The Originals Season 1, Episode 13: "Crescent City" Recap/Review

Man, I never expected that I would eventually grow to enjoy The Originals over The Vampire Diaries, but here we are, halfway through TO's first season, and I am totally hooked. I've been super intrigued by the new werewolf story line that has been developing over the last dozen episodes, between Hayley and her miracle devilspawn and Klaus' biological father's werewolf clan, and this episode definitely has me asking TONS of questions! Also, we finally got an answer regarding Hayley being pregnant and what happens to her during full moons now, so that was cool.

So yeah, basically, this episode was an awesome addition to what is shaping up to be an amazing season, so settle in, gentle readers, and let's talk about "Crescent City!"

Previously, on The Originals: The Mikaelsons used to rule New Orleans, once upon a time, so Klaus decided he wanted it back for himself. Elijah learned that his former lover Celeste, whom everyone thought died two hundred years ago, apparently has been inhabiting various witches ever since, including Sabine. She somehow ganked the power that was offered for the Harvest ritual, but instead of using it to resurrect the four girls who were killed as sacrifices (including Davina and Sophie's niece Monique), she resurrected three other deceased witches: Bastianna, Papa Tunde, and Genevieve. Hayley and Elijah aggressively tried to hide any feelings for each other, but Rebekah totally noticed and called her brother out on it. Oh, and Papa Tunde slaughtered a shitload of vampires, including all of the vampires currently serving time in the Garden, and channeled all of the power harvested from them into a bone knife that was used by Celeste to kill a (willing) Papa Tunde, whose power presumably is now also residing in that knife. That knife is also said to do things worse than death, which is probably not a good thing. And that's the important stuff!

We open this fine episode in a crypt in Lafayette Cemetery, where we pan over MONIQUE DEVERAUX'S FACE. She is really, really pretty, isn't she? And judging by the pounding heartbeat we're hearing, I'm guessing that she's also really, really alive, which is NUTS! She wakes up in her little room in the family's crypt, and naturally, she is REALLY fucking confused. She looks around in an effort to figure out where she is, and eventually lifts her arms and starts pounding around the stone encasing her. After a moment, she starts hyperventilating as she whispers for someone to help her.

We cut to St. Anne's Catholic Church, which is now officially open for business, after Father Kieran's extended absence following the death of his nephew/Cami's brother Sean. The church is packed as he holds mass and gives his first sermon since his return. "Thank you all for coming. It means more than I can tell you. We gather today for the first public service of our newly reopened church. St. Anne's can finally once again be the heart of our community. Where we can congregate as a people united. Here, this hour, we come together to praise God and give thanks. The events that took place at our church were tragic..." 

Klaus and Marcel are seated together in a pew near the front. Marcel looks as though he recognizes someone over at the other side of the church, but he can't quite see her clearly. Klaus looks over to him and asks him if there's a problem, but Marcel answers in the negatory. "Then pay attention," Klaus snits. "We're meant to seem like devoted parishioners." LOL, I just love how the vampires are attending church. Kieran continues his speech. "...and it is that hope in our hearts, and with the help of many benefactors, that allows us to be here today. So, we gather with renewed spirit. Made stronger, committed to the ideals of peace and love. Amen." I'm guessing Klaus and Marcel are probably some of the benefactors, right? As Kieran finishes up, Bastianna walks into the church and stands near the back. Ohhhhh, shit, this is NOT. GOOD.

Celeste-in-Sabine is doing her tour guide thing through LaFayette Cemetery, and informs a crowd of people following her that the graves in this cemetery are well maintained by the families of the deceased. Inside the crypt, Monique continues to pound on the inside of the walls as she calls out for help, but her voice is too weak for anyone to hear her. "This place belongs to the Deveraux family," Celeste continues. "Known throughout the Quarter for their strong connection to witchcraft."

Wow, that's subtle. I thought witches wanted to keep their identities more or less secret? Maybe the locals overlook it, and the tourists think it's all a gimmick? Monique continues to plead for help, but Celeste just plows on with her tour, and points out that the fresh bricks outside the tomb suggest that the family has recently suffered a loss. Monique screams, startling the crowd of tourists, and uses her magic to burst her way out of the crypt. The tourists gasp and gape in shock, but Celeste just smiles and crouches down to Monique's level as she chirps, "Hello, Monique! Welcome back to the land of the living." What the fuck is her angle? Why is she so creepy? I'M SO CONFUSED. TITLE CARD!

We return to the cemetery, where the crowd of tourists are snapping pictures of Monique's now-empty grave. Sophie enters the cemetery, clearly confused and on edge about why she's being summoned there. When she sees Monique's disturbed grave, she's immediately upset, and pushes her way into that one crypt where they're always doing spells so she can ask Celeste-as-Sabine what happened. "It's a miracle," she replies, as she ushers Sophie toward Monique. Sophie is completely stunned, as you would be when your niece who had been dead for almost a year comes back to life, and immediately gives Monique a huge hug. The look on Monique's face when she hugs Sophie is just off enough that I became immediately suspicious of her.

Everyone is leaving the church after mass, and Kieran stands outside the door, saying his goodbyes to his parishioners as they leave. Klaus and Marcel approach him as Klaus compliments him on his "inspirational" sermon that morning. Kieran admits that he wasn't expecting Klaus to attend mass today, but Klaus assures him he's just here for information. "Oh, we were hoping for some word from your human sources on the recent Haitian invasion." LOL! Kieran claims his people are keeping their ears open for chatter, but they haven't seen any sign of Papa Tunde. Marcel informs him that he's currently in possession of all the power harvested from the vampires in the Garden, so it's probably best if he and his guys hop to it.

Kieran points out that he could always just stay out of whatever supernatural war is going down between their factions before he's cut off by Cami, who's joined their group. She's chilly to pretty much everyone except for Marcel, giving a quick, "I wanted to congratulate you on getting the church up and running. I can see this is a bad time," before immediately dashing away. Kieran calls after her, but she ignores him, so he shoots a glare at Klaus. Klaus argues that it's not his fault, because he DID compel her to go away. He gets a call from Diego, who has called to inform him that they've got kind of a problem. We cut to where Diego is standing in the Abbatoir courtyard, right in front of Papa Tunde's dead body, laying in the middle of a salt circle with blood staining his white suit. "Either our witch problems are over, or they're just getting started," Diego stammers nervously. I know we already knew Papa Tunde was dead, but still! This is a disaster.

Klaus orders Marcel to come with him, and they leave to deal with their witch problems. Unfortunately, Kieran is about to have some of his own. He continues to greet his attendees as they leave the church, and calls out, "God be with you. Thank you, God be with you," to various parishioners as they leave. Bastianna looks at him strangely when he doesn't recognize her all the way, and quips, "Oh, I doubt that, but I do appreciate the thought." Naturally, Kieran is shocked and scared to see that Bastianna is alive again, and for good reason--she grabs his hand in hers, which holds a beaded necklace that is probably cursed, and starts to chant, "Toursion fou, mort de l'espirit! Give your nephew Sean my regards when you see him in hell." She marks an X on his hand with her thumb before taking her leave. OH NOOOO KIERAN IS GOING TO GO THE SAME WAY AS SEAN NOOOO. God, Bastianna really is the fucking worst, she's right up there with Agnes, imho!

In the courtyard, Elijah crouches over Papa Tunde's corpse as he examines it, while Klaus and Marcel observe. Klaus makes some Sherlock Holmes joke at Elijah's expense, so Elijah asks him if he has a theory he'd like to share. Marcel points out that back in their day, the witches would kill a chicken and leave it on your doorstep when they were mad and trying to send a message. "It's rather a large and ominous chicken, wouldn't you say?" Elijah snarks. Klaus reminds them that Papa Tunde took Rebekah down without breaking a sweat, and nearly did the same to himself and Marcel, which begs the question--if Papa Tunde was the most powerful of the witches, why would they leave him lying on their property?

Rebekah waltzes through the courtyard and joins her siblings/sort-of-beau. "Well, don't you look cheery. Listen to this--a girl literally exploded from a grave today as Sabine was giving a tour of the City of the Dead. It was Monique Deveraux." Klaus and the others are naturally dumbfounded at this news, so Rebekah continues on to say that the tourists just shrugged it off, thinking that it was just a gimmick as part of the tour, but the witches are all partying as a result of this "bloody miracle." Marcel is THRILLED, and suggests that perhaps it is a miracle. "They think that all hope is lost, but now suddenly a Harvest girl is resurrected. This is how we're gonna get Davina back! Kill the witch who took her place." YES! I am totally in favor of this plan, tbh! Hayley walks down the steps and informs them that she thinks she knows who one of them may be--Celeste. "I mean, it's got to be. Davina was trying to tell us, she was drawing pictures of Celeste. She was warning us that a great evil is coming." Klaus gets another one of his dawning realizations, and points out that between Papa Tunde coming back to get revenge on Klaus, followed by Elijah's murdered former lover possibly being back as well, all signs are pointing to the witches declaring war on the vampires. YIKES!

Elijah and Rebekah continue to look at Davina's sketches in their library as they discuss their current predicament. Rebekah's first instinct is to run for the booze, which, let's be real, would probably be my first instinct too, especially if I were an ancient vampire with an insanely high alcohol tolerance (as opposed to a weakling 20-something with the alcohol tolerance of a baby). "It's not too early for scotch, is it, with all the witchy shenanigans and subterfuge afoot?" LOL. Elijah suggests that it is for someone who intends to drive, which cracks me up in an awesome way. Elijah hates drunk driving! So don't do it, guys. Rebekah tells him she has no intention on driving anywhere, but Elijah totally has intentions for Rebekah to drive. Specifically, for Rebekah to drive Hayley to the plantation house until this war with the witches blows over.

She asks him if he's worried about Hayley, or if she's worried about HER and whether or not Rebekah can be trusted not to plot against Klaus. Elijah insists that it's because he trusts her that he's ordering her to do this for him.

REBEKAH: "Here's a novel idea: why don't you let Hayley decide for herself? Why are you dictating her fate?"
ELIJAH: "You know why."
REBEKAH: "Then perhaps you should take her yourself."
ELIJAH: [walks closer to Rebekah] "Well, then that would make me the very hypocrite you've accused me of being. Rebekah, I cannot legislate my feelings. My actions, however...So, would you kindly do this for me?"
REBEKAH: "You know the Mama Wolf loves to be told what to do. She's not gonna like it. But I will do it for you, if only to end this silly quarrel between the two of us."

I liked this conversation a lot, both Elijah's not-admission of his feelings for Hayley and Rebekah's desire to make up with him. Elijah and Rebekah's relationship is probably my favorite of the three siblings, tbh, and I want more, much more! ANYWAY, Rebekah leaves the room to do what she's told, but is immediately grabbed by Marcel and pulled to the side of the hallway. She asks him what the fuck he's doing, but he's got news. "Listen. Everybody's running off looking for resurrected witches. Meanwhile, I think I saw one at the church. Genevieve." Rebekah's face goes completely cold, and seems to be terrified by this admission. Marcel claims he can't be sure, because he only got a glimpse of her and he's been with Klaus ever since, but it makes sense to him, because it looks like her, plus he believes she would have plenty of reason to want revenge. "A lot of unfinished business, a lot of secrets that you and I don't want getting out." Rebekah informs him that she has to take Hayley to the plantation, and orders him to find Genevieve and end it, just like they did the last time. I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

Cami is cleaning up the bar at Rousseau's when Genevieve walks in. She asks Cami for a tea and takes a seat at the bar as Cami pours her drink. Cami notices Father Kieran walk into the bar, looking completely dazed, but she just scoffs and snits that she's busy and doesn't have time to talk, as Genevieve pretends like she's not eavesdropping. Kieran urges her to hear him out, but she's not interested. "You know, I came to your reopening because I wanted to try and make amends. Then, I see you talking with Klaus, out in the open, like it's business as usual in the Quarter." Kieran insists that it IS, because the O'Connell family has been instrumental in keeping the piece in New Orleans for the last three centuries. Cami rolls her eyes, and Kieran loses his patience. "Cami, pour me a drink. I have to tell you something."

She reluctantly pours him a glass of scotch, and watches as his hands tremble severely as he gulps the glass down. She realizes that something SERIOUS is afoot, and asks him what the fuck is going on. "I'm in trouble," he stammers. "What happened to your brother Sean is about to start happening to me. [...] I've...I've been hexed. And I don't know how long I have." He shows her the black "X" on his hand, and Cami immediately starts brainstorming. She suggests that since she knows supernatural people now, there has to be some kind of way to find an antidote or some sort of counter-measure. Kieran isn't optimistic, and begs her to promise him that she'll be far away from him when his condition worsens. Cami refuses to believe that there's nothing they can do, which is when Genevieve slides her way over to them. "Of course there is," she coos, as she pulls Papa Tunde's knife out of her bag. "If you want to save your uncle's life, all you have to do is take this [hands her the knife] and make sure it ends up in Klaus Mikaelson's heart." NO CAMI. Go find Marcel or something! Why would they want her to use it anyway? She's a human who barely knows anything about vampires.

Hayley and Rebekah pull up to the plantation house in their car. While they're walking toward the door, Rebekah snarks that she thought she would have to drag Hayley to the plantation against her will. Hayley plays dumb, and replies that keeping the baby protected should be a priority, but Rebekah sees right through it. "Hey, I'm on your side, remember? What gives?" Hayley reminds her that tonight is a full moon, but Rebekah doesn't understand why that's relevant, because she's pregnant. That is a cool addition to the mythology, tbh! Do you think werewolf women try to get pregnant a lot so that they wouldn't have to turn? Hayley slyly suggests that she wanted to invite some people over that night, and suddenly Rebekah figures out what she's planning.

"Of course. Every red-blooded American werewolf will be a bundle of fur and sharp teeth tonight, whilst your cursed crescent clan will be--" Hayley: "Human, but only for a few hours, and won't be again until the next full moon, so...I asked Josh to get a message out to Eve in the bayou." Rebekah is thrilled to hear that Josh is still alive, because apparently she "loves a good survival story." I'm super thrilled too, tbh, but I want to SEE him, not just hear about him! MOAR JOSH, JULIE PLEC. A guy comes out of the house with a dolly, and Rebekah asks Hayley what the fuck is going on as Hayley instructs the man to put the kegs out back. Beks realizes that Hayley wasn't actually going to wait for her to give her permission and pretends to be pissed off about it as Hayley pleads for her blessing. "Listen, you all want me safe. Fine, I'll do as I'm told. I'll play damsel in the glass tower. But, tonight's the ONE night a month that I can meet my family. Now, you could rat me out and send me to my room, OR you could help me to throw one hell of a party." Man, I really love Hayley! She's spunky. And I ESPECIALLY love Hayley and Rebekah's friendship, because they both could really use a solid, loyal girlfriend by their side.

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Celeste-as-Sabine walks down the street in the French Quarter as Elijah quickly catches up with her. She asks him what he wants, so he states, "My family needs an ally among the witches, and you've helped us in the past. Perhaps together, we can avoid unnecessary conflict." Celeste-as-Sabine considers this offer, and hints that they might be willing to make a truce with Elijah, since he's the noble one. However, they're not interested in making peace if Klaus is involved. Elijah asks if this whole thing is just about getting Klaus out of town, but CAS claims she's just reiterating what she's heard. "My people are scared, they're desperate, but they're not dumb. You have a niece on the way, it stands to reason you'd be willing to discuss how to run him out of the city." Elijah decides to humor her, and asks her to take him on one of her famous tours so they can talk. As he walks past her, he stops, almost as if he's sniffing her scent. Ohhhhh, Elijah, you're in danger, bb! He's onto her already, isn't he?

In the back room of Rousseau's, Monique is sitting at the table, and Sophie sets a bowl of gumbo in front of her. "You should eat, after everything you've been through." Monique points out that she was dead, which makes Sophie feel awkward. She smiles, and reminds her that she's here in the land of the living now, which only leads Monique to ask where her mom is. "Your mother loved you, so much," Sophie says softly. "She had faith that she could use magic to complete the Harvest and get you back. In the end, she sacrificed herself for the cause. For the witches. For you." Monique asks her if she has Jane-Anne's faith, and Sophie admits that she lost it for a while, but then, when she realized that she would have to believe in order to get Monique back, she tried to get it back. What kind of faith are they talking about? I mean, obviously magic exists. Faith in the Harvest? Faith in the culture of New Orleans witchcraft? Faith in the fact that witches will destroy the vampires? I'm a little confused.

Before I can get answers to my question, Marcel walks in through the back door. "Monique Deveraux. Everyone in the Quarter's been talking about you." Sophie is pissed that Marcel has the audacity to kill her mother and then come threatening Monique after she's just come back to life, but Marcel swears he isn't here to threaten anyone. When she asks him what he wants, he reminds her that there were three other girls sacrificed during the Harvest, and he wants to bring the three of them back. Sophie snaps that he's only interested in getting Davina back so he can use her power again, and calls him out on not giving a fuck about the other girls.

Sophie isn't wrong, but will Davina still be super-powerful when she gets back? Is being able to sense when people are doing magic like, a special talent that Davina already had, like how Sophie can tell when people are pregnant? Or was that a side effect of all of the other Harvest girls' power being channeled into her? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MAGIC. ANYWAY, Marcel insists that he just wants Davina alive again, no ulterior motives, and Monique states that Marcel is telling the truth. Sophie asks her how she knows, but Monique replies, "I can feel it. He's loyal to her. He's here to help." Is this a special power for some witches, too? I seriously need a book about witches and how the New Orleans' witches brand of magic is different than say, Bonnie Bennett's earth magic, or Expression magic, etc.

Meanwhile, Cami is sitting in a pew at St. Anne's, holding Papa Tunde's bone blade in her hands. When Klaus enters the church to join her, she quickly hides the knife in the pages of a book on her lap. Klaus informs her that he got her message, and asks him where Kieran is. Cami tells him Kieran is in the attic, praying, and asks him if he's going to go crazy and die before he and Cami can resolve their fight about vampires and Klaus. Klaus actually seems to feel really bad about his role in everything. "Camille. I can see why you hate me. Truth be told, I have done some dreadful things. But, the lies your uncle told were meant to protect you. He's a good man, with a loyal heart. And, he is your family. As for these witches, their attack on Kieran should be proof enough that they are the enemy. In that, we are united." Aw, that's actually one of the kindest things I think he's ever said! He stands up, and Cami follows him, with the blade in her hand.

For a split second, I was like, "Is she ACTUALLY GOING TO STAB HIM? She's smarter than that!" And thankfully, she totally is! She calls out for Klaus, and when he turns around, he immediately notices the blade in Cami's hand. Instead of stabbing him with it, she flips it handle-end-out and hands it to him.

KLAUS: "This is Papa Tunde's blade."
CAMI: "A witch gave it to me. Said it would cause untold pain and torment, even to an Original. She said if I stuck it in your heart, she'd heal Kieran."
KLAUS: [stunned and suspicious] "And yet, you chose to reject their offer."
CAMI: "Maybe if I were more like you, I could do it, but I'm not--"
KLAUS: "--A monster?"
CAMI: "I'm not stupid. If there's a war going on, I wanna be on the winning side."
KLAUS: [smiles] "Let's see what we can do about saving your uncle, shall we?"

Man, Cami really has Klaus' number, doesn't she? I mean, clearly the smart plan is to tell Klaus what's up, because he's got one thousand years worth of experience in fucking people over in the most spectacular and violent ways, but by telling Klaus she knows she wants to be on his side, the winning side, is basically the key to getting Klaus to love the shit out of you and want to help you out. Cami, you are so  clever and so underrated!

In the bayou, Hayley is hanging up clothes on clothes lines so that her werewolf brethren will have something to wear when they finally turn human again. She spots the golden-eyed wolf that has been following her around and saving her all season, and smiles a super gorgeous smile at it. "Hello again. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon." AW! I am so excited to hear more about the werewolf side of things, eeee! Hayley looks up at the moon, and sees the clouds are starting to dissipate around it.



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At St. Anne's Church, Klaus stands at the sacristy with Cami and Kieran and bites into his hand before dripping it into a gold goblet. Kieran is not really happy about what Klaus is doing, which makes him chuckle. "A vampire is trying to reverse a witch's hex placed on you, and it's the cup you find sacrilegious?" LOL, I love it so hard. The lapsed-Catholic in me got a really good laugh out of this scene, tbh. Kieran cuts his palm and holds his hand in the bowl of holy water as Cami groans and asks Klaus if he's sure this plan is going to succeed. Klaus has no fucking idea, of course, but his plan is to try to compel Kieran into NOT succumbing to the hex that Bastianna put on him. In order to do that, though, they have to bleed the vervain out of his system. Man, they really need to find some sort of antidote or flushing agent so they don't have to torture everyone who takes vervain every time they need to be compelled for whatever reason. Klaus reminds a not-at-all-happy Cami that he never said the process would be a pleasant one, so Cami sighs and urges him to get on with it, then.

The full moon has finally reached its apex, and naked werewolf hotties stroll out of the bayou and into the backyard of the plantation house. They each pull down some clothes from the clothesline before getting dressed and joining the party.

Inside, Rebekah is cooking crawfish and leaving Marcel some annoyed voicemails. "So help me God, Marcel, if you don't call me back with an update, I will kill you myself!" She hangs up the phone and starts poking at the crawfish in the pan. Something tells me that despite living in New Orleans for three centuries, she never really picked up traditional Creole cooking, bahaha. A super-hot, shirtless werewolf with shaggy blond hair struts into the house, and Rebekah, ever the polite noblewoman, is startled and a tiny bit turned on. "Oh! I beg your pardon, I was expecting someone...furrier." The man points out that she's an Original, which she confirms, before assuming that he wants to meet Hayley. The muscley guy swaggers over to her and replies, "Or, I could just talk to you. I'm Oliver. I didn't catch your name." Rebekah introduces herself, starting to fall for his charms, and shouts out to Hayley that the party has arrived. Aw, Rebekah sure does have a thing for blondes, doesn't she? Man, I miss her with Matt Donovan so much.

At the Abbatoir, Marcel and Monique stand and watch Sophie spread black sand over a map spread across the table. I already mentioned that Monique has seemed really off all episode, and this scene just makes it even more glaringly obvious. Marcel asks Sophie if she has enough power to find the witches, which kind of offends her. "I know the Harvest was an epic fail, but I can still do a locator spell." She hesitates, and then adds, "Before I do that, we need to make a deal." Marcel asks what she's talking about, so Sophie reminds him that if she betrays the witches, they're going to come after her, which will most likely end in her death, if they're able to find her. As she says this, Monique's face tenses up for just a split second. Marcel promises he'll protect her, but Sophie just scoffs. "If you could do that, you wouldn't need my help in the first place. The Quarter isn't safe. Vampires on one side, witches on the other. No WAY am I letting Monique get in the middle of that." She points out that she's going to need money to get them both out of town, and asks Marcel if it's a deal. Marcel insists that if she's able to find the witches, he'll make sure she never wants for anything. THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A DISASTER, I CAN FEEL IT. Also, where does Marcel get his money? Is he just collecting interest on some of Klaus' money from the 1800s or something?

In the backyard of the plantation house, the party is BUMPING. People are playing fiddles, banjos and upright basses, dancing around to folk music, and drinking. The backyard looks amazing, with the strings of lights and candles lighting everything. Oliver has unfortunately found a shirt, and approaches Rebekah, who is wallflower-ing it up by the kegs, and pulls her away to dance. She humors him and spins around slowly, and Oliver calls her out on her less than festive attitude. Rebekah claims she's just got some worries burdening her brain, but Oliver's not having it. "No, no, no, no, no, no. Tonight is not the night for burdens, it's to celebrate!" he exclaims, as he continues to twirl Rebekah around. "It's to enjoy life for the few hours that we get to live. It's to hug our friends, our family, and to dance our asses off." Rebekah giggles at his persistence and links arms with him as they spin around. This is the Rebekah I love most, let's be real here. Lighthearted, carefree, living it up happily with a cute boy who is actually giving her the attention she needs. I've obviously already seen how this episode ends, (which, SPOILER ALERT, is not well) but it still makes me happy that she at least got to have a little fun this evening before the suckfest that is about to go down.

Meanwhile, Hayley passes out beers outside, and takes note of Rebekah living it up with Oliver, who dips her and causes her to laugh breathlessly. Hayley smiles a tiny smile and heads inside, where she starts tidying up the living room, picking up plastic cups and whatnot. Then, another super hot, scruffy brunette dude walks in behind her and points out that she probably didn't invite them all to this party just so she can clean up after them. "You're Hayley," he states. "I'm Jackson. It's nice to see you again." Hayley realizes that he's the wolf who's been following her, and he admits that he has, because of the precious cargo. She looks down at her stomach and automatically assumes he means the miracle baby, but she's wrong.

"No, that's not what I meant," he explains. "I don't care about the baby. [beat] Sorry, that came out wrong. I mean, of course I care. You're a Labonair. A baby, it's a big deal. But personally, my interest is in you." Hayley reminds him that he doesn't even know her, but he reveals that their parents did. "They were of the same people, but not the same bloodline. Now, you know how pack hierarchy works, right? Everybody has their part to play, and...we had our part too." When Hayley asks him what their role was, Jackson hesitates for a moment before confessing, "You were supposed to be my wife." OH. SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIIIIIT. Elijah and Klaus are gonna be sooooo pissed, amirite?

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Celeste-as-Sabine and Elijah are still wandering around the Quarter, despite the fact that it's dark, and CAS is still trying to play the role of the knowledgeable tour guide. She explains that the part of town they're currently in is one of the only areas that still has the original French architecture, since most of the buildings were burned down in the first fires in the 1700s. She asks if she's boring him, and Elijah smiles as he states, "As surprising as you might find this, it's not every day that someone asks you to betray your own brother...Celeste." She stares at him for a moment, and then smirks as she asks him how he figured it out. "As Davina was drawing your likeness, I dared to imagine that your presence was near. And, when Sophie said that there was no magic in your remains, I wondered--could you have possibly cheated death by using your power to place your essence into the body of another? And, if so, then who? And then, I recalled the lovely Sabine..." We flashback briefly to the pilot, "Always and Forever," when Elijah approached Sabine for help in locating Marcel, and she identified him as Elijah Mikaelson before he had even introduced himself.

He then points out that her "vision" about Klaus and Hayley's demonspawn was what caused the witches to go after Hayley, which resulted in the death of the sole remaining Elder of the coven, Agnes. "Ensuring that the Harvest ritual could not be completed, unless you were to control it. You have been playing a long game indeed. But, to what end?" Damn, that is some really intense planning, I am incredibly impressed with Celeste's hustle, tbh! That takes some serious dedication. Elijah's brilliant skills of deduction totally turn her on, and she smirks again as she slinks up to him and lays a kiss right on him, leaving her red lipstick behind when she pulls away. "Oh, Elijah, my lost love...After all this time, don't you understand? I died because of Klaus. And even after all his vindictive lies about witches led to my death, you stood by him. All because of your vow--'Always and forever.'"

Elijah starts to look really woozy and starts to sway on his feet, and immediately realizes that Celeste has done something to him. He asks her what the fuck she did, but she insists that it was just a simple spell, and assures him he doesn't need to worry about himself--she has no intentions of killing him. "I'm here to teach you the error of your ways. 'Always and forever' was the greatest mistake of your life." Elijah starts gasping for death before his legs give out from under him, and he falls to the ground. He looks up at Celeste in horror of how fully she planned all this out under his nose. NOOOOOOOO!

Father Kieran is looking pretty rough, and the basin of holy water is completely full of his blood, so Klaus hands him the goblet of his blood and encourages him to drink up so he can heal. Kieran's not really thrilled about having to drink vampire blood, but he chokes it down, and Klaus decides that Kieran's suffered enough. He turns on the compulsion eyes and states, "You will overcome what the witches did to you. You will resist the dark urges of their hex." Cami asks Kieran if it worked, and he gets REALLY snippy. "How do I know if it worked? All I know is that the vervain is out and I'm at the mercy of this murderous bastard! I bet you find that really funny, don't you, Cami? You little--" He realizes what the fuck he just said to his own niece and automatically starts apologizing. He claims he has no idea why he just said that, and Klaus figures that is their answer regarding Klaus' idea. Yeah, no offense to Klaus' compulsion skills, but I'm pretty sure no one actually expected that to work. Klaus gets ready to leave, but Cami stops him and asks him what he's going to do to help her uncle. "I'm going to find the witch who did this, and then I'm going to do what I do best." UH OH.

Sophie is still trying to do the locator spell, but she's having difficulty, and admits that her magic is much weaker than she expected. Have we even see her successfully do magic yet on this show? I remember the spell she did to absorb Celeste's magic, and apparently she also did a spell to absorb Esther's magic when that totally failed, but otherwise she hasn't really used magic in nearly a year, right? No wonder she's having trouble. Marcel reminds her that they only have the deal as long as she holds up her end, since they're kind of on a time crunch, so Sophie keeps trying, and eventually the sand starts to move. Sophie claims it's working, but Marcel needs more than just the location of one witch, he needs all three, because they have no idea which witch took Davina's place in being resurrected in the Harvest. Monique watches curiously as Sophie continues her spell, but Klaus eventually interrupts them, by walking in to inform them that they don't need a locator spell, because they already have all the leverage they need. He grabs Monique and zoops right out of the Abbatoir before anyone can protest. Understandably, Sophie is PISSED that they're using Monique as bait. Marcel, too, is not pleased by this turn of events.

Elijah is still on all fours on the ground, gasping for breath, as he glares at Celeste. I'm just gonna transcribe this conversation, because the dialogue is good and I don't want to miss anything important in case it comes up later.

ELIJAH: "You poisoned me with a kiss. At least you haven't lost your sense of irony."
CELESTE: [smiles] "We may have time for more. But first, I'm going to cure you of your greatest flaw--this absurd devotion to your family."
ELIJAH: "Your anger is with me. Now, if you have come here seeking revenge--"
CELESTE: "--Oh, I'll have my revenge, starting with Klaus. He is gonna know pain and torment like he's never felt before. Unless you choose to save him, of course. But then, that leaves Rebekah, your tragic sister. She's about to find herself in quite the predicament. You could save her. But then, that leaves HAYLEY in jeopardy."
ELIJAH: "No! No..." [coughs]
CELESTE: "Poor girl. She has no idea how dangerous it is to be loved by you. Oh, well. With your body weakened by my spell, you won't be able to save them all. You'll recover with just enough time to choose ONE. Who will it be? I can't wait to find out."

DAMN, she just hit him right where it hurts. Elijah really is the most noble of them all when it comes to family, because he's the only one who isn't doing stupid shit solely to hurt them. Making him choose between Hayley, Rebekah, and Klaus is definitely the worst way to torture Elijah, although considering two of the three are immortal and the other is pregnant, it's clear who he's going to choose to save. Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, Celeste is wearing this fabulous and HUMONGOUS ring that I have been coveting. I love the boho-hippie style most of the witches in this universe have, it's amazing.

Klaus pushes Monique down the streets of the Cauldron as he shouts out to whoever is listening. "Witches of the French Quarter! I have with me, Monique Deveraux. What a shame it would be, were I forced to send her back to the death she's just escaped! Should you wish to prevent this, bring me the witch Bastianna!" Marcel finally catches up with him, and asks him what the FUCK he thinks he's doing. Klaus quips that he's just reopening negotiations, but Marcel reminds him of his rules--namely, the one that states that they don't hurt children. Klaus sneers at him and calls him out on the hypocrisy of his rules, considering that didn't stop Marcel from murdering Monique's mother, and then calls out for Bastianna again.

"I know you're close! The stench of witches hangs in the air! Mark my words, I will end this girl with the very blade you meant for me!" Marcel reiterates that they do NOT kill kids, but Klaus just takes Papa Tunde's blade and holds it near Monique's neck to drive his point home. Marcel zoops over to him and starts to fight him, and manages to knock the knife out of Klaus' hand before he's thrown down the street. He lands on the ground right in front of Monique's feet, and groans before throwing himself back into a standing position and lunging for Klaus. Klaus grabs Marcel's head with both hands and twists until his neck snaps and he's temporarily knocked out.

"I decide who lives and dies here, Marcellus," Klaus spits. Unfortunately, he's not paying attention to Sophie, who has just showed up and picked up Papa Tunde's knife without him noticing. She stabs him in the heart with the knife, and Klaus absolutely SHRIEKS in sheer agony. He stares at the knife in horror as it fully EMBEDS ITSELF INTO HIS CHEST BY ITSELF. That is HORRIFYING and DISGUSTING and omg, Sophie has WAY more balls than I gave her credit. Klaus claws at his chest with his fingers, but the knife is stuck, and after a moment or two of shouting in pain at the top of his lungs, he eventually falls unconscious to the ground. Bastianna appears out of nowhere and approaches them to inform Sophie that she can take it from here. OH SHIT, THIS IS BANANAS.

Jackson and Hayley are in the parlor of the plantation house, where Jackson is softly playing the piano as Hayley watches from the doorway. He admits that he knows it's a lot of information to take in, which Hayley agrees, considering she just figured she was going to meet her biological family, not learn that she had been part of an arranged marriage pretty much from birth. Man, they really are a royal family of werewolves, aren't they? "I guess you don't know about any of this because there was never anyone around to teach you," Jackson admits. "The Crescents aren't just any pack of wolves. The bloodline goes back to the very beginning! Two families--yours, and mine. [laughs nervously] I guess that makes us kind of like royalty." Hayley asks him if he's joking, because the bayou doesn't really look like the home of royal werewolves, so Jackson explains how their importance in the supernatural world got diminished.

"New Orleans used to be our town, and we lost it all because of some in-fighting. The vampires came after us, and if our families were united, we could've taken them. So, our parents decided to bring the two lines back together, and you and I were...betrothed." Hayley laughs, and then apologizes, citing the fact that this is a ridiculous story as the reason why she just couldn't help herself. Jackson concedes that yeah, things didn't exactly work out for their pack the way that they expected, all those years ago, and their misstep is what pushed Marcel to get a witch to curse him and the rest of them. "You are the last one of your bloodline, Andrea, or Hayley, whatever you call yourself. These people will follow you. You can help them! You, and what you represent."

Hayley is confused, and asks him what she supposedly represents, so he explains that she represents a time when things were better, and their family fought back against the vampires. He tells her that she'll be the one who will break their curse, after everything she's been through the last year or so. Hayley's like, okay, what the fuck are you talking about, and he informs her that her "witch friend" told Eve that she was coming over that night to break the curse. Hayley's face goes cold. "Wait, what witch friend?" she demands.

We cut over to the woods behind the plantation, where Rebekah and Oliver are making out against a tree. After a moment, he pulls away, and apologizes for what's to come. "I'm sorry. I really like you, but this is the deal we made." OH NO, OHHHH NO, THIS IS SO BAD. Rebekah immediately gets scared, and asks him what deal he made, and with whom. Oliver backs away from her slowly, which is when she gets her answer--she sees a crowd of fully-shifted werewolves coming out of the woods and surrounding her. They growl and her and bare their teeth as Rebekah gapes at them in terror. When she goes to run, they all lunge at her. NO, YOU PUPS LEAVE MY REBEKAH ALONE, OKAY. I know she can't be killed by werewolves, since that was the whole point of the Mikaelsons becoming vampires to begin with, but that doesn't mean it's not gonna suck severely for her for a while. Oh god, this is a mess.

This next scene cuts around from the cemetery where Celeste, Genevieve, and Bastianna are working a spell, the French Quarter, where Elijah has passed out from Celeste's spell, and the plantation house, where Jackson and Hayley have been talking, so bear with me! In the cemetery, Celeste lights a black taper candle, and uses it to first light Genevieve's candle, and then Bastianna's, before the three of them start chanting in French to cast their spell.

Elijah wakes up in the middle of the road in the Quarter when his phone rings in his pocket. It's Hayley, who is heading toward the door, with Jackson following behind her. She's calling to inform him that something is going on with the witches, and Elijah regretfully confirms that Hayley was right about Celeste. He warns her that she, Klaus, and Rebekah are all in danger, just as the front door to the plantation house slams shut with a magical gust of wind. Jackson worriedly asks her what the fuck is going on, so she informs him that this is all a trap, and that she didn't make a deal with any witch. (Except Davina, but for all intents and purposes, she's dead right now.) Jackson is understandably upset and confused, and Elijah begs Hayley to go find Rebekah and to stay with her until he gets there. Hayley grabs the doorknob to leave the house, but the door is locked, and the curtains catch fire, forcing Hayley to jump away from the door. "Elijah, it's a spell. They're trapping us inside."

At the cemetery, the witches continue to chant, as the plantation house continues to burn. Flames erupt around the entire perimeter of the house, including the curtains on the windows, and all the pots and pans on the stove top. At the same time, every window and door in the house close and lock themselves shut, preventing Hayley and Jackson from being able to leave. In the cemetery, flames shoot out from all the ceremonial basins, apparently as some kind of representational magic. When the witches stop chanting, Celeste turns to Bastianna, and states, "You know what to do." When Bastianna leaves, Celeste gives Genevieve a look, and she leaves in the opposite direction. OH GOD, EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.

In the parlor, Hayley insists that they need to find a way out of the house, so Jackson takes the stool from the piano and throws it at the window, in hopes of breaking the glass and being able to escape out the window. The stool shatters, but the glass remains completely intact. Celeste must be able to tell that they're fighting to get out, because she raises her arms in the cemetery, and the amount flames increase and engulf the entirety of the room. Jackson, ever the gentleman, pours water from a vase of flowers onto the tablecloth covering the piano and urges Hayley to breathe through it and minimize her exposure to smoke.

Hayley begins to cough as the fire rages on, but suddenly, a window shatters as Elijah jumps through the window, grabbing Hayley and zooping them both out in one quick motion. How does that work? Does the spell only prevent the people inside from breaking out, but not the other way around? I guess Celeste did know that Elijah would save one of them, so she wouldn't want to make it impossible. Elijah asks Hayley, who is still coughing and hacking from all the smoke, where Rebekah is, but she has no idea. She manages to choke out that she remembers her going off with one of the werewolves, and tells Elijah that her friend is still inside. Jackson falls to the floor, coughing as the smoke gets thicker. Elijah hesitates for a moment, but eventually makes a second trip into the house. He helps Jackson onto his feet, and zoops him out of the house as well. Aw, Elijah! That's so kind of you, even though you're probably going to regret saving him when you find out how they're connected.

In the woods, Rebekah is lying on the ground, twitching slightly, and we can see that she is COVERED in wolf bites all over her body. The wolves that went after her are all dead, which makes me sad, but I can hardly blame her for that, she was just trying to protect herself. She hears someone walking towards her, and pleads with them to help her. Unfortunately, it's Genevieve. "It's been such a long time, Rebekah. I'm going to enjoy this." OH GOD. I need their backstory, NOW.

Elijah shows up to where Rebekah was attacked, but he's too late. He finds all the dead wolves, but no sign of Rebekah except for her black leather jacket laying on the ground. Celeste comes up behind him and asks if he's looking for something, and Elijah gives her the most deadly glare I've ever seen. Celeste just chuckles, and reminds him that he's not going to hurt her, because she's the only living witch who can break the curse on Hayley's werewolf clan. "And, Genevieve knows where your sister is. Bastianna has Klaus, tucked away someplace safe. He's suffering horribly, I might add, and all because you chose to save the little wolf instead of your own blood." Elijah lunges for her, but she uses her magic to break his bones, which brings him to his knees. She laments the "horrific" ending to his "pathetic, diseased family," and snarks about how their "Always and forever" code of honor was a crock of shit. DAMN, CELESTE. Is Bonnie Bennett the only decent witch out there? That's just cruel, man.

Jackson and Hayley are standing in front of the plantation house, watching it burn to the ground, when Jackson admits that he has to take off, since the full moon is almost over. Hayley thanks him for protecting her, not just tonight, but all of the other times, too. "I have been dreaming about meeting you since I was a kid," Jackson admits sadly. "I never thought it would go like this." He turns to leave, but Hayley stops him, and promises him that she won't stop until she finds a way to break the curse on him and the rest of their clan. He gives her one last sad look before he takes off. Aw, I like him! I hope they get cured so we can have more of his pretty face.

Cami and Kieran leave St. Anne's in a hurry as Cami begs Klaus to answer his phone. Bastianna comes out of the shadows and informs them that Klaus is currently out of commission. Cami angrily asks him what she did to him, but Bastianna insists she didn't do anything. "Someone completed your task for you." Cami points out that she needs to unhex her uncle, since she got what she wanted, but Bastianna is pissed at Cami for not holding up her end of the bargain, and informs them that Kieran is going to die quickly and painfully. "You see, dear, you failed to hold up your end of our bargain! You chose to side with evil, as you uncle has done many times before you. But, take heart. His punishment will atone for his attempts to prevent the Harvest. His suffering will purify him. You'd do well to heed his lesson, girl. To oppose us is to oppose the natural order. By choice, or by force, the witches of the French Quarter will rise again."

WOW, that was intense and kind of bananas, let's be honest. I always thought that Bastianna was the most terrifying of all the witches, and I have to say, I'm definitely convinced of that now. YIKES. Plus, don't you think having CAMI of all people fulfill that task against Klaus was wise? I mean, she was basically getting set up to fail--the chances of her, a regular human girl, actually succeeding in stabbing a 1,000+ year old vampire-werewolf hybrid directly in the heart with a bone knife are slim to none. Maybe the witches just needed an excuse to get back at the O'Connell family for interfering in the Harvest, and this was their way to do it? UGH.

Marcel is leading the search party for Klaus out of the courtyard of the Abbatoir, and gets an update from Diego--the henchvamps searched every possible place they could in the Cauldron, the City of the Dead Cemetery, etc, and couldn't find him anywhere, so they're thinking he's no longer in the French Quarter. Elijah arrives home and bellows, "MARCEL! Where is my brother?" Marcel assures him that he's got his guys out looking everywhere as they speak, but Elijah is still enraged by his own mistakes in this whole mess (not realizing it was Celeste until it was too late, not being able to heal in time to save all of them, or at least to call in for backup, etc.)

He throws several of Marcel's vampires against the walls in anger, and Marcel, who has had a pretty rough night too, gets real with Elijah. "Klaus threw one of his classic temper tantrums, snapped my neck, tried to take on a coven of witches by himself. He got dropped. I don't know where he is, or how to find him." Elijah points out that they also have REBEKAH, which definitely gets Marcel's attention. Elijah demands that every one of the henchvamps help him find his siblings, and then coldly states, "I'm gonna kill them all." YES! Badass Elijah is BACK! I don't know what it says about me that I love Elijah best when he's enraged and murderous, but it's probably not anything good.

Somewhere in town, Sophie loads up her truck and instructs Monique to get in the car so they can leave. Monique petulantly informs her that she doesn't want to leave, so Sophie shifts into aunt-mode. "Monique, this isn't a debate. I just stabbed an Original. He's gonna kill me as soon as he's recovered." She apologizes for all the mistakes she's made, like not getting Monique out of town before the Harvest, but insists that her main concern is Monique, and giving her a normal life that is free from "all of this witch nonsense." Monique points out that she IS a witch, and reiterates that she doesn't want to go, just as we get that slight noise that indicates that a witch is doing magic.

Monique pulls that same trick that all witches use on vampires to give them aneurysms, and Sophie grimaces in pain. Sophie tries to reason with Monique, but she's not having it. "The ancestors said you didn't have enough faith. I should've known better." Sophie's nose starts to bleed, and she begs her niece to stop, but she's on a roll. "You tried to stop the Harvest. [...] Now you wanna run, when we need to stay and FIGHT. [...] The four of us, when we return, we'll have enough power to rid this city of vampires. And we'll kill anyone who doesn't keep the faith." Sophie's eyes start to bleed, and she starts to cough violently. Sophie continues to plead for her life, but Monique simply replies that Sophie should have believed. Sophie drops to the ground, dead, and Monique struts off to join Celeste, Genevieve, and Bastianna as they walk back into town. OH SHIT, SHE TOTALLY JUST KILLED SOPHIE. OH MY GOD. HER OWN AUNT. That is SO intense, I don't even know what to say.

Next episode: Genevieve tortures Rebekah by bringing her hallucinating-ass back to the former sanitarium where the two worked as nurses during the influenza outbreak. Meanwhile, Klaus is in agony as a result of the knife in his chest, and we finally figure out what happened in 1919 that Marcel and Rebekah don't want anyone else to know. Also, more 1919 flashbacks!

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-Okay, so the Crescent wolf clan is two separate packs/bloodlines, the Labonairs and whatever Jackson's last name is, yes? Am I understanding that correctly? I'm actually really into this werewolf storyline, and I really want to know more! Am I finally going to get my dream of meeting the Original werewolves, like the Original vampires? Also, are we ever going to meet Klaus' biological father and his werewolf clan? I really hope so.

-I really need to know how Celeste has managed to stay "alive" all of these centuries! It has to be some seriously dark magic, right? Typically witches seem to not be fond of immortality, or anything that messes with the balance of nature. Hopefully we get answers!

-I still miss Davina. That goes without saying, really.

-Not to be super spoilery, but in case you haven't heard, Daniella Pineda (the actress who plays Sophie Deveraux) got a role on a new NBC show, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Sophie is dead, f'realsies, and not coming back any time soon. I liked Sophie, so that kind of sucks. When I saw her dying, I got this weird idea in my head where Sophie somehow got turned into a vampire. That would have been awesome to see, wouldn't it? How she would navigate New Orleans as a witch-turned-vampire, dealing with the stigma from the witches and the lack of trust from the vampires, trying to find a new place, learning to accept her new abilities. That could have been really cool! I guess that's just in my fanfiction dreams now.

-Speaking of dead people, I'm going to guess that Father Kieran isn't long for this world, right? Which is kind of sad, because I liked him too. Maybe he'll be able to hop back onto Teen Wolf if they kill his character off?

-So, if Monique (and presumably, the other girls and Davina as well) were just chilling on The Other Side with their ancestors, then surely Monique eventually saw her mother Jane-Anne over there? Sheila "Grams" Bennett said that witches make all the rules on the Other Side/have full run of the place, unlike vampires/werewolves/hunters/etc, so she probably got to talk to her, right? So if that's the case, Monique was just fishing this entire time for evidence that Sophie really did have no faith in their magic/heritage/whatever. Damn! That's cold! I really, reeeeeally hope they didn't manage to corrupt Davina into hating Marcel while she's been over there, that would be the worst. :(


  1. Apparently no one decided to mention to Celeste that by saving Hayley, Elijah also saved his niece, who is a part of his family, so...


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