The Originals Season 1, Episode 10: "The Casket Girls" Recap/Review

Man, I didn't really realize how much I missed The Originals until I saw that new promo for the post-hiatus episodes! And now that it's back, I am super excited to see where all of this goes. Klaus was still a whiny baby this week, but, to fit with the "Casket Girls" theme and title of the episode, the majority of the ladies, Davina, Rebekah, and Cami, rose up against the men who had been oppressing them and fought back, and wow, was it glorious! We also got to return a bit to Hayley's determination to learn more about her family, and what she's willing to do to get that information, which was a nice touch, no matter how awful she may have fucked things up. Finally, how amazing is Josh? I am so worried that he's going to die, because that's what happens to all the tertiary characters that I love, but if it happens, I will be SO SAD. Alright, enough summarizing, let's get to it!

Previously, on The Originals: Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson built New Orleans with their bare hands 300 years ago, blah blah blah, Marcel took over in their absence and now Klaus wants it back, blah blah blah. Marcel and Rebekah's plan to put down Klaus for a couple decades failed so spectacularly that Marcel was forced to pledge his allegiance to Klaus or risk he and his vampire cronies dying at Klaus' hands. When Klaus offered Marcel a chance to rule the Quarter at his side, as equals, he broke up with Rebekah, which made her livid, quite rightly, because as she so eloquently put it, "The only reward anyone ever gets for loving Niklaus is suffering and death." Hayley's pregnant with Klaus' hybrid devilspawn and is now under 24/7 protection by Klaus' cronies to prevent her from being killed by any vampire who fears Klaus using the child's blood to create more hybrid slaves. Klaus has quite the crush on Cami, so much so that he compelled her to forget everything she knows about vampires/witches/werewolves and leave town before she gets herself killed digging into the supernatural world. When Davina runs away from the compound after learning that Marcel was lying to her, she runs straight to Cami, and, upon learning that she was compelled, starts the painful process of removing the compulsion from her mind and unlocking her memories. Whew!

We begin this post-hiatus episode with a voiceover by our dearest Rebekah. "For centuries, people have come to New Orleans looking for a fresh start. Looking to find adventure, fortune, and even love. Young society women imported from France with the promise of marrying a proper New Orleans gentlemen, like the legendary Casket Girls." In 18th century New Orleans, a horse and carriage is travelling with three young French women and their chaperons. One of the girls asks the man how long it will take for them to reach the Governor's house, but the man stays silent. Rebekah's voiceover adds, "Little did they know that the men who awaited them were far from proper, and not at all gentle." The man driving the carriage stops as they approach a crowd of belligerent drunk men with torches and bottles of booze who are blocking their path. The men shout as they descend upon the carriage and start pushing at it, and naturally, the girls are quite afraid from all the commotion.

The chaperons try to find out what's going on by trying to covertly peek out the curtains, only to find a pile of bloodied, dead men laying in piles around the carriage. Terrified, he tries to return back to the inside of the carriage, but is pulled out by a mysterious force, and screams as he's killed. Seconds later, our dearest Rebekah appears at the door of the carriage, in her 18th century finery and a trickle of blood dripping from her lips. Rebekah smiles, and speaks to them in a mixture of French and English. "There, there, little lambs. All the bad men have gone away. You're safe here. Please forgive the disorder. Us girls have got to stick together. Now, is there anything you want to take with you?" The three ladies each leave the carriage with Rebekah and the "casket" full of their belongings they brought with them. TITLE CARD!

This is just the beginning of Rebekah being a feminist hero, and I love her so fucking much for it. In the present day, she walks down the main street in the Quarter to MS MR's "Dark Doo Wop," (which is one of my all-time favorite songs) and watches the crowds full of people around her who are celebrating the annual Casket Girls Festival. There are horses and carriages driving up and down the streets, and tons of the usual drunk people milling about, many of them female and dressed up in awesome old-timey wedding dresses and wigs. Rebekah smiles at the memory of beginning this festival, way back when, and her voiceover continues to explain the holiday. "The Casket Girls legend lives on, now celebrated in typical New Orleans fashion, with stylish costumes and supernatural flair. It's a yearly reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men, and how they can triumph when brave enough to fight for themselves." That last line is the story of Rebekah's life, as we're all well aware, but I think she's feeling it especially deeply this year, after dealing with Klaus, Elijah AND Marcel's shenanigans the past few months.

Davina is still working on stripping Cami's mind of Klaus' compulsion, but considering the guy compelled her at least once a day, she has a LOT to erase. Cami cries, "Oh god, it hurts," and Josh winces on her behalf, having remembered the sensation quite well himself. Davina kneels in front of her and apologizes for the pain, but insists that it's the only way to get her memories back. "Believe me, I know what it's like," Josh adds. "You're okay! And hey--all these notes that you made?" He pulls off a sticky note from her research that says "Don't trust Klaus" and holds it up for her. "Very Memento-of you. Nice work!" <3 Josh <3 Cami points out that they've been at it all night, and reminds them that she still has NO idea what the fuck is happening, but Davina promises she will soon. "I will unlock every stolen memory, undo every piece of mind-control that any vampire has ever done to you. When I'm done, you will understand ALL of it." She does tell Cami that it's ultimately her choice whether she wants to continue or not, but Cami tells her to keep at it, because she wants to remember everything. Davina nods, and starts the process anew.

Hayley's in her own room in the Abbatoir, and is standing in front of a full length mirror as she tries on a Casket Girls-style wedding dress. She rubs her belly with one hand as she frowns and tries to zip up the back with the other hand. Elijah appears out of nowhere to lean in the doorway, and smiles that wolfish grin of his as he asks her if he could help. Hayley smiles and quips, "You might need to use all your vampire strength." Elijah is dressed quite casually today, what's the deal? Anyway, Elijah moseys on up behind her and zips her up, and then clasps the fancy buttons at the top. She thanks him, and jokes that there probably weren't many pregnant Casket Girls, since they were off saving their virtue for their husbands or whatever. Elijah assures her that she looks lovely, but suggests that she keep her birthmark, which is on full display, thanks to the off-the-shoulder neckline of the dress, covered up. "I don't suspect any of the riff-raff here would dare lay a hand on you, knowing you're under the protection of my family. Still, you shouldn't take any chances."

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She sighs, and glances at herself in the mirror before sing-songing, "All knocked up, and nowhere to go." Elijah, who apparently completely forgot about his plan to stay away from Hayley to prevent her from being hurt by Klaus, offers to accompany her to the Casket Girl-related festivities, but Hayley remembers, and politely declines. "You and Klaus are barely on speaking terms. Let's not rock the boat, okay?" Elijah concedes that she's right, and is about to leave when Hayley asks for his assistance in unzipping and unbuttoning her dress again, since she likely won't be going anywhere that evening. He gets a little caught up in the view of her bare back, and hesitates for a moment before smiling and taking his leave.

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Meanwhile, Rebekah is digging around through racks of dresses outside of a store on the man street, and is having difficulty finding something suitable to wear. "Dull, dreary, hideous..." Marcel waltzes up to her, and asks if she's still talking about the clothes, or if she's referencing something else. Rebekah is not here at ALL for Marcel's bullshit back-and-forthing w/r/t the two of them, and just scoffs. "Why, feeling insecure? This festival might as well be in my honor. I need a proper costume, so bugger off!" Marcel starts to say something, but Rebekah cuts him off by reminding him of the fact that he made his choice by accepting Klaus' offer to rule the city at his side. Since he chose Klaus, he's no longer allowed to touch her. YOU TELL HIM, GIRL! Don't let that guy jerk you around! Their conversation is interrupted by Marcel's phone ringing, and Rebekah correctly guesses that it's her brother calling him. Marcel answers and asks Klaus what's up. "A bit of an issue," Klaus admits. "It seems our little bird has flown the coop." We get a final cut to Marcel's stunned face before we transition over to...

Cami, who is still screaming in agony. Davina kneels in front of Cami again, and tells her that she should feel a sensation similar to a weight lifting. Josh picks up all of Cami's research, and adds that Cami's "cheat-sheets" should start making a lot more sense to her. As he drops the papers on the ground, his arm gets burned by the sunlight streaming through the window, and he hisses in pain. "I promise, as soon as the world stops hunting me, I will find the daylight ring spell," Davina assures him, but Josh knows she's good for it, and insists that she focus on their priority issues right now. Josh is so awesome! I really hope he gets a daylight ring soon, he deserves it. Cami finds the photo of Klaus and Marcel from 1919 that she found early in her research, and starts to recall some memories. "Klaus compelled me to go out with Marcel, to spy on him. That's what he said yesterday, before he told me to forget. I remember it..." Davina proclaims this to be good news, and asks if she can take her memory back further. She nods, so Davina restarts the spell, and despite the pain, she starts to flashback to when Klaus compelled her to leave town. In the present day, her nose starts to bleed. Eeek!

In the living room of the Abbatoir, Klaus and Marcel are having a very tense confab about Davina. Klaus is being super dramatic, per usual. "You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know the obvious! Our secret weapon has escaped." Marcel can't believe she'd just run off, and points out that she's well aware of the fact that the witches are still after her. Elijah saunters in to join them, and informs them that since she took Tim's violin with her, she likely left of her own volition. Marcel immediately gets into Elijah's face. "What did you say to her in the attic? She lied to my face so she could stay up there, thinking that you'd help her control her magic. How do we know YOU didn't take her?" Elijah insists that he hasn't the foggiest clue where Davina is, and his voice goes cold when he advises that Marcel back up out of his person space.

After a moment, Marcel huffs in annoyance and turns away from Elijah, allowing him to continue. Elijah promises that he wants no harm Davina, because she's a child who has already more than suffered enough with all the Harvest-related lies. Klaus, per usual, is more concerned about himself and his empire than Davina's well-being. "That child, to whom you refer to so affectionately, is the most powerful witch in New Orleans! If she's fled, what's to stop her from destroying us? In fact, destroying all we've worked for? No, if she's not a friend to this family, then she is our enemy." Marcel instantly hates where Klaus is going with this, and reminds him that Davina is a friend, but Klaus isn't convinced. He advises his former protegee that they should hope she is, before informing them that he has an idea on how to get her back. Klaus leaves, and Marcel is about to follow him when Elijah stops him for a little talk. "You know how Niklaus operates," Elijah states quietly. "If he perceives a threat, he can become quite ruthless. That would not bode well for Davina." Marcel maintains that he will not allow anyone to so much lay a finger on her, which seems to satisfy Elijah. "Nor will I." You know shit has hit the fan when Marcel and Elijah are teaming up behind Klaus' back.

Hayley and Rebekah are hanging out in the Abbatoir's courtyard, rummaging through old chests for costumes for the Casket Girls festival. Is it a vampire's nature to be a packrat? I mean, I can imagine you would collect quite a bit of possessions over the centuries, but I feel like all of them, between this show and TVD, have all kinds of shit that they keep in storage just in case a need such as this arises. I guess that would be pretty convenient. Hayley asks Rebekah if the rumors are true that Davina is missing, and Rebekah confirms it. "Walked right out the front door, apparently. Know anything about it?" Hayley claims she doesn't, though she does admit that she may have told Davina that the witch Elders were dead, but Rebekah doesn't think that should have set her off, considering they tried to kill her themselves. "I think it was more that Marcel didn't tell her that the one thing preventing her from being free had been eliminated," Hayley explains cautiously.

The cogs are already working in Rebekah's head, and she points out that Hayley is actually the reason why Davina left. Hayley insists that she was just telling Davina the truth, and that Davina was the one who figured out that Marcel and the others were just using her for her powers in order to control the witches. Not surprisingly, Rebekah sees no reason to inform the others about what happened. "Yeah, well, I've never been a fan of the boys club. Just wait, Elijah will join them, and the three of them will be impossible." She glances up to the balcony, where Marcel and Klaus are arguing quietly, too engrossed in their own problems to give the girls any notice. "Used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah, threatened by Klaus. Just like a modern Casket Girl," Rebekah muses aloud. Hayley and Rebekah are close enough by this point for Hayley to understand that Rebekah is talking about herself just as much as Davina. Rebekah shrugs it off and claims it doesn't matter. "Either way, us girls have got to stick together!" Oh, Rebekah! Much love, such crush, very attraction, etc.

It's been a while since we've seen Sophie Deveraux around, hasn't it? In case you were wondering what she's been up to all this time, it appears that she's mostly just been day-drinking and hooking up with hot tourists on top of the table at Rousseau's. Sabine walks in on them getting their mack on, and awkwardly mutters that she's sorry to interrupt. Sophie pulls away from the guy, and pats his shoulder affectionately in a "Okay, GTFO" kind of gesture. Once he's gone, Sabine whines that she's been trying to call Sophie for an hour, but Sophie doesn't seem to give a fuck. "I thought you'd have taken the hint." She even takes a shot of vodka as they speak, just so Sabine can fully understand how little she cares. Sabine exposits that Sophie has been acting like this (which seems to be the old, pre-Harvest Sophie) ever since Agnes was killed by Elijah, but Sophie counters that people can hardly blame her, considering her sister AND niece are both dead, as well as all the rest of the Elders and their chances of saving their magical powers and their identities as witches. I kind of like this Sophie way better than the self-righteous and manipulative one, but something tells me this Sophie will not be sticking around.

Sabine is here to cheer her up a bit with some good (for the witches) news. "Well, while you've been drowning your sorrows by nailing everything that walks, I've been doing my tours, keeping my head down and my ears open. Marcel's daywalkers have been scouring the whole town looking for a girl. Brown hair, blue eyes, sound familiar?" Sophie is completely stunned, and her mind instantly starts thinking about the implications. Namely, the fact that since Davina isn't with Marcel, she can't tell him if they're doing magic, which means that if they can manage to find her, they can fix this mess once and for all. Sabine reminds her that once the sun is down, the nightwalkers will be able to join the party, which will decrease their chances of finding her four-fold. Fortunately, she was able to snag Davina's old hairbrush. "I got this from her family's old house. Feel like a locator spell?" OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT.

Over at Cami's apartment, Davina is FINALLY explaining to Cami the benefits of vervain to ward against compulsion, which somebody should have done episodes ago, and instructs her to drink several glasses of vervain water to prevent Klaus from compelling her again. Meanwhile, Josh is pacing anxiously. "Hey Cami, you don't have any, like...human blood in your fridge, do you?" Bahahahaha! Well, there ARE two human girls in the room, Josh, although god knows how good his control is. Has anyone even really taught him the ropes? Anyway, Davina is thinking the same thing, and impatiently holds her wrist up to Josh's mouth and orders him to drink. Josh looks shocked at first, but hunger eventually wins out. He takes her wrist into his hand and is about to bite into it when he and Cami notice Davina going into a daze. She gets flashes of Sabine's face in her mind, and when Cami finally gets her to snap out of it, she informs them that someone is trying to use magic to find her. Cami immediately states that they need to run, and starts packing up her things. Guess feeding is going to have to wait, Josh!

Davina reminds everyone that there's no way that they'll be able to get her out of the Quarter, because by now, every single person in town knows that she's missing, and not only will Marcel have his guys looking for her, the witches will certainly be doing the same as well. Cami considers this for a moment, and suggests that her uncle could help them. Davina and Josh kind of glance at each other, like, "Ohhh, shit," but Cami is too busy brainstorming to notice. "I mean, he has to know some of what's going on in this town, right?" Davina urges Cami to stop for a moment, but Cami's on a roll, and wonders out loud if Father Kieran had been compelled, too. That's when Davina drops the bomb that her dear uncle has actually known about the supernatural this entire time. Cami's like, "Um, WHAT," so Davina starts to brief her. "He knows. He works with Marcel, they're practically friends. I hear them talk. He knows everything."

Cami insists that Kieran would have told her if he knew that Agnes had hexed her brother, but Davina just looks over at Josh, who is grimacing on Cami's behalf. Cami realizes that Kieran had been lying to her this whole time, and takes it about as well as you'd expect. She sits down and puts her head in her hands, and though Davina runs over to comfort her, Josh is more concerned about their getaway. "Hey, you guys seriously need to go, like, now. Plane, train, automobile, whatever. Take my car, it's parked at the docks. I'll text you the where." Seriously, Josh is the the best, y/y? Davina instructs him to put his number in Cami's phone, and informs them that they're going to have to walk, since most of the streets in the Quarter are shut down for the Casket Girls Festival. She laments the fact that the sun won't go down for hours, so Josh has to stay until then, but he won't let her stress about it. "Hey, no tears," he orders, and Davina runs and gives him a huge hug. Davina makes him promise that he'll meet them as soon as the sun goes down, and he counters by making her promise that she won't let them find her. They smile at each other before the girls take off.

Hayley is still at the Abbatoir, and is walking through the courtyard as two of Klaus' henchvamps trail behind her. She is definitely tiring of constantly being babysat, I guess, because she snaps, "I know Klaus told you to follow me, but does that really mean you have to follow me to the bathroom?" The vampguards just smirk and cross their arms over their chests as Hayley's phone rings. She sees "Sophie Deveraux" on the caller ID and lies to her keepers about it. "Give me two minutes, it's my gynecologist." As expected, the dudes automatically blanche and give her some space, because talking about lady parts is like kryptonite for dudes. Once she's alone, she answers the phone and asks Sophie, who is at LaFayette Cemetery, where most of the vampires can't get her, what the hell she wants.

"I know you don't trust me," Sophie begins. "But you need to listen. Everything is about to change. Davina's on the loose." Hayley snits that it took her long enough to figure that out, and asks her why Sophie thinks Hayley should give a fuck. Sophie informs her that she needs something from her so that the witches can finally complete the Harvest ritual, which makes Hayley laugh. "On what planet would I help you witches get more power? All you've done is hex me left and right." Sophie was apparently expecting this answer, because she explains that if they don't complete the Harvest, all the witches in New Orleans will lose their power for good, which will suck really bad for Hayley's family. Naturally, Hayley automatically wants all the details.

HAYLEY: "What do you know about my family?"
 SOPHIE: "You're from the Crescent Wolf bloodline. Marcel forced a witch to curse them so they'd be trapped in wolf form."
 HAYLEY: "And I should keep listening to you because...?"
 SOPHIE: "Because MY bloodline executed that curse. Help me complete the Harvest, and I'll undo the curse for you."
 HAYLEY: "But what can I do?"
 SOPHIE: "I need to consecrate the remains of a powerful witch so I can absorb their magic. I know of one whose body was never found. Her name is Celeste DuBois. I believe you and she have a friend in common?"

OH SHIT. Hayley's a smart girl, so she knows exactly who that friend is--Elijah. Sophie tells her that according to rumor, Celeste had requested that Elijah bury her in a secret place in the case of her death, and Sophie wants Hayley to figure out the "where" for her. Hayley sighs and hangs up. It doesn't take a genius to guess that she's TOTALLY going to do it and it's gonna be a fucking mess.

The Casket Girls Festival is in full swing in the Quarter, and Davina, who is in a lovely white dress and a huge, black-feathered mask, is hurrying down the street with Cami at her side. Davina laments the fact that there are people EVERYWHERE who could blow her cover, but Cami maintains that no one knows that it's her, and instructs her to keep moving. That's when the ladies see Klaus walking down the street, clearly searching for his old secret weapon. Cami decides they need to get off the main street, and duck into an alley. Meanwhile, Marcel and Elijah have been talking quietly in the middle of the road. Klaus approaches them and brings up the fact that they're actually talking, like friends, but Marcel claims he was just arguing with Elijah about how they're wasting time hanging around the festival.

"You don't like festivals?" Klaus snarks, just as Rebekah joins them. "I don't see why not, who doesn't love a street fair?" Klaus asks his baby sis if she's there to help, and Rebekah insists that she is. "We can't let your secret weapon get in the wrong hands, can we?" she chirps cheerfully. Klaus counters that they're already close to finding her, which causes Elijah to determine that he's got some kind of insane plan about to be in effect. As usual, he's totally right--Klaus sees Tim nearby, getting ready to perform on his violin, no doubt, and goes over to stop him. "Timothy," he states, before turning on the compulsion eyes. "Might I have a word?"

Meanwhile, Josh is pacing around Cami's apartment while he leaves her one of what I assume to be at least several voicemails. "Cami! It's me. Again. Stalking you. Look, just really need to know where you guys are so I can meet you before the sun comes up. Again." He's cut off by his phone beeping, and when he checks the caller ID, it's from an unknown number. He hesitantly answers it, but when he hears Klaus' voice, he regrets it immediately. "Klaus, hey! What's up? Guess what, I just moved to Turkey. Weirdly, they don't eat turkey here. Go figure!" <3 Josh <3 Klaus, of course, knows he's lying, and mentions that he and Marcel figure he's still in town, hanging out with his favorite teenage witch. Josh just gulps and lies again that he is currently in a witch-free zone, just living it up, Turkish-style. Klaus totally has Josh's number, though. "Are you really going to leave Davina's fiddler soulmate, Timothy, alone with me? Oh, Josh. What would she think of that? I assure you, I just want to talk to her. Tim and I will be at the compound. I really do hope she comes home soon." Josh hangs up and makes a face, all, "Well, FUCK."

Cami and Davina duck into St. Anne's Catholic Church while Davina explains that they should keep moving. She asks how long they should wait, so Cami decides they'll hang there for a couple minutes, and then she'll pop out to check for vampires or witches before they take off again. Josh calls Cami, and when she answers, she immediately starts apologizing for missing his earlier calls, but he's got more important news to share, so Cami puts the phone on speaker. "Look, I didn't want to tell you, but I know Klaus. If Davina doesn't show up, he'll KILL Tim." Cami is flustered, but assures him that they'll figure it out, and instructs him to stealthily make his way to the Quarter to meet up with them. As expected, Davina is adamant that she goes to save Tim. Cami tries to persuade her to at least stop and consider her options, but Davina gets distracted when she starts seeing more magical flashes in her mind. Cami asks her what's wrong, but Davina just whispers, "The witches."

The doors to the church open with a bang, and four witches, all clad in black and leather and led by Sabine, march into the church. "Gadyen nan balans. Gadyen nan la foi. Se pou nou fe sa yo dwe fe." The language nerd in me NEEDS to know more about languages in magic and how it works. I think this is the first time we've heard Creole used in spells, right? Either way, I dig it. Whatever spell the witches are doing, it knocks Cami out cold, and she falls to the ground. That's the last straw for Davina, and after she sees Cami fall, she turns around and shouts, "NO!" The church begins to rumble with all of Davina's power, and the witches are telekinetically lifted high into the air. Sabine has this look on her face that just screams, "I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE" as she hangs in the air, and with one last furious glare from Davina, she quickly flicks both of her wrists, which snaps the necks of all four witches in one fell swoop. DAVINA IS SUCH A BADASS, OMG. She takes a deep breath as she looks at the dead witches on the floor, and then turns to Cami to make sure she's okay before running off. She is steely-calm for a sixteen-year-old girl who has just killed a handful of people for the first time, it's almost unnerving.

Hayley and her vampguards have arrived at the former Mikaelson Mansion, where Hayley informs her keepers that she's just going to grab some of her old clothes. Once she's able to give them the slip, she runs to the study and pulls Elijah's journal out of a trunk. She glances over Elijah's glorious penmanship in search of anything mentioning Celeste, and boyyyy, does she find it. We can hear Elijah's voiceover as she skims through entries. "Celeste entrances me...She is perfection...She is dead. Even as the sun rises, I see only night. But, for the promise I made to her, that in death, I would bury her far from the mayhem of witches, vampires, and men..." Hayley frowns, because though she's totally going to go through with this, I think she does feel badly about what she's about to do. "I am so sorry, Elijah." Ohhhh lord.

Davina is rushing through the streets of the Quarter when she's zooped into a corner by Josh. Once she realizes that it's just him, and not someone who is out to hurt her, she points out that he's supposed to be staying hidden. "Yeah, so are you, remember? But, you're kind of working that whole 'girl on a mission' look that makes me nervous. Are you sure that you really want to mess with, like the baddest dude in all of history?" Davina tells him that he's already messed with her, twice, when he compelled and hurt Tim, and threatens to kill Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons, if it comes to it. Josh gently reminds her that Original vampires can't be killed (except by that one white oak tree that burnt down), but Davina isn't convinced.



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"Maybe they can! I have so much power, I've never felt anything like it before. It's growing, gathering inside me. I'm strong, Josh." Josh starts to say, "If you kill them, then-" but she cuts him off, and asks him what he means. He thinks about it for a moment, and then just sighs and tells her that if she's going to do it, she shouldn't hold back. She nods and leaves, and when Josh goes to leave, he's stopped by Rebekah, and is SUPER startled, as you would be. "That was very sweet, not telling Davina that if she kills Klaus, you die, too. Very noble! Problem is, she goes after my brother, she'll be the one who ends up dead. A very necessary end to an already tragic story. Perhaps you'd like me to help her?" YES! I love Rebekah, I love how she wants to help Davina, and I love her girl-power attitude this week.

At the Abbatoir, Klaus asks Elijah where Rebekah has been the last couple of hours, but Elijah snits that Rebekah isn't exactly his concern at the moment, and asks how he's so sure Davina will even show up. Klaus just smirks. "One might think you've forgotten what it's like to be in the grip of an all-consuming infatuation. She'll come." Ouch, Klaus! That's cooooold. Elijah notices Tim, who is precariously balanced on a beam that extends from the balcony above the courtyard and playing his violin, and groans. "Are the maudlin theatrics absolutely necessary, Niklaus?" Klaus concedes that he makes a good point, and asks Tim to play something more upbeat as Marcel joins them in the courtyard. Klaus whines that Marcel took long enough to spread word of his plan. "Have you met his nightwalkers? Not the brightest assortment." Hahahaha.

Marcel overlooks this slight against his people and simply states that all that matters is that he did his part, and suggests that he should be the one to do the talking when Davina gets there. Klaus tells him he's about to get his chance, because Davina has just walked in the door. Klaus greets her, and then calls up to Tim, "Silence is golden, Timothy. Thank you!" Tim is shocked to see Davina, because in his mind, he hasn't seen her since she left school, thanks to Klaus' compulsion. Davina orders Klaus to get him down, since she came like he wanted, but Klaus counters that they need to talk about her returning to the Abbatoir before that can happen. Marcel isn't happy with any of this, and tells Klaus to let him handle it before turning to Davina and asking her what happened to make her run off. "Talk to me. Hey, I can make it right!" 

Davina asks if he's planning on making it right by threatening her friend, so Klaus admits that Tim's involvement was actually his doing, and gives her a half-assed apology. Basically, he claims that since his actions get results, in the end, they're not really bad. That's pretty much a summary of Klaus' entire vampire existence, isn't it? That's enough to get Davina into full-on murder-mode. Get ready for tons of quotations, because it's AMAZING. "You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. You're afraid everyone can see what you really are--an animal." She turns her magic on him, which causes him to start to shift into wolf-form. "A beast. Why don't you show us your real face?" His bones start cracking, his fangs and yellow eyes come out, and his face starts to get a little hairy. Once he's screamed in pain a little bit, she spits, "That's enough of you," and tosses him aside, which knocks him right out. Then she turns to Elijah.

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He pleads that she doesn't have to do this, but he has no idea just how angry she is at all of them. "You! You looked me in the eyes and lied to my face, pretended you wanted to help me." Elijah tries to get her to listen to him, but she's tired of all of them trying to manipulate her. "You call yourself the noble one, but you're a killer, just like your brother. For 1,000 years, you've fed on innocent blood. Why don't you choke on it?" Elijah starts sputtering, and blackened blood spews from his throat and out his mouth, dribbling down his chin and onto his clothes. He falls to his knees, clearly in pain, but she's through with him, too, and sets her sights on Marcel.

"And you. I trusted you. I loved you! But, you were just using me to stay in power. You don't care about me." Marcel stays calm, and simply states that she's wrong. "When you lost to Klaus, you handed me over like some trophy. Maybe I should boil you in bronze!" I am loving her symbolic punishments, tbh. I love Elijah, and even Klaus and Marcel to an extent, but I also love when characters face consequences of their actions. And besides, it's not like she lied--for a young girl, she has a frighteningly good eye for reading people. Basically, Davina is the queen and everyone else can deal. Marcel insists that he does care, and reminds her that he took her in like she was his own child. He's cut off when a stake comes out of his chest from behind, and he falls to the ground. Davina stares at Rebekah in shock, as she comes out from behind where Marcel was standing. "Come on, now, love. Don't tell me you were falling for that? Isn't it time for us girls to have a chat?"

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When we return from the break, Rebekah proclaims Davina's punishments to be extremely impressed AND well-deserved. "Now, before you turn on me, I have a surprise for you." Josh enters the courtyard. Davina worriedly asks him wtf he's doing, and orders him to get out of there, just as Rebekah zoops over to him and holds him in a chokehold. "Now, if I were Klaus, I would rip Josh's head from his neck, feed it to a nightwalker, and that would be the end of your friend. But, hurting people is SUCH a boyish thing to do! Like, how Klaus compelled your fiddler-on-the-roof. And, while I am many things, I'm certainly not my brother." She calls up to Tim and tells him he can come down, and promises that no one will hurt her. Tim replies that Klaus told him he wasn't allowed to climb down off the beam, so Rebekah snarks, "Then don't climb, silly! Am I the only smart one in the room? Jump!"

She walks over until she's positioned right below Tim, and when he nervously slips off the beam, she catches him and stands him upright. As you can imagine, Tim is EXTREMELY confused and scared, especially considering he doesn't have any of the memories of the last time Klaus started throwing a fit. "Davina, how did you do all that? How did I even get here?" She promises that she'll explain everything soon, and then asks Rebekah why she's doing all this. "Seems to me that you're the one holding all the cards, and you don't know who to trust. I've just proven that you can trust me. Now, I'd like to show you one more thing. Won't take long, you can bring your friends." And that is why Rebekah is so much smarter than Klaus, because she understands that trust can't be bought or taken, just like loyalty. Instead of forcing Davina onto her side using fear, she showed them that despite being Klaus' sister, she doesn't necessarily play the same games, and that's exactly why Davina will ultimately side with her over him. LOVE IT.

Sophie is in the woods, wandering around as she talks to Hayley on the phone. Hayley promises that she told her everything that she knows, but Sophie points out that that wasn't very much to begin with. "You said he buried her between two lovely oak saplings. Newsflash--that was two hundred years ago! They're all just trees now." HAHAHA. Oh, Sophie. Hayley reminds her that she's the one who wants to be the all-powerful witch to complete the Harvest, and suggests that she keep looking and say a little prayer or something before she hands up. Sophie sighs, and closes her eyes. "Okay. Soeurs et freres, mwen rele sou nou. Mennen me sa me chache. [beat] Please, please help me. I'm trying to do the right thing." After a moment, a strong wind flows through the woods and leads Sophie right to where Celeste was buried. She smiles a tiny smile, and gets right to digging.

Rebekah leads Davina, Josh and Tim into the Garden, where Davina is both shocked and disgusted by all the vampires in various stages of desiccation. "Oh, don't worry," Josh explains. "They're not really dead, just REALLY hungry...and I'm not helping." Hahahaha! Rebekah's goal was to show Davina just how alike Marcel and Klaus are. "You think my brother Nik is awful? Marcel learned from the best. This is how he treats his so-called friends who betray him. Most of what these poor souls did is no worse than what Josh did. Take Thierry, for example." She gestures over to good ol' Thierry, who is very gray and weak and still leaning his chin atop his brick cage. "He was Marcel's most trusted friend. Klaus tricked him into breaking one of Marcel's rules. Marcel knows this, and yet, he keeps Thierry locked in here, day after day, suffering." Tim proclaims this all to be insane, and Davina seems to agree. She asks why Rebekah is telling her all of this, so she explains that she just wants Davina to know who she's dealing with, and who she can trust, just as she said earlier.

Davina looks devastated as a result of all the bullshit she's endured all season long (and beforehand), so Tim tries to soothe her by assuring her that everything is going to be okay. He hands her a bottle of Fiji water and urges her to drink some of it, which instantly sets off my hinkiness-radar. DON'T DO IT, DAVINA. She doesn't listen, because they never do, so she takes a sip as she continues to listen to Rebekah. "Davina, both you and I have been lied to and taken advantage of by Marcel and Klaus. Maybe together, we can get a little payback." That's when Tim succumbs to a coughing fit and falls to his knees. Davina worriedly asks him what is the matter, so Tim is forced to explain everything. "It was Klaus. He made me do it. I didn't even know what I was doing until I made you..." Rebekah demands to know what he made her do, and Tim admits that he was ordered to make Davina drink the water. Davina is confused until Tim starts choking and gasping, which leads Rebekah to suddenly realize that Klaus totally poisoned the water. NOOOO. Tim falls back onto the floor, and after a moment, stops gasping. Davina is horrified, until she, too, starts gasping. Josh zoops over to her side as she falls to the ground as well. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Kieran comes to St. Anne's to find Cami just waking up from being knocked out, and asks her what happened. "Cami, are you alright? Did you eat today? Oh, you must have fainted." Cami: "Yeah, or I got mystically cold-cocked by three witches! Where's Davina? Does your friend Marcel know she's here?" YEAH CAMI! You tell him, bb! Kieran insists he can explain, but Cami's not really in the mood, considering he not only hid the fact that vampires, witches and werewolves exist, but that the witches are the reason why Sean ended up on a murder-suicide spree. He promises that it's a complicated situation that she doesn't fully understand, and tries to assure her that his only intention was to keep her safe, especially after what happened to Sean. She's not having it, though, and orders him to stay the fuck away from her. "You are every bit as bad as the other monsters in this city." DAMNNN. That's cold!

Elijah, Marcel, and Klaus all wake up from their various injuries. Elijah quips, "Oh, isn't this monumentally awkward," dried black blood still stuck to his beautiful face. Klaus immediately calls Rebekah to ask her where she is. Panicking, she tells him that she's with Davina, who is on the floor, dying as a result of Klaus. "Well, I tried to talk to her, out of respect for Marcel, but she made it quite clear that she is not our friend. My apologies if you thought she was yours." RUDE, Klaus! He's immortal, it's not like that little show actually hurt him in any lasting way, other than his ego. UGH. Rebekah just wants to know how to cure her, because Josh fed her vampire blood and it's still not working. Klaus informs her that the poison he used is very potent, so she'll be dead, sooner rather than later.

Rebekah reminds him that he just killed two children, and that they could have dealt with her fairly, but as usual, Klaus doesn't give a fuck about being fair. He states that they can't play fair with people who threaten them, and that it was Davina's own fault that she's dying, not his. UGHHHHH. When Klaus is good, he's SO GOOD, but when he's bad, he's the fucking worst. When he hangs up on his sister, he notices Elijah and Marcel glaring at them, and starts in on the justifications and denials. "Oh, come on! The stench of your judgement is overwhelming. Need I remind you that Davina just bested the lot of us? I did what had to be done. Don't worry, Elijah, I remain as redeemable as ever." Elijah is more pissed about the fact that he poisoned Davina without first pitching the idea to himself.

"You know what the worst part is?" Marcel adds. "It's that you're so predictable, I had to make an alliance with your brother, who I don't even like!" Marcel looks a little smug, and not furious, as he should be, so Klaus surmises that Marcel is keeping something from him. Marcel admits that he is, and informs him that earlier in the night, he got a call from Father Kieran, who told him that Sabine and some of her witch cohorts almost got to Davina before they did.

We flashback to right after Kieran found Cami, where Marcel walks into the church just in time to find Sabine awaken with a gasp. He assumes she put a protection spell on herself before she and the witches showed up for Davina, which Sabine reluctantly confirms. "You think I'd let a day where witches can do magic pass by without one?" She frowns when she sees her dead witch brethren, and laments the fact that they didn't do the same. Marcel takes that opportunity to lay down the law. "You broke one of my rules, Sabine, and I'm guessing that spell of yours is probably a one-time deal. I'll give you two choices--an immediate reunion with your dearly departed friends, or you can do that same spell for a young witch friend of mine." Sabine gives him a look, because she knows he means Davina, and she realizes that she's not going to be able to take Davina, at least not yet.

In the present day, Klaus realizes that Marcel had actually been conspiring with Sabine when he claimed he was spreading the word with the nightwalkers, and admits that it was pretty clever of him, much to his dismay. "Eh, I just wanted to make sure I had a fail-safe, just in case, as Elijah expected, you started acting like you." Klaus points out that he did so by involving the witches in their business, despite the fact that they're enemies to the vampires and to their family, so Elijah brings out the true facts. "Davina is Marcel's family, Niklaus, or did that somehow slip your mind, as you tried to take her life?" He orders his younger brother to call their sister and explain that Davina will recover. "Do wish the same could be said for that boy." Yeah, I'm sure Davina will agree with you there, Elijah.

Speaking of Davina, she revives on the floor of the Garden and after briefly hugging Josh, who is thrilled that she's alive, instantly turns to Tim and tries to rouse him. "Tim? Tim? Tim, Tim, wake up. Tim, please, wake up." She starts to shake him, and her pleading gets more and more desperate. "Open your eyes! No, no, please wake up. Please don't leave me alone." Full disclosure: I may have shed a little tear during this part. As sad as Davina is, we all know she's going to go into a nuclear rage to avenge his death, and I, for one, cannot wait!

Rebekah returns to the Abbatoir with a sleeping Davina in her arms, bridal-style. Marcel quickly asks her if Davina's okay, and Rebekah, who is SO not in the mood for any of anyone's bullshit, snits that she's exhausted and devastated by the loss of her friend. She asks him where her room is, but Marcel insists that he'll take care of her, so she reluctantly allows Marcel to take the girl in his own arms and take her to bed. As Rebekah turns to leave, she sees Klaus standing nearby, and glares at him on her way out. In voiceover, Rebekah continues her monologue from the beginning of the episode.

REBEKAH: [voiceover] "It is said that this is a man's world, and sometimes, it is. For every Casket Girl that was saved, countless others were not."

Marcel and Elijah both watch over Davina as she sleeps in her bed. Marcel is heartbroken at the fact that she will never trust him again. Elijah concedes that he may be right, but adds that he shouldn't stop trying to regain it, either way.

REBEKAH: [voiceover] "But women are more resilient than given credit for."

Elijah notices a bunch of drawings of Davina's on an easel at the corner of her room. When he asks about them, Marcel tells him that Davina drew them when she was still in St. Anne's attic. "She said they're different than what she draws when she senses magic. These ones, she called them evil."

REBEKAH: [voiceover] "And some women, well...let's just say their oppressors had better watch out."

Klaus is walking through the Quarter when he runs into Cami. She notices the shock on his face, and she smirks. "Surprised to see me? After all, you did compel me to leave town." Klaus is stunned that she remembers that, because as far as he knows, there is no way to undo his mind-whammies. She said that the process hurt like crazy, but it was well worth it to have her memories back, and it helped her to realize that she wants to stick around town. "Oh, and Klaus?" she adds, before she walks away. "If you hurt Davina or Josh in any way, I'll expose you to the world, and then you can kiss the French Quarter goodbye, FOREVER. Have a nice night!" AW YISS, GET IT GIRL. I'm pretty sure those threats are pretty empty, since I'm pretty sure Klaus has had to deal with humans or others trying to expose him/vampires in general, but still, she's got serious ovaries to stand up to him like that, and I dig it.

Rebekah continues her voiceover as we pan over to the Garden, where we find her feeding Thierry a huuuuuge blood bag through a tube.

REBEKAH: "I, too, am resilient, and I'm tired of being oppressed. For one thousand years, my brother has taken what he wants in whatever way he wants, regardless of the consequences. Marcel seems determined to allow it, and Elijah stands right by his side, futilely awaiting the day that he'll change."
 THIERRY: [sarcastically] "So, men suck. What do you want me to do about it?"
 REBEKAH: "Despite your dire warnings to Marcel, he can't seem to quit my brother. The two of them stand side-by-side, ruling this city whilst you're left here to rot. I want you to help me take New Orleans right out from under all of their noses, and I have something they won't see coming, someone on the inside. She's quite the resilient girl herself."

We return to the Davina's bedroom at the Abbatoir, where Marcel finally tires of watching Davina sleep, and leaves to take a break. As he walks out the door, her eyes open, just like the last time she found out that Marcel was using her.

In the bar room, Hayley finds Elijah trying to make sense of Davina's sketches. She asks him if he's okay, and he admits that he's better, now, before asking how her day was. "Killer," she admits vaguely, and changes the subject to the artwork. Elijah identifies them as sketches of Davina's. "I wonder if they represent some kind of premonition. They seem to suggest something is coming, something similar." The sketches are like a puzzle, and after a few moments, Elijah is able to rearrange them until they form the face of a beautiful black woman. Hayley gasps, and whispers, "Oh, my god. Isn't that..."

(via thevampirediaries)

YUP. It's Celeste! Meanwhile, Sophie has finally finished digging up Ms. DuBois' grave, where she finds a very fancy coffin with an old-timey drawing of her framed on the top. "Hello, Celeste," Sophie exclaims.

Hayley, of course, is realizing that she TOTALLY FUCKED UP, because hellooooo, anyone could have predicted that. She excuses herself from Elijah and runs into the hallway to call Sophie, but despite Hayley's whispered pleas, she doesn't answer. THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A GREAT MESS.

Next week: Davina gets a magical illness, while Sophie tries to convince the Mikaelsons + Marcel to help her finish the Harvest. EEEK.

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-My love for Josh only grows throughout the episodes, which only makes me more and more afraid that he's eventually going to get killed, especially since Klaus and Marcel have both considered him a double-agent. I sincerely hope that Davina, Rebekah, with a little of Cami's influence with Klaus, can keep him alive. No one is a better friend than Josh, nor does anyone have better dialogue. He is perfect!

-I've been a little hot and cold when it comes to liking Marcel, but he really impressed me tonight. For once, he used his power for good by saving Davina! I hope he continues on this streak, because I really do love Chad Michael Davis and I want to like Marcel, too. I just need a reason.

-Speaking of hot and cold, I've always felt this way about Klaus, and this week was definitely a cold one for him. It's like one step forward, five steps back for this guy, and it makes me so, so sad. That said, the promo of the next couple episodes that aired recently looks promising for his character, so my fingers are crossed.

-What do you guys think will happen with the Harvest? I can't see Davina dying for real, and I can't see the witches losing all their power for real, so could the Harvest be a real thing that actually works? It would definitely be a nice happy ending to have Davina, Monique, and the other two girls being resurrected after all of this time has passed. I guess we'll have to see for ourselves. That said, if Davina dies, I will be SO PISSED.


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