Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 15: "Galvanize" Recap/Review

Hey amigos, sorry this is a little late, it's midterm week and I've been swamped with homework and playing catch up with just about everything. I'm hoping once my major tests are out of the way, I'll be able to get caught up a little bit, but it might take a little time. Thanks for your patience!

ANYWAY, this episode was hands down the most entertaining episode of Teen Wolf that I can remember in a long while. I mean, let's be real here, there are literally no episodes that I dislike, and this season has been my favorite of the three, partly due to the storylines, and partly due to the much improved cinematography, thanks to the tax credit the show got for moving filming from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

But seriously, I laughed so much in this episode, especially during the best scene of all time with Stiles, Isaac and Scott at school. To balance out the funny, there were some SERIOUSLY scary parts of it, due in thanks to Doug Jones, who is has played literally every creepy character in TV and movies. Basically, this episode was a winner in pretty much every way, and because of it, I'm going to probably ramble about it for a WHILE. So, settle in, gentle readers, because I have a million words to say about "Galvanize."

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Kira Yukimura, the new student at Beacon Hills High School and daughter of the new history teacher, was revealed to have a crush on Scott, and did a bunch of research on Bardo for him, both out of the kindness of her heart and probably a little bit out of a desire to impress him. Derek and Peter got captured by some Spanish-speaking hunters while in search of this cylindrical wooden box with a triskele carved into the lid, which was hidden in a mountain-ash-wood (rowan wood) box full of actual mountain ash and was CLEARLY not meant to be found by any wolfies. Lydia found out from Jennifer Blake that she is a damn BANSHEE. The ritual Scott, Allison and Stiles did to find and save their parents not only opened a door into their minds where any old malevolent force can sneak in to play, but it also caused the Nemeton to reawaken as a beacon of power that will draw supernatural creatures like a magnet. Oh, and a bunch of creepy fireflies came out of the Nemeton's stump when a mysterious someone ripped a growing branch out of it, and it merged with some kind of shadow-y darkness to make three very foreboding Dementer-like creatures. And now we're caught up!

We open this week outside of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where an ambulance pulls up out front. Agent Douchenozzle runs over to instruct the driver to pull around to the back of the building, and to not say anything about the mystery patient's identity unless it's someone who absolutely needs to know. Eek, that definitely doesn't sound like a good thing. The driver nods and does what he's told, and ADN runs back inside, where his wife is decorating the nurse's station with Halloween decorations. The sight of her ex-husband, coupled with the sight of her future husband friend Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies chasing behind him, concerns her enough that she abandons the jack-o-lantern she has just placed on the reception desk and walks over to where they are to get the deets.

Sheriff refuses to allow the ambulance's passenger to be admitted to this hospital, but Blobfish claims that they don't have a choice, because no other hospital will take him. When Sheriff asks about the county hospital, ADN snits, "You'd be surprised how fast things fill up, when a guy like this needs surgery." Melissa is pissed that this guy was ultimately turfed to BHMH, but ADN reminds them that SOMEONE has to take him, regardless of who he is or what he's done. Melissa gets distracted by the police officers entering the hospital carry what look like AR-15s or AK-47s (I'm not a gun person, I only know what I've learned from Air Force airman boyfriend, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Regardless of what brand of gun they are, they look like automatic/semi-automatic rifles.) The deputies are escorting a man who is bound by his wrists and ankles to the gurney on which he's been wheeled into the lobby. Melissa looks terrified as she points out that someone is going to have to do his pre-op interview before his surgery, but when ADN asks who usually does that task, Melissa resignedly sighs, "Me." Ohhhh, this is so not going to end well.

Meanwhile, it's still the middle of the night, and Stiles has just arrived at the school all by his lonesome (though he is currently on the phone with Scott), as if that school hasn't been the site of about a billion murders in the last year. "It Hurts" by Bad Bad Hats plays as he walks into the boy's locker room with a flashlight in hand. He tells Scott to get his ass to the school right meow and help him out, but Scott claims he's already in bed before asking Stiles if they aren't getting a little old for this. "We do this for Coach!" Stiles maintains, but Scott corrects him that they do it TO Coach. "Whatever, you know he needs this, he LIVES for this stuff! You know? He loves it!" Scott reminds him that it's the middle of the night as Stiles starts rooting around his locker, pulling out an electric drill and some other stuff to complete their prank. "12:15, actually, which means it's after midnight and officially Mischief Night-Slash-Day," Stiles explains excitedly. "AND, by a perfectly awesome coincidence, also happens to be Coach's birthday, so if you are not down here in five seconds, I will destroy you! And I mean five, four, three, two..." He turns around to find a pair of glowing red eyes staring at him, and immediately flails and falls onto the ground. Scott walks out of the shadows, and gives a little smirk as he quips, "One." Stiles whimpers, "I hate you!" I LOVE THEM.

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Back at the hospital, Agent Douchenozzle is briefing Melissa on their newest patient before she starts the interview. "Try to keep in mind exactly what this guy is capable of-- he's a former electrical engineer who decided to walk onto a school bus with a shrapnel bomb." Melissa blanches, because that is horrifying, so ADN continues to say that the bomb killed four kids and left a fifth with no legs. HOLY SHIT, that is terrible. Melissa asks him if the guy's psychiatrist had made any headway with him over the years, but Blobfish just sighs, and informs her that from what he can gather, the guy (whose name is William Barrow, I should just get that out of the way right now) tells the shrink the same thing every session: if he gets out, he's going to do it again, and this time, he'll do it successfully. YIKES. Melissa just steels herself in preparation for meeting this guy in the flesh and takes a deep breath.

Inside the room, Melissa has begun the interview while the deputies with the assault rifles stand by her at the ready, just in case. "Mr. Barrow, do you understand that scar tissue has formed around a piece of shrapnel that remains in your body from a previous injury? And that it is now blocking vital function?" Barrow, who is the scariest motherfucker EVER, just stares at her, and says he understands. She asks if he understands that he'll need to be put under general anesthesia for the surgery in the morning to remove the obstruction, but instead of answering, he asks if kids still play pranks on the night before Halloween. Melissa asks if he means Mischief Night, but he replies, "Where I'm from, we call it Hell Night. [beat] Heh. And yes, I understand."

She then nervously asks him if he has any medication allergies, which he claims he doesn't have, and if he's on any other medications other than the ones listed, which are temazepam and devalproex. The first is a benzodiazepine/hypnotic that is often used for anxiety/panic disorders and insomnia, which was probably prescribed to him to keep him relaxed and easy to deal with, while the second is a drug also known as valproic acid, which is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, migraines, and epilepsy. Yay, nursing school, for teaching me valuable information. He claims he just takes whatever they give him, so she notes that in the chart before informing the guards that she needs to listen to his heart and lung sounds.

His chest is covered in scars, presumably from the bomb he brought onto the bus, and she tries not to make eye contact with him as she puts her stethoscope over his heart. So, when she instructs him to breathe in and out, she doesn't notice right away that he's slowly sitting up and moving his face just inches from hers. Whens she DOES notice, she is understandably freaked out. He whispers, "Why don't you just ask me the question you really want to ask?" Melissa gulps anxiously, clearly torn about whether or not she actually wants to go there, and glances over at the guards before she finally gets the nerve to ask him why he committed the shrapnel bombing. "I saw their eyes. Their eyes...were GLOWING." Melissa is like, "OH SHIT, THIS IS ALARMING INFORMATION" and lets her guard down for too long, because he starts to shout, "I SAW THEM! THEIR EYES WERE GLOWING! THEIR EYES WERE GLOWING! AH-HA-HA, THEIR EYES WERE GLOWING." Nightmares. Forever. Thanks, Doug Jones. TITLE CARD!

It's morning now, and Scott has just arrived to school on his dirtbike. When he removes his helmet, he sees the twins on their own motorcycles nearby doing the same, so he approaches them and asks them if they're coming back to school. Ethan replies that they're only there to talk, which of course is right when Stiles joins them, looking totally displeased. Stiles snarks that this is a new thing for them, since usually they just beat the shit out of everyone instead of actually exchanging words. As usual, the twins ignore him, since in their born-wolf minds, Stiles is just a lowly beta speaking out of turn, and Aiden points out that since Scott needs a pack, and they need an alpha, a team-up would ultimately benefit all of them. "Yeahhh, absolutely not. That's hilarious, though!" Stiles snits. Ethan reminds Stiles that they came to them for help, and they did help, but Stiles counters that, again, they just beat the living shit out of Scott, which was actually counterproductive to their goal. Scott asks him why the fuck they think he would actually say yes to this offer, but Aiden insists that they'll make him stronger, so there's no reason to say no. Stiles rolls his eyes in the MOST hilarious fashion, and Isaac, decked out in yet another flawless cardigan, swaggers over to where they're standing, having overheard their conversation.

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"I can think of one-- like, the two of you holding Derek's claws while Kali impaled Boyd?" Isaac sneers. I'm SO GLAD someone has finally brought that up, because I was really concerned that the gang was just going to accept the twins into the fold, no problem, and completely forget about the role the twins played in the deaths of Erica and Boyd. "In fact," Isaac continues, "I don't know why we're not impaling them right now." Stiles is nodding so furiously that he looks like a bobblehead, and I think this may be the first time that Stiles and Isaac are actually in agreement on something. Miracles DO happen! Aiden's fangs pop out, and he growls, "Wanna try it?" Isaac is like, "BRING IT, DICK," fully ready for a werewolf brawl right in front of the entire school, but Scott wisely grabs Isaac's wrist and holds him back. Isaac's a little bummed to be ordered to stand down, but he we all know he trusts his alpha, so he just smirks, all, "Whatever, ain't nobody got time for this shit anyway." Scott turns back to the twins and politely states, "I'm sorry that they don't trust you. And neither do I," ever the diplomat, and on that note, the three boys strut into the school, leaving the twins alone outside.

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Ethan asks his brother what they're supposed to do now, but Aiden just smiles cheesily when he notices the "Beacon Hills High School" sign outside the school (which, in true Mischief Night-style, is covered in toilet paper, no doubt by some prankster student.)  Ethan automatically picks up what Aiden's putting down, and mutters, "No. No way!" Aiden reminds him that they never finished high school, but Ethan points out that they don't have to and wholeheartedly refuses to go along with this insane plan. Aiden suggests that perhaps he wants to, and Ethan speaks for everyone when he exclaims, "You seriously want to go back to high school?" He asks if this is about Lydia, but Aiden claims that it's about winning Scott over so they can join his pack.

"We're not just betas anymore, we're omegas. The bitches. Remember? When everyone we screwed over finds out we don't have a pack anymore, what do you think's gonna happen? We're dead on our own." OMG, they're the Katherine Pierce of Teen Wolf right now! That is hilarious. Ethan's literally like, "That's still better than being back in high school," because seriously, high school is the worst, and no amount of money could convince me to go back. Well, actually, if going back to high school meant entry into the McCall Pack, I think I might be able to make an exception. Plus, much like the actors and actresses on this show, I'm still constantly mistaken for a 16 year old even though I haven't been for ten years. ANYWAY, I digress. Ethan insists he's not coming back to high school, but Aiden knows his brother better than anyone, and knows exactly how to get him to change his mind. As it turns out, that reason is our favorite sweet-dimpled-prince and hacker extraordinaire Danny Mahealani, Ethan's ex, who is currently looking fly in an amazing pastel yellow tshirt and is currently flirting and laughing with the ex-bf he dated before Ethan. Aiden gets a major stare-down from Ethan, who is not pleased at having his heartstrings pulled in this way, but since no one in the world can resist those dimples, he eventually folds. "I'm not taking math!" Ethan snits, but Aiden just grins and promises that he'll take it for him before the two set off to re-enroll.

Scott and Stiles walk into the front doors of the school to the sounds of "Heartattack" by Lovett, where Stiles gets totally bonked in the head with a flying roll of toilet paper. HEY! That face is precious merchandise, you demon children! Stiles says as much to whoever threw the roll, before then assuring his best brother that he made the right alpha-call (Alpha Mc-Call? Bahahaha, sorry, I had to!) by rejecting the twins. Scott hopes he's right, but Stiles is sure that he is. While Stiles is opening his locker and loading it full of more Mischief Night paraphernalia (eggs, toliet paper, etc), Scott admires Kira, who is at her own locker a few feet down the hall, and who has clumsily dropped all her books on the ground in the most adorable fashion. Stiles notices that Scott is distracted, and follows his eye-line to realize that Scott is totally checking her out. Scott tries to deny it, but Stiles can totally tell he's into Kira, and asks if he likes her. "No? I mean, uh...yeah, yeah. She's okay. She's new!" Scott stammers, and LOL, we all know Scott has a thing for cute new girls, so that isn't the least bit surprising. Stiles, fully ready to live vicariously through Scott, demands that he ask her out, right-fucking-now, but when Scott looks nervous and hesitant,  Stiles is forced to drop some factoids on a brother as they make their way to class.

"Scott, I don't think you get it yet! You're an alpha, okay? You're the apex predator. Everyone wants you! You're like the hot girl that every guy wants." Scott is still confused, and is, like, "I'm the hot girl?" Stiles holds his fist out to Scott for him to bump and coos, "You're the HOTTEST girl," just as Isaac joins them. Before Isaac can greet him, Stiles walks off to his class, leaving a confused Isaac to look at Scott, all, "Uh, what did I miss?" So, Scott deadpans, "I'm the hot girl?" Isaac just stares at him, because we all know he loooooves Scott, and retorts. "Yes you are!" Scott gives Isaac the most beatific smile EVER as he giggles, and when Scott walks to his own class, Isaac gives him an equally beatific smile and follows him away. BEST. SCENE. EVER. Like, seriously, this will go down in history as the most amazing scene in Teen Wolf history, I'm calling it now. What is the Isaac/Scott/Stiles OT3ship name? Like, Allison/Isaac/Scott is called Scallisaac, so shouldn't they get an OT3 name too? Is there one? (Edited to add: Tumblr tells me that the Isaac/Scott/Stiles ship name is McLahinski. You're welcome.)

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Coach opens the door to his office a crack and mutters, "Peekaboo" as he quickly opens the door and steps back, like he's expecting to get hit by something. He feels around for trip-wires and/or buckets of various substances waiting to rain down on his head, and then, when it seems he's safe, he carefully flips the light on and inspects the room from the threshold before finally feeling confident enough to fully enter the office. He inspects various shelves and binders for any hidden pranks before noticing a small box wrapped in baby-blue paper with a white bow on top sitting in the middle of his desk. He pokes at it with a lacrosse stick, and when it doesn't do anything, he finally gets the courage to carefully remove the lid to the box. Inside is a huge handful of nails, bolts, and screws, which makes Coach giggle hysterically. "Hahahahahaha. That's all you got?" He scoops up a handful and lets them fall back into the box, thrilled at the fact that this appears to be the extent of the prank. Or, so he thinks, anyway, because you know Scott and Stiles, who have probably been playing pranks on people since they could walk, are much more subtle than that. When he lifts up the box, we see that it's attached to a cord, which, once Coach pulls on it, causes the chalkboard behind his desk, the framed photos hanging on the wall, and his file cabinet to completely collapse and fall to the floor in pieces. OMG, that is AMAZING. How did they do that? If these kids actually manage to graduate from high school, Stiles needs to like, double major in forensics and engineering, because that's a pretty ingenious set-up. Completely pissed off, Coach sulkily throws himself down in his chair, which collapses and takes his desk with it. OH MY GOD.

From Coach's classroom, the students-- which include Stiles and Scott, who are sitting in the front row, and Lydia and Danny, who are sitting way in the back-- can hear the sound of his office furniture collapsing, followed by Coach bellowing, "SON OF A BITCH!" at the top of his lungs. The kids all start sniggering and cackling like the wild pack of hyenas that high schoolers are, and after a moment, Coach storms into the class so he can start his rant. "Mischief Night! Devil's Night! I don't care what you call it, you little punks are evil! You think it's funny, every Halloween, my house gets egged! A man's house is supposed to be his castle!" Stiles and Scott are laughing so hard at this point that Coach loses his temper and slams his hands on Scott's desk in anger. "Mine's a freaking omelette!" This whole time, Lydia's just been rolling her eyes, clicking around on her phone, only half paying attention to the mayhem. Coach finds another gift box on his desk, and claims he's not falling for their tricks again. He drops it on the ground and stomps on it, only to find that it's actually a legit gift! He kneels down onto the floor and looks through the broken pieces to find a big chunk of a coffee mug with his face on it that says "#1 Coach." Aw! Attached to the gift is a card that reads,  "Happy Birthday, Love Greenberg." YES! Coach Finstock x Greenberg OTP.

Lydia is continuing to admire herself on her phone camera when she hears a fly buzzing around her. After a moment, she starts swatting at the fly in annoyance, trying to flick it away from her, but she really only succeeds at getting Danny's attention from a few rows over. He just kind of side-eyes her for a bit, because he can't see anything but Lydia swatting around at nothing. When she notices him noticing her, he asks her what the fuck she's doing, and she insists that there's a fly hovering around her. He just kind of squints at her, and when she turns toward the source of the buzzing, she realizes that there isn't actually a fly in there after all. UH OH. She looks around the room, trying to find out where the noise is coming from, and starts to get really freaked out when the buzzing just gets louder and louder. This is not good! No es bueno en absoluto!  Also, can we talk about how cute Lydia's outfit is? She's re-wearing that fabulous brown leather skirt that she wore twice in 3A and a yellow button-up blouse with a gray sweater over it that has a bulldog's head on it. WANT.

At the hospital, Barrow has been put under anesthesia and has just been opened up by that same doctor who was supposed to do surgery on Isaac in "Tattoo." Apparently, his name is Dr. Garder, so there's that. Naturally, Melissa is the nurse who is assisting, because she's the only nurse in the hospital. (Although, she's assisting way more than actual surgical nurses do during surgeries-- their jobs are literally just to keep track of the surgery in the chart, like when the first incision was made, how long each part took and noting any complications that arise. Its the surgical technicians who are the ones who actually assist the surgeons by handing them stuff. The more you know!) After the surgeon makes the first incision, he jokes, "Anybody else here think I should make a minor slip and let the bastard bleed out on the table?" Melissa just stares at him, because UMMM NOT PROFESSIONAL, so the doctor backpedals and claims he was just making a joke to lighten the mood. They get to where the scrapnel/scar tissue is supposed to be, and asks for suction. Once all the blood is cleared away, the doctor is completely dumbfounded by what they found, and informs them that that is DEFINITELY not a piece of shrapnel. It looks almost like a tumor, and it's gross. The thought of posting pictures of it makes me want to puke, so sorry guys, you can take my word for it or find the screencaps for yourself.

He asks for a template, which the surgery tech seems to have misplaced, so the doctor turns his attention to finding it. Melissa continues to examine the tumor thing, and then becomes extremely alarmed when it starts expanding and contracting, like a balloon that's being inflated and deflated and inflated again. It also looks black inside. CREEPY. She hurriedly tells the doctor to come look at this, but he isn't paying attention. The tumor continues to expand, so Melissa is like, "I really think you should see this!" As soon as he turns back to the tumor, it expands so much that it pops like an overinflated balloon and HUNDREDS OF FLIES FLY OUT OF IT AND START BUZZING IN THEIR FACES. EW ICK NAST. I have seen so much disgusting shit as a nurse, and I can usually handle it, but a swarm of flies inside an exploding tumor makes me want to vomit for the rest of my days. As the doctors and nurses and techs start swatting at the flies, Barrow awakens from anesthesia somehow, sits up despite the fact that his abdomen is completely cut open, and rips the oxygen mask from his face.

Barrow grabs the scalpel that the doctor had abandoned when he backed away from the flies, and angrily stabs the doctor in the chest with it. Some of the medical professionals run into the hallway in fear, where Blobfish, Sheriff, and some deputies are waiting just in case something like this should happen. ADN and Sheriff run in with their guns at the ready, only to find Melissa kneeling on the floor with the doctor's head in her lap. She informs them that Barrow is gone, and pleads with the doctor to hang in there. We never find out the fate of the doctor in the show, but according to Jill Wagner (aka Kate Argent) on Wolf Watch, he died, so I guess that answers that. (Edited to add-- apparently, he was just hurt, because Melissa said he was on "vacation" during "Silverfinger" and he came back to do Stiles' MRI in "Riddled," so there's that.) So, considering Barrow ran away quickly while his abdomen was still sliced open and his intestines were spilling out, I think it's safe to assume he's being possessed by something, right? Few actual humans could do that without eventually passing out from shock or whatever, I'm guessing, so there has to be something supernatural at play, here.

Hey look, it's the Hales! Peter and Derek have finally returned to the loft, where Derek is sewing Peter's ring finger back onto his hand after his little run-in with the business end of Araya's knife. Peter winces at the needle entering his flesh, and groans, "Don't you have any anesthetic?" but Derek just smirks and replies, "Yup!" before jabbing him with the needle much harder than actually necessary just to fuck with him. Hahaha, yesss, go Derek! Peter just sighs, and asks, "Are you at least going to tell me what I risked life-- and digit-- for?" Derek pulls at the thread as he knots his last stitch, and Peter groans again as he inspects Derek's handiwork. Derek informs his dearest uncle that he's going to SHOW him what they found, and unscrews the lid from the wooden triskele-adorned cylinder that they found last week. Once it's opened, he dumps out the contents onto the coffee table, revealing four werewolf claws. Peter picks one of them off of the table and holds it up, confused and a little grossed out.

"After the fire... that was all that was left of her," Derek begins somberly. Peter correctly assumes that Derek is talking about Talia, who was Derek's mother and Peter's older sister, in case you've forgotten. Peter quips that he can't decide if the gesture should be considered touching or morbid, and then gets to the point-- what is Derek planning on doing with them? "I have to ask her something. And, from what I've heard, this is the only way it's possible." He sets the wooden container (urn?) in front of Peter, who thinks about it for a moment until he realizes what Derek is suggesting. He holds up his newly fixed-up hand, and snits, "You've gotta be kidding me." Derek just smirks and retorts, "Why do you think I sewed your finger back on?" Peter sighs and continues to think about the implications of this ritual. OH SHIT! I wonder what Derek needs to ask her-- what really happened in the fire, maybe? If it's possible to bring her/Laura/the other Hales back from the dead? I NEED TO KNOW.

Sheriff Stilinski and Blobfish are talking in the hallway of the hospital when a visibly nervous Melissa calls Sheriff over for a confab. She informs him of the fact that all the dead flies that are scattered everywhere came out of Barrow's tumor, which both shocks and disgusts Sheriff, much like it did all of us. He asks if that's even possible, but Melissa isn't really sure. "Maggots can come from the body, it's call miasis, but from the stomach? It's not likely. And, there's something else. Last night, he told me WHY he killed those teenagers." Sheriff already knows about the whole "glowing eyes" thing, because he read the police report, but Melissa reminds him that between their sons and their pack, they know quite a few kids who fit that description. ADN, who has been on the phone during this entire conversation, hangs up and announces to everyone that the ambulance that Barrow apparently stole has been spotted on the corner of Truman and Spalding, which, as the Sheriff points out, is only blocks away from the high school where their children are currently located. YIKES! The police officers/federal agents automatically start running for their vehicles, leaving a very anxious Melissa behind.

Lydia is dropping some stuff at her locker, but when she closes the door, she finds a smirking Aiden waiting for her behind it. Thankfully, our Lydia is nothing if not stubborn, so she can't resist giving Aiden a little shit for his behavior, although she ends up complimenting him at the same time. "Oh, NO. I don't think so. There's no way you come back here after two weeks of NOTHING, with your cute little smile, the dark eyes, the brooding forehead, the muscles... and suddenly we're ripping each other's clothes off in Coach's office?" Unfortunately, a girl's got needs, you know? So it doesn't take long before they're making out and pawing at each other to the sounds of "Fever" by Oh Mercy as they push themselves into said office. Fortunately for them, the office is still totally destroyed from Stiles and Scott's prank from earlier, which isn't really conducive to good macking, so Aiden suggests they go to the guidance office and do it on Ms. Morrell's desk instead. (Speaking of whom, where is that fierce druid? I miss her so much!)

I say "fortunately," because once they've left the room and closed the door behind them, we see that BARROW WAS TOTALLY IN THERE THE WHOLE TIME. He's looking pretty out of it, since, you know, he's got a gaping surgical wound from chest to navel, and he's wearing a stolen paramedic uniform. He digs around the random objects and papers on the floor until he finally finds a staple gun, which he uses to STAPLE HIS ABDOMINAL WOUND CLOSED. I have a high tolerance for blood, guts, and gore, since it's kind of an occupational hazard of being a nurse and all, but this seriously made me want to vom. What is with this episode testing my gag reflex? Doug Jones, y u so creepy? He somehow manages to grimace AND laugh hysterically while he's stapling himself closed, which is making me more confident in my theory that he's being possessed by something, because even a sociopath would have difficulties running around with all his intestines spilling out all over the place, wouldn't they?

Sheriff and his deputies have showed up to the school and are walking down the hall while Stiles chases after his father. "Wait, wait, wait, wait-- THE William Barrow? The Shrapnel Bomber? Spotted nearby?" Stiles asks, both horrified and a little excited. Sheriff stops in the middle of the hallway and turns to quietly inform his son that by "nearby," they actually mean, "in the school." They're distracted from this conversation by Agent Douchenozzle, who is walking down the hallway with a school administrator and demanding to know where all of the school's entrances are, in order to ensure that no one can get in or leave without him knowing about it. Sheriff gives Stiles a look like, "See the fucking shit I have to deal with?", and when Stiles asks his dad WTF is up right now, Sheriff just sighs in exhaustion. Man, it must be really hard being Sheriff of a town where insane stuff is going down on a regular basis. That's gotta be a huge drag. Not to mention the fact that he basically has to consult with his teenage sons and their friends to solve the crimes that the police are just not at all equipped to deal with.

The scene cuts away to Stiles, Isaac, Allison, and Lydia, who are walking down an empty hallway while Stiles fills them in on what's going on. "Barrow went after kids with 'glowing eyes?' He said those exact words?" Isaac asks him, clearly worried, and Stiles confirms that he did; plus, to make matters worse, no one knows how the fuck he was able to wake up from the anesthesia to stab Dr. Gardner and escape. Uh, DEMONS, duh Stiles! Stiles adds that all they do know is that when they were doing surgery, a tumor full of live flies exploded and grossed everyone involved out to an extreme degree. "Which, in any other circumstance, would be all kinds of AWESOME," he adds, like the nerd that he is. Oh, Stiles! Never change. Lydia's like, "Did you say FLIES?" because she's been hearing buzzing all day long. Allison states the obvious when she suggests that she could be hearing flies, and Lydia agrees that it sounded exactly like them. Aw yes, could we finally be getting some answers about Lydia's banshee abilities? Because seriously, now, we've waited more than long enough.

Meanwhile, Kira is eating lunch with her dad in his classroom, where he's talking to her about how he finds it strange that she's sitting with him for lunch instead of with the other kids in the cafeteria. While he talks, Kira snaps pictures of him and the quotes on his chalkboard with her neon-yellow product-placement Nokia Lumia that has been in like, every single TV show that I watch, and claims she just wants to keep him company. "You should be embarrassed to be seen with me, not keeping me company," he reasons, and he's kind of got a point-- dude is super embarrassing on the regular, and he knows it. When he asks her if she's made any friends yet, she brings up the fact that she doesn't know what she's doing wrong, especially since she had a lot of friends back home in New York. Here, she feels like she's just rambling and awkward, which isn't exactly untrue, but they're totally endearing qualities that would make me want to befriend her instantly. You know, if I lived in this universe and everything

"Try again, fail again. Fail better," Mr. Yukimura quotes at her, and she totally calls him out on his blatant Samuel Beckett rip-off. He jokes that he thought it was Yoda, and nonchalantly sips at his coffee in a very hilarious and charming way. He reminds her that she's a beautiful girl, so eventually, someone will show an interest, to which I say AMEN! She's so adorable and friendly, I honestly can't understand why no one at this damn school would want to make her their BFF. Scott is walking down the hall and passes the classroom on the way, which gives him yet another opportunity to eavesdrop on her conversation when he hears them talking and stops just outside the door. Aw, he's so stalkery when he has a crush! He must be getting tips from Isaac. She points out that the only person who has shown any interest in her is a "rabid coyote," so her dad quips that perhaps she should date the coyote. Dads are so dorky! That's exactly the kind of joke my dad would make. "I don't wanna date," Kira says. "And I definitely don't need a boyfriend. I just wanna make a few friends." Scott looks really sad at that first part, but once he hears that she wants to make friends, he seems to resolve himself to becoming friends with her. Atta boy, Scott! That's the kind of quality that made you worthy of being a true alpha in the first place.

Stiles runs and flails down the hallway until he finally finds Scott, and immediately asks him where the hell he's been this whole time. Lydia runs up to them from the opposite direction and informs them that the police are leaving, and asks Stiles, the all-knowing police expert, why they'd be leaving if they haven't found Barrow yet. Scott hasn't been read into this newest drama, so he's extremely confused, and it doesn't help that no one stops to tell him what's up. "They must have cleared the building and grounds, which means he's not here." Stiles guesses. Lydia closes her eyes and sighs before exclaiming that he HAS to be here, because the buzzing sound in her brain is getting louder. Scott's like, "Can someone please tell me what's happening?" Instead of doing just that, Stiles asks her how loud the buzzing is, and Lydia just does that signature eye-twitch of hers that indicates that shit is getting real as the sound of buzzing becomes deafening in her ears. Yikes! That's sufficiently terrifying.

The FBI agents and Sheriff's deputies, along with Sheriff Stilinski, are leaving the school to follow an eyewitness report that says they saw Barrow at the abandoned train station. Stiles chases after his dad, and though Blobfish yells at Sheriff to hurry up, he ends up stopping to listen to what his son has to say. Stiles explains that Lydia told him that Barrow is still there, so Sheriff automatically asks if she saw him there at the school. "Not exactly, no. Err, not at all, actually. But, she has a feeling! A supernatural feeling!" Sheriff glances at where Lydia is waiting for them by the entrance to the school, and goes through all the supernatural identities he's learned thus far in his head before he exasperatedly exclaims, "Lydia wasn't on the chess board!" HAHAHAHA. Oh Sheriff. Stiles insists that she is now, and when Sheriff asks if she's a kanima (LOLOL), he corrects him and tells him she's a banshee.

Naturally, he rolls his eyes, as you do, so Stiles briefly mentions how banshees are able to foresee certain deaths and/or sense when someone is about to die. Sheriff is just way too overwhelmed with the onslaught of supernatural shenanigans since he's been read into the program to deal with any of this right now, and yelps, "Can she sense that I'm about to kill you?" Stiles hilariously takes this as a serious question, and they both turn to look at Lydia, who just smiles and waves at them. Sheriff politely waves back, and then informs Stiles that while he does believe that this shit exists, for now, he's going with the hard evidence, i.e. the eyewitness testimony. As he walks away, he adds that the best he can do is put the school on lockdown until 3 o'clock, which honestly, is the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

Why would you lock down a school that could potentially have a convicted murderer of teenagers hanging out somewhere inside? Like seriously, now, Sheriff, we all know that you're smarter than that. Although, I guess it's possible that ADN is the one who ultimately came up with/enacted the plan, because he's demonstrated that he's kind of a moron already, but still, not smart! Stiles completely agrees with me, although I think he's more of the belief that he would be more help to his dad if he WEREN'T stuck at school, but whatever, the Beacon Hills pack has already shown that they're way more competent than any of the adults, so they'll just make do with what they've got.

So, Scott ducks down an empty corridor to find his mom, looking out of place in her purple scrubs as she sneaks into the school. He waves her over, and once she joins him, he asks her if she brought what he asked for. She hands him a bag with the hospital gown Barrow was wearing before he escaped, and Scott smiles in thanks. "Be careful," she warns him. "I looked right in this guy's eyes, and it was terrifying." Scott nods and promises he will, and gives her a little kiss on the forehead before he takes off again. Melissa just watches worriedly before she leaves. Man, it would be really hard to have a superhero for a child, wouldn't it? Especially being the mother to the territory's True Alpha, you know? Like, having to let go of your instinct to protect them, because they have supernatural powers you can't even dream of possessing and are in a position of authority over the other supernaturals to the point where they're literally the only ones who can handle these situations. I think Melissa is pretty much the shining example of how to parent a supernatural teenager, to be honest.

In a different nook in the school, Scott has met up with Isaac, Ethan, and Aiden, and explains that though the police/FBI supposedly searched the entire school and didn't find Barrow, Lydia is sure that he's still there. I'm really glad that everyone is finally taking Lydia's hunches seriously, because like Stiles says later, she hasn't been wrong yet, so even if her senses are kind of confusing, it beats just stumbling around in the dark, doesn't it? At least Lydia's banshee feelings give them someplace to start their search/investigation/what-have-you. Scott adds that they also have their sense of smell, which gives them the advantage over the cops, and hands over the gown for the fellow cubs to sniff before they start their hunt.

In an abandoned classroom somewhere (Aren't they on lockdown? Where is everyone? And why was it so easy for Melissa to enter/Allison to exit without anyone noticing? The FBI and the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department is CLEARLY the police force of the year, right here), Allison is preparing to slip out the window to go home and consult the Argent bestiary. "The bestiary is literally a thousand pages long-- if I'm going to find anything about flies coming out of people's bodies, it could take all night," Allison warns them. Before she jumps out the window, Lydia reminds her that the Archaic Latin word for "fly" is "musca." Once she's gone, Lydia asks Stiles where they should start looking, and when Stiles realizes they only have roughly twenty-five minutes before the lockdown is over, he hurries them both upstairs. There is SO MUCH SHIT GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

In the basement, Scott and Isaac are slowly searching the hallway when Isaac asks Scott if trusting the twins is going to become a regular thing. Scott assures him that he doesn't trust Ethan and Aiden, but since they kind of need as much help as they can get right now, he's not above teaming up with them temporarily. "Yeah, well, I don't trust them either," Isaac pouts. "Or like them. In fact, I hate them, and I actually want them to die." LOL ISAAC, you and the rest of the TW fandom. Scott sighs and retorts, "Well, if Barrow's actually here and he's got a plan, you may get what you want." Isaac considers this for a moment, and then smirks evilly a bit before following Scott down the hall. Aw, as much as I love Puppy Isaac, Murdery Isaac is pretty hilarious and awesome.

Ethan and Aiden are in an adjacent hallway in the basement. Aiden comes up behind his brother and whispers that he found something, but Ethan gestures to him to shut up and indicates that there's something in the room next to them. After a moment, the two storm the room, but it isn't Barrow that's lurking in there, it's just Danny and his ex-boyfriend, taking advantage of the lockdown to make out in the basement, as you do. Aiden can't help but crack up at the sight of his brother's face, which made me laugh soooo hard as well. Poor Danny just kind of looks sheepishly at them as Ethan exclaims, "Oh, REALLY?" You snooze, you lose, bro! Danny's super smart, super hot, and super charming, so if you can't keep in touch with his sweet dimpled self, that's on you, dude.

Upstairs, Lydia and Stiles are searching the history classroom, and expositioning about their plan. Lydia asks Stiles if Isaac and Scott are in the basement, and Stiles confirms that they are, with the twins in tow. Their plan was to split up and search the basement from the outer edges to the middle, and ultimately meet in the boiler room. Stiles is too distracted by looking for clues that he doesn't notice Lydia stop and glance at a photo of the atomic bomb explosion in Japan, which forces her to consider the implications of their plan. "All of the wolves... all of the ones with GLOWING EYES, are in the basement at the boiler room?" Stiles takes that thought and runs with it as he recalls that Barrow was an electrical engineer, which means he would know how to turn the boiler room into a bomb that could easily blow up the entire school. They both quickly decide that they need to get their wolf amigos AND the rest of the school out of the building ASAP.

Lydia anxiously worries about how they fuck they're going to manage to get everyone out, but Stiles, naturally, has got it covered. We cut downstairs to where Isaac and Scott are searching the basement, but they stop when they hear the fire alarm go off. Ethan and Aiden both sigh when they hear it, but they eventually heed the warning and run upstairs to go outside. In the main hallway upstairs, Lydia is standing guard and watching all the people scurry outside as Stiles pulls the fire alarm. Stiles is looking pretty proud of himself for this idea, but his smirk slides right off his face when he sees Lydia's wide-eyed "OH SHIT" face looking right past him at Coach Finstock, who is stony-faced and very clearly pissed.

Coach pulls him outside by the ear as he yells at him for his little prank. "Pulling a fire alarm on Mischief Night is one thing-- doing it when there's a mass murderer spotted nearby is INSANE!" He lets go of Stiles' ear with a yank, and takes a deep breath to continue his rant. "If I were four years younger, I'd punch you!" he bellows. Stiles just crinkles his brow and points out that Coach doesn't make any sense (like he ever does), but Coach cares not, and stomps back into the school to continue with the evacuation. Lydia joins him and sees Aiden, Scott, Isaac and Ethan across the schoolyard, so she yanks him over to them to debrief. Aiden informs them that they couldn't find him or anything in the basement, and Scott adds that they didn't even catch his scent. Stiles wonders if the threat is over, since it's now 3:00PM (15:00, for you military-time folks), which means the lockdown is over. They all turn to Lydia for guidance, but she's too frustrated and overwhelmed to have any idea on how to articulate what her banshee senses are telling her and insists she has no idea what's happening.

Kira is in the library, sitting on the floor, reading a book and blasting Nico Vega's "Witchy Night" on her iPod when Coach Finstock finds her. She's startled when she finally notices him standing over her, and pulls out her earbuds just in time to hear him yell at her for having her iPod volume up so loud before he shouts at her to get the fuck outside with the rest of the kids. She scrambles to pick up her things before rushing out of the library; unfortunately, neither Coach, nor Kira, noticed the fact that Barrow had been lurking on the other side of the bookshelf, staring at Kira in the most creepy way possible. NIGHTMARES. FOREVER. Also, what's with that Surgeon's Reference in the library? I have a hard time believing that any high school students would need to use that, unless maybe it was for like, AP Bio or something. Still, seems a little over their heads.

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Back at the Hale Loft, Derek is putting his mom's claws back into the wooden urn thingy while he talks to Peter. Do you guys think the container was made for this purpose? There seem to be little slits in the bottom where they can stick the claws so they're standing vertically, it's pretty cool. Speaking of cool, as much as I hate Peter, he's pretty hilarious in this episode, especially as he's making his reservations known. "You know, there's always an element of danger to rituals like this. I'm not particularly fond of them..." he begins. Yeah, we get it-- you died once, you don't want to die again. Es obvio, ese. "...Unless they somehow... benefit me." Whomp, there it is. Derek smiles, so he must have been expecting this, though he would have been stupid NOT to expect it. When Derek asks him what he wants, Peter states that he would like to keep the claws afterwards.

DEREK: [side-eyes him]
PETER: "Sentimental value."
DEREK: [side-eyes him harder]
PETER: "She was your mother, she was also my sister!"
DEREK: [continues to side-eye him silently]
PETER: "WHAT? Am I not allowed a little bit of sentiment?"

Derek just smiles at him sarcastically as he drops the last claw into the urn and sets it in front of him. When Peter realizes that he's going to get what he wants, he smiles the most WICKED of smiles, and it makes my heart turn to ice. Seriously, what is his agenda? DON'T GIVE HIM THE CLAWS DEREK. I just have this terrible feeling that he's going to like, use them somehow to gain some of Talia's leftover powers and then, like, raze Beacon Hills to the ground or something. Nothing good can come of this, I guess is what I'm trying to say. Peter is understandably hesitant to stick his hand into the urn and stab his dead sister's claws into his own fingers, and holds his hand above the claws as he waffles over it. Derek's pretty amused as he watches his uncle try to psyche himself into impaling his cuticles with someone else's claws, but after a few moments, he runs out of patience, and just runs over and shoves Peter's hand into the urn himself. NICE! Peter's more than a little annoyed as his eyes flash blue from the pain. I am loving their dynamic, hahaha.

Mr. Yukimura has just pulled into the Yukimura's home (whose nickname I am still in the process of making up) to the lovely strains of Cardiknox's "Black Wayfarers." Their house is AMAZING, it's all in one level, but it's all glass and dark wood inside with lots of different plants and shrubbery in pots around the different rooms in a very Eastern aesthetic. He calls out for Kira, who trips into the room wearing the standard "I'm out of school for the day and I don't want to wear pants anymore" lounge-clothing, which just makes me love her more. He tells her to get ready for dinner, and to put on some nice clothes while she's at it. She's confused as to why she'd need to dress up for yet another family meal, but when the doorbell rings, he admits that he has a surprise for her. "I... invited a guest, for what I like to call the 'Thank You For Saving My Daughter From Becoming a Coyote Dinner' Dinner!" LOL, Mr. Yukimura is the goddamn cutest dad around, and Chris Argent/Sheriff Stilinski have set quite the Cute-Dad standard around these parts.

Her dad opens the door to find a beaming Scott McCall, holding his motorcycle helmet and looking adorable. Scott greets her happily, and Kira mumbles, "Oh god," under her breath before flashing him a quick smile and running off to put on some real clothes. Scott is like, "Uh, what just happened?" and stands around awkwardly. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

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Scott and Kira are sitting on one side of the dinner table when Papa Yukimura comes in with a large serving plate while Kira's mom makes chit-chat with their guest. "So, Scott, I'm sure that as a native Californian, you've eaten at some pretty impressive Japanese sushi restaurants." Scott just bites at his lip and nods nervously as she continues, "But, I have to tell you that my husband is a superb chef!" Scott stares at the plate of different sushi rolls in barely contained horror, and listens politely as Mr. Yukimura identifies the different rolls as hamachi, uni, hikora, and hirame. (I probably butchered those Japanese phonetics, so please, Japanese speakers/sushi enthusiasts, correct me if I'm wrong!) After a moment of awkward silence, Mama Yukimura correctly guesses that Scott has never actually eaten sushi before. "Is it ALL raw?" Scott asks nervously. Papa Yukimura laughs and informs him that it is, except for the rice, and Kira immediately gets embarrassed and reminds her dad that they were supposed to eat lasagna that night.

Mr. Yukimura feels bad, clearly, and admits that he was just trying to impress Scott before offering to make lasagna, but Scott assures him that it's absolutely fine, and that he can eat anything, because his mama raised a gentleman. It's true, though-- didn't Scott eat a rabbit once? Wolves are huge carnivores anyway, I don't see why raw fish would be a big deal. Scott stumbles as he tries to pick up a hirame roll with his chopsticks, and after a moment of struggling, Kira leans over and helps him by teaching him how to hold chopsticks. Of course, this gives her the perfect opportunity to touch his hands, a fact which Kira's parents both awkwardly notice as they watch their daughter charm the pants off of her new friend.

Once Scott has gotten the hang of it, he picks the roll up and is about to put it in his mouth when he accidentally drops it. Thankfully, Kira's got quick reflexes, and easily catches it with her own chopsticks before holding it in front of Scott's face. The awesome song that is playing is ALSO Cardiknox, called, "Where I'm Headed," and it is a perfect song for a perfect couple. I swear, this ship sails itself. Scott glances over at her parents, who are staring at him, and awkwardly opens his mouth a tiny bit so Kira can feed him his roll. Seriously, it's about the cutest thing ever. Kira's mom doesn't seem that impressed, though, and gives her husband the side-eye as she snarks. "Sushi? You couldn't have picked a less sexy dinner choice for our teenage daughter and the boy she's crushing on?" Papa Yukimura just shrugs sheepishly, because we all know he's totally a Scira shipper. I love Scott and his endless string of awkward family dinners. I know I've used the word "awkward" about a bazillion times in the last three paragraphs, but it's the only word that accurately expresses the tension!

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Speaking of ships that sail themselves, Stiles and Lydia are in his bedroom, and Lydia is sprawled out on Stiles' bed as she watches him add to the crazy crime board on his wall that is covered in photos and reports on all the various supernatural-related cases his dad has been working on, all connected with colored yarn. Lydia asks him what the different colored strings mean while she plays with the balls of yarn on his bed like she's the most beautiful ginger cat ever. "Uh, just the different stages of the investigation. So, like, green is 'solved,' yellow is 'to be determined,' blue is just pretty. Heh." When she asks him what red means, he tells her it means "unsolved," so she bluntly points out that all of the strings are on the board are red. "Yes, I'm aware, thank you," Stiles grunts in frustration, but he's not mad, he's just overwhelmed.

Lydia frowns a bit when she asks Stiles if he got into detention for pulling the fire alarm, but while Stiles admits that he did get a week's worth, he's not upset about it, because he definitely thinks that they're onto something. Stiles' t-shirt today is pretty cool-- it's gray with a breast pocket that's painted with a sunset, but the lack of a hoodie once again definitely makes me nervous, especially after what happens in a little bit. Lydia nervously wraps a loose red piece of yarn around her finger as she bitterly reminds him that they didn't find any proof of Barrow being there. Stiles senses her insecurity and frustration over not having control over her abilities, and crouches in front of her so he can look her in the eyes as he gives her a pep talk.

"Hey, Lydia," he assures her. "You've been right every time something like this has happened, okay? So don't start doubting yourself now." Lydia isn't so sure, because there was no scent OR bomb, and she got him in trouble over it to boot, but Stiles continues to soothe her with all kinds of Stiles-love as he unwinds the red yarn from her index finger. "Okay, okay, look-- Barrow WAS there, alright? You knew it, you FELT it. Okay? And look, if you wanted to, I'd go back to that school right now and search all night just to prove it." The look he gives her is so warm and full of love that I literally about died, and Lydia gets this look in her eyes like she's seeing Stiles-- the real Stiles, and not just the dorky boy that's had a huge crush on her forever-- for the first time. Holland and Dylan aren't lying when they say that Stiles and Lydia are two sides of the same coin. Lydia smiles at him, and Stiles starts to nervously chew on a Sharpie cap when he gets hit over the head with a realization as he smells the marker. He stands up quickly and tells her to get up, because they're going back to the school to search it again. OH SHIT!

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It's been a while since we've seen Allison, so it's time to check in on her. She's in her dad's study, going through the PDF file of the Argent bestiary on his computer, when she hears a noise coming from outside. She reflexively steels herself and stands up to listen more closely for noises to identify what's she's dealing with. However, after a moment, she hears the zap of electricity and a bunch of high-pitched yelps before she hears a loud thump that sounds like someone falling onto the floor, and she just smiles before sitting back down and returning to her research. A few seconds later, Isaac scrambles to the study and leans against the door frame as he asks her if she electrified the windows. When she states that she did, he's like, "And you didn't want to say anything about it?" Allison: "Nope!" Bahahaha, you keep playing hard-to-get, girl! Make him work for it! Anyway, Isaac just shrugs it off, and comes up behind her to see what she's doing on the computer.

She asks him what he's doing there, as if she doesn't know he's just trying to spend more time with her, and Isaac tries to play it cool by lying and saying he thought she could use a second pair of eyes to figure out what the flies in Barrow's stomach mean. She sarcastically asks him if he can read Archaic Latin, but he just retorts that no, he can't, but he can look at pictures, just like she can. Allison just smiles wider and pushes herself back a bit so he can take the mouse, and when he clicks on a link of some kind, a terrifying photograph of a red, scary mask pops up, which frightens and confuses both kids. YIKES! That is not a good sign, that thing looks like the devil or something, and the last thing we need is more demons running around.

ALSO, I just want to state for the record that I don't think that Allison electrified the windows to keep Isaac out. There was a ton of debate about this on Tumblr, so, as usual, I'd like to add my two cents. I'm going to get into this in more detail later, but I honestly think that Allison knows she has a connection with Isaac, and she's afraid of her romantic/sexual feelings for him, both because he's a werewolf and because he's Scott/her ex's best friend and beta. As a result, she's been playing this game that like a cross between playing chicken and an teenage girl-version of a boy pulling a girl's pigtails on the playground. I just highly doubt that Allison was intending to keep Isaac out-- I mean, this is Allison-fucking-Argent we're talking about here-- if she didn't want him there, he WOULDN'T be there. There are plenty of supernatural creatures she'd be more likely to want to keep out, to be honest. Hell, maybe she just set it up because she wanted Isaac to come through the door like a normal person. But, let's move on and I'll get into the bulk of this situation when the next part happens.

Anyway, back at the loft, Peter is admiring his sister's claws that have been shoved into his nail beds and quips, "It's not exactly my color," before walking over to where Derek is sitting backwards in a chair. Derek leans forward and braces himself for what's to come as Peter stands behind him and warns him that it's going to be "excruciatingly painful." Per usual, Derek is just, like, "Just do it," so Peter snarks that he was totally planning to, and happily. "We all have our petty revenges," Peter snits, as he lines up his claws with Derek's spinal cord and stabs them into the back of his neck. Yeah, guess that's payback for being a dick while sewing his finger back on earlier, isn't it? Derek winces and screws his eyes closed tightly at he presumably dives into limbo or whatever.

Back at the Yukimura's, Scott is continuing to make small talk with Kira's parents during their sushi dinner, and are currently discussing the Yukimura family. Scott brings up the fact that they just moved to Beacon Hills from New York, but Mama Yukimura explains that her family already has ties to this area that go back several generations. Scott correctly guesses that Yukimura is a Japanese name, which impresses Mama Y, but Papa Y adds that though Yukimura IS Japanese, he is actually Korean. As it turns out, when he and Mama Y got married, he took her name because she was the last surviving member of her family and it was important to her. When Scott asks why they didn't just take both names, Mama Y begins to discuss the law in Japan, which is where they were married, and how it requires that both people in a marriage must share the same name, or in Japanese, the same "kosaki."

"My wife's lineage is quite unique," Papa Y explains. "I was actually going to discuss it in class." Kira gets embarrassed again and begs him not to, and Mama Y scolds her for not being proud of her heritage.Yeah, I'm sure all of this talk about Kira's bloodline and heritage isn't going to be super important later on, right? Scott starts to cough a little bit after he eats another sushi roll, but everyone is so absorbed in the conversation that none of them notice. "It was a profound honor to join your mother's family," Papa Y tells Kira for Scott's benefit, which is when they finally realize that he's choking/gagging pretty severely. Kira asks him where all his wasabi went, and Scott gasps, "I thought it was guacamole!" LOLOLOL FOREVER. Scott, you beautiful, naive, newborn baby, you. Never change! Naturally, everyone rushes to get Scott some water to soothe his burning tongue and throat while Scott tries not to cry from how spicy the wasabi was. Mmm, wasabi. Now I want sushi. Or wasabi chips.

Night has fallen, now, and Stiles is once again at the high school with only Lydia to accompany him. Yes, let's have the two HUMANS with no self-defense training or supernatural strength/healing to go into that death trap without backup. Splendid idea. They walk into the chemistry classroom, where Lydia wonders aloud what they should be looking for in there. She gets distracted by the fact that Stiles was able to open the (usually locked) door to the chemistry storage closet, which is definitely unnerving. Stiles agrees with her concerns, and asks her if she notices anything else that is weird. She points out that it smells like chemicals, and then considers that statement for a moment. "They wouldn't have been able to catch a scent," she reasons, since the smell of chemicals is so strong that even she can notice it. Stiles examines the shelves with the flashlight on his phone and gets really grossed out when he finds a several drips and smudges of blood on the floor in front of the cabinet. "He was here, performing very minor surgery on himself! You were right!" Lydia sighs, and asks him why she doesn't feel good about this discovery, but we all already know the answer to that one. "Probably because he was here to kill somebody," Stiles replies grimly.

They both wonder who it is, and decide to look around the actual classroom for clues to help them figure out out. That's when something weird happens, so once again, we have to play the super-fun game of "Is this a major clue, or is it a continuity error?" For a brief moment while Stiles walks down the aisle between the two columns of lab tables, he's wearing that same white shirt with the navy blue trim around the neckline and sleeves that he's worn the last couple of episodes. Then, when the camera angle shifts, he's back to wearing the previously-described gray tshirt with the painted breast pocket. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Lydia notices some numbers scribbled on the chalkboard, and when Stiles asks her what they mean, she drops a lesson on the periodic table on him. "They're atomic numbers," she informs him, as she continues staring at the board to figure out what it means. He assumes they're a chemical formula, but she doesn't think so, because they're for potassium, iodine, and radium, which don't really make anything that she can think of. She starts writing the abbreviations of the corresponding elements next to them, starting with "K" for potassium, which confuses Stiles. Someone needs to pay more attention in chemistry, Stilesy-poo! "From kalium, the scientific Neo-Latin name," Lydia explains as she writes "I" next to iodine, which is when Stiles starts to put it together. He asks her what the abbreviation is for radium, though he already instinctively knows the answer, and when she writes "Ra" next to it, the realization of what the code means hits them both at once. "KIRA." As in, the cute Asian girl Barrow was creeping and lurking around earlier at school. NOOOOOO!

Derek wakes up with a gasp in limbo, or Hamistigan (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of Lost Girl lately) or wherever you go when you stick a dead werewolf's claws in your spinal cord. It's not what has become known as the "white room" in the fandom, where Derek went after he was used in Peter's resurrection ritual in "Party Guessed"/"Fury," and where Scott, Stiles, and Allison went during their surrogate sacrifice ritual in "Lunar Ellipse." He's actually still in his loft, but Peter is nowhere in sight, leaving Derek all alone in this weirdo blue-tinted dimension. The weirdest thing about it is that the Nemeton's stump has just appeared out of nowhere and is just chilling in the middle of the room where a thick fog is starting to materialize around it. Did Talia have a connection to the Nemeton? Is she tapping into its power to come back to talk to Derek? I JUST WANT TO UNDERSTAND. Derek is completely stunned when a large black wolf with gray around its eyes trots right in through the open loft door and hops right up on the Nemeton's stump. He just gapes at her, like he can't believe she's actually there, and her eyes glow red as she stares at him. IT'S TALIA YOU GUYS! I am so emotional right now, stop playing games with my heart, Hales!

Scott is hanging out alone in Kira's room while he checks in with his mom, who is still at work, on his phone. He proudly informs her that he actually ate sushi tonight, which makes her laugh because she didn't think he knew how to use chopsticks, and after this dinner, we all know that he actually doesn't. After a moment, he asks her if he can ask her a question. "Why didn't you... uh, how come you didn't change your name back to Delgado?" She asks if he means why she didn't keep Agent Douchenozzle's name after they divorced, and when Scott admits that's what he's asking, she gives him the best response ever. "Because it's your name, too, honey." MAMA MCCALL FOR MOTHER OF THE YEAR. MELISSA MCCALL FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSE. MELISSA MCCALL FOR SAINTHOOD. This right here is the woman who played the biggest role in her son rising to become a true alpha, and I love her so damn much for it. She tells him she has to get back to work, but tells him she loves him before they hang up. AW, McCall family feels! I AM DEAD.

(via causeallkindsoftrouble)
That's when Kira comes in with a box of pizza and two Pepsis, which is like basically my idea of heaven, if we're being honest. (The song is Houses' "The Beauty Surrounds," by the way! Very cute) Scott adorably groans, "Ahhhh, thank God! No offense to sushi," and sits down next to Kira on her bed as they each grab a piece from the box. Kira isn't at all offended, though and totally understands, replying that they should have started him on California rolls first. They both literally moan in pleasure while they eat their slices, and she doesn't even notice that Scott is just watching her nibble on her pizza with the warmest, sweetest, most adoring smile ever. I just can't with these two, okay. It's just too much! Scott digs her so hard, and the feeling is quite mutual, it seems!

Over at the Argent Abode, Allison is sitting on her bed, shuffling through print outs of the bestiary, when Isaac walks over to join her, asking her if she found anything as he settles in behind her. She informs him she found a reference about flies having the ability to carry messages to the dead, and when she asks what Isaac has found so far, he points out a page that talks about Beelzebub, who is the Lord of the Flies, and leans close to her as he shows her the excerpt he found. This attempt to get physically closer to her does not escape her notice one bit, and she whips her head backward to look at him. Of course, she's only human, so she gets so caught up in staring at his lips that he gets bold and decides to lean in and kiss her. She backs away at the last moment and smiles, before realizing what the hell is going on and losing her nerve. She hops to her feet, trying to look as though she's not at all interested in him, and asks, "Are you serious?" Isaac plays dumb at first when she points out that he tried to kiss her, but when he denies it, she hilariously is, like, "So, what, were you trying to headbutt me?" Isaac, not sure where this is going, drops the facade. "Okay, maybe I was trying to kiss you," Isaac confesses, and the fact that Allison smiles super wide before realizing the implications tells you everything you need to know about this situation and how she feels about him.

"Are you completely, totally out of your mind?" Allison stammers as she jumps off her bed and starts pacing. "You actually think that I would want to kiss you-- or, or any other werewolf-- again? Because trust me on this, I-I would NEVER kiss you! Ever. Never." Isaac totally realizes that the lady totally doth protest too much, and just kind of chuckles and nods through her entire rambling speech. Once he's established that she means "NEVER," he takes off his shirt and states, "Fine, I won't kiss you either." Allison takes in his glorious abs and pecs and gulps as Churchill's "Change" starts up, and then gathers up all her nerve and takes off her shirt, too, as both a challenge and a front. Allison's mouth doesn't say a word, but her eyes and body language are screaming, "I'm not attracted to you, I'm not turned on at all right now, this is just a game," as though if she tells herself this enough, it will be true, rather than the reality of the situation, which is that she's totally crushing on her former enemy/close friend/pack mate/ex's BFF and beta.

(via coralinehales)
Like, come on, you guys. Allison is a confident warrior queen with tons of hunter fighting skills and military grade weaponry at her disposal-- if she didn't want Isaac there, he would have had Chinese ring daggers in his eyeballs the second he got into the house. It seems pretty obvious that Allison has feelings for Isaac. They're friends, they've bonded over their shared experiences, Isaac acted as Allison's emotional tether. I mean, shit, Allison has had sex dreams about Isaac! Playing games is just her way of dealing with her conflicted feelings, considering things are still kind of weird with Scott and Isaac's a werewolf and Scott's best friend and beta to boot. I can kind of sort of see why people could maybe interpret Isaac's actions as pushing himself on Allison, but I just didn't read it that way?

Anyway, Isaac just gapes at her, since from what we heard from his dad in Season 2, this might be the first time he's ever seen an underwear-clad girl in the flesh. And, because Jeff Davis lives to torture us, JUST when I'm getting excited, all, "YES! Finally, Allison and Isaac are going to shirtless hug," Chris (Hey, Chris! Where have you been all my life?) walks into his darling daughter's room to find her and his sort-of teenage ally standing half-naked in front of each other. "Allison, can I see you in my office?" Chris growls, shooting a glare at the teenage boy next to Allison's bed. "Where I keep my guns?" he adds, for Isaac's benefit. Allison quickly throws her shirt back on and scampers out of the room, leaving Isaac to scream "OH FUCK" internally as he scrambles to put his shirt back on. Once Allison is out of the room, we can hear Chris bellow, "ANOTHER WEREWOLF?" Because it would be no big deal if Isaac were just your average horny teenager, but since he's got claws and fangs? No wayyyy. Awesome priorities! Also, does JR Bourne look weirdly skinny to you this season? He's never been a big guy to begin with, but it's a little concerning. Maybe it's just his new haircut.

Meanwhile, Peter, who has been standing up in a weird fugue state the entire time his borrowed claws have been stuck in Derek's neck, starts to sway, and eventually, he has to pull the claws out. The process seems to have taken a lot out of both of them, because they're both covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and Derek, who is now back in the world of the living, is panting as he tries to make sense of what he's learned. Naturally, Peter is a little concerned and suspicious of what went down. "Did you see her?" he demands. "What did you ask her? Did she say anything about me?" At that last question, Derek turns his head quickly and gives him the best stink-eye he can muster, which makes Peter extremely nervous. "Uh oh, that doesn't look good." OH SHIT! What did Derek ask her? Did Peter do something super bad that Talia totally just informed Derek about? Are there some kind of secrets at play? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING.

Kira is walking Scott out to his dirtbike as he thanks Kira for dinner. "For the pizza or the sushi?" she asks adorably, and Scott cutely informs her that the pizza was good. Aw, give sushi some credit, Scott! It's not it's fault you ate too much wasabi. Echosmith's "Bright" starts up as Kira tells Scott that she can tell he's a really nice guy, and not just because he prevented her from becoming coyote-chow. Scott seems a little confused and asks her if he did something else, which makes Kira smile. "Yeah. You remembered my name," she admits. Scott smiles so big at this statement, I literally do not even know what to do to myself. So, of course, the moment has to be ruined by Scott getting completely bonked on the head with a crowbar by Barrow, who sneaked up behind him while he was distracted. NOOO! No one touches my angel werewolf prince! THIS GUY HAS TO BE EVIL IF HE'S WILLING TO HURT THE PERSONIFICATION OF SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS AND ALL THAT IS AWESOME.

After the break, Stiles and Lydia find Scott passed out on the ground in front of the Yukimura's house and shake him until he wakes up. He's bleeding a little bit from his head, and gasps when he remembers what happened. Scott quickly explains that Barrow took Kira, but, of course, they already figured that part out, and Stiles adds that he was after Kira the entire time and they just didn't know it. They call Isaac to see if he and Allison figured out anything to explain Barrow's behavior, but Isaac admits that all they've found is stuff regarding flies and the dead, so it's not really of any help to them. When Scott hangs up, he turns to Stiles, desperate to come up with a plan before Kira gets killed. "I knew he was there," Lydia worries. "How did I know that?" Stiles assumes it's because she heard the flies, so Scott asks her what she hears now.

Lydia listens for a moment, and then sighs. "Nothing. I feel like I can do this, but I don't know what to do! It's like, it's on the tip of my tongue, and I don't know how to trigger it!" She runs a hand through her hair and starts to pace. "It's just-- I swear to God, it literally makes me wanna scream!" Stiles is hit with a beam of inspiration, and instructs Lydia to go ahead and scream, then. Lydia does what she's told, and lets out the most high-pitched, earsplitting scream we've ever heard from her, so loud that both Stiles and Scott have to cover their ears with a wince. When she's done, she takes a deep breath and exhales slowly, which clears her head of all the clutter and allows her to focus solely on the sound she's been hearing all day. She looks up above her and sees the street light, which helps her realize the buzzing she's been hearing wasn't flies, it was ELECTRICITY. She turns around quickly to tell them, which scares them both enough that they jumped, which made me laugh. Stiles reminds them that Barrow used to work at a power substation, which leads them exactly to where Barrow is.

At the substation, Kira is tied up to a chain-link fence that is surrounding a generator of some kind, and she watches in fear as Barrow walks toward her with a huge a live wire in his hand, which he scrapes against the adjacent fence. She asks him what he's doing, so he drops the wire and takes her cell phone out of her pocket. "Right now? Right now, I wanna take a picture. Just a little proof of our time here together," he states, as he uses her product placement phone to take a quick picture of her. "A little proof for all those people who never believed." She points out that he got the picture he wanted, so he should just let her go now, but as you could guess, he's not really big on letting that happen. "Did you ever see a movie called Village of the Damned?" he asks her. "The original, not the remake, nobody cares about crappy remakes." LOL, I see what you did there, Teen Wolf. Nice one!

"I'm talking about the 1960 black-and-white MASTERPIECE, eh? It's about this group of children-- blonde-haired, beautiful children, who could make their EYES GLOW." He creepily strokes her face with his hand, which she does not like one bit, and continues his rant. "And they do terrible, terrible things. The tagline on the poster read, 'BEWARE THE STARE-- WILL PARALYZE THE WILL OF THE WORLD.' [beat] And when I told everyone that I saw children with glowing eyes, they wouldn't believe me! I tried to get them to DO SOMETHING, they-they wouldn't budge! They wouldn't move. As if they had been PARALYZED." The way this guy goes from rambly to distraught and upset to steely calm is reeeeeally terrifying. Seriously, this guy is so fucking scary, I don't even know what to do.

"I am gonna shake them out of their paralysis," Barrow resolves himself. "I'm gonna get them moving! I'm gonna-" He sees the live wire still sitting on the ground where he left it, and holds it up in front of Kira's face. "I'm gonna GALVANIZE THEM," he states, with the most terrifying of smiles. He's distracted by the sound of a dirt-bike engine, because Scott is here! With Stiles and Lydia in the Jeep, trailing right behind him. Scott and Stiles immediately leave their vehicles and get ready to walk into the electricity substation, but Stiles orders Lydia to stay in the Jeep and wait for the police to come. She's like, "Why do I have to stay and you get to go?" but Stiles just briefly explains that he only has one bat, and holds up the aluminum bat he used in 3A to save the day. Aww, yiss, Stiles x Bat = OTP!

Scott runs into the station and immediately spots Kira tied up against the fence. She calls out his name, which he takes as an plea to come rescue her, rather than the order to run away before he gets hurt that she intended. She tries to warn him that Barrow is behind him, but she's too late-- he strikes Scott from behind with the live wire, which shoots him across the room and into another chain-link fence. Is that a sign of Barrow's super-human strength, or just a result of the electricity? Or both? We already know that electricity and werewolves don't mix well, so it's not at all surprising when Scott curls up on the ground, twitching slightly from the intense shock, as he tries to gather his strength to fight to defend Kira. Elsewhere in the station, Stiles hears the sounds of the fighting and instinctively runs toward it.

Barrow is walking toward Kira with the live wire in hand and a maniacal glint in his eyes, so Scott desperately begs him to stop. "She's not-- she's not the one you want," Scott groans as he tries to get up, possibly thinking that he could glow his red eyes at him and maybe distract him from Kira enough to save her. However, Barrow is a man on a mission, obviously, and he gives Scott a brief glance that says, "Go fuck yourself, kid," before kneeling down in front of Kira and slowly holding the wire closer to her face. He grabs her by the hair and pushes the wire about two inches from her cheek, despite both Kira and Scott's pleas to stop, but before he can actually touch her with it, the thing explodes in their faces in one highly-concentrated ball of white light. Scott shields his eyes for a moment as electricity sparks between all the different generators in what looks like pure white/ice-blue lightning. The electricity flickers so intensely that even Lydia, who is still waiting outside in Stiles' Jeep, can see it, and automatically becomes alarmed. Barrow is laying on the ground, either dead or passed out, and one of his hands is super burnt and twitchy from making contact with the bare wire.

Scott finally looks up to see what the fuck just happened when he notices Kira. Namely, the fact that Kira is magically sucking up all of the escaped electricity through glowing orbs of light in the palms of her hands. HOLY SHIT THAT IS AMAZING! Scott continues to stare at her in shock and awe as the sparks on the floor shoot up her arms, and judging by Kira's face, she has absolutely no clue as to why this is happening to her, either. Once the substation is completely dark, Kira just looks at Scott, all, "What the fuck?" We pan out to that cliff overlooking the Beacon Hills called Look-Out Point, as the entire town slowly loses electricity from the stunt Barrow pulled. DID SHE SUCK ALL OF THE ELECTRICITY INTO HER TINY BODY? That's so nuts! I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER POWERS, Also, judging by the current state of the moon in the sky, I'd say we're due for a full moon here pretty soon, so that's just gonna make things even MORE bananas than they already are.

(via candicesaccolas)
Across town, Isaac is still hanging out alone in Allison's room, looking through their research while Allison and Chris are off talking about God knows what, when the lights in the chandelier above his head start to flicker. When Isaac stands up to investigate, we can see shadowy figures flitting in and out of his peripheral vision. He finally turns around to find those scary, masked dementor figures that have been teased in the promos/trailers/opening credits. Isaac backs away from them, only to find that he's completely surrounded by what looks like five of them! We can hear thumps and thuds that suggest they're beating the shit out of him, and when Allison and Chris hear the noises, they run straight for her room to see what's up. Unfortunately, the dementors managed to magic the door so that it shuts and locks in their faces, so they're forced to pound on the door and yell at him to let him in. NOOOO, DON'T TOUCH ISAAC! NOBODY TOUCHES ISAAC. And to think, we made it almost two whole episodes without Isaac getting hurt or tortured in some way. Is that a record?

Next week: everyone wonders what the fuck Kira is, the Scooby gang attends a blacklight rave in what appears to be Derek's loft, and those dementors stick around for some fun. EEP!

[screencaps via KissThemGoodbye]

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-Okay, so what is Kira? I'm going to go ahead and assume she's either a kitsune, or maybe being protected by one? I got the impression that, from what Kira's mom said, Kira's mom's family were probably kitsunes who were hunted to near-extinction? So I think it's pretty safe to assume that Kira is one, or that Kira's mom is using her powers to protect her in some way. I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

-Now, what are those dementor things? Like, they really seem like demons of some kind, but where did they come from? Are they the same lightning-buggy shadow things that came out of the Nemeton when the mysterious person pulled the sprout out of the stump? Are we ever going to figure out who that person was that either purposely or accidentally released them?

-I need to know more about Lydia's banshee powers IMMEDIATELY. I know Jeff Davis teased that we'd be learning more about her in Season 4, but I'm really hoping we get a little information before that, we've been waiting way too long!

-Is whatever is possessing Barrow connected to the dementors, or is it its own thing? Did he die? Spoiler alert, on Wolf Watch, Jill Wagner included him and the doctor he stabbed as people who died in their Teen Wolf stats thing, but if he's being possessed by something, couldn't that mean he could come back? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.


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