The Originals Season 1, Episode 9: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans" Recap/Review

This is already way later than I intended, so I'm just going to get right to the point and talk about "Reigning Pain in New Orleans," 'kay? Let's do this!

Previously, on The Originals: The Mikaelson siblings were the first vampires in the history of ever, the Original family of vampires, and they built New Orleans from nothing three hundred years ago. Klaus finally succeeded in taking down Marcel's empire as the self-proclaimed "King of New Orleans." He got in a bit of a hissy fit with Elijah and Rebekah, and basically told them to fuck off, leaving them at their plantation house to live by themselves while Klaus moves back into the Abbatoir. He also forced Hayley to come with him, despite her protests, and tells her that anyone who tries to get between him and his child will surely lose. DRAMAAAA.

It's clear that the verbal lashing Klaus got from Marcel at the end of "The River in Reverse" has been weighing heavily on him, because when we open this week, Klaus is hosting a dinner party for Marcel, Diego, and the rest of his newly-acquired henchvamps in order to try to win them over and gain their loyalty and respect, as well as their allegiance. Hayley is at the dinner, too, sitting at the opposite end of the table from Klaus, and she watches him as he hits his glass with his fork in order to give a speech. "Let us begin with a toast to our shared gift, immortality. After a thousand years, one might expect life to be less keenly felt, for its beauties and its sorrows do diminish with time. But, as vampires, we feel more deeply than humans could possibly imagine." He gestures toward a large group of waiters and waitresses, who silently walk over to the table and pair off with a vampire, and as Klaus talks about their insatiable need for blood, the servers use knives to cut open their wrists and bleed into each vampire's cup. While Klaus moves on to their shared victories and defeats, we cut to a flashback of Marcel's memory from earlier.

After the epic fight last week, Marcel and Rebekah have met to regroup in the Garden. Rebekah reminds him that he can't afford to show any wounded pride to her brother. She adds that Klaus craves loyalty among all else, or, at the very least, he wants people to act as though they're being loyal. Marcel points out that he plotted to bury Klaus alive in concrete and bricks, so Klaus' first instinct is certainly not going to be to trust him, but Rebekah insists that ultimately, he will, because he wants his allegiance. "Speaking from experience, I know that if you play the party, all is forgiven. But, if you give him any reason to doubt you, he WILL strike back." She takes his hand into her own and urges him to promise her that he will do anything he can in order to not himself killed.

In present day at the party, Klaus ends his toast. "To my city, my home, again. May the blood never cease to flow..." Marcel holds up his glass and finishes for him, with a fake smile. "...and the party never end!"

We then go into Diego's flashback/memory, where he talks to Marcel. He maintains that he and the rest of their crew would have stayed with Marcel to the very end, but Marcel replies that they're HIS people, which is why he couldn't let them continue to fight in a battle that would only end in their deaths. He urges Diego to follow his lead. "Trust me, it ain't over yet." Awwww, shit!

Present day, at the dinner. Diego raises his own glass and toasts to New Orleans, which Klaus and the rest of the dinner party also toast in kind. Klaus continues to explain that though he knows many of them are nervous about the newest shift in power, he doesn't want them to consider themselves defeated, and insists that his intentions are only to celebrate what they have. Man, Klaus is an excellent politician, isn't he? He hardly even needs compulsion to manipulate people. I'm almost starting to fall for it myself. Diego interrupts him and points to Hayley, and points out that she's a werewolf. Klaus takes this slight insubordination in stride, thankfully, since he knows he still has asses to kiss, and changes the topic to his baby-mama.

"Had you let me finish, Diego, you would know that there is, of course, one further matter I would like to discuss." He walks over to Hayley, and grips the back of her chair in his hands as he continues. "As many of you know, the girl is carrying my child. Consequently, I trust you will all pay her the appropriate respect. However, I understand that some of you are concerned by this vicious rumor that I intend to use the blood of our child to create hybrids. I assure you, I do not." Hayley smiles sarcastically and snarks, "Father of the year!" Klaus just ignores her, once again, and acknowledges that he will clearly have to earn their trust, so he makes them a bargain: they can rid themselves of their fears that he will create more hybrids by killing all the werewolves in the bayou, so he will have no werewolves to turn in the first place. NOOO. Hayley hates this plan, for obvious reasons--she JUST found her family, after years of not knowing if they were even alive, and she's barely learned anything yet. Now, Klaus is basically giving the vampires carte blanche to slaughter them all. Despite her arguments, though, he advises them to proceed on their "hunting party" and to have fun. SHITSHITSHIT. TITLE CARD!

Over at the Mikaelson Mansion, movers are packing up Klaus' stuff to take over to the Abbatoir. I know that "the Abbatoir" is Marcel's name for the compound, not Klaus', but I'm going to keep calling it that for the time being, for lack of a better name. One of the movers packs up a big painting, but Rebekah runs over and screeches, "Absolutely not! I paid for that!" Elijah laughs as he joins her and points out that Rebekah hasn't paid for a thing in her millenia of life, but Rebekah believes that to be beside the point. "Nik's just punishing us." Elijah reminds her that they totally hurt his feelings, but she rightly argues that they have centuries of experience to back them up, so how were they supposed to know that he wasn't actually being terrible, for once? Elijah remains silent and walks away from his sister, and when she calls after him to ask where he's going, he informs her that he's going to find Hayley and make sure that she doesn't turn out to be a target for Klaus' rage against them. Aw, Elijah! You're adorable. Can't you be nicer to your sister, though?

Back at the Abbatoir, Klaus is in his new bedroom, dictating his memoirs to Cami once again as she transcribes on his typewriter. "And so, then I bit Elijah, and left him in the bayou with my hybrid venom in his veins. Serves him right, for making such vile accusations against me! And then..." He trails off when he notices that Cami has stopped typing, and gets snippy with her. She asks him why she's there, if he got what he wanted and took control of his former empire, but he reminds her that he's still got a thousand years worth of memoirs to write. Marcel chooses that minute to walk in, and is shocked to find Cami sitting there. Klaus assures him that it's all good, because he's filled Cami in on who they are. Cami confirms it. "That you're vampires? Don't worry, he's compelled me to forget everything as soon as I leave. That way, I'm too busy agonizing over whether or not I'm losing my damn mind to realize I'm playing spy for an immortal egomaniac." 

Marcel is a little upset when he realizes Klaus compelled Cami to go out with him, because he does have genuine feelings for her. Klaus assures him that their feelings are real, as he only compelled her to give him another chance. Then, he gets uncharacteristically adorable. "And, for the record, the level of awkwardness we're all currently experiencing is entirely genuine." Who is this chill and jovial Klaus, and why can't we see him more often? I prefer this version to the tyrannical crybaby we usually see. Cami is PISSED that Klaus is being so glib about her mental health, and shows him the photo of him and Marcel that she dug up from 1919. The compelled Cami, who has no idea about the supernatural, not the one with whom they're currently visiting. Klaus continues to joke, and she loses any remaining patience that she had left. "You think this is funny, messing with my mind? My sanity is not a joke!" 

I really do feel bad for her about this, because it's bad enough that she's having her mind constantly messed with, based on Klaus' whims. But, to add insult to injury, she has all this lingering guilt and anger and grief about her brother and what he did before he died, not to mention the fear that she could face a similar fate, considering Klaus compelled her to forget the fact that he was driven insane from a magical object and not as a result of his own body chemistry. Klaus insists that her sanity isn't a joke to him, either, but of course, that doesn't stop him from compelling her to forget everything she learned about him and Marcel the past couple days. Since she's proven herself to be too clever for her own good, Klaus gives her permission to pack up and leave for the day, which she does without argument or comment.

Hayley sneaks around in an attempt to break out of the Abbatoir compound through the backyard, but Diego catches her before she can make her escape. "Going somewhere?", he asks, but before he can do anything, his neck is snapped from behind by Elijah, who has appeared out of nowhere. Hayley advises Elijah to go, since Klaus has his newly-acquired army protecting her, but Elijah assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Rebekah kicks the shit out of two more henchvamps around the corner to demonstrate his point. Elijah tries to rush her out, but Hayley insists that she's fine, now that she's under 24/7 protection detail. "It's the werewolves who need help. He ordered a wolf hunt as some jacked-up peace offering to Marcel's crew. You have to stop them!"

Rebekah isn't very fond of the bayou, as we are all aware, so she snits, "Out in the bayou? Do we look like a bloody vampire-rescue-squad? I think you should be grateful we came for YOU!" Hayley reminds her about how she's dreamed her entire life to finally know her real family, and now that she's found them, she won't be able to learn about them or know them if they end up getting slaughtered. She pleads with them to help her people, and Elijah and Rebekah are unable to resist her charm. Neither can I. Man, Hayley is really grown on me, tbh. She's gone from just a rude mean-girl to someone who has done whatever she's had to survive, like a certain Miss Katerina Petrova. I can dig it!

Marcel and Klaus sit opposite each other in the living room, where Marcel informs Klaus that the human faction has called a meeting for the afternoon, as they're all nervous about the newest shift in power in the vampire community. Klaus just cracks jokes about them, but Marcel looks deathly serious, and offers his sire some unrequested advice. "Look, it's your show now. But, you wanna know how I built what I built? Politics. A little diplomacy goes a long way, especially with the human faction." Klaus just smiles and nods, and anyone who knows Klaus knows that there's no fucking way that he's going to be diplomatic and kind to those humans. Ohhhh, what a shit show. He changes the subject to the picture Cami showed him, and reminisces about the opera house they were at, before it apparently burned down.

Then, Klaus completely shocks the hell out of me by gulping down his drink and confessing all the lies he's told and tricks he's played on Marcel since he returned to town. I still don't understand what he could stand to gain for doing this. Is he trying to apologize as a way of earning back Marcel's loyalty and trust? Or maybe he just thinks it doesn't matter anymore, now that he's won back what he wanted. Either way, he lays all the cards out on the table, starting with Thierry. "Thierry was never disloyal to you. I set him up in an attempt to locate my brother. He's your friend, and consequently, he can return to the compound at your discretion." Marcel's already pretty steamed as Klaus moves on to Cami's compulsion, and then brings up Josh and how he compelled him to be a spy from the beginning, though he does acknowledge that Marcel must have known, given Josh's role in the attack against Klaus. Marcel admits he gave Josh misinformation, which makes me happy, because that puts most of the blame on Marcel, rather than Josh. We all know how much I fucking LOVE Josh, and I want him to be alive and awesome as long as possible, so I hope this admission at the very least buys him some time.

The topic turns to Davina, and Klaus suggests that it would be better for everyone if she moved into the compound with them. Marcel mentions that Davina has been unable to leave St. Anne's church's attic as a result of her loss of control of her magic, so Klaus is forced to spill the beans about her little deal with Elijah. Marcel grimaces, and asks if there are any more bombs Klaus would like to drop. Klaus admits that he believes he's covered all of his misdeeds over the last few months, so Marcel begrudgingly thanks him for his honesty. He reminds him that the meeting with the faction is in an hour, and stomps off to be by himself for a bit.

When Cami gets back to her apartment, she finds a post-it note on her mirror that reads, "Believe nothing Klaus tells you." She finds another one attached to a book on her desk ("Vampires in New Orleans: Historical Evidence of the Enduring Legend") that reads, "Your bag, inside pocket." She grabs her bag, and after digging around in it for a moment, she finds an audio recorder, and pushes play. We hear Klaus' voice, dictating his memoirs from earlier, describing how he bit Elijah and left him to trip balls in the bayou with Hayley. OH MY GOD, she had the foresight to sneak a recorder into her bag so she could have audio proof of what happened, even though she couldn't remember! She is SO SMART! Seriously, Klaus would have been better off compelling her to remember things that didn't actually happen, at least that way she wouldn't think she was having random blackouts. God, I am loving her these days, too.

Davina is painting in her attic room when Marcel comes up to break the news about moving into the Abbatoir. Why hasn't she been there the entire time? Is it because the witches would assume she was there or something? At least there she would have vampire protection as well as protection with her own magic. Anyway, he assures her that she's got the best room in the compound, but Davina lies and argues that she can't leave, after what happened the last time Marcel tried to move her. Marcel gets a little cold as he informs her that he knows about her little stunt with Elijah, and tells her that they they can't be lying to each other if they're going to keep her safe. "With the witches still looking to kill you for the Harvest, believe me, you're safest with us." Wait, does Marcel know that Agnes is dead? I know that Davina's first instinct was to believe that Marcel was lying to her, and I'm inclined to believe that she's right, but could it be possible that he didn't know the threat had been eliminated? I'm just spitballing, here.

Klaus waltzes in and adds that the light in the Abbatoir is perfect in the afternoon, and is happy to see that she's an artist as well. "Wonderful! I look forward to witnessing your many talents." See what I mean? Even despite what happened between Davina and Klaus, he's still acting all politician-y. He is really sticking to this show, isn't he? He was the one who told Josh that the world's a stage, and all that, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Davina instantly figures out that this is all Klaus' idea, so he tries to put it in a better light for her. "Davina, please. I understand you're devoted to Marcel, but Marcel is devoted to ME. I assume you'll what what's best for all of us." He walks over to Marcel and reminds him that they have a meeting to attend, and as they leave, Marcel turns back to Davina and promises her that someone will come get her things and get her settled into the vampire compound. She does NOT look happy about it, either.

Father Kieran is pacing around when Marcel and Klaus join the rest of the faction in the main room of the church. Kieran decides to play mediator. "Klaus, Marcel, thank you for coming. We are aware of the change in leadership in your community, and we thought it was time to make the proper introductions." The mayor and the sheriff of New Orleans stand up to greet them, but that's when the meeting devolves into a hot mess. The mayor puffs his chest out all macho and rudely informs Klaus that they want to make sure he understands how their groups work together in the Quarter. Klaus just kind of chuckles, so Kieran starts in on damage control by adding that they just want to make sure that the city will continue to be safe despite the power transfer. The sheriff cuts him off and smugs, "Look, you freaks do your thing, and we'll look the other way. As long as our pockets stay full, we won't have a problem."

Yikes! What are these guys, new? Should Klaus' reputation precede him or something? Do they not know that this guy just single-handedly massacred like, two dozen vampires of various ages? Good lord. Kieran, again, starts to backpedal again in hopes of avoiding a nasty confrontation. "More importantly, there are rules. No feeding on the locals, don't bring any unwanted attention to the city. History has proven that we can co-exist peacefully." Despite Kieran's attempts to cool the various tempers, the sheriff yet again butts into the conversation in order to make clear that Klaus, Marcel and their henchvamps will be held responsible by the faction. Of course, as expected, Klaus just bursts out laughing and goes on another one of his dramatic speeches. "Okay, I'm sorry, let me get this straight--I'm to play supplicant to this pompous ass and his ridiculous group of petty thieves? Here are my terms: you will take whatever scraps I see fit to leave you, and you will be grateful. If that doesn't suit you, I may decide you've outlived your usefulness." Who didn't see that coming? The sheriff and mayor just glare at Klaus as he walks away, and Marcel, who is also pissed, reluctantly trails behind him.

The henchvamps, led by Diego, have arrived to the bayou, where they spread out and violently ransack the encampment in order to find some wolfies. Diego instructs them to find them and bring him some heads. Unfortunately, Rebekah and Elijah appear several yards away. Elijah quips, "I'd rather you didn't." Diego naturally questions their authority, but the Mikaelsons maintain that they need to find somewhere else to have their hunting party. Diego just scoffs and returns to his task, but Rebekah zoops over to him and threatens to "rearrange his pretty face." He stops her before her fist can actually make contact, though, and asks her why she would give a fuck about these wolves. "Generally, I don't," Elijah replies. "However, this particular clan is not to be touched. Goodbye!" Oh Elijah, I love you and your sassy ass. After a moment, Diego calls of his cronies, and they stomp away. Rebekah happily proclaims their job as being done, but Elijah, who has sensed that they have company, states otherwise.

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He zoops over to Eve, who is standing by a tree, waiting for them. Elijah assures her that they're not there to hurt her, and Rebekah snarks, "One of Hayley's littermates, I presume?" Meow, girl, geez! Eve has already guessed that Hayley sent them to protect them. "Tell her we appreciate the concern, but we've been looking out for ourselves for a while now. Nobody finds us unless we wanna be found." Rebekah points out the flaw in that logic, which is that the two of them found her, but Eve is like, "Hello? Because I wanted you to, duh." I kinda like her, tbh. I just hope she doesn't try to fuck with Hayley. My policy is to be wary of new characters until they're proven to be trustworthy. And even then, you still have to keep one eye open for treachery. Eve informs them that she's got something to tell them that she thinks is relevant to their interests, and leads them along a path with a stake in one hand, and a map in the other.

Klaus joins Marcel in the nightwalker bar room in the Abbatoir with a bottle of scotch, but Marcel isn't quite in the talking mood. Klaus argues that he was far kinder to the faction than they were to him, but if Marcel's got something to say about it, he's keeping it to himself. "You're disappointed by my lack of diplomacy," Klaus guesses. "You out of all people should need no reminder of the human capacity for cruelty!" What the fuck does that have to do with anything, though? It's hardly like he and Marcel are less cruel than any of the humans. Marcel keeps mum, so Klaus abandons the conversation for a moment when his phone starts to ring. It's the sheriff, on behalf of the faction, who informs him that they've considered his offer and have come to an agreement. Instead of telling them what they've decided, they decide to DEMONSTRATE by shooting the fuck out of the windows and walls of the compound with machine guns. JFC! Glass shatters, and unfortunately, one or two nightwalkers are burned to death as a result of being exposed to daylight. Marcel and Klaus are both hit with gunfire in their torsos, as well, and in an uncharacteristic show of affection, Klaus crouches over Marcel's body on the floor, both to protect him from more gunfire and to make sure he wasn't seriously hurt/killed by it. Marcel is fine, thankfully, but needless to say, Klaus is LIVID.

After the dust settles, the bar room is empty, save for Klaus, Marcel, and the charbroiled corpse of the unfortunate nightwalker who got cooked by the sunlight. Marcel is pacing around, furious after having more of his people die/get hurt, and he flips over a table in rage. "Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT! This is on YOU! Now that you're in charge, these are YOUR guys laying dead. YOUR GUYS. If you're gonna run this city, that better mean something to you, otherwise, no one worth a damn is gonna follow you. NO ONE!"

Dammmmmn, Marcel! I'm not his biggest fan, because I still don't know what his true agenda is, but dude did not lie one bit. He turns away from his sire, but Klaus just smiles at him, because he's been waiting for Marcel to quit playing nice. He surprises me yet again by admitting that he was totally wrong in underestimating the faction. WHO IS THIS GUY? I like him better. Now, he has a question for Marcel--"But, tell me: now that we've arrived to this point, now that they have come into our home, visited THIS upon our would you counsel me to respond?" Marcel's face goes cold, and we all know his answer before he even has the chance to speak it. "Let's go kill them all."

Over in the bayou, Eve, Elijah and Rebekah have stopped by a lake in the werewolf encampment, and Eve is using her stake to point out sites on her map. She explains to them that the bayou is surrounded by 20,000 acres of swampland, which the people in her family's pack knows like the back of their hand, after living here for so long. Unfortunately, news of Hayley's miracle-demonspawn has traveled around the country, and there are a bunch of werewolves from various packs who have come into New Orleans to see for themselves, which is bad, because as they're not family nor are they local, they have no idea where to go to hide from the vampires. I forget that most supernatural creatures in the world have ever seen or met a hybrid before. Other than Klaus and Tyler, most of them died before they really got to meet anyone and make connections. Rebekah, predictably, is like, "And we're supposed to care, because...?" Eve promises that they're going to want the wolves kept alive, but when Elijah asks why, she simply states, "See for yourself," and leads them away.

Davina, who must have just moved into the compound, sneaks into the Abbatoir's garage and calls out for her BFF. "I know you're in here, Josh. I can sense your fear!" LOL, Josh is definitely an anxious kid, although he has plenty of reason to be. He eventually comes out of hiding from behind a car, and mentions that he heard she was moving in. She asks him what he's doing here, so he replies that he thought she might've known to find him in there. The two hug, and I about DIE from cuteness overload, because how awesome are they? Best team EVER, we need a good brOTP name for them. For right now, they're Team Good. Josh explains that he's gotta stay incognito until he can make a run for it, but he's gotta wait until it's dark before he can leave. Davina seems worried about him, and asks him if he's okay.

"Yeah, yeah...No. Not really. I mean, I totally led Klaus into a trap that was the most epic fail of all time. So, yeah, kinda crapping my pants right now. Figuratively. [beat] So far." BAHAHAHAHAHA. Josh has the best dialogue of any character on this show, I just want to hug the shit out of him and make him take me clubbing. Davina assures him that he'll be okay, and insists that he can trust Marcel. Sensing his hesitation, she adds that she'll hurt Klaus if he hurts Josh. Hayley takes that moment to walk in and interrupt their BFF time to snit that if Davina could take out Klaus, she'd have done it already. Davina recognizes her as Hayley, and identifies her as "Klaus' wife," which makes Hayley choke in horror.

"Ew, no! Never! I'm the pregnant werewolf. And YOU must be all-powerful superwitch, Davina? And let's not forget Josh, newbie vampire, WAY out of his element, voted 'Most Likely to Die Next.'" That is hilarious but terrible. If Josh dies I S2G I WILL RIOT. Josh nods nervously, but Hayley turns on the charm, and reminds them that she's also one of Klaus' prisoners. She brings up how badly it would suck if Klaus knew that Josh was still hanging around, and suggests that perhaps they should team up so they can try to keep each other safe. I LOVE THIS IDEA, YESSSSS.

Cami is pacing around her apartment when she hears a knock at her door. She rushes over to open it, and is relieved to find her uncle on her doorstep. "I called you hours ago!" Father Kieran promises that he came as fast as he could, and worriedly asks her what's going on, since she sounded upset in her voicemail. She reminds him of the century-old photo she found, which Kieran apparently wrote off as a coincidence, and then pulls out the recording of her memoir-transcription session at Klaus' earlier. Kieran listens as he hears their conversation from earlier. ("My sanity is not a joke!" "No, love, I don't believe it is.") Cami points out that it's her voice, but she has NO memory of having that conversation, so she thinks that there's some form of mind control going on where Klaus has been erasing her memories. Kieran gets a phone call from someone who informs him about what the faction did to the vampires, and tells Cami he has to leave as he rushes out. "We WILL talk about this later." Way to go, dude! Keep your niece, who is getting mind controlled by vampires and is afraid she's losing her mind, waiting desperately for the answers she needs.

The faction is already in the midst of their private meeting at Rousseau's when Kieran finally makes it, and he wastes no time getting to the point. "Why wasn't I consulted on this?" The mayor rudely points out Kieran's eight month absence, and whines that they got used to doing things without him. The sheriff agrees with him, and snits, "This Klaus Mikaelson, I don't care who he is or what the rumors say, he needed to be taught a lesson." Stupid move, dude. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Kieran brings up the excellent point that they're about to start a war, but the sheriff just scoffs and retorts that he'd like to see them try. Then, he smugs that Kieran no longer has the authority to call meetings. Kieran is confused, and informs them that he was under the impression that they called the meeting, though the sheriff denies it.

Of course, this was all Klaus and Marcel's handiwork. "Actually, I called it," Klaus announces, as he strides into the restaurant. "It appears I made a grave error during our earlier conference. My friend, Marcel, offered me wise counsel, and I failed to heed it." The sheriff clearly has no experience with Klaus or his word games, so he believes Klaus is being completely sincere. He puffs his chest out again and replies that he's happy to hear that Klaus has learned from this experience. Klaus promises he'll never make that mistake again, and then calls out for Marcel, who zoops into the room and chomps on the sheriff's neck. Marcel and Klaus smile as the rest of the patrons scream in terror. Klaus snarks, "Shall we?" Marcel replies politely, "After you!" Oh, these kids and their manners, jfc.

Klaus finishes feeding off the last victim, and as the camera pans out, we see that all of the faction are dead, and all who remain are Klaus, Marcel, and Father Kieran. Once he's done, he saunters over to Father Kieran. "There he is, our lone survivor. Such a sad day for our city!" As he pats Kieran on the shoulder, he describes how terrible it was that the city's "best and brightest" met their end that evening in an awful boating accident on the Mississippi River, which is basically the cover story for all vampire-related deaths in town. Like animal attacks are for Mystic Falls and Beacon Hills! He ponders aloud what he needs to do with Kieran, but Marcel steps in and vouches for him.

"Okay, hold up. I've known Kieran for a long time. He's smart, AND he's fair. I think he can do us more good alive than dead. Not to mention, he's Cami's uncle." Klaus gives him a questioning look, and Marcel reminds him that it's a little difficult not to notice when Klaus has feelings for someone, given how rarely it happens. Klaus sighs and eventually agrees with Marcel. He gives Kieran orders to rebuild the human faction from scratch, but Kieran argues that it's likely not going to be easy, considering Klaus killed the fucking MAYOR. Klaus gives no fucks, though, and suggests the deputy mayor. "Choose new leaders, then we'll re-open negotiations." Yeah, that's going to be suuuuuuch a shit show, when the faction rebuilds itself. I can't wait!

Rebekah and Elijah are doing their own search of the bayou, except they seem to be after information from the wolves, and not their heads. Rebekah hates being outdoors, and she whines to Elijah about the style of the werewolves' shanties. Elijah proclaims all of the trailers and shacks to be empty, and Rebekah figures they probably ran for the hills for the time being. Elijah instructs Rebekah to keep searching, but she's over it. "Let's not, and tell Hayley that we did! Then, you get to impress the girl, and I get to go home. You know how hovels depress me!" Elijah smiles, but denies trying to impress Hayley, but Rebekah's got eyes, and she totally sees the hearts floating around both their heads when they're together. "I should bloody hope you are, why else are we out here?" Aw, come on Rebekah, you love Hayley too, quit it! Rebekah pushes Elijah to admit that he's fallen for her, and adds that it could even pull the stick out of his stodgy old ass. Elijah just smiles again and quips, "If I admit to you that it is complicated, would that suffice?" That's basically an admission that you're into her, dude. Come on, you're the wordsmith around these parts!

The hear a noise behind them, and turn around to find that Diego and his hunting party has returned for another round. Diego is feeding on a werewolf, whom Elijah saves by zooping over to him and pulling his head back by the hair. "Darling, we have to stop meeting like this. This is how rumors begin!" God, Elijah is the best. After a moment, he lets go of Diego's 'fro and suggests they skedaddle, pronto. When none of the vampires move, Elijah puts on his bossy boots. "Perhaps I'm not making myself clear. THIS IS A THREAT." He promises that in three minutes, they will go from being the hunters to being the hunted, and reminds them of their recent failure to subdue Klaus, even with 100 vampires against one hybrid, in order to drive home the fact that there's no way they can beat them.

Once again, Diego is butthurt and embarrassed to be shown up twice in a row, and stomps off. Clearly, he's not going to be overly happy with Klaus, either. Rebekah praises her eldest brother for his tough-guy act, but they both turn their attention to the injured werewolf, whose name is Cary. (Thank you, TVD Wiki!) Cary asks them who the fuck they are, but Elijah is too distracted by a ring that Cary wears on a chain around his neck. "I would say the better question is, who are you?"

Marcel and Klaus are walking home from Roussau's when Klaus takes a deep swig from a flask and starts in on Marcel. "To our united front! This act of yours, the imitation of friendship. Don't get me wrong, you played the part well enough. I should know, having played it myself. There was a time when the affinity between us was quite real." As you can imagine, Marcel's a little pissed to hear this, considering what has happened between us. He argues that it was Klaus who did whatever he could to take what Marcel created, so it's hardly like he's the only bad guy here. He reminds Klaus that he only pledged ALLEGIANCE to Klaus, not friendship and trust, so if Klaus wants the latter two things, he need to earn them. Klaus then informs Marcel that he was only partly going after Marcel's empire out of his own self-interest. His main motivation was the fact that the witches threatened the life of his child if they didn't, and although he wasn't super into the idea of a kid at first (and still isn't exactly enamored by the idea), he decided he didn't want to be like Mikael, or Marcel's father. "I will not do to my child what was done to me."

He toasts to them both, and then takes another chug from his flask. Marcel ain't buying the witches excuse, though, and he shouldn't, considering the witches are no longer a threat, since the link between Sophie and Hayley was broken, and Elijah broke their deal. OH SHIT, now that Klaus is in charge, does that mean that the witches can do magic again? I hope that comes up soon when the show comes back this month. He calls Klaus out on being all, "Hey buddy, it's nothing personal," and Klaus once again confesses that he was indeed jealous of Marcel and what he did on his own, without Klaus' help. "You're wrong, you know," Marcel argues. "I didn't do it on my own. I stood in the shadow of my father my entire human life, and I never would've gotten out from under it if not for you. You're the one who taught me that a man can't be defined by anyone but himself." After a moment, he asks what this means for them. Klaus gives Marcel an offer to rule with him, as equals/friends/brothers. "This community that you've built--you have their respect. Their love. I could rule them, but I cannot win them, not without you." Klaus holds the flask out to Marcel, and after a long moment, Marcel takes it and drinks from it as well. Klaus smiles.

Later, Klaus is reading a book in a living room at the Abbatoir when Hayley stomps in to yell at him for ordering a hit on her family. Klaus informs her that they won't be her family for long, and then points out that her family has hardly cared about her up to this point. "You said it yourself, they abandoned you and left you on your own. Now, it's simply your turn to do the same." Hayley quietly argues that they could have had their reasons, but Klaus points out that he has reasons too. "If the werewolves are dead, then the vampires have less desire to kill you. I am TRYING to keep you safe, not that you appreciate the effort!" Ew, Klaus! Come the fuck on. Hayley brings up the point that we've all been wondering since we learned she was pregnant--what happens to her once the baby is born? Klaus remains silent, which is not comforting at ALL, so Hayley awkwardly reminds him that they have quite a bit of time before she has to find out. "And in the meantime, I WILL find a way to pay you back for this. As long as I'm in the family, you can't do a damn thing about it." Ooooh, you in danger, girl!

Davina is unpacking her belongings in her new room at the Abbatoir when Hayley finds her. Davina is still digging around various boxes, and when Hayley asks her what she's looking for, she mentions that she lost her violin. Understandably, Hayley's like, "Why don't you just go get it?" Davina reminds her that she's more or less on house arrest for her own protection, lest the witches find her and sacrifice her to her ancestors. Hayley points out that Davina is the dangerous witch around these parts, who everyone else is afraid of, so she has to explain how the witches are after her and whatnot. Hayley's confused, though, because Agnes has been dead for at least a week or more, after her little stunt with Sophie.

"But..." Davina argues. "Agnes was the last living Elder. If she's dead, then I'm safe. Marcel would have told me." Hayley, who is still kind of prickly around Davina for some reason, kind of rudely points out that doing so would mean Marcel no longer had her as his super-secret weapon. Davina doesn't want to hear this, though, and accuses Hayley of lying--Davina figures that, like everyone else, Hayley is just manipulating her in order to get something from her. Hayley does admit that she's right about one thing--Hayley DOES want Davina's help, so she can undo the curse on her family members who are stuck as wolves except for on the full moon. But, she claims that she would just ask for Davina's help, instead of lying to her and manipulating her, which is apparently why she's better than Marcel. Hayley skips off to continue plotting against Klaus or something, and leaves Davina to think about what she said.

After a moment, Josh shows up out of nowhere with Tim's violin in his hands. "Looking for something?" The smile on Davina's face when she sees Josh AND her violin is just so gorgeous. She looks so happy to have such a nice, carefree, genuine friend. Josh explains that since she left, he figured the attic would be safe enough to stop by and pick up what she forgot. Davina is clearly grateful, but worries that he's put himself in danger coming back to the compound. "Yeah, well...what are friends for? Or whatever." Bless your sweet heart, Josh! He asks her what Hayley wanted, so Davina asks him if he trusts Hayley. Josh doesn't really know her well enough to say either way, so Davina fills him in on what Hayley told her. He interrupts her to confirm that Agnes is, in fact, dead. "Yeah, Crazy Agnes? I heard about that, that Elijah went all berserker on her crew. I guess it was super gross, just like heads, and guts...blech!" God, he is the fucking cutest. I want him to stay forever and ever. Davina can make him a daylight ring and they can move to NYC and forget these losers. Davina feels incredibly betrayed at the fact that Marcel lied to her about the danger, and pleads with Josh to get her out of there so she's not forced to be Klaus' slave witch. Josh asks her where she wants to go, but she keeps mum for now.

Rebekah and Elijah return to the Mikaelson plantation to find Klaus sitting in the parlor, tinkering with the piano. Rebekah doesn't notice him at first, and complains aloud about how she stinks of the bog to Elijah. "Serves you right, for your pathetic attempt to undermine my rule!" Elijah joins them in the parlor when he hears Klaus' voice, and Rebekah attempts to convince him to listen to them. Klaus isn't really interested in that, though. "When I order werewolves to be hunted to extinction, I expect you to stand aside and let the blood flow!" See, this is the Klaus I'm not a fan of. Bring back the honest and cheerful one from earlier! Elijah sasses his baby bro a bit and tosses the ring he found on Cary's necklace at him. "Do you recognize it? Perhaps you don't, it has been a thousand years since you last saw it grace the hand of our mother." OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIIIIIIIT. I need to know more about Esther's affair, like, IMMEDIATELY. It had to have been pretty serious if she was wearing his ring while she was married to Mikael? I hope we learn about this soon!

Elijah explains that he questioned Cary and learned that his family's pack has a legend of a former chief of theirs, long, long ago, fathered a child with a very powerful witch, and the son was later transformed into something no one had ever seen before, a werewolf-vampire hybrid. Rebekah adds that they're trying to make amends, and informs him that they've found his family in the group of werewolves he had just ordered to be slaughtered. Elijah begs him to reconsider his position and come back home with them, but you know Klaus. "What home? This pathetic substitute? You see, despite all your doubts, all your attempts to thwart me, I've reclaimed our TRUE home. I took back the entire city!" Elijah is grossed out by the fact that he's bragging about this while he still hold his baby mama prisoner, so of course Klaus just jumps on that. "It all comes down to the pretty little wolf, doesn't it, brother?" Rebekah tries to break up their fight, but Klaus decides to finish it. He coldly states that he's had enough family drama to last a lifetime, so the last thing he wants is MORE of it, and then stomps away in a huff. Bah, Klaus! Your moods change so quickly it gives me whiplash.

Klaus' first stop after he left was to the church to talk to Father Kieran, who is standing at the sacristy and lighting candles. Klaus asks him for a favor, but Kieran is SO not in the mood. "I am saying prayers for the dead. I request a moratorium on favors for the king." Klaus insists that he'll want to do this favor, because it involves protecting people, and briefly explains his situation; he ordered the deaths of the werewolves in the bayou to win over the vampires, but now he doesn't want to do it, but he also doesn't want the vampires to think he's weak. In the interest of keeping the peace, Kieran agrees to do what he can, but also requests a favor of his own, one I really was not expecting from him. "For her own good, I believe it is time for my niece to leave town." Aw, shit! Klaus nods at him and then hurries off to make good on his end of the bargain.

Cami is in her apartment, listening to the audio recording of her time with Klaus earlier in the day. This time, it's the part where Klaus is explaining to Marcel that Cami knows about vampires, and her response. ("That you're vampires? Don't worry, he's compelled me to forget everything as soon as I leave.") Klaus snuck in at some point, and out of nowhere, he calls out. "You're tenacious. It's one of the things I like most about you." Cami starts shouting at him, once she's realized once again what's happening, and tells him he can't keep doing this to her. Klaus interrupts her to argue, "But you're looking for truths you don't want to find! Monsters are better left as fiction. It's time for you to leave this place, Cami. For your own good."

She calls him out for being a coward, which is true--he compelled her to keep his secrets so that way there was someone who actually knew who he was, who wasn't allowed to be scared of him. Now that she knows the truth, he's scared to death, though he will never admit it. Instead, he tells her this. "If you knew even a fraction of who I am, it would break you in two!" Yeah, I really don't doubt that that is true, tbh. Klaus has quite the sordid history. Cami demands that he show her, so he angrily places his hand on her head and sends her into a memory-flashback of his own. It's the one from right after he turned into a vampire, in the 10th century, where he kills his first human while feeding and triggers the werewolf curse that he didn't even know he had. Klaus' bones start cracking, and he falls to the ground as he shifts into wolf-mode.

He screams at the top of his lungs, and Mikael and Elijah come running to see what's happened. Elijah goes to rush to his brother's side, but his father holds him back and calls him a beast. Later, Mikael bullied Elijah into helping chain him to a wooden cross to keep him locked up, despite Klaus' desperate cries. In the present day, Cami starts crying, and tells him that no one should have to go through anything like that, though I doubt that's the most traumatic thing that's ever happened to Klaus. Klaus is done talking about himself, though, and turns the topic back to her. "Knowing what you do about this world will only get you killed, and I cannot allow that." He turns on the compulsion eyes and mindwhammies her into leaving New Orleans and forgetting everything she's learned today and in this town about the supernatural. He tells her she has no reason to say, and Cami, who is in the midst of a compulsion daze, repeats the line. He zoops away, and once he's gone, she gets extremely confused as to why she's crying.

Marcel and Rebekah have met once again in the Garden in order to talk in private. Of course, now that Marcel has just been given the opportunity to rule New Orleans WITH Klaus, as partners, he's not so keen on spending the rest of eternity with her. DICK! I knew you were just going to break her heart, ya asshole. "But, if we keep meeting like this, behind his said it yourself, whatever it takes to stay alive." Of course, that's totally not what Rebekah meant when she told him that, because she assumed that "whatever it takes" would still involve her. "Oh, this is about survival, is it? If you were this pathetic a liar with my brother, I'm surprised he hasn't killed you already."

He's not very happy that she's fighting him on this, although I don't know how he was expecting her to react. Rebekah reminds him of what happens when you love Klaus--people die and/or suffer, including the ones who love him, and accuses him of choosing Klaus over her yet again. Marcel does make a good point when he says that he's got people to protect, which he can do when he's at Klaus' side, but then he goes back into dickhead territory. "With Davina working her magic against the witches, and an Original by my side, that's not something I can just turn my back on, not even for you." Still, Rebekah is an Original, too, and she's got a secret weapon that Marcel totally forgot about.

REBEKAH: "When you were reliving history with my brother, did you happen to revisit what came next, in 1919? Or have you forgotten our little secret? I know the words that will make him hate you forever. Remember that, when you're embracing your new family."

OH SHIT. What could they have done that could piss Klaus off so bad? Is it just the fact that they slept together, or is it something even worse? Gahhhh, I need this show to come back ASAP.

Hayley is looking out over the courtyard from the balcony at the Abbatoir when Elijah comes up behind her. She asks him if her family is okay, and he assures her that they're all safe. They smile at each other, and eventually, Hayley rushes over to hug him. While they're still wrapped in each other's embrace, Hayley thanks him for protecting them, and promises that it means a lot to her. The neckline of her sweater has fallen over her shoulder, and her crescent-moon birthmark is visible. He pulls the neck up and advises her to keep it covered, because if anyone in the house saw it and realized who her family is, it could result in her death at their hands. Hayley promises she'll do it, and after a moment, Elijah awkwardly admits that he should probably leave. She keeps glancing at his lips, and looks disappointed at those words, and to be honest, Elijah looks like he's having a hard time controlling his hormones as well. After a moment, he vanishes, and Hayley pouts.

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Klaus is about to return to his room when he runs into Elijah on the stairs. Klaus snarks at him and says Elijah's had more than enough time to talk about what a shitty person Klaus is. However, that's not why Elijah came. "Well, there is something important we neglected to discuss. I accused you of having ulterior motives regarding the child. I was wrong." Klaus admits that he knows it must have been hard for Elijah to apologize, which seems weird to me, because Elijah hasn't really ever had difficulties apologizing in the past. Remember that letter he wrote to Elena back in the day? Elijah retorts that Klaus doesn't exactly make it easy for people to love him. "And yet, you're obstinate in your desire to do so," Klaus snarks. "When you're ready, should you be so inclined, both you and Rebekah are welcome to join me here. It is, after all, our family home." OH SHIT! That was actually very nice, Klaus. What the hell?

Cami is packing up her stuff to leave ASAP when she hears another knock on the door. It's Davina, who looks flustered and upset. "Cami, I need your help! Marcel has been lying to me, and I can't trust him anymore!" Cami, who by this point has had her mind whammied into oblivion, doesn't recognize her, nor Marcel's name, and is like, "Do I know you?" Davina correctly realizes that she's compelled, and promises Cami she can fix it. Cami starts to protest, since in her mind, Davina is a complete stranger, but Davina holds up a hand in order to start the spell. "I'm really sorry, but this is gonna hurt." The magic starts, and Cami reflexively grabs her head and starts to scream from the pain. AW SHITTTTT PLOT TWIST.

When we come back after the hiatus: Witch business comes back to the forefront, and maybe they even figure out a way to make more Elders? It also looks like Davina removes Cami's compulsion and gets her on her side, and I think she might even lay the smackdown on a bunch of witches. Basically, I can't WAIT.

[screencaps by KissThemGoodbye]

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-I need to know more about Klaus' paternal side of the family, especially now that we know the family is still alive. I really wanted there to be Original werewolves still alive, somehow, but one of my best friends/fellow TV aficionado, Kathleen, thinks that Hayley and Klaus both come from werewolf royalty. I'm really hoping that's the case, and I can't wait to learn more about it. Maybe their ancestry can also explain how this miracle baby was able to be conceived in the first place.

-I'm really happy that Cami is sticking around, surprisingly. Do you think it's possible she'll eventually get turned? I know every supernatural show needs humans, but you can never tell with Julie Plec, you know?

-I wonder what Sophie Deveraux has been up to? She's been pretty quiet lately. I'm excited for the New Orlean's witch coven story line to come back into focus. Especially considering Davina is going to have to die soon, or they'll all lose their powers.

-I knew the Marcel and Rebekah thing wouldn't last long, but now I'm wondering about her threat against him about their little secret. Is it something she's actually willing to do? I mean, I get the allure of it, but it stands to reason that Klaus would be just as pissed at Rebekah as he would be with Marcel, right? I'm interested to see where this story line goes, since Rebekah is going to want to strike back at him SOMEHOW.


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