The Originals Season 1, Episode 12: "Dance Back From The Grave" Recap/Review

Blogger's note: So, you've probably noticed how swamped I've been lately, judging by how behind on recaps I am. You may have also noticed the fact that I've been increasingly displeased with the way The Vampire Diaries is going this season. Compound this with the major funk that I usually fall into during the winter, and I am really struggling to get everything done right now, recapping included. So, with that in mind, I am going to put my TVD recaps on hiatus for the time being. As of now, I still intend to write them, even despite my unhappiness with the show's direction. I'd be lying if I said the thought of writing them felt like a chore, but it was also just way too ambitious for me to try to consistently write three recaps a week on top of full-time school and general life stuff that I have going on right now. So, yeah, I will still be recapping Teen Wolf and The Originals (more or less) on time, but TVD will be on hold for now. I'm really sorry about the inconvenience! Keep checking the site for updates, my hope is that once I have finished my 7-week math course, my workload will be lessened enough that I may have more time to catch up with TVD! Thanks so much for your patience! --Emily

ANYWAY, if there's anything that The Vampire Diaries/The Originals-universe has taught me, it's that you can't go a thousand years constantly killing or screwing people over without someone trying to get back at you for it. And, unfortunately for Klaus, he's learning that not only will people try to take him down to get even, but that being immortal doesn't necessarily mean he's untouchable. That's gotta be really hard on his ego. So yeah, remember how we've always heard on the two shows that the New Orleans witches are a force to be reckoned with? They definitely weren't lying, because when they have access to their magic, they are able to do some serious damage. Settle in, darlings, because we're about to see this fact of life demonstrated about a dozen different times. Let's talk about "Dance Back From The Grave!"

Previously, on The Originals: The Mikaelsons built New Orleans and then were forced to flee, and in their absence, Marcel took over and totally thrived. Then, Marcel fucked up MAJOR in an attempt to take Klaus down, and was forced to pledge his loyalty to him in order to avoid getting his friends/family and himself killed. Elijah had a steamy love affair with a smoking-hot Creole witch named Celeste, who ultimately got indirectly killed by Klaus in order to cover up his murders. Davina narrowly escaped getting killed during the first attempt at the Harvest ritual, but when her powers overwhelmed her, they were forced to go through with the Harvest in hopes that she could get resurrected as they expected, which ultimately went wrong somewhere, resulting in none of the four girls coming back to life. Oh, and Celeste somehow came back to life and hopped into Sabine's body at some point in the last year, and used the power she ganked from the Harvest ritual to bring back three long-dead witches.

This week's cold open begins at LaFayette Cemetery. Genevieve, the redheaded witch who Celeste resurrected last episode, walks with Celeste while Bastiana and Papa Tunde walk several paces behind them. Genevieve remarks that she remembers this cemetery, which looks exactly the same as it did back in her day. Celeste smiles as she kneels in front of a tomb. "I've been coming here over a century, wearing one face or another." She stops in front of the Chopin family crypt, which has the name of the deceased carved into the stone: Edna, Simon, Flora, Charles, Lucy, and Grace Chopin. I wonder if this family is going to come into play later? I can't see why they'd include it if they weren't. She lights a stick of incense, and we get several flashes of the different bodies Celeste has presumably inhabited, each of them lighting incense and praying in front of the tomb.

SIDEBAR: I hate to get into this before the recap has even started, but HOW is Celeste here? SPOILER ALERT: we learn this episode that Genevieve, Papa Tunde, Bastiana and Celeste came back by taking the places of the four girls (including Davina and Monique) who died in the Harvest. But, if Celeste has been coming here in various bodies that she has possessed over the last hundred years, how could she have used the power from the Harvest to come back? I'm just really confused about all this, tbh. Anyone who has a better understanding than I do is encouraged to comment and set me straight!

We flashback to 1919, where Genevieve and a friend, Clara Summerlin, are rushing through the cemetery, where the witches have all met to have a meeting with "the great Papa Tunde." The witches are all clad in white, and they all watch as a woman dances around a bonfire to the sounds of several drum beats. Papa Tunde walks in, decked out in a white suit, with an albino python around his neck, while two men stand behind him silently. Once he claps his hands, everyone stops dancing and making music, and he hands off the python to the young men before starting his speech.

PAPA TUNDE: "Witches of the French Quarter, thank you for your welcome. It is good to be among people of the faith. I, too, practice ancestral magic, honoring those who walked the path before us. From them, we draw strength. And you will need strength, for a great darkness is coming. The city your forefathers left you is now overrun by pirates, beasts, and vampires."

He takes the python from the boys and throws it into the fire, and the NOLA witches all look around in surprise and fear as the wind suddenly rages around them. "I practice other magic as well," Papa Tunde continues. "Sacrificial magic, channeling power from my offerings. I use this strength to vanquish my enemies, and I will punish your enemies for their greed. In return, you will accept my family into your coven." He gestures towards the boys standing behind him before smiling an evil, scheming smile. He adds, "And me, as your leader." OH SHIT. Is the sacrificial magic he's practicing Expression magic? We already know that witches in New Orleans have practiced Expression before, because that's where we first heard about it in TVD last season. This seems kind of different though, so maybe there are different kinds of sacrificial magic? Who knows.

Still in flashback, we meet up with a very dapper Elijah, dressed as usual in a tailored three-piece suit and welcoming some unknown men into a meeting. He informs them that Mayor O'Connell (OH SHIT CAMI'S ANCESTOR, I didn't even notice that the first time!) is running late, but that he's going to start without them because they have a lot to talk about. Naturally, Klaus shows up, ready to stir up some shit, which definitely unnerves the men they're meeting with, but Elijah assures them that despite Klaus' less-than-stellar reputation, they are here to broker a deal peacefully. 

"And, lucky for you, my brother always keeps his word," Klaus sneers. "You two are from the Guerrera crime family, a brutish pack of thieves and killers, and that's nothing compared to what you become on a full moon, is it?" Oh man, WEREWOLVES. Klaus licks his lips almost suggestively as he says this, which is kind of hilarious to me. I also totally forgot that Klaus' werewolf side was still repressed during this time, since he hadn't broken the curse yet. Crazy! Elijah senses the tension growing between them and the gangsters, and reminds the Guerreras that werewolf bites only temporarily discomfort Originals, so they'd do well not to try to start trouble between them.

The Mikaelson's proposal to this clan of werewolves is as follows, according to Elijah: he and Klaus currently control the ports of the city, but since Prohibition is about to be put into effect, the increased presence of feds keeping track of all the ports into the country could probably get them into some trouble if their dad were to find them (although he doesn't explicitly state that part). The brothers want to start a system where the Guerreras will pretend to be running the ports for official matters in exchange for them being able to smuggle alcohol into the country for profit. But, in reality, Elijah and Klaus will still be in charge, just not publicly. That's when Papa Tunde walks in with his sons trailing behind him.

"This all sounds very good, but tell me, how will it benefit the witches?" Papa Tunde asks. Elijah tersely informs him that it's a private meeting in the most polite tone that he can muster, but Papa Tunde knows what's up. "Yes, for kings of the city, but I, too, am a king, and I have rules." Ohhh man, SHOTS FIRED. Klaus is a tiny bit impressed at his sheer nerve, and asks him his name, which is Alfonse Bellatunde Delgado, or Papa Tunde to his followers. He has come to request that the witches be given some kind of compensation for allowing the vampires and werewolves to exist in New Orleans. Elijah asks him if he's some spokesperson for the French Quarter witches now, but Papa Tunde confirms that he is. "I do [speak for them] now, and I expect our future negotiations to go very smoothly. As a guarantee, I brought a gift." He sits a small trunk on the table, and adds that he looks forward to their next meeting before leaving with his sons in tow. Elijah and the Guerreras gather around the table as Klaus opens the trunk, only to find a head with the same mark that is carved into Papa Tunde's son's foreheads carved into it. Klaus sighs and quips, "Well, I suppose we'll need a new mayor!" TITLE CARD!

Marcel is drunk and taking slugs out of a bottle of bourbon as he stomps down the stairs into the courtyard of the Abbatoir. Diego approaches him and asks him what's going on, as Klaus called them all for a meeting and then failed to actually show up. Marcel really isn't in the mood for talking, and snaps, "What do you want from me? It's a new regime, get used to it." He takes a seat at one of the tables as Diego looks at him, sad and a little bit hurt that his sire/former leader has given up on everything. Before they can discuss it further, Klaus saunters into the courtyard with a surprise guest in tow. "Dearest brethren, your attention" he proclaims proudly. "No doubt, you're all surprised to see Thierry Vanchure, who's supposed rotting in the Garden for the crime of killing one of our own, and I personally decided to issue him with a pardon. I hope you'll all welcome home Thierry."

You can just imagine how much Klaus is eating up the theatrics and show of being so benevolet to his ~loyal followers~. Thierry smiles and puts on that silly newsboy cap he's so fond of as he walks over to Diego, who warmly welcomes his best bro back home with a huge hug. Marcel just bitterly snits that Klaus should go back to Mystic Falls more often, if that's all it takes to put him in a good mood. LOLOL, more like Klaus needs to get laid more, amirite? Klaus admits he'd love to go back more often to see a certain blonde-haired vampire with a penchant for planning and organizing, but he's got shit to do here in the Quarter.

He turns to the crowd of vampires in the courtyard and raises his voice to continue his speech. "Now, as you all know, the witch Davina is no longer with us. Without Davina, we can no longer monitor the activity of our witch neighbors. HOWEVER, since their Harvest failed, their magic will soon be gone forever. Until then, I say we keep them on their toes." He asks Diego if he'd like to lead the legion of henchvamps to the Cauldron for some witch-rousting, who, as always, is TOTALLY 'bout it. He goes over to woop about their upcoming shit-stirring with the witches as Marcel grabs his bottle and storms away. Klaus stops him before he can leave and mentions that he was hoping Marcel would join Diego, but Marcel mutters that he's taking a personal day and runs off before Klaus can object.

Meanwhile, Elijah and Rebekah are strolling around the French Quarter and discussing the news of the day. Elijah thinks that Klaus pardoning Thierry and showing mercy by allowing him freedom from the Garden is a sign that Klaus might actually be changing for the better, but Rebekah just scoffs and points out that she was the one who convinced him to do it in the first place. Elijah is confused as to why Rebekah would do that, so Rebekah lets him in on her currently feelings towards her brother. "Because, despite Thierry's reprieve, Thierry despises him. I like that about Thierry. I also like that he used to date a witch, so he knows about French Quarter covens. Maybe he can lead me to whoever stole off with the Harvest magic!" 

Elijah insists that everyone is still hurting after what ultimately happened during the Harvest, but Rebekah's point is that there WAS no outcome of the Harvest, which is not a good sign. "We both know that power like that doesn't just vanish. I say someone stole it, I'd like to know who." Excellent point, Rebekah! I am completely shocked that she is the only one who thought of this, because seriously now, that was a shitload of power! Rebekah does have ulterior motives, and unwisely shares with Elijah the fact that she'd like to make an ally out of whoever ganked all that magical power.

ELIJAH: "To what end, exactly?"
REBEKAH: "I'm tired of being threatened and controlled by our tyrant brother. If you want to stop a bully, you need the power to stand up to them."
ELIJAH: [sighs] "I expect such behavior from Niklaus. It's so very disappointing when it comes from you, Rebekah. Do you not see that, in his way, he's making progress here? He's invited us back into our family home, he yearns for our family to be reunited."
REBEKAH: "Yes, he's in a brilliant mood now, but for how long? It's his trick, Elijah. He lulls you into a false sense of camaraderie and kinship, and then he turns on you like a snake. I fall for it every time, and wind up with a dagger in my chest for my trouble. No more!"
ELIJAH: "I believe that he is approaching some semblance of peace here. Leadership may, in fact, be a good thing for him. Now, sister, please, I ask you, if you cannot support him, then at least do nothing to provoke him."

Rebekah just glares at him and struts away from her eldest brother, and honestly, I don't blame her at all. I love Elijah, I do. He's sexy and diplomatic and though he can be just as brutal as the rest of them sometimes, he usually has good reasons to do so. But the way he treats his sister is the one thing that keeps him from being a truly lovable character, you know? He's SO supportive of Klaus, and literally bends over backwards to give him chance after chance to get his act together. But what about Rebekah? Isn't she just as deserving of happiness as Klaus is? How can Elijah care SO much about Klaus, and put so much effort into making sure he's happy, and yet be so completely indifferent to Rebekah's happiness? Do you remember when she was getting ready to leave New Orleans, and how when she told him she wanted to be free, he was all, "Okay, here's a kiss, off you go." Rebekah has redeemed herself in a million more ways than Klaus has, and it just makes me so sad to see him treating her so badly time after time, especially when Klaus is CONSTANTLY a dick to Elijah. Klaus bit him and left him to hallucinate in the bayou by himself, FFS, has he forgotten? Bahhh.

Klaus has found Marcel drinking away his sorrows in one of the million rooms in the Abatoir, and immediately starts reaming him for having the gall to grieve for his dead friend/family member. "Ugh, is this what it's come to? I bear the full weight of our kingdom while you pout like a child?" Sympathy, Klaus, learn it. Marcel bitterly reminds him that KLAUS is the one who wanted to be King of New Orleans, and adds that it looks like he's got everything covered, so who cares? Klaus cares, though, because if the others see Marcel slacking, they'll be more likely to follow his lead. Marcel reiterates his earlier statement that he's not in the mood for "vampire hijinks," but Klaus just snits, "You'd rather sit wallowing in sorrow for your lost little friend." Understandably, Marcel is NOT cool with that, and stands up and gets in Klaus' face as he orders him NOT to mess with him right now. "I am sorry Davina is gone, okay?" Klaus states. "I'm sorry, but this mournful attitude is unworthy of you, and it's boring to me." And THIS is why you have no true friends, Klaus, because you don't give a shit about anyone unless it benefits you in some way. ARGH. I'm getting whiplash from swinging from loving Klaus to hating him every week. ANYWAY, Diego walks in and admits that they've got a bit of a problem.

He leads them and a small group of vampires to the Cauldron as he explains what happened. "We came to mess with the witches, just like you said. And these guys, they went missing. Found them like this, not even staked. Just dead." YIKES! There are two vampires laying side-by-side in a circle of salt, with magical designs written inside the circle. The vampires are completely desiccated, but not staked, just like Diego said, but that same symbol is carved into their foreheads. OH SHIT THIS IS NOT GOOD. Marcel is pissed that they lost another two guys while under Klaus' command, and spits, "Nice job, Captain." He flips up the hood on his jacket and walks away, which pisses Klaus off. He shouts at him that SOMEONE has to account for these deaths, but Marcel does NOT like where this looks like it's heading. "You want revenge? Get it yourself. That mark is tied to some BAD mojo, and if any of ya'll got any brains, you'll head back to the compound and stay out of this." He storms off again, and Klaus considers this as the rest of the vamps turn to him for what he thinks about it. He turns to Diego with rage in his eyes as he promises the group that they're going to find whoever did this to those vampires and show them what suffering is. OH LORD THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MESSY.

Rebekah and Thierry are walking toward a warehouse near the docks as Thierry informs her that since he used to run things at the ports for Marcel, he came down here to check on things and found something that he figured Rebekah would want to see before Klaus does. She's quite impressed that he's already proving himself to be a useful ally. "We made a deal," Thierry says with a shrug. "And if it screws things for your brother, I'm all for it. Though, to be honest, this stuff makes my skin crawl. I've NEVER seen anything like this." He gestures to the floor of the warehouse they've just entered, where another salt circle full of animal bones and symbols lays, though there is no vampire in it. "I have," Rebekah admits as she stares at the corpse, stunned. "A long time ago. Somebody is copy-catting a very dangerous witch. They draw their power from sacrifice." Thierry doesn't understand why anyone would just leave their ritual stuff laying around for anyone to find. Terrified, Rebekah realizes that whoever did it WANTED it to be found, which is when Papa Tunde makes his dramatic entrance.

"Madmoiselle Mikaelson," Papa Tunde purrs. Rebekah is frozen is horror, and mutters that it's not possible that he's still alive. He's like, duh gurl, it's magic, and when Rebekah zoops over to him to kill him quickly, he grabs her in a choke-hold and starts to chant over and over as he begins to carve his symbol into her forehead with a crazy-looking ivory blade. "Symbole du masque et de l'ombre, embrace-toi. Embrace-toi. Symbole du masque et de l'ombre, embrace-toi." Rebekah quickly starts to desiccate, and we can see the thick, gray/black veins bubbling up on her face and neck. As you can probably guess, Thierry takes one look at the witch currently neutralizing one of the most powerful vampires on the planet and immediately runs for the hills. Is it worth saving yourself if Rebekah (or one of her siblings) is just going to kill you anyway? I can't decide, but I think my answer would be "Probably not."

Klaus, Elijah, Diego, and many of the other henchvamps are congregating in the Abbatoir's courtyard as they discuss their current predicament. Predictably, Klaus' first idea is to just kill whoever did this, because Klaus. Elijah agrees with him, natch, but is curious as to where this mysterious witch learned such dark magic. "I had hoped never to see that symbol again," Klaus whines. "I recall it is the signature of a fool who once stood against us." Man, Klaus' memory for grudges knows no bounds, does it? How does he remember all of these people? Elijah figures it's just a witch who is trying to make a name for themselves using Papa Tunde's old tricks, so Klaus decides the best course of action is to deal with them the same way they dealt with him, which we can all presume is super violent and sadistic.

He turns to Diego and orders him and every other vampire crony to hunt this mysterious witch down and bring their head back on a stick. "That's gonna be a problem," Diego sheepishly admits. "Everyone is freaked out, man. We haven't had witches killing vampires in a long time, Marcel made sure of that." UH OH. Klaus reminds him that Marcel ran off like a baby, so all they've got left is Klaus. When he asks them who is willing to defend their home, no one comes forward, which pisses Klaus off ROYALLY. "Not a single one of you will stand with me, so afraid are you of this new threat? You should know better." Vowing to handle it himself, Klaus stomps away, just like he accused Marcel of doing just moments ago. Wow. Such maturity! Very adult.

Cami is trying to clean up the bar at Rousseau's after all the events of last episode, and is in the midst of leaving Sophie what appears to be one of many voicemails asking her to come in and help her clean up. She's interrupted by a message that tells her Sophie's voicemail is full of messages, and she groans as she hangs up. Marcel swoops in and cracks, "Looks like I should have been here last night." Cami immediately goes tense and searches for anything she can use as a weapon, eventually settling on an empty liquor bottle. She stupidly informs him that she's on vervain now, in an attempt to dissuade him from trying anything, but he just shrugs and congratulates her on breaking free of Klaus' compulsion before asking if Sophie is there. CAMI! Protip: Don't tell vampires you're on vervain. Let them try and fail to compel you and poison themselves if they try to eat you. It's much better than them just snapping your neck to make their lives easier.

When Cami asks why he's looking for her, he briefly states, "Got a witch problem. Thought she might have answers." He sits down at the bar and asks if he can wait, pouring himself a glass of scotch from the bar before even waiting for an answer. "It's a little early for day drinking," Cami retorts. "Let me guess, Klaus problems? I thought you'd be on top of the world, now that you have Davina back." Marcel looks crushed as he admits that Davina is gone, and, of course, Cami automatically assumes that Klaus did it and is already starting to plot ways to end him, but Marcel cuts her off and explains that her magic was too much for her to handle, and though they tried this "crazy-ass ritual" to save her, something went wrong and now she's just chilling in witch purgatory (or the Other Side, probably, which witches pretty much have the run of, from my understanding). Cami looks at him with much more sympathy than she did earlier, and tells him she's sorry. He takes a big chug of his drink and admits that he is, too. Man, I am kind of liking Marcel and Cami together now. I wasn't a huge fan before, maybe it was because I didn't really like either of them separately, but now they've each grown on me.

At the Abbatoir, Hayley is going through Davina's sketches of Celeste in her old bedroom when Elijah finds her. They make awkward small talk for a bit before he asks her what she's up to with Davina's drawings. She acknowledges that it's a little morbid, but she just figured that there had to be a reason why Davina was sketching Celeste, and since she's on "vampire-lockdown" and has all the time in the world, she took it upon herself to investigate a little. Elijah promises her that they'll take care of whatever is going on as soon as possible, but she's not worried about it for that exact reason. "I just think it's kind of funny that it took some big, supernatural threat for you to even come into the same room as me." Elijah sighs and sits down next to her and apologizes for neglecting her (although Hayley was kind of shitty to him, so it's not like she hadn't earned a cold shoulder for a bit) and reminds her that he's kind of had a lot on his mind; there was all that shit with Davina, plus he's in the middle of a fight between Klaus and Rebekah, the former of which also gets pissy whenever they're together, so... Hayley assures him that she understands WHY he's been avoiding her, but she still thinks that he's getting a pretty shitty deal out of it. Preach it, girlfriend.

Marcel is still at Rousseau's, talking to Cami and doodling Papa Tunde's mark onto a napkin when his phone goes off, and of course, it's Klaus. He hits the ignore button, which makes Cami giggle. "El presidente?" she asks, but Marcel simply states that Klaus likes to keep track of his minions. More like he likes keeping control of EVERYONE, but okay. Cami is still confused why he's even loyal to Klaus, but Marcel changes the subject to point out that she sure is asking a lot of questions for someone who claims to hate him. She maintains that she has an academic interest in Klaus, psychologically speaking, but Marcel ain't a fool. "I know what you're doing. You're mad he used you, and you want to get back at him. Maybe you're hoping I'll let slip some chink in his armor. Friendly advice? Don't do that. Let me tell you a story about someone who went up against Klaus..."

We're sucked into another flashback to 1919, at the Abbatoir compound, where the Mikaelsons seem to be throwing some party with very patriotic decorations. Marcel is in an Army uniform, and when he sees a very glamorous-looking Rebekah sitting at a table with some gentlemen, he immediately walks over to her. In voiceover, present-day Marcel exposits, "This was right after I returned from World War I. I'd been trying to get away from New Orleans for a while. Something kept drawing me back." Flashback-Marcel asks Rebekah if she's gonna welcome him home, but she's still a little pissed from that whole "you lead to me getting daggered and then left me like that for half a century so you could get yourself vamped" thing, and is not at all happy to see him. He whines about how long she's held this grudge against him, but she feels it's only fair that she hate him at least a century before she considers taking him off her shit list. Done with this conversation, Rebekah takes her boys and flees.

"There he is, our war hero, triumphantly returned," Klaus proclaims proudly, as he and Elijah swarm their surrogate son. "Oh, good to have you back, Marcellus. Welcome home!" They all drink to his return, and Elijah jokes at his happiness that Marcel finally learned how to hold his liquor, but duh, he was in the Army, so he probably learned very quickly. Klaus gets embarrassed when Elijah smugs about how lost Klaus was without him, and changes the subject to his current disagreement with his eldest brother--there's a new witch in town who is trying to take a part of their empire for himself, and Elijah wants to settle it diplomatically. You know, rather than violently, which is how Klaus settles all of his disputes.

"On the topic of your failed comprehension, you neglect, as a soldier, Marcel has seen not only how small the world has become and how fast news can travel, but also the very horrors of war itself. " Klaus continues after Elijah confirms his intentions. "Surely, Marcel would agree with me." Elijah maintains that playing nice is the best way for them to protect their home, so Marcel, knowing the brothers as he does, decides to change the subject slightly by asking who this new witch in town is. Klaus informs him that his name is Papa Tunde, and calls him a charlatan. Elijah insists that Klaus allow Marcel to see for himself, as Papa Tunde is an invited guest to this little shin-dig, and Klaus gets that little manic gleam in his eye that he gets when he's about to stir some major shit. "Of course! We're not SAVAGES, are we?" Uh, do you really want someone to answer that? He sees Papa Tunde walk in, and immediately walks over to him and starts to kiss his ass, welcoming him into their home and promising him that he'd love to take care of anything he needs. Papa Tunde isn't as smart as he makes himself out to be, because he just smiles and replies, "Pleasure before business then, hahaha!"

In the present day, Marcel and Cami continue their conversation. Marcel explains that he didn't understand right away what Klaus' game plan was, since he had just claimed he wanted to go to war with the witches. Cami asks him why Klaus would go through all that trouble wooing him if he was just going to kill him in the first place. "But, you see, that's the thing--it was all part of Klaus' plan. He was sussing the guy out, learning his weaknesses, his strengths, getting him to let his guard down. That's how Klaus does it. Then, he goes for the kill." Cami points out that that is because Klaus is a "two-faced sociopath," and Marcel agrees that there is definitely nothing enviable about Klaus' MO. When Cami calls Klaus a monster, Marcel makes an excellent point. "We're all monsters, Cami. If you're powerful like Klaus is, you just don't have to bother hiding it."

Seeing this more emotional side of Marcel has actually made me like him better, if that makes sense, because, I don't know, he just seems more relatable? With vampires in this universe, it seems that they either love their undead existence, like Klaus, reveling in the blood and the immortality and eternal youth, or you get vampires like Stefan Salvatore, all self-hating AND self-righteous, constantly thinking of themselves as the worst of the worst and scrambling to try to make up for it somehow. I like how Marcel has a little of both--you can tell that he does enjoy being a vampire, for the most part, but eternity is a really fucking long time, and vampires do feel more strongly than humans do, so when shit sucks, it sucks SO BADLY. He feels guilty about Davina, and to an extent, even guilty about his nature in general, when he sees it in comparison to a regular human like Cami. Especially when Cami responds, "Davina was powerful. She wasn't a monster." Guys, I really miss Davina. Can she come back yet?

Over at the docks, Papa Tunde is leaning over Rebekah, sacrificing a snake over top of her desiccated body, which is laying in it's very own magical ring of salt. His symbol is carved into her forehead. He finishes whatever ritual he's doing to her, and calls out, "It is done. The power of the Original sister flows through me." Celeste appears out of the shadows of the warehouse and asks if it's enough to make Klaus suffer. Papa Tunde: "I will hurt Klaus Mikaelson as he hurt me. When I am done, he will wish that he could die."

Okay, so Papa Tunde really scares the shit out of me, but I really do appreciate this storyline--Klaus is constantly crowing about how he's essentially stronger and better than anyone else because no matter what they do to him, he can't truly be killed (unless you've got some ancient white oak wood on you somewhere, anyway). Plus, many of the people who want him dead are vampires who are descended from him or have loved ones who are or who generally don't want to kill 1/3 of the world's remaining vampire population in the process. BUT, that doesn't mean that a clever/ballsy enough person can't torture him (or Rebekah, or Elijah) if they wanted to, and it seems that is where they're going with this. Exciting! And terrifying!

Cami is continuing to straighten up the bar while Marcel drinks, and he eventually asks her if she's ever going to open the restaurant today. She retorts that she's not really in the mood to risk him eating their customers, which gets a chuckle out of him. "Oh, and here I thought you were starting to like me again." Their playful banter is interrupted when Marcel's phone rings again. He sighs and answers it, and of course Klaus wastes no time going in on him. "Ah, you've deigned to break your despair long enough to pick up the phone." Marcel points out that Klaus was just going to keep calling, so he figured he'd get it over with. Klaus informs him that he's at the Cauldron, and suggests that Marcel join him in burning passerby at the stake, but Marcel has his own ideas on how to get some information. "And where might that be, the bottom of a bottle of scotch?" Klaus snits, but Marcel figures that Sophie's gotta show up at Rousseau's eventually, so he's just gonna wait it out.

Klaus more or less tells him to get over himself and help him take care of the witches and hangs up. Once he's put his phone away, Sophie comes out behind him with her own liquor bottle in her hand. Man, all the supernaturals in this universe are lushies, aren't they? "Big, bad Klaus Mikaelson," she slurs as she stumbles down the alley. Klaus informs her that she was just the witch he was looking for, and zoops right on over to her and puts her in a choke-hold. "Perhaps you could explain the attacks on my men?" OH SHIT.

Meanwhile, Elijah and Hayley are still hanging out at the Abbatoir as Elijah tries to get ahold of Rebekah and fill her in on what they've figured out. When Rebekah doesn't answer the phone, Elijah starts to get worried, although not for the reasons he should be worried. Hayley asks him if he's concerned that whoever killed the daywalkers are going after her, but Elijah is more concerned that she's the one who is behind it. "She's very displeased with Niklaus," Elijah explains. "Perhaps even conspiring with others." He sees Thierry drinking alone at a table and automatically realizes what's up. He walks over to him and starts the interrogation. "My sister is rather fond of you. Strange, she's not typically drawn to unremarkable men. Would you care to explain your sudden magnetism?" Oooh, burn! I love how Elijah can so eloquently insult people, it's the BEST.

Thierry tries to play dumb, so Elijah ups the ante by throttling him and zooping over so he can push him against a wall in the hallway. "You can either tell me what you know," Elijah growls, "Or I can distribute tiny pieces of you throughout the Quarter." Naturally, Thierry totally squeals like a pig and spills EVERYTHING. He admits that Rebekah asked him to watch out for the witches, due to everything he learned while he was with Katie. When he found the sacrificed daywalkers, he told her about it and brought her to check it out, but then Papa Tunde (who Thierry doesn't know) desiccated her with his touch, so he tucked tail and ran far, far away.

Elijah quite rightly calls him a coward for leaving his sister to be hurt, but Thierry just sputters, "What was I supposed to do, fight some warlock that took out an ORIGINAL?" Yeah, that's kind of a good point, I guess. Still, he probably should have said something, obviously. Elijah asks him where this all went down, and Thierry replies that it was Warehouse 57 down at the docks. "I was just doing what she asked. You CANNOT tell Klaus about this." Elijah snaps his neck and throws him against the wall before spitting, "I shall take that into consideration."

Hayley is visibly worried and immediately states that she's going with Elijah, which he automatically nixes, because at least if she stays here with the other vamps, she'll stay safe. Oh really? Against Papa Tunde? I don't think so. Hayley reiterates that Rebekah is her BFF and is in danger, so she's coming, and Elijah isn't really in the mood to fight, so he orders her to never leave his sight. She nods, and the two leave for the docks together.

(via thevampirediaries)
Back at Rousseau's, Marcel confesses that he didn't call things off with Cami because he wasn't interested, he was just trying to protect her from the bullshit that comes with the supernatural. Cami just smirks and quips, "Well, thanks, Romeo, but I'm in it. So, when are you gonna get to the good part with Klaus and that Papa guy?" We flashback to 1919 again, where Marcel voiceovers on top of flashes of Papa Tunde taking out various New Orleans locals. "Papa Tunde said he wanted to empower the witches. Mostly, he wanted money and territory. Klaus wasn't about to give him either. He didn't like that, so he went on a rampage. No one was safe. Not the humans in the Faction. Not the Guerrera werewolves. He even went after the witches who opposed him. Elijah offered a truce. He gave his word, in fact, but Klaus, being Klaus, he had another idea."

Papa Tunde waits in that same building where they had the meeting earlier, and stands up when he hears someone enter the room. He complains about Elijah, the noblest brother, making him wait, but it's not Elijah who has come to meet with him, it's Klaus, of course. "I'm sorry, mate. Elijah is the brother you meet when negotiations are to be had. I'm the one you get when negotiations are closed." Ohhhh shit! Papa Tunde smugs that he's not afraid of Klaus, because he has no idea the magical power that he possesses, but Klaus has gone to great lengths to figure Papa Tunde out, and has figured out one of his weaknesses. "I noticed how you're almost always near those twin sons of yours, how they bear your distinctive mark. Got me to thinking--you channel their power, don't you?" He slinks closer to him asks Papa Tunde what would happen if someone were to take that power away from him, by say, I don't know, killing his sons?

He sets a box down onto the table, one that looks suspiciously like the box Papa Tunde gave them that contained the head of the mayor he killed in it. Papa Tunde hesitantly walks over to the box and opens it to find, as expected, the severed heads of both his twin sons. As you can imagine, Papa Tunde is PISSED! He bellows that he'll kill Klaus for doing this to his children, but Klaus gleefully reminds him that he cannot be killed. "You, however..." he trails off, before zooping over to Papa Tunde and gouging his thumbs in his eyes. OUCH! That would be such a fucking terrible way to go, don't you think? Papa Tunde groans in pain before eventually dying a gruesome death. YIKES.

In the present day, Cami is HORRIFIED, although I don't know why, since Klaus' particular brand of cruelty is hardly new to her. Marcel shrugs and claims it's just business, but Cami doesn't get it. "Don't you think there's something fundamentally wrong with that? Don't you worry you'll end up one of his victims? Or worse, just like him?" Cami, you're talking to a guy who locked his enemies and people who betrayed him/broke his rules into a pit of cement for centuries to starve into desiccation. To say he learned his tricks from Klaus would be an understatement. However, before Marcel can argue, Papa Tunde walks into the bar, startling them both. "Poor Marcellus. You remain always in the shadow of your father. Climb out from beneath it, will you, so you can die like a man?" DANGER DANGER DANGER.

Marcel automatically goes into survival mode, as he does, and orders Cami to run away as fast as she can and not look back. Papa Tunde smirks, and retorts, "I think she should stay. I prefer an audience, and I'm about to put on quite the show." He holds up his weird rattlesnake shaker thing for emphasis, so Marcel zoops over toward Papa Tunde and snaps his neck. Unfortunately, that does nothing to even hurt him, he just twists his head back and heals right up. HOLY SHIT, even vampires take a little nap when their necks get snapped. Cami calls out for Marcel, but he just reiterates his previous order to GTFO pronto. She hesitates in the doorway, clearly not wanting to leave him alone, and watches in horror as Papa Tunde grabs Marcel in a chokehold and warns him that his chances of living are slim to none.

"You cannot defeat me, I channel the power of an Original vampire. Soon, I will have all three, but first, I will take you." He starts chanting, and Marcel's eyes cloud over as he starts to desiccate, and thick black veins protrude from his face. Nonononono! Cami takes a liquor bottle and breaks it over Papa Tunde's head, but it still doesn't slow him down a bit. He drops Marcel and strolls over to her, grabs her by her jean jacket and throws her against the wall, breaking several more bottles in the process. Marcel gets up from the floor and tackles him in an effort to protect her, which gives her just enough time to get away before Papa Tunde returns to torturing him.

At the docks, Sophie is examining the desiccated vampires that Papa Tunde abandoned for them to find, and explains to Klaus what she knows. "It's a complex spell, old-school stuff, rooted in sacrificial magic. Whoever did this to your guys, my guess is they were an offering to gain more power. More guys they kill, more power they have." Klaus obviously is not a fan of this news, but is interrupted by his phone ringing. When he sees it's Cami, he answers it, and snarks that he wasn't expecting a call from her so soon. Unfortunately, this isn't a social call. "You need to get to Rousseau's, NOW. Some lunatic witch doctor is killing Marcel." Cami looks like hell, tbh. Her nose is bloody and she looks like she's running on pure adrenaline. Like Marcel, Klaus immediately instructs her to go far, far away ASAP, and leaves Sophie to go save his best boy.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah have finally arrived to the warehouse where Rebekah was left. Once they see her, laying supine in the middle of her own salt circle, they immediately run toward her, but both are thrown backwards by a mystical barrier. Hayley asks Elijah what's happening, but he guesses it's a boundary spell so that no one can disturb her. "Someone is channeling her. Typically, it's a lethal process, but, because she's an Original, she can't die. Instead, she's an endless source of power." JFC, that's intense! What about his sons, though? Papa Tunde was channeling them too, but they didn't die. Is it because they're witches? He did kill other witches to use for power, though, so maybe he modified the spell somehow? I'm thinking about this WAY too much. Hayley asks Elijah what the fuck they're supposed to do, and he insists that they MUST get her out of there, because Papa Tunde will be SUPER strong unless they break the connection.

Speaking of Papa Tunde, he is bent over Marcel, who is laying on the floor, as he sprinkles salt over him. "As I recall, you're one of the few people Niklaus Mikaelson ever gave a damn about. You know what he did to my family." He holds up his hand and smacks his palm onto Marcel's forehead, and starts desiccating him even more as he continues to chew the scenery with his speech."The sins of the father are paid for by the son. I will take pleasure in telling Klaus how you died." He pulls his bone knife out of his pocket, and is about to start carving his symbol into Marcel's head when Klaus zoops into the bar and puts him in a headlock. "I remember killing you," Klaus sneers. "I rather relished it! What a joy it is to relive fond memories." Papa Tunde is quite pleased that Klaus has showed up, and telekinetically throws Klaus against the fall before standing up and walking towards him. "You're here! Good. I can crush you before the eyes of your son. Then, I will consume you both. This time, I'm stronger." EEEK THIS IS TERRIBLE.

Elijah has called up Sophie, who is still at the docks where the other sacrificed daywalkers are, and he's super frustrated as he tries to explain to her that since there's a confinement spell around Rebekah, they can't get to her, which means that they can't break the link between her and Papa Tunde. Unfortunately, Sophie's kind of at a loss for answers. "It's a convoluted spell. It's like a witch's recipe--you can spoil the balance by adding a more potent ingredient. A mystical binding agent, I don't know...volcanic ash, rock salt, anything up to and including eye of newt." Do witches in New Orleans go to like, magic school or something? How do they learn all this stuff? And why did no one tell Bonnie Bennett about it? ANYWAY, Elijah asks if the blood of a witch would break the barrier, which puzzles Sophie, so she asks if he has the blood of a witch on him.

Instead of answering, he just hangs up and turns to Hayley and admits that he needs a favor. Hayley already understands what and why he's asking--the baby, who is a quarter-witch. That baby is seriously like every kind of supernatural that is, that's so crazy! I'm trying to think of the genetics behind it. Esther was a full-blooded witch, and Klaus' dad was a full blooded werewolf, so he would have been half and half, but then his mother made him a vampire using magic, so would that make him like, half vampire, quarter werewolf, quarter witch? Not that the witch ancestry made a difference, since vampires can't practice magic. Then, Hayley is full-blooded werewolf, I'd assume, which would make the baby half werewolf, a quarter vampire, and a quarter witch? Which is crazy, since vampires have never reproduced before now. Am I doing the math right? I think way too much about television, it's bordering on unhealthy. Also, are we still pretending like a pregnant woman and a baby share the same blood supply when the baby is in utero? Because they don't, and the way each of their circulatory systems are set up, their blood NEVER mixes except occasionally during childbirth. Thank you, nursing school, for ruining every medical aspect of tv for me.

Hayley holds out her wrist for Elijah, and he looks to her for confirmation that she's willing to do this. Once she nods, he gently grabs her hand and bites into it gingerly. Have we ever seen Elijah fully vamped-out, fangs and eyes and all? I don't think we have. I don't even think we've seen him feeding on anyone. Does he just do the blood bag thing? Elijah holds her wrist over the salt and drips her blood onto the salt barrier, which causes the salt to fizz and disintegrate.

(via thevampirediaries)
As they work to break the barrier, Klaus and Papa Tunde are still wrestling at Rousseau's. He manages to get Klaus into a chokehold and holds the knife up to begin carving his forehead as well.

Once the boundary is finally broken, Elijah steps into the circle and kneels so that he can pick up Rebekah.

Papa Tunde manages to carve the first line into Klaus' forehead, which causes his eyes cloud to over.

Elijah gets Rebekah off the ground and zoops out of the circle, breaking the link.

Papa Tunde is so overwhelmed by the sensation of the loss of power that he lets go of Klaus just long enough for him to get up, grab a candelabrum, and backhand Papa Tunde in the face with it. YES! Klaus kneels beside Marcel to make sure he isn't dead, and curses at himself when he sees Papa Tunde get up and vanish before he can kill him again.

Cami runs into the room and worriedly asks Klaus if Marcel is dead. Klaus orders her to get out, but Cami will NOT be bossed around by the likes of him, and repeats herself. Klaus admits that Papa Tunde wasn't able to finish him off, and informs her that Marcel needs blood in order to heal himself. "Go. Find me someone off the street." LOL, classy, Klaus. Cami shakes her head and insists that she'll do it. Klaus vehemently rejects that offer, and tells her that he doesn't want her involved in this, but Cami isn't having it. "You don't control me anymore, remember?" TELL HIM GIRL! Although, to be fair to Klaus, he looks like he's about to cry. He just loves them both so much! And honestly, so do I. I have really grown to enjoy Cami and Marcel so much, both independently and together. What is happening to me? She rushes over to Marcel and kneels down next to him, assuring him that it's okay as she lifts him up and allows him to feed from her neck. He grips onto her tightly and chomps down on her carotid, and after a few seconds, his skin goes back to its normal color. Klaus watches them like he's super jealous that Marcel gets to feed on her and he doesn't. PRIORITIES, dude!

Thierry is walking down an empty alley of the Quarter, still wearing that same newsboy cap he's always wearing, when he starts to sense something nearby. He stops and listens for a second, but it doesn't stop him from being totally caught off guard when Rebekah zoops in out of nowhere and throttles him against the side of a building. "AH! I should rip out your coward heart!" Thierry stammers that they may have agreed to work together to take out her brother, but that doesn't mean he should stop looking out for himself, which only serves to enrage her more. "I am SO sick of self-serving narcissists! Are men simply incapable of committing to an alliance?" PREACH IT, BB! She is constantly being shat on by everyone she works with! Thierry, Marcel, even Elena, wayyyy back when in Season 3 of TVD.

Unfortunately for him, Thierry is unable to make a rebuttal, because Elijah materializes out of nowhere and snaps his neck for the second time today. He turns toward his sister and glares and her as he reminds her that he asked her to quit scheming against Klaus. He's clearly pissed that she ended up teaming up with Thierry, whom he politely refers to as a "fool." He even has the audacity to ask her if she's stooped so low as to plot against her own blood, but thankfully, Rebekah totally fights back by pointing out that Klaus has been getting more and more powerful since they returned to NOLA, and that Elijah has continued to encourage him. You all know I love me some Elijah, and Klaus too, but Rebekah has been and always will be my absolute favorite, and it makes me so sad that she's constantly being shit on by Elijah in favor of Klaus, who does nothing but treat him like shit. Rebekah stood up for him when Klaus daggered him and gave him to Marcel, and worked tirelessly to get him back, and still Elijah stands with Klaus over Rebekah? Kind of bullshit, if you ask me.

ELIJAH: "I offer him my counsel, because it's clear to me that he means to make the city our home. Now, perhaps leading these derelicts will curb some of these impulses, grant him some degree of happiness..."
REBEKAH: "You always talk of Nik's happiness. Over one thousand years, he has robbed me of my own. What about me, Elijah? Am I not a concern for you?"
ELIJAH: "We all make sacrifices in the name of this family, Rebekah, but know this: I will never stand against you, or Niklaus."
REBEKAH: "What about Hayley? Nothing I conspire to do, none of my treachery will harm this family as much as your feelings for her. You're a hypocrite, Elijah. You would choose love over family and them condemn me for doing the same."

(via thevampirediaries)
DAMN! She is SO right, though, seriously. And I even love Hayley/Elijah as a couple, but you can't deny that it's definitely going to be causing some difficulties in the future, even despite the progress that Klaus has made. And honestly, choosing Hayley over Klaus wouldn't even be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that Elijah is constantly talking about "family above all, always and forever" every time strife between his siblings comes up. I love Elijah, he is an elegant, well-dressed, well-spoken gentleman with a hidden badass side, but he is definitely a hypocrite. Luckily for him, flawed characters are my favorite, which is why I love this show so fucking much.

Rebekah runs off to the Jardin Gris voodoo shop, which, if you recall, was where Thierry's girlfriend Katie used to work before she died. She waits until Marcel comes in and locks the door behind him so they can have another one of their clandestine meet-ups. Rebekah is all, "Fancy meeting you here," but Marcel isn't in the mood for banter, and informs her that Papa Tunde's symbol is already all over the Cauldron, so he's clearly juicing up for something. When the camera angle changes, we can see that it's even been painted on the wall of the shop. Rebekah figures he's just marking his territory, which Marcel seems to be thinking as well, and mentions she heard that Marcel had his own run-in with him. "Yeah," Marcel confirms. "Brought up a lot of memories." Rebekah: "Memories that are best left buried." OH SHIT. OH SHIIIT.

We flashback to 1919 once again, where there seems to be some gathering at the Abbatoir compound. How big is this place, anyway? Is it like a boarding house of some kind? How else does everyone live there? Rebekah walks in, looking like a million bucks in a sparkly, black flapper-dress and loose pin curls. She nods to Genevieve, the redhead witch, who sits at a table. She spots Marcel drinking alone at one of the tables in a white button-up and a vest with a tie, and sits down across from him. She points out that he's wasted, and asks him if he's celebrating the fact that Klaus finally put down Papa Tunde, but in fact, it's quite the opposite. "Not celebrating, drowning sorrows. I'm the one who brought Tunde to town." HOLY SHIT! And that isn't the only major bombshell to come, either.

She doesn't understand why he would do something like that, so he admits that while he was in Europe, he put out some feelers for a super-dangerous witch who might be able to to chase Klaus out of town so that he and Rebekah could finally get together guilt-free. Or, at least distract him enough to where he'd be too busy to care. Rebekah is stunned at this confession. "You mean to tell me that you would tear down everything my family built, everything you helped us build, risk you life on the off-chance that I would show you the least bit of affection?" Marcel's like, "Yup, pretty much, and I'd do it again." Very heartwarming. Oh, vampires.

Rebekah grows serious, and reminds Marcel that Klaus has killed a thousand people like Papa Tunde over the centuries, but there has only ever been one person that Klaus was actually afraid of, which is her father, Mikael. Marcel knows of him, the vampire who hunts vampires. That's when Rebekah gets an idea. "If he came here, Klaus would flee and never turn back. All we need is a witch who can help us find him." She looks over to the other side of the room where Genevieve is sitting, and the two start to hatch a plan. OH SHIT. OH SHITTTT. So Rebekah and Marcel are the reason why Mikael came to New Orleans and chased Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah out of town? And that must have been how they ended up in Chicago in the 1920s, when Klaus and Rebekah met Stefan during his Ripper days! Which ultimately led to Rebekah getting daggered AGAIN from like, 1920-something until 2011. THIS IS SO CRAZY IT'S BLOWING MY MIND! I wonder how much of Rebekah's life she's spent in a coffin? At this point there are like, 140-some-odd years that we know of. Man, Klaus is the worst.

Hayley is in that little study in the Abbatoir, continuing to examine Davina's sketches of Celeste, when she hears a noise and heads out onto the balcony to see what is going on. She looks out onto the courtyard where all of the henchvamps are congregating for a meeting. She scans the crowd until she finds Elijah, who also spots her on the balcony and watches her as she looks down at them, hand on her growing belly. (How far along is Hayley, anyway? The timeline on this show is almost harder to follow than Teen Wolf's. Almost.) He looks as though he's going to go talk to her, but changes his mind at the last minute and simply watches her as she returns to the study.

Klaus comes out, and gives yet another speech to his newly-adopted cronies. "Not long ago, you all united against me. You failed. Since then, in my benevolence, I have wiped the slate clean, yet it seems clear you think that I am the one who needs to earn your respect, your loyalty. You're mistaken. It is you who must prove yourselves to me. Our community is under attack. I require soldiers. I need warriors, not cowards. Each of you has a decision to make. You either fight alongside me, or you leave. Now." LOL! Oh Klaus and your melodramatics. I do kind of agree with his sentiment, though--if they're going to fight the witches, they need to be united in solidarity, and it's kind of hard to do that when half of them hate Klaus' guts. I don't blame them for not trusting him, not one bit, but, as Teen Wolf has taught us, sometimes you have to work with people you can't stand if you want to survive.

Unfortunately, not all the vampires agree. Thierry steps forward and calls out, "We don't owe you anything!" Klaus' face in response to this is HILARIOUS, he's like, "Oh REALLY?" Thierry continues, despite any fear he may have."If staying in the Quarter means living under your rule, I'd just as soon get the hell out!" I'm not a big fan of Thierry, tbh, and I really don't think any of the Mikaelsons are at this point, either, so I highly doubt any of them will give a fuck if he goes. He turns around and goes to leave, stopping in front of Diego and giving him a silent look that asks if Diego is going to join him. Diego just frowns, like he feels bad for not coming with him, but we all know how loyal he is to Marcel--there's no way Diego is abandoning ship, at least not yet. Disappointed, Thierry goes on and leaves, and is followed by one or two dozen other vampires, much to Klaus' dismay. The remaining soldiers crowd closer to Klaus, waiting for other instructions, which pleases him.

After the meeting, Klaus joins Marcel for a nightcap and cheers to their fresh start, before turning toward Sophie (when did she get here?) for a discussion about their current predicament. Marcel is still a little salty at Klaus about everything, so he snarkily admits that he figured Klaus would lose way more guys than that. Klaus just shrugs and grins, "Well, good riddance to them, I say! We've no room for slackers or cowards in our kingdom. Now that you've regained your composure, let's move on to the next item of business, shall we? With a little help from our dear friend Sophie." Sophie reminds them that she has no reason whatsoever to help Klaus, and DEFINITELY has no reason to help Marcel, since he kind of killed her sister. So, in typical sympathetic Klaus-fashion, he points out that in Klaus' world, only helpful people get to live, so she'd be best off just telling them what she knows about the fact that a witch he killed almost a century ago is back to get revenge on him.

"Come on! Resurrected witches with vast power? It's the Harvest," Sophie assumes. "Four girls were meant to die and be reborn. I don't know how, but someone jacked that power, and they used it to resurrect four witches. Just not the right ones." Despite the terrifying nature of this problem, Marcel likes the sound of this theory, because it means that there's still a chance they can get Davina back, if they figure out how to take that power away from them. And honestly, Sophie should be totally game for that plan as well, if it gets Monique back. Klaus steers them back to their higher priority, which is taking care of Papa Tunde to stop his attempts to get revenge on him for his death/the death of his sons. Since it seems obvious that he's already super powerful, he guesses that Papa Tunde will continue making sacrifices and gaining their power, so they need to figure out how to stop him. (PS, the song in this scene is called "Upupup" by The Mast and it is SO GOOD).

Sophie suggests that they find a way to keep him from sacrificing their henchvamps, to start. Klaus gets hit with a dawning realization at that statement. "Unless he finds the one place with a load of vampires, ready to be sacrificed." OMG, THE GARDEN! I totally did not see that coming. Let this be a lesson to Marcel not to leave a bunch of vampires encased in concrete, just waiting for someone to finish them off. If Papa Tunde is already this powerful, how much more powerful will he be once he's absorbed the power of like, three dozen already-desiccated vampires of various ages? THIS IS A DISASTER.

They all run over to the Garden, only to find that they're too late. Dozens of vampires are spread across the floor, each with the symbol carved into their foreheads. The symbol is also painted all over the walls. Klaus and Marcel are more disturbed and scared than we've ever seen before now, so much so that I completely share their feeling of dread. PAPA TUNDE IS TERRIFYING.

At LaFayette Cemetery, Papa Tunde kneels on the ground in front of a tomb. He kisses his bone knife before raising it toward the sky while he murmurs a spell under his breath. We can see a woman lurking in the shadows, whose voice calls out, "Is it done?" It's Celeste-as-Sabine! Papa Tunde nods in response, and informs her that he has channeled all of the power that he absorbed from the sacrificed vampires into his knife. "It will do things worse than death, even to an Original." Celeste grins an evil grin as she slinks around him, and asks him if he's ready for the final offering. He hands his knife over to Celeste and replies, "In the name of the witches of the French Quarter, it is my honor." 

She looks almost sad about what she's going to do, but he smiles at her, which reassures her enough that she smiles back and takes the blade from him. It's interesting that even though she's willing to hurt/kill whoever in order to get revenge, she still has a strong sense of loyalty to her fellow witches. She slowly walks behind him and whispers, "Thank you, Papa Tunde." He tilts his head back for her, and she wastes no time slitting his throat. Aw, he stained his pristine-white suit! After he's fallen dead to the ground, she watches in amazement as the rest of Papa Tunde's vast magical power is channeled into his knife. YIIIIIKES! This is so not going to end well.

Next episode: The witches declare war on the vampires, Celeste goes after Elijah in an effort to gain his help in taking down his brother, and Hayley throws a full-moon party for her werewolf brethren who are only able to turn human once a month.

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Click HERE to move on to my recap of the next episode of The Originals!

-What the FUCK is Celeste up to that she needs to slaughter so many people? I was wondering why she specifically brought back Papa Tunde, Genevieve, and Bastiana, but then I realized--they're all people who seem to have been screwed over by vampires. I get the feeling that Genevieve probably died in the aftermath of what Rebekah and Marcel's attempt to get Mikael to chase Klaus off. What better way to get revenge on the people who got you killed than to team up with other people with the same feelings? This is going to be SUCH a mess and I cannot wait.

-Can we get Davina back already? I miss that sweet girl. Something tells me she would NOT be happy with the shit Celeste/Papa Tunde are pulling, and it would be SO interesting to watch them try to face off against each other.

-When is Hayley's miracle spawn happening? Probably on or near the finale, I assume? As much as I hated the baby storyline at first, I'm kind of interested to see what happens when this miracle devilspawn is born. Hopefully it grows up QUICK, I can't really see Klaus OR Hayley on diaper duty, tbh. Let's be real, it will end up being Rebekah and Elijah who end up raising her.


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  2. Who keeps putting Hayley in wedge heeled boots!?


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