Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 14: "More Bad than Good" Recap/Review

THIS (HALF-)SEASON IS BANANAS. Seriously! "More Bad than Good" was yet another totally solid episode, full of exciting twists and some mythology stuff, not to mention a COMPLETELY unexpected return of an awesome character I thought was gone forever. I'm pretty sure I was on edge the entire hour, to be totally honest. So, let's get started!

Previously, on Teen Wolf: Derek and Peter were taken captive by an unknown group of people (though it's probably safe to assume that they're hunters) and have been tied up to a chain-link fence and electrocuted for god knows how long. Scott, Allison, and Stiles started suffering from some unfortunate side effects of their surrogate sacrifices to save their parents: for Scott, loss of control of his wolf instincts: for Allison, terrifying hallucinations about her aunt Kate and loss of control over her hunter instincts, and for Stiles, sleep paralysis, nightmares, and acquired dyslexia. Oh, and the Sheriff started going through his old, unsolved cases, looking for any that could be explained by the supernatural. He found one from eight years ago that seems to fit the bill-- a woman and her two daughters were in a car accident in the Beacon Hills nature preserve, and afterward, the bodies were found completely chewed up/clawed up by either coyotes or werewolves. One of the bodies, an 8-year-old girl named Malia Tate, was never found by the actual police, but when Scott and Stiles once again went out into the woods to look for a dead body, Scott actually ended up finding a totally alive Malia! Except instead of a girl, it was a coyote! A WERECOYOTE! Which is sort of (but not quite) where we pick up this week.

Peter and Derek are still tied up and being electrocuted in the basement of this still-unknown group probably-hunters, as a Hispanic man (whose name is apparently Severo) starts monologuing like he's Gerard Argent or some shit while he fiddles with the switch on the car battery to which they're hooked up. "You see this equipment?" Severo asks. "Very old. The settings aren't quite accurate anymore, so it's hard to find out just how far to turn the dial." No matter what the situation, Peter just can't help but be a little shit, so he suggests that perhaps it may be set a little high. Naturally, the man's response to this is to turn the dial up as far as it can go, and Peter groans and yelps in pain as the increased amount of voltage goes through his body and neutralizes his werewolf abilities. Derek, on the other hand, is completely silent, and aside from tensing his body as rigidly as possible, he does a good job of acting like it's not really hurting him. I get the impression this has happened to him enough times that he's kind of used to it being constantly electrocuted, which makes me really sad. I can think of at least three instances in the series where he's been electrocuted, and there are probably more times that I'm just forgetting. Either way, this is the worst.

"I've seen some crack their teeth," Severo continues, trying to get a reaction out of the wolfies. "Others, they just shake and shake even after their heart stop. Sometimes, we don't even know they're dead!" He turns the electricity off, and Peter about pees himself from relief. Severo gets up from the table and approaches them as he warns them that nobody wants to play guessing games. "So, why don't you just tell us...where's La Loba?" Derek is still trying to catch his breath, but he manages to gasp out that they don't even know who or what the fuck "La Loba" is. For those of you who don't know Spanish, "la loba" means "the (female) wolf" en Español. Are they talking about Cora? God, I hope they're talking about Cora. I know Adelaide Kane is off to 16th century France as Mary, Queen of Scots in the CW show Reign (which is a ridiculous and awesome and ridiculously awesome show that you should all be watching, by the by), but I would love to at least learn more about what she was up to before she came back to Beacon Hills. Jeff Davis said she spent at least part of the seven years she was gone time in South America, and I would LOVE to learn more about her time there, even if she can't be here herself.

ANYWAY, Severo suggests that maybe he needs to switch tactics in order to get them to talk. Because apparently, the torture they've been through thus far isn't actually torture at all? Ugh, hunters. "Maybe we cut one of you in half, the other talks," Severo offers. Peter says he would love to be the one to volunteer, but since they don't actually know what he's talking about, it doesn't really matter either way. "And honestly," Peter says with a nervous laugh. "Isn't bisecting people with a broadsword a LITTLE medieval?" Severo just laughs and assures him that they're since they're not savages, so they don't use broadswords. Then, another nameless hunter fellow breaks out a chainsaw, which wipes the smirk right off of Peter's face, causing Derek to just glare at him for so blatantly poking the bear. Severo wonders aloud just how severe an injury a werewolf's powers can heal. The guy with the chainsaw makes like he's about to chop one of Derek's arms off, and then instead decides to go for the neck instead. Derek's face remains stony for the most part, but after a moment, I think he really did fear the guy was actually going to cut his head off. Peter looked pretty sure it was going to happen, too.

The hunters are told to cut it out at the last second by what looks like this family's matriarch, a tiny little middle-aged Hispanic woman whose name is apparently Araya. "No tienes que ser tan duro," the lady growls with a smile. (That translates to, "You don't have to be so hard" in Spanish. FINALLY, some languages I actually know, instead of French and Latin all the time! I am the worst at French and I dropped out of Latin my freshman year of high school because it was wayyyy too hard for my lazy ass.) Anyway, the guy with the chainsaw reluctantly stands down, and Derek breaths a tiny sigh of relief. As the woman approaches Derek, he mutters, "No hablo español." The lady just smiles once again, looking almost sympathetic, before she replies, "Tu hablas MUCHAS idiomas, Derek Hale. You know exactly what I'm saying." OH SHIT! Derek is a polyglot, too? I need to know EVERYTHING. Davis better have him dropping foreign languages constantly after this. "And, you know who we want," she continues, as she gets up in Derek's face with a a very scary-looking curved blade in her hand. "Where is the She-Wolf?"

Derek claims they don't know any "She-Wolf," which the woman seems to have expected as a response. She smiles and nods her head at him and murmurs, "I know you won't talk, lobito." She correctly assumes that Peter will talk, though, both because he's a coward, and because he's Peter. She holds the knife to Peter's neck and reminds us all that he LOVES the sound of his own voice, which is totally true. He grins and adds, "You should hear me sing!" The first hunter-dude retorts that they'd rather hear him scream, and actually Peter's a little offended, even despite the fact that he's been tortured for Gods know how long. He looks at Derek and snarks, "No one ever wants to hear me sing!" Judging by Derek's face when he says this, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that Peter's a terrible singer, bahaha. The lady asks what she could do to persuade him to talk, and holds the blade to his face. Peter reflexively breaks out his claws, and tries to break through what looks like a bicycle lock that is binding his wrists. She continues to press the blade to his neck, and asks him again where La Loba is. Peter just smirks at her, so she fully CHOPS OFF HIS RING FINGER, CLAW AND ALL. He screams in agony, and Derek watches in horror as she walks away. "Think about it!" she calls out, as she goes to leave. "I'm only gonna ask you... nine more times." She drops the severed finger on the floor, and its claw sticks it into the floor like a dart. HOLY SHIT, that lady has some major ovaries, ay dios mio. TITLE CARD!

We return to the woods, where both Scott AND Stiles are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I spent the first few seconds terrified (and a little hopeful) that Stiles was gonna get eaten/turned into a werecoyote or something, but nope, that doesn't happen. Instead, the boys run right into each other and scare the shit out of each other to the point that they shriek shrilly in each other's faces until they finally realize they're not in any danger. Once they've calmed down, Stiles informs Scott that he thinks he found something. Likewise, Scott admits that he ALSO thinks he found something.

They go with Stiles' reveal first. Stiles leads Scott back to a part of the nature preserve that is near where the car accident happened. They find a cave in between several huge rocks that have been pushed together, and Stiles identifies it as a coyote den, though Scott amends that to "werecoyote den." Inside, they find the same jacket and scarf that Malia was wearing in the picture Stiles found in Malia's room, plus a teddy bear. After looking around a moment or two, Scott gets nervous, and points out that they shouldn't be in there, because now that they've invaded her home and got their scents all over the place, there's no way Malia is going to be coming back there now. Stiles wonders where she's going to go, if she won't come back to her den, but Scott has no idea where that could be. Stiles then asks if he can use her stuff to get a lock on her scent, but Scott's a little nervous about it, and explains that it's way easier to do in wolf form, but since he doesn't have control over his wolf at the moment, he's scared that he'll not be able to turn back. Since they haven't heard back from Derek, for obvious reasons (to us, anyway), Scott thinks they're going to need more help. He realizes that the den is basically like a crime scene, which means Stiles' dad could help them with it.

So, they call Sheriff up, and he brings a couple deputies with him to investigate. After invesigating the den for himself, he pops out of the cave with the baby blanket of Malia's in hand and walks over to where Stiles and Scott have been waiting for him outside. He asks if they're SURE that the coyote was her, and Scott swears it is, before briefly explaining about how when he flashed his alpha eyes at her, she flashed HER blue beta-coyote eyes at him. Sheriff's like, "Yeah, but she wasn't a girl, she was a coyote, soooo..." forcing Stiles to concede that they haven't quite hammered out how that happened yet. "But, if it was a full moon, and she did change when her mom was driving, ANYTHING could have happened," Scott reasons, and Stiles jumps right on that train of thought.

STILES: "Horrible things could have happened! Ripping, shredding, tearing things--"
SCOTT: "--which is probably what caused the accident!"
STILES: "Think about it, Dad, alright? They're driving, Malia starts to change, she gets out of control, the mom crashes and everybody dies!"
SCOTT: "EXCEPT for Malia."
STILES: "She blames herself, right? She goes off running into the woods, and eventually... she becomes trapped in the body of a coyote!"

Sheriff just blinks at them, clearly lost at this explanation, but after a moment, he admits that it makes sense. Stiles and Scott are thrilled at how quickly they were able to convince him, until the other shoe drops. "In a CHINESE FOLKTALE!" Sheriff adds, exasperated as hell. BAHAHAHA. Understandably, he's like, "I know this town is a fucking Hellmouth, full of werewolves, lizard-creatures, and shredded-faced dark druids sacrificing virgins and shit, but werecoyotes? That is TOO CRAZY TO BE REAL." He recognizes how completely nuts this situation is, though, and makes the boys promise that they won't say a word about this to anyone. "I don't want anybody hearing about this. I especially don't want Mr. TATE hearing about this." I'm guessing he continues talking, but we have no idea what he's saying, because Scott gets distracted by a hallucination/daymare in which he is fully-wolfed-out and about to attack bb Malia Tate, i.e. the version in the photo Stiles found of her in her room. Sheriff notices he's zoned out and calls him back to reality after a moment or two. Scott, embarrassed, tries to play like he's fine, and changes the subject by asking him to repeat what he just said.

Unfortunately, that part doesn't matter, because Agent Douchenozzle has found the scene! "Aw, hell." And, to add insult to injury, he's brought Mr. Tate, who automatically recognizes the baby blanket that Sheriff is holding and snatches it from him before confirming that it was his daughter's. Sheriff is pissed, naturally, and Scott and Stiles are aggressively trying to blend into the scenery in hopes that Agent Douchenozzle won't notice how they're once again in the middle of some terrible crime scene. ADN asks Mr. Tate to wait there for him while he checks on the den himself, and Scott tries his best to stop him, though his effort was ultimately wasted. "I'll talk to you in a minute," ADN snits in response. "I wouldn't mind hearing how your mom's okay with you running around in the woods this late." Um, because Melissa trusts her son? And because he's literally a creature of the night with rare supernatural powers that make him more qualified to be a police officer in his town than his own father? GTFO BLOBFISH, NO ONE ASKED YOU. Also, his asshole-ish qualities are especially evident in the way that his first instinct is to accuse Melissa of being a bad parent, when he's the deadbeat who left them in the first place and has been hinted as being an abusive jerk. Ugh, hate that guy.

Sheriff follows ADN to the wolf den and quite rightly asks him what the fuck he's doing bringing Mr. Tate with him to the crime scene, but ADN claims that he needed confirmation on a lead. "And starting to understand why your department can't close cases," he adds. Okay, guys, so is Blobfish in the supernatural know, or not? I can't tell. Either way, I think we can all agree he's kind of a huge dumbass. Sheriff reminds ADN that there was no body or remains of any kind in the den, but ADN assumes that if they do some digging, they'll eventually find bones or something. Sheriff is PISSED now, because he's working on the assumption that ADN doesn't know shit about anything that is going on, so he spits that things are WAY more complicated than he's making them out to be. That's when ADN throws down. "Come on, Stilinski! You know how this goes! It's the NOT knowing that ruins people like Tate! The truth-- no matter how profoundly it sucks-- the truth is always better than not knowing." As shitty as he is, I think this really resonated with Sheriff, considering he used to be in the dark about were-animals and magic. And while it may suck now that he knows, and he's overwhelmed with how he's going to spin this and manage to still keep his job so he can continue to protect his kids, it is STILL better than him being lied to about it.

Elsewhere in the woods, Malia is running around like she owns the place, because let's be real here, Malia is the queen of the preserve. She makes a very gorgeous coyote, don't you think? Except when she growls, then she's scary as fuck. Anyway, she has scampered over to that cliff that overlooks the city, which I think is called "Lookout Point," and she stares at the nearly-full moon overhead as she roars at it. Okay, question-- so, are werecoyotes a completely different strain of shapeshifters? Like, was she bitten by an alpha werecoyote that is out there somewhere? Or is this another case of "the shape you take reflects the person that you are," and she was bitten by an alpha werewolf (Peter? Deucalion? Ennis?) and turned into a coyote because that's what she reflected on the inside? Or are both of those theories wrong, and she was born a werecoyote and bb werecubs just don't turn until they are like, starting puberty or whatever? I really hope we find out, because I am totally curious.

Stiles and Scott have met up with Allison in their history classroom before school starts, and they're showing her where they found the coyote den on a map on Stiles' tablet. He mentions that it was off the hiking trail, which Allison points out would make sense, because coyotes travel on already fixed trails. "But, I think you're right about her not going back to the den. Coyotes don't like wolves, and they're really smart. If they don't want to be heard, they'll actually walk on their toes." Stiles thinks this is hilarious, and quips, "Coyotes tiptoe?" so Allison just rolls her eyes and confirms that yes, they do in fact tiptoe. AWESOME! Also, I love how hunter-y Allison is. You tell 'em how things work, girlfriend! Their conversation is cut off by the late bell, so Allison asks them to send her the map on her way out to her own class. Scott and Stiles then move to their seats, but Scott is stopped by Kira before he can make it to his seat.

"Hi! I'm Kira," she chirps quickly. "You knew that. I knew you knew that, I don't know why I just told you that again." Scott just smiles that beautiful smile of hers, which increases her already super-nervous energy. She pulls off her backpack (which is adorable, by the way, and I really want it) and reaches into it as she explains that she printed off some information for him about Bardo. Apparently, she thought her explanation wasn't good enough, so she did some research for him on it on her own time to help him out. She is SO ADORABLE, I really like her, you guys. Scott grins and tells her she didn't need to do that for him, but she claims it was nothing. "It only took a few hours!" Scott is so overwhelmed by her generosity that he comments on that being extra nice of her, but she's flustered because she can't find the research anywhere. Of course, it's been like, five minutes since the last time her dad has embarrassed her, so he comes up behind her with her stack of print-outs and deadpans. "Kira! You forgot all the research for that boy you like." Scott's face is like, :O, and Kira's face is like, -.- and Mr. Yukimura's face is like, ^_^. Mortified once again, she turns around and hands Scott the research with an expression that says pretty clearly that she's ready for the earth to swallow her whole. He smiles the sweetest, most nervous smile at her in return, because he's a nice boy who loves nice girls, so she relaxes slightly before giving him the tiniest smile in return and taking her seat.

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Mr. Yukimura starts class and brings up how they've been learning about internment camps and prisoners of war in WWII, which is apparently going to play pretty heavily in 3B, and which is seriously SO AWESOME because the youngsters watching this show should definitely learn more about it, don't you think? He explains that there's a passage in the book that he wants to go over, and decides that someone is going to come up to the front of the class to read it aloud. He chooses Stiles, who totally didn't volunteer, of course, since he's been having trouble reading lately. He promptly starts to freak out and tries to beg off, but Mr. Yukimura insists that everyone has to participate, so Stiles nervously goes in front of the class to the podium. He leans over to read the page, but the letters go fuzzy and he can't focus. I should probably point out that he's wearing just a tshirt, with no hoodie or flannel over top of it, which makes me suspicious about what is really going on here. It's also the same kind of tshirt from last week-- plain, white, round-neck with blue trim around the sleeves and neckline. Significance? Hell if I know. Maybe he just bought one of those Hanes 10-pack tshirt things from Target and as been wearing the shit out of them. Or maybe ~this is all just a dream~. Who the fuck knows?

Stiles is pretty obviously beginning to panic, so he grips the sides of the podium and he tries to unscramble the word in the passage. Unfortunately for him, the more he focuses on it, the less it works, and all of a sudden, the letters start tumbling down the page before he can even hope to discern them. Scott, who was briefly distracted by Kira's research, senses Stiles' anxiety and automatically stops what he's doing to stand up and ask Stiles if he's okay. Stiles starts to hyperventilate, and Mr. Yukimura looks extremely concerned as he watches Stiles stumble a bit in an effort to stay upright and conscious. Scott instinctively runs toward his bestie and tells Mr. Yukimura that he's going to take Stiles to the nurse. Thankfully, the teacher doesn't argue it, so Scott is able to quickly lead Stiles out the door.

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They both run into the locker room, where Stiles throws himself at a sink and leans over it. Scott asks him if he's having a panic attack, but Stiles mutters over and over that this is just a dream, which makes Scott even MORE concerned. "No, it's not! This is real, you're here. You're here with me!" This revelation does nothing to alleviate Stiles' panic attack, so Scott nervously asks him how he's able to tell whether or not he's dreaming. Stiles claims that you have extra fingers in dreams, although I have no idea whether that is true or not, or where he read that in the first place. Scott insists that Stiles focus on him, and count his fingers with him. After some coaxing, Stiles finally turns to Scott, and they start counting down together, starting with one. When they get to ten, Stiles starts to feel a tiny bit calmer, and eventually slides down the wall until he's seated on the floor.

"What the hell is happening to me?" Stiles pants, both anxious and embarrassed. Scott crouches down in front of him, and tells him he's going to be okay. "Am I? Are you? [beat] Scott, you can't transform! Allison's being haunted by her dead aunt, and I'm straight-up losing my mind. We can't do this. We can't help Malia. We can't help anyone." Scott looks so, so, sad, as he sits down next to Stiles, but he's the optimist, and he's the alpha, and he's not going to stop being either of those things now, when his brother needs him. "We can try. We can always try."

Back in the classroom, the bell rings, and everyone leaves for their next class. Kira notices that Stiles and Scott both left their backpacks under their desks, and decides to bring them back to them. Wait, kids can carry their backpacks at school? I was just about to start junior high when the Columbine shooting happened, so we were never allowed to have our bags with us because we could be carrying weapons or whatever. We weren't even allowed to carry purses if they were bigger than a certain size, although we certainly pushed the boundaries of that rule a lot. Anyway, Kira walks down the hallway, weighted down with all three of their bags, when she sees Malia the Coyote just hanging out at the end of the hall. She growls at Kira, and Kira just freezes in place and is, like, "Ohhhhh fuck" when she sees this random coyote hanging out in school. When Malia starts to chase her down, she drops Scott's backpack on the ground and runs into the first room she finds, which, conveniently, is the locker room. HEY GIRL, GET OUT OF THERE, THAT LOCKER ROOM IS CURSED. Once inside, she drops Stiles' backpack on the floor as well and slams the door shut before running and hiding behind the farthest-away row of lockers.

She tries to catch her breath as the coyote literally jumps THROUGH the window in the door, shattering glass everywhere and landing perfectly on her little paws. Malia sniffs out a scent in the air, and when she finds Kira, she starts growling at her again, even more ferociously this time. Kira backs up in an effort to put some space between them, and is completely startled when Scott come up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders to steady her. She breaths a huge sigh of relief when she sees it's him, and he pushes her behind him for safety before pushing the row of lockers down on Malia. She growls a bit, but eventually runs away, likely knowing that she's totally busted. When Scott and Kira slowly come out to see if she's gone, Scott notices a bunch of chewed-up paper scraps near Stiles' backpack, which is also chewed up. Inside the shredded backpack is the baby doll they found at the car accident site, which is not at ALL creepy. Oh, Stiles, why do you do the things that you do?

Time to check back in with the Hales, yeah? Peter's finger is still stuck into the floor, and he hilariously rasps, "I don't want to make it sound like we aren't appreciative of your hospitality, but do you think you could possibly put that on ice?" The second hunter dude from earlier just silently glances at it and smirks, but Peter is not at all deterred. "Maybe something for my hand? Extra-large band-aid? Perhaps some antibiotic ointment?" It's all in the delivery. Sassy Peter is my favorite Peter, and coincidentally is the only Peter I actually like. Hunter dude just shakes his head, but Derek is more concerned about the footsteps he hears overhead. Peter hears someone walking in the door as well, and sighs at the thought of more torturers coming down to practice their horrifying skills on them. That's when automatic gunfire starts BLARING overhead, and dozens of shell casings start raining down on them from between the floorboards. Upstairs, someone (or several someones) fall down onto the floor, either shot or taking cover from the firefight, and more footsteps are heard heading their way downstairs. That's when the most GLORIOUS THING HAPPENS.

A mysterious someone kicks down the doors to the basement and quickly disarms the hunter dude of his assault rifle. He shouts, "No, no, no!" at her, but she still bonks him in the head with the butt of the rifle and throws him out of the room. IT'S BRAEDON, YOU GUYS, AKA "THE GIRL," AKA MW/MYSTERY WOMAN from "Tattoo!" She is hot as ever, even with the large claw mark scars across her neck and jaw. She approaches the boys and definitely eyefucks Derek a little. She totally liked what she saw, that's for damn sure. I LOVE HER. Also, I totally ship it, tbh. Derek just gapes at her in awe and states, "You're the one who saved Isaac." She corrects him: she's the girl who was HIRED to save Isaac, by a miss Marin Morrell, in case you have forgotten. Peter is thrilled to hear that someone hired her to get them out of there, but again, she corrects them.

"Someone hired me to get DEREK out of here. You? I am totally fine leaving for dead." Peter: "Where did I get this reputation?" BAHAHAHA. As she unlocks their binds, Derek asks her who hired her, and the answer will probably surprise you, as it surprised me. DEUCALION. That's right, the Demon Wolf himself. Peter reminds her that Deucalion is the person who gave her those scars, but she just shrugs. "Girl's gotta eat." I LOVE HER. So is she a druid, or just a badass supernatural mercenary or something? Both? Can she please stick around? The more badass ladies for me to crush on, the better, please and thank you. When Peter is unlocked, he immediately bends down to get his finger and winces as he gingerly reattaches it in order to start the healing process. Braedon orders them to get the hell out of there, but Derek insists that they're not leaving without "it." Is the "it" that we see at the end of the episode the reason why they got captured in the first place, do you think? I could totally see that thing, whatever it is, being a Hale heirloom of some kind, especially with triskelion carved into it. I'm getting ahead of myself again, though.

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Animal control, as well as the Sheriff's department, has showed up at the school, and Sheriff is having a debriefing session with his son in the hallway. Apparently, there were two students at the school who saw Malia/the coyote running across the field and back into the woods, but he's just thankful that no one got hurt. Stiles is more concerned about what happens if she DOES hurt someone, so Sheriff is forced to inform him that they'll likely have to put the coyote down. Stiles rudely reminds his father that there is a GIRL in that body, and is concerned that Sheriff is like, regressing back to not believing in the supernatural. "You know what, I BELIEVE that there are a lot of things that I don't understand yet," Sheriff concedes with a sigh."But, that doesn't mean that anything and everything imaginable is suddenly possible!" Uh, yeah, it does, especially when your town (and specifically your own kids) reawakens a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures that is going to act as a beacon for every supernatural being and beastie out there.

Sheriff asks Stiles if he is one-hundred-percent sure that Malia being a coyote is a real thing that is happening. "Yes," Stiles insists. "Because Scott is sure." OMGGG MY SKITTLES FEELS. Also, it makes me so sad that Stiles is still so certain that his dad trusts Scott more than himself. It huuuuuuurts. Stiles turns ninety degrees when he sees that Scott is standing at the other end of the hall, and sighs as he asks. "Scott? You been listening?" Scott nods slowly from where he's standing, which is a wake-up call to Sheriff that hey, if this kid can hear things from hundreds of feet away, maybe it's not so out of the realm of possibility that a bb werecoyote was so overwhelmed with grief and guilt that she got stuck in her coyote body? Sheriff gets in a sigh of his own before reluctantly caving to his son's orders. "Alright, let's get this figured out. Come on."

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Kira is still in the locker room, as well as her father and a bunch of sheriff's deputies. Kira swears she's fine, but Mr. Yukimura is just the overprotective father that we've expected, and asks her why she was in the locker room in the first place instead of at lunch with everyone else. "They left their bags! I was just trying to do something nice." Scott is sitting over on a bench, a couple feet away, and once again continues to blatantly eavesdrop on their conversation, both for detective reasons and for "I have a crush on this girl and I want to know more about her" reasons. "You do something nice, and you make friends. Or at least, so I've heard." Scott frowns a bit, and I think he feels bad that Kira feels like such a nobody at school, though I don't understand how she could be. She's cute, smart, funny, and charming, who wouldn't want her as a friend? If I lived in this world, I would instantly make her my bff while kind of secretly hoping that she was bisexual so we could be something more. I HAVE SUCH A CRUSH ON KIRA YUKIMURA, YOU GUYS.

Anyway, Stiles breaks him out of his reverie and holds up his backpack as he explains that he thinks he knows what Malia was after-- the baby doll that he took from the car wreck. Scott is weirded out that Stiles would take the creepy doll and keep it in his bookbag, but Stiles insists he was just holding onto it in case Scott could use it to get her scent or something. So apparently,  Malia could smell the baby doll, and targeted Kira because she was the one holding the bag? Man, she's just really pissed that people keep messing with her shit. First they take the doll, and then they invade her den? It's pretty rude, to be honest. The pack needs to learn more about animal ettiquette!

Out of nowhere, Papa Tate appears, and angrily demands to know what Stiles is doing with that baby doll, and where he found it. He grabs it out of Stiles' hand and gulps before admitting that it was his daughter's. Stiles and Scott are instantly, like, "OH SHIT WE ARE IN TROUBLE," but thankfully, Sheriff Stilinski notices the commotion and comes to intervene. "Mr. Tate, I don't know how you heard about this, if you've got your own police scanner, or what, but you can't be here." Sheriff puts a hand on his side to gently push Papa Tate out the door, but he notices a bulge on his side and opens the side of his jacket to reveal he has a handgun in a holster on his hip. Papa Tate sighs and insists that he has a permit for it, but Sheriff reminds him that in the state of California (and the majority of states in the United States, aside from like Texas and similarly gun-nutty states who think not being able to open-carry anywhere and everywhere is an assault on their civil liberties, but I digress), schools are gun-free zones, regardless of permits. You can tell he feels bad for him, though, so instead of arresting him for breaking the law, he just orders him to get the fuck out of there, pronto. Papa Tate is very distraught about this entire situation, and rants, "You find that animal! You find that THING!" before realizing that the cops are starting to get super antsy at his presence and wisely running away. Sheriff looks frustrated as hell, and Scott and Stiles look super guilty about their role in this. In the background, Kira and her dad have been curiously watching this scene unfold. What is up with the Yukimuras? I NEED TO KNOW.

Allison is in her dad's study at the Argent Abode, and she opens up a large plastic case on his desk to reveal a sleek rifle that shoots tranquilizer darts, which she immediately pulls out and examines. Once the gun is in hand, she texts Scott to inform him that she's got what they need to go coyote hunting. She's wearing this really great navy blue dress with red and yellow flowers all over it, and has a navy blue flannel shirt tied around her waist, which I adore on her, although not as much as the outfit that comes later. I have always loved how she matches very feminine dresses with more masculine overwear, especially in contrast with all of the advanced weaponry she's usually wielding. Basically, Allison's wardrobe is probably my favorite and I need ALL OF HER CLOTHES, although Lydia's and Kira's wardrobes come at a close second and third. I guess my point is that Allison is a badass warrior queen and looks so good doing it, and I just love her so much for it.

Scott receives the text at the animal clinic, where he, Stiles, and Isaac have met with Deaton to get some of his veterinary assistance as well. Deaton walks into the back room to join them, and places three vials of medication on the table. "Xylozine. It's a tranquilizer for horses. For a werecoyote, expect it to work in seconds. I only have three, so whoever's shooting needs to be a damn good shot." Scott proudly reminds him that Allison is a perfect shot, but Isaac, having spent more time with her recently following all the darkness-related cognitive difficulties, gently points out that she's been a little off her game lately. Scott insists that she can do it, but you know Isaac, he's a pessimist in a group of realists and optimists, so Isaac is more worried that they may not be able to even catch Malia in the first place, superb markswoman or not. Stiles isn't really feeling Isaac's negativity, and continues his recent streak of being really mean about it. "Okay, what is the point of him? I mean, seriously, what is his purpose? Aside from the persistent negativity, and the SCARF." Isaac just smirks and takes it in stride, because he knows (like we all know) that his blue scarf is FABULOUS, but Stiles can't help but question him on wearing it in 65 degree whether. DUDE, STILES, calm yourself, querido. No need to be mean to Isaac!

"Look, maybe I'm asking the question that no one here wants to ask, alright?" Isaac snaps in response. "How do we turn a coyote BACK into a girl, when she hasn't been a girl for EIGHT YEARS?" Neither Scott, nor Stiles, have an answer for that, and they all consider their options in silence for a moment before Scott gets an idea and states that he can do it. When Stiles asks him how he plans to do that, Scott explains his theory. "Yeah, remember the night that Peter trapped us in the school? In the gym, he was able to make me turn using just his voice. Deucalion did the same thing in the distillery." Deaton isn't sure this is a viable option, even IF Scott could figure out how to do it in time, because Malia is a werecoyote, not a werewolf and thus might not respond to the alpha-roar in the same way. Stiles realizes that's why Scott's first instinct was to call Derek, but clearly, Derek has been a little busy being tortured, so no one has heard back from him. Scott suggests he could figure it out on his own, but then confesses he's still too scared to shift, since he doesn't feel like he has control right now. Then, the most epic and glorious of Teen Wolf's dick jokes happens:
STILES: [rubs face nervously] "We need a real alpha."
SCOTT: [offended; gives him the biggest stink-eye]
STILES: "You know what I mean! An alpha who can do alpha things! You know, an alpha who can get it [gestures with hands] going, you know? Get it..."
ISAAC: [deadpans] "...up?"
STILES: [concedes to Isaac and gestures in approval]
SCOTT: [sighs] "Great, I'm an alpha with...performance issues..."

It's all in the delivery, especially Scott at the end. I seriously about died laughing, but I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old, I guess. Deaton asks if there's anyone else he knows who could teach him how to do it, besides Derek. Isaac states the obvious and points out that they definitely can't trust Peter to teach him without wanting something awful in return, or using the information against them, so Stiles suggests perhaps the twins could do it. Deaton informs them that they're no longer alphas, nor can they merge together any longer, because when Jennifer cracked their neck while they were in Voltron-Wolf-form, it essentially killed that part of them. That's so crazy! I wonder if Jennifer knew that would happen. I would assume twin werewolves are probably pretty rare, and we don't even know if ALL twin werewolves can do that trick, or if it's just unique to Ethan and Aiden. Stiles still figures they still would know how to do it and be able to teach Scott how, but Scott reminds them that no one has seen them since the night they almost died. Stiles looks a little awkward for a moment before retorting, "Well, actually, that's, uhhh, not totally true?"

Cut to Derek's now-abandoned loft, where Stiles, Lydia, and Scott are pushing open the door and walking right in. Guess it's safe to say that Lydia and Aiden's thing is still happening, then, yeah? I wonder if Ethan has still been seeing Danny as well. It's probably easier for Lydia, since she's officially in the know, whereas most of this shit has been kept from Danny due to the pack's insistence on keeping him out of it. The loft is empty, though, which makes Lydia nervous, because the twins told her they'd meet them there. However, the twins ARE there, and make their presence known the second Scott crosses the threshold into the apartment by brutally punching the hell out of pobre Scottie and shoving him down the steps onto the floor below. . Stiles protectively pulls Lydia to the side of the room, but it's not like they've got anything to worry about, because they're not the twins' targets. Lydia's outfit is super-cute, by the way! I don't think we've ever seen her in shorts before? Or even pants, actually. I would love to see more Lydia in lounge-wear. Either way, the fashion directors on this show deserve an award because they manage to make ridiculously cute and trendy outfits out of stuff you can find at most affordable stores like Macy's and Forever XXI, so even though the characters are all well-put-together, they still look like legitimate teenagers, you know?

Anyway, the twins smirk at each other gleefully before descending upon Scott and continuing their beatdown. They flip around and punch him in the face a little more before Ethan (I think?) grabs Scott's arms and pulls them behind his back so Aiden (I think?) can continue to punch him in the gut without him being able to block his shots. After the commercial, we return to find Scott on his hands and knees, groaning in pain and bleeding all over the floor. "I thought you guys were going to teach me to roar?" Scott manages to rasp as he grimaces through the pain. The twins, who spend this entire scene starting and finishing each other's sentences, explains that this is how Deucalion taught them control-- by giving in to their inner wolf and letting go of their attempts to appear human. Ethan picks Scott up off the floor just as Stiles pipes up and shares an anecdote about that time that he taught Scott control in Season 1. "Heyyy, you know what, that's funny, I tried something just like this one time, using a heart monitor and lacrosse balls. But, you're right, beating the living crap out of him is probably a lot better." Lydia is just standing there like, "What the fuck did I just sign Scott up for?" Pobrecitos! The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, etc etc.

Scott is surprised and skeptical that the twins' solution to his problem is just kicking his ass, so they drop a little lesson on him. Imagine them continuing to finish each other's sentences, because that's totally what they're doing (you can tell them apart because Aiden's [at least, I'm pretty sure it's Aiden-- I've recently discovered that their voices are different, and you can tell them apart because I think Aiden's is higher and froggier than Ethan's] dialogue is bolded while Ethan's is not). "You're afraid to turn! We're going to make you. You turn, then you kick OUR asses! And then, you roar!" Aiden flashes his newly-blue eyes at Scott and roars super loud, right in his face. Scott's face is like, "THIS WAS THE WORST IDEA," but the twins aren't finished yet. "What, you don't think you can let go with us? You think you're going to hurt us?" they taunt, as they start pushing Scott around. "Come on, McCall, give it your all! We can always heal!" The twins and their obsession with having people hurting them kind of worries me a little, to be totally honest. Also, as happy as I am that the twins don't seem to be down in the dumps about not being alphas anymore, I still feel really uncomfortable with the fact that they had them meet them in DEREK'S loft, where they totally KILLED BOYD RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Was anyone else bothered by that? And, on the topic of Derek, hasn't anyone noticed his conspicuous absence yet? GEEZ YOU GUYS. Scott starts fighting back, but he can barely lay a punch on them before he's been kicked and punched back onto the ground.

"You're an alpha, you wanna roar like one? You've gotta give in, full-throttle! You've gotta be the monster! Become the beast, become everything you're afraid of. That's what gives you power. It gives you strength." Scott is frustrated, now, and takes another punch at Aiden, but no dice-- he just ends up on the floor again, spitting a mouthful of blood on the concrete floor. "Giving into it doesn't make you the bad guy--" "--So long as you can control it--" "--Sometimes control is overrated." This part was especially telling in the differences between the twins; Ethan has always been the more controlled and empathetic brother, whereas Aiden seems more like the loose cannon who impulsively gives into his instincts without thinking about it. As the twins continue to pummel him, Stiles starts to get worried, and whispers, "Come on Scott, fight back!"

Scott asks them what happens if he can't control it, because he's nervous that he won't be able to turn back once he shifts. "Then it takes over. You become Malia. You get further and further away from being human. You turn into an animal. Or worse, you turn into Peter!" Scott gets panicky as he briefly flashes back to what Peter's wolf looked like before they killed him. Remember? He was like a bipedal gorilla-wolf, it was terrifying. The fear of becoming Peter kicks Scott into gear, so he stands up and braces to launch himself at the twins. Unfortunately, he still didn't fully give in to it, which allows Aiden to easily pull Scott off the ground and slam him flat onto Derek's table. He hops up himself and straddles Scott before punching him over and over and over in the face. Scott's face quickly begins to look like ground beef, and Lydia is so horrified that she hides her face in Stiles' shoulder, and even Stiles winces empathetically. Ethan finally holds Aiden's arm back before he can punch him again. Aiden, starting to feel guilty, claims he was just trying to help him, but Ethan's just like, "You help too much, dude." Aiden hops down, and the twins sheepishly look over at Stiles and Lydia, all, "Oops?" Meanwhile, Scott just pants and squirms in pain as he spits more blood onto the table. POOR SCOTTIE, I will take care of you!

At the Tate Ranch, Papa Tate is testing out one of the new bear/coyote/wolf traps that he bought off Amazon or whatever. When the trap is set, he takes a piece of firewood and uses it to press the plate down, causing the teeth to snap closed. YIKES! This is the one little issue that I've had with this, which is-- how does he know that THIS PARTICULAR COYOTE is the one that killed his wife and daughters? Like, aren't they kind of migratory creatures? It's been eight years, and he doesn't seem to know that his daughter IS the coyote yet, so why would he assume that it was the same one? I just don't understand.

Isaac has joined Allison in her dad's study, where he opens up yet another one of those steel suitcases that is full of syringes and tranquilizer darts. Allison is wearing a really pretty white dress with a forest-green military jacket and those fab brown platform boots that I have been coveting since Season 3 started. She asks him if he has her scent down, since it'll take them forever to search the whole woods otherwise, but he assures her that he does, since it's a really strong scent. She's like, "Oh? What is it?" so Isaac hilariously admits that her scent smells like pee while he hands her a dart to fill with xylozine. She laughs, and he quietly admires her as she picks up a vial to fill it up. SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION, I am loving it. His admiration turns to concern when her hands start shaking, and she has a hard time getting the needle into the top of the vial to draw up the tranquilizer. He asks her if she's okay, but she just shrugs it off, though she's not fooling anyone. Of course, thats when her hands shake so hard that she accidentally drops the vial onto the floor.

She crouches down to pick it up, but when she stands up again, she's no longer in the study with Isaac. Instead, she's back in the morgue at the hospital, alone. Confused and unnerved, she looks around and notices a table with a white sheet covering a body. The lights automatically turn on and illuminate the table, so she hesitantly walks over to the table and slowly pulls the sheet off of the body. But, it's HER BODY, and now she's on the table as a group of medical professionals, including Kate Argent, are doing an autopsy. She's fully aware of everything that's happening, and watches in fear as Kate explains, "M.E. marked the cause of death as 'animal attack,' but the authorities are waiting for confirmation by autopsy. Personally, I think it was something a little... stranger." 

Allison's torso has already been completely opened, with full view of all of her organs. Kate notices her (strangely still-beating) heart and pulls it out of her chest. "Ugh, there's definitely something wrong with it," she says with a groan as she tosses it in a bowl. As she roots around Allison's insides some more, she adds, "The rest of the organs look pretty good, though." She nods at the men surrounding her, and they each pull down their masks to reveal werewolf fangs, and they all growl at Allison. Kate ALSO has werewolf fangs, and she growls as well, before the four of them start straight-up feasting on Allison's bloody organs. She can't move or talk, so all she can do is lay in fear and watch until a man's familiar voice pulls her out of it.

"ALLISON!" Isaac's voice shouts, and when Allison blinks, she realizes that she's been aiming the tranq rifle right at her soon-to-be-beau this entire time. Isaac's hands are up in a defensive position, and his face betrays the fear he's trying to conceal as he tries to get a read on what's up with his best lady. Allison's eyes go big as saucers, and she automatically drops the gun before immediately starting to apologize profusely AGAIN for nearly trying to hurt one of her friends while hallucinating. Isaac sighs in relief to learn he's not going to be heavily sedated any time soon and drops his arms as Allison, clearly embarrassed and horrified, turns her back to him and starts to panic internally. "Eh, it's better than ring daggers, I guess?" Isaac jokes weakly, but it does nothing to make Allison feel any better.

He instinctively approaches her from behind to comfort her, as he can tell she's about to start beating herself up over this situation when it's pretty much out of her control. "How am I supposed to help anyone when I'm like this?" Allison asks quietly, not looking him in the eyes. "What am I supposed to do?" Isaac turns toward her and puts his face right near hers so she's forced to make eye contact with him before he takes her shaking hand in hers. "Allison, let me help you." He pries the small vial from her hand and lowers his voice to a soothing whisper. "Show me what to do." I LOVE THEM. I love their sexy tension, I love how Isaac is so good with her, and FOR her. I love how good she is for HIM, and with him. MORE ALLISAAC PLZ.

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Stiles and Lydia show up in his Jeep to the nature preserve first, followed by Scott on his dirtbike, and Allison and Isaac in her car. They all get out of their vehicles and awkwardly stand in a circle, clearly nervous about the feasibility of their plans. "Anyone else think we might be doing more harm than good?" Lydia asks the crowd. Scott maintains that they're trying to stop a father from killing his own daughter, but Isaac doesn't think it's that simple. "Actually, we're trying to stop a guy from killing a coyote, who's actually his daughter, who we don't know how to change from a coyote to his daughter, but..." Stiles calls him out on his Negative-Nancy-ness yet again, but they don't have time for fighting right now. Scott turns to Allison and asks her if she brought "it," so she pops the trunk and pulls out the tranquilizer gun.

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Sheriff Stilinski has dropped by Tate Ranch to slam a bear trap onto his kitchen table. Apparently, a runner found it when he was jogging around the woods, after almost stepping into it, and Sheriff is PISSED that he's putting people in danger and getting involved in his case. "Now, do you want to tell me EXACTLY how many of those you put out there?" Papa Tate stays silent, so Sheriff takes a peek around the house. In the back room, Sheriff finds dozens of boxes piled, so apparently he ordered like a hundred different kinds of traps off of Amazon in the last two days. Sheriff's anger is reaching critical mass by this point, and he yells that kids (specifically HIS kids) could get caught in those traps and possibly die while they run around the woods. However, when Papa Tate reminds him that his kid DID die, Sheriff begins to lose patience, and quickly, so he orders him to come with him and help him disarm every trap he set out there, no matter how long it takes. Yeah, way to be the boss, Sheriff!

Just then, Papa Tate notices that the screen on his front door has been completely ripped out, and realizes that the coyote is IN HIS HOUSE. He automatically runs to his rifle cabinet and pulls out a gun, so Sheriff reluctantly pulls out his sidearm as well and follows him to search the house for Malia. Papa Tate eventually finds her in the yard, standing over the baby doll she's taken back from him. When Sheriff sees him chase her outside, he sighs, like, "SERIOUSLY?" and instantly runs to try to catch up with him. By the time he gets outside, both Papa Tate AND Malia are out of sight. Seconds later, Sheriff and the pack can hear several rifle shots going off. YIIIIIKES.

After the break, Scott hops on his dirtbike and sets off to follow the sound of the gunshots. Stiles calls after him and tells him to wait up, but Scott doesn't hear him, so Isaac immediately begins chasing after him on foot with Allison following close behind them. Outside Tate Ranch, Sheriff is calling in for back-up on his police radio to evacuate the nature preserve of hikers and others who could possibly accidentally get injured by the traps. Once he's done, he gets a phone call from Stiles, and we cut over to where he and Lydia are waiting to hear his side of the conversation. Stiles doesn't understand why Malia would have taken the doll again, but Sheriff's priority is keeping Stiles and the rest of them safe, so he explains how Tate has covered the preserve in traps, particularly on the trails and near the car crash site, and orders Stiles to stay out of the woods until they get it sorted out. I imagine he's especially worried now that Tate is also out there with a fucking rifle. Naturally, Stiles ignores him and hangs up so he can continue to confab with Lydia in those same woods about what they know. Lydia guesses that Stiles must have figured it out, judging by the look on his face, but she's a little premature. "It's the doll!" Stiles exclaims, before frowning in confusion. "It's the doll...?"

Scott is still flying through the woods on his dirtbike, and as he turns a corner, he passes a trap to the side of the trail. I instantly get a terrible feeling in my tummy about the kids running around these trap-filled woods. Isaac and Allison chase after him, but lose track of him after a couple minutes, and have to stop for a moment to look around. When they hear more gunshots in the distance, they glance at each other briefly, clearly concerned, before running off toward the sound.

Stiles is crouched down on the ground and brainstorming aloud while Lydia paces around nearby. I need her outfit (maroon crop top and light blue/dark blue/purple plaid skirt with greige suede booties) on my body RIGHT NOW. I also need it to be warm enough to be able to wear it, since it's been hovering around 15-20 degrees F the last few weeks here in Ohio. "Alright, but why would it go all the way to the school, and then all the way back to the house, just for a doll? One that was in the car wreck in the first place. We didn't find it in the coyote den." Lydia doesn't understand why he's so concerned about the doll, but Stiles points out that Malia obviously LIKES the doll a lot, to be so intent on taking it, twice. She asks what kind of a doll it is, but Stiles is a dude who knows nothing about dolls. "It's a, I don't know, it's a doll, you know? It's got little arms, a big baby head... dead soulless eyes." He suddenly remembers that he took a picture of it, and whips out his phone to find it to show Lydia. He points out which girl is Malia, and tells her that they found those same clothes in her coyote den. Lydia notices that Malia isn't the one holding the doll, it's her younger, still-unnamed sister. That's when Stiles has one of those realizations he gets when the camera zooms right into his face and you just KNOW he's figured it all out.

Isaac is still running like an Olympian sprinter through the woods, and he's tapping into his werewolf speed so much that Allison can't catch up with him. She yells for him to wait for her, but he's worried about his alpha, obvs, and doesn't want to slow down. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of looking behind him to make sure Allison's still relatively close, and completely misses the trap in that's hidden in the leaves right front of him, which snaps right on his ankle as he runs over it. He falls to his knees and ROARS in pain at the top of his voice, so loudly that it reverberates through Scott's skull to the point that he grabs at his head in agony, loses his balance and completely falls off his bike. HE WAS SO STARTLED TO HEAR THAT ISAAC WAS HURT THAT HE FELL OFF HIS BIKE, YOU GUYS ~<3SCISAAC<3~

Allison finally manages to catch up with Isaac enough to see Isaac's ankle was caught in a trap, and she quickly sprints to his side to assess his wounds. His hands are soaked in blood from trying to keep the pressure of the trap off his ankle, and when she starts to try to tend to him, he informs her that Papa Tate is straight ahead of them. She instantly snaps to attention and aims her gun in his direction to get the coyote in her sights, but Isaac instead gasps, "Hit Tate," in between whimpers of pain. "Use the tranq gun on him, okay?" She puts the gun up to do what she's told, but her hands start to shake again as her nerves start to kick in. A few yards away, Tate holds up his own rifle and sets his sights on Malia's coyote-head where she's standing on top of the baby doll a few yards away. Allison is freaking out, because this is kind of a lot of pressure to perform, here, and she orders herself to calm down before taking her first shot. She just barely misses, hitting a tree a foot or two away from where Tate is standing, though fortunately, he's too focused on his coyote-daughter to notice. Isaac senses her anxiety, and gently instructs her to breathe and focus, which she does.

She has her sights on Tate again, just as Tate has his sights on Malia, and thankfully, he's taking FOREVER to make a shot. Allison steels herself and whispers, "Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes," which, in case you've forgotten, is the new Argent Code that Allison came up with, as the newest Argent matriarch: "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." After taking another breath, she makes the shot, and hits her target dead-on in the shoulder, causing Papa Tate to pass out almost instantly. Isaac, who is covered in sweat from the blood loss and injury, looks over at Allison with the sweetest smile and just huffs a proud little laugh. Allison smiles, clearly overjoyed that she managed to overcome her darkness-related anxiety, and checks her sights again to prepapre to shoot her last tranq dart at Malia, but she must have gotten scared in the commotion and run off.

Meanwhile, Stiles, who has just figured out what is really going on, is frantically trying to get a hold of Scott to update him, and ends up leaving him a breathless voicemail. "Scott? It's me. You've gotta call me back as SOON as you can. It wasn't Malia's doll, it was her sister's. Malia left it at the car FOR her sister. It's like bringing flowers to her grave, okay? And we STOLE the flowers! So that's all she's trying to do, alright? Bring the doll back to the grave, to the car wreck! That's where she's headed, to the car wreck!" Aw, geez, it always comes back to Claudia Stilinski, doesn't it? This season is going to make me such a wreck, oh my godddddds. As he hands up, Lydia plaintively cries, "Stiles?" He looks over at her, and sees that she's stepped on the plate of a trap that thankfully seems to work the opposite of the other ones. Instead of the pressure activating the plate, it's the RELEASE of pressure that activates this one, so basically, Lydia is stuck there until they figure something out.

After the break, Lydia's leg is wavering from nerves and exhaustion, but Stiles orders her to continue to stay put. She asks him to look for a warning label somewhere on the trap in order to figure out how to disarm it. "Lydia, why the hell would they put instructions on the bottom of a trap?" Stiles asks anxiously. Lydia's about hysterical at this point, and shrieks, "Because animals can't READ!" Stiles nods, like, "That makes sense," but you can tell before he even gets down there that he's afraid of what's about to happen. As he feared, when he finally locates the label under a pile of dead leaves, the letters are all completely jumbled and illegible, and he sighs in frustration. "Lydia, we've got a problem-- I can't read either." Man, you can really tell that this whole alexia-thing is REALLY messing with his sense of self-worth, and it makes me soooooooo sad.

Scott is on foot now, and racing through the woods in search of Malia. You can tell that now that he knows Isaac is injured in some way, the pressure is ON to get shit done, which probably isn't helping his performance issues at all. Malia takes off, leaving the baby doll behind, and runs for the car crash site. She crosses paths with Scott, who increases his speed and chases after her.

Lydia has changed tactics and now is trying to give Stiles a pep talk. "You don't need the instructions! When was the last time you have ever used instructions, am I right?" LOL LYDIA, I love you forever. Also, I got very distracted by Stiles and his cheekbones in this scene, GOOD LORD. "You don't need them, because you are too smart to waste your time with them. You can figure it out. Stiles, you're the one that always figures it out!" Stiles looks like he's about to cry from frustration and panic again, but she assures him that he can do it. Now HE'S the one who is sweating from all the pressure, and he grimaces in frustration before noticing a big knob buried under some dead branches and leaves. He examines the trap and eventually figures out how it works by how it's all connected together, and after a few moments, he asks Lydia if she's ready.

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He looks at her, and she's so nervous she looks like she's about to throw up, so he counts down from three. When he hits one, he turns the knob as hard as he can and stands up quickly so he can catch Lydia after she jumps out of the trap. Once he's caught her a decent distance away from the trap, the trap springs shut, and the two about pee themselves from relief that they managed to get out of it without losing any precious limbs. I was sure they would awkwardly pull away from their embrace after it became clear that neither of them were hurt, but instead they just hug each other tighter. SO MUCH STYDIA THIS SEASON ALREADY! I AM DYING. A lot of people didn't like this scene, but I thought it was really cute. Stiles is usually the one giving Lydia pep talks, so this was a nice role reversal, even despite the fact that, once again, Lydia was the "damsel" who needed to be rescued.

More chasing. Malia is running as fast as her little legs will take her, with Scott following close behind her. He finally whips out his crimson eyes, claws and fangs and growls at her as he attempts to chase her down. He catches up with her-- in full wolf-mode, YAY-- near the car crash site, and eventually leap-frogs over the ravine to cut her off. She gets into territorial mode and starts growling at Scott, who just slowly looks up at her before roaring the most intense roar he's ever roared. So loud that Isaac get's a HUGE wereboner that makes his eyes go gold. Earlier, Isaac couldn't access his full power because the pain was keeping him from shifting/forcing him to stay human, but with his alpha's roar inside of him, he was able to bellow at the top of his lungs, summon all his mystical wolf powers, and fully RIP THE TRAP APART. Allison watches him with concern, and sighs with relief when he frees himself from the trap so he can finally start to heal. Nearby, Lydia and Stiles hear the roar of their alpha as well, and Lydia just grins as Stiles proudly exclaims, "Now THAT's what I'm talking about!"

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The amazing glory that is just bursting from everyone's fave true alpha makes Malia's coyote eyes go blue, right before she backs up and lays down on the ground in front of him. Scott stares in shock as he watches her shift back into a (completely naked) human girl. She is completely overwhelmed by the sensation of being in a human body again, and tries to take in the fact that her body is TOTALLY different from when she was eight years old. ALSO, can I just say how much I've missed Shelley Hennig? She and Phoebe Tonkin were the best parts of The Secret Circle, and I can't believe it's taken her this long to find another show. I'm so glad she's on Teen Wolf, however brief it may be. Anyway, as Scott tries not to stare at her naked bod, he blinks, and his eyes go back to being brown. YAYYY, he has control of his wolf again! Everyone conquered their fears this week! Woooo! But, why do I get the feeling like this is so not a good thing? More on that later.

Sheriff Stilinski evidently found Malia some clothes and a shower before he took her over to Tate Ranch to have a reunion with her dad while Stiles watches it all go down from the passenger seat of Sheriff's cruiser. After Sheriff knocks on the front door, Papa Tate eventually comes out onto the porch, not noticing right away that the teenage girl who is currently standing in front of him on his porch is TOTALLY his long-lost daughter! When he does, his eyes go soft, like he can't believe it, and he whispers, "Malia?" Malia starts to cry, and I'm pretty sure he does, too, so they just dive for a hug. Sheriff just watches them awkwardly for a moment before deciding he doesn't need to continue to intrude, and starts to walk back to the cruiser. He nods to Stiles to communicate that it all worked out, and Stiles gives him a thumbs up as he settles back into his seat.

Stiles glances at the side mirror, and leans forward when he sees that the "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" warning label is fully unjumbled and legible. He breaths the HUGEST sigh of relieve as he sits back again, and smiles the tiniest of smiles at the fact that he can read again

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Back at the Sheriff's office, Agent Douchenozzle and some of his lackeys leave Sheriff's office with a box of case files, and once they're out of the office, Sheriff angrily slams the door behind them. Something tells me this isn't the last we've seen of Blobfish, though. :/

Peter, Derek, and Braedon have made their way to the upstairs of the house they've been held captive, and they quietly look around. I like the way the room is decorated, it's very rustic. Derek finds a huge wooden box on a table, but when he goes to open it, a blue light forms on the surface of the wood and zaps his his hand. Peter just smirks at him, and after a beat, he explains that the box is made of rowan wood, which is the tree from which mountain ash is made. Braedon uses the butt of her rifle to break the lock off of the box, and Derek and Peter just look at each other, clearly impressed, like, "Damnnnn, girl." When she opens the box, they find it is filled to the brim with sparkling black dust, which Peter helpfully identifies as straight-up mountain ash. "Someone REALLY doesn't want our hands in there," he adds unhelpfully.

The boys both look at Braedon, and she gives them both the stink-eye for making her do everything before turning back to the box and considering her options for a moment. Finally, she dunks both of her hands in the ash and searches around blindly before finding something inside. When she pulls out her hands, she reveals she's found a shiny wooden cylinder that has a triskelion carved in the lid. What is this thing? A Hale heirloom? A magical object? BOTH? Is that what Derek and Peter were after when they got captured? Is Cora involved in this all somehow? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

FINALLY, a figure dressed in black walks through the nature preserve with a flashlight. When the person gets to the Nemeton, they notice a tiny twig of a tree growing from the stump. The person's black-leather-gloved hand hovers over it for a moment before ultimately pulling the baby branch out of the trunk and throwing it on the ground. As the person walks away, we can see that they have pretty skinny-looking legs, which is pretty much the only identifying characteristic we get, considering we never see this mystery person's face, and they're dressed head-to-toe in black, which means it could pretty much be anyone. Once the person is gone, a firefly (or, as we call them around these parts, a "lightning bug") crawls out of a crack in the Nemeton's stump, followed by another. And another. And another. Basically, a HUGE swarm of them fly out of the crack and starts to glow as they congregate in a huge horde in front of the stump. Then, a dark cloud of some smoky substance suddenly starts to emerge from the earth, and causes the darkness and the fireflies to merge into the ghostly, glowing form of what appears to be three separate people. So, what is it? Is it the void we've been hearing about? Is it the parts of Scott, Allison, and Stiles that died during the ritual? Some other kind of weirdo supernatural creature? Wrathful deities and/or demons?

Next week: Kira gets mega-embarrassed by Mr. Yukimura AGAIN, Scott does Awkward Family Dinner, Part Trois with the Yukimuras, and a mass-murderer of teenagers is on the loose in Beacon Hills. Oh, and probably some other stuff, too.

[screencaps by KissThemGoodbye]

Click HERE to move onto my next recap of Teen Wolf!

-Okay, guys, I hate to say this, because I love Deaton and I don't want to believe that he's shady, but those leather gloves in the last scene look suspiciously similar to the ones Deaton was wearing at the end of the Season 2 finale, when he was examining Gerard's werewolf-ink-vomit outside that warehouse where the battle went down. And Seth Gillam has kind of skinny legs, so I think it could totally end up being him. If it's true, that just opens up MORE questions, yikes! And regardless of who it is, did they know pulling out that branch would make those shadowy things come out?

-This is kind of speculation for next week, but I'm kind of paranoid that Mr. Yukimura is, like, a hunter or something, and that his whole trying to hook Scott up with his daughter thing is just some bizarro-world Gerard/old-Chris Argent-scheme to get close to Scott so he can try to kill him/the Golden Trio/the pack as a whole. Am I the only one who is worried about this?

-Now, moving onto this darkness thing. I've been thinking about the Golden Trio this week, and how they've each had their own major issue that was affecting their daily life in a bad way. Scott couldn't control his wolf, Allison couldn't control her hallucinations/hunter instincts, and Stiles' brain was unable to process written words. It's possible that I've just read wayyyy too much meta/fic recently that is making me see things that aren't happening, but I get the feeling that these problems are their subconscious' way of protecting them from the darkness, to warn them not to give into it. But, these symptoms were seriously hindering their ability to protect themselves and the town, so they were forced to either deal with it (like Scott and Allison) or find ways around it (like Stiles, though he eventually got his ability to read back at the end of the episode, too) in order to keep going. I'm thinking that now that they've overcome these symptoms, they may have accidentally let the darkness in, which might give them power, but not in a good way. (This was also hinted at by the twins on Wolf Watch this week, as well, but take that with a grain of salt.)

It made me think to the trailer for 3b that came out, and Scott and Allison's eyes both had this weird, glowing quality to them in the scenes for the blacklight rave party thing. At first, I thought it was just the blacklight's reflection, but now I'm wondering if that's not just the darkness inside them peeking through? I have been thinking about this show WAY TOO MUCH.

-Can Derek come back to Beacon Hills and join the gang already? As much as I'm fascinated and curious about what the Hales have been up to since Season 3A ended, I'm anxious for Derek, at least, to rejoin the Scooby Gang and give them some backup with all the supernatural bullshit that's inevitably about to go down.

-Neeeeeed more Scott/Stiles pep talks like this one! I love each and every friendship/relationship on this show, but Sciles/Skittles will always reign supreme in my heart. I've only grown to love it more in spite of all the Scott stans vs Stiles stans in-fighting on Tumblr. There is no Scott or Stiles, there is ONLY/ALWAYS Scott AND Stiles. Together. Forever.

-Where the fuck has Chris Argent been? I miss that blue-eyed hottie. Hopefully we'll find out what he's doing soon, especially with the issues his daughter has been having.


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