The Originals Season 1, Episode 11: "Après Moi, Le Déluge" Recap/Review

HOLY. SHIT. This week's episode seriously left me breathless through the entire thing. This season of The Originals started out pretty slow, but I've slowly come to enjoy this show so much that I usually look forward to it more strongly than I do The Vampire Diaries, which makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Anyway, there were so many twists and turns, I was completely dumbfounded. Between the fact that I am a TV junkie and have quickly learned to figure out what's about to happen before it does, and the fact that I am also a spoiler junkie, it takes a lot to really surprise me, and this happened TWICE during "Après Moi, Le Déluge," so this episode definitely gets an A++ from me! Let's get started, shall we?

Previously, on The Originals: New Orleans used to be Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah's home, over a century ago, and once he returned, Klaus decided he wanted it back. Now that he finally obtained it, he and Marcel agreed to rule the city together. Rebekah's greatest desire right now is to make sure that they lose it, and has taken to teaming up with people like Davina and Thierry in order to make it happen. Sophie bribed Hayley into reading Elijah's journal and finding out where Celeste, his former witch girlfriend, was buried so Sophie could consecrate her remains and absorb her power to finish the Harvest. And, according to Davina, if the Harvest isn't completed, the witches will lose all their power for good. Davina was the sole survivor of the Harvest, and as a result, she holds all of the power of the three witches who died before she was rescued, which is why she became more powerful than any witch in history thus far. One of her powers is the ability to foresee events and draw them, and one of the events she saw involved Celeste and a great evil, which is BAD NEWS BEARS. And now we're caught up!

Elijah starts out the episode by dropping a magical history lesson on us as the gang pores over the sketches of Celeste. "The Italians call them 'strega.' The Yoruba of West Africa call them 'aje,' meaning 'mother.' Where my mother was from, they called them 'häxa,' and here, we call them 'witch.' Over the centuries, vampires have fought against them and fought beside them, bedded them and burned them. Whether adversary or ally, they have been a force to be reckoned with." There are two takeaway points from this monologue: first, the New Orleans witches practice ancestral magic, which anchors the city; and second, there has never in history been a single all-powerful witch until Davina became the lone survivor of the Harvest ritual.

Klaus enters the room and informs his eldest brother that Davina has been returned to her bedroom and is once again under his protection. "Your Celeste was quite beautiful,  AND a portent of evil, according to our volatile artist-in-residence." Elijah isn't completely convinced, since he loved Celeste a whole bunch, and argues that perhaps Davina is just confusing her power for evil when it's really just intensely neutral. Still, he's perplexed, because while Celeste was super-powerful back in the day (though not powerful enough to kill the person who tried to kill her, I guess), she's been dead for 200+ years, so why did Davina get inspired to do those sketches? Klaus: "Why does any witch do anything?"

Meanwhile, Marcel has brought some food upstairs for Davina, but to say that she's unhappy to see him would be the understatement of the year. As soon as he walks in the door, she telekinetically throws him against the wall. He brushes himself off and urges her to eat something. "You've got to be starving, you haven't eaten since--" "Since your best friend killed my best friend?" Davina asks harshly. Marcel apologizes for what happened to Tim, but Davina isn't having it, and retorts that she's sorry that he's not pissed at Klaus for being a horrible person enough to want to punish him. He assures her that Klaus will get his due eventually, one way or another, but Marcel's main priority is making peace with her. "Why? So we can be one, big, happy Frankenstein-family?" Good point, bb girl.

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Naturally, Klaus is eavesdropping from the living room, and makes a snarky comment about how well Marcel's attempts to reconcile with Davina are going. "If you were trying to win the girl's trust, perhaps poisoning her one true love was not the most splendid idea?" You speak the truth, dearest Eli. Klaus petulantly asks his brother if he has any other "inopportune" deaths he'd like to give him shit for, so Elijah hilariously states that he'll make a list, and tells him to give him a month to write them all down. Hee! "Young, old, dead, or alive, witches are a pain in the ASS," Klaus whines. LOL, you know Klaus only hates witches because, as the beings who created all of the other supernatural creatures, they're the only supernatural species who actually has the power to fight against them. Good lord.

Davina is still fighting with Marcel in her bedroom when she's suddenly overcome by a coughing fit. As she bends over on her bed and coughs and hacks, we see that she's actually coughing up DIRT. (Or, as Julie Plec said in the producer's promo, ground up Oreos.) Marcel calls out for Davina and runs over to check on her as she continues to cough up more dirt onto her bedspread. Pissy Klaus comes upstairs to see what all the commotion is about, and when he sees what is happening to Davina, mutters, "Bloody hell."

Back in the living room, Hayley has approached Elijah, and is about to spill the beans on her little act of betrayal when the house starts to shake, as if it was an earthquake. They run out onto the balcony and find Rebekah in the courtyard. She asks them what the hell is happening, and Elijah's face looks gravely concerned. "Davina." TITLE CARD!

Rebekah has run over to see Davina in her bedroom, and kneels by her bedside as she brushes the hair off of Davina's face. "What kind of game do you think you're playing? I said disrupt the household, not destroy the whole city!" Davina promises that she didn't do it, at least not intentionally. "I-I don't know what's wrong with me."

Marcel, Klaus, and Elijah are having a confab in the bar room about Davina. Klaus wonders aloud how a teenage girl has the power to shake all of New Orleans, and Marcel adds that while he witnessed her shaking down the church, he's never seen her do anything like this. Klaus asks him how he controlled her when she was living in St. Anne's attic, but he claims he never had to. "But, then, I never killed her boyfriend." Klaus isn't really thrilled about everyone giving him so much shit about Tim, and reminds them that as she is right now, Davina is in no state to be their secret weapon against the witches. Marcel points out that Davina ISN'T a tool, she's a girl. "She has too much power that she cannot control," Elijah states. "That much, we already knew. But, why is it manifesting in such an aggressive manner?" He is struck with an idea to his own question, and immediately goes to leave. When Klaus asks him where he's going, Elijah explains that since this is witch business, they need to consult a witch for advice.

Hayley has been standing outside the room waiting for them when she goes to talk to Elijah. She guesses that he's going to talk to Sophie, and if she wasn't feeling guilty enough as it is, she's about to feel even worse. "You don't have to eavesdrop, I keep nothing from you," Elijah replies. OUCH! "Well, I don't want to keep anything from you, either," Hayley begins. "And, if you're going out to see Sophie, then there's something you should know. She called me and asked me for a favor. She promised me that she would lift the curse that Marcel put on my people in exchange for some information. And I didn't think anything of it, but then Davina started doing those pictures of Celeste..." Elijah begs her to tell him what's going on, so she spills the beans about everything: how Sophie wanted to consecrate Celeste's remains, how she went through his journal for the location, and how she told Sophie where she was buried. She apologizes profusely for being snoopy, and insists that she should have just told him from the beginning. As expected, Elijah does not take this news well.

"She wanted to be left in peace. When a witch's remains are consecrated, that power fuels the rest of their community. Celeste did NOT want her remains to be found. She made me promise her to bury her where she would not be found. You not only violated my privacy, you have broken my promise to her." Hayley swears that she thought they were just bones, and didn't realize how serious of a favor she was being asked, but Elijah's not buying it. "I you really believed that, why didn't you just ask me where to find her?" PREACH IT BB. I'm glad that Hayley didn't keep this from him for very long, but it's still totally shitty that she did it in the first place. Elijah is obviously head over heels for her, so I'm sure if she was like, "Hey, so Sophie's trying to blackmail me into doing this thing for her in exchange for her lifting the curse on my family's pack, can you maybe help me figure out what to do to help them without giving her what she wants?" he probably would have gladly figured out a plan. Why she didn't trust him to help her when he's already done so much to help her is beyond me, but it's not at all out of character that she did this, so I guess it still makes sense.

Sabine is doing some kind of ritual with some unidentifiable objects in one of the tombs at LaFayette Cemetery when Sophie waltzes in with a huge bag. Sabine asks her where the fuck she's been, so Sophie admits she's been plotting. "Answer: grave-robbing. Stop whatever you're doing. We need to find Davina, I figured out a way to complete the Harvest." Sabine is understandably confused and intrigued, so Sophie confesses that she's figured out a way to become an Elder so that they can finish the spell.
SABINE: "You can't just BECOME an Elder. That power has to be bestowed upon you by the other Elders, all of whom are dead. Following my logic?"
SOPHIE: "How about you follow your history? I did research. In 1742, there was a witch massacre that wiped out all the Elders. So, they decided whoever consecrated the most powerful dead witch in the community became an Elder. It worked for them!"
SABINE: "Teeny flaw: what powerful witch is even left for you to bury?"

Sophie pulls out a bag full of bones and dumps them out on the table as she chirps, "Meet Celeste Marie-Hélène DuBois, Elijah Mikaelson's old lover. She was drowned in 1821 for being a witch. He buried her, never told anyone where." Sabine is shocked that she actually figured out where she was buried, but Sophie just breezily explains that she bribed Hayley into helping by reading his journals. "And then, I dug her ass up so I could consecrate her bones and absorb her power." Sabine's fingers sweep over the painted picture of Celeste's face that was on her coffin, and points out that it was just a tad bit disrespectful to put her remains in a bag and trek it all the way to the cemetery to consecrate them. I totally thought that line felt a little weird, and then quickly forgot about it, and I'm sad I didn't think about it more, considering what hhappens at the end.

Sophie's not really bothered by the distastefulness of her actions, though, because the way she sees it, this is their last chance to complete the Harvest and prevent all of them losing their powers. "If we fail, the witches are done for in this town. Our power will fade for good. Those girls sacrificed will never resurrect. My niece will never come back. If digging up some creepy, old bones means I get Monique back? I don't care about anything else." Of course, Elijah has been hanging out in the doorway for this whole conversation, and tells Sophie he DOES care before ordering her to come with him.

He whisks her off to the Abbatoir, where they join Klaus and Rebekah in the bar room, and explains what's been going on re: Davina and her drawings of Celeste. Elijah thinks it's a pretty funny coincidence that Sophie happened to dig up the bones of the same lady witch from who Davina has been predicting evil, and figures she's probably in on it somehow. Which, really, isn't that big of a leap, considering how much she's fucked his siblings and Hayley over since they returned to NOLA. Sophie sputters that she didn't even know who the fuck Celeste DuBois was until she started doing research, but gets cut off by another magical earthquake coming from Davina, which shocks her into action. Klaus informs her that Davina has taken to starting earthquakes today, which leads her to realize that the earlier earthquake was actually Davina too. Rebekah adds that Davina also started puking up dirt, which is bad, baddddd news.

"Oh, we have a huge problem," Sophie states, and, of course, Klaus automatically assumes she's trying to play them again. She assures him that she's being dead serious, and insists that the earthquake they just felt is just the appetizer in a four-course meal of natural disasters that are set to occur if they don't complete the Harvest ASAP. Elijah doesn't understand why they should believe a word she says, so she drops a little magical lesson of her own. "You've met Davina, you know her story. For months now, she's been holding all the power of the three girls sacrificed in the Harvest ritual. A force that was meant to flow THROUGH her and back into the earth. One person was never meant to hold that much power! It's tearing her apart, and it will take us down with it."

We cut to the main street in the Quarter, where Klaus is walking with Father Kieran and reading him in to the new situation in which they've found themselves, as Rebekah explains the same to Davina in her bedroom at the Abbatoir. Apparently, as Davina's condition worsens, she'll go through four different stages, each of which symbolize the four elements that were used as binding agents in the Harvest. Earth is first, obviously, in the form of earthquakes, followed by wind, then water, and finally, fire. As if that weren't bad enough, but each stage will be exponentially more severe than the one before it, so by time that they get to fire, which is already the most destructive of the four on it's own, it'll likely wipe out EVERYTHING. Klaus promises Kieran that since he fought so hard to get his city back, the last thing he wants is to watch it burn to the ground. He knows how to stop it, but he knows Kieran isn't going to be a fan of how they're going to have to do it.

Rebekah, who is at Davina's bedside, picks up the story where Klaus left off and informs Davina that they (as in the two remaining witches that we know of, and her brothers) want to complete the Harvest. Davina immediately becomes distraught, and fearfully insists that the witches are lying about the fact that she'll be resurrected, because they're lying liars who lie, remember? She's sure that they're willing to say whatever they need to get what they want, just like the Originals do.  "Davina, you may think that I don't care about you, but you're wrong. I know what it's like to have your life stripped from you because of other people's bad decisions. How do you think I became a vampire?" I love Rebekah for many reasons, but this is one of them. How often do we forget that all Rebekah really wants is to be a real live human girl and live a regular, old, human life?

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This scene cuts between Davina and Rebekah in her room and Elijah and Marcel in the bar room, who are still arguing with Sophie, so bear with me! "You've convinced my siblings. You have yet to convince us," Elijah snits, and honestly, I don't blame him for not being eager to trust her. However, Sophie reminds him of their time table and how high the stakes are. "There's no time to waste," she states, as she gestures to the wind outside. "The first sign's already come and gone." Marcel is pissed on Davina's behalf, and demands that Sophie fix her, but she can't be fixed--the only way to save her is to do the Harvest, and obviously there's a huge risk there as well.

Davina eyes Rebekah suspiciously as she pulls out a syringe, and asks Rebekah what she has. "The more upset you become, the faster you deteriorate. I compelled up some sedative," Rebekah admits gently. Davina starts to cry as she tries to back away from her, but she's weak, and Rebekah's an Original, so it's hardly a fair fight. Rebekah assures her that she's trying to look out for Davina's well-being, and points out that the calmer she is, the longer they can keep her alive until they figure out how to fix this.

Sophie is ending their argument with some bitter truths to kick their asses into gear. "She can't be saved. This will not stop at the earth sign, and if you wait it out, you immortals will be the only ones left to argue about it." SHIT. This is a disaster!

Rebekah injects Davina with the sedative, despite her cries for her to stop. Once she fades into sleep, the raging wind outside ceases, which only serves to prove Sophie's point. "Convinced now?" she snaps. Hey, lose the 'tude, girl! Like this situation isn't stressful enough as it is.

The boys are walking through the Abbatoir toward the courtyard while they try to figure out what the fuck they're going to do. Elijah is worried that they sedated Davina too heavily, but Klaus doesn't really care as long as her out-of-control magic isn't negatively affecting him. "We all agreed that Davina must be sacrificed, there's no need to let her blow the roof off our heads in the meantime." Marcel jumps down from the balcony into the courtyard and punches Klaus in the face as he demands that Klaus keep his filthy paws off of her. Klaus, in an uncharacteristically kind move, allows Marcel to have that freebie punch, as a result of their current circumstances. Elijah tries to mediate by pointing out that Elijah cares for Davina just as much as Marcel does, so he's not exactly happy about this situation either, but given what they've just learned, Davina will be dead regardless of what they do.

Marcel reminds them that Sophie has screwed them all over on multiple occasions, so her word isn't exactly trustworthy by any means, but Elijah doesn't think that matters. "The Harvest was working before it was stopped. If a non-believer like Sophie Deveraux can come to have faith these girls will be resurrected, then I, also, am a believer." Marcel is furious that he was the one who saved Davina from the Harvest in the first place, and now he's just expected to hand her over, but Klaus can't help but make this about him. "Do you think that I'm happy about this? If the witches complete the Harvest, not only do they regain their power, we lose our weapon against them. The earthquake, I was willing to chalk up to hideous coincidence, but these winds? If Davina's not sacrificed, then every inch of earth that shook, everything blowing about now will be drenched in water and consumed by fire."

"Oh, now you care about the city," Marcel snits, seriously unhappy with the lot of them, but Elijah reminds him that they should, as they're the ones who built it. Klaus also recounts the fact that they've all witnessed New Orleans being burned to the ground twice before, so they should not stand for letting it happen a third time. Marcel has nothing to say to him, so he sulks away. Once he's gone, Elijah snarks that Klaus isn't a people person. "Nonsense, I love people," Klaus retorts hilariously. "Just on my way to warn a couple of prominent ones in case the weather gets out of hand. If you fancy yourself as 'plus diplomatique,' perhaps you'd like to come along?" Elijah declines his offer, and informs him that even though he's still angry at Sophie's methods of saving the witches' source of power by digging up Celeste's grave, he still feels that he should pay his respects to her while Sophie consecrates her. As he turns to leave, he runs into Hayley, who asks if he has a minute to speak with her. Elijah coldly states that he's on his way out before slipping past her, leaving Hayley looking pretty hurt. Klaus calls out after him, "Which one of us is the people-person, again?" Hee!

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Sophie, for whatever reason, is cleaning up the bar at Rousseau's, since the double earthquakes busted it up pretty good, when Rebekah comes in and sasses her about how little good her efforts will do. Sophie isn't really in the mood for whatever Rebekah's pulling and tells her she doesn't have time to chat, but Rebekah's got business with her. "Neither do I. When you're done burying your witchy bits on sacred ground, are you prepared to complete the Harvest? You do realize you have to slit a girl's throat? A very sweet girl, as it turns out." Sophie reiterates the fact that she will do whatever it takes to get her niece, Monique, back, and asks why the fuck Rebekah is REALLY talking to her. Rebekah drops the act, and informs her that she'll have a decision to make, once the Harvest is completed, the four girls are resurrected, and the witches have their power restored. Why, you ask?

REBEKAH: "A witch at her full power can trade body blows with a vampire, punch-for-punch. Believe me, I know."
SOPHIE: "So do I. It'll be nice to have a fair fight for a change."
REBEKAH: "Well, fair only gets you so far, love. Clever gets you further. After this, Marcel will still be here, and so will Klaus, and you know better than anyone that those two don't fight fair. You are going to need an Original on your side, and I'm going to need a witch on mine if we're going to stop those two from running things."
SOPHIE: "Am I missing something? Why would you side with me?"
REBEKAH: [smiles evilly] "Sometimes, what's more important is not who you're siding with, but who you're siding against."

YES! I am loving that Rebekah is trying her best to be independent and take back the happiness that has been constantly taken from her for so long. Not so thrilled at her trying to scheme with Sophie, because that can only end badly, but I appreciate the point she's trying to make.

Marcel has gone into Davina's room to check on her, and has a brief flashback to the night of the Harvest, when he rescued her. Davina fights against the man who has her in a bear hug to restrain her, and eventually Marcel grabs her and assures her that she's safe. In the present day, he unhooks the IV that is infused with the sedative. One of Klaus' henchmen reminds him that Klaus ordered them not to disturb her, but Marcel states that he's done listening to Klaus before snapping the guard's neck. He then scoops Davina up into his arms and once again, whisks her away to safety. I'm not usually a big Marcel fan, but I really feel for him this week, poor guy.

Elijah has arrived to Lafayette Cemetery to observe Sophie as she consecrates Celeste's remains. Sabine approaches him and suggests that he come back later, since it's going to take a while before Sophie is ready to actually consecrate the bones, but Elijah insists that he owes Celeste the time. Sabine asks him why, so Elijah admits, "Have you ever experienced something so profound and wonderful that when it was taken from you, your life felt unbearable?" Sabine smiles a little, and confesses that she has. "And I've got the scars to prove it." AGAIN, I am a little pissed at myself for not realizing the subtext earlier. For those of you who saw the episode, you know what I'm talking about. For those who haven't, uhhhh, hopefully I haven't spoiled you! You'll figure it out soon enough. "I believe that when you love someone, and that person loves you in return, you're uniquely vulnerable," Elijah continues. "They have a power to hurt you that's like nothing else." Only someone who has loved Katerina Petrova would think of love that way, LOL. Oh, Elijah.

His phone rings, and when he answers it, he finds his sister and brother on the other line. Rebekah informs him that Marcel has taken Davina and run off, and in the background, you can hear Klaus whine, "And you wanted to run off and start a life with this back-stabber!" Rebekah reminds him that Marcel was his bestest buddy in the world not a second before this went down, so he hardly has room to talk. She suggests that they split up and search the Quarter for them, since Marcel could have taken her anywhere. Elijah informs her that since he's currently with Sophie and Sabine, they could try a locator spell, and Klaus decides it'll be best for him to go check with Father Kieran again, especially since the attic would be the last place anyone would look for them. Rebekah resolves to check everywhere else, and they hang up and get ready to leave.

Klaus is about to head out when he finds Hayley bawling her eyes out as she collects some canned food. He asks her what she's doing, and then automatically cuts her off before she can even finish. "If you say, 'bayou,' I will find a nice, comfy dungeon and throw you in it! This is not the night to be out there." Hayley wipes the tears from her eyes and tries to muster up some nerve as she points out that it's not good for anyone to be out there, but some people, like her family, have no choice in the matter. Something flips inside Klaus' head, and he swiftly changes course. He instructs her to grab the food she's collected and follow him. You know, Klaus really hasn't been that terrible this week! I like him way better when he's getting shit done productively instead of just stirring shit for the hell of it.

Outside the tomb in the cemetery, Sophie has finished her ritual with Celeste's bones, and is chanting, "I consecrate these bones to the earth. Ancestors, hear me. I consecrate these bones to the earth. Ancestors, hear me." Inside, Sabine is doing one of her famous locator spells, but she's not having much luck. Elijah has trouble believing Davina could be nowhere to be found, but Sabine responds that it's quite the opposite. "No, it's more like she's everywhere. She's HEMORRHAGING magic. That means we have less time than we thought. We have GOT to find her. I have no clue where she is." Elijah, feeling the pressure to get this figured out, gently instructs her to concentrate and try the spell again. Eek!

The safe house (of sorts) where Marcel took Davina is actually a warehouse near the docks of the Mississippi River. Davina wakes up and is understandably confused and scared, so she once again throws Marcel against the wall with her magic. He swears he won't hurt her, but Davina doesn't believe him. "You want to kill me, just like everyone else!" Marcel informs her that he knew Klaus was going to try to hurt her, which is why he put a protection spell on her to keep her safe. He promises that had he known Klaus was going to go after Tim too, he would have made Sabine protect him, too. Davina can't believe that he's the reason she's alive, but he confirms it's the truth.

"But now, the witch who did the spell is in league with the rest of them, so I had to take you away." She naturally assumes that he just wants to continue to use her as a weapon, so Marcel gets real with her. "I'm trying to keep you safe, Davina! Look at me. I messed up. All this power that you have, it gave me an advantage. It helped me punish the witches, and it let me run the city, and I let that mean too much, alright? But that's over with now. One survivor to another, all I want to do is keep you alive, I swear." Davina breaks down at all this new information, and confesses that she's scared, because she has no idea what's happening to her. Marcel assures her that he's not going to leave her alone, and that he'll fix everything. "You won't let them hurt me?" she whispers. Marcel promises no one will even touch her. Aww, I just can't with these two, man.

Klaus and Hayley have just arrived to St. Anne's, where Father Kieran is leading a crowd of people in the main room. Kieran approaches them and tells Klaus that they're still in the process of using up all the supplies he's already given them, but Klaus just smiles and informs him that this batch isn't from him. Kieran thanks Hayley for her generosity, so she asks him who all the people are. "I asked Father Kieran to give them shelter," Klaus gleefully explains. "He suffers from an incessant desire to be good. [he turns to Kieran] But now, I need you to be useful." Klaus quickly exposits that Davina and Marcel have run off together, and asks him if they've holed up in the attic. Kieran confirms that they aren't, so Klaus orders him to call up the newest faction members to use their resources to help find them.

Kieran runs off to call the new mayor or whatever, giving Hayley the opportunity to voice her shock.

HAYLEY: "These people, they're werewolves. And the priest, he said that you donated the food. You're helping them!"
KLAUS: "They're not your werewolves, they're my clan, from very far back. They've fallen upon hard times, and their plight has brought out the philanthropist in me. What can I say? Must be Elijah's influence."

Hayley's like, "Uh, since when do you have a clan?" So, Klaus gives her a quick summary: the werewolves are descended from his biological father, the werewolf villager his mother had an affair with at least 1,000 years ago. So, not only does their child belong to Hayley's Crescent Wolf bloodline, but it also belongs to this one. Hayley snarks that their family is the most dysfunctional group of people ever, but strangely, Klaus can sense her frustration from her fight with Elijah, and gives her some actually helpful and touching advice. "Listen, Hayley. Word of advice when dealing with Elijah? Don't do as I do. Just apologize! He's accomplished in many things, but he is a master of forgiveness." Is this his subtle way of saying he's cool with them? I mean, even if it is, knowing Klaus, he could change his mind about it tomorrow. Klaus, why do you do this to my heart?

Sabine's locator spell in the cemetery has given her a very rough location to where Davina could be, so she informs Elijah that she believes Davina is at the docks. Elijah's happy enough with that result, since at least she narrowed it down, but Sophie walks in and brings up the fact that they have a new problem. "It didn't work. I tried to consecrate her and absorb her magic, but there's nothing there." Elijah points out that a witch's magic hangs around in their bones until they're consecrated, but Sophie is thinking that perhaps someone else already took it, because there was no magic left. Sabine's all, "Welp, we're fucked," because unless they can find another super-powerful dead witch whose body wasn't buried on sacred ground, they're out of options. Fortunately, Elijah happens to know of a witch that fits that bill--his mother Esther, who was a super-charged dark witch who created the vampire species and just happens to be chilling in the Abbatoir's basement! Score!

Rebekah, of course, thinks Elijah has finally lost his mind, because he's actually suggesting that they allow the witches to use her magic to complete the Harvest, as they all convene in the parlor. Klaus argues that since she did try to kill them all, she kind of earned whatever she gets. Elijah totally  agrees, and begins to outline the plan. "Well, I say we put her to use and put her to rest, once and for all. Now, if we bury our mother on land owned by one of her descendants, she becomes a New Orleans witch, and we, as her family, share in that ancestral magic." Rebekah has already noticed a teensy flaw in the plan, which is the fact that all Esther's children are vampires and thus can't practice magic. "Or own property, for that matter," she adds. Hee! Elijah concedes that Rebekah has a good point on the first part, and then we cut to Sophie, who continues to explain the plan to Sabine at the cemetery.

"That's where I come in. After they bury their mother, they can channel all her power to me. Only hitch is, as conduits of Esther's magic, they need to participate in the Harvest." How do they know all these magical loopholes? Is it written in some massive grimoire somewhere? Back at the Abbatoir, Elijah picks up where Sophie left off by reminding everyone that not all of Esther's descendants are dead--there's still the baby. So, Elijah took the liberty of compelling the parish tax assessors office into naming Hayley the owner of the plantation. "So, if we bury our mother there, and we consecrate those grounds, we can finish the Harvest." Klaus laughs heartily and proclaims his brother to be a mad genius as he gives his support. Rebekah, though, has some concerns.

"Am I the only one thinking? Our mother was the most powerful witch in history. If we bury her, we give her power to our enemies to use against us!" Elijah figures they don't really have a choice, which doesn't really make Rebekah feel better, as she already feels that her brothers always team up against her, and this instance is no different. The rain starts to pour outside, so Elijah uses this newest development as leverage when he insists that it be a unanimous family decision. "Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow. Count me in," Rebekah replies reluctantly. Klaus is thrilled to hear this answer, and quips, "Well, this is no family reunion without our mother! I'll fetch her." HAHAHAHAHA. Esther was hilariously evil, so all this joking around about her just makes me so nostalgic for when TVD was awesome.

However, when we cut to Rebekah talking to Thierry in the Garden, we start to see why exactly she wasn't thrilled to complete the Harvest. Thierry bitterly snarks about Rebekah's brilliant plan to use Davina to get revenge against Marcel totally backfiring, but Rebekah isn't really in the mood to talk about her failures at the moment. She points out that their survival is obviously priority over plots to overthrow her brother, and demands that Thierry tell her where Marcel would go to hide something he didn't want anyone to find. Thierry's not really feeling it. "You think I'm just gonna offer that up so you can leave me here to rot? Water runs DOWNHILL. You think I have to have drowned before to know how much that will suck?" Rebekah has a pretty good counterargument. "Fire KILLS vampires, Thierry. You think burning to ash will be pleasant? Look, I am not forsaking you. I promise to live up to my end of the deal. I'll get you out of here when all of this is done, just tell me where Marcel would go." Thierry sighs and automatically tells her that he has a place out by the docks, because he's stuck in concrete in brick, so he knows he'll never get out without her help. Oh, Thierry.

Down at the docks, Davina is curled up in Marcel's arms, where she pleads with him to help her wait this all out for a few more weeks until the witches' power fades away for good. He promises her that he will, and once it's all over, he's taking her out of town like he should have done right after the Harvest happened. "I had a dream that Tim wasn't dead," Davina whispers, as she starts to cry. "He played a song that he wrote for me, and he kissed me, and we were normal." Rebekah has arrived in the doorway, and she admits that it sounds like a lovely dream. Marcel asks her what the fuck she's doing there, but she just ignores him and speaks straight to Davina. "But it WAS just a dream." Marcel yells at her to GTFO, but then Davina starts throwing up water. Rebekah continues to try to talk some sense into him. She points out that the overabundance of magic is clearly killing her, and so is his stubbornness regarding finishing the Harvest. Marcel reminds her that he promised to fight for her, and he refuses to break his promise, but Rebekah assures him he won't be. "No one is asking you not to fight. You're the only family this girl has. You owe it to her to fight for her to live."

I think that's what makes me saddest about this situation. Davina has been nothing but a pawn to these people, except maybe to Marcel and Rebekah, who both wanted to use her as a pawn AND genuinely cared for her in the process. But nobody thinks about the hell this girl has gone through. She was tricked into believing she was going to be a savior of the community by being chosen for the Harvest, and manipulated into thinking that it was just going to be a simple, painless process. Then, she witnesses her three friends being killed by having their throats slit by the same people they trusted. And even though she was saved before she could be sacrificed, she still watched vampires kill her mom and other friends and family members who were attending the Harvest. After that, she may have had Marcel protecting her, but that still didn't make her feel safe--she was constantly in fear that the witches would find her, and was talked into being used as a tool against them. Man, Davina just deserved so, so, so much better than the hand she was dealt.

In the backyard of the plantation, Rebekah arrives and joins Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, and Father Kieran, who are all standing around Esther's newly dug grave. Klaus worriedly asks Rebekah if she found Marcel, and if he'll end up bringing Rebekah. She assures him that he'll bring her, so Kieran asks them if they're ready to proceed. Klaus smiles, and replies, "Always, and forever." Klaus takes a knife out and slices his palm with it, allowing his hand to bleed over Esther's grave. He hands it to Rebekah, who does the same before handing it to Elijah. Hayley takes the knife from him and does the same before handing it over to Kieran, who throws it into the grave. "It is done," he announces. I'm basically only Catholic by familial obligation, and what I know about Catholicism could probably fit on the head of a pin, but that's not how they consecrate grounds, is it? Seems very unhygienic at the very least.

Back at the docks, Davina is trying to both comfort herself and Marcel, who is devastated about what is about to happen. She assures him that it's okay, but he still believes he failed her. "I'll die whether I do this or not. I mean, now, the only option whether I take everyone with me. If you look at it that way, it's kind of selfish not to do it." SEE WHAT I MEAN? She's already too good for this world. Marcel swears there has to be another way. "This is not how it ends." Davina's next words literally had me ugly sobbing, and it only gets worse from here. "And if it is...if this is all I have, I've had a lot. I had Monique, and I had Tim. And I had someone who fought for me from the moment you met me." Marcel even starts crying at that, because that is just so not fair. She's a sixteen-year-old girl, she's barely lived at all, but she still believes that she's had a much better life than most. "Most people don't get that, even if they live to be a hundred. [beat] Marcel, I'm ready." I'M NOT READY. I'M SO NOT READY. I WAS NEVER READY.

Sophie prepares for the Harvest at the cemetery while they wait for Marcel and Davina start to arrive. The rain is still pouring, and they're all soaked to the bone when they start to see flames in the distance, and Sophie realizes that the final stage has begun. Marcel carries Davina in his arms toward the group, as flames trail behind them, licking at his heels.

He sets her down on the platform where they first performed the Harvest, which lights those weirdo birdbaths ablaze. Sophie holds the ceremonial blade into the flames of one of the pots before approaching Davina. Elijah looks worried, and Rebekah already looks like she's having a hard time holding back her tears. Sophie takes a deep breath and asks, "Do you believe in the Harvest?" Davina states that she believes, and Sophie waits a beat before slitting her throat. Hayley and Rebekah both flinch before starting to cry, and Marcel looks like he wants to die in her place. He catches her as she falls to the ground and bleeds out.

(via thevampirediaries)
As he clutches at her body, we can see the glow of her magic flowing down her arm and out of her fingers, into the earth. The rain stops, which everyone takes to be a positive sign, although even Elijah and Klaus look pretty upset by what has happened, and they're both pretty much serial killers who rarely show emotion like that. Davina's body is laid next to the three other girls, who seem to still be in that limbo-state Bastiana told them they'd experience. Sophie stands up and announces the Reaping.

"After the Harvest comes the Reaping; their sacrifices made and accepted. We call upon our Elders to resurrect your chosen ones." Everyone looks around, horrified, and when nothing happens, Sophie repeats it again, stronger this time. When again, nothing happens, Sophie starts to plead. "Resurrect your chosen ones...please? I beg..." After a moment, she realizes that the Harvest totally failed, and breaks down into sobs as she throws herself over Monique's body. I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THE HARVEST WAS GOING TO WORK. Like, ever since we learned about the Harvest, I was working under the assumption that Davina would eventually have to be sacrificed, but I never even considered the thought that it wouldn't work. AND NOW MY HEART HURTS. Everyone is completely floored, Marcel and Rebekah most of all, and Marcel just glares at Klaus before zooping away. Elijah puts his face in his hands, like he can't believe any of this could happen, and Klaus decides to follow Marcel back home.

The second Marcel returns to the courtyard at the Abbatoir, he starts flipping tables and smashing chairs and generally just taking his despair out on the furniture. Klaus appears at the other end of the room, and softly admits, "That won't bring her back, you know." Marcel turns all his anger on Klaus, and starts firing out every possible weapon his has in his arsenal. "This is YOUR fault! I should have never let you anywhere near her!" Klaus tries to calm him down, but he's devastated. "This city was fine before you came. We were fine! Davina was safe, she was in control! If you hadn't gotten her worked up, if you hadn't killed that boy--"

Klaus calmly tries to give his condolences for Davina's death, and tries to remind him of all the people he still has with him--his fellow vampires, the community, etc. That's not what Marcel wants to hear, though, and he yells that he doesn't give a fuck about the vampires, all he cares about is the fact that Davina is dead. He starts to break down, and Klaus wraps him in a uncharacteristically caring hug and whispers in his ear. "I'm sorry. You may think I know nothing of your grief, but you are wrong. In the days after I fled this city, I thought you were dead. It was years before I could speak your name, so keenly did I feel that loss. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." OMG, who is this tender and loving Klaus, and why don't we see him more often? See what I mean about the whole rollercoaster of love and hate for this character?

Elijah and Hayley are walking home through the Quarter when Hayley asks Elijah if he's ready to forgive her yet. He reminds her that it's not as easy as just getting over it and forgiving her, so Hayley gives Klaus' advice a shot and apologizes, kind of. "Elijah, I was wrong to go through your journals. I was wrong to tell Sophie about Celeste, but after everything that happened today, I don't know why we can't see past this." The problem is, she's not seeing it from Elijah's perspective. "And YOU of all people should know why. During my fever in the bayou, you were inside my mind. You know what Celeste means to me." Hayley asks if he meant the past tense, not the present tense, but Elijah states that he said what he meant. "No. Do you have any idea how rare love is? In a thousand years, I have found it but twice, and when I have, I've honored it." Is this the first time Elijah has acknowledged his love for Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce since they broke up on TVD and The Originals started? I'm pretty sure it is. I wish she would come up more often, I love Hayley/Elijah, but for loving Katherine like he did, you'd think she'd come up more.

Hayley counters with her argument. "I know what a promise means to you, Elijah, but you made it 200 years ago. I live in the now. If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it. I won't choose the dead over the living, so why are you?" I know a lot of people don't like Hayley, and this attitude is probably a large reason why, but at least she's being honest, you know? Like, if we know anything about Hayley, it's that she cares fiercely for her friends and family, and will do whatever she has to in order to protect them if she can, and those actions aren't always the nicest or smartest ones. Anyway, she waits for him to say something, but he remains silent, so she apologizes again for what she did, and for being rude about it, before she turns to leave. At the last moment, he grabs her by the arm and pulls her closer. She stares at his lips, and after a beat, she slowly leans in to kiss him. He ALMOST looks as if he's about to let her, but once she's about a centimeter away from his lips, he pulls away at the last second. Realizing that he has no intention of kissing her, she backs away and runs off, leaving Elijah to think all kinds of thinky thoughts.

(via thevampirediaries)
In one of the seemingly hundreds of rooms in the Abbatoir, Klaus and Rebekah sit on opposing coaches and debrief on the events of the day over a scotch. "This whole thing was doomed from the start, you know?" Klaus begins. "Yes, we saved the city, and I'm not complaining about the witches losing their power, but this did NOT go down the way I thought it would. [beat] You surprised me, though. You were quite resourceful today. How DID you find them, down at the docks?" Rebekah just smiles and vaguely lies about him not being the only person with spies around New Orleans, and Klaus just chuckles and admits that he doesn't give her the credit she deserves. Rebekah sighs, and confesses that while she knew Elijah's plan was way too crazy for words, she still hoped it would work, and is really sad that it didn't. Klaus agrees, and adds that he was sure Davina would survive, since she had so much life in her. I think he secretly respected her for being this little girl who could stand up to Klaus so easily. He might have hated that about her, but he definitely loved it, too. Rebekah brings up an excellent point, though. "What about the power? Four were supposed to rise, and none did. Where did all that power go?" As she and Klaus ponder that thought, we cut over to the cemetery, where...

Sabine is performing a spell with a voodoo doll, which involves slitting its neck and pouring the blood inside into a fancy chalice. Uh, WHAT IS SHE DOING? Then, she drinks from the chalice. WHAT??? After she's finished, we can see the glow of the magic that came from Davina flowing up Sabine's arms. OH SHIT.

Three people, laid to rest in three different tombs in the cemetery, rise and meet on one of the paths. One of them is Bastiana, the witch Elder who performed the first attempt at the Harvest who was killed by Marcel. Another is a beautiful red-haired woman, whose flapper-style dress indicates that she died in the late 1910s-early 1920s. According to the TVD Wiki, her name is Genevieve. The last is a black man dressed in a black, pin-striped suit of the same Prohibition-era style as Genevieve, whose name is apparently Papa Tunde. Genevieve asks the two why they're there, and Papa Tunde replies, "Someone brought us forth. Who?" Sabine appears out of nowhere and informs them that she did. Bastiana is shocked, and asks, "Sabine! What is the meaning of this?" Sabine just smiles evilly and explains. "Bastiana, I've had to endure people calling me 'Sabine' for almost a year now. I'd appreciate it if you'd call me by my real name--Celeste." HOLY. SHIT. THAT. IS. BANANAS. So many questions!

Next week: It appears that Papa Tunde has got some beef with the Mikaelsons, and starts using sacrificial magic to help, plus some flashbacks to 1919 New Orleans. Awesome!

[screencaps by KissThemGoodbye]

Click HERE to read my recap of the next episode of The Originals!

-Okay, so it's pretty safe to assume that Celeste is possessing Sabine, kind of how Emily Bennett possessed Bonnie Bennett in TVD? But why? And how did she manage to do it? Did she somehow manage to consecrate her own bones long before Sophie found them? From what we've gathered from TVD over the years, witches don't really like resurrection that much, because it throws off the balance of nature. Still, the NOLA witches seem a little darker and more old-school than the pure, earth-based magic that Bonnie used to practice, back when she was a witch, so maybe the rules are different here, I don't know, but Bastiana seemed to be not very happy to be awoken from her dead slumber.

-Now, what is Celeste's goal in this? Why would she bring those three witches back instead of the girls? Is she angry at Elijah, or is she just looking for revenge from Klaus, since he's ultimately the reason why she died? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. Also, since Celeste brought back Genevieve, Papa Tunde, and Bastiana, does that mean that there's still a chance that Davina could be brought back? I get the feeling that Celeste somehow harnessed the power that Davina had collected from surviving the Harvest ritual the first time, which explains why she was so eager to find her and sacrifice her. So, if that's the case, would killing her complete the Harvest for good, appeasing the ancestors and resurrecting Davina, Monique, and the other girls? God, I hope so. Davina is amazing.

-I know there was way too much going on for us to have time to see Josh's reaction to all this, but I really wish we could have seen him helping Marcel or something. He's going to be devastated too. :( Poor Josh!

-Do you guys think that Hayley and Elijah will ever be a thing? Or is it just going to be one tease after another, like it's been all season long? Klaus seems to be aware of the feelings between them, and it almost seemed like he was giving Hayley his blessing, in a weird way, so maybe it wouldn't be as dramatic as we think? Although it's Julie Plec, you guys, so obviously drama is mandatory.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Hayley doesn't look pregnant (aside from the bump,of course)? Like, when there's a shoulders-up shot of her, she doesn't look it at all.
    Also, that bump seems to keep changing size, not to mention that we keep seeing her in wedge heels.


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