Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 6: "Orphaned" Recap/Review

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. My heart is still pounding from all of the shit that happened this week, I don't even know where to start. As usual, Scott McCall is KING, and Malia temporarily took on Kira's role as Queen of Everything. Then, we got the last third of the deadpool, learning a LOT of new mythology stuff from Derek, as well as some more backstory on our old friend Satomi from "The Fox And The Wolf!" And best of all, Jordan Parrish is TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD.

But the main thing I'd like to briefly discuss before we get started is that while Allison may be dead, her presence is still constantly being felt in this first half of the season, even if she's not explicitly mentioned. Between Lydia and Stiles lamenting the number of people who have died that they know in the last year, to Scott's vow to not let anyone else on the deadpool die, regardless of what kind of creature they are, to Chris' determination to neutralize or put down Kate and the berserkers, Allison's loss is still weighing heavily on everyone. And as sad as it is that this is the case, I'm also really glad that she wasn't so easily forgotten. I'll get into this theme a little more throughout the recap. On the other hand, there has been NO mention of Isaac whatsoever and I'm kind of concerned. Didn't Chris leave him in France with family? What has he been up to? Can't we get any hints on that?

Alright kids, let's talk about "Orphaned," yeah?"

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Scott accidentally bit Liam and made himself his very own beta, who just so happens to have un petit anger problem that Scott is trying to help him control. Garrett and Violet were revealed to be baby assassins who arrived at Beacon Hills High an undisclosed amount of time ago so they could ultimately kill off some of the supes on the deadpool and make themselves some cash money. Violet wanted to go after Scott, since he's the most valuable name on the list, but Garrett didn't think it was a good idea, since Scott's way more of a badass than he's given credit. Still, Violet tried to behead Scott with her thermowire bolo necklace and promptly got her skinny ass knocked the fuck out. Derek finally confessed to Chris that Kate came to town looking for the Hale's triskelion in order to learn control over her new werecreature abilities, and Chris insisted that he would do whatever necessary to stop Kate from hurting anyone else. Which is sort of where we pick up this week!

We begin this awesome episode with a flashback to four weeks ago, which, if the rough timeline I have mapped out is accurate, was about two-ish weeks before the pack went to Mexico to find Derek. It's pouring down rain at some rest stop or gas station somewhere, where Kate is snoozing in the back seat of her car. The car looks pretty old, so I got curious and asked my dad, who is obsessed with cars, what model it is, and he said he's almost positive it's a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396, which is apparently very rare and VERY expensive. Like, auctioned-off-at-100,000-dollars-or-more-expensive. So, where is Kate getting the money for that kind of ride, anyway? She used to drive a new-ish SUV back in the day, right? And if she stole it, why wouldn't she choose something more anonymous, like a Honda Civic or a Chevy Malibu or something EVERYONE drives so that she wouldn't be tracked down as easily? Why do I know more about being a criminal than these villains? I'm guessing its all the Supernatural I watch. BUT, I digress! Just something to think about, I guess. ANYWAY, the rain is pounding against the windshield as the camera pans across the car's interior, revealing the straight razor that Severo gave Kate to use to kill herself before she turned in the flashback in "The Dark Moon." The sound of static wakes Kate up, and, after blinking dazedly for a moment, she takes her shotgun and uses it to press the eject button on her car's tape deck so she doesn't have to get up. Girl after my own heart!

When the tape pops out, Kate's eyes narrow in suspicion and confusion, as though the tape just magically showed up while she was sleeping or something. After she looks around and determines that she's by herself, she grabs the tape and examines it. On the front, someone has written "PLAY ME," so Kate, who is still pretty suspicious, pops the tape back into the deck and plays it. After a moment, a man's voice starts reading off what sounds like a news report, or some kind of NPR-style story on (I assume) the Hale family. YES YES YES HALE BACKSTORY GIVE ME MORE. "Eventually settling in a small town in northern California, this family used their wealth to rebuild the community around it while remaining isolated from it. This was sometimes more a choice than a necessity, as not all their children would become werewolves. The ones that did, these 'born wolves,' had to be trained. They needed to learn control. They have a practice for the training of betas, a tradition passed down through generations that involved the use of a sacred object called a triskelion." I listened to this like a dozen times and I'm still not 100% sure that the last sentence is accurate, because whoever is talking is a total mushmouth and mumbled his way through it. Sorry guys! If you could understand it better, please correct me and I'll fix it. ;)

In the present day, the last few lines of the tape play as Kate struts her way through a complete disaster zone. It looks kind of like an abandoned parking lot of some kind, where the bodies of at least a half dozen dead, dying, or seriously injured men are strewn across the smoking and flaming wreckage of various cars and motorcycles. "Without control, violence-- extreme violence-- is inevitable." Yeah, I'd say so! Kate slinks through the destruction, loosely clutching her shotgun in one hand while she kicks everyone else's weapons out of their reach. The only guy out there who appears to be conscious is currently being held in a choke-hold by one of Kate's berserkers. "Big fancy guns," Kate purrs confidently as she strolls toward the guy in her tight black jeans and badass stompy boots. "Coded death lists... so-called assassins..." When we see her face, we can see that someone else's blood is splattered all over her neck and jaw, and she cruelly kicks over one of the presumably dead bodies to emphasize her scariness. "And not ONE of you can answer the simplest question! [beat] Who's paying the bills?" The bald man in the choke-hold groans in pain, but Kate's not really a patient lady, as we're well aware.

"So, I'll ask again-- who is the Benefactor?" The berserker holding the man up growls ferociously, so the guy frantically stammers that he has no idea who the Benefactor is, nor has he ever seen or spoken to the guy in person. "I know," Kate replies drolly with a sigh. "Everybody says the same thing-- they don't know who he is, where he is." Her voice takes on a mocking tone as she mimics the others she's questioned, "'It's all done electronically! I can't help you! Please, I'm bleeding to death! Please! Stop! It hurts!'" The guy asks her what she wants from him, then, so she pulls out the tape from her tape deck and jokes that it's been a long time since someone has made her a mixtape, and suggests that he also has one of his own. He swears up and down that he doesn't have it, but he knows who does.

"They look like kids. Like, teenagers. They're called 'The Orphans.'" Before Kate can get any more information, she's shot in the back of the leg by one of the not-dead-yet dudes laying nearby. Kate's pissed, obviously, but not so seriously injured that she can't march up to him and aim her shotgun right at his face. He desperately pulls the trigger on his gun again, but he's out of ammo, and you can tell by his horrified expression that he's sure he's going to die. However, while most werecreatures turn back to human when they're injured/in pain, Kate is the opposite-- getting injured makes her SO ANGRY that she immediately doubles over in pain as she desperately tries to hold back her transformation so she can keeping being her hunter-self. The second guy desperately tries to reload his gun while she's distracted, but as she roars at the top of her lungs in pain, her face shifts into her nagual form, and she wastes no time lunging for him and ripping the guy to shreds. Once she's done with him, she reflexively rushes back toward the first guy and kills him, too, before he can even give her any more information. YIKES, Kate! So, who were these dudes? Hunters? Assassins? TITLE CARD!

Back at the school, it's just after last week's intense lacrosse match, where Liam is walking down the hall to join the lacrosse team, all of whom are trying to get into the locker room for their stuff. Of course, it's currently a crime scene, so Coach orders all of them to get out of there and come back for their gear tomorrow. "If anyone sees Garrett, you notify the police immediately! Then tell him he's off the damn team!" Coach rants. Liam bypasses all of them, because he's looking for his alpha, obviously, and after a moment, he finds Scott in a side hallway with Agent Douchenozzle. Speaking of ADN, he's been rather conspiciously absent the last couple episodes, don't you think? Hmmm. ADN is snivelling to Scott because he feels like he should have been at the game like he said he would so, I don't know, he could somehow stop Scott from almost being murdered? Of course, Scott just wants him to get the fuck out of there so he can start investigating the more supernatural aspects of the situation for himself, so he swears that it was just a scrimmage, which Scott never even told him about in the first place, so it's no big. Liam chills around the corner and eavesdrops with his new super-hearing as ADN replies, "But I promised your mom I'd be around so she can pick up some double shifts at the hospital!" ADN insists. "I should have been here!" Scott assures him that he's here now, which is what matters, and DAMN, does Scott have way more patience and kindness in his heart than I do, because I would seriously tell him to fuck off.

Just then, Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish come out of the locker room with Violet, who is in handcuffs and being led away to the Sheriff's station for questioning. As they guide her down the hall, Violet notices his name badge and asks, "Jordan Parrish?" Parrish is just like, "DEPUTY Parrish to you, missy," while Violet once again gets dancing dollar signs in her eyes at the thought of ganking our sweet Parrish for a cool five million dollars. As she passes Scott, giving him one of her perfected psychopath stares, Sheriff approaches the McCalls with an evidence bag in hand, which ADN immediately notices. He asks if it's the murder weapon, which Sheriff confirms as he shows the necklace to him. "Yeah, it's a thermo-cut wire," Sheriff admits, which seems to ring some bells with our least favorite FBI agent, because he instantly calls after Parrish to hold up and chases after him.

Since Scott is now finally alone, Liam takes the opportunity to talk to his alpha without his dumb dad getting in the way. When Scott asks him where Kira is, Liam confesses that she took off after Stiles read her in on everyone who was on the second deadpool list, which leads Scott to correctly assume that her mother is on it. "Everyone's on it," Liam replies worriedly. Scott reminds him that he isn't, but Liam points out that they can't know that for sure, because there's still one more list out there that they haven't seen yet, and who knows who else could be on it.

They both get distracted when they hear ADN talking to Violet, and immediately abandon their conversation in favor of more eavesdropping. "A thermo-cut wire's a very unusual weapon, Violet," ADN begins, which earns him an eye roll from our baby assassin. "We've got a file at the Bureau on something similar-- used in over a dozen murders." Violet maintains that she has no idea of which he speaks, because she's just a teenager in high school, DUH, so ADN brings out the low blows. "Maybe we should call your parents?" Violet just smirks, like, "Good luck with that, pal," but ADN already knows what's up. "Ohhhh, no, that's right! You don't have any parents. That's why they call you 'The Orphans.'" This hits Violet where it hurts, and her smirk slides right off her face in favor of a scowling glare. I don't really like Violet, since she has a vested interest in killing off my faves, but I REALLY don't like ADN, so I don't blame her for giving him the stink eye. On that note, Parrish grabs her by the cuffs and leads her out of the school, so ADN turns to Sheriff and insists that they need to find Garrett ASAP. Liam and Scott both look SUPER stressed and concerned to hear that, and give each other knowing looks while Sheriff asks Coach for Violet and Garrett's locker numbers.

Meanwhile, Stiles had the foresight to take Brett to Deaton's, with a little assistance from Derek, and we cut over to the animal clinic to find the boys holding down a struggling Brett, who is coughing up a frothy, yellow, wolfsbane-laced vomit. "What the HELL is happening to this kid?" Stiles demands in alarm, but Deaton calmly replies that he's been poisoned by a rare form of wolfsbane. Apparently, the treatment is to cut into the werewolf's chest, but if Stiles and Derek can't hold him still, he could be risking killing him in the process. Brett is still seizing and flopping around, so Stiles anxiously asks Derek to use a little more of his werewolf strength to keep him down. "Yeah, I'm not the only one here with werewolf strength!" Derek snits, clearly concerned about his diminishing powers. Before Deaton can make the incision, Brett gains enough consciousness that he punches both Stiles and Derek in the face before he throws himself off of the table in an attempt to get the fuck out of there.

Poor kid is pretty out of it, and doesn't realize that they're trying to HELP him, so he promptly starts to freak out, much like Bb Derek did back in "117." Deaton, Stiles, and Derek scramble to go after him, but out of nowhere, Peter shows up, and knocks Brett out cold with one well-placed right hook to the temple. He gives Derek a look with his blue werewolf-eyes, and both Derek and Stiles seem pretty damn suspicious of him, as am I. "I guess I still have some werewolf strength," Peter quips, but Derek suggests that he has more than that. Peter just smirks by way of reply, which does nothing to assuage my fears that Peter is doing something seriously shady. IF PETER IS GANKING DEREK'S POWERS I S2G I WILL RIOT IN THE STREETS. Derek looks down at his forearm, where Brett managed to claw three long gashes that have still not healed yet. Before they can ask Peter any questions, Stiles points out that Brett isn't breathing, so Deaton immediately rushes over to him and slices his chest open, which releases a yellow cloud of vapor into the air. YIKES! I still don't understand how that works, since Brett was sliced in the leg with that wolfsbane-laced blade, and I don't really understand how it all traveled to his chest cavity, but who am I to question werewolf physiology and magic? It's not like I have a Ph.D in lycanthropy.

Everyone is alarmed at the sight of Brett's "chest toots," as Price Peterson so eloquently put it. Derek is more preoccupied with his own troubles though, and once again glances down at his arm, breathing a tiny sigh of relief when his wounds finally heal up. However, he does catch Peter watching him curiously, and UGH I HATE PETER SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. Anyway, Stiles asks Deaton if Brett's going to be okay, and Deaton assures him that while he's going to probably be out for a while, he should be fine. After a moment, Stiles notices that Brett is muttering something under his breath, and when he leans in to listen closer, he hears him repeat the same mantra that Carrie and Demarco both said before they were killed. "The sun, the moon, the truth." This is definitely familiar to Deaton, who informs them that it's a Buddhist saying. This also triggers something in Derek and Peter's memories, because we flashback to "The Fox and the Wolf," where Noshiko's friend Satomi was revealed to be a werewolf, just before she threw a Molotov cocktail at Noshiko's secret boyfriend Rhys. As it turns out, Brett, Demarco and Carrie were all members of Satomi's pack! OMG!

Back at school, Scott is breaking into Garrett's lacrosse locker in the locker room while Liam keeps watch at the door. At the bottom of the locker, Scott finds Garrett's duffel bag, which he opens to find stacks and stacks of $100 bills. Wait, didn't the Benefactor wire him the money to a bank account? Why would he take it all out in cash? And why would he leave that cash AT THE SCHOOL? In a locker that can easily be broken open by the various supernatural creatures in the town? Or is this separate blood money than what he got from the deadpool? It DOES seem like Garrett and Violet have killed more people than just the ones we've seen in Beacon Hills, so who knows. Either way, he is seriously the worst assassin ever. After a moment, Liam whispers that he thinks someone is coming, and asks if he found anything. Scott gulps nervously and lies that nope, there's nothing of importance in here. Aw, Scott! I have already seen a lot of complaints about Scott and how keeping any of that money would be morally wrong and blah blah blah, but come ON-- in desperate financial situations, you would be amazed at what people would do. I know that money could well be stolen from the Hale vault, and I know stealing is wrong and whatever, but I just have a hard time blaming him for wanting to help out his mother, you know? I'll get into this more in a minute, though.

It's morning at the McCall house, where Melissa is on the phone with the electric company, who has just shut off the house's electricity. She assures them that she knows she's a month late, but is cut off mid-sentence and informed by whoever is on the other line that she's actually THREE months late. "Okay, I understand," Melissa says with a sigh. "But, if you could just turn the power back on, even for a few hours... that'd be really great? I have a refrigerator full of food that's gonna go bad, and obviously I don't have the money right now to replace three hundred dollars worth of groceries, so..." As the camera pans upstairs, we see Scott sitting on his bed with Garrett's duffel bag full of cash stashed under it, listening to his stressed-out mother beg the electric company to turn on the electricity again. Okay, I get that Melissa and Agent Douchenozzle aren't married anymore, but shouldn't he be paying child support or something? And isn't he sleeping on their couch? He's an FBI agent, couldn't he toss them enough money to at least ensure that they could keep the utilities running? I can totally understand how the McCalls could be having financial problems-- remember how the oni/Derek/the twins destroyed the house back in "Silverfinger?" I'm pretty sure "demonic ninja attacks" aren't covered under most homeowner's insurance policies. I just don't get why ADN isn't doing anything to help them out.

Across town, Liam and Mason are getting in a pre-school run through the trails in the nature preserve, during which Mason is taking the opportunity to vent a little. "It's not just that we were friends with them-- they were USING us! For their cover! I mean, professional killers were USING us! How are you not freaking out about this?" Of course, Liam IS actually freaking out about it and about a million other things right now, especially considering that Liam likely knows way more about the current situation than Mason does right now. So, he assures his friend that yes, he is freaking out right now, and proves it by running so fast that Mason can't keep up with him. Mason calls out after him, and eventually gets so winded that he stops running completely and just watches his friend fly ahead of him. After who knows how long, Liam finally stops running, like he senses something, and turns around to look behind him. Unfortunately for him, that gives Garrett the perfect opportunity to run him over with his SUV, which causes Liam to fly several yards down the path.

"Hey Liam," Garrett says coldly in greeting, his blade in one hand, as he walks toward him. "Sorry about missing movie night!" Liam is curled up on the ground while his body tries to heal itself, and it seems he at the very least has a bloody nose and a bunch of bruised bones, not to mention a little road rash all over. "Don't worry, I've got something else planned!" Garrett's face goes stony as he forcefully stabs Liam in the ribs with his blade. By the time Mason catches up to where Liam was hit, both boys are already gone, though it doesn't stop Mason from looking around anyway. However, he manages to miss the small puddle of Liam's blood right under his nose. NOBODY HURTS BB LIAM, OKAY??? God damnit, show!

The bell for Ms. Flemming's algebra class has just rang, and, of course, all of our heroes have skipped school except for Malia. "Has anyone seen Stiles, Lydia, or Kira today?" Ms. Flemming asks with a sigh, before turning to Malia and asking her where her friends are. "I could try catching a scent?" Malia replies earnestly, which makes me practically die laughing. (Although who knows what other assassins may be masquerading as high schoolers? Perhaps it's not a good idea to broadcast her animal-side?) The teacher is just like, "Uh, right," before resolving to just mark them down as absent. Malia is flipping through her book when she suddenly hears a quiet voice whisper "Malia!" She looks around the room for the source of the sound, but can't seem to find it anywhere, even when she hears it again. I recognize the voice, but Malia doesn't. Still, she packs up her bag and gets up to leave, just as Ms. Flemming is about to start her lecture. "Malia, do you need to be excused from class?" Malia just gives her a puzzled look and is like, "Uh, yeah?" before confidently walking out into the hall. BAHAHAHA. Malia is so endearing, I can't even handle it.

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Our wild girl walks into the hall, where she finds Derek standing on the staircase waiting for her. She's confused to see him at school, as though Derek isn't always sneaking around that place during school hours despite having not gone there in a decade. When she asks him why he's there, he informs her that he needs to track down Brett's pack so he can warn them about the deadpool. She's still confused as to how she's supposed to play into this, so Derek explains that he knows a little about this pack, and knows that they have a secret meeting place in the woods. Since nobody knows the nature preserve like Malia does, he needs her help with tracking them by scent, using Brett's jersey. He also does not reveal his recent issues with regards to losing his powers, probably because he's worth $15 million dollars on the deadpool and doesn't really need anyone knowing that he's weakened, you know? Malia warns him that she's still not good at tracking scents in her human form yet, but Derek assures her that he will teach her what she needs to know if she's willing to try and help him out. He tosses her the jersey and instructs her to breathe it in. "Focus on the different scents. Some are tied to identity, others give off an emotion." As she sniffs it, she closes her eyes and attempts to translate all the different notes. I love how patient Derek has become in the last season or two! Remember when his idea of training betas was breaking their bones and threatening them? Such progress.

Meanwhile, as it turns out, Lydia and Stiles skipped school to go visit their favorite neighborhood deputy at the Sheriff's department. Jordan leads them into Sheriff's office and informs them that while Sheriff is out for the moment, they're welcome to wait for him, but Stiles admits that they're actually there to talk to HIM. Privately, of course. Once they've locked themselves in Sheriff's office, they give him a print-out of the second third of the list that Lydia cracked the previous night. Jordan asks them if it's a hit list, which Stiles confirms ("We call it a deadpool!" he chirps hilariously) before asking him if he recognizes anyone on it. Jordan replies that Sheriff did have him run a lot of those names the previous night, though they didn't get any hints on it. Stiles suggests that Lydia show him the rest, so she gingerly takes the folded list out of his hand and flips it over, revealing his name, which sets off probably the cutest exchange of the entire episode.

JORDAN: [shocked] "Okaaaay, that's kind of terrifying. What's the number?"
LYDIA: [sheepish] "That's... how much you're worth."
JORDAN: [turns and gapes at her] "I'm worth five dollars?!"
STILES: [sighs and holds up a hand] "Five million!"
JORDAN: [appalled] "I only make $40,000 a year! Maybe I should kill myself."

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Aw, Parrish! You're basically speaking for every single college graduate/student out there right now, tbh, including myself. Jordan returns to the subject at hand, and asks why he's on the list, but Stiles, sensing that he's a little overwhelmed with information at the moment, hesitantly replies, "Honestly? That might be a question for another day. Right now, there's still another third of the list we gotta crack." Lydia adds that they need to find the third cipher key, which is why they're here-- they need his help finding it. Jordan seems to be taking this pretty well, considering, and asks them who they need to talk to to get it. However, when Lydia admits that it's Meredith, he's a little less patient about it. "The girl from Eichen?" he asks incredulously. "The last time you saw her, you almost gave her a nervous breakdown!" Lydia points out that "almost" is the operative word there, and I'm not sure if it's the gravity of the situation or his fear about being on this list or what, but he ultimately relents to their plan.

On one hand, I LOVE how easygoing Parrish has been about everything, from getting stabbed by demonic ninjas and magically healing from it afterward, to evil doppelgangers of his boss' son going around blowing shit up, to seeing a de-aged Derek Hale and adult Derek Hale within a week of each other, to Sheriff Stilinski's tendency to just let his son and his friends solve all his cases. It is slightly suspicious, though, no matter how much I've been praying that he's a good guy and not some evil dude/the Benefactor/some kind of undercover assassin. On the other hand, I JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM AND WHO/WHAT HE IS ALREADY, UGHHHHH. Damn you Stiles, for wanting him to pace himself, information-wise!

Back at school, Coach is in his office, chugging Thermaflu and generally looking miserable, when Scott and Mason arrive to ask him if he's seen Liam. Coach dazedly admits that Liam skipped his class, so he has no idea, though he suggests that it's possible that Liam is sick, just like he is. Why are the teachers not more concerned about all of these kids skipping school? I could barely show up late to my classes at school without getting detention. Anyway, Mason admits that he didn't think Liam looked sick when they went running this morning, and Scott replies that he hasn't responded to any of his texts either. Mason looks worried, so Scott immediately backtracks and assures him that he's probably fine. He asks Mason to let him know if he hears from him, and takes off to go find him.

As he walks down the hall, his phone buzzes, and when Scott sees it's Liam on the Caller ID, he instantly answers. "Liam?" Of course, it's actually Garrett who replies, "Sounds like you already know the answer to that, Scott." UGH GARRETT. Why would someone pair such an angel face to such a shitty personality? I'm inclined to like him because Kathleen loves him so much and I love Kathleen, but I have a line, I guess, and that line is fucking with Scott McCall and his pack. Scott takes a moment to get control over his emotions before he asks where Liam is, but naturally, Garrett isn't exactly willing to just tell him. Scott swears that he'll give him back his money, and Garrett's like, "Uh, yeah, you will," but adds that if he wants Liam back alive, he's going to have to work a little harder. Scott doesn't understand what more he would want, so he makes his request quite clear-- he wants his blood money back AND he wants Violet-- otherwise, Liam dies. UGH. Garrett, you may have a face made in God's own atelier, but you are the worst.

We cut to Liam, who has been thrown into a REALLY deep well of some sort in the middle of the nature preserve; and, to add insult to literal injury, Garrett stabbed him with his wolfsbane'd blade, so the clock is ticking if they want to find him before he ends up like Demarco or Carrie. NOOOO. When did I get so attached to Liam? Wasn't I literally just calling him a punk-ass kid, like, three weeks ago? I guess I'm just compelled to love anyone who loves Scott McCall/who Scott McCall loves. That's the other theme of this week-- everyone loving everyone.

Scott wanders into the bus bay, where Garrett is waiting for him in between two buses. Nice, way to blackmail someone on the exact spot where you just killed another werewolf like two days ago! "Okay, what do you want?" Scott demands angrily. "You want me to go to Stilinski? I can do that. Or, I can talk to my father, he's an FBI agent." Which makes it even more stupid that Violet went after Scott-- why would you go after a guy whose dad is a fed, and whose surrogate father is Sheriff of the damn county? WORST ASSASSINS EVER. Still, Garrett is smart enough to know that the last thing he wants is for Scott to talk to anyone who wears a badge for a living. "I'm not getting help from a werewolf because I want him to talk to someone," he sneers. Scott just sighs exasperatedly and asks him what the fuck he wants, then, so Garrett informs him that they're transferring Violet to a federal facility, which means Scott is going to help him make sure that doesn't end up happening.

Although Scott has experience in robbing armored police vehicles, he still acts like he has no idea how Garrett expects him to do that, so Garrett impatiently explains that they're going to follow the car that will be transporting Violet until they can get ahead of it and stop it. Scott is like, "Really? Your big plan is me somehow stopping some car full of federal agents?" but Garrett reminds him that he's an alpha, and makes it clear that if Scott can't manage to do it, then his bb beta Liam will die. To demonstrate his point, Garrett pushes the button on his lacrosse stick that extends his dagger and holds it at eye level with Scott's face as he admits that he stabbed Liam with his wolfsbane-dipped blade. Just like with Brett, Liam will get weaker and weaker until the poison gets into his heart and kills him, so Scott has no choice but to do what Garrett says in hopes of finding Liam before that happens.

Out in the nature preserve, Liam is obviously still stuck in the well, and he's just noticed that he's been stabbed in the chest with Garrett's blade. Since it was poisoned with wolfsbane, it's not healing like it should be, and Liam is quite understandably freaking out about it. "Help! Scott! Is anybody there? Somebody help me! Please!" Liam screams at the top of his lungs. AWW BB! :( Honestly, Liam seems to be handling this whole supernatural thing pretty well, considering! The circumstances under which he was turned were difficult enough-- he's already got major anger issues he's been struggling to deal with, and learning control is hard enough for your average bitten werewolf as it is with out having that extra heap of shit added onto it-- BUT, he got turned just as Kate and her berserkers rolled back into town and a long hit list of supernatural creatures was revealed to have been sent out to god knows how many assassins who are pretty rapidly beginning to flood the town.

And even under those horrible conditions, he doesn't seem at all angry at Scott or distrustful of the pack, so I have to admit that he's a much, much better person than I gave him credit for when the season started. Plus, he has a MUCH better support system than Scott had when he first turned, too. Sure, Scott had Stiles to help, and Allison was a good anchor for him, even despite the fact that she didn't even know he was a werewolf for months. And yeah, even Derek did help in some pretty weird and unconventional ways. But now, the pack is so much more connected and close than it has ever been, likely as a result of all the tragedies they've lived through together. When you add in the fact that most of them at least have a general idea of how their powers work, so they have a much better position to help others now, it makes me confident that having all of them to lean on is going to help Liam wonders. EEE I LOVE THE MCCALL PACK SO MUCH.

Elsewhere in the preserve, Derek and Malia have just pulled up in Derek's Honda SUV, just as Derek is giving Malia a little backstory on this pack they're seeking. "Their alpha is a woman named Satomi," Derek explains, as they walk out into the woods. "She's one of the oldest werewolves alive." I was wondering about that! Noshiko said that she summoned the nogitsune in 1943 while she was in a Japanese-American internment camp at Oak Creek, and since it's now sometime in January 2012 in the TW universe, that means it happened 69 years ago. Satomi looked like she was at least 40 years old back then, so she has to be at least 110 years old at this point, give or take 5ish years. Peter, Derek, and Cora have all suggested that werewolves age more slowly than humans do, so I'm assuming that is how she's still alive. ANYWAY! Derek adds that Satomi has learned a lot over her long life, particularly regarding control, because she had such a rough time learning how to control herself back when she was first bitten.

"She did something a long time ago that changed her," Derek recalls, as we cut to the flashbacks from "The Fox and the Wolf," when Satomi, who had just wolfed-out after MP Merrick pistol-whipped her in the face, was so overcome by rage that she threw a lit Molotov cocktail at Corporal Rhys and set him ablaze. As we know, he ended up dying of his wounds before the nogitsune possessed him, and Satomi ultimately helped Noshiko "kill" it by stabbing it with the magical katana that is now in Kira's possession. Derek goes on to explain that the mantra we have heard Demarco, Carrie, and Brett repeat is what their pack uses to help keep them in control. That is really cool, actually! I'm just really curious as to how this pack was formed-- did Satomi bite them all? Are some of them family? How did she choose who to bite? Demarco was probably in his late 20s, Carrie in her early 20s, and Brett is a teenager in high school, so it's not like they have that much in common that we know of, especially when you add in a centenarian woman, you know? Malia catches a scent suddenly and stops in her tracks, and after a moment, she informs Derek that she smells gunpowder. A couple of steps away, Derek finds several assault rifle shells on the ground, and determines that the pack aren't out here for a meeting, they're here to HIDE from whatever is coming after them. YIKES! Also, I could listen to Derek Hale explain mythology all day, tbh. They need to make a web series or something!

It's night time now, and Scott has just showed up to the Sheriff's department to talk to his dad about Violet. "Dad, isn't that a little dangerous?" Scott asks nervously, as he follows his dad into the bullpen. "I mean, Garrett's STILL out there. Maybe we should let someone else do it?" Of course, ADN is a clueless idiot (or is really convincing at pretending to be a clueless idiot) and thinks Scott is only concerned because he's worried about his dad being hurt somehow, so he just assures his son that while he appreciates the concern, he's got it covered. "After what happened with Katashi and losing evidence off an armored truck, I'm not letting this out of my sight." LOLOLOL, good thing it wasn't his son and his friends who stole a scroll hidden in a prosthetic silver pinky finger and a suitcase full of $150,000 off of that same truck, then, isn't it? Scott gulps and tries his best to not look guilty as his dad adds that he's got Beacon County's best Sheriff accompanying him, just to be on the safe side. Yeahhhhh, I'm sure that does nothing to reassure him about this endeavor, either. Poor Scott just cannot catch a break EVER, can he? Just then, Sheriff comes out of his office with a handcuffed Violet in tow, who gives Scott yet another psychopathic smirk on her way out of the building.

Out on some nearby back road, Scott sits in the passenger seat of Garrett's SUV, where he opens up a case that seems to hold some sort of gun or something (which ultimately is never used, so I don't even know why we're seeing it-- maybe it'll be important later?) As you can guess, Scott is not at all confidant about this plan, and for good reason, but Garrett impatiently reminds him that all he has to do is stop the car, and he'll do the rest. Then why does Garrett even need his help at all? I'm sure he has enough assassin tools to stop a car if he really wanted, right? Bah. They're both distracted when they hear a dark SUV pass them, and Scott flips up his hood just as Garrett turns on his own vehicle and pulls out onto the road to follow behind them.

It's been a while since we've checked up on the adorable trio of Stiles, Lydia and Jordan, yeah? They've just arrived at Eichen House, where an orderly is in the process of unlocking Meredith's door so they can go talk to her. Unfortunately for them, that asshole of a head orderly, Brunsky, is on duty, and if you thought he was going to make things easy for them, you are sorely mistaken. Stiles groans as soon as he sees him and aggressively tries to blend into the walls as Brunsky immediately berates the poor nameless orderly for unlocking the door for any old cop who walks through the door. Luckily, this isn't Parrish's first rodeo, so he quickly cuts him off. "We're here to see Meredith Walker. It involves a murder investigation." Brunsky concedes that if Jordan wants to talk to her, fine, but the kids are not allowed, especially Stiles, who he subtly shades for his previous stay at this fine facility.

"They're crucial witnesses in an ongoing investigation!" Jordan argues. "I wouldn't have brought them here unless it was absolutely... crucial." Brunsky's not impressed, and rudely tells him to come back with a warrant if he wants to talk to her that badly, before turning towards Stiles. "As for you, Mr. Stilinski, how about you come back with payment in full?" Stiles is clearly pissed and embarrassed, but Brunsky practically gets off on that, so of course he's just getting started. "That's right! Daddy may be the sheriff, but he's late on the bills. I guess those government jobs aren't as reliable as they used to be, huh?" Thankfully, Jordan isn't exactly a fan of bullies, so he jumps right in to defend Stiles.

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"But they do help when you need a favor!", he interjects. "Like, how a month ago, Canon PD helped YOU get home after blowing a 0.1 on a breathalyzer?" Stiles' face at this bit of information is PRICELESS, and it's all he can do to keep in his laughter. Brunsky's smirk wipes right off his face, and he instantly starts backpedaling before handing Stiles the keys to the room. The second-best part is that Lydia flips him the double-bird as he walks away, though it's so quick it's easy to miss it unless you're paying attention. Then, the best part happens-- "You. You! I like you," Stiles exclaims proudly, as he claps a hand encouragingly on Parrish's shoulder. "I'm gonna keep you!" Yeah, I think you speak for all of us, there, Stiles. Jordan takes the keys from him and unlocks the door before leading the two inside, where Meredith is sitting on her bed, waiting for them.

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When we meet back up with Scott and Garrett, the latter informs the former that there is a stop sign a half a mile ahead of them, which is where Scott will be taking out the car. "So, I take out the tires with my claws...?" Scott asks incredulously, but Garrett is even more impatient than usual. "Teeth, claws, heat vision, WHATEVER. Just stop them," he spits, before warning Scott that he's about to get out. Unfortunately for them, Scott looks ahead to see that the SUV that ADN and Sheriff were driving to transfer Violet has already been flipped over. Scott immediately yells at Garrett to stop before he literally rips off his seat belt and bolts for the car. "Dad!" Scott yells, as he finds Sheriff laying on the ground, desperately trying to pull an unconscious Agent Douchenozzle from the wrecked vehicle. "Scott," Sheriff gasps as he exhaustedly flips over onto his back, revealing that his nose is bleeding and he has several lacerations on his face. Meanwhile, Garrett has grabbed his lacrosse stick from the back of his SUV, and when he pulls the net off the end and twists, two daggers pop out of each end, creating a spear. WHERE WERE THESE KIDS TRAINED? AND BY WHO? The fucking League of Assassins? JFC. Scott yells that Violet isn't there, and that she must have run off or something, but Garrett still has a steely murderous glint in his eyes that is unnerving him.

That's when Sheriff grabs him roughly by the shirt to give him a warning. "Scott, listen to me! They're still here. THEY'RE STILL HERE." Since nothing can ever go easily for these kids, Scott looks over to find a berserker standing up nearby, and he reflexively rises to his feet to brace for yet another supernatural brawl. Garrett notices it just a second later, and immediately starts whipping his spear around like a pro as he approaches it. "You want me? Come on, come and get me!" Garrett shouts, his voice cracking anxiously as he does so. He then continues to flip and spin his spear around to show that he's clearly a professional killer. "Yeah, that's right!" he yells mockingly. "You're not so big! You're not so bi--" Naturally, his arrogant taunts are cut off when the second berserker stabs one of his knife-sized claws into Garrett's back and lifts him up in the air. Scott watches in horror as his blackmailer gurgles blood before crumpling dead onto the ground. Scott rushes over to take on the berserker, but he, too, fails to remember the second berserker, and though Sheriff yells at him to watch out, he's still knocked unconscious before he can even process it. NOOOO SCOTT! Good riddance to Garrett, though-- he pretty much had that coming, for killing Carrie and trying to kill Liam and blackmailing Scott.

Back at Eichen House, Jordan is standing watch at the door while Stiles and Lydia settle down on the bed across from Meredith. "Meredith, what do you mean, you can't tell us?" Lydia asks in confusion, as Stiles adds that they just need to know the third cipher key. "You can give it to us in numbers, letters, hieroglyphs, whatever you want!" Hee! Meredith maintains that she can't, but doesn't go into specifics, so Stiles and Lydia are no closer to understanding why this is such a problem. Lydia asks her why she even gave them the second key, then, but Meredith insists that she DID want to help. "That's what I want to do! I want to help," she babbles nervously. Lydia's like, "'Kay, cool, then what's the problem? Just help us!" Meredith is getting more tense and agitated by the second, and she claims that things have changed since the last time they talked, which is why she can't help, but Stiles points out that they don't understand WHY. Jordan, who has been silent during this entire conversation, interjects that Stiles and Lydia need to go easy on her, and Meredith quickly apologizes for inconveniencing them. "I can't, he-he doesn't want me to," she stammers. Stiles is immediately wary about this new mysterious person, and Lydia asks her WHO doesn't want her to help. "The Benefactor!" Meredith blurts out, her eyes wide in fear. WHAT THE FUCK. Sticking a pin in this for a moment.

Across town, Scott slowly wakes up to find that, once again, he's injured and laying atop of Deaton's exam table. As Scott blinks to clear his vision, he sees good old Deaton's face above him, smiling a sympathetic smile. "Hey there," Deaton states in greeting. "I was actually hoping you'd be out for a few more minutes." Scott frowns in confusion, until he looks down to see that one of the berserker's huge ass claws are embedded in his side. OUCH. My stomach hurts just looking at it, tbh. Chris approaches the table and warns, "Scott? This is gonna hurt," before grabbing onto the claw and yanking it out as quickly as he can, which causes Scott to roar in pain. He almost falls off the table from shock, so Chris grabs onto him so he doesn't tumble onto the floor, while Deaton presses a cloth against his side to staunch the bleeding. I love how much Chris and Deaton love Scott, it is seriously the best thing.

"Where's my dad and the Sheriff?" Scott demands, having remembered how he landed himself in there in the first place. Deaton assures him that though both of them are at the hospital, they're doing just fine. Scott takes the opportunity to inform Chris that it was Kate and the berserkers who attacked the car, but Chris already figured that out; the problem is, they're all fast and don't really leave tracks, so he wasn't able to follow them. Scott is desperate to find them, because Scott is sure that Kate took Violet, who is now the only person who may know where Liam is being held, so Deaton suggests that perhaps Scott could use the claw to track them by scent. Determined to find his baby beta, Scott snatches the claw from Deaton and is ready to get to work, because waiting until you've healed a little bit is for losers, apparently.

Out in the preserve, Malia and Derek have just returned to Derek's SUV. Once inside, Malia apologizes for not being able to help him find Brett's pack. "There's nothing to be sorry about," Derek insists. "If they don't want to be found, then we're not going to find them." When Malia just frowns, clearly not understanding what he means, Derek goes into yet another explanation. "Some werewolves have an ability, a kind of mastery over their bodies where they can actually inhibit their scent." Malia is shocked that wolves have the ability to hide from other wolves, but Derek clarifies that they can hide from literally anyone who is trying to find them. She assumes this is why no one suspected that Brett was a werewolf until they found him on the deadpool, which Derek confirms-- as it turns out, it's the same reason why Demarco and Carrie hadn't been identified as wolves before then, either. That's actually a really cool mythology point, and something that the TW meta writers on Tumblr have been speculating about for a long time. I'm wondering if our introduction to Satomi's pack will reveal any other abilities of werewolves? My fingers are crossed.

"Maybe we need to try something different," Malia suggests. "Maybe we need to think like Stiles!" Derek hilariously replies, "Like a hyperactive spaz?" but Malia was thinking more about her boyfriend's prime detective skills-- if they can't figure out where werewolves would hide, then they should be thinking about where BUDDHISTS would hide. That's when Derek notices the compass on his dashboard, which shows that the vehicle is facing directly east, and starts breaking out even more of his random knowledge. "When Buddha sat under the bodhi tree, he looked to the east for enlightenment," he explains, so Malia wonders where Beacon Hills' eastern-most point is. As it turns out, it's "Look-out Point," which is that cliff where the kids are always meeting in the middle of the night to plan for their supernatural battles or hook up when they're hiding from their parents. OH SHIT.

Meanwhile, Liam is doing his own The Dark Knight Rises-style climb in an attempt to escape the well in time to have his wolfsbane poisoning treated by Deaton. Tbh, he's done a pretty impressive job, considering there aren't exactly reliable handholds on every level, and he's made it halfway up a well that looks to be a quarter-mile in height at LEAST-- by now, I would have died of a heart attack from my heights phobia, or broken about a half dozen bones falling. Unfortunately for Liam, his muscles are getting weaker, and he made the fatal error of looking down and realizing how fucking high he's climbed, so it doesn't take long before his fingers lose their grip on the rock, and he cries, "No, no, no, no!" as he falls down the length of the well again and lands back in the water.

He gets so pissed about fucking up his chance of escape that he angrily punches at the nearby wall, probably breaking some of his knuckles and busting up his fist (and the rock) pretty badly, before he's sent into a flashback to the end of his first full moon. Scott shows him the window in Lydia's boat house through which Liam jumped after he broke through his chains, and Liam seems shocked, and doesn't seem to remember even doing it. Scott then points out that his wounds healed while he was transformed, which Liam proclaims to be the sole good thing of the night. "For you," Scott concedes. "For someone else, it could be really bad," Scott explains in voiceover, as present-day Liam examines the yellow-tinged blood that is seeping through the cuts on his knuckles. Back in flashback, Scott adds, "You need to figure out how you can get a grip on this." Liam admits that he's been trying to do that for years, but Scott asks him what his dad says about it. I'm assuming Scott means his step-dad, but Liam doesn't correct him, so I'm not sure if he's referring to Dr. Connor Jordan or his still-unknown biological father or what. "He says when kids get angry, they deal with it in one of two ways," Liam replies. "They either hurt themselves, or they hurt someone else." Remembering his alpha's advice, Liam braces himself to once again make his way up the walls of the well in order to escape. YES, LIAM, YES!

At Eichen House, Lydia is once again being super impatient and rude as she demands that Meredith tell them the Benefactor's name, which, of course, only makes Meredith become more and more anxious. She starts hyperventilating a little bit as she frantically shakes her head back and forth and pleads, "I-I can't." Stiles tries his best to calm her down by asking her if she means that she doesn't know, or if she doesn't want to help them, but Meredith just stutters, "I-I can't, I can't help anyone." Lydia tersely asks her how she knows about the Benefactor, which only makes Meredith more stressed out, so Jordan steps in and suggests that they need to leave Meredith alone. Desperate for answers, Lydia just blurts out, "Meredith, a lot of people are going to die if you don't tell us!" UGH, UGH, UGH. On the one hand, I understand Lydia's urgency, because since she's a banshee, she feels as though she's the one who should have all the answers, and she's just becoming increasingly angry at herself for being unable to figure out her powers. While Meredith clearly has some issues as a result of the voices and everything, she at least seems to at least be able to process her feelings and hunches better than Lydia can. On the other hand, Lydia is going about this all wrong, because pushing her and demanding answers from someone who is clearly scared and possibly even being blackmailed or controlled in some way is not going to help them OR her in any way.

Meredith continues to repeat, "I don't know, I don't know," over and over and over, and though Jordan assures her that it's okay if she can't tell them, she's not calming down. Lydia watches her panic and quickly becomes more and more guilty for being so hard on her, while Parrish, ever the professional, continues to try to soothe her. Unfortunately, she can't take this sensory overload any longer, and after a moment, Meredith wails "I DON'T KNOWWWWWW!" at the top of her lungs. Lydia instantly covers her ears in pain and dives into Stiles' lap, which causes him to protectively wrap his arms around her until Lydia finally sits up in a daze. When Stiles goes to check on her, he pulls her hands away from her ears to reveal that Lydia's ear is dripping blood from the shrill pitch of Meredith's scream. Stiles looks at Meredith, completely dumbfounded, all, "How the fuck did you do that?!" YIKES, Meredith has got some lungs on her, poor girl! I just feel so bad for her this week. :(Also, shouldn't Jordan be curious that this girl just somehow made Lydia's ears bleed just by shouting?

Scott has just run across town to this week's abandoned warehouse where their showdown will be taking place, as Chris follows behind him in the Argents' burgundy SUV. The warehouse has a faded, painted-on sign that reads, "Argent Arms." OH SHIT. When Chris departs the vehicle to join Scott, he asks if Chris has ever been there before, so Chris is forced to explain that this used to be a storage facility for their cover business. Scott nervously changes the subject to the berserkers, and admits that he's fought against them on more than one occasion, and maintains that they're really strong, so Chris pulls a huge assault rifle out of the backseat. "That's why I brought this!" Scott's eyes widen in alarm, before ultimately smiling and retorting, "I'm good with that!" as the two head into the building.

Derek and Malia have just arrived at Look-out Point, where the half moon overhead is their only source of light. All of a sudden, Malia catches a scent, and grabs at Derek's hand to stop him from going any further. He looks at her questioningly, so she frowns and asks, "You don't smell that?" This concerns Derek so much that he orders her to stay where she is while he goes to investigate. While I'm not surprised that Derek would be willing to risk his own safety to protect her (or anyone in the pack), I'm still conflicted about it. On the one hand, it's very kind of him to put himself out there when he knows he's losing his powers and has no idea if he'll be able to heal if he's hurt, or be able to rely on his strength and/or senses to defend himself. That's a pretty heroic move on his part, and it makes me happy, because CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. On the other hand, I'm also pretty sad about it, because he is just so passively suicidal at this point that he is ALWAYS willing to sacrifice himself for someone else, and it makes me want to just to take him far, far away and wrap him up in blankets and just read his favorite old leather-bound books and watch TV and do totally boring stuff that won't get his ass killed. ANYWAY, Derek makes his way through the woods, and stops dead in his tracks in alarm when he finds the source of the scent; the clearing is covered in the bodies of at least a dozen werewolves, all of whom have seem to be dead. Their skin is tinted blue, and they all seem to have been bleeding black blood from their mouths and eyes. NO BUENO NO BUENO NO BUENO.

Chris and Scott have made their way through the building, which appears to have been under construction at some point, as there are clear plastic curtains hanging all over the warehouse, fluttering around them in some kind of breeze. After a moment, Kate's voice rings out, "You shouldn't have come." Scott gulps nervously before replying that they came for Violet, with whom they need to speak, but Kate just ignores him and keeps talking. "I knew you would find me," she sighs, just as Chris spots her shadow several yards in front of him. "I was hoping we could do this later." Chris has his rifle aimed right at her, but you can tell that he's curious as to what she has to say for herself. "I just... needed a little more time," she explains, as her two berserkers appear behind her, following her every command as usual. Chris asks her what she was waiting for, as he watches her drag her claws against the plastic separating them. "To learn control," Kate admits softly, which is SO interesting to me. Kate's obsession with returning to her family's good graces is actually a really awesome and compelling story line! I'm kind of impressed, since I'm not naturally inclined to like Kate (aside for the fact that she is badass and I always respect badass women.)

Kate finally reveals herself, and demands that Chris lower his gun-- if they just go now, then nobody needs to get hurt, and they can do this later when she's not at the mercy of her nagual urges. "Where's Violet?" Scott asks again, as the berserkers take their positions at Kate's flanks, both of whom growl menacingly and clench their clawed hands into fists. Kate, who is in full jaguar-mode, whispers, "Put the gun down, Chris," though the sight of his now-supernatural sister does nothing to make him want to lower his weapon. Scott once again asks where Violet is, but Kate and her berserkers just growl at them, just as Chris brushes his index finger against the trigger of his rifle, ready to fire at a moment's notice. I wonder if Chris/Kate have ever hunted naguals before? We still don't even understand what their full range of powers are.

Scott can sense both Chris' terror and Kate's uncontrollable urge to attack them, and immediately starts to panic. Realizing that this is only going to end badly, Scott stammers, "No! No!" to Chris in hopes of getting him to back down, but Kate still has that murderous glint in her eyes. After what feels like an eternity, the berserkers lunge for them, and Chris literally growls at the top of his voice as he fires his entire enormous clip of ammunition at them despite Scott's frantic protests. As expected, the gunfire does nothing to slow those beasts down, and just as he's about to run out of ammo, Kate rushes toward him and punches him right in the face, knocking him a couple yards away into a nearby table. On the other side of the room, Scott is fighting one of the berserkers, and does a pretty decent job of flipping and ducking it's swings. Chris is just barely able to dodge out of the way before the other berserker crushes the table with one punch. JFC.

Back at Look-Out Point, Malia has joined Derek in examining the bodies of their recently-fallen fellow werecanines. Derek's face is SO HEARTBREAKING, and he is clearly affected by the sight of his quite literally massacred werewolf brothers and sisters. UGH, THIS IS SO AWFUL. Malia asks him what happened to them, and Derek figures they were poisoned somehow. "That's great," Malia rambles anxiously. "If assassins with guns don't get you, then the ones with wolfsbane poison will. Or maybe one with no mouth." Malia looks over at Derek, who still looks like he got kicked in the gut, and suggests that maybe they should defer to their animal sides and run for their lives as far away from fucking Beacon Hills as their little legs can carry them. Honestly? She has a good point. Beacon Hills is bad news, and even the civilians who have no idea about the supernatural know it by now. These kids need to move to, like, Montana or Utah or someplace remote in the midwest where there are no hellmouths or people trying to kill them. Derek seriously looks like he's about to cry, as he and Malia turn to go back to the car. Suddenly, they hear a rustling noise, so Derek turns back to find a shaking, bloody hand reaching out toward him. He rushes over to find that it's BRAEDON, who appears to be very injured and does not look good at all. NO BRAEDON. So, Derek's totally going to ~nurse her back to health~, right? (And by that, I mean SEXUAL HEALING OBVIOUSLY.)

Over at Argent Arms, the battle is still raging on between Scott/Chris and Kate/berserkers. Scott scrambles to his feet and gets into a defensive position to fight against one of the berserkers, but is quickly slammed back down onto the ground. Are we ever going to learn who the berserkers are, under all those bones and bear skins? God, I hope so. Scott picks himself back up again and charges at the berserker, who pushes him backwards so hard that he flies through the flimsy walls of five office cubicles. DAMN! His next plan is to jump up onto a nearby desk so he can fling himself onto the berserker, but it doesn't end well for him-- the berserker just runs through the walls of another four or five cubicles, using Scott to cushion the blows.

Meanwhile, Chris has lost his gun, and resorts to hand-to-hand combat as he pummels the chest of the other berserker with his fists. Wait, hasn't Chris fought berserkers before? Hasn't he KILLED one before? Wasn't he the one who even TOLD us they existed? Why is he underestimating these ones so badly? GOOD LORD. The berserker ends up backing him up into a support column in the middle of the building, and he barely has the time to duck before the berserker punches through the column. The first berserker picks Scott up off the ground and tosses him through ANOTHER wall, and he slides backward into some back room. He groans as he tries to pull himself together, but is frozen in fear and shock when he looks across the room, where Violet is tied to a chair, her face and throat clawed open and her top soaked in blood. YIKES! So long, baby assassin.

The other berserker backhands Chris in the face, back in the main room, and grabs him in a choke-hold. Chris manages to break his grip, but the berserker slams his bone-covered arms against Chris' shoulders, knocking him to the ground. Chris is dazed and bleeding from his mouth as the berserker grabs him by the back of the shirt and pulls him up, holding his other hand up in preparation for the killing blow. Before he can claw his throat out, though, Kate notices what is happening and yells, "NO!" before growling the feline version of an alpha werewolf roar. The berserker quickly lets go of Chris, who groans and slumps to the ground, as Kate's two henchmen quickly rush after her and leave the building. OMG! So maybe Kate can learn control, after all? It seems she has a line, at the very least, when it comes to who dies.

Chris' vision is blurring as he watches his sister and her lackeys flounce, and he desperately cries, "Scott! Scott!" until finally, Scott's hand appears in front of Chris' face so he can help him up to his feet. Chris immediately apologizes for getting them into this mess, but Scott just looks as sad as can be when he replies, "I'm not going to find him." Chris, ever the Argent optimist, channels his daughter as he assures Scott that there's still time.

In the well in the nature preserve, Liam is still making his way up the walls again, though it's clear that he's quickly losing strength, not to mention the fact that he's developed a pretty nasty cough, as well. He groans determinedly as he pulls himself up another step, but is overcome by a coughing fit and is forced to stop. One of his hands starts slipping off of the rock that he's holding onto, but he steels himself and forces himself to focus on the task at hand. He's getting close to the top, because he can see the half-moon through the hole in the cover of the well, and he desperately tries to at the very least hold on to where he is, if he can't go any higher. Desperate to get out, Liam's eyes blaze gold as he frantically screams/roars as loud as he can possibly muster in an attempt to alert SOMEONE in the pack to where he is so he can be saved. The roar travels all the way through the nature preserve toward Argent Arms and right into Scott's ears, which causes him to quickly turn his head and focus so he can determine the location of his beta. YES LIAM YES! YOU'RE A WEREWOLF! BE A WEREWOLF!

When we meet back up with Lydia and Stiles, they have moved to Stiles' bedroom, where Lydia is sitting at Stiles' desk, staring at her Macbook, while Stiles anxiously paces and recaps what they know. "Okay, well, we know one thing-- both of the first two keys, Allison and Aiden, they're both names of the dead, right?" Lydia doesn't disagree with him, but she points out that they've already tried the name of every single dead person they could think of, which, as we can all easily imagine, was a VERY long list. Her face falls a little bit as she starts to once again think about what she put Meredith through today, and Stiles immediately notices that something is up, and asks her what's wrong. "The only other banshee I've ever met, and I think I might have just drove her over the edge." Stiles assures her that it's not her fault, and reminds her that he, too, pushed her too hard. "And you're probably not the only other..." Stiles adds, before getting one of his dawning realizations and trailing off.

"...Hold on," he states as he brainstorms the possibilities. "Banshees predict death, right? So, what if the third key is someone who isn't dead--" "But will be," Lydia finishes for him with a sigh, as Stiles nods in confirmation. Stiles walks over to watch as Lydia anxiously clenches her fists before laying her hands over the keyboard and closing her eyes. She instinctively feels around in her head for some inspiration and slowly hits whatever keys feel right, while Stiles watches her, becoming more and more dismayed the more she types. She finally cracks her eyes open as she hits the last letter, and both she and Stiles look horrified when they see the name she typed. "D E R E K." Lydia immediately hits enter, and lo and behold, the last third of the deadpool is decrypted:

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Satomi Ito 10M
Malia Hale 4M
Liam Dunbar 3M
Meredith Walker 1M
Liz Moore 1M
Patrick Clark 1M
Bree Leverett 250K
Kaitlyn Scharr 250K
Genevieve Cary 250K
Angelique Fain 250K
Lorilee Rohr 250K
Brittani Kegley 250K

SO MANY THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THIS. I'm saving most of my analysis for the notes, though, so stay tuned if you're interested! Lydia slides a finger down the screen as she skims through the names, and once she sees Malia, Liam, and Meredith are on the list, she instantly says, "Call Parrish! We need to call Parrish!" OMG, my Jordia/Marrish/Deputy Banshee feeeeeels! Also, it's really interesting that Malia's name on the list is "Malia Hale" and not "Malia Tate." Does this mean she's finally going to learn that Peter is her dad soon? I hope so, and I really hope she's not too angry at the pack for keeping it from her for so long, because geez, who wants to learn after 17-18 years of life that the people you thought were your parents had actually just adopted you? ESPECIALLY when your biological father is Peter fucking Hale, of all people.

Meanwhile, Liam is struggling to hold on to his tiny rock hand-holds on the wall of the well, and groans as he tries to grip onto it as tightly as he can. God, this is giving me so many flashbacks to "Muted," when he was hanging off of the roof of the hospital after Sean-the-wendigo threw him over. One of his hands slips, and he hangs by his left arm as he looks down, seemingly resigned to his fate of falling back to the bottom of the well and dying of wolfsbane poisoning. He groans as he desperately tries to cling onto the rock, but his hand ultimately slips. He starts to shout in alarm as he falls, but at the last minute, a very tanned arm reaches down and grabs onto Liam's arm, saving him from yet another fall back into the drink. YAYYYY SCOTT! And you didn't even have to bite him this time! Poor Liam is SO surprised and relieved to see him, it makes my heart sing, and Scott quickly pulls his baby beta out of the well and back on dry land. Liam looks absolutely wrecked-- he's shaking from shock and wolfbane poisoning and can barely stand up, but Scott is so thrilled to see that he's still alive that he whispers, "You're okay, Liam!" before seeing that Liam is about thisclose to crying and grabbing him into the tightest, most heartwarming hug ever. "You're okay." Scott, grateful that Liam is as alive and whole as to be expected, breathes a sigh of relief and just hugs him even tighter. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH TOO, I CAN'T.

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Back at the Stilinski residence, Stiles is continuing to pace while Lydia is on the phone with Jordan to update him on what they've learned. Unfortunately, things are worse than Lydia knows. "What are you talking about?" Lydia demands, shocked by whatever it is that she just heard. "Lydia..." Jordan replies sympathetically. "Meredith's gone. They found her an hour ago in her room... she hung herself." He sighs, clearly sad for both Meredith and Lydia, and adds that he's sorry. We flashback to Eichen House, when Brunsky found Meredith's body. He actually seems pretty sad as he slowly unwraps the braided sheet from Meredith's neck and gently touches her neck to see if she has a pulse. Back in the present, Lydia is in such shock that she's barely aware that she's hung up the phone, and while I'm not sure Stiles knows what happened, he can tell that she's distraught and immediately wraps his arms around her. Lydia, still processing everything, barely even registers Stiles' embrace, and just stands there, her phone still clutched in her hand. THIS IS SO AWFUL, UGH. Meredith, you deserved so much better. I have some theories, though, that her death is not as cut and dry as it seems. More on that in a bit, though.

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Scott has brought Liam straight to Deaton's animal clinic, where he is currently slicing Liam's chest open so they can release the yellow wolfsbane vapor inside. Scott gently places his wrist across Liam's forehead to check his temperature before he slowly brushes the hair off of Liam's forehead in a very paternal gesture. Liam's skin quickly heals itself, and he looks almost peaceful as he dozes off on the table, clearly exhausted from the day's events. "I don't want to keep watching people die," Scott admits defeatedly. His facial expression is so somber that I get the impression that he's probably thinking about Erica, and Boyd, and Allison, and Aiden, and all of the Darach sacrifices, all of the people who died during the nogitsune's reign of terror... everyone in Beacon Hills who have died way before their time, and for all of whom's deaths Scott still feels immense guilt. Chris looks at him sympathetically and gently points out that he may not have a choice about that, but Scott replies, "Maybe I do." Deaton suggests that it's too much burden for Scott to carry on his own, but we all know Scott--he doesn't believe in no-win scenarios, and he refuses to back down if he thinks there's ANYTHING he can do that might help. So, it's no surprise that he smiles the most sad smile ever and admits, "I don't care." He considers this for a moment,, before adding, "No one else dies! Everyone on that list, everyone on that deadpool... it doesn't matter if they're wendigos or werewolves or whatever! I'm gonna save everyone." 

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Chris and Deaton both look wary of the pressure Scott is putting on himself, but ultimately, they seem proud, and they should be-- after everything that Scott and the pack have experienced over the last year, no one would blame him for wanting to check out of all of this and return to being a regular high schooler again. But he can't, because Allison DIED defending her code-- Nous protegéons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes. We protect those who cannot protect themselves. She fought every day to protect her friends and her town from those who were trying to destroy it and kill people, no matter how afraid she was, or how strong their opponent, until her last dying breath. If Allison were here today, she would never NOT get involved in figuring it all out and protecting the people who are being systematically murdered by assassins, and it is because of her that Scott can't quit now, or ever. He can't let Allison's death have been for nothing. He has to continue fighting the fight that she believed in wholeheartedly so he can honor her memory and her legacy. And that is why I believe Chris, and the rest of the pack, will ultimately do the same and help Scott in this mission to save everyone on the deadpool-- because it's what is right, even if it's hard, even despite the fact that they've all suffered enough and sacrificed too much as it is. No one else dies, because there are already too many people buried six feet underground who should still be fighting at their sides.

That night, Hayden Calnin's "Coward" plays while Melissa is sits at the dining room table, stressing over the multitude of bills and calculations of what money they're working with, as she desperately tries to figure out a way to pay the bills. After a moment, she sighs and anxiously rubs her brow. Upstairs, Stiles and Scott are sitting on the floor across from each other, with Garrett's duffel bag full of cash sitting between them. "Have you counted it yet?" Stiles asks quietly, as Scott shakes his head in the negatory. Stiles, who is also quite obviously tempted by the huge amount of money between them, thanks to the immense debt his dad is now in after Stiles' stint at Eichen House and MRIs at the hospital, suggests that they should probably count the money. The two each grab a side of the bag and flip it over, dumping dozens of stacks of $100 dollar bills onto the ground. Once the bag is emptied out, Scott notices that there's a cassette tape in the bag as well, and when he picks it up, he sees that someone has written "PLAY ME" across the label. OH SHIT, is that the other tape Kate was talking about?

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Kate and her berserkers are hiding out in some sewer somewhere, where Kate is washing her face off with the water dripping from the ceiling. GROSS. Suddenly, a smug male voice calls out, "I suppose you're hiding down here because it will cover your scent," Peter says, as he comes out from around a corner, smirking like the arrogant ass that he is. Kate grabs her shotgun, but holds a hand up to keep the berserkers from attacking him. "But, I can smell a rat, even in a sewer." Kate stares at him curiously while he asks her if her lapses in control and fury are getting worse. "You know, I used to get angry," Peter admits dramatically, as he walks toward her. "As a kid, I would even break my own toys in little fits of rage. And then, I asked myself, 'Why break your own toys, when you can break someone elses?'" That's a very interesting parallel to Liam's earlier comment about angry children and how they deal with their anger, actually. Kate speaks for all of us when she's like, "Quit with the dramatics and just tell me what you want already, will you?" But, it's Peter, so of course he won't cut that out, though he does kind of get to the point.

"Obviously, we are in a position of mutually-assured destruction," Peter begins with a smile, but Kate just laughs and gestures toward her berserkers before she reminds him that their positions are not that equal. LOL, Kate 1, Peter o. "Probably true," Peter concedes, before he reveals that he knows Kate's ultimate goal, which is to get control over her jaguar side so she can rejoin the Argent hunters and go back to being the prodigal daughter again as she returns the Argent name to it's former glory. "But, you know, you can't go back unless you can exhibit absolute and total control. I can offer control. I can teach you." Since Kate almost killed Peter (and succeeded in killing the majority of his family) and since Peter actually did kill Kate, she understands that there's no way he's offering to help her get her hunter family back into fighting shape out of the goodness of his heart, and asks him what it is that he wants in exchange for werecreature lessons. Peter points out that, DUH, he wants his damn money back, but though Kate agrees that the money is part of it, she knows that there's something else he wants as well.

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Peter seems impressed by her game, and smirks in response, which does nothing to dissuade me of my theory that Peter and Kate were in a relationship/had a bunch of sex back in the day that may or may not have resulted in Malia's existence. "I need the money," Peter replies, as he slowly slinks closer and closer toward Kate until their faces are just inches apart. "Yes. But, I'll admit... money only gets you so far." He smiles his evil smile and leans in toward Kate's ear so he can whisper, "What I want is what I've always wanted-- power." He stares at her in the eyes in such a way that gives me shivers, because THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. WE'RE ALL SO FUCKED.

Next week, according to the promo: Someone (presumably an assassin) killed off Satomi's pack in some horrifying fashion; Braedon is in the hospital healing from her injuries; someone holds a gun with a silencer to Stiles' head; and a serious virus spreads around the school which seemingly affects (at LEAST) Malia, Kira, Scott, and Stiles. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

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-There hasn't been much going on in the whole wardrobe-recyling front, but Lydia did wear the high-heeled, knee-high brown leather boots that she's been wearing regularly since "Echo House," and I kind of love them. Stiles, also, was wearing a flannel that I could have sworn he wore before this episode, but I went back through all of my recaps of the last 30 episodes and could not for the life of me find it, so I must just be imagining it. It's one of many blue/green/white/black plaid flannel button-ups that Stiles has in his possession, I guess.

-Alright, let's talk about Meredith first, because I have quite a few concerns. First of all, how was she in contact with the Benefactor? She was on the deadpool, so was he offering to keep her off of it in exchange for not helping the McCall pack anymore? Honestly, I'm extremely worried that she was actually murdered and they just staged it to look like a suicide. I mean, she was in Eichen House for god knows how long, and while we've never been outright told what her diagnoses are, I highly doubt anyone would question any of the residents there committing suicide, which makes it the perfect way to cover up a murder, especially considering the fact that there have been a shitload of conspicuous deaths lately and all murders will likely be seriously pursued as a result. This way, it's no muss, no fuss, and they can go on with their murders and still get the $1 million bounty on Meredith's head. I'm hoping we learn more about this, because Meredith was such a great character and I'm really sad that she's gone. Maybe she'll be able to help Lydia from beyond the grave? Though at this point I wouldn't blame her if she seriously hated Lydia for being so rude to her.

-Here's the thing I don't understand about Kate-- does she know who stole the Hale money? She's on the deadpool for a pretty significant amount of money, so it doesn't make sense that she would have helped out with the heist, unless the Benefactor fucked her over in some way. So, I don't understand how she could help Peter get his money back, unless they were somehow going to pose as assassins and collect the money they would get from killing Scott/Lydia/Derek/etc? Anyone else have any better ideas?

-Alright, so, for your convenience, I have put the deadpool list in order from most to least valuable, just so you can see how everyone is valued in comparison to their peers.

1- Scott McCall (25M)
2- Lydia Martin (20M)
3- Derek Hale (15M)
4- Kate Argent (12M)
5- Satomi Ito (10M)
6- Kira Yukimura (6M)
7- Noshiko Yukimura & Jordan Parrish (5M each)
8- Malia Hale (4M)
9- Liam Dunbar (3M)
10- Meredith Walker, Liz Moore, Patrick Clark, Brett Talbot, Joanne McLaughlin, Steve Grace, Tom Hill (1M each)
11- Carrie Hudson (500K)
12- The Walcotts, Demarco Montana, Kayleen Betcher, Elias Town, Richard Benefield, Jack Marsland, Joy Waldrop, Cheryl Calix, Bree Leverett, Kaitlyn Scharr, Genevieve Cary, Angelique Fain, Lorilee Rohr, Brittani Kegley (250K each)

-Speaking of the deadpool, what are the chances that Kaitlyn Scharr is the Kaitlyn who Stiles made out with at the blacklight rave in "Illuminated?" The one who's played by Zelda Williams? I doubt she's a werewolf unless she's been bitten since the first time we met her, because she was seriously freaked out to see Cora, Derek, Scott and Isaac all wolfed out in the woods. That doesn't mean that she couldn't be a banshee or some kind of other creature, though, right?

-Also, why aren't Deaton and Morrell on the list? I would consider them to be supernatural because they've done some pretty magical stuff. Plus, they're very closely connected to the supernatural-- hell, Deaton even healed Brett to save him from dying at the hands of one of the assassins, and same with Liam, so wouldn't that make him a threat to the success of the assassinations?


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