The Originals Season 2, Episode 10: "Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire" Recap/Review

So, imagine that you're a vampire and you're trapped inside a house with your mortal enemies, the werewolves. Probably not a fun time, right? Well, add in the fact that your vampire bloodlust has been magically increased to unbearable levels, and you're still a newbie, so you barely have control over your hunger, and, oh!-- one of the werewolves you're trapped with is your boyfriend, and he's starting to look mighty yummy, and not in the sexy way. Well, this is pretty much the plot of what happened in this episode, most particularly to Josh, and as you can probably guess, it was really not the best day, to be honest. Finn apparently has developed a hatred for werewolves that equals his already-super-strong hatred for vampires, so he got the brilliant idea of locking the two communities in the compound with a boundary spell in the hopes that the vampires' magnified thirst for blood would result in the two groups fighting amongst themselves until they all killed each other. Fortunately for them, the two groups want peace way more than Finn anticipated, so sucks to be you, Finn! On the b-plot side, Rebekah is trapped as well, but instead of being a member of one of two communities who are trying not to fight to the death, she's instead trapped with a bunch of other witches whose covens dumped them in the still-boundary-spelled Fauline Mansion for either having criminally abused magic, or were otherwise abused by magic, which is actually a pretty neat storyline! So, I'm just going to get right to it, 'kay? 'Kay.

Previously, on The Originals Esther came back from the dead to heal her family, along with her two formerly deceased sons Kol and Finn, all three of whom are currently possessing the bodies of New Orleans witches, since their original bodies were all either destroyed or extremely decomposed. Her goal is to get Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus, and Hayley to also possess the bodies of a human, a witch, and two werewolves, respectively, so she can then rid the world of the "plague" of vampirism that she created. Klaus decided to try to convert his now-mortal brothers to join his side in the fight against Esther, but he was only able to convince Kol, who was only going along with Esther in the first place because she brought him back to life. Finn, on the other hand, was NOT convinced, and Mikael ended up freeing him from the coffin he was locked in while everyone else was distracted by their plan to keep Esther from jumping Rebekah into Cami's body. Before Finn was freed, he told Cami that he wouldn't rest until all the vampires in New Orleans were dead, and he would show no mercy to anyone who sided with them, including herself.

Hayley and Jackson decided to get married in a Unification Ceremony in order to free the wolves from Esther and Finn's control by sharing with them Hayley's hybrid ability to control her transformation, making Esther's moonlight rings obsolete. When she told Elijah, he wasn't exactly thrilled, but he told her to marry Jackson to make New Orleans safe for Hope to return to her family before the two had some seriously passionate break-up sex. Rebekah pretended to agree to Esther's deal to become mortal again in hopes of killing her before she got the chance to jump her into a new body that Kol picked in order to spare Cami from becoming her vessel, but though she did manage to sneak vampire blood in Esther's wine before Klaus stabbed her in the neck and killed her, they weren't able to stop the spell. To make matters worse, Kol secretly prepared a different vessel than the one they agreed to, and the real vessel is trapped in the magically sealed Fauline mansion, unbeknownst to anyone but Kol and Davina. On the plus side, Esther awakened in transition and is now unable to do magic to hurt any of them, and Klaus tossed her a blood bag and gave her a choice between being the monster she hates or dying before locking her in a tomb in the cemetery, which is where we pick up today!

We begin this episode at the new Mikaelson safe house, where Hayley is doting on Hope in the living room. After a moment, she scoops Hope into her arms and walks into the kitchen, where Elijah is making breakfast. Hayley and Elijah kind of hover toward each other, unsure of how to act around each other after their night of "Oh shit, Hayley is getting married soon"-induced banging. It almost looks as though they're going to kiss again, but instead, Elijah simply kisses Hope on the head and goes back to mixing up his eggs.

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Klaus then starts speaking in voiceover as the camera cuts to various scenes. "It has been said that all love begins and ends with she who gave us life. A thousand years ago, my mother turned us into monsters. Yet, still, she claimed to love her children, even as she vowed to destroy us. Noble Elijah, tormented by long-buried shameful secrets." Elijah is suddenly overwhelmed by flashbacks of killing Tatia, visions of the red door, and short flashes of the diner patrons he killed in "The Brothers That Care Forgot." "Kol, the wiley troublemaker, out for no one but himself." The scene cuts to a flashback to "The Map of Moments," where Kol kissed Davina in front of the Dowager Fauline's mansion.

"Finn, the devoted acolyte, his love all too easily walked by our mother's sick hate." Cut to Finn, who is at the lycée, where he stands in front of a mirror and tends to the wounds from when Elijah fed on him several days earlier. After a moment, he turns around to reveal that Mikael is at the lycée with him and looks as though he's ready to scheme against Klaus. "Fierce Rebekah, willing to risk everything on the chance that she may one day find happiness." The scene cuts to the compound, where Rebekah's original body is still laying motionless in her coffin in the back room of the ground floor.  "And me, the bastard child-- my mother's greatest shame." The scene cuts to Lafayette Cemetery, where Esther is still trapped in the Delphine tomb, looking ashen and weak as she tries her best to resist the allure of the blood bag still laying on the floor in front of her.

Finally, we see that Klaus has actually been talking to Cami this entire time while they drive to the safe house together. "Now, finally, we have defeated her, giving her the choice she never thought to give us-- to live on as one of the monsters she created... or suffer the slow, agonizing death she deserves." They pull into the driveway and get out of the SUV, and the kind of weirded out/confused expression Cami has on her face is seriously so comical. "Um, congratulations, I guess?" She then goes on to say that she's more worried about Finn, since he's totally aware that she stabbed him in the back, and is now free to get his revenge on her, but Klaus assures her that she won't be found at this house, because it's literally the safest place she can be. He then tells her that he has someone he would like her to meet, someone he refers to her as both the newest member of their family and a little troublemaker who has been creating quite a fuss.

When the door opens and Hayley comes out with baby Hope in her arms, Cami literally gasps in surprise as tears fill her eyes. "Camille, this is Hope," Klaus says, as Hayley walks toward him to stand at his side. Cami is practically speechless. "Oh my god! But-- you said-- I thought she was--?" Klaus points out that the only way they could protect her was to make everyone think she was dead before quietly reminding her that, for Hope's safety, Cami cannot leave with that secret, meaning he'll be compelling her just like he compelled Marcel, but Cami is happy to do it as long as Hope is safe. She then runs up onto the porch and immediately begins to giggle as Hope reaches her hand out to Cami so she can grab her thumb. Hope is seriously the chillest baby I've ever seen, and she has such a great range of appropriate faces for every occasion. I love her, basically, and she is basically the most perfect thing Klaus has ever created.

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Inside the house, Klaus, Hayley, Cami and Elijah have gathered with Hope in the living room so they can start brainstorming their next move. Klaus' priority is making New Orleans safe for Hope so they can finally bring her back home where she belongs, which means dealing with Finn, sooner rather than later. Cami sighs defeatedly and brings up the fact that Finn is going to literally explode with rage when he finds out what Klaus and Rebekah did to Esther, but Klaus assures her that what is most important for her to do is to stay at the safe house with Hope and Elijah, where the latter will keep them all safe. He then informs them that Hayley and himself will be returning to Louisiana to deal with Finn himself. Elijah, however, does not seem pleased with this arrangement, especially when Klaus starts spilling his secrets. "He's been experiencing some side effects since his ordeal as our mother's captive," Klaus explains with a satisfied smirk. "Best he stay here and convalesce." Elijah's response? A droll, "A single violent outburst at a filthy roadside café, and one never hears the end of it!", which is endlessly hilarious to me. I don't know, it's just Daniel Gillies' delivery. Still, Klaus reminds him that Cami is a trained psychologist, so the two of them should bond so she can help him with his demon-plagued mind. Klaus and Hayley then get up to leave, and Klaus reminds them that Rebekah should hopefully have awoken in the body of Angelica Barker by now, and adds that she'll be joining them as soon as she has cut ties with her new vessel's old life. Yeah, about that, Klaus...

Speaking of Rebekah, we've just cut to the Fauline witch asylum, where our favorite Mikaelson has been bound with a five-point restraint to her bed as an orderly tries to shove a fistful of pills into her mouth. Rebekah angrily informs him that he has no idea who he's dealing with, but, like Teen Wolf, the mental health facilities in this universe leave much to be desired, so he just mocks her by asking her if she's the Easter Bunny before finally managing to get the pills into her mouth and smashing his hand against her face so she's forced to stop resisting. Her muscles all relax as her eyelids flutter shut, and once they are sure she's unconscious, the orderly takes off her restraints and leaves the room. Ha, idiots! While intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous medications only take seconds to minutes before they start working, oral medications typically take sixty to ninety minutes, which means you just got played, dude. Anyway, once they're out in the hall, we see that the house is full of patients, orderlies, and nurses wandering around, all of whom are in various stages of disarray. Yikes! This is a nightmare scenario, to be honest. New Orleans witches do not fuck around. TITLE CARD!

When we return, we find Finn is still in the lycée, where he's in the middle of using a hammer to break what looks like an actual human skull into pieces so he can grind the bones into powder for a spell. "She tried to show them mercy!" Finn rants angrily to Mikael, who does not seem at all surprised. "If they've harmed her--" Mikael cuts him off and states that Esther's mistake was believing that redemption was possible for his siblings, and Finn remains silent as he grinds the broken pieces of bone in a mortar and pestle. Mikael squeezes Finn's shoulder affectionately and assures him that they will finally destroy Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah for good, and they'll do it together, which makes Finn smile, but not for the reason you'd expect. Finn replies that he's happy to hear this, because Mikael is a powerful man, and he could really use his strength.

I think Mikael assumes Finn is being metaphorical, but NOPE-- he's being quite literal. Now, the scene cuts away quickly before we can see what happens, but as we'll see later, Finn somehow overpowered Mikael and carved a similar sacrificial magic sigil into his forehead to the one Papa Tunde used on his offerings. Like when Papa Tunde used it on Rebekah, it won't kill Mikael, but it will desiccate him so he can channel his power, which is pretty cold. I mean, really, did any of you expect Finn capable of that? While I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction, in the end, it makes a lot of sense-- part of me has always thought that if Finn has spent his whole life resentful of his siblings for existing and resentful of being turned into a vampire, then he was also secretly resentful of his parents-- or, at least Mikael, anyway, since it was his emotional abandonment of Esther and the kids that started all the drama in the first place-- and this episode seems to confirm that. More on that later!

At the compound, Jackson has just arrived and met Hayley on the balcony outside her bedroom window that looks over the Quarter. Hayley thanks him for meeting him there, but Jackson just awkwardly chuckles before replying, "Heh, I ask you to marry me, you take off for three days. Good thing I'm a secure guy... sort of." Aw, Jackson! That is so adorable. Hayley returns his awkward smile and asks him if he's ready to "slap on the old ball-and-chain," which doesn't do much to make Jackson think this isn't a total obligation on her part. He tells her to slow down, and reminds her that since this is an actual mystical Unification Ceremony, not a Vegas wedding, they have to actually do this by the book, because otherwise, it won't work, and the werewolves will still be dependent on the witches.

As it turns out, there's a LOT they have to do beforehand, including finding a shaman to perform the ritual, devotion rituals, and several trials they will have to endure together. Hayley just gapes at him and is like, "Uh, devotion rituals? Did we time-travel to the Biblical ages?" before mentioning that it all sounds pretty intimate, but Jackson reminds her once again that they are literally getting married, which again, doesn't do much to boost his confidence about this whole endeavor, especially since Hayley still has post-Elijah-sex afterglow to boot. Still, Jackson assures her that while he knows they're kind of jumping into everything pretty quickly, he still thinks it's pretty cool, and insists that he's excited for the "getting to know you" part of the rituals, because he wants to know her. Hayley is understandably overwhelmed by all of this, but fortunately for her, she's saved from having to come up with something to say in response when she hears a door opening downstairs. "They're here!" Hayley declares, but Jackson just gives her a confused look and asks who is there, so she leads him to the balcony overlooking the courtyard, where Jerick and the other "influential wolves," as she calls them, have arrived for a summit. "...About what?" Jackson asks, now looking overwhelmed himself, so Hayley points to the front door and replies, "About them," just as they see Marcel leading Gia, Josh, and the rest of the new vampire community into the courtyard for peace talks. YES! Give me peace, please!

Meanwhile, at the Fauline witch asylum, Rebekah cracks an eye open, and when she sees her room is empty, she spits the pills that the orderly force-fed her earlier into her hand as she stands to her feet. "Amateurs," Rebekah mutters under her breath as she rolls her eyes. When she hears footsteps approaching her room, she hastily shoves her pills under pillow and looks up to find Cassie, who you may remember as the last Harvest girl to be resurrected, only to immediately become a meatsuit for Esther. Cassie states the obvious by pointing out that she's Rebekah Mikaelson, which both relieves Rebekah and makes her suspicious, considering how she's been trying to tell that to literally anyone who comes near her, and no one believes her.

"I know a little something about Mikaelsons jumping into other people's bodies," Cassie says sadly. "Mostly because your mother did it to me." Can you imagine being possessed by Esther? Or anyone, for that matter? I mean, they would know your body as well as you did! That would skeeve me out so bad. I hope Cassie maybe retained some residual magical knowledge or something, because she really did get the shaft in that situation. Rebekah is thrilled to hear that this is the powerful Harvest girl she's heard about who actually knows who the fuck she is before she explains that she's kind of in a sticky-wicket thanks to her brother Kol, and asks her the best way to break out of this asylum, Cassie gives Rebekah an exhausted and defeated look and insists that there's no breaking out, thanks to the boundary spell, and that once you're in, you never leave. Rebekah proclaims this to be ridiculous and states that at least someone must have escaped, to which Cassie just shrugs and replies, "Sure. But not alive." Well, that totally bodes well for everyone.

Back at the compound, Kol is in the middle of unpacking his stuff in his new room at the compound, which I'm pretty sure is Rebekah's old room, since while he's unpacking, he finds a gorgeous old-timey photograph of Rebekah from the 1910s, which he picks up and looks at fondly. After a moment, Klaus appears in the doorway and asks him if he's settling in alright, "Well, I would have preferred my old room..." Kol begins. "Seeing as it's filled with a dusty nursery and a hybrid, I thought it best not to complain." Wise move, dude. Klaus pulls a bottle of absinthe out from behind his back as a "Welcome Back To The Family" present, as he remembered it was his favorite once upon a time. "La Fille Verte!" Klaus exclaims, as Kol takes the bottle from him and examines it before crowing, "Ding dong, the witch IS dead! Or undead. Whichever." This gets a chuckle out of Klaus, but it's quickly cut off as the bottle literally explodes in midair, revealing that Finn has totally arrived to be a huge buzzkill.

"Where is she?" Finn demands, skipping the pleasantries as usual, so Klaus and Kol start teasing him. "My, my, you look peaky," Klaus says brightly, before turning to Kol. "Doesn't he look peaky?" "He does look peaky," Kol replies, but as you can expect, Finn is not at all amused by their jokes. When he once again demands to know where Esther is, Klaus assures him that she's perfectly safe where she's being kept, and he'll never find her. Finn just rolls his eyes and points out that while Klaus may think he's won, he should wait and see just how long is arrogance lasts. He spreads his arms wide in what has become known as the "Mikaelson stance" before he leaves, and Klaus' face falls as soon as he's gone, as though he's concerned about what Finn's about to do, despite his best efforts not to care.

Downstairs, the vampire-werewolf summit is still going on in the courtyard, and Hayley insists to both parties that they need as much help as they can get. "My vamps and I are willing to stand with you against the witches," Marcel states for the record. "In return, all I want is a promise that there will be peace between our sides after the wedding." Jerick isn't really happy to hear this and points out that Marcel has spent the last century cursing and killing their pack, which is a valid point-- it's clear that while Marcel is more willing to play nice now that his friends are the leaders, he's mostly motivated by the fact that between the moonlight rings and the Crescents getting control over their transformation from Hayley, the werewolves, for the first time in ages, have all the power in this town, given they can bite the vampires at any time, and it's definitely scaring them.

Anyway, Marcel insists that they should just listen to what he has to say, but he doesn't get a chance to say anything else, because Finn has just joined them to share his vileness with them as well. "I see you're brokering a truce between mongrels and parasites!" Finn exclaims maniacally, doing his best Mikael impression as the vampires and werewolves alike glare at him furiously. "And just how long do you think that's really going to last? A month? A week?" Finn waits for a response, but he doesn't get one-- the crowd just continues glaring at him mutinously as he continues his little rant. "Why you don't yet seem to understand is that the only thing that can exist between your two degenerate species is hatred, war, and death."

As Finn talks, he starts to back away from them and into the entrance hall by the front door until he's technically outside of the compound. Once he's crossed the threshold, he rubs his fingers together and blows on them in that gesture that indicates he's about to cast a spell before he slams his hand on against the wall of the doorway, which causes the entire compound to shake as his spell takes hold. Gia, tired of listening to this lunatic, vamp-speeds toward him to attack him, but when she gets to the doorway, she slams into an invisible barrier which burns her hands as though she was hit with sunlight without a daylight ring. SERIOUSLY? Another boundary spell? So we've got two Mikaelsons brothers, Hayley, and their allies trapped in the compound while Rebekah is in a still-unidentified witch body and is trapped within a boundary spell at the Fauline asylum. This is just WONDERFUL.

"But, I imagine-- given a little time confined together-- you'll come to see things the way I do," Finn finishes gleefully before he turns and leaves them alone to figure out what the fuck has just happened. Hayley, who is visibly and understandably pissed, sighs in frustration as she looks around the room and tries to figure out what to do next. As much as I dislike Finn, this is a pretty brilliant plan-- channel Mikael's thousand-plus-years-old-vampire magic, cast a ridiculously powerful boundary spell on a huge compound to trap two warring communities in the hopes that they'll ruin their chances of a truce by killing each other and eliminating the two species he hates most in his new home. Unfortunately for Finn, his fatal flaw is underestimating his enemies, which is something that will bite him in the ass on multiple occasions this season. He keeps making comments about Klaus' hubris and overconfidence, but he's guilty of the exact same thing, although it's an occupational hazard of being a child raised by Mikael the Destroyer, I imagine.

Upstairs, Klaus is in his bedroom, where he's testing Finn's boundary spell by trying to walk out on the balcony, but just like when Gia tried it, Klaus' hands burn upon contact with it. Kol comes in, looking frantic, and asks Klaus if Finn really just trapped them in there, which Klaus confirms before turning to face him. "Which means we have a witch problem," Klaus says gruffly. "You're a witch. Fix it." He storms out of the room, but Kol, exasperated by this order, asks him what the hell he expects him to do about it, which leads Klaus to bring up a very valid point that ultimately gets Kol moving. "Well, considering the crowd, I think you'll be more motivated to find a solution. After all, I can easily out-wait our brother's antics. You, on the other hand, might find yourself looking rather appetizing to some of our fellow prisoners." HA! Sucks to be mortal, Kol, doesn't it? I wonder if this gives him any kind of insight on what it's like to be on the opposite end of the spectrum, since he's killed easily as many people as Klaus when he was still a vampire. Anyway, Kol, not wanting to be a vampire's juice box, begins to panic, and states that he's going to need some help, and Klaus just fake-smiles at him and hums in agreement before he leaves.

Downstairs, Gia and Marcel are in the dining room, where they're trying to talk privately about their current options. Marcel informs her that he's sent Josh and Aiden to check every door, window, and anything that could be considered an entrance/exit to see if maybe Finn missed while he unpacks one of several boxes that are stacked in a corner. Gia gets a little huffy and starts complaining about Jerick's attitude to the vampires, but Marcel tells her to cut out the tough-girl act and to stay on her guard, because even though she's new to this community, the werewolves have a long list of reasons to hate them. He then instructs her to keep an eye on the other vampires, as well, to make sure that none of them start picking fights while they're all trapped together. Gia nods in understanding and turns to return to the compound, just as an anxious-looking Hayley slips inside to talk to Marcel herself. When she asks him if he has any ideas on how to keep the tension between the werewolves and the vampires from hitting critical-mass, Marcel just smiles and pulls a bottle of bourbon out of the box before holding it up in the air. "What people in New Orleans have always done when trapped in close quarters with mortal enemies-- drink, and hopefully blow off a little steam." He throws the bottle at vampire speed to Hayley, but she catches it easily and takes a huge swig out of the bottle before holding it up, as thought to toast to Marcel, before turning to get back to the werewolves.

Over in Arkansas, Elijah is anxiously pacing around the living room at the safe house, where he's leaving Rebekah one of what is probably at least a dozen voicemails to figure out what the fuck she's doing. Meanwhile, Cami is in the kitchen, where she's searching through various shelves and cupboards until she finally finds a bottle of bourbon for herself and happily exclaims, "Yahtzee!" God, Cami is so precious, I love her so much. "Ah-ha-ha!" she continues on to say to Elijah. "If there's one thing I've learned about you people, it;s that there's always a bottle of booze around." Have you guys ever noticed that Cami drinks literally as much booze as the rest of the characters? She's just a human, and still manages to keep up with the centuries-old vampires and werewolves with increased tolerances and accelerated healing. It's actually really impressive, to be honest. Anyway, when Cami asks Elijah if he wants one, it takes him all of a millisecond to channel his Klaus-esque paranoia. "Sounds delightful," Elijah says condescendingly. "And after that, Camille, then what? We have another, and another, perhaps another after that, another after that... Before long, I find myself opening up to you, or--" He starts making air-quotes with his fingers as he adds, "--'bearing my damaged soul,' as it were." Oh, Elijah, stop being such a stoic jerkwad!

Cami comes into the living room with two tumblers of bourbon and the bottle, which she sets down on the table in front of him, and when Elijah points out that the trick she is employing is both old and not particularly clever, she just rolls her eyes and states that Esther really did a number on the Mikaelson boys before pointing out that she's less interested in fixing his and Klaus' problems and more interested in avoiding her own. "I mean, I'm basically in a supernatural witness protection program because your psychotic brother-- who, by the way, I basically had to seduce-- wants me dead. So, yeah..." She digs around on another shelf and pulls out a Trivial Pursuit box before setting it on the table. "Booze and board games is pretty much where I'm at right now."

Elijah rolls his eyes in annoyance as Cami pulls out the game board and the pieces before drawing one of the cards and asking him the name of Don Quixote's horse. He sighs in annoyance and proclaims this to be absurd, but Cami, who totally has Elijah's number, turns on her psychologist brain and agrees that it's a dumb idea before turning it back around on him. "How's Hayley?" she asks innocently. "You two seemed close." She casually sips her drink and smirks a tiny smirk because she knows she has him beat, so Elijah, realizing he only has two options, sighs in defeat. "Rocinante," he reluctantly mutters, with a perfect Spanish accent. "The horse's name is Rocinante." He then grabs the bottle of bourbon and pours himself a glass, much to Cami's amusement. YEAH, GIRL! Elijah needs to be around people who are willing to tease him every once and a while, because there are very few people brave enough to do so.

Back at the compound, Hayley is standing on the balcony and looking down at the courtyard, where the werewolves and vampires are pretty much split down the middle, with the vamps occupying half the space while the wolves take the other. After a moment, Klaus joins her and begins a seriously entertaining conversation that serves as a reminder of how awesome Klaus and Hayley's relationship is. On the one hand, I would be interested in seeing them in a romantic relationship, but on the other, it seems as though they have a purely affectionate relationship that is based on their bond as parents to Hope rather than an actual attraction to each other. Klaus asks her if she's worried about her wolves, but when Hayley just stares at him blankly, he realizes the truth. "Or, perhaps the source of your anxiety is a little further from home? How is Elijah, by the way? I'm sure he found your visit most curative!" BAHAHAHAHA. Hayley, embarrassed, is all, "Ew! No!" but Klaus and the rest of us all know the truth, which is she can't get enough of the noblest of Mikaelson brothers. Klaus just continues to smirk at her, which causes her to clear her throat awkwardly before asking him if it's that obvious. "Well, you both had a certain glow about you all morning," Klaus replies, clearly enjoying making Hayley so uncomfortable. "Frankly, I'm glad the two of your dropped your pretenses and, uh, shall we say... let the spirit move you?" LOLOLOL FOREVER. Oh, Klaus, please use this brand of humor more often? Because it is HILARIOUS.

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He starts laughing hysterically, and Hayley eventually cuts him off by shoving him playfully, although she eventually can't help but laugh herself. "Okay! Okay, okay, okay, stop!" she exclaims with equal parts affection and annoyance. "Enough! This family is weird enough already." True that, sister! I love how she's considering herself a member of the family, because she totally is! She may not be a Mikaelson by blood, but she and Marcel are just about as close as it gets. Anyway, after a moment, Hayley becomes somber again as she glances over and sees Jackson sitting in a chair in the courtyard with Jerick and some other wolves. He has a bottle of whiskey in his hands and is drinking it straight without a glass, and when Klaus realizes what she's looking at, her actual feelings at the moment become abundantly clear. "You're feeling guilty, aren't you?" Klaus whispers quietly with a serious expression on his face. "Wondering if you should tell your betrothed things he doesn't need to know? From all the poems written on the subject of unrequited love, there are so few about the pain of being the object of that affection. The truth is, Hayley, it's not love on which the strongest foundations are built-- it's the decency of merciful lies."

I mean, what Klaus doesn't know about healthy relationships could fill an entire library, but in this case, he totally has a point. If Jackson and Hayley were an actual couple who had officially stated their feelings and had been together for a while, I could see where Hayley would feel guilty about sleeping with Elijah, but in this case, Hayley and Jackson are pretty much in an arranged marriage that was only planned a couple days ago, so I honestly don't think it's much of Jackson's business if she and Elijah had some "get-it-out-of-your-system" sexy-times. Jackson already said that the marriage won't work unless they're devoted to it, so Hayley had to end things with him, which they both did. Getting into the details doesn't do anyone any favors, as we'll soon learn, so as long as Hayley is faithful from now on, I don't see the big deal, honestly, considering how unique the circumstances are, but maybe I just have a more liberal idea of relationships. Who knows!

Meanwhile, at the witch asylum, Rebekah and Cassie have moved downstairs, where Cassie is giving her a sort-of unofficial tour of their new home. They're surrounded by various patients/prisoners, all of whom, like Cassie and Rebekah, are wearing clothes that are either old/out-of-style, extremely worn and tattered, or both. Rebekah's wearing a kind of gauzy black and purple blouse that has holes in the sleeves and seams and worn-out jeans, and Cassie is wearing an antique-looking floral sundress with an overlarge, holey cardigan over it. Some of the patients are watching an old-school television, while others play card or board games together. Anyway, according to Cassie, some people think the Fauline mansion is haunted, though there are various versions of the story, all of which begin with the witches Astrid Bonne Chance and Mary-Alice Claire, who were imprisoned here by Klaus a little after the turn of the 20th century, which we already know. There are even portraits of the two women hanging on the wall, which is weird, unless some of the prisoners are really good at painting or something. As it turns out, once it became clear that the boundary spell couldn't be broken, the covens just starting throwing other witches in there as well to get them out of the public society-- specifically, witches like Cassie, who were broken by magic.

"So, that's it, then?" Rebekah asks incredulously, visibly disgusted by this sort of treatment. "They just lock you lot up and throw away the key?" Before Cassie can answer, a nearby witch starts to shriek as loud as she can as one of the orderlies wraps his arms around her from behind to restrain her as they drag her into one of the bedrooms. Another witch, this one who looks as though she's in her mid-late thirties or early forties with short blonde hair and two distinctive parallel scars running along her left cheekbone, stares at Rebekah and Cassie from across the room, and this doesn't escape Rebekah's notice. When she asks Cassie who the "creeps with the scars" are, she replies that they're a group known as the Kindred, who got thrown in the asylum by their coven after they got obsessed with dark magic, including necromancy and immortality spells. Apparently, once they were locked up, they put themselves in charge of the place. Does that mean that they're technically immortal? I'm kind of curious, but naturally, we're not getting any answers. "Well, what about our magic, then?" Rebekah asks urgently. "We're still witches, right?" She then looks over at a pair of women, who are sitting at a nearby table and playing some sort of Scrabble-esque game with lettered tiles, and determines they can use their magic and the tiles to send a distress signal to her brothers. YAS REBEKAH! She's adapting to mortal-witch life relatively quickly, wouldn't you say? And she's still resourceful as hell, which is one of many reasons why I adore her.

At the compound, Davina has just arrived and stops just shy of the threshold as she examines the boundary. She's just about to touch it when Kol rushes over to her and stops her, warning her that it's nasty before smiling at her and quipping, "Pretty girl to the rescue, eh?" Davina just blushes and smiles back at him before they each hold up their hands so they're hovering just over the boundary and start to cast a spell, and Marcel pushes his way through the crowd so he can keep an eye on them. After Davina and Kol chant for a moment, they're forcefully pushed backwards by the barrier, and Davina yelps in surprise as she flies several feet away from where she was standing. She has just asked Kol what the hell happened when Klaus, who heard the commotion, stomps in impatiently and asks if this means that they're all free to go. Unfortunately, this is not the case-- Kol explains that Finn's spell is locking them out somehow, and Davina assumes he's channeling something, like a dark object. Yeah, I'd say Mikael is a pretty dark object, wouldn't you?

We cut to the lycée, where it at first looks as though Finn is muttering to himself, but in reality, he's ranting to the desiccated Mikael, who has a magical sigil carved into his forehead. He's in the middle of setting up a magic circle for yet another spell, and he picks up an athame while he speaks to his father. "You should have seen them!" he rambles maniacally. "They were so... confident in our defeat." He sets down the athame and kneels down next to Mikael to look at him face-to-face, though it's obvious Mikael isn't listening. "But, I assure you, Father-- they have no idea what they're up against now." He then touches his index and middle fingers to the sigil carved in Mikael's forehead, which allows him to channel his power to boost his own.

Over in Arkansas, Cami and Elijah are still in the middle of a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit, and unsurprisingly, Elijah the ancient immortal is completely kicking Cami's ass.
CAMI: "What three European countries begin with the letter "A?"
ELIJAH: [boredly] "Albania, Austria, Andorra."
CAMI: [groans in frustration] "Agh! Okay. Hey! Who was the only U.S. President to earn a Ph.D?"
ELIJAH: "The rather tedious Woodrow Wilson."
CAMI: [groans again and searches for a new card] "Who rode Secretariat to the Triple Crown in in 1973--"
ELIJAH: [cuts her off] "Ron Turket."
CAMI: [exasperatedly] "No! I refuse to believe that you just happened to know that!"
As you can see, Cami is a liiiiiittle drunk, and a LOT competitive, so in her excitement, she accidentally spills Elijah's drink all over the table, which splatters bourbon onto his shirt sleeve. Cami's isn't aware of Elijah's almost obsessive-compulsive need to be clean, especially in light of the recent trauma inflicted upon him by Esther, so she quickly apologizes and hands him a towel to clean himself up. After a moment of Elijah blotting the alcohol off of his sleeve, he gets so intense about it that Cami starts to outwardly worry and eventually tries to verbally snap him out of it. When that doesn't work, she reaches out to take his hand, but before she can, he quickly grabs her by the wrist to stop her. "I'm not as fragile as my brother suggests," Elijah says gruffly, and it's clear that he's embarrassed to have slipped in front of someone who isn't his family. Fortunately, he's saved by his phone, which starts to ring, and when he doesn't recognize the number, he answers the call and assumes it's Rebekah and asks her what the fuck she's been doing all day. Unfortunately, whatever he's told on the other end of the line, it's not good, because he replies, "I see. No, I must have been dialing the wrong number. Forgive me." When he hangs up, he looks extremely distressed and immediately calls up Klaus.

"What do you mean, she's gone?" Klaus demands on the phone as he wanders around the compound. Elijah explains that he received a call from Angelica Barker-- the real Angelica Barker, as in not possessed by the spirit of their sister-- who basically told him he had the wrong number and should quit calling her. Klaus sighs and stops in his tracks and orders Elijah to stay put while he handles it himself, not noticing (or, at least pretending not to notice) when Kol hovers in the doorway behind him and eavesdrops on Klaus' end of the call. Once he's hung up, Kol walks into the hallway and asks him if everything is okay, but Klaus is a very good actor, so he lies and says that it will be as soon as Kol figures out an idea on how to bust them out of this prison. "Well, I might have," Kol says hesitantly. "I'm not sure you're gonna like it, though." Klaus rolls his eyes and reminds him that he's not sure they have a choice, so Kol explains that to do what he's considering, they're going to need some things from the lycée, which they can't really do while Finn is there, which means they're going to have to come up with a distraction while Davina fetches it for them. Unfortunately, there's pretty much only one thing that is guaranteed to get him out of there for long enough for Davina to get in there, and that's telling him where their mother is. YIKES! Yeah, there's no way that doesn't end badly.

Elsewhere in the compound, Hayley has led Jackson into an empty room so she can come clean to him about what they've been doing the couple of days, although she can't tell him the whole truth, which is that Hayley went there to see her daughter for the first time in nearly a year and just so happened to have break-up sex with Elijah while she was there. Still, Hayley explains that if they're going to go through with this wedding, then she wants to be honest with him before confessing that she was with Elijah-- you know... biblically. As expected, Jackson doesn't take this news well, and turns away from her so he can pace around a little bit before responding. After an excruciatingly long moment, he asks her if she's in love with Elijah, and when Hayley, knowing that the honest answer he's seeking is not one that he's going to like hearing, just stays silent, which tells him pretty much everything he needs to know.

"Right," he mutters. "Guess I already knew that, didn't I?" Hayley missteps and states that how she feels doesn't matter, because in the end, this marriage isn't about them, which Jackson takes to mean that Hayley is literally making a huge sacrifice to do this, which isn't exactly true, but it isn't really untrue either. Hayley insists that's not what she said or meant, but Jackson just retorts that she didn't have to say anything before he stomps away. Poor guy. I might not necessarily think Hayley didn't do anything wrong here, I also don't blame him for being upset, because that's a hard thing to hear, especially considering Jackson has held Hayley on a pedestal since before they even met, so those are some high standards for Hayley to attain.

In one of those dozen hidden staircases in the courtyard, Josh has just led Aiden up to the second floor, where they find this cozy little corner in which to hang out. Aiden asks him if he really thinks there's a way out around here, but Josh is just like, "Nope! Not a chance," before informing him that one of the vampires even tried climbing out over the roof, and it ended really badly. The real reason Josh has brought him up there is because he wants to make out with his cute werewolf boyf, and I really can't blame him for that, because have you seen Aiden? He's very pretty. Unfortunately for Josh, Aiden only makes out with him for a short moment before he pulls away, looking a little embarrassed because he's afraid of the others seeing them, especially considering the wolves don't know about them yet.

"Okay, Aiden, please tell me that I did not get murdered and come back from the dead just to get shoved back into the closet!" Josh exclaims in annoyance, but it's not that the wolves don't know Aiden's gay, it's just that they don't know he's with a vampire. Aiden begins by saying that it's great that his supernatural community has been so supportive about one of their own dating a werewolf, even though it's really not that surprising. I mean, come on, Marcel has never been one to tell someone not to love someone else-- he's had a forbidden love thing with Rebekah for centuries, and his right-hand-man was head-over-heels in love with a witch when the two groups were actively at war, so Josh dating a Crescent is hardly a scandal in comparison. Aiden goes on to outline the problem, which is that since Josh is a newbie vamp, he has no idea the hell Marcel has put them through over the years.

Josh is pretty upset now, and he reminds him that he had absolutely nothing to do with what happened then, which is true, since Josh was just a regular human club kid in Michigan until a year or so ago, but Aiden just gets a little snitty and replies, "Yeah, well, trust me. You were the bad guys." YIKES! Awkward. Just then, Finn casts a spell at the lycée that causes Josh to double over in pain and struggle to breath. His vision starts to blur as he looks up at Aiden, who is staring at him in concern, but Josh can't even process Aiden's worrying, because he quickly becomes too busy salivating at the sight of Aiden's pulsing carotid artery to think about anything else. The scene briefly cuts to the lycée where Finn is in the middle of gutting a really gross-looking fish to cast some sort of hunger-amplifying spell on Josh. Back at the compound, Aiden steps toward Josh and worriedly asks him if he's okay, but Josh, not wanting to accidentally chow down on his BF, shoves Aiden back against the wall before sputtering, "No! I-- I can't be up here with you right now."

Josh then stumbles down the stairs, still half-doubled over, until he finds Marcel and Gia hanging out in the dining room. At the sight of Josh groaning in pain, the two both look at him with worry, and Marcel insists that he needs to calm down, but Josh can't. "All I can think about is BLOOD!" Josh says as he pants for breath. "It's like when I first turned, only a hundred times worse!" At the lycée, Finn is continuing his spell, which causes Gia to groan in pain and double over as well. Marcel doesn't even get a chance to ask her if she's okay before he's suddenly clutching his own stomach as they all start to succumb to the hunger Finn has magically magnified. Fantastic!

Okay, but really though, Finn is pretty much demonstrating that he's exactly like his parents, which is not at all a good thing-- how does he have some kind of moral high ground here? Sure, the werewolves could pretty much all be considered killers, since they all triggered their curses, but considering most of them are in their 20s and 30s and thus have spent the majority of their life with the threat of the Crescent curse that kept them trapped in their wolf forms (going by Marcel's story, which is that he had Brynne Deveraux/Céleste Dubois curse them right after Hayley's parents were killed, and since Hayley was just a baby, it would have been in 1991, which was just shortly after Hayley and Jackson were born, so yeah, that's literally all of their lives until a year ago), I highly doubt most of them triggered their curses on purpose-- it's much more likely that they accidentally caused deaths, like what happened with Hayley, or Mason and Tyler Lockwood. So, they're pretty much innocent, here, and he's setting them up to be killed by extra-ravenous and out of control vampires, while currently occupying a body without its owner's consent? How does that make him better than his siblings, again?

BUT, as usual, I digress. Anyway, after a moment, Klaus storms in and annoyedly growls, "Your vampires seem to think it's lunch-time!" However, once he sees them all writhing around in various states of pain, he becomes visibly concerned and asks them what the hell is going on. Marcel explains that they're ALL hungry, and Josh adds, "Yeah, like super-size hungry. And there's an all-you-can-eat werewolf buffet right through those doors." Klaus realizes this is Finn's doing and becomes furious, while Gia peeks out the doors, her vampire face coming out as she stares at the wolfies hungrily. Question-- are Klaus and Hayley immune from the spell because they're part werewolf? Because neither of them seem at all affected, and I'm kind of curious if Finn excluded them on purpose, or if that was an unintentional side effect. Finn later makes it seem like he wanted Klaus and Hayley to suffer as well, so I don't know. I thought maybe Klaus' age and experience made him better at controlling his hunger, but he's always been a bingey blood drinker like Stefan, so that doesn't seem likely, plus Hayley's a newbie, so she should be just as affected as Gia is, at least, and the fact that she isn't leads me to think that the two of them were immune somehow. Weird!

Anyway, knowing that there is going to be a huge bloodbath between two groups whose loyalty he needs if he wants Hope to be able to be safe at home with her family, Klaus finally swallows his pride and calls Finn to make a deal. Naturally, Finn immediately begins mocking him.
FINN: "Klaus! Willing to concede so soon?"
KLAUS: [sighs] "I merely seek to negotiate. You want our mother, I want out of this bloody compound. The economics of what comes next should be easy to grasp, even for you."
FINN: [laughs sarcastically] "What I want, brother, is to exterminate the plague that is your kind. What I want is to watch the flames flicker over your smoldering corpse." [While Finn rants, Klaus rolls his eyes mockingly on the other end of the line] "What I want is to hear the silence when you finally stop screaming."
[Klaus smirks before making a phlegmy, static-y noise with his mouth]
KLAUS: *hhhchhhhh* "I'm sorry, we must have a bad connection! Could you repeat everything you said after 'What I want?'"
Finn just laughs again and remarks that he's glad that hunger has yet to rid Klaus of his sense of humor before warning him that if any of the vampires even attempt to feed, they'll become so ravenous that they'll be unable to stop themselves. YIKES! So not good with a bunch of baby vamps in the house. "So, every moment that you waste with me will only lead you to the inevitable carnage," Finn adds, which causes Klaus to stop and stew for a long moment before finally asking him if he's willing to trade their freedom for Esther, but of course it can't be that easy-- Finn insists that he will first make sure that Esther is unharmed before he considers giving them their reprieve. Klaus knows that they're basically screwed, considering Esther is either dead or undead by this point, but since he still needs Finn out of the lycée if they want any chance of Kol and Davina breaking them out, he reluctantly informs his eldest brother that Esther is in the Delphine tomb of Lafayette Cemetery before hanging up to plan their next move.

Across town, Rebekah and Cassie are in Rebekah's room, where Rebekah has managed to snatch some letter tiles, which she has used to spell out "SOS RMIKAELSON WTCHASYLM." She insists that all they have to do is magically send the message to Klaus and Elijah before grabbing Cassie's hands and instructing her to show her what to do, since she has about zero experience in being a witch. "I can't," Cassie protests weakly. "The pills they give us are lobilia flower. It makes it impossible to concentrate. No one can do much magic here." Rebekah isn't exactly in the mood for excuses, though, so she switches to a tough-love tactic and reminds her that she's a goddamn Harvest girl and should probably just pull herself together and start working on a way to free themselves. Cassie sighs and reluctantly clasps Rebekah's hands before chanting the spell, and once Rebekah has memorized it, she starts to chant it along with her. It seems as though they're actually successfully cast the spell, because the wind starts whipping around the room, but before they can finish it, they're interrupted from the blonde Kindred lady witch from earlier, who looks at them suspiciously for a long moment before informing them it's time to eat. Rebekah and Cassie shoot each other a look before they stand and leave for dinner, and once they've left the room, some invisible force scatters all the tiles across the floor so the message is illegible. Welp, that's not good.

Meanwhile, things aren't going much better at the compound. The werewolves and vampires are mostly still hanging out in their segregated groups in the courtyard, and the wolves have started to notice just how anxious and uncomfortable they are as they guzzle down booze and pace around restlessly. Suddenly, one of the vampires makes the mistake of accidentally shoulder-checking Jerick, who immediately becomes furious and yells "Watch it!" before pressing his forehead against that of his vampire cohort and like pushes him that way. It's honestly the weirdest thing I've ever seen-- macho dudes are so strange. Gia, who was instructed by Marcel to keep an eye out for exactly this sort of aggression, instantly jumps in and pulls the vampire away, while Jackson does the same for Jerick. Marcel gets even more antsy when he realizes how tense it's getting between the two groups, so he returns to the dining room where Kol and Klaus are talking and informs them that they should probably set their plan in motion, sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, Kol has an idea! Unfortunately, it's not ideal. "Uh, Vincent's boundary is too strong," Kol begins, though I'm not sure why he's calling his own brother Vincent. That's kind of weird, too. "But, what Davina and I can do is cast a destruction spell. It would temporarily neutralize all magical objects in the compound, including the compound itself. If it works? Well, then it will give us sixty seconds to escape whilst the boundary is shut down." Marcel's like, "SWEET! I'm game," because he hasn't yet figured out the caveat in this plan, which is that literally EVERY magical object within and around the compound will be disabled, including all of the vampires' daylight rings. Marcel groans in frustration when he realizes that 1) the sun hasn't gone down yet, which means that they'd basically be committing suicide if they left the compound while their rings aren't working, and 2) with the exception of himself, all of the rest of the vampires are pretty much brand new (Gia is only a few weeks old at least, maybe a months or two max, while Josh is the oldest, and he's still only been a vampire since Halloween 2011, and since I'm guessing it's now January 2013, that means he's like 1.5 years old at best), so they're not going to be able to resist the hunger until nightfall with all those tasty werewolves walking around. So, Kol, Klaus, and Marcel just look at each other in concern as they try to figure out what the fuck they should do.

Back in Arkansas, Elijah is in the living room, staring out the window, when he's suddenly overcome with more flashbacks and visions of attacking Tatia and Hayley. He starts gasping for breath as he hyperventilates, which, of course, is when Cami comes in to check on him. She sees that he's clearly panicking and takes a deep breath as she slowly walks toward him. "Elijah, are you okay?" she asks, as Elijah continues to stand with his back to her. "Hey, I know you're worried about Rebekah," she continues, as she reaches out to touch his shoulder, but he immediately spins on his heel and swats at her hand as his vampire-eyes and fangs come out. Cami instantly starts freaking out and backs away from him, begging him to calm down as he slowly approaches her with a hungry look in his eye, and eventually, Cami bumps into the wall behind her and realizes that she's quite literally cornered. She finally yelps, "Elijah, please calm down!" before closing her eyes in fear and ducking, certain that he's going to be attacking her. However, a moment passes with no action, so Cami cracks an eye open and realizes that Elijah has vamp-sped away rather than hurting her. She sighs in relief and leans backward as she tries to catch her breath, but she's still obviously worried about Elijah's state of mind. Yikes, Elijah! This is sooooo not good. Good thing he's holed up with a psychologist, eh?

Rebekah is in her room at the witch asylum, where she's desperately trying to wrench one of the windows open to escape, but when she realizes they're sealed tight, she curses Kol under her breath. She suddenly hears the sound of a wind gust behind her, and when she turns around, she sees some invisible force has spelled out, "WHO ARE YOU" in the lettered tiles she used for the spell earlier. Rebekah doesn't even seem phased by the fact that some phantom is talking to her with Scrabble tiles, so she just replies, "Rebekah-bloody-Mikaelson! Who the hell are you?" to the floor. She waits expectantly for an answer in the tiles, but instead, this weird ghost-y looking woman in a black dress and dark blonde, tangled hair-- who is holding a silver and blue necklace in her hands that will be important in the next few episodes-- appears in front of Rebekah, which scares her so badly that she screams aloud.

Naturally, that attracts the orderly from earlier and the blonde Kindred witch, who apparently drug you any time you react in a way that they don't like, so when the orderly approaches her, Rebekah insists that she just saw a woman who was standing right in front of her, but they're not buying it. Rebekah backs away from him and ends up knocking her pillow off her bed, which reveals all the pills she's been hiding since she got there. "She hasn't been taking her pills!" the guy yells to the Kindred witch, and when he reaches over to restrain her, the most hilarious and badass thing happens-- Rebekah goes into complete autopilot mode and totally forgets that she isn't a vampire anymore, but some sort of muscle memory must be happening here, because she shoves the orderly onto the bed and bites him on the neck so hard she draws blood.

The Kindred witch furiously rushes toward her, but Rebekah just shoves her backward into a nearby dresser, where she hits her head and is knocked unconscious. This was hands down my favorite part of the episode, because that is just so Rebekah. She stops for a brief moment to catch her breath, and realizing she has the orderly's blood in her mouth, she gags a little and makes a face before groaning, "Ugh, that's DISGUSTING." Rebekah Mikaelson, you are my absolute favorite fictional character-- please, please, please NEVER CHANGE. Anyway, she then runs out into the hallway, where she sees the spirit in the doorway before she heads up the stairs. Rebekah steels herself and mutters, "Here's hoping you're a friendly ghost," before she runs up the stairs and follows her as fast as her little human legs can carry her.

Meanwhile, at Lafayette Cemetery, it looks as though Klaus must have bricked Esther into the Delphine tomb, because Finn has to bust through a brick wall before he can enter. When he finds his mother sitting weakly on the floor, he smiles happily and exclaims that he was sure he was going to find her dead before assuring her he's there to save her. Esther just sighs in relief and replies, "I knew you would, my sweet child," as she reaches up to caress his cheek with her hand. Unfortunately, doing so gives her a whiff of the blood pumping through his veins, and her vampire face pops out, revealing that she ultimately decided to drink the blood bag Klaus left her instead of dying. When Finn sees her face, his expression changes from relief to absolute horror and disgust as he backs away from her. When he sees the empty blood bag on the floor next to him, his worst fears are confirmed, and he looks at her with so much betrayal in his eyes, which only makes Esther more ashamed and disgusted by her actions. On the one hand, I get why Finn's made, because Esther's made her "The vampires are the worst thing I've ever created" feelings quite clear, so she's definitely being a hypocrite, but I don't know, guys. I can't blame anyone for not wanting to die, especially someone who has already died a handful of times already. If I was in her position, I'd 100% do the same thing, honestly.

Back at the compound, Davina and Kol are quickly setting up to cast their destruction spell as best as they can, considering they're each stuck on either side of the barrier. They start lighting white votive candles and making a magic circle with salt and herbs while the rest of the vampires and werewolves stand around impatiently. Tensions are clearly still running high, which is demonstrated again when Jerick starts to pick a fight with a nearby vampire, who he accuses of staring at him before he shoves him backward. Josh, who was standing at the bar, sees the fight brewing and watches with concern as Aiden jumps in to try to break it up. Jerick picks up a nearby end table and smashes it into pieces before he and another werewolf each grab a leg to use as makeshift stakes. When Jerick then swipes at one of the vampires, Aiden lunges for him and tells him to cut it out.

Unfortunately, when Aiden grabs his shoulder to stop him, Jerick spins around and swipes at Aiden, which cuts a long, painful-looking gash down the length of his forearm, which starts to bleed profusely enough that it stirs up all the vampires in the vicinity. The vamps all start to salivate and circle around Aiden hungrily until one vampire tackles Aiden until he falls flat on his back on the floor while a second holds him down so they can both feed on him. Just before they can sink their fangs into him, though, Josh appears and snaps the neck of the first before yanking away another, who is held back by Jackson so he can't attack Aiden.

Unfortunately, Aiden's blood smells REALLY good to Josh, and it doesn't take long before his own vampire eyes and fangs pop out and he starts stalking toward Aiden. Aiden looks alarmed, but doesn't move. Out of nowhere, Klaus appears and puts himself in between Josh and Aiden and gives Josh a stern look. "Joshua!" Klaus growls. "You get away from him right now!" Aw, I love how he's doing the whole "a parent giving a toddler a talking-to" thing to Josh, kind of like Damon did to Elena in "The Rager" when she almost fed on Matty Blue to death. Anyway, this seems to snap Josh out of it, which is a testament to his control issues, since he's still pretty much a newbie who is under the influence of a hunger spell and still managed to resist it. You go, Josh! Anyway, Marcel is struggling to hold Jerick back, and there is a tell-tale chomping noise that sounds as though he was bitten, but things are too overwhelming to address it yet.Instead, he just yells at Davina and Kol to start the spell, so they all start moving even faster as they set everything up.

At the Fauline asylum, Rebekah has followed the spirit up the stairs to the attic, where they walk down a long hallway toward a closed door at the very end. The ghost passes right through the door and inside the room behind it, but when Rebekah tries to go in after her, she finds that the door is locked. She tries her best to break it open by slamming her shoulders and hips against the door over and over again, but it doesn't do anything, and she just groans, "Stupid-- human-- body!" in between hits. She's been a pretty big badass so far in that mortal body, so I think she should probably give herself more credit-- I am still dying over her instinctively trying to feed on that orderly earlier, because that was hysterical. By now, Rebekah is extremely discouraged, so she finally gives up and turns to walk away, but when she hears a creaking noise behind her, she immediately stops in her tracks and turns around to find that the door has magically opened. She instantly rushes through the doorway and inside the room to see what the spirit was trying to tell her before she inevitably gets caught.

The room is seriously dusty, and looks as though no one has been there in ages, and there really isn't anything in there except for this antique-looking coffin with a glass lid that is resting on a stand in the middle of the room. Inside the coffin is the same blonde-haired girl with the silver and blue necklace as the spirit who led her there in the first place, suggesting that she's been magically preserved in there and was using her magic to astral project to Rebekah or something. After a moment, Rebekah hears footsteps coming up the stairs, and when she goes out into the hall to investigate, the door slams shut and locks behind her. A different blonde Kindred witch, this one a man with the same two parallel scars on his cheek bone, glares at Rebekah silently, and she wastes no time surrendering and assuring him she'll come with him willingly, so he remains quiet as he escorts Rebekah back to her room. Before they leave the top floor, Rebekah takes one last look backward at the door with the coffin. YASS YASS YASSSSS. So, again, sorry to spoil you guys, but that is FREYA MIKAELSON and I cannot wait until she's awakened.

We return to Lafayette Cemetery, where Esther is pleading with Finn to understand what happened to her. "Finn, please! I fought it for as long as I could." Finn continues to stand with his back to her, so she stands to her feet, nearly in tears, before demanding that he look at her, because she's still his mother. When he finally turns to face her, his face is radiating with rage and betrayal so strongly that it literally pains Esther to see it. "I'm sorry," she insists as she starts to cry. "I was just so hungry!" Finn should at least understand that, given that he was a vampire for quite a long time, but he doesn't really care, because it's all about practicing what you preach with him. "You're a hypocrite!" Finn sneers in response. "You speak of purification, of cleansing the souls of our family, and yet you caved to temptation instead of standing with your principles!"

Esther closes her eyes in shame, knowing that he has a valid point, and that she doesn't have anything to say that would excuse her actions, and Finn starts to outline why he feels so betrayed. "It was your morality, Mother-- your conviction-- that hardened me! That's why I stood by you! That's why I fought for you! I would have done anything for you!" He can't help but laugh bitterly before continuing. "My mother. She who gave me life." Esther is mistakenly hopeful at this reminder that she is still his mother and assumes that this means he may be willing to forgive her eventually, but NOPE-- he's just getting ready to do the same thing to her that he did to Mikael. "But I know she would want me to finish what we started," Finn finishes, before pinning her to the wall, drawing an athame from his belt, and carves the same sacrificial symbol into her forehead that he put on his father's in order to channel her power. YIKES! Channeling an ancient vampire with ten centuries of kills to his name AND newborn baby-vamp Esther is seriously intense, and we all know he's gonna use that huge amount of power to cause all sorts of trouble, most of which will totally blow up in his face, literally and figuratively. I also want to know how he got so magically powerful all of a sudden, since he never practiced witchcraft before he was turned-- do you think the Ancestors taught him in limbo or something? That seems to be the only logical explanation.

Time to check up on the prisoners at the compound, yeah? Davina and Kol have finally finished setting up for their destruction spell, and they once again raise their hands so that they're parallel to each other and the boundary between them as they start to chant. After several moments of chanting the incantation, a huge gust of window blows through the entrance and into the compound, blowing out all the candles around them and causing Davina to gasp in surprise. She reaches out her hand to test the boundary, but Kol, alarmed and not wanting her to get hurt, yells at her to stop her, but it's totally fine, because the spell worked! Her hand passes through the threshold and touches Kol's, and the two of them take a brief second to bask in the satisfaction of their successful spell before Hayley and Jackson step forward and yell at the werewolves to get out of there. Kol reminds them that they have sixty seconds before the spell wears out and helps Hayley direct the flow of traffic as the werewolves get the hell out of dodge.

Unfortunately, since the sun's still up, the vampire's are hiding in a nearby alcove and watching sadly as the werewolves leave, as they'll be stuck in there until they figure out a better option to drop the boundary; on the plus side, there will be no werewolves to eat, so that's both a good and bad thing. Aiden gives an embarrassed Josh a comforting smile before he walks out the door, and Kol is just about to follow behind him with Davina when Klaus grabs him by the shoulder and throws him back inside, where he hits the stone floor and gets a nasty gash on his forehead in the process. Kol is looking at him, all, "WHAT THE FUCK?" but we've all been waiting for the other shoe to drop where Klaus' knowledge of what Kol did to Rebekah is concerned, and now that he's finally free, he can finally drop the pretenses and be an asshole to him.

When Klaus, who is still standing next to Davina just outside of where the boundary was, demands to know where Rebekah is, Kol just looks alarmed as he takes in all the vampires surrounding him, who can smell the blood from the gash on his forehead and are clearly ready to eat him. Davina, realizing what Klaus is doing, pleads, "Please! They'll kill him," to Klaus, but as you can probably guess, he's not too sympathetic to Kol's current predicament. "Well, he should have thought about that before he betrayed our sister!" Klaus replies angrily, and honestly? It's lucky that Klaus has no idea Davina knew anything about it. "Rebekah never made it to her new body, did she? And, seeing as you cast the spell-- and, well, you're you-- I'd hardly call it an uncrackable case!"

Kol insists that Rebekah is fine, and adds that it's not only just a prank, but that it's still nothing compared to everything they've done to him. "But, I bet it's different when it's one of--" Kol starts to yell as he walks toward Klaus, but he's cut off when the hand he's using to point angrily at Klaus gets burned before he can touch him, indicating that the destruction spell's time is up and has returned the barrier as it was. "And those vampires look oh-so hungry!" Klaus retorts, as the vampires realize their daylight rings are working again and start to walk toward him in a huge horde. "Now, I was willing to welcome you back in my home," Klaus continues. "But you had to return to your petty, selfish jealousies! Well, let's see how well they help you survive when you're stuck in there!"

Again, I get where Klaus is coming from, because not only is what he did to Rebekah mean, but it's also dangerous, since she's mortal now and in a house full of mean Kindred witches and orderlies who have no respect for mental health and bedside manner. But, on the other hand, Klaus is the king of petty, selfish jealousies, so he's pretty much the pot calling the kettle black at this point. A prank, even one as mean and potentially bad as this one, isn't worth Kol getting killed by some vampires. Ugh, brothers! Stop being dicks to each other! Anyway, Kol starts scrambling to get away from the vampires, but there's everywhere, and Davina is in tears as she murmurs, "Marcel..." and gives him a pleading look. Despite Marcel's general loathing for Kol, he loves Davina, so he reluctantly turns to Kol and shoves him up the staircase. "If I were you, I would make myself scarce," Marcel mutters in annoyance, and when Kol rushes up the stairs, Marcel blocks the staircase so none of the vampires can chase after him.

It's night time now, and Hayley is sitting at a picnic table outside of Jackson's trailer in the Bayou when he returns from inside with two bottles of beers for them. "I should have known this whole thing would go to hell the moment Klaus offered me those moonlight rings," Jackson mutters in frustration, referencing the events of "Moon Over Bourbon Street" that put all the events that followed into motion. Hayley groans in annoyance and says that after hearing all about moonlight rings and daylight rings all day long, she'd rather not hear anything about any kind of ring ever again, which is kind of bad timing, because while she's distracted by drinking her beer, Jackson stands with his back to her by the campfire and pulls out a ring box which holds a very lovely engagement ring. He then turns back to Hayley and takes a deep breath before making his big speech. "Maybe just one more?" Jackson asks hesitantly, before holding the ring out to Hayley, who is understandably speechless from the gesture.
JACKSON: "I had no right to act the way I did earlier. Okay? You were just being honest with me. And that is something I should have done with you from the very beginning." [He takes a deep breath] "I love you, Hayley. I think I always have."
HAYLEY: [overwhelmed] "Jack..."
JACKSON: "No, let me say this. I... I know we're only doing this to fix all the stuff that we broke when we sold our soul for those damn rings, okay? But, I loved you before I knew you... and every moment that I spend with you, every single thing that I learn about you, just makes me love you even more. But, I promise that we will turn this around for our pack. We'll save our friends from whatever hell we've dragged them into, and that is the only thing I can ask from you." [He takes the ring out of the box and holds it up] "Because I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, Hayley Marshall, and forcing you to love me is not gonna be one of them. But, I want to marry you." [Hayley smiles, and tears fill her eyes] "And, knowing everything that I know, I hope to hell that you'll marry me."
AWWW, JACKSON! Seriously, that just cements how great of a guy Jackson is. He had an understandably bad reaction to the news of Hayley sleeping with Elijah, but in the end, he knew that he was being completely OTT about it and apologized. He knows that this is more a political marriage than a romantic one, but he still wants to make sure that he's the best husband he can be to Hayley, regardless of her feelings. And honestly, though Hayley may just love him, and not be IN LOVE with him at the moment, I feel like Jackson is the kind of person that, in time, she could really grow to love, and it's such an interesting pairing. I LOVE IT. I basically ship Hayley (and all the characters, really) with happiness, so I don't care if that means she's with Jackson, or Elijah, or Klaus, or even Rebekah-- as long as she's happy, I'm happy! So, yeah, Hayley starts to cry and caresses his face with her hands before she nods as a "yes" to this proposal, and Jackson is so happy that he starts to laugh as he puts the ring on her left ring finger. Yayyyy, happiness!

Meanwhile, the next scene cuts back and forth between Elijah at the safe house and Klaus at the cemetery. Elijah is currently standing on the front porch and stares out into the darkness while he talks to Klaus on the phone. Klaus insists that he can handle finding Rebekah on his own, but, as you'd expect, Elijah isn't too keen on just sitting around and doing nothing while Rebekah is missing. Still, Klaus reminds him that the most important thing Elijah could be doing is staying at the safe house with Hope so he can protect her from any threats, and after a moment, Elijah sighs in defeat as Cami hesitantly walks out onto the porch to check on him. "I shall remain here with the... hopelessly courageous Camille," Elijah replies. "She certainly has charisma, though she does lack stealth." He turns to face Cami, who looks alarmed and anxious, and he smiles at her to try to put her at ease before telling Klaus he'll call him back.

Once he hangs up, Cami immediately starts to apologize for accidentally eavesdropping and explains that she just thought Elijah left, but Elijah isn't a bit offended-- he just gives her another warm smile before he speaks. "I owe you an apology," Elijah says carefully. "My sister's missing, my family's in jeopardy... I am... uh, utterly powerless to help them. This is not a state of affairs I'm accustomed to." Cami still looks a little nervous as he walks closer to her, but still smiles weakly at him when he admits that he's possibly not handling this ordeal as well as he had hoped. He then stops talking, clearly uncomfortable with sharing his feelings like this to someone who isn't one of his siblings, and hesitates for a moment before adding, "Forgive me." Cami considers his apology for a moment before smiling genuinely at him and replying, "If you ever want to talk about it... It's kind of what I do." They both grin at each other, now finally at ease, and Cami leads them both back into the house to hang out. Aw, I never considered Elijah and Cami as a friend pairing, but I kind of love it, honestly! I said earlier that the Mikaelson brothers need people like Cami around because they need people who will call them out on their shit and tease them and help them deal with their issues, but I feel like Cami could also use a friend who can appreciate how strong and capable she is, as well-- I imagine as a human surrounded by witches, vampires and werewolves, it's easy to feel like you aren't bringing anything to the table, but Cami has proved on multiple occasions that she has a lot to offer the group. GOD, I LOVE THIS SHOW AND ITS CHARACTERS SO DAMN MUCH.

At the cemetery, Klaus has just arrived at the Delphine tomb, only to find that the brick wall he put up has been broken and Esther is gone. I'm sure that he considered the likelihood of Finn rescuing Esther, but he's still disappointed when he sees it all the same. Meanwhile, over at the Lyonne tomb, Finn lays Esther's desiccated body next to Mikael's in a similar magic circle as the one he had set up at the lycée. Once they're arranged the way he wants, he stands up and looks down at his neutralized parents before he once again starts speaking to them. "We were a family once," he says quietly, though it's clear he's angry. "I can remember the love between you, how happy you were that I was your son. And, I remember the day that we lost our Freya, and how we never got that happiness back. I remember it all. You should have stopped there. Instead, you had THEM, the monsters you call children. And for that, you will ALL pay."

I KNEW IT! When we think of middle-child syndrome with regards to the Mikaelson clan, it's usually Klaus or Kol you think about, with the jealousy and the insecurity and the attention-seeking, but all along, Finn has secretly had the worst case of it, and no one has ever really known because he's suuuuuch a bore. He's sad that they lost Freya, and mad at his parents for having more children that he had to compete with for Esther's affection, because if he couldn't have Freya, he would have rather been an only child so he could be the apple of his parents' eye. And, so, now that he's a grown man who is no longer a vampire, and Esther has completely broken any loyalty he had to her after turning into a vampire, he's now set on punishing his parents for having all of his siblings, and his siblings themselves simply for existing. Wonderful!

Across town, the vampires are still trapped in the compound, and are pacing around the courtyard in an effort to distract themselves from their immense hunger. Marcel is pacing along with the rest of them, and keeps unconsciously grabbing his right forearm, which is worrisome for sure, considering it's the exact same forearm that was putting Jerick in a headlock during the fight that broke out earlier. Eventually, Kol walks out onto the balcony to check on things, but when the vampires start glaring at him, he rushes back into his room, where he moves several pieces of large furniture to block the doors. He then starts pacing around anxiously as well, and when he accidentally knocks over the photo of Rebekah from the 1910s onto the floor in the process, he begins to look guilty at the reminder of what he did to his sister.

Speaking of Rebekah, I'm thinking that the two blonde Kindred witches must have either drugged Rebekah or used magic to sedate her, because she's almost completely asleep as the male Kindred witch, who is carrying Rebekah in his arms, deposits her in her bed. The man nods at the woman, who gives Rebekah one last suspicious look before the two leave the room. Rebekah stirs a little, but otherwise remains asleep, so she doesn't notice as the lettered tiles on her floor start to magically be shuffled up by a magical force. The scene cuts briefly upstairs to the attic, where the teal-colored glass coffin remains in the middle of the locked room, before returning to Rebekah's room, where the tiles are still moving. After a moment, the tiles go from saying "WHO ARE YOU" to "FREYA." YESSSSSSSSSS! She's aliiiiiiiiiiiive! Sort of, anyway! But STILL! Rebekah and the Mikaelson brothers finally get another sister! I am so excited! EEEE!

Next episode: in what is probably my favorite of the Season 2 episodes, Marcel experiences flashbacks to his time serving in World War I with the Harlem Hell Fighters from 1916-1918 while he trips on werewolf venom and starts hallucinating while the vampires are still trapped in the compound by Finn's boundary spell. Also, Finn casts another powerful spell that puts himself, Kol, Elijah, and Klaus into a hunt room on the astral plane in order to try to learn all of his brothers' secrets.

-Okay, I've been wondering this for a while, and we never really get concrete answers to this, so I'm going to ask and see what you guys think. First of all, how did Kol choose Rebekah's vessel? Did he know her history? I'm pretty sure Kol was dead when her vessel (who we learn more about in a couple episodes) did all of her dramatic deeds, but maybe he heard about it in ancestral limbo before he was resurrected? Secondly, how did he prepare her as a vessel if she was trapped in the Fauline asylum? I mean, he couldn't get in without being trapped himself, so how did that work? Thirdly, has Kol known that Freya was alive and the details as to how she managed it this whole time? He did invite her to that Christmas party in 1914, but I still don't know if he knew that she was his sister, or if she was just a witch he was trying to convert to his side to help him with the dagger. Either way, what are the odds that Kol ends up making it so that Rebekah's spirit is jumped inside a vessel that is in the same place where their long-lost sister has been chilling for Gods know how long? I JUST HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

-Maisie Richardson-Sellers is a really great actress, isn't she? Kathleen and I have been wondering if they all studied their characters in their original bodies in order to best embody their characters in new vessels, because she has all of her Rebekah mannerisms down pat. I have no trouble believing that this is Claire Holt's Rebekah trapped in a new body. So, she's definitely the best of all of the actors playing new Mikaelson vessels, followed by Daniel Sharman's Kol/Kaleb, which is also spot on. Yusuf Gatewood, who plays Finn/Vincent, is a phenomenal actor, but we didn't really see enough of Finn in his original body to determine how similar they are, and while I love Sonja Sohn's portrayal of Esther/Lenore, along with Natalie Dreyfuss' (who plays Cassie), they just don't really remind me as much of Alice Evans' version of Esther-- OG Esther will always be my favorite.

- Here's the music from this episode!
"Canal Street Blues" by The Tremé Brass Band
--- Jackson and Hayley meet on the balcony outside Hayley's bedroom to discuss their wedding plans and the summit between the vampires and the werewolves.

"Smoke & Mirrors" by Agnes Obel
--- Klaus goes to Lafayette Cemetery to find the Delphine tomb empty and Esther gone. Finn rants to the unconscious Esther and Mikael about how they will pay for their mistakes regarding their family. Kol barricades himself in his room to hid from the vampires, and Freya reveals herself to an unconscious Rebekah.


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