the ground. Klaus pulls the blade out of his stomach and throws it onto the ground, admitting that he does have more fight in him than Klaus expected but still stating that he's still unimpressed.

He puts Jackson in a choke-hold and points the tip of the blade at Jackson's throat, and believing he's about to die, Jackson makes one last request. "You told me once that my people were yours, too. If you kill me now, promise me that you will help Hayley set our people free." Aw, Jackson! God, he really is a precious cinnamon roll, isn't he? Too pure for this world. This statement surprises Klaus so much that he hesitates long enough for Hayley to appear out of nowhere, having healed her broke neck, and tackle him to the ground. She ends up landing on top of him, allowing her to straddle him and punch him in the face several times until Klaus grabs her fist and tosses her off of him so he can stand to his feet.  Hayley then positions herself between Klaus and Jackson, protecting the latter as she argues, "I trust him, Klaus. Do you hear me? You're not going to kill him. Not unless you want to go through me."

YAYYY HAYLEY! TELL HIM HOW IT IS. Klaus, surprisingly, is impressed by Hayley's passionate display of trust, and when Hayley confirms that she truly believes Jackson is worthy of this trust, he sighs reluctantly. "Well, you are stubborn, little wolf. Perhaps you two were meant for each other. Go on, then. Tell him. Have your wedding. Save your wolves." Hayley and Jackson both look equally surprised and relieved by this about face, but of course there's a threat at the end of this speech for Jackson. "But, you mark my words, if you ever betray her, I will find you, and I will deposit your head at the end of a spike. Perhaps I'll leave it in your grandmother's garden?" Oh, Klaus, you are such a fucked up lil baby. When he gives the two one last look before vamp-speeding away, Hayley turns so she can tend to Jackson's wounds, which are still healing slowly after the major beat-down he was just served.

Back in town, Finn is questioning Kol on his plans to go against Klaus and Elijah, and two things quickly reveal to him that Kol is bullshitting, as usual-- the first is the fact that Klaus knows he trapped Rebekah, and yet he hasn't tracked Kol down to torture her location out of him (which, to be fair to Kol, is because Klaus has been way too busy dealing with Hope-related stuff, though Finn doesn't know that yet), and the second is that Elijah also knows that Rebekah is missing, and yet he remains both unaccounted for and untrackable, given the cloaking spell that appears to be cast over the safe house. Since Elijah doesn't hide from anyone, Finn is able to determine that he's keeping something hidden, which makes Kol extremely anxious, though he tries to cover it up with jokes. "Wow, Finn, you should like Sherlock Holmes after one too many tequilas," Kol says with a nervous laugh. "And you act a fool to dare think I wouldn't know about your little friends in the back," Finn retorts as he starts walking toward Kol, who has the presence of mind to back away from him and turn to look for Davina and Aiden.

Speaking of, the two have just entered the back room of the shop through the rear door, and they're using flashlights to try and locate Josh among the many binding-circle trapped vampires in various states of consciousness and hunger around the room. The two end up splitting up to cover more ground, and it only takes a moment before Aiden finds Josh and quietly calls over to Davina to tell her that he found him.

In the front of the store, Finn has just hit Kol with another mystic migraine, which yet again causes him to fall to his knees in pain as Finn approaches him. "Allow me to send a message to your little girlfriend," Finn sneers smugly, before flicking his wrist to cast a spell directed at Josh and the other vampires.

In the back room, Aiden has just lifted Josh into a seated position on the floor when he finally awakens with a gasp, but as soon as Josh sees the very-human-blood-filled Aiden and Davina, he's overwhelmed with hunger and hisses at them both with his full vampire face and fangs. When the two stand and back away in alarm, they are even more scared to find that the other vampires are beginning to stir and awaken around them as well, making it even more likely that one of them is gonna be a delicious meal for the incredibly ravenous and malnourished vampires. When Aiden turns back to Josh, he's vamped onto his feet so he can lunge at them and try to feed on them. Aiden tries his best to hold him back as long as he can, but when they realize they need to get out of there ASAP, Aiden grimaces as he snaps Josh's neck with a guilty expression on his face. He then quickly throws Josh's body over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and grabs Davina by the arm so they can get the fuck out of there. Well, at least one part of this rescue mission was a success, though I still hate what is to come.

Over at the Fauline asylum, Freya raises her hands and uses her magic to open the front doors to the house, and as she walks through the doorway and down the front steps, Rebekah follows behind her and gapes in awe, having finally figured out part of who she is-- the powerful girl from the coffin, who can actually do magic because she hasn't been stuffed to the brim with lobelia flower pills. When she asks why she didn't just tell her, Freya stops and turns back to her with a small smile on her face. "I had only just woken from a century of sleep," Freya explains "I wanted to know you. See what you were really like. And, you didn't disappoint me. There's a spark in you, Rebekah. You're willful. Also, kind. You're not nearly as bad as our brothers." Rebekah's so surprised by this statement that her smile falls, but when she asks her what she just said, Freya smiles even wider and reminds her that she was right-- they actually have met before, though Rebekah was in a different body at the time.

The scene briefly flashes back to the 1914 Christmas party flashback scene from "The Map of Moments," when Rebekah approached Freya, having mistakenly believed she was Kol's date. WAIT WAIT WAIT-- did Kol know that Freya was their sister at the time? Or did he think she was just some cute and powerful witch who could help him with his schemes? What are the odds that arranged for Rebekah's spirit to be jumped into a body in the exact same place where their long-lost sister was in a magically-induced coma? I NEED ANSWERS THAT WE HAVE YET TO GET AND IT'S KILLING ME.

In the present, Rebekah gasps in surprise when she realizes who Freya is, and nearly starts to cry at the fact that she's been reunited with the sister she's always wanted and who she's never been able to officially meet until now. Freya just smirks and makes a beckoning gesture with her finger to communicate that Rebekah should follow her as she walks toward the front gates to the Fauline property. She grips the bars tightly and starts to mutter an incantation, which causes the doll head that bound the boundary spell to spin on its post until it melted, destroying the spell along with it. Once she's done, she turns back to Rebekah and adds, "I slept a hundred years, and now, finally, I'm free. Tell our brothers I'll be coming to see them. And, I expect nothing less than their best behavior." She then faces the door, flicking her wrist so that the gate is ripped right off his hinges and into the yard. Once it's open, Freya walks down the street, still barefoot and wearing the raggedly clothes she was given by the Kindred. Rebekah just watches her leave, visibly overwhelmed with various emotions caused by all the drama bombs that have been dropped this episode.

Back at Lenore's shop, Kol has just finished yet another round of pain infliction spells from Finn before being asked if he's done playing games. Kol quickly bolts to the back room, only to find that it's full of hungry vampires, and neither Davina, nor Aiden, nor Josh is anywhere in sight. I get that it was a dangerous situation, but I can't believe they both left without Kol! At the very least, Aiden could have gotten Josh back to St. Anne's or something so Davina could cause a big enough magical distraction to allow Kol to get away? I don't know, guys, I'm just still really sad/mad about this. Anyway, so when Finn mentions that it looks like Davina snagged one of his prisoners, Kol starts pleading that he didn't come for a fight, he was just asked to be a distraction by Davina, who can be quite pushy when she wants to be, blah blah blah. Finn's more mad about the fact that their mother gave them both a gift when she resurrected them and cleansed them of their vampirism, and even Kol couldn't manage to repay the pittance she asked in return. Ha! That's really rich, coming from the guy who took one look at his now-vampire mother and turned her into his second black-magic battery-pack. Ohhhh, hypocrisy, thy name is this.

So, Finn smacks Kol on the shoulder before gripping it tightly, and Kol starts to get super scared. "Finn, you're angry," Kol insists anxiously. "And when you're angry, you don't think straight. So, just give me a chance, and--" Finn cuts him off and maintains that Kol doesn't deserve another chance as he clutches both sides of Kol's face with his hands. "So, I'm going to give you the one thing I know you fear most-- DEATH." Kol tries to break free from his grip, but Finn just grabs him by the shirt and presses a hand to his chest as he shouts, "O se kwe pe se!" Kol gasps and shudders in pain, and Finn continues to grip him tightly. "I curse you to this body, unable to jump to another. Over the next few days, I want you to contemplate what's to come. A meaningless, lonely death, and the darkness to follow. The clock starts now. Be sure to say your goodbyes. Go, brother. I will not miss you." 

DAMN, THAT IS SO FUCKING COLD. I mean, really now. That's something not even Klaus or Elijah would do. Elijah would consider that the most blasphemous thing you could do to your family, for one. Secondly, Klaus will dagger his siblings for disobeying or betraying him, or will kill their lovers, or steal their paragon diamonds or whatever, but he would never kill one of his siblings. Even when he left Kol in the sealed compound in "Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire," he knew that Marcel would never allow him to be killed, and even gave the order NOT to kill him. I'm not saying that Klaus isn't still terrible for doing all of these horrible things to his siblings, and one can even argue that Klaus purposely lets them live because he thinks death is too easy of an out, but still-- this is a level of hatred that none of the other Mikaelson children could bring themselves to meet. I mean, hell, Klaus loathed Finn and still got mad when Matt killed him the first time in "The Murder of One" in the third season of TVD, though admittedly, he wasn't as upset as when Jeremy killed Kol. Sigh. I miss Sharman already. :(

In the Bayou, Mary has almost finished patching up Jackson's wounds on her back patio over looking the lake, and when she finishes with the last bandage, she instructs him to let it sit and assures him he'll feel better in the morning. Hayley returns just as she's leaving, and as soon as she sees her future grandmother-in-law, she immediately begins apologizing to her for what happened. "For what?" Mary asks kindly. "For knowing a monster? Having baggage in your past? We all got that-- some worse than others." She pats Hayley affectionately on the back and reminds her that she fought for Jackson when he was down, which is a quality that many married couples never have before she leaves the two of them alone to talk.

Hayley sits down next to Jackson and worriedly asks him if he's okay, but he promises that he'll live before asking the question that has been bugging him since the fight ended-- why did Klaus let him live? Hayley's answer? "Klaus is afraid of trusting anyone. I think he realized that not trusting you would be worse. He'd end up surrounded by enemies... alone." Jackson looks at her with an adoring look in his eye, and Hayley smiles at him before taking his hand and squeezing it. "I wanna tell you a story... about a beautiful baby girl, and the parents who swore they would die to protect her," Hayley begins, and when Jackson realizes this means that Hope is alive, his eyes widen in shock and surprise as he settles in to hear the rest of the story. YESS! I love that they're continuing on this gothic fairytale theme, it is my favorite and it works so well for this show.

Over at the compound, Klaus is on the phone with Elijah, who is still at the safe house with Cami and Hope, while he chops up limes for cocktails at the bar. He's in the middle of explaining to Elijah that the wedding works in their favor, since Hayley ruling the soon-to-be-empowered wolves serves as an asset to their family. The fact that he's telling Elijah this as though it was his own idea instead of Hayley's is both hilarious and kind of aggravating, to be honest-- did he SERIOUSLY have to nearly kill Jackson to figure that out? Seriously, that fight was completely pointless. Elijah admits that he's surprised to hear that Klaus is willing to trust Jackson with the secret of Hope's existence, but Klaus reminds him that it's really just a means to an end, since Hayley would have turned against him had he outright killed Jackson today.

"You should have seen the ferocity with which she defended him," Klaus continues. "It was impressive!" I love how that is the kind of thing that endears him to people. If it was anyone else who tried to beat the shit out of Klaus, he would have ripped their heart out on the spot, but Hayley doing it just makes him beam with pride, all, "Yup, that hybrid queen is the mother of my child, so with our genetics combined, guess how awesome my daughter is going to grow up to be?" Regardless, Klaus insists that he's not taking Hope's secret lightly, and hints that given the fact that Jackson isn't an immortal like they are, his fate is likely going to be less certain once the marriage has taken hold and the wolves have Hayley's power. Ohhhh, Klaus, why am I not surprised?

He takes that moment to smile and hang up the phone on a confused and slightly concerned Elijah so he can go back to chopping limes. However, before he can do so, he hears the sound of someone entering the room and turns around to find Rebekah standing in the doorway, though he doesn't immediately recognize her in her new vessel. "Hello, Nik," Rebekah says in greeting in such a way that it's hard not to guess who she is. "I don't supposed you imagined that 'Always and Forever' would lead us to this?" Klaus just gapes in shock for a long moment before smiling warmly and addressing his sister, and when he recognizes her, Rebekah sighs in relief and exhaustion and quips, "You absolutely will not believe the week I've had." The two smile at each other warmly and seem content by the fact that they're finally reunited. Wooooo! Finally! The Fauline asylum was such a downer.

We finally wrap up this episode and recap by returning to Lenore's shop, where Finn is waiting boredly for Marcel to wake up from his broken-neck-nap as he twirls the knife Kol stabbed him with earlier in his hands. When Marcel finally does return to the world of the living, Finn assures him that he just has one more question, but Marcel states he'll only answer if he lets the rest of his vampires go. "How selfless!" Finn exclaims in amusement. "But, we've already established that you don't know anything of any consequence. However, it's a common belief among the werewolves that you were, in fact, the last person to see Niklaus' child alive. You were in possession of the baby's corpse." Marcel, clearly exhausted from Finn's torture, and knowing that he wasn't the person who killed the baby, just glares at him silently as Finn asks him to tell him how exactly the baby died. Marcel thinks about this for a moment, but his face betrays his confusion when the memory doesn't come, so his continued silence tells Finn everything he needs to know. "Yeah, you don't remember." Finn adds, stating the obvious as usual. "You don't remember because you were compelled to forget. Why would Niklaus compel away the truth from the vampire he thinks of as his adopted son?" As Finn thinks aloud, he suddenly realizes why exactly Klaus would do such a thing. "What, besides a desire to protect his own daughter? She's still alive. And now, you and your vampires are going to help me find her." Welllll, fuck, you guys.

- I have TONS of questions about the Fauline asylum that I'm not sure will ever get answers, but just in case they will, I'm gonna jot them down here. First, are the Kindred immortal? I mean, obviously they're not invulnerable, because Freya easily killed them, but Cassie did say they got imprisoned there because they were messing around with dark magic like immortality spells and necromancy, which makes me wonder if they succeeded in making themselves immortal. It would make sense that they would end up being in charge, too, since they would be alive long enough to establish control over everything. Secondly, how do they get all the stuff they need to live, like food, medicine, etc? No one could enter without being trapped themselves, right? And how did they get the orderlies to work there? Are they being punished, too? And how did Freya end up there? Did she think it would be a good hiding place from Dahlia? I mean, on the one hand, Dahlia would never want to enter a place where she would be trapped, but on the other, since Freya had no trouble breaking the boundary spell, I would have to assume that it would be even easier for Auntie D, you know? Finally, what happens to the rest of them in there? The boundary spell is gone, right? So shouldn't they all be flooding the streets with their unstable magic? I JUST HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

- The graveyard where the werewolf traitors are buried reminds me of the makeshift cemetery in The Shadowhunter Chronicles series by Cassandra Clare, specifically The Mortal Instruments, though I think it was in The Infernal Devices, too. For those of you who haven't read this series (and you SHOULD, because the world she's built is incredible and has, like, Harry Potter-level amounts of detail), it's about this species of human/angel hybrids known as the Nephilim, or Shadowhunters, named such because their heavenly duty is to hunt demons and rogue Downworlders (faeries, who are angel/demon hybrids; vampires and werewolves, who are humans infected with demonic diseases, and warlocks, who are human/demon hybrids). Nearly all Shadowhunters are burned upon their deaths, and their ashes used to add magical protection to the City of Bones, which is where their monastic order the Silent Brothers live and work, but in the case of Shadowhunters who betrayed their community, who broke their laws (known as the Covenant), or who committed suicide, were all buried in the place where all of the roads of their capital (and only) city Alicante meet. We know that in The Originals, the Crescent werewolves perform Viking funerals on the lake in the Bayou for their dead, so they have a very similar view as the Shadowhunters when it comes to their traitors-- basically, that they don't deserve to have their remains interred with those of their members who have devoted their lives to their duty. I don't know, I thought it was an interesting comparison!

- Here's the music from this episode!

"Down Hearted Blues" by Bessie Smith
--- Davina wakes up on the futon in Kol's playhouse at the cemetery, where he's preparing to start the spell to make the dagger. Davina then gets texts from Aiden about Marcel and Josh being missing.

"Feels Like Coming Home" by Jetta
--- Kol runs away from Finn. Hayley apologizes to Jackson and tells him the truth about Hope. Rebekah and Klaus reunite.


  1. i love your review! i found your blog 3 days ago and i have read all your recaps already ( the originals) i love the fact that you do not have any prejudice about any character i love them all (although elijah will be always and forever my favorite) when will you write

  2. when will you write the othes episodes recaps no pressure
    p.s i am from colombia
    so i am a spaning speaker so sorry for my mistaken

  3. KSM-- Thank you so much for commenting and reading my recaps! I am so thrilled to hear from you! And thank you for what you said about loving all the characters-- it means a lot to me because that is exactly how I feel too! I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who loves them all (and Elijah is one of my favorites, too, so we are much in agreement.) :)

    Also, I'm really sorry about being behind on the recaps! They will be continuing to be posted as quickly as I can write them. Do you watch Teen Wolf? I'll be recapping that this summer as well, so the Originals recaps will be posted in between TW episodes.

    Finally, your English is perfect, so you have nothing to be worried about! Pero también hablo español si que es más fácil para usted! ;)

  4. well I just started to watch teen Wolf last week i am still with the season one episodes so i haven't read your teen Wolf recaps yet.
    I am not supriesed to know that you speak spanish because I have noticed that you quote the spells of the witches in TO in latin or in french. i am curious do you speak those languages too?.
    by the way I wonder if Daniel gillies speak spanish to because he pronunce perfectly rocinante and tatia. because .i usually hear english speaker pronunce the T like and R but heedidn't
    tomate tu tiempo yo espero hasta que puedas escribirlas.
    and my name is Na

  5. Nice to meet you, Nataly! I'm happy to have you as a reader! I took Latin and Spanish in high school, and even more Spanish classes in college, which is how I can read and understand it pretty well, but I'm actually really terrible at French. I find most of the incantations for the French spells on The Vampire Diaries/The Originals wikia page, which is actually very interesting! You should check it out, I think you'd enjoy it a lot.

    I also wondered the same about Daniel Gillies speaking Spanish! He had perfect pronunciation! All I really know about him is that he's a New Zealander who has spent most of his life in Canada, so it's possible he was taught at school?

    I hope you like Teen Wolf, it gets better the more you watch, especially around Season 3! :) It's one of my favorites!

    Gracias de nuevo por comentar y leer, Nataly! Esto significa mucho para mí. :)

  6. I discovered this blog a few weeks ago, and I've read all The Originals recaps up to this one. I can't seem to find any more!
    Any chance they'll be here within three years of when this particular recap was posted?


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