Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 11: "A Promise To The Dead" Recap/Review

Sorry, guys, but this week's episode killed me. Like, I am straight-up cremated, ashes-spread-at-sea dead. There was so much about this episode that I wholeheartedly loved and so much that I hated in the way that it's so bad because it is so intense and I can't handle my faves being hurt. I'm not even going to try to summarize my feelings for this intro, I'm just going to dive right in, because honestly, a shitload of drama went down in "A Promise To The Dead," and to be honest with you, I still don't completely understand it. So, let's talk about this season's penultimate (NOOOOOO! :((((() episode of Teen Wolf! Settle in, babies, because this recap is seriously going to be a doozy. Like, as long as my "Insatiable" recap was. Consider yourself warned!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Kate Argent was killed by Peter clawing her throat out, but instead of being dead the last eight to twelve months like everyone thought, she was actually totally alive, having been saved/brought back to life by Peter's weirdo Alpha magic that turned her into a nagual werejaguar. Also, she was spending time at an abandoned church called La Iglesia in Mexico where the Aztecs supposedly worshiped Tezcatlipoca, a god known for his association with (were)jaguars, and she ultimately took Derek there to work some kind of de-aging werejaguar mojo on him. Severo Calavera and his goons harassed Derek a whole bunch with the intention of learning where "La Loba" was, on several different occasions, but we never really learned who exactly La Loba is, aside for the fact that it is not Cora Hale. Stiles and Malia busted through the wall of the lake house's study and found the 1970s-era computers that was automatically disseminating the Deadpool, and found the key to shut it down before anyone else on the list got murdered, which sent all assassins a text informing them that their contracts were terminated. Most importantly, Kate and Peter have a mysterious, super-secret plan that involves killing Scott McCall, because they suck and I hate them. Which is sort of where we pick up today!

Our cold open this week begins with a nervous and kind of strung out looking man, who reaches up to turn on the light bulb dangling above his head, which only slightly illuminates the dark room into which he's dragging a heavy body bag. He pulls the bag through a curtain made of strips of clear plastic sheeting and into a foggy meat locker full of the carcasses of god knows what kind of animals (probably humans, let's be real). He finally stops in the middle of the room and kneels beside the body bag, listening closely for any sign of life, until suddenly, the person inside the bag starts moving and either punches or kicks him in the face! He quickly assures his victim, who is whimpering in fear inside, that he's about to open up the bag until she stops moving, finally unzipping it to reveal a bloodied, terrified-looking young blonde woman whose wrists and mouth have been bound with duct tape. YIKES! "It's Calissa, right?" the man (whose name is Patrick Clark, a name you might recognize from the Deadpool, who is valued at $250k) coos with a smile, as the girl nods anxiously. Unfortunately for her, her anxiety turns to pure horror when she turns her head to the right and sees a bunch of lethal-looking butcher's knives hanging on the wall.

"I guess you're coming to a certain conclusion," Patrick quips with a creepy smile, as this poor girl realizes she's totally just been captured by some kind of serial killer cannibal and is about to become this guy's next meal. "You're not going to be leaving here," he admits, as he gently strokes Calissa's hair, which only makes her even more terrified and panicked. "It's okay that you're scared! See, contrary to traditional culinary practices, it actually tastes better for something like me if the kill's been frightened." YIKES! So, does that go for wendigos in general, or just extra creepsters like Patrick? I got the impression that the Walcotts were more like scavengers than killers, and ate already-dead people who had somehow been smuggled out of morgues and whatnot, rather than actually murdering people to feed-- that's probably how they managed to stay under the radar for so long. Actually, I have a headcanon that they ate a lot of the civilian casualties in the supernatural drama of Beacon Hills, like the accidental werewolf maulings or Darach sacrifices or whatever.

Anyway, Patrick flicks out his jagged wendigo fangs and roars in Calissa's face, and Calissa desperately tries to turn as she squeezes her eyes close so she can't see what he's about to do. Patrick singsongs, "Look at me, Calissa!" and when that doesn't work, he yells in his demonic-wendigo voice, "OPEN YOUR EYES," right before his eyes glow white. Calissa does look at him, and almost looks relieved when she sees someone behind his right shoulder, which Patrick immediately notices. When he turns, he finds Alan Fucking Deaton, veterinarian extraordinaire and secret badass, who whips out his extendable metal baton threateningly. Patrick quickly stands and grabs two meat hooks from a rail above his head before Deaton hits him across the face with his baton. Wendigos do seem to have super-reflexes and agility in addition to strength (they are predators, too, after all), because Patrick easily spins around, wielding the meat hooks like a knife of sorts. Unfortunately for him, Deaton is an excellent fighter, and it doesn't take long for him to get the upper hand and disarm him of his hooks after whacking his hands and forearms so he's forced to drop them.

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Realizing that there's no way he is gonna win this, he immediately surrenders and yelps, "Wa-wait! Stop! The Deadpool's over! You're not gonna get paid! It's OVER!" Wait, how does he know that it's over? Is there some kind of secret supernatural network or something? Did Satomi's pack manage to warn the others on the list once the Sheriff and Parrish realized they couldn't do it themselves because they had no info on them? Anyway, Deaton just rolls his eyes and replies, "I'm not here to kill you, Patrick. I'm here to take you back to Eichen House, where they know all about your... culinary practices." OH SHIT, THIS IS AMAZING. I have a ton of questions and comments, but I'm gonna wait until we catch the next scene with Deaton, 'kay? Anyway, Patrick roars at him, but before he can do anything, Deaton whups him in the temple so hard with the baton that he's instantly knocked unconscious. He then turns to poor Calissa, who is quite understandably freaking the fuck out. When he takes the duct tape off of her mouth, she looks up at him fearfully and asks, "Are you--are you a cop?" Deaton, always one for the quippy lines, simply replies, "Veterinarian!" before smiling at her. God, I know I rag on Deaton a lot for not being helpful, but damn, I love him. I really do.

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We catch back up with Deaton at Eichen House, where a still-unconscious Patrick, who has been bound in a five-point restraint onto a gurney, is being wheeled back to his room. Deaton walks down the hall with Dr. Fenris (who is played by Tyler Posey's real-life dad, John Posey!), and the two talk while they pass several patient rooms with barred-doors. Inside one of the rooms is a young, bald, black man with glowing silver-blue eyes. WHAT KIND OF CREATURE IS THAT. I NEED TO KNOW THIS. "While I'm relieved to have Patrick back in our care, I still need to advise you against doing this, Alan," Dr. Fenris explains. "There's a reason this floor isn't listed on the brochure." HOLY SHIT YES! Out of all the potential story lines that have come from the end of this season, the fact that there is a floor of Eichen House dedicated to the supernatural is probably my favorite. It gives us so much to dig into-- how many caregivers there know about it? Were people informed that Stiles was possessed by a Nogitsune while he was there? Is that why Meredith and Malia were sent there, too? We could be introduced to so many new creatures this way, and learn about how they treat the supernatural in there. Maybe this is even the "werewolf jail" that Chris alluded to earlier in the season?

ANYWAY, Deaton reminds him that he completed his part of their bargain, and in return, Dr. Fenris needs to honor his, just as they pass a room where a dark, scaly, clawed hand reaches for one of the bars on the door. Eep! Another Kanima? Jackson can't be the only person with identity issues who was bitten by a werewolf, you know? Deaton insists that all he wants to do is talk to "him," but Dr. Fenris is not thrilled about this plan one bit. "The last person who went to see Valack left the room, but not the building. And all they did was talk." Deaton still isn't deterred, though, because he's basically Scott's Emissary at the moment, whether he likes it or not, so he needs information. Dr. Fenris must have ultimately relented, because the next thing we know, Deaton is quietly slipping through the door to Dr. Valack's room and shutting it behind him. Inside, the room is separated into two sides by a pane of plexiglass, reinforced with steel into three seconds; one section is a door that is sealed tight, one has small holes cut out in intervals so that people can talk through it, and the third is simply a glorified window. Dr. Valack, a slight white man with a gauze wrapped around his forehead, right above his eyes, sits on his bed, and doesn't even lift his head up from the book he's reading to see who is visiting him.

"You must be important," Dr. Valack drolls after Deaton greets him by name. "They don't usually let anyone get this close." He closes his book and explains that the doctors and staff do allow him to read, but they only give him trashy romance novels, before throwing the book onto the floor with the others. "I was hoping we could talk," Deaton begins. "My name is Alan Deaton." This seems to pique Valack's interest, because he immediately gets to his feet and walks over to the glass so that he can see Deaton properly. "Oh, I know your specialty, Dr. Deaton, and I know it's not cats and dogs." Man, I want to know more about Deaton's reputation as a Druid Emissary in the supernatural community. Between being Talia's adviser and his undercover work (such as when he sneaked into Ikeda's compound in Season 3B's "Letharia Vulpina"), I feel like he must be pretty well-respected and carry a bit of clout, at least in the California pod of supernaturals. Anyway, Deaton cuts to the point and admits that he's here because he needs to know what Valack knows about South American mythology. However, as it turns out, Valack already knows exactly what Deaton is here to learn.
DR. VALACK: [smiles] "No. You want to know about Kate Argent. You want to know about La Loba, the Bone Woman."
DR. DEATON: [gulps nervously] "I need to know what she did to Derek Hale. And if he's dying."
DR. VALACK: [confused] "Why?"
DR. DEATON: "Because of a promise I made to a woman I loved."
DR. VALACK: [grins] "Maybe you should write the romance novels."
HOLY SHIT. There was so much vague information revealed in this episode that I quickly forgot about, thanks to all the drama involving Scott, Kira, Chris, etc, that actually is not only ridiculously intriguing, but could also be setting up longer-term storylines. So, if Deaton loved Talia and made a promise to her to protect Derek, then why has he done such a half-assed job (if that) doing it? I mean, sure, Deaton has helped Derek on a few occasions, but for the most part, he has always been more interested in Scott (not that I can really blame him for the latter, considering how close he is to Scott and how generally great Scott is). It's got me wondering if maybe it wasn't some sort of like, Severus Snape/Lily Potter shit where Deaton loves Talia so much that he resents Derek for 1) being Talia's child with another man and 2) being alive when Talia is dead? That seems uncharacteristically mean-spirited of Deaton, but really, we don't know that much about him, you know?

Also, I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT KATE RIGHT MEOW. So, she is La Loba, which we already assumed, and because she is the Bone Woman, she's able to make Berserkers. Now, did she always have this ability/identity? If she's the "She-Wolf," then why did she turn into a werejaguar instead of a werewolf? Do the Argents have some Mexican/indigenous heritage, too, like I speculated at the beginning of the season? How did she even learn about her powers/what she can do? It's almost like she has some kind of magical abilities on top of her transformative werejaguar powers. That's not even going into the fact that berserkers are traditionally from Germanic/Norse folklore, while La Loba and werejaguars are from South American folklore. Is Kate's ability to control and create Berserkers something all werejaguars can do, or did she some pre-existing special snowflakeness that allowed her to gain these extra powers? WHERE IS THE KATE ARGENT BACKSTORY? I NEED IT.

ANYWAY, moving on! "If you want to know more, Dr. Deaton, you have to come closer," Dr. Valack states with a tricky glint in his eyes. Deaton reminds him that he's been told on multiple occasions that getting closer to him than he already is is a bad idea, and maintains that he only came to hear him speak about the knowledge he has on the subject. "You need to see what I know," Valack insists calmly. "You do that by coming closer." He pulls off the dirty gauze bandage wrapped around his head, revealing a hole the size of quarter in his forehead, just above the space between his eyes. "I don't know much about trephination," Deaton sneers as he winces at the sight of the open wound on his face. "But I'm relatively certain that just because you drilled a hole in your own head doesn't mean you've somehow gifted yourself with extra-sensory perception!" DAMN, you sassy, Deaton! "Come a little closer, and find out," Valack says softly, and you can see Deaton frown in confusion as he suddenly begins to walk forward slowly as though he's been compelled to do so. Valak continues to coax him closer until finally, Deaton can see inside the hole in his forehead. Inside is what looks like a pinkish-red section of brain matter, but ends up revealing itself to actually be a third eye, which smacks open and scares the hell out of me, and Deaton, too, from the looks of it. OMG THAT IS SO GROSS. Like, grosser than all those damn flies in "De-Void," which was pretty fucking gross. Also, shouldn't a Druid have more sophisticated anti-mind-whammy ability or something? Deaton just played right into his hands, which is either a risk he was willing to take to get the information he needs or which was an uncharacteristically stupid move on his part. TITLE CARD!

When we return from the break, Scott is returning home from work, wearing this really cute blue flannel shirt that looks amazing on him. Once he's locked the door behind him, he finds his mother standing near the dining room table, and walks to greet her. He's about midway through apologizing for being late on account of the fact that he took an extra shift at the animal clinic for some additional money when he realizes that his mom has Garrett's duffle bag full of cash sitting on the table, which stuns him into speechlessness. After she points out that he seems to have more than enough money as it is, he wastes no time explaining that the duffle bag is full of payments from the Deadpool that he found in Garrett's stuff. Melissa reminds him that the money belongs to Derek, which Scott confirms, so she's understandably like, "So, what, you're just keeping it safe for him in a gym bag under your bed?" and, to Scott's credit, he doesn't say anything because he knows how bad this looks. She asks how long he's had it, and Scott sighs before confessing that it's been wayyyy too long.

Melissa sighs anxiously and insists that he has to give it back before she asks him if she even wants to know why he hasn't given it back yet, and Scott looks simultaneously ashamed and embarrassed, both for himself and for her. Finally, he reluctantly admits that she's the reason why as he glances over at the counter, where Melissa has a huge amount of bills neatly stacked into piles. Melissa looks like she's about to cry, and replies, "Because we've been struggling a little?" Scott just gives her this sympathetic look and points out that actually, they've been struggling a lot, between the house repairs and the utilities being shut off and Agent Douchenozzle sleeping on their couch and somehow still not giving them any of his federal agent paycheck to keep the lights on, for whatever reason. Melissa doesn't seem mad at him, or even disappointed, she just seems to feel bad because she doesn't want Scott having to worry about this kind of stuff, especially considering the kind of pressure he's already under as it is.

"Oh, Scott. You can save people's lives, but you cannot save them from life. Life is full of struggles." Scott, understandably, is tired of struggling, though, because to him, it feels like they've done nothing but struggle for over a year now. "But, it doesn't have to be!" Scott says quickly, before he reaches into the bag and pulls out a stack of bills. "Do you know what just one of these can do? This gets us a new roof." He continues to pick up stack after stack to demonstrate his subsequent points. "And this pays for Stiles' MRI, this is for Eichen House... and THIS one means you don't have to work the double shift at the hospital and come home totally exhausted!" I think even Melissa realizes that he totally has a point, but it's the principle of the thing, you know? To make her own point, she picks up another one of the stacks, one that is covered in blood, and asks him what that would pay for, which drives home exactly what she's trying to convey to him. The sight of this symbol of blood money is all Scott needs to see to immediately resolve himself to give Derek back the money, ASAP. As always, Melissa is Queen of the Universe and Existence, tbh. BLESS HER LIGHT.

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Meanwhile, we cut over to the Dunbar/Geyer household, where there are alarming fight sounds coming from inside one of the upstairs rooms. Thankfully, it's not a real-life supernatural brawl going down, but instead a video-game brawl between Liam and Mason, who are each sitting cross-legged on Liam's bedroom floor. After Liam thoroughly kicks Mason's ass, the game ends, and Mason incredulously exclaims, "When did you get so good? Have you been practicing? Or did you suddenly get super-human reflexes?" Oh, Mason, you have no idea. Or maybe he does? He is way too perceptive for his own good, tbh, so if he doesn't already know what's going on with Beacon Hills, I get the feeling he will soon. Anyway, Liam awkwardly tries to cover up his new-found lycanthropy-induced video game skills by lying that he's just been practicing a lot, which Mason only half-buys. He admits that he should probably head home, because he has to study, but Liam, who is still suffering from some pretty intense PTSD symptoms after his battle with the Berserker, instantly panics at the thought of being left alone at night. Liam asks him to stay for one more game, but Mason reminds him that he said that like, four games ago, plus they have a history test the next day that they need to study for anyway.

Still, Liam seems absolutely terrified at the thought of Mason leaving him all alone, so he frantically suggests that Mason stay the night, and even says they can study together. "Come on! One more game, please. One more," Liam begs, and Mason suddenly starts to realize that something is seriously up with his BFF. Mason frowns and asks if he's okay, which makes Liam super self-conscious, kicking his whole macho-man act into gear. He backtracks and claims that Mason's right, and that he should probably study on his own anyway, which does absolutely nothing to convince Mason that he's at all okay. When Mason just stands there and stares at him in concern and confusion, Liam's like, "See you at school," in an effort to push him into leaving and not questioning him any further. Aw, Liam! :( I am very worried about him, tbh. Mason seems to be, too, but he takes his leave anyway. A little later, it's raining pretty heavily outside his window as Liam crawls into bed and leans over to turn out his bedside lamp. At the last moment, he gets scared at the thought of being alone in the dark, and ultimately sits up to make sure that his room is completely empty before sighing in frustration at how afraid he is and turning off his light.

Unfortunately, he's still so wound up that it's just making his growing anxiety even worse. He starts hyperventilating as he goes into sensory overload, between the intense darkness in his room, the sound of the rain pounding against his windows and his own increasing heartbeat. Then, he starts hearing creaking floorboards nearby, which turns into stomping footsteps, and sure enough, a Berserker-hallucination is slowly creeping its way toward Liam, growling menacingly as it stares him down. "You're not there," Liam states quietly, both to the Berserker and to himself, but the Berserker keeps approaching him, eventually leaning right in Liam's face and growling at him. Finally, Liam gasps and reaches over to turn his light on, and when he looks around, the Berserker is gone. Geez, someone needs to sedate that kid, stat! He can't fight off real-life monsters if the hallucinatory ones end up keeping him up all night.

Across town, the thunderstorm is ramping up outside the loft. Inside, Braeden is asleep in her underwear in Derek's bed, snuggled up in his arms, while he lays behind her, wide awake and listening to the thunder. After a few moments, Derek's apartment's security alarm with the hilarious iPhone ringtone goes off, which puts Derek right into alert-mode. He wakes Braeden up, and each of them grab their respective weapons (Braeden's usual pistol-grip shotgun, and Derek's Sig Souer) and start investigating the loft for intruders. Braeden peeks out the window to see if there's anything of note outside, while Derek checks the stairs. Once they make their way across the room, they notice a shadow passing under the loft's door, and realize that whatever set off the alarm is still outside. Once they're in position, Braeden gestures at Derek to open the door, and as he slides it open, they're completely startled to see Lydia, drenched in rain and looking wrecked. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that she is once again wearing muted color florals, like she has pretty much all season-- in this scene, it's a green, short-sleeved blouse with white and cream flowers.

Anyway, Derek and Braeden immediately drop their weapons as to not scare Lydia, although they are clearly freaked out by her presence, but Lydia hardly even notices, because she instantly starts to wail at the top of her lungs! OH SHIT! ANOTHER BANSHEE FUGUE STATE! Now, the biggest question is, who is she wailing for? Did someone else die that they don't know about it? Is she foretelling Derek's imminent demise? Personally, I figure that considering Jeff's history with killing off people of color and women, we're probably supposed to think it's Derek who is going to die, but it really ends up being Braeden. I love her and I don't want her to die because we need as many badass women as we can get on this show, but this is just the feeling I get. :/ Besides, as I've said before, Derek's strongest skill is his preternatural ability to not die, no matter what happens-- he's lived through wolfsbane bullets, being impaled in the chest, having his lungs clawed out, falling three stories and landing on a rickety escalator, and a bunch of other injuries I'm sure I'm forgettng. Some weirdo werejaguar mojo will not be taking him out. I refuse to believe it.

It's morning now, at the Stilinski household, where Stiles is still snoozing with his mouth wide open in his bed while "Hide" by Little May plays in the background. Malia, fresh from one of their nightly sleepovers, is awake and trying to jostle her boyfriend into consciousness. Wait, does Sheriff know that Malia is staying over every night? And what about Mr. Tate? Is he even still alive? "You've got an early morning practice for the big game tomorrow, remember?" Malia points out, but Stiles just mumbles and continues to doze. "If I'm going to watch an entire lacrosse game, you better not suck!" Malia pouts, before reminding him that he also promised to take her to school early so she could study for her big math test-- she has to pass, otherwise she won't be able to move on to senior year with them next year. Stiles is tired of her talking while he's trying to sleep, so he just rolls over, and Malia growls in frustration under her breath.

She looks around at Stiles' room and notices his crime board, which has been cleared off a little bit, now that the Deadpool is over. Of course, Stiles is basically a detective already, so just because they don't have the Deadpool to worry about anymore doesn't mean that he's not still working the case. On the board, where the mystery-man silhouette that used to read "Who is the Benefactor?" now reads, "Who is the Desert Wolf?" Malia seems to be so thrilled that Stiles is taking an interest in her and her family that she starts to kiss Stiles, which, since he's a teenage boy, wakes him up immediately. Should've started with that, sweets! Although, she's still probably not going to make it to school on time. Stiles breaks away and is like, "What are you doing? I haven't even brushed my teeth yet!" but Malia doesn't care about morning breath, because she's a coyote-girl and she has needs, you guys! So, Stiles stops complaining and gets right into the pre-school sexy times with his cute girlfriend. Aw, I love them so much! Although I'm already really concerned about what will happen to them in the finale. :(

Scott, true to his word, has stopped over at Derek's before school to drop off the duffle bag full of stolen Hale vault cash. We catch up with them right after Scott must have explained everything, because Derek just shoves the money across the table and is just, like, "Okay!" Scott is stunned that Derek doesn't want to know why it took him so long to get the money back to him, but Derek just smiles in amusement and asks him how much Scott makes at the animal clinic. When Scott admits he makes minimum wage, Derek just shrugs and replies, "That's why! Everyone can be tempted, Scott! Even a True Alpha." And this is why I love Derek so much, ladies and gentleman. I knew he would take this super graciously, and I knew that he would probably much rather that Scott had it to solve his/the pack's problems. Derek Hale, you have become a person that I love so goddamn much. Scott still can't believe that Derek isn't even a little mad at him, but as it turns out, the money isn't even Derek's, it's Peter's.

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Naturally, Scott is curious, and asks him where his money is, so Derek tells him that he's standing on it. Scott is so confused, bless his heart, and is like, "There's another vault?" SCOTT, MY SWEET NAIVE NEWBORN BABY. Derek just laaaaaaughs at that, and informs him (and the rest of us) that not only does he have his own bank accounts with his own money, but he actually owns the entire building that the loft is in, so he's a landlord, too! That is hilarious, tbh. If I lived in that apartment, I would be calling him up all the time just to change light bulbs and stupid stuff like that. Basically, Derek straight up says that all of the money in the vault was Peter's, and that they'd all likely be better off if none of the Deadpool money ends up resurfacing God, I hope Scott takes that money back, now that he has Derek's blessing. The thought of Peter having all that money, especially given what he's planning, just makes me ridiculously nervous. Anyway, Derek zips up the bag, and stands up to find Scott giving him a concerned look. Scott admits that he knows Lydia showed up and did her Banshee thing the previous night, but assures him that Deaton is working on it as they speak, and insists that if anyone can figure out how to fix/reverse what is happening to him, it's Deaton.

Speaking of Deaton, he has just awakened, but not in Eichen House-- well, okay, that's not exactly true, since he is still in Eichen but is just having a premonition-hallucination. Anyway, so in this hallucination, he's in La Iglesia! He awakens to find himself on a table, and immediately scurries off of it in order to stand up and take a look around. When he looks back at the table, he sees that there are tons of bones attached to the table on all sides, including a bear skull at the top of the table. Deaton, visibly unnerved by the sight of where Kate's Berserkers were apparently made, studies the table closer, and pulls one of the bones off. It's one of the claws, covered in blood, just like the one that Chris and Deaton pulled out of Scott's stomach back in "Orphaned," and OH GOD, that was probably foreshadowing, wasn't it? JFC. Suddenly, the church starts to shake, and we're immediately pulled out of Deaton's vision. In real life, Deaton is laying unconscious on a bed in Eichen House, where Dr. Fenris and the staff must have found Deaton after Dr. Valack did whatever he did to him. I'm still not exactly sure how that worked, did he trap Deaton in a vision or something? Dr. Fenris does some assessments on Deaton and orders the nurse to keep checking his vitals every hour and keeping an eye out for improvements. "They never listen," Dr. Fenris mutter under his breath.

Cut to the school, where Lydia, Kira, and Malia are in Intro. to Business. Malia calls out to Lydia, who isn't paying any attention. Wait, did Lydia somehow have a visual Banshee premonition of the same vision that Deaton had? The fact the scene of Deaton in Mexico led right into Lydia zoned out, with voiceover carrying over and everything, makes me think that she had some kind of premonition that led her to realize at least what was going on with Deaton, if not what's going on with Kate/Scott. Anyway, Malia proudly shows Lydia her math test, in which she earned a C-, and Lydia hilariously tries her best to genuinely compliment her newfound math skills. "Your notes are great when they're not written in code," Malia chirps excitedly, just as Coach Finstock hands her a test that she failed, instantly killing her buzz. "I'm disappointed, Malia. Profoundly disappointed." Poor Malia! She tries so hard. Honestly, the fact that she's managing even 54%-74% on tests when she hasn't been in school for the last eight years is pretty impressive. Anyway, Malia looks super bummed, and Lydia feels pretty bad for her as well, so she promises she'll send Malia her Intro. to Business notes, too. Yes! Ladies, working together and helping each other! Too bad this is the only real girl-power scene in this episode. Lydia returns to jotting down notes from the chalkboard into her notebook, but instantly gets a bad feeling when she notices the numbers on the board, reminding her of the Deadpool and the stolen Hale money.

"Net worth at time of death adjusted for inflation:
John D. Rockefeller: 318 billion 
Cornelius Vanderbilt: 150 billion 
Henry Ford: 188 billion"
Contrary to what I normally say about props in this show, the notes on the chalkboard and posters up on the wall in the classrooms actually usually have a lot to do with what is going on-- the notes that Mr. Westover was writing on the chalkboard before Jennifer took him and sacrificed him ended up being related to the Nogitsune and Oak Creek storyline in 3B, and the quote Ken Yukimura wrote on the chalkboard in 3B, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" is basically an ongoing theme of the series. So, are these notes just supposed to be giving Lydia Vietnam-style flashbacks to the Deadpool, which is supposed to be dunzo, or is it some kind of hint that it's not nearly as resolved as we think? It makes me nervous, especially since I have no idea what it means. Anyway, Kira-- whose empathetic ability to sense when her friends (especially Lydia) are anxious/stressed/afraid/etc is totally underrated, especially considering she doesn't have the super senses of a werewolf/coyote-- knows exactly what Lydia is worried about, and leans over to whisper, "It's over! The computers are off. No more assassins. No more murders. No one's dying." Lydia, being the harbinger of death and all, knows better than to be so optimistic, though, and looks away as she replies, "Not yet." NOOOO! NO ONE IS DYING OKAY.

Aw, yiss! More weightlifting scenes! These are slowly becoming my favorite, because Liam and Mason are so goddamn adorable together that I just want, like, a spin-off or a web series or something that is just about them hanging out and giving each other shit. "I Need My Memory Back" by the Glitch Mob (who is one of my all-time favorite music groups, and whose song is amazing) plays as Liam loads a bunch of weights onto the bench press' barbell. Mason is doing bicep curls with some hand weights as he side-eyes his best friend once again, clearly suspicious about what the fuck Liam's deal is. Mason makes a comment about how much weight he's put onto the barbell, but Liam insists that he's just trying to get ready for the game the next day. Mason's still not quite buying it, and asks him if he needs a spot, to which Liam rudely replies that he doesn't, before glancing at his little hand weights and asking, "Do you?" LOL, LIAM. Mason's like, "This is my warm-up, you ass!" before he sets them down and walks around behind the bench press so he can spot Liam's grumpy ass anyway.

Liam, who is clearly struggling between what he wants to do (be clingy to his friend because he's scared and lonely and hates keeping the fact that he's a creature of the night a secret from him) and what his macho-man instincts are telling him to do (insist that he's fine and be a dick to subconsciously push Mason away so he'll stop seeing through Liam's lies), maintains that he doesn't need a spot. Mason still doesn't get what his problem is, so he points out that it's like, 300 lbs of weight, but Liam is a mess of post-traumatic hallucinations, sleep deprivation, and general frustration that comes from being a newbie wolf, and he slams himself down on the bench before easily doing a press by himself. Mason is clearly impressed, shocked, and concerned as to how his tiny little friend can suddenly bench twice his body weight, but Liam just sits up and snaps, "Does it look like I need help?" At this point, Mason is over the attitude Liam is throwing at him, so he just takes his hand weights and goes to work out elsewhere in the room, leaving Liam to return to his own workout. He starts flashing back to the fight with the Berserker on the roof, and takes all of his fear and frustration and anger and channels it into lifting the weights. For a moment, I figured this would be an excellent way to channel all of his bursts of anger, kind of like how I think that as much as the fights really do scare the shit out of Liam, part of him actually likes being able to stop forcing his inner wolf down and being able to use it to help himself and others.

Unfortunately for him, he gets so worked up and scared that he loses his werewolf strength completely, just like how werewolves often end up being forced to shift back to human when they're seriously injured. The barbell falls to his chest, and he struggles to take a breath while he forces all of the strength and energy he can muster into lifting the weight, but it's stuck on one of the latches, and he doesn't have the power to boost it out. Luckily for all of us, Scott was nearby and sensed his beta's troubles, and is able to rush in and help him lift the barbell up and put it back on its hook. Mason noticed Liam's distress a second too late, and stands a couple feet away, frowning in concern, while Scott crouches down in front of Liam to make sure he's okay. Liam insists he's fine, but both Scott and Mason know better.

"If you don't want to be with us, that's okay!" Scott whispers kindly, while Liam continues to try to catch his breath. "But don't push your friends away, too!" Great advice, as always, Scotty-boy. He knows better than anyone how important having a good friend support network is to staying relatively healthy and in control. Where do you think he would be if not for Stiles, and Allison, and even Derek and Lydia? If not for Melissa, and Sheriff, and Deaton? Anyway, Liam glances behind Scott at Mason, who still looks pretty upset with Liam, when he notices the bigger of the two Berserkers in the reflection of the wall of mirrors in front of him, ready to strike at any moment. I kind of hate that everything is so busy right now, because Liam really needs to get a handle on this and talk to someone about it, someone like Scott, or Kira, or Lydia, or even Stiles. But, since all of the shit that happens in this episode is still going to be a major obstacle next week, I doubt there's going to be time for any kind of resolution. :/

Meanwhile, it's the next day, and Chris is sleuthing around yet again, this time in the sewers, with his trusty assault rifle. Once he makes it to where his little sister has been hiding out, he starts investigating the area, eventually finding what looks like Berserker bones in a nearby puddle of water. Of course, because everything is legally required to go wrong at all times, Chris wasn't lucky enough to show up after everyone is gone, because Peter quickly appears from the shadows, startling Chris so much that he instantly aims his rifle at him. He asks Peter how he found Kate, and surprisingly, Peter doesn't lie, he just vaguely responds that he has a keen sense of smell. Peter asks Chris the same question, allowing him to demonstrate just how badass of a hunter he really is.

"This came out of Scott's side," Chris admits, as he pulls out the claw that he and Deaton pulled out of him in "Orphaned" after the berserker killed Garrett. "There were traces of calcium hydroxide on it-- it's used in water treatment plans as an anti-corrosive." Peter feigns awe at how good Chris must have been to track Kate by tracking her Berserkers allllll the way down in the sewers, and then adds, "I wonder if one of them might still be around?" Sure enough, the smaller of the two Berserkers is still chilling in the sewer, and considering how chill Peter is around it, compared to how he was back in "117," it likely has orders not to touch him. I AM SO SICK OF PETER ALREADY YOU GUYS. So, naturally, Chris starts shooting at it, but we already know how effective bullets are against them (and by that I mean they aren't effective at all.)

Scott and Kira, who both look super hot (Scott is wearing a short-sleeved denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up with black skinny jeans, and Kira is wearing her black leather jacket, a long tank top with the Rolling Stones lips printed on it, and a plaid pleated skirt), walk into the loft, which is dark and empty. Kira is confused, because she though they were just stopping by to see Derek before their date, but as it turns out, Scott has a surprise for her! She points out how dark it is, and asks him to turn on the lights, but Scott admits that he needs her help with that, and leads her to a light bulb from the ceiling so she can use her Thunder Kitsune powers to light the bulb. Once the bulb is lit, the room is filled with light, and Kira realizes that Scott has managed to string what looks like hundreds of lightbulbs from the ceiling, which IMO is super romantic. Filling a room up with lit candles is so passé, you know? And quite frankly, a fire hazard.

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Kira is so, so in awe, and Scott just smiles the cutest little smile and asks her if he did alright. "For our first real date? It's a start," she replies with an equally adorable smile, and the two start to kiss. I LOVE THEM. And even more, I love that Derek has embraced the cool older brother role, you know? Like, how sweet is it that he's like, "You should totally take my loft to have sexy times with your cute girlfriend, bro!" When they pull away, Scott asks her if she brought the movie, and Kira pulls a DVD out of her bag. She explains that Stiles let her borrow it, with the caveat that if Scott didn't watch it, Stiles would kill him, which immediately tells Scott that it's Star Wars, which cracks me up so much! The two giggle, and it's so cute, especially when Kira looks around the room and realizes that, hello, Derek doesn't even have a TV, because all he does is work out and read old books all day.

Luckily for them, Kira seems to have brought her Macbook with her, and the two move to the couch, where Scott is setting up the movie on the coffee table. And, like every Star Wars newb out there, Scott's like, "So, this is the fourth one?" so Kira tries to explain that it's really the FIRST one, but when Scott asks her what the other "first" one really is, she starts to explain that it's really the fourth one, and eventually just decides it's way better to shirtless hug than to go into the full-on explanation. Totally understandable, honestly. The Kite String Tangle's "Given The Chance," which is yet another song in a long line of songs that is absolutely perfect for Scira scenes begins to play as Scott and Kira begin to make out. After a while, Kira starts to unbutton Scott's shirt, revealing his usual black tank top underneath, and Scott pulls her up so she's straddling his lap. He starts to take her tank top's straps off of her shoulders as he kisses her neck, and they're just so hot together and are having such a sweet time that of course it has to be absolutely ruined. Suddenly, just as they're really starting to get into it, Scott pulls away, hearing a noise outside.

Kira is instantly unnerved and asks him what's going on, just as Kate Goddamn Argent and her other Berserker jump through the wall of windows in the loft and land just yards away from them. Scott and Kira just gape at Kate, standing in full werejaguar-face, not moving from their compromising position on the couch. KATE IS THE WORST. This is probably the first time Kira has actually met Kate, right? Brutal. Part of me wonders if Kate didn't go after Kira too because she's mad at Scott for moving on from Allison, even though they'd been broken up longer than they were together before Allison even died and Kate likely blames Scott for her death anyway. ALSO, Kathleen and I were talking, and we think that someone needs to get in the window business in Beacon Hills, because seriously, there are constantly windows being smashed to bits. Peter throwing Stiles's car battery through the school windows, Jennifer jumping through Derek's loft's skylight, Kali jumping through the hospital's third-story window, the Oni destroying like, every window in the McCall's house, Liam jumping through Lydia's lake house's boat house's window... there is tons of money to be made in that business.

Over at the Stilinski residence, Stiles and Malia are studying at the desk and on the bed, respectively, before their big lacrosse game this evening, when Sheriff comes into the room in his civvies and insists that they get up, because he's taking them out to dinner! Stiles immediately nixes this idea on the grounds that they can't afford to be taking anyone out to dinner, like, ever, but as it turns out, Sheriff does have some good news-- since one of Eichen House's main employees nearly murdered Stiles and Lydia on their premises, the powers that be have decided to forgive the Stilinski's of their debt. "They can do that?" Malia asks, clearly excited for them, but Sheriff replies that not only can they do that, but they did. "I have never been so happy to have almost been murdered!" Stiles exclaims proudly, and Sheriff admits that although they still have Stiles' MRI bills from Beacon Memorial to pay, their debt is still a lot more manageable now, so they're going to be okay.

"And, at least for the moment, I can afford to take my son and his girlfriend out to dinner!" Sheriff announces cheerfully before turning to his son's beloved girlfriend. "Malia, what's your favorite food?" Malia smiles and replies, "Deer!" which earns her a side-eye from Stiles and a confused look from Sheriff. Wait, Sheriff does know that Malia is a werecoyote that lived as a real coyote for half of her life, right? Like, he was very much involved in her transformation back to a human-shaped werecoyote from a coyote-shaped werecoyote, correct? Why is he always so shocked when it's brought up, like when Stiles had to chain Malia up during the full moons and stuff? And why does Stiles act so embarrassed and take great care to butt in and add, "Um, PIZZA, Malia's favorite food is pizza?" like he's trying to cover up her supernatural identity? It just seems strange to me. But, the way Malia shouts "DEER!" and smiles afterward is seriously the cutest thing. I love her so goddamn much, although I can't deny that I'm worried about what her role in the finale is going to be. The fandom already seems to be on the lookout for literally anything that might suggest that she has ulterior motives that are ultimately going to hurt the pack, and I just really, really do not want that to happen. :(

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Down in the sewer, the Berserker has just finished beating the tar out of poor Chris, and has pinned him in a choke-hold against the wall. Since apparently I didn't hate Peter enough this week, he has to make matters even worse by approaching Chris afterward with a long piece of rebar and admitting, "While I promised Kate that I wouldn't kill you, I also can't let you leave." He then grabs Chris' face in one hand while he uses the other to straight-up plunge the length of rebar into Chris' gut with so much force that it goes right through him and pins him to the concrete wall behind him. FLAMES. FLAMES. ON. THE. SIDES. OF. MY. FACE.

Sorry, Peter fans, but I cannot in good conscience support anyone who uses deadly force against hot dad Chris Argent and his damn sexy grief beard, okay? Peter just needs to die, sooner rather than later. And, naturally, just pinning him to the wall wasn't enough, either, because Peter then takes the rebar that is sticking out of Chris' front and bends it at a 90 degree angle so Chris can't even pull himself off of it. FUCK YOU, PETER HALE. Chris' pained howls are literally too much for me to bear, you guys. AS IF LIFE HASN'T BEEN SHITTY ENOUGH FOR HIM AS IT IS. He's basically the human equivalent of Derek Hale at this point! "You rest here for a while," Peter quips with faux concern before he leaves Chris to die in the sewer. "You've had a hard time for such a long time!" Hey Peter, why don't you point all that Argent/hunter-focused rage at the person who actually deserves it, which is the Argent werejaguar with whom you actually happen to be actually working? ARGH.

Liam is sitting on his bed at home when Mason shows up and tosses a stack of video games onto the bed. "I know something's going on," Mason begins, as Liam braces himself for whatever mean comments he seems to be expecting. Of course, Mason is basically the most loyal and kind friend ever, so Liam ends up getting the exact opposite of what he was anticipating. "And I know you don't wanna talk about it. But, here's the thing..." Liam gulps nervously, and Mason just sighs before he sits down on the bed next to him. "You're still my best friend. And considering the fact that the last good friend I made turned out to be a professional killer, I'm thinking I don't have too many options for new ones. So, uh... when you're ready to talk, talk. Until then, I know I can kick your ass at at least one of these games!" OH MASON, MY HEART. Friends like him are exactly what Liam needs right now, honestly, and I just want him to get in with the rest of the pack already. They can use all the help they can get! I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- that kind of loyalty Mason has can't be bought or forced. Liam is a lucky guy! And he knows it, because Liam just smiles and rustles through the stack of games until he finds one that he hasn't played yet so he and Mason can play a round or two before the lacrosse game.

Back at the loft, things have more or less gone completely out of control. Scott's eyes open to blurred vision, and he has to blink a couple times before he realizes that he's staring at the light bulbs he hung up in the loft, which are slowly whizzing past his head. Blood is already dripping from his mouth and his temple, so I think it's pretty safe to say he got bonked in the head and briefly lost consciousness. That's when he realizes that he's being held lengthwise above the Berserker's head, just before the Berserker throws him into the loft door. OUCH. Kira has a bloody nose and a cut on her hairline as well, and stands up to get into a defense stance against Kate before Kate hits her in the stomach with a powerful kick that knocks her all the way across the room and into another wall. Scott is pissed to see Kira getting hurt, so he forces himself onto his feet and gets into a one-on-one battle with Kate. They're pretty easily matched at first-- Scott is much more of an defensive fighter, because he's so lean and spry that he's able to dodge and flip out of the way of punches and slashes much more easily than say, Derek, or the twins, or Isaac, all of whom are bigger and bulkier than he is.

Meanwhile, Kira, who is pretty badly hurt at this point, and who doesn't seem to heal nearly as quickly as werewolves do, struggles to get onto her feet and scrambles to find something she can use as a weapon, since she figured that she wouldn't need her katana on date night. (Protip, Kira-- in this town, you pretty much always need your weapons! Just saying.) She eventually finds a length of chain nearby and wraps one end around her hand, just as one of the Berserkers sees what she's doing and stomps over to her. She grabs the chain in her other hand and starts to spin it around, using the hook on the end as a blunt object with which to whack the Berserker upside the head. She looks ridiculously badass while she does it, too, and I'd like to think she picked this trick up from Allison at some point, because it seems like something she would do. My girl Ally A is probably so proud right now.

The part I don't get is, why doesn't Kira use her foxfire/lightning ability to electrify the chain? We already know werecreatures are easily affected by electricity, so it would most certainly neutralize Kate, if not the Berserker. Sadly, she has yet to use that ability defensively since the first time it manifested, so the Berserker ends up using the chain against her eventually after she accidentally whips it around the Berserker's arm, which allows it to use it to pull her closer to it. As the Berserker pulls on the chain, it wraps tighter around Kira's fist so she can't let go, and it eventually smacks her down onto the ground. Poor Kira! I think this might be the most beaten-up she's ever been in a fight.

After a few too many hits to the head, Scott loses his equal footing with Kate, which gives her the opportunity to keep hitting him until he's worn down and bloody and has lost the energy to fight back. Kate steps back to look at him, and Scott glances over to see the Berserker pull Kira up onto her knees by her hair, revealing her swollen, quickly bruising face and bloody lip. "What do you want from us?" Scott asks weakly, though it's clear he really doesn't want to know the answer. "I want a little bit of insight, Scott," Kate snaps aggressively, still in full werejaguar face. When Scott asks her about what she wants insight, Kate continues her rant. "My family. The Argent family has been around for over four hundred years. A powerful, wealthy, aristocratic family of werewolf hunters. But yet, somehow, in less than a year, this great family is decimated by a teenage boy."

Scott winces in both physical and emotional pain at the reminder of Allison's death, and while I wholeheartedly believe he has nothing to feel guilty about (and trust me, I'm about to tell you all about it), I can totally understand why Scott would still blame himself for what happened to her-- he blames himself for everything, and Allison was right at the top of his list of loved ones, so he wuld obviously take it much harder than other disasters. Anyway, Kate, ignoring Scott's flash of grief, adds, "So, my question is simple," as she crouches down so she can look Scott in the eyes. "What in the hell is so special about Scott McCall?" I can make you a list, Kate! It'll be like 20 pages long, though. Scott, on the other hand, looks as though he's been asking himself the same question forever, and he's so upset that once again, his loved ones are in danger because of him, that he glares at Kate and states, "You want me? Take me. Just me," in hopes that she'll let Kira go. Unfortunately, that would be way too nice and considerate of Kate, I guess, because she just replies, "Oh, no. We're all going. We're all going to church!" She glares at Kira before turning back to Scott and roaring in his face. Aw, fucking hell.

Okay, so seriously, the fact that Kate is blaming Scott, of all people, for the decimation of the Argent family would be straight-up laughable if it wasn't so damn depressing. I mean, if anyone is to blame for what happened to the Argents, I would say that Kate is at the very tippy-top of that list. If she hadn't set the fire that killed the majority of the Hales in late 2004/early 2005, Peter wouldn't have been nearly burned alive, and he wouldn't have spent six years in a coma where he obsessively planned his revenge in multiple different ways (both through the Deadpool and through killing each and every person who had a role in the fire, from Kate Argent herself to Adrian Harris, the guy who inadvertently taught her how to get away with arson, and everyone in between). 

If Kate hadn't set the fire, Talia would likely still be alive, which would mean that Laura wouldn't be the Alpha, and we all know damn well that there is no way Peter would have attempted to steal his sister's powers because she was way too powerful for him to win against. With Peter still a Beta, he wouldn't have even been in the position to give Scott the Bite, which would mean that he would still be an asthmatic dork, and Chris, Victoria, and Allison would have never come to Beacon Hills, since it was the fact that they had heard that Laura returned to town that caused them to move here. The Argents, as hunters, are already more likely to be killed or commit suicide than normal people since they're constantly facing off against superpowered shapeshifters, but without all of the events caused as a result of the Hale Fire, it is quite likely that most of them would still be alive and well today.

In short, Scott never asked for any of this, and even though he's eventually grown to more-or-less accept that he's a lycanthrope and use the powers he was forced into receiving in the best way he knows how. He just took a shitty situation and did what he could with what he was given. And even if you could argue that all of this would have happened even if Kate hadn't set the fire, Victoria and Allison still made their own choices, you know? Derek bit Victoria because he was trying to defend himself after she tried to kill him and Scott. She could have lived as a werewolf, but she didn't want to, and she killed herself because she preferred death to becoming what she spent years hunting. Conversely, Allison knew every time they battled that there was a possibility she wouldn't live through it, and when she was stabbed by the Oni, she accepted her death because she could rest happy knowing that Lydia was safe and that she had died protecting her friends. That's just the person Allison was. And if she could see what Kate is doing to Scott and the pack right now, not only would Allison be furious, but I have no doubt that she would kill Kate with no hesitation.

Unfortunately for Kate, she can't see that, because she's too busy being overwhelmed by the cognitive dissonance that comes from being a self-hating former-monster-hunter-turned-monster. And my biggest problem with what Kate is doing is that it just doesn't make sense-- her goal is apparently to reunite the family and bring the Argents to their former glory, but how does she think that's going to happen? Gerard would never accept her as a werejaguar, unless he could find some way to use her to his advantage, but even then, she'd still be risking death at his hands when she stops being useful. And Chris? Do you really think Chris would want to go back to the old Code and hunting with Kate if she kills Scott? FUCK NO. Not to mention that you know there's no way that Peter would want the Argents to get big again, because that puts him and the pack he wants to build at risk, so even if Gerard and/or Chris didn't kill her, you know Peter would. So, what the fuck does she think is really going to happen? I just don't get it.

Anyway, over at the school, the team has just showed up in preparation for the lacrosse game. Liam has caught up to Stiles, (who is looking super fine in a fab green flannel button up from dinner earlier, I'm guessing) and seems to be worried about the fact that Scott isn't there yet, but Stiles insists that Scott is fine, since he talked to him that morning, during which Scott informed him that he might be a little late to the game. Liam isn't convinced though, and for good reason, considering Scott and Kira are clearly in some dire fucking straits, and the fact that Stiles doesn't right away consider that Scott could be in danger kind of makes me uncomfortable, tbh. Basically, no one in the pack should ever assume that everyone is just fine and dandy, you know?

So, Liam nervously asks, "How late is late? Is he always late? We're playing Devenford Prep again, and this time it's an actual game! He-he shouldn't be late!" Naturally, Coach Finstock catches the end of this conversation and immediately begins to freak out about his team's captain being a no-show so far. Stiles and Liam actually make a great team against him, and both just shoot each other hilarious looks before Liam sighs and admits that Scott and Kira might be running un peux late this evening. Coach points out that "slightly late" is still late, and demands to know what exactly they're doing, while Liam and Stiles just shift awkwardly and stare at the floor, because OH COACH, you're so oblivious it hurts. "They're... doing something that is going to make them slightly late," Stiles admits slowly, and Coach is like, "What the fuck could Scott and Kira possibly be doing that is going to make them late for their first game?" still not realizing that hello, they're horny teenagers, what the fuck else could they be doing?

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Out on the lacrosse field, FMLYBND's "Gold" begins to play in the background while the lights are being turned on, as both the Beacon Hills Cyclones and the Devenford Prep Whatevers walk to their respective benches and prepare for the big game. Malia arrives with Sheriff, looking adorable in a denim vest with a gray hoodie under it, a blue hat, and reddish-brown cutoffs, and they both take their seats next to each other in the bleachers. Elsewhere in the stands, Mason arrives with Sydney (who you might remember as the cute girl who passed out during the PSATs in "Weaponized," and who, interestingly enough, is the daughter of director Tim Andrew and sister of the actress who plays Brett's sister Lorilee) and they both hold up their sign, which reads "Go Liam!" Aw, that is so fucking adorable, omg. Liam is still really worried about the fact that Scott and Kira still haven't showed up yet, and seems to be sticking pretty close to Stiles as a result.

Stiles can sense his concern and asks him what is really going on with him. "Are you nervous about the full moon? It's not for another twenty-four hours," Stiles reminds him. SHIT, the finale is going down during a full moon? God, this is going to be such a fucking disaster, good lord. Liam looks up at the moon overhead, which is about 99% full, so Stiles tries to channel the limited amount of big-brother instincts he has and assures him that he's going to be fine. "Just try not to rage-out on anyone!" he adds unhelpfully. Liam has a hard time believing that he's not worried, though whether he's talking solely about Scott and Kira, or also about Liam and the upcoming full moon, it's hard to tell. "Okay, mildly concerned. Mildly," Stiles concedes, before sending Scott a text message that reads, "How late you gonna be? Very worried. Very." OH STILES.

Afrojack's "Faded" starts to play while Liam insists that they're going to lose the game without Scott and Kira, but Stiles promises that they won't, because he's been practicing and has been "getting good, really good." If you guys thought we might be getting the return of Badass-Lacrosse-Player!Stiles, whom we haven't seen since 02x11 "Battlefield," you are going to be sorely disappointed, because Stiles is just as uncoordinated as ever. First, he gets tackled flat on his back about two seconds after the ref blew the whistle to start the play, then he gets beaned on the head by the lacrosse ball after someone on the other team lobbed it across the field and knocked on his ass, and finally, he gets so overwhelmed by the three large Devenford Prep players headed in his direction that he forgets to move and gets trampled by them. Whoops! Liam walks over to where he's laying on the field and kneels down to help Stiles up and give him the biggest side-eye EVER. "Yeah, I'm gonna call Scott again," Stiles concedes, knowing that Liam was totally right all along. That's my beta bae!

It's been a long while since we've checked on Chris, hasn't it? TOO LONG. Anyway, this episode spans a period of three nights and two days, but I'm not quite sure where the first day ends and the next day begins to figure out how long exactly Chris has been down there. I'm guessing he showed up in the sewers in the morning/early afternoon of the second day, and since it's now night-time, he's likely been gravely injured and forced to stand on his feet for ten to twelve hours. Wayyyyy too long! Anyway, Chris is still pinned to the wall, obviously, and is fading slowly in and out of consciousness when he hears footsteps headed this way and weakly turns his head in their direction. Thankfully, it's someone much, much better than Peter or Kate or a Berserker-- it's Jordan Parrish! BLESS HIS ANGELIC LIGHT. He's armed with a flashlight and his service weapon, and is shocked when he realizes that Chris has been impaled by rebar and isn't just standing down in a smelly sewer for funsies. Has Chris met Jordan before? I think it might have just been that one time Jordan called his cattle-prod-taser a "lightsaber" and refused to give it back to him after Derek and Chris were mistakenly arrested for Katashi's murder.

Chris informs Parrish right off the bat that everyone is gone, but he's more worried about Chris' wound, and asks him how long he's been hurt. As you can imagine, Chris isn't sure, because he thinks he blacked out a couple times, and judging by the amount of blood dripping from his stab wound onto his boots, he's going to be fading fast. The fact that he stayed alive this long is a testament to just how badass Chris is, in my opinion. Jordan immediately and correctly assumes that Peter was the one who did this to him, and Chris seems to be surprised that Jordan was following him, something that Jordan admits he's been doing every day since Peter did his mind-meld thing on Meredith Walker, though I have no idea how much time has passed since then. Trying to keep up with this timeline is exhausting.

"Listen to me," Chris demands with as much strength as he can muster. "Kate's going after Scott. Peter and Kate. You've gotta warn them." OH MY GOD, Chris is like dying in one of the most painful ways ever and he's still more worried about Scott than he is himself. FAREWELL DEAR FRIENDS, I AM GONE. And the best-worst part is still yet to come! Also, I really dig that Chris just assumes Jordan knows what's up, and I have the feeling that ever since he got read into the supernatural, Jordan's been super dedicated to learning everything he can. PLEASE LET CHRIS LIVE SO HE AND PARRISH CAN BE BROS. Anyway, Jordan starts to panic a little, since there's no cell service down there to call anyone, something that I'm sure Kate and Peter probably planned as well to increase the odds that no one would be able to call for back-up or give them a heads-up as to what's going on. Hell, at this point, no one else even really knows that Kate and Peter are working together. Chris orders Jordan to just go so he can make the calls, but Jordan reminds him that if he leaves, Chris is going to be dead by the time he gets back, so he can't do that either. "We're getting you out of here!" Parrish insists confidently. YES YES YES YES YES PLEASE DO.

The lacrosse game is just at the end of it's first quarter (Is it quarters? Or is it halves? I don't know anything about lacrosse-- I live in Ohio, which is straight-up American football country), and Devenford Prep is winning 3-0. Right before the clock hits zero, one of the DP players lobs the ball for the goal as everyone in the stands rooting for BH holds their breath, but, since Danny is no longer goalie, it looks like, the goalie completely sucks and misses, and Devenford scores yet another goal. The ref blows the whistle to signal the quarter is over, and Liam rushes over to join Stiles on the bench, who informs him that he still hasn't heard anything from Scott and insists that he has to leave to find out what the fuck is going on. "You're leaving?" Liam asks, clearly panicking. "What are you gonna tell Coach?" They look over to see Coach angrily throwing his clipboard onto the ground, which leads Stiles to make the executive decision to not tell Coach anything whatsoever. Stiles can tell that Liam is seriously concerned, probably both because who the fuck knows where his Alpha is, and also because he's still got a lot of that pre-full-moon jitteriness that makes it harder to stay in control, so he assures him that he's going to be just fine.

He leaves Liam to go tell Sheriff and Malia what he's about to do, and Mason, who is nearby in the stands, sees how sad Liam looks to be left alone and frowns in concern. Liam then totally eavesdrops on Stiles, Sheriff, and Malia with his wolf hearing long enough to hear Malia offer to stay and keep an eye out for Scott just in case before Stiles and his dad leave to track down Scott. Behind Liam, Coach loudly yells at him to get on the field, breaking him out of his reverie. Brett and some anonymous Beacon Hills player face off to do whatever the lacrosse equivalent of a snap is, and Brett seems to sense something isn't right, which distracts him enough that the BH player is able to snatch the ball and run across the field. Unfortunately for him, it takes all of about two seconds for another DP player to rush out and knock the ball out of his net with his stick, which gives Devenford possession of the ball again.

The DP player with the ball (#6) rushes in the opposite direction toward Beacon Hills' goal, and Liam sprints toward him to try to block him. Of course, since Beacon Hills can't catch a break this week, Liam ends up having yet another ill-timed Berserker hallucination. Mason watches in the stands, excited to see Liam snatch the ball from the guy, just as Liam freezes in fear when he sees the Berserker chasing after #6. The Berserker shoves the kid onto the ground before tackling several other players, eventually running right after Brett and impaling him through the chest with one of his claws, very much like how it killed Garrett. Understandably, Liam is about thisclose to a panic attack, and is only snapped out of it by Coach screaming, "LIAM! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MOVE!!" In reality, Brett is not only totally fine, but he also has the ball, and gives Liam some major side-eye as he rushes past him and scores yet another goal. Brutal! Coach, Mason, and Sydney seem pretty devastated to have their team's ass kicked so thoroughly, while Liam just looks scared and lonely. My poor precious babe!

When we return from the break, the game is still going on, and it looks extra creepy, thanks to all of the fog that is hovering over the ground. Malia is intensely watching the game what a familiar, overly-muscled, bow-legged male figure walks over to her and sits down where Sheriff was sitting just minutes ago. Yup, it's Peter, Satan-in-a-V-neck, in all his IRL cartoon villain glory. "So, who's winning?" he smugs, as he looks over at his daughter. UGH. To Malia's everlasting credit, she does not look at all thrilled to see him, and she shouldn't.

Over at Eichen House, Dr. Fenris is checking on Deaton, who is still as unconscious as he was earlier in the episode. "Still nothing," he admits to the nurse assisting him. "I think we're going to have to move him to the sixth floor." Okay, so is the sixth floor the supernatural unit? I'm going to assume that it is. Thankfully for Deaton, he's made friends with more than just Scott, who is too busy with enduring his captivity by Kate to even consider that Deaton or anyone else could be in danger-- Lydia, bless her, has arrived in the doorway, where she confidently replies, "You're not taking him anywhere!" Dr. Fenris reminds her that unless she's family, she's in no position to make those kinds of calls, but Lydia just replies, "We're close enough." YEAH, THEY'RE PACK, DUDE. She insists that she needs to talk to Deaton, but Dr. Fenris refuses on the grounds that Deaton is unconscious and unresponsive to external stimuli, so chances are, he won't even be able to hear her, let alone have a conversation. Still, Lydia is adamant, and just stares him down and assures him that Deaton will have no problem hearing her. So, I think it's safe to assume that she Banshee-wailed at him to break him out of whatever dream-world/psychic vision he was stuck in? I would have liked to get more on Eichen House and Deaton's visions this week and a litttttle less lacrosse, tbh.

Back at the game, "Belgium" by Gesaffelstein starts to play as we catch up with Liam, who has finally managed to snag the ball. He expertly runs across the field with it, spinning out of the way easily when the other team tries to block him. "Come on, Liam!" Mason mutters from the stands, just before Brett comes out of nowhere and tackles the SHIT out of him. Like, seriously, even for a lacrosse game, that's a pretty uncalled for hit. Liam gets thrown onto his back, and instantly goes into rage mode and rips off his helmet. "What the hell did you do that for?" Liam demands, but Brett doesn't even try to beat around the bush. "Because you're afraid! I can smell it on you from across the field." Liam just clenches in jaw angrily before Brett continues on. "Are you hurt?" Liam insists that he isn't, so Brett then asks him if he's alive, to which Liam snaps, "Obviously!" Brett turns on more of the tough love, and replies, "Then GET. UP."

The ref sees Liam getting up to his feet and chooses that moment to come over and ask Brett if he's planning on pulling another stunt like that, but Brett just smirks and quips, "Not if I have to!" before winking and walking away, as Liam just stares at him in confusion. Okay, I was pretty "meh" about Brett at the beginning, just like I was "meh" about Liam at the beginning, but now I basically adore him, just like I learned to adore Liam. I guess all it takes to get me to like a Teen Wolf character is for them to like or care about Scott and/or Liam.

Peter's still sitting next to Malia in the stands and pretending like he's really engrossed in the game, because life is a stage for Peter Hale, I guess. Malia, on the other hand, is aggressively trying to ignore him and/or will the ground to swallow him whole. "I told you not to come here," Malia complains, but Peter just reminds her that clandestine meetings must occur in clandestine locations, blah blah blah. "After what happened with you and Meredith, I'm pretty sure I can do without ANY kind of one-on-one father-daughter time." Peter doesn't take his eyes off the field when he suggests that perhaps she would prefer mother-daughter time, which definitely gets Malia's attention. "That's right," Peter coos. "I found our Desert Wolf." Malia looks skeptical, but can't help but ask him if he's sure that she's her mother, and Peter almost looks offended that she would even ask, though he does look her in the eyes and insist that he is sure.

"But, if you want to find her, you're going to have to do something for me, something that's come naturally to you for a very long time." Um, I thought he just said that he already found her? I am 100% sure that Peter is full of shit, tbh, but I know that even if Malia agrees with me, she's still going to try to do whatever Peter wants, because she's desperate to learn about her roots. Also, rubbing the fact that Malia is a "killer" because she accidentally got her adopted mother and sister killed in a car wreck when she was eight and had no idea what she was or how to control it is seriously a low manipulative blow, even for Peter. It's clear that Malia is conflicted, because on the one hand, she knows there's a reason why the pack has been trying to keep Malia from Peter, because he's a scumbag, and she's hurt about what he just said, but she also really wants to meet her mother, too. She swallows anxiously and asks Peter if he always has to get something in return, but Peter claims that it's only when it's something he can't do himself. YEAH RIGHT. Malia sighs and asks him what the fuck he wants, so Peter finally stops fucking around and gets to the point-- he wants her to kill Kate Argent.

Okay, I have no doubt that Peter is playing Malia, but what I don't understand is WHY. I already talked earlier about why Peter would want to turn on Kate-- I mean, she did kill his family in a fire that landed him in a coma for six years, during which is totally lost his mind and became overrun by rage and grief and the need for vengeance, and which started about 90% of the bullshit the Hale/McCall pack has gone through over the last year. Plus, Kate's goal is to get the Argents back together to take back their rightful place at the top of the hunter hierarchy, while Peter's goal is to become alpha again and rebuild himself a pack, so they're not exactly compatible goals, you know? And don't get me wrong, Malia is a badass and kicked some major ass while they were in Mexico, but I have a hard time believing that Malia would be strong enough to kill Kate when Scott and Kira (both of whom have held their own against the oni and other assassins) weren't strong enough to do it. So, what is he hoping will happen? That Malia will get herself killed? That Malia will somehow be able to kill Kate? How does the Desert Wolf fit into all of this? Did he actually find her? I get the feeling she's a well-known killer, too, so what if she has ulterior motives with Malia as well? I AM JUST SO NERVOUS. And what will Malia do when she hears what Peter did to Chris? Or finds out what Kate is doing to Scott and Kira? God, I hope she realizes she's being played before it's too late. :(

Speaking of Kira, we finally catch up with her, but she's not in good shape. She's been knocked out, and just now has begun to awaken, only to find that she's laying sprawled over a pile of hundreds and hundreds of human bones. She's still covered in blood from the fight against Kate and the berserkers, though it does look like she's healed a bit since the last time we saw her. She winces in pain as she slowly starts to work the stiffness out of her extremities and pulls herself onto shaky legs so she can look around to get an idea of where she is. I can't remember if she actually made it inside La Iglesia last time they were in Mexico, but either way, I think she can probably easily figure out that she's in it right now. Unfortunately for her, she's been locked in this room, which she learns when she finds that there are only two doors, both of which are made of steel bars and are sealed tight. She looks above her, where there seems to be a small skylight that is covered in dead vines, and shouts, "Scott? SCOTT? SCOTT!!!!" NOOOO KIRA! Once again, I was hoping she would use her foxfire to somehow zap the metal and, I don't know, melt it enough so she could break it open? UGH.

The game is over, and Liam, still all by his lonesome since Stiles left and Malia is nowhere to be found, sits on his bench and silently worries about Scott and his pack. Out of nowhere, Brett shows up, wearing a perfectly-sized gray thermal that looks SUPER ATTRACTIVE on him, and leans against the row of lockers to check in on Liam.
BRETT: "You okay?"
LIAM: [shrugs] "We lost."
BRETT: "But you're okay, right?"
LIAM: [confused, scoffs] "Why'd you do that? Why'd you help me?"
BRETT: [smiles] "Because of Scott. He saved me. He saved all of us. Do you know how lucky you are?"
LIAM: "What do you mean?"
BRETT: "Scott's a true alpha. That means he didn't get his powers because he was born with it. He didn't get it by stealing, or by killing someone. He earned it. [laughs softly] You're not strong because you can lift a lot of weight now. You're strong because you endure. Satomi calls it 'strength of character.' [beat] You're lucky to have him." [leaves locker room]
LIAM: [whispers] "Then why isn't he here?"

(via teenwolf)
I LOVE THIS CONVERSATION. And not (just) because I'm the biggest Scott Stan there is, either! I get the feeling that Brett is a born werewolf, versus Liam being a recently-bitten werewolf, and it just really highlights how differently Brett looks at all of this in comparison to the members of the McCall pack, who are all relatively new to this. The way that Brett attributes the deadpool being stopped to Scott, when it was really a pack effort that was led by Scott, reminds me of how Ethan said that Scott saved his life when it had really been Stiles. It's like the pack is only as good as its alpha, and vice versa. So, because Brett respects Scott for what he did for Satomi's pack and his own, he has a new-found respect for Liam, as well, as the first beta of Beacon Hills' true alpha. Plus, I feel like Brett probably feels a sense of brotherhood with Liam that he didn't have before because Liam wasn't a werewolf then. The ongoing theme with the majority of the werewolf stories out there is that werewolves care a lot about each other, look out for each other, and are hurt when they see the loss of their own kind, very much like how Derek was devastated to see all of the wolves in Satomi's pack who were killed by that virus. Anyway, I also really like that Brett is indirectly telling Liam that he has the potential to be someone good and heroic and strong, like Scott, in the same way that Scott has positively influenced countless other characters in the show. But, what I love most is that Liam has been so concerned about Scott from the very beginning-- he knew something was wrong, even when Stiles wasn't ready to admit it yet, and he kept pushing. I think this reaction makes it pretty likely that Liam is going to start rising to the occasion and participating in the pack in earnest from now on. I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

Over in the sewers, Jordan is trying his best to bend back the rebar that is impaling Chris so they can pull him off of it, but either he's not strong enough, or he's still not able to fully access his supernatural abilities to help him out yet. He stops when he can no longer stand just how much his attempts to straighten out the bar was hurting Chris, and he can't help but sympathetically apologize over and over for it. Jordan hunches over to try to catch his breath and relax his arms, and admits, "I can't do it myself. It's not bending back, and it's not coming out of the wall." Chris manages to gasp out, "Leave," but Parrish refuses to do that, because he's not going to leave Chris here to die all alone.

JORDAN: [looks Chris in the eyes] "I need you to help me. I know you're hurt, and you're tired, but I need you to gather everything you've got, and help me!"
CHRIS: [defeated] "I've got nothing."
JORDAN: [squeezes his shoulder] "Grab the bar, sir."
CHRIS: [weakened] "I've got nothing left."
JORDAN: [blinks back tears and looks at him with sympathy] 
CHRIS: "Please, just go. We're running out of time."
JORDAN: [determined] "You know what you need? Adrenaline. There's two ways to get it: fear, and anger. Since you don't look like a guy who's afraid of anything, you need to get angry! You need to get so angry that your brain lets loose every bit of adrenaline it has left!"
CHRIS: "I'm too tired to be angry."
JORDAN: [slightly frustrated] "Okay, I don't know much about you, or what you've been through... but Lydia told me some of it. And, I know about Allison. [Chris starts to cry] I know how she felt about Scott. And, I think if she knew about what was happening to him, she'd be pretty angry. At least angry enough to try one more time to get the hell out of here! So, whatever trigger you need-- if it's Allison, your sister, or Peter-- USE IT. USE IT RIGHT NOW."

(via teenwolf)
OH MY GOD. Welp, I'm crying again. Whoops! I MISS ALLISON ARGENT SO MUCH IT HURTS ALL THE TIME. But seriously, was that not the most heartbreakingly-perfect pep talk ever? I kind of wish it had been Scott, or Stiles, or Lydia giving him that pep talk, because it's high time that all of them started actually talking about how they feel about Allison and her death, but it's still awesome no matter from whose mouth it comes. Kudos to Parrish for keeping his head under extreme pressure! Also, I seriously wish we would have been able to see some of this conversation Parrish and Lydia had about everything, ughhhh. ANYWAY, Chris musters up what little strength he has and takes a shaky hold of the bar, just as Jordan wraps his own hands around it too. Chris lifts his head toward the ceiling and bellows as loud as he possibly can while he helps him pull back the bar. Jordan is throwing every bit of energy he has into it, and after a moment, he focuses so hard that his irises go from blue-green to FIRE-COLORED. These aren't bright gold eyes like a beta, or the orangey-pink, purple rimmed eyes of a kitsune, but instead are this awesome fluttering orange-yellow-red that looks like his irises are literally made of flames. JORDAN PARRISH, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? I NEED TO KNOW. Also, hopefully when Chris heals a bit, he can help Parrish figure out what he is-- the Argent bestiary has to have something on it, right?!

(via sssssssim)
Across town, Stiles and Sheriff rush up the steps to the loft, whose door is wide open. Inside, Braeden and Derek are looking around the room, which is totally wrecked-- chairs and stools have been broken, along with several of the dozens of light bulbs Derek strung from the ceiling, the table by the windows has been upended, and it generally just looks like a supernatural brawl went down. Naturally, Stiles and Sheriff are horrified, and Stiles asks Derek what the hell happened in there. "It was supposed to be a date," Derek begins, and Sheriff immediately realizes that both Scott and Kira were there when this went down. "And they're both gone," Braeden replies. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Please tell me that Derek and Braeden are going to Mexico with them next week, because the fact that the pack is so fractured is making me extremely nervous. More on that later.

Suddenly, Stiles gets a phone call, and pulls it out of his pocket to find that it's Lydia who is calling him. When he answers, Lydia instantly informs him that Scott's been taken, so Stiles has to correct her and add that Kira was captured, too. "We just don't know where," Stiles adds worriedly. Lydia has her phone on speaker, so Deaton, who is awake, albeit quite weak-looking and out of it, leans over his table at the clinic and confesses, "Mexico. And, if you want to save his life, that's where you're going, too." Deaton looks anxiously over at Lydia, who looks numb, more than anything else, and puts her hand over Deaton's to both comfort him and herself. Why can't these kids have ONE day where they don't have to worry about any of this shit? These poor kids can't ever catch a break.

Down in Mexico at La Iglesia, Scott wakes up on the same berserker-making table that Deaton woke up on in his dream-vision, courtesy of Dr. Valak. He's strapped down with leather bindings across his shoulders, and around his wrists and ankles, and he has sprigs of what looks like wolfsbane covering him, as well. How can Kate even touch wolfsbane? Shouldn't it hurt her? She is a werejaguar, which is basically the same as werewolves and coyotes in terms of the fact that they're affected by full moons and all the other same weaknesses. Maybe the berserkers did it? Sigh. Anyway, Kate finally swaggers into the wrecked room that Price Peterson so affectionately refers to as the "Berserker Factory," and can't help but drop a little mythology lesson while she walks around the table he's strapped to and tightens his binds so he can't escape.

"So, tell me, Scott-- they ever teach you the myth of Artemis and Actaeon in school?" Scott shakes his head no in alarm, which she expected. "No? Didn't think so. Well, Artemis was a goddess, and Actaeon was a hunter who happened to see Artemis bathing naked one day. Well, it did NOT make the goddess too happy," Kate lectures on, while Scott desperately tries to break out of his restraints, to no avail. "In fact, Artemis was so angry that she turned Actaeon into a deer. And then, sent his own hounds into a frenzy. He was actually torn apart by his own hunting dogs!" Scott looks over at the berserker standing a couple feet away from the other side of the table, and his eyes widen in absolute terror when he realizes just what Kate is planning for him.

"Cain" by Cousin Marnie (which, in addition to being both an awesome song in general, and an amazing and appropriate choice for this scene, is also a song that would be perfect in a fanvid about the Winchester brothers from Supernatural, don't you agree?) starts to as Kate picks up a mask that is made from a bear skull, just like the ones that the two berserkers wear, and holds it up in front of Scott, as if in confirmation. "What are you doing?" Scott asks fearfully, and Kate just smiles the most amused smile, because you know her psychotic ass is getting off on just how terrifying for his life (and that of his friends) he is. She laughs hysterically and chirps, "I'm not going to turn you into a deer! But, you are about to become something unrecognizable to your friends. They won't know what they're fighting. Or, killing." Scott yells at Kate to hold on, but there's no way she's going to back out of her plan now. The berserker places a clawed hand on Scott's chest to hold him down while Kate walks until she's standing right behind Scott's head and lifts the skull over their heads. Scott begins screaming the most heartbreaking, soul-crushing, absolutely 100% terrified screams as Kate closes her eyes and lowers the mask until it's completely covering his face. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

(via teenwolf)
Next week's soul-destroying season finale, according to the promo: the Stilinskis and other members of the McCall Pack and allies head on down to Mexico to rescue their alpha and favorite kitsune; the berserker left behind in Beacon Hills gets into tons of trouble at the high school, where Mason, Liam, and Lydia have been left behind; Malia and her infernal father make their own trip down south.

[screencaps via Screencapped]

-So, did anyone notice that Malia was wearing the same blue knit hat that Allison wore in season 2's "Frenemy?" I wouldn't ordinarily think that this was especially weird, if Malia hadn't also been wearing the same shorts in "Weaponized" that Allison wore in "Motel California." Is this supposed to be a hint of some kind? Or did Shelley Hennig just inherit Crystal's wardrobe for Allison when she left the show? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

-Okay, yet another part of Kate's plan that I still don't understand-- why make Scott a berserker? Like, on the one hand, I get it-- being turned into a werejaguar was basically a fate worse than death for Kate, because she was turned into something she hated against her consent, but valued her life too much to kill herself like her brethren. This is the same kind of situation for Scott-- he would MUCH rather be dead than turned into his absolute worst fear, which is to become a monster who will either hurt or be hurt by his friends. I mean, we all know his worst nightmare was turning into Peter or Deucalion, but this is almost worse; the berserkers seem like mindless, violent fighters who pretty much live to follow Kate's every command. HOWEVER, we have yet to see a fight where anyone actually overpowered or beat a berserker, so why would Kate think that any of Scott's friends would be able to kill him? Can you even be a berserker AND a werewolf? The only way I could see this working out in a way that would benefit Kate or Peter would be if Peter came in pretending to play white-knight, as if he hasn't been working with Kate all this time, and kills berserker!Scott under the guise of "saving Malia/Stiles/whoever," and then somehow becomes alpha. But, that doesn't even actually make any sense based on what we know from the midseason finale, because we saw the scene where Scott and Peter faced off, both in wolf-form. So, between that and the fact that the episode is called "The Broken Spell" seems to tell me that Scott's time as a berserker will likely be brief. So, again-- what is even the point of turning Scott into a berserker, unless Kate really was turning against Kate? I just don't get it.

-So, who is going to Mexico? As of right now, Scott and Kira are captured by Kate and one of her berserkers, Chris is critically injured and will most likely be hospitalized, and it seems like Lydia and Liam are staying behind at school, probably because one doesn't have the abilities to fight in this kind of fight, and the other is a newly turned werewolf on a full moon (WAIT, who is going to help Liam stay in control? If it's just Lydia, this is going to be such a terrible idea, unless it somehow ends up teaching Liam by basically forcing him to learn or risking hurting his friends or innocent people), Malia will be with Peter, which leaves Stiles, Sheriff, Derek, Braeden, and Jordan as possible packmates to join the Mexico-bound rescue squad, all of whom are human, for all intents and purposes, except for Jordan, whose powers are a complete mystery. THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A SHIT SHOW OMG.

-As much as I hate Kate, and as much as I'm really not even a huge fan of Jill Wagner, I have to give her major props on her portrayal of Kate this season! She really is a great actress and I couldn't help but laugh at her delivery of her funnier lines this week. She is a very good villain, that's for sure. (Speaking of good villains, I keep hearing rumblings that Jennifer Blake will be back at some point, and GOD, I HOPE THEY END UP BEING TRUE)

-What are your theories about Derek going into the finale? Do you think he'll get his werewolf powers back? I'm thinking he probably will, because we need all the werewolves we can get on this show, and like I've said before, being a werewolf is Derek's entire identity. I have a hard time believing he's actually going to die, although that also might just be wishful thinking on my part.

-Peter and Kate better be dead by the end of this season/the beginning of next season, because SERIOUSLY, you can't fuck with the McCall Pack like that without consequences. PLEASE MAKE IT SO. I am at peace with the possibility that it could be Scott who ends them.

-I know Chris won't be able to fight next week unless some sort of miracle happens, but I seriously hope that he can help the guys who are going to Mexico by lending them weapons, or wolfsbane, like that wolfsbane he stole from that one grow house about which we still have not been given an explanation yet.

-Can we read Mason in on the supernatural yet? It looks like he might just have a first hand experience next week, so my fingers are crossed that they can bring him in. I just want more Mason! And more Liam! And MORE LIAM/SCOTT, LIAM/MASON. MORE LIAM/ANYONE OR MASON/ANYONE.


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