Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 17: "Silverfinger" Recap/Review

YIKES, I am still really behind, sorry guys! Please know that I'm working hard to crank these out as fast as I can, school permitting. ANYWAY, "Silverfinger" was yet another amazing episode of this amazing half-season of Teen Wolf. We got a little more information about the dementors and why they're here, as well as a taste of what Kira is as well! Also, I have never loved Derek Hale more than I have this season, he just seems so much more chill and happy, I am truly digging it. Also, Scott McCall is and will forever be the sweetest angel child of all time.

Now, enough summarizing, let's talk about "Silverfinger!"

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Kira showed Scott the weird aura that forms around her when she takes pictures of herself with the flash, and though she thought she looked like a demon from hell, Scott, using his wolf eyes, saw that Kira's aura is actually in the form of a fox. Stiles found a mysterious key on his key ring that turned out to be to the chemistry closet, and learned that the code left on the chalkboard telling Barrow to kill Kira was in his own handwriting. The dementor ninjas materialized from the shadows and jumped Isaac, Derek, Aiden, Ethan and Lydia at the blacklight rave being held at Derek's loft and branded them with a weird tattoo behind their ears that looks like a backwards "5." Also, Chris Argent believed the dementor ninjas might have been after him, and suggested he knew what they were when he revealed he had one of their broken masks.

We open this episode in a flashback of Chris Argent's, from twenty-four years prior. He was still just as hot then as he is now, but he's laying on the ground among the bodies of a half dozen or more slaughtered people as the dementor ninjas skulk around a garden. Flashback Chris squeezes his eyes shut when he sees another dementor, whose eyes are glowing greenish-yellow, cutting down another person with his ninjada. In the present, Chris is sitting in his study with Allison, Isaac, and Scott, the former of whom is tending to his head wound. Chris mentions the dementors' glowing eyes as Allison puts some of those tape sutures onto a cut on his forehead. "There was something almost ritualistic about it," he explains. "Like it was looking right into his soul." Isaac points out that they did the same thing to him and the rest of them. Scott realizes that they only went after the werewolves, but Allison corrects him by adding that they also went after Lydia. Chris thinks the dementors would be interested in anyone connected to the supernatural. Could that include Stiles and Allison, since they have a connection to the nemeton as a result of the ritual? I need to know for...reasons.

Apparently, Chris first met these dementors in Japan, during an arms deal with a guy they called the Kumicho. "The Yakuza boss. It was my first gun deal. I was only eighteen. It was supposed to be a simple exchange, except Gerard left out the minor detail of the buyers being Yakuza. Wanted to see if I could adapt in the moment. Testing my ability to...improvise." Damn, Gerard, that's pretty cruel, even for you! JFC. Chris continues to say that the second the sun went down, the dementors just came out of nowhere with ninjada swords (not katanas, according to the weapons expert--katanas have a curved blade, and these are straight, wrought-iron blades). When Isaac asks what they wanted, Chris figures it was the Kumicho, which I'm guessing is the leader. In flashback, we see all of the various Yakuza shooting at the dementors with machine guns, but they don't even slow them down. The dementors just continue walking toward them as if they're not getting shot full of lead. Bb Chris watches in horror as the dementors start cutting down the Yakuza, while the Kumicho hides behind a decorative fountain.

"They cut down every living thing in their way," Chris recalls. Isaac feels at the healing brand behind his ear and asks if the dementors marked the Yakuza like they did the pack, but they didn't. In flashback, the Yakuza continue to shoot at the dementors as they slay person after person, spilling blood ALL over the garden. Eventually, there are less than a handful of survivors, and the Kumicho, hearing that the gunfire has completely stopped, stands up from behind the fountain. His eyes go milky white as his face transforms to reveal silver fangs, like lamprey fish or something. It's kind of terrifying, tbh. He growls at the dementors, who completely corner him before all five stab him in the abdomen with their swords and lift him up into the air. Akumicho twitches and groans as he bleeds out all over the fountain, and it's a truly gory and campy sight to behold. The cinematography of this show has gotten better with every season, and 3B is the best yet. It has a very American Horror Story feel to it, like many shows out there right now, and I'm totally loving it.

In the present day, Scott asks Chris what the fuck kind of creature the Kumicho was, but he has no idea. He thinks he knows someone who does, though--another survivor from that night, a guy named Katashi, who is known by the name "Silverfinger" because of a silver prosthetic pinky he wears on his right had. Chris explains that during their meet, Katashi looked like he was about to take on all of the dementors himself, and he knew he had to so something to help, so Bb Chris stood up, pointed his gun straight at the dementor, and shot him point-blank in the face. "I've known for a while Katashi was in the country," Chris admits in the present day. "I spent yesterday tracking him down."

Isaac correctly deduces that Katashi didn't want to be found, considering the beating Chris received that night. Scott wonders if Katashi would have any idea what the dementors are, or what they want, and Chris replies that he's hoping that he will. Allison points out that he might not want to talk, or may not even remember who he even is, but Chris pulls out the broken mask he has and shows it to them. He figures once Katashi sees that mask, he'll remember exactly what happened. "I know I didn't kill him, I'm not sure you can. But, I slowed it down long enough for us to get out of there." Scott picks up two of the pieces and holds them up before asking him what was behind the mask. "Darkness," Chris replies. "Absolute darkness." We flash back briefly just to see a cloud of black smoke billowing out behind the mask of the dementor. OH FUCK. TITLE CARD!

Kira just returned home from her long night with Scott at the rave, and quietly sneaks into her bedroom. Where the fuck have Kira's parents been this whole time? She gets kidnapped from her own front yard by a serial killer of teenagers, is almost killed by said serial killer, and is ONLY saved by the fact that she has some kind of unknown magical abilities that are starting to present themselves that allowed her to suck up all the electricity, and yet her parents are nowhere to be found? If that had happened to me when I was a teenager, there's no way I would have been allowed to go to a party afterward, or leave the house at all, for that matter. ANYWAY, she plops down on her bed and smiles, all blissed out, as she recalls what happened after the rave.

We flashback to what had to have been just minutes before she returned home. Scott pulls up in front of Kira's house on his bike, with Kira riding on the back. He lifts up the visor on his helmet and asks her if she's okay as he waits for the inevitable "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU" freak-out. She nods, and after a long moment, asks, "So, all of your friends are...?" Scott answers in the affirmative, so she asks, "And you are...?" Scott's pretty much just like, "Yup, I'm a monster of the night," and braces himself for a reaction like his mom's, or like Allison's. Kira LOVES weird stuff, though, so she just hops off the bike and circles around so she's face to face with him, and asks him if she can see his wolf. He's kind of confused at first, but then sighs and asks her if she's sure, which she totally is.

Once he looks around to make sure that the coast is clear, he puts his visor back down and lets his wolf out before removing his helmet completely. He's breathing pretty hard in order to keep himself under control, but Kira just smiles as she takes it all in. She puts a hand to his face and just touches his cheekbone a bit, and Scott is so stunned that she's not running away screaming that his eyes go back to brown. Oh shit, new anchor alert! (The song is "Silhouette" by Active Child ft Ellie Goulding, btw, it's so gorgeous) We fade back into lens flare, and then return to Kira, who looks like she's about to take a cat nap before she ends up having to go back to school. GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are the cutest.

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The music switches over to "Yes/No" by Fake Blood as Scott rides his dirtbike to school. Out of nowhere, Ethan and Aiden show up on their motorcycles and flank Scott on either side. Scott's like, "SERIOUSLY?" and speeds off, so the twins just follow him all the way to the front of the school, popping wheelies the whole way. Oh, werewolves. Once they're parked, Scott sighs and asks them if they're really going to pull this shit all day. Ethan (I finally can tell the twins apart!) is all, "All day!" just as Aiden adds, "All night!" Scott figures they're just trying to get him to let them into his pack, but Aiden disagrees. "This is about you being the target of demonic ninjas!" Ethan: "You mean the demonic ninjas who pulled swords out of their chests and totally kicked our asses?"

Scott pulls a page from the Allison Argent playbook, all, "I can take care of myself!" but Ethan reminds him that they were going after him right before the sun came up. Scott points out that they disappeared, and that Chris thinks they only come out at night, but Ethan just shrugs and chirps, "Since this is our first experience with demonic ninjas, we're thinking we should play it safe." Aiden repeats the "all day" thing, and Scott's like, "Okay, okay, okay, I get it."

Inside the school, Scott's getting books out of his lockers when he mentions that he needs to have a confab with Stiles to fill him in on what happened at the rave after he left, and orders the twins to give him some space so they can talk in private, no werewolf hearing allowed. Aiden is automatically like, "Uh, no?" and asks him how he'd even know, so Scott just smirks. "I'm a true alpha! You have no idea what I can do." You tell 'em, bb!

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Unfortunately, Stiles isn't really doing so hot this morning. He leads Scott into the chemistry classroom, rambling a mile a minute about his talk with Caitlin the previous night and finding chemicals on the mystery key. So, he tested it out and found out that the key actually fit in the chemistry closet lock. There's just one problem--the atomic numbers that spelled out Kira's name are no longer written on the board. This throws him for a loop for a moment, but eventually he just shrugs it off and figures it doesn't matter, since he still has the key. BUT, when he checks his keyring, it's not there. Scott's getting more and more concerned the more Stiles talks, especially as Stiles stammers that he totally had the key this morning. He asks if he showed the key to Scott at the rave, but Scott informs him he never saw it, he just remembers Stiles talking about it.

"I was here a couple hours ago," Stiles insists, as he walks toward the chalkboard. "And the message left to Barrow spelling out Kira's name was right there, in my handwriting, and I had the key to the chemistry closet." He's practically hyperventilating at this point, but Scott is just really confused, and has a hard time believing that Stiles would have unlocked the closet so Barrow could hide in there and left a message for him to kill Kira. Stiles know it sounds crazy, but it actually gets worse--he found a newspaper article from right after Barrow put the scrapnel bomb on the school bus. Apparently, Barrow did it by hiding a bomb made from nuts, bolts, and screws in a box wrapped to look like a birthday present, which is suspiciously just like the prank they pulled on Coach in "Galvanize." "That was my idea!" Stiles exclaims. "You remember? That was my idea. That's no coincidence, it can't be."

Scott, being the angel baby that he is, looks Stiles in the eyes and assures him that he's not saying he doesn't believe Stiles (because he knows that Stiles is super sensitive to that), but he adds that he also has a hard time believing that Stiles would want to hurt people, especially Kira. Stiles just frustratedly crumples up the article in his hand, and mutters that all of the clues were right here in this room. Scott is really concerned for him now, and asks, "Dude, are you feeling okay? You're looking really tired." Stiles says he's fine, he just hasn't been sleeping, which is BAD NEWS, because that means he's still dealing with the same issues he was dealing with before, when we all thought that the Golden Trio had gotten over their Nemeton-related issues. Scott soothingly rubs his shoulder and suggests that he go home and take a sick day, since he seems way too keyed up to be at school right now, but Stiles just continues to stare at the now-clean chalkboard.

In the hall, the twins meet up with Scott and ask him if he was able to talk to Stiles about what happened at the rave. Scott admits that he didn't, because Stiles has way too much going on right now to be dealing with his supernatural issues too. That kind of worries me, because that means that Stiles has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about the dementor ninjas, and we all know what kind of bad shit happens when these kids don't communicate with each other. Aiden points out that if the dementors are coming after him when the sun sets, Scott is going to have a lot going on, too, but Scott still doesn't think it's him they're after. Ethan asks him who they'd be after, since the dementors have already gone after the rest of the supernaturals, but Scott sees Kira in the hallway and realizes that it could be HER they're after. Thankfully, he doesn't tell the twins that, because it's not his secret to tell.

Once again, Allison and Isaac are skipping school in favor of chasing some leads, and are still hanging out at the Argent Abode. Chris states their problem--Katashi doesn't see visitors, like at ALL, because he's paranoid as fuck, so much so that he hardly ever leaves his home. Isaac asks how they're supposed to get answers, then, and Chris replies that Katashi is a sucker for antique weapons. He gives Allison a knowing look before pulling out one of his own guns in a plexiglass case as he explains that he put out word that he was selling an antique weapon from his collection. Allison gives him a look, like, "Seriously?" as he sets it on the table, which will make a whole lot more sense later. "This is a French flint-lock turnover pistol from 1645." Allison warns him that he's not going alone, which causes Isaac to add, "If she's going, I'm going." Chris is all, "I'd rather not have my backup coming from two teenagers, tbh," but Isaac reminds him that the dementors were looking right at Scott when the sun blew them away. Chris figures if it's Scott the dementors are after, they might only have a couple hours to figure out a way to protect him, so Isaac decides for them that they need to see if Katashi will be interested in the gun. YIKES! I love how Chris, Allison and Isaac are so firmly Team Scott, it makes my heart melt into goo.

Meanwhile, Agent Douchenozzle is on the phone when he walks into the Sheriff's station and heads for his office. The conversation he's having with whatever fellow douchenozzle friend of his is TOTALLY infuriating, to say the least. See for yourself: "Yeah, I'm walking in now. Eh, I'm trying to avoid the hostile stares of everyone in here." He uses his keycard to get into his makeshift office, and continues. "No, no, probably another week or two, and we'll ready for a formal review. There's enough here to put Stilinski so far out of government work he won't be able to, uh, get a job riding the back of a garbage truck. Yeah, exactly." GROSS! No one talks about Papa Stilinski like that, dude. This is why you will forever be known on this blog as Agent Douchenozzle, Blobfish, or a combination of the two. He gets onto his MacBook and sees that he has a security alert, so he tells the guy he'll call him back. When he clicks on the alert, a photo of Scott and Kira using his laptop to charge her phone pops up. OH SHIT, I never thought about the fact that an FBI agent would have security protocols on his laptop, but it totally makes sense. This is gonna be SUCH a mess.

Per usual, Melissa is the only medical professional at Beacon Memorial Hospital, and informs an anxious Stiles that Dr. Gardner is on vacation until the next week. She asks him if he wants to see an urgent care doctor instead, but Stiles just backs up a couple steps and starts to take a bunch of quick, shallow breaths. Melissa stands up and walks over to him and asks him if he's okay, and he just kind of gasps, "I don't--I don't know...I guess...I guess not really?" Melissa just nods slowly and assures him it's okay and takes him into a room to check him out. Man, Stiles Stilinski is just breaking my heart this episode, and it's only gonna get worse.

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Inside the room, Stiles has removed his hoodie as he sits on the bed, and Melissa asks him questions about his symptoms.
STILES: "Blackouts, but not for that long. And...sleepingwalking, which I used to do as a kid? Also, um, I've been having some really bad anxiety..."
MELISSA: "Panic attacks?"
STILES: "Yeah, a couple. Oh, and I temporarily lost the ability to read. But, that might have had more to do with this giant magic tree and whole...human sacrifice-thing..."
MELISSA: [smiles] "I recall something vaguely about that, yes. How many hours of sleep are you getting?"
STILES: "Eight."
MELISSA: "A night?"
STILES: "In the last three days."

Melissa looks seriously concerned for him, and watches him as he counts the hours on his fingers for a moment, finally settling on eight. She pulls her keys out of her pocket and goes to unlock a drawer in a cabinet as she asks him if he's been feeling irritable. "Yeah...possibly to the point of homicide." Is he talking about Kira? OH SHIT. She then asks him about his ability to focus, and he admits that his Adderall isn't working anymore. When she asks about impulsive behavior, he literally replies, "More than my usual? Hard to tell." I know this isn't at all funny, but I LOL'd, because it's totally true. Her final question is if he's been experiencing vivid dreams during the day, to which he's like, "YEAH, HOW ABOUT YOU JUST CHECK EVERYTHING, OKAY?" She pulls a syringe out of a drawer and walks over to him, and he asks her if she knows what's wrong with him, so she smiles and assures him that she thinks she does.

He asks her what she's holding, but she just asks him, "Do you trust me?" Stiles: "When you're not holding a needle?" She just chuckles and gives him a shot in the deltoid as she explains that she's giving him medazolam, which is a sedative. He asks her why she gave him a sedative, so she reminds him that he's super sleep-deprived, which is why his brain is going wacky, and insists that he desperately needs some rest. She gently pushes him down onto the pillow as he asks how long it'll take to kick in, but once his eyes start to roll back into his head, he realizes that he'll be out pretty soon. She pulls up the sheets to tuck him into bed and turns to leave, but he clutches onto her hand. She looks him in the eyes, all full of concern, and brushes a hand through his hair before whispering, "Get some rest." As she picks up her charts and heads for the door, Stiles' eyes fall shut, and he murmurs, "Thanks, mom," right before he falls asleep. MCCALL-STILINSKI FAMILY FEELS, I CAN'T DEAL WITH YOU RIGHT NOW, THIS IS TOO MUCH.

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Chris, Allison and Isaac are parked in Chris' SUV in the middle of nowhere when he receives a text message. He sighs, and informs them that Katashi isn't coming to the buy himself, he's sending one of his guys. Isaac reminds him that he was the one who told them he was a paranoid recluse, so this shouldn't really come as a shock to him, but Chris DID expect this to happen, he was just hoping he wouldn't have to resort to Plan B. What's his Plan B? We don't know yet, but Chris asks, "How tall are you?" so we can probably assume it's going to be hilarious and messy.

Scott is in the parking lot, getting ready to take off on his bike, when the twins hurry up and hop on their own bikes so they can follow him. Scott gets the CUTEST SMIRK EVER going on as he backs out and apologizes in advance for what he had to do in order to get some privacy this afternoon. The twins each try to start their ignitions, but their bikes won't start, which pisses them off about as much as you'd think. Scott goes to the other end of the school to pick up Kira, who puts on her helmet and hops on the back. Before they leave, she holds out her hand and cutely chirps, "What do I do with these?" Scott gives her the sweetest grin when he spots the spark plugs to the twins' bikes in her hand, and as they pull away, she drops them on the ground. I LOVE HER. I LOVE HIM. I LOVE THEM.

Chris has a blueprint of the building where the buy is taking place, and is pointing out where Katashi's office is to Allison when Isaac calls out, "Guys? This isn't--this isn't going to work. I look ridiculous," Isaac stammers, as he comes out from behind the SUV. Apparently, Chris' big idea was for Isaac to go in, pretending to be Chris in a suit and tie. "I mean...I look like I just stepped out of the-the last period of a Catholic prep school! And there is no WAY I'm going to remember all this," he rambles, as he pulls out the cheat sheet he was given. "I mean, what does this even MEAN, 'revolving over and under-barrels?" Chris assures him that all he has to do is keep Katashi's cronies busy until he and Allison can find him, since he figures Katashi will be hiding out nearby. Allison assures him that he looks amazing (because he does, DAMN!), but Isaac whines that he's sweating through his jacket, which he didn't even think was possible.

Allison turns to her dad and asks him if she can have a minute alone with poor Isaac, so he goes and walks around to the other side of the SUV as Allison grabs his hand and leads him away. Can I also mention how hot Allison looks today? She's wearing black leggings under a jean skirt and this awesome gray jacket, she looks like an assassin who works as a high-fashion model on the side, it's AMAZING. She promises him that he can do it, and tucks in his shirt-tails as she reminds him that if he goes in with the confidence of a man, everyone else will believe he's a man. Isaac points out that he's going to look like a teenager pretending to be a man (which is hilarious, because Daniel Sharman is like, 28 IRL), and is sure he's going to get his head blown off by a "fingerless Yakuza mobster," so Allison changes to a stronger tactic. She grabs him and lays a kiss right on him, which instantly shuts him up. Then, she takes his hand him hers and guides him to squeeze her ass. When she pulls away, she smirks and asks, "How do you feel now?" Allison Argent, turning boys into men since 2011, ladies and gentleman!

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Isaac struts into the warehouse where they're making the buy, having perfected the arrogant, cocky confidence that he's been searching for, and informs the dudes that Mr. Katashi is expecting him. A scary-looking, super-buff man in a black leather blazer replies that HE'S the one who is expecting him. His voice seriously sounds like silky-smooth, musical honey. It's seriously amazing, I just want to roll around in it. He descends down a set of stairs, and we can see he's got claws that are scraping down the railing. YIKES, A WEREWOLF. Isaac looks like he's panicking a little internally, but he plays it off well as he watches the man approach him with a suitcase.

Kira and Scott have just made it to Scott's house, and as soon as they're safely inside, Scott asks Kira to lock the door behind her. He goes around the downstairs, locking each of the windows, when Kira reminds him that they're running out of time. He agrees, but informs her that Allison, her dad, and Isaac are working on getting answers as they speak. She watches as he runs around the different rooms, and stammers, "I don't want to sound pessimistic, but do you really think that's gonna keep them out?" Scott vaguely explains that after some "things" happened a few weeks ago (read: ritual suicide to a magical tree stump), they got Scott's boss to help them add a "security system" to the house. Kira's like, "Oh, so you work for a private security firm?" but Scott just replies, "No, he's a veterinarian." As you can guess, as a newb of the supernatural world, Kira is super confused at that response. Scott informs her that he's unable to "arm" the security system (which pretty obviously involves mountain ash of some kind), only his mother can, but it's no big deal, because she'll be home soon.

He rushes upstairs, with Kira following behind him, and throws his backpack onto his bed before locking the last window in his room. When he backs away from it, he bumps into Kira, and quickly turns around to steady her. He keeps contact with her shoulders for an awkward second, and then quickly lets go and apologizes. He can tell she's really nervous, so he promises that they're going to be okay, all of them. She points out that he purposely evaded the twins because he didn't want them to get hurt, and asks why he'd bring HER, because if he really is the one they're after, the safest place she could be is far, far away.
Scott doesn't want to let her get hurt, obviously, which is why he kept her close to himself, so he could make sure she was okay. Of course, she's not accusing him of putting her in danger, it's quite the opposite--she's trying to force him to admit that SHE'S actually the one they could be after. He insists that it could be either of them, but she doesn't think so. She confesses that she has to tell him something, and pulls out a book of Japanese mythology out of her bag. "Have you ever heard of something called a kitsune?" she asks.

Mama McCall goes to check on Stiles in his hospital bed, where he's still sleeping like an angel. A+ work by the lighting crew in getting that gorgeous sunset-light to hit his face like that. She smiles when she sees he's still resting peacefully, and grabs his chart from the box outside his door and takes a look. After studying it for a moment, she grabs a highlighter and highlights the majority of the symptoms listed, (hallucinations, impulsivity, irritability, and acute-onset insomnia) as she gets an idea.
She sneaks over to the file room and searches through the various shelves until she finds the chart she's looking for. When she opens it up, she reads the symptoms aloud to herself as she compares them to Stiles'. "Patient is irritable and impulsive. Complains of vivid dreams during the day. Inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Occasional hallucinations. Symptoms began with acute-onset insomnia." NO NO NO NO NO, I don't like this at allllll. Melissa sighs when she realizes they're the same, and flips the chart closed, so we can see the big label that reads "DECEASED 2004." And, just in case we thought it couldn't get worse, when we pan up to the name on the chart, it reads, "STILINSKI, CLAUDIA." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Stiles is NOT sick, he is NOT SICK.

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At the arms deal warehouse, a goon is standing guard outside a door with an assault rifle when Chris sneaks up behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold until he passes out. In another part of the warehouse, Allison kicks one of the guards in the middle of the back and KO's him with a single elbow to the head. MY BADASS WARRIOR QUEEN, you are flawless. At the actual meet, Isaac opens the case to the gun and explains the gun like he's been doing illegal arms trades all his life. "What we're looking at here is a mint-condition, French flint-lock turnover pistol. Crafted in the mid-17th century, it was a gift from King Louis XIV to a prominent French family. It's only ever been fired once." So, that prominent French family was totally the Argents, y/y???

The guy leading the deal picks up where Isaac left off. "During a duel between brothers, on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles." Isaac is surprised that he is familiar with the gun, but the guy just smiles and states in that silky-baritone voice of his that Mr. Katashi knows his shit, and that they'll take it. He opens up a briefcase full of cash and informs him that there is $150,000 dollars in cash inside. HOLY SHIT. No wonder the Argents don't actually have to work real jobs outside of werewolf hunting. Isaac, stalling for time, counters that he'll need to count it, to which the guy responds with an incredibly sassy, "Oh, really?" Isaac, bless him, pulls out an electronic bill counter and breaks the seal on a stack before starting to count it. That is absolutely HILARIOUS to me, omg. Only Isaac Lahey, you guys.

Scott sits down with Kira on the bed as she shows him an illustration of a kitsune, which, of course, looks just like a white fox. She then turns to another page, where the fox is surrounded by lightning. Scott points out that the illustration looks like what happened to her at the electric substation, so Kira tells him, "When a kitsune rubs it's tail together, it can create fire or lightning. It's called foxfire." Scott just looks at her like, "Uh, wot," so Kira immediately informs him that she doesn't have any tails. When he asks how she knew he was thinking that, she jokes that kitsune are also psychic, and it's totally adorable. What is also totally adorable is the fact that she marked all the different pages with post-its to make it easier to show him the important parts.

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He chuckles at her, because she really is the cutest, and they look at each other all googly-eyed for a moment, until Kira reminds him that the sun is setting soon. He's aware, and still pretty nervous about it, but you can tell he's trying to keep her calm. He asks her if she's scared, and she admits that she isn't at the moment, before pointing out that she's supposed to be home for dinner. Scott figures she should tell her parents she can't make it, so Kira gets flirty and asks him what she should tell him. He flirts back that she should tell them she has a date. She grins, and shows him another page of the book as she asks him if he's sure about that, because foxes and wolves don't get along. I really hope that's not foreshadowing to Mama and Papa Yukimura eventually disliking Scott! Also, why do all animals hate wolves? First coyotes, and now foxes? Scott gently closes the book and gets within kissing range of Kira and whispers, "That's just a story in a children's book." She smiles, and they both lean in, and are like THISFUCKINGCLOSE to kissing, but are interrupted by the sound of someone walking through the front door. Scott tells Kira that his mom is home, and the two stop their macking and run downstairs.

Of course, because every fucking thing that they do has to all go wrong at the same time, it's not actually Melissa who has come home, but AGENT DOUCHENOZZLE. Since Scott has more than enough stress to deal with at the moment, he's immediately on the defensive. "What are you doing here? And how do you still have a key?" Blobfish is like, "Funny you mention keys, since while I have a key to this house, I'm pretty sure you don't have a key to my office," and whips out his laptop to show them the security photo his laptop took of them during the blackout. YIKES! THIS IS A DISASTER. Kira and Scott just gape at him while we cut to commercials.

When we come back, Isaac is about to stick another stack into the counter when Katashi's goon about snaps the briefcase closed onto his hand. Isaac looks up hesitantly as the guy sneers, "You don't know the whole story behind this gun, do you? There was no duel between brothers," he explains, as he circles around the table, dragging his claws along the edges until he and Isaac are side-by-side. "That was the cover story. The REAL one involves an encounter in the woods with a vicious animal. It's bite caused one of the men to change into something...monstrous. By his family's code, the brother of this man killed him with this very gun." OH SHIT, so was that La Bête du Gévaudan that bit one of the earlier Argents? And is this some kind of foreshadowing that another Argent is gonna get bitten? :( Isaac stutters that that story is much cooler than the one he heard, and offers to take their word for it on the money in an effort to GTFO of there ASAP. Unfortunately, that's not gonna fly, because the guy grabs Isaac's wrist and asks him for HIS story. When the guy pulls Isaac's arm away from him, Isaac's got his fangs and glowing eyes out, and growls in the guy's face.
An older Japanese man watches this go down on video on a tablet from another room, and when he switches around to different cameras in the building, he sees Chris and Allison each taking out various security guards. He sets his tablet down on a table and aims a gun at the door, which allows us to see that the guy has a silver prosthetic on his pinky. Oh shit, it's Katashi! Chris takes out the last guard outside the door and points his own gun at Katashi. He promises that he just wants to talk, but Silverfinger points out that taking out his security isn't really the way to go about showing they're not threats.

Chris is a little offended the guy doesn't remember him, so he tells Allison to take his gun. She amazingly whips out this chain and uses it like a lasso to pull Katashi's gun out of his hand, and it's amazing. God, I am so fucking attracted to Allison Argent, especially when she's wielding weapons like a pro. It's overwhelming. Chris asks again if they can talk, but they're interrupted by Isaac, who is pulled into the room in a choke hold by Honey Voice. "Uh, guys? They've got a werewolf, too," he gasps, as the guy's claws dig into his neck. LET GO OF MY ISAAC, HONEY-VOICE, OR I S2G.

At the McCall residence, Blobfish is still staring down his son and his new girlfriend, who just gulp nervously. ADN gets really obnoxious and starts suggesting they refer to the usual standbys, like, "It's not what it looks like," but Scott isn't in the mood to play right now. Kira looks like she's about to spill the beans, so Scott cuts her off and spits, "Dad? Let me help YOU out. You need to leave." ADN isn't leaving without "a satisfactory explanation," but Scott just retorts that he needs to get a warrant. Blobfish claims he doesn't need one, since he's Scott's dad, so Scott breaks out the big guns. "No, you're a gene donor. I got my hair color from you, and that's all I got, so you're not allowed to play 'Tough Dad' with me." Melissa chooses that moment to walk into the house, fresh from work, and asks them all what's going on. ADN, that smug bastard, is all, "Maybe YOU should tell her." Of course, that's when the sun sets, which Kira notices in horror. Once the sun has gone all the way down, a dementor materializes in the middle of the living room.

(via drunkstiles)
ADN automatically goes into fed-mode and is all like, "Who's this joker in the duster and Halloween mask? Are these more of your weirdo friends?" Scott yells at him to back the fuck up, but, per usual, his dad doesn't listen, and gets stabbed through the shoulder for his efforts. Sux 2BU, buddy. Kira screams as the dementor pulls the sword out and braces for it's next move as Melissa runs over to put pressure on his wound. Scott is already wolfed out and ready to move when the front door opens. In runs Derek fucking Hale, ready to kick some ass, who joins Scott in kicking the shit out of the dementor ninjas. While they're all occupied, Melissa pulls ADN by his good arm to get him out of the center of the fighting. Scott calls out to his mom to get the mountain ash, and she pulls away from Blobfish just long enough to grab a large vial out of her purse. One of the dementor ninjas lurk behind Kira, but before they can get to her, the twins jump through the window, shattering them, and join the fighting as well. OH SHIT. Do none of them have any consideration for Melissa's damn house?

Kira hides behind a couch while they guys fight the dementors, and Melissa waits until the right moment. The twins manage to throw one of the dementors out the hole in wall where they jumped through the window, and Scott pushes another one out the front door. Derek eventually is able to toss the last one out, so Melissa scurries over to the front door and throws the glass vial onto the threshold. The ash aligns itself in a perfectly straight line from one side of the door frame to the other, successfully keeping the dementors from being able to get in. HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS AMAZING. Melissa McCall is fucking queen. Aiden glares at the dementors from the doorway, and Kira, confused about this entire chain of events, raises her hand and pushes it towards the doorway. Once she hits the barrier from the mountain ash, the force field throws her hand back, which definitely catches Aiden's attention.

At the warehouse, Chris pulls out a handkerchief that holds the broken pieces of the dementor mask he shot off all those years ago. "Starting to remember? It was twenty-four years ago," Chris pushes, and judging by the scowl on Katashi's face, I'm gonna guess that he does. Katashi looks at the honey-voiced werewolf and nods as an order to let Isaac go. THANK GOD. Katashi reassembles the mask and informs them that they're called oni. "They are demons, and they are unstoppable." I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS. Also, does this mean I have to stop calling them dementors now? Rats.

Back at the McCall residence, Derek and Scott are standing together in front of the doorway, looking at the line of mountain ash keeping the oni out. Derek asks him if they replaced their baseboards with rowan (mountain ash) wood, which Scott confirms, before changing the subject to Derek's reappearance. "Where the hell did you come from?" Scott exclaims, but Derek informs him that he's been following him. When Scott asks how long he'd been doing it, Derek just looks him dead in the eyes and deadpans, "All day!" If we needed any more proof that Derek is a card-carrying member of the Scott McCall Fan Club, this is DEFINITELY it. I'm pretty sure his affection for Scott is only beat by Stiles and Isaac, tbh.

Derek and Scott run into the other room when they hear Melissa shout that things with Agent Douchenozzle are NOT looking good. She's applying pressure to his wound when ADN gasps that he needs to call Rebecca. I don't know who that is, (probably his girlfriend/wife?) but I NEED to know ASAP. Scott worriedly asks her how bad his injury is, and Melissa guesses by the way his arm is rotated that the tendon in his shoulder has been severed and that he might even have a collapsed lung. Scott stammers that the oni probably won't leave until they get what they want, or when the sun comes up, whichever comes first. Melissa insists that they need to get him to the hospital before he bleeds out, which will likely occur before the dementors GTFO. Scott suggests calling Sheriff Stilinski, but when Melissa points out it could just get him hurt, they reconsider their options. I wonder if ADN is picking up any of this conversation? They're not really being subtle at all. Then again, if he's bleeding out, he's probably pretty out of it. Scott assumes that guns won't work on the oni, but when Melissa asks him what WILL, Scott doesn't really have any answers.

Katashi, still at the warehouse with the Argent gang, picks up where Scott and Melissa left off. "Nothing. At least, no man-made weapon. The oni are a force of nature. You don't fight a tsunami, you endure it. And you hope that you're not destroyed in its path." Allison, ever the Argent matriarch, asks him how they're supposed to endure it, and Katashi admits that one of them already has. He walks over to Isaac and turns his head so we can see the demon tattoo behind his ear. "This is the Japanese kanji for 'self.' This means he is still himself." Isaac jerks his head out of Katashi's grip, but he continues on. "The oni are looking for one who is no longer themselves." Understandably, Chris wants to know what that actually means, so Katashi explains that they're looking for someone possessed by a dark spirit.

Kira and Aiden are still standing in front of the doorway, as one of the oni stares at Kira curiously. Aiden puts on the fakest smile ever, and says, "It's Kira, right?" Kira nods nervously as Ethan turns his head to watch their conversation. Aiden asks her if she's planning on telling them what she is, but Kira plays dumb and asks him what he's talking about. Aiden grabs her hand, and when Ethan cautions him to let her go, Aiden just tells him to watch. He pulls her hand toward the doorway, and when it hits the mountain ash barrier, it bounces backward, just like before. This gets Ethan's attention, and Aiden reiterates that since she can't cross the barrier either, she's obviously supernatural, and asks her again WTF she is. Derek strolls in casually and snarks, "She's a kitsune, idiot." The twins and Kira just look at him in shock, so Derek drops a little lesson on Japanese mythical creatures for us. "Use your eyes. You can see it all around her. The younger ones give off an aura. She just hasn't learned how to conceal it yet. She probably doesn't know what kind she is, either." TELL ME MORE, DEREK.

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Instead, Katashi fills us in on kitsune lore. "There are thirteen kinds of kitsune. Celestial, wild, ocean, thunder. But, there is one, a dark kitsune. They call it void, or nogitsune." Chris recalls the Kumicho, from the flashbacks, and assumes he was possessed by a nogitsune, which Katashi confirms. "That's right. He was possessed by a nogitsune. It's what helped him rise through the ranks of our Yakuza family." Then things get super serious and terrible. "The nogitsune draws its power from pain and tragedy, strife and chaos." NOOOO THAT IS TERRIBLE, because those are four things that exist in fucking droves in this town. No wonder the nogitsune decided to go there, not only is there a huge power source there, but there is enough strife to gorge on forever.

I'm guessing that Derek has filled the rest of the gang in on some similar facts, because at the McCall's house, Scott and Kira are in the hallway by the stairs. Scott insists that Kira isn't the nogitsune, because her aura doesn't look evil, and plus he knows her. Kira isn't convinced, though. "But, isn't that what a shapeshifter does? Isn't that why the kitsune is called the trickster spirit? It's supposed to trick you! How are you so sure? How do you know I'm not the bad guy?" The oni listen in on their conversation as Scott assures her that he's seen the bad guys (yeah, I'd say so!), and he knows for sure that she isn't one of them.

In another room, Aiden gets defensive and argues to Derek that he wasn't going to hurt Kira. Derek concedes that he knows he wasn't going to, at least not yet, which just makes them more defensive. "Why do you think we're here, Derek?" Aiden whines. "For study group? We're here to protect Scott!" Ethan adds that they're here to fight for him. That's when Derek gets AMAZING. Seriously, I have never loved Derek as much as I do in this half season, he's just fantastic. "I'm sure you are. I'm sure you'd kill for him." He turns to them, ad stares them both down as he adds. "But are you willing to die for him?" PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE FORESHADOWING THAT DEREK IS GOING TO DIE FOR SCOTT.

This also solidifies my theory that being a beta to an alpha like Scott is exactly what Derek would rather be doing than trying and failing to lead a pack on his own. Man, I have so many McCall pack feels, I don't know what to do! And as much as I'm not a fan of the twins, I do like that they're still trying to protect him and the rest of them, even if they're not automatically welcoming them into the pack. I expected at least Aiden to be pissy about it, so the fact that they at least understand where the pack is coming from and trying to redeem themselves impresses me. I will still be forever pissed at them for Boyd and Erica, though.

Back at the warehouse, we get some insight into how the Yakuza works. Katashi asks Chris if he knows why he's pissing his little finger. Chris nods, and replies that it was penance, which Katashi confirms. "It is a ritual called 'yubitsune.' Removing the joints of the little finger. Weakens the grip on a sword. When a katana is gripped properly, the little finger is the strongest." Isaac asks him why they took his finger, but Katashi informs him that he actually removed it himself and offered it to his superiors as penance for a mistake he made. The idea is that you make yourself more vulnerable as a punishment to yourself, because you can't hold the katana properly anymore. He admits this wasn't his only mistake as we flashback to twenty-four years ago, where Chris is laying in the rocks and watching as Young Katashi pushes himself up off the ground.

"I don't know what it was, the way I moved, or stood, that suggested to them that I was going to take them on," he confesses. "Because actually, I was preparing to run for my life." The oni finish off the dudes they were fighting with and turn to Katashi, but Bb Chris, who has just stood up off the ground, points his gun at the closest oni's head and shoots him right in the mask. "That shot you fired," Katashi continues softly. "Saved me from looking like a coward before the survivors. For that humiliation, I would not have given up my finger. I would have had to give up my head." He folds up the handkerchief that holds the broken pieces of the oni mask and pushes it towards Chris and Allison as they stand up to leave. "I wish I could give you the answer you need, Mr. Argent. I owe you more than my life. I owe you my honor."

Chris nods at him in thanks, and Katashi gives them some parting words before they go. "I will tell you one thing, however. If there is a nogitsune among you, let the oni destroy it." He glances sideways at Allison, standing at Chris' right side, before adding. "Even if it is your own daughter." Chris looks over at her, but we're unable to see Allison's reaction to this statement. NO NO NO NO NO YOU DON'T. I don't want Derek to die, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want Allison to die! She is my fave. :( I don't like all this mindfuckery one bit, god damn you Jeff Davis!

Melissa is still kneeling at Agent Douchenozzle's side when the whole house starts to rattle. The twins look out the window to see the oni whacking at the mountain ash barrier with their ninjadas. Scott looks over at Ethan and asks what they're doing, and Ethan guesses they're testing for weaknesses in the barrier. As they continue to beat at the barrier, dishes fall from the counter onto the floor and shatter. Who is paying for all this destruction to the McCall's home? Melissa is a nurse, she's not made of money! I'm pretty sure in one of Jeff Davis' Q&A sessions on Tumblr, he revealed that Melissa inherited the house from her mother, so they probably would be living in a smaller place, otherwise. Does homeowner's insurance cover damages related to demon attacks? They all watch in horror as the oni finds a small chink in the barrier, and two of them stab their swords into it and push with all their might. Then, when that spot is weakened, they take their hands and shove them into the weak spot and push. Ethan informs them that they have a problem, as if they weren't already aware.

We return to Melissa, who is looking pretty frayed as she continues to push all of her weight onto Blobfish's stab wound. He stirs a bit, and we can see he's covered in a thin sheen of sweat when he turns his head toward Melissa. He's probably in shock, I'd imagine. "I need to speak with Scott," ADN croaks, as he tries to catch his breath. Melissa is like, "Oh, HELL NO, you don't!" He thinks he's dying, so he rasps, "Don't patronize me, Melissa. You know why. You know why I really came back, don't you?" Melissa sighs and points out that, true to form, his timing totally sucks, and refuses to allow him to talk to Scott under these circumstances. She shifts into nurse mode and insists that he's going to hang on until they can get him out of here, and then he can tell Scott later. TELL SCOTT WHAT. I NEED TO KNOWWWW.

Scott has called Allison in hopes that their day trip has given them some answers, and thankfully, it did, so she gives him the Cliff's Notes version of what she's learned after hearing that the dementors have showed up at his house. "Okay, okay, listen. They're Japanese demons, they're called the oni. They're looking for someone possessed, someone with a dark attached to them." Scott watches Derek as he eavesdrops on their conversation, and whispers, "Nogitsune." Allison is shocked that he already knows this, but since they don't have time to discuss it, because the oni are currently in the process of breaking the seal, he urges her to tell him everything else she knows. "Okay, they won't hurt you. They know you're supernatural, but once they do this check, once they realize that you're not carrying this dark spirit thing, they won't hurt you, I promise. All they're looking for is a nogitsune."

There were some people who thought this might be untrue, because the oni killed all those Yakuza guys back in the day, and they also stabbed ADN, but I think that was more because they were actually fighting back. They'll cut down anyone who gets in their way, but as long as you're NOT in their way, they'll leave you alone. Anyway, Scott hangs up the phone, and Kira can tell by the look on Scott's face that she's right. "They're looking for me, aren't they?" Scott repeats that they're looking for a dark spirit, and he knows she's not one of them. Derek shouts from the other room that they're going to have to do something JUST as one of the oni manages to finally break the seal and steps through the broken door and into the house. I'm thinking they can probably hear and understand what they're saying, because they don't start fighting off the bat, they just stand and watch as the kids try to figure out what to do.

Ethan, Aiden, and Derek brace themselves for a fight, standing right in front of Scott and Kira in an effort to protect them as the oni march towards them. After a moment, Scott orders them not to do anything. They all look at him in shock for a moment before turning back to the oni, and Aiden snits, "Is he serious?" The oni continue to approach them, and Scott growls, "I said, don't do anything." The oni stop right in front of them and wait for their next move. Scott turns back to Kira and holds out his hand, which she takes. He urges her to trust him, and she nods as he guides her until she's standing right next to him. The two stand right in front of the middle two oni, who quickly each take a hand and place it on one side of each of their heads. They turn on the firefly eyes, which bathes their faces in green light, and Scott and Kira fall to their knees in front of them.

The oni lean until their faces are barely a foot from Scott and Kira's, and they tilt their heads as they scan them. They both look terrified, frankly, and we already know that this process results in leaving them borderline hypothermic and in a daze, so it's probably not a pleasant or painfree test at all. After what feels like an eternity, the two oni each run a finger behind each of their ears, and the two fall to the floor. The two lay still, blinking as they try to process what just happened. Scott grimaces as he reaches up to his head, and he feels the black kanji behind his ear and breathes a sigh of relief. I don't think he ever actually thought he was possessed by a dark spirit, but after their ritual suicide in 3A, I bet it's still a relief to find out that he was right. Kira reaches behind her own ear, and though we can't see the mark on her head (because she's laying on that side), I'm going to assume she has one. The oni stand back, and with a *poof!* of black smoke, they're gone. The second they leave, Derek runs straight for Scott, and the twins follow close behind, kneeling by Scott and Kira. Aiden tells them they're going to be okay, as a slightly remixed version of Hans Zimmer's "Time" leads us into the next scene.

It's dark at the hospital when Stiles wakes up in his hospital bed. He throws off his sheets and stands up (was he sleeping in his shoes? I could never do that) as he stretches and cracks his neck a bit. He walks over to the door and peeks out the doorway before slipping out into the hallway. Stiles looks more refreshed than he's looked in a while while he walks down the hall and calls out for Melissa. The hospital looks suspiciously empty, and it's making me really unnerved.

In the ER lobby, paramedics push ADN into the hospital on a gurney, accompanied by Melissa, who calls out, "Stab wound to the left chest, possible collapsed lung, and pulse is weak." Scott catches up with her and assures her that he'll find Stiles and get him updated on everything he learned tonight. HA, I love how neither of them seem that particularly bothered by the fact that Blobfish has been taken to the hospital with a serious stab wound. I guess when you've got nogitsune-hunting demons running around town tattooing supernaturals, ADN getting injured just isn't quite up there on their list of priorities. Also, poor Melissa! She's still in her scrubs from when she left work, and now she's back again just hours later. That woman needs an island vacation, stat!

Stiles is still wondering around the halls of the hospital, which are dark, and walks through a set of swinging doors into a treatment room. Stiles hears that tell-tale rattle/chirp thing and turns around to find two oni standing behind him. Stiles hasn't been read into this whole situation yet, so he's pretty startled, and immediately turns to run the other way when he's stopped by another oni who has materialized out of the shadows. The oni marches toward him as the other two close around him, cornering him. Stiles looks like he's on the verge of a panic attack as the oni lifts his hand and reaches for Stiles' face. Before he can make contact, Stiles' hand jerks up and grabs the oni's hand, which starts to smoke the second they make contact. Naturally, the oni is confused and intrigued, and tilts his head curiously at Stiles as he stares, horrified, at his own hand, like he doesn't know what he's doing.

He wrenches the oni's hand down before pulling back his other arm and plunging it into the oni's chest, which releases a bright yellow-green light from the opening. Stiles pulls out his hand and opens his fist slowly to find a firefly dying in his hand. The oni he just de-fireflied dissolves into a puff of black smoke. The way Stiles' hand is shaking, and the way his eyes look confused and terrified, makes me think he has NO control over his body right now. His face remains passive and blank as he turns his head to look back at the remaining two oni. When he turns to them, they hesitantly step back, and watch as his eyes go dead in a stare. The two oni lunge toward him, and it looks like they literally got consumed by Stiles! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO MY BABY.

(via sourwolves)
Scott is wondering around the hallways when he hears a noise and walks into the room where Stiles took down the oni. He's just standing there in the middle of the room, his back to Scott, staring at the wall, when Scott finds him. He looks at Stiles with concern and calls out, "Stiles, you okay?" When Stiles turns back around, he looks like he's back to normal, and quirks his mouth a bit as he replies, "Yeah, fine! What's been going on?" Scott is so relieved and exhausted from the day's events that he brushes off this weirdness and starts to explain what has happened. When they leave the room, the camera pans to a squished firefly on the floor that is futilely blinking its light until it finally dies. Once it's dead, it poofs into a small puff of black smoke and gets sucked into the floor. WHAT. THE. FUCK. JUST. HAPPENED.

Next episode: Stiles is lost somewhere and terrified, and needs Scott and the gang to come find him, and the Teen Wolf fandom dies of hysteria.

[screenshots via KissThemGoodbye]

Click HERE to move on to the recap of the next episode of Teen Wolf!

-First things first: now that we know that Kira is for sure a kitsune, what kind do we think she is? While thunder would make sense considering the electricity ability we've seen her demonstrate, I am thinking she's most likely a celestial kitsune. Since it seems the big deal right now is a nogitsune/void kitsune, it would make sense that there would be a celestial kitsune fighting against it. And, since it seems like being a kitsune is genetic, I would hazard a guess that Mama Yukimura is one, too, and the reason why they moved to Beacon Hills is because she wanted to take care of it.

-So, it's pretty safe to say that Stiles possessed by the nogitsune, yes? How long has it been in him? And how much control over him does it have? It doesn't seem like Stiles is aware of it's presence yet, so maybe it can only take control over him some of the time? Or maybe it's just lying in wait for the time being and trying to stay off the radar. Either way, I do NOT like that it is taking up residence in poor Stiles and I'm really worried about what could happen to him as a result of this possession. :( NOOO.

-I'm super glad that Chris isn't dead, losing that growly voice and those baby blue eyes would be a travesty.

-WHAT IS AGENT DOUCHENOZZLE HIDING? Is he supernatural? Does he know about the supernatural? Does Scott have a secret sibling? Is it Stiles? Is he dying of some terrible disease? I need to know EVERYTHING.

-I also need much more helpful, sassy Derek, please and thank you.


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