The Originals Season 1, Episode 18: "The Big Uneasy" Recap/Review

Alright guys, before we dig into this recap, I just wanted to update you on what to expect over the next couple weeks! Now that I'm out of school for the summer and my main job is just studying for my nursing license exam, I have WAY more time to catch up on these recaps! SO, I'll be knocking out the rest of this season of The Originals first, and then I will be starting a new thing I'd like to call "Emily Re-watches Season 5 of TVD," because it would be silly at this point to pretend like we all don't already know what has gone down on the show ever since I took my sabbatical from writing TVD recaps. So, I'll be revisiting the last half of this season of TVD, only instead of my usual recap format, we're going to be looking back on what happened in terms of everything we know as of the show's finale, "Home," which is due to air this week. THEN, hopefully, I'll be done catching up on both those shows by June 24, which is when Teen Wolf's FOURTH season will be starting up, which I will most definitely be recapping in a timely manner!

So, basically, I guess what I'm trying to say is keep stopping in for new updates this summer, because the site should be very active! My goal is to have at least 2-3 recaps done every week 'til Teen Wolf's hiatus is over. Fingers crossed! Thanks for all your patience. So, let's talk about "The Big Uneasy," okay? Because SO much stuff happened that I have SO much to say about, and now I don't even know where to start. So, I'm just gonna dive in from the beginning, yeah?

Previously, on The Originals: Klaus kicked Rebekah out of New Orleans and proceeded to pout like a baby and refused to do any of his kingly duties, so Elijah took up the mantle himself and hammered out a tentative peace treaty between the five Factions of New Orleans. Father Kieran, after his hex began to get worse, tried to kill Cami, so Marcel forced Genevieve to do a boundary spell on the attic while he went to check on Cami. They got drunk and then had sex, which Genevieve totally saw happen, because she put some voodoo-dreamcatcher in her bedroom that allowed her to spy on them. Monique, who has become quite jealous of Davina, began channeling that jealousy into being a huge asshole to her. Marcel, knowing that a battle is brewing in the Quarter, has been trying to rally up an army to get Klaus and Elijah out of town for good. Klaus made a secret deal with the werewolves behind Elijah's back, and stated his intention to create moonlight rings (using a spell from his mother's grimoire) for the wolves that would help protect them from the curse and give them the power to take back the city.

At the Abbatoir compound, Klaus is smudging blood-red paint on a canvas as he paints a portrait of Genevieve, who just so happens to be laying naked on the bed, with the sheets tastefully covering up her lady parts. She awakens and stretches in bed, and remarks on how surprised she is that he's already awake, considering the raucous night of sex they had the night before. Klaus orders her to hold still, and points out that morning sun offers the best light for artists. She smiles and lounges around the bed, and coos, "In my last life, I was far too modest if I was in the nude." Well, yeah, I'd imagine you were, since you came of age in the 1910s, girl! Klaus just smirks and retorts, "Well, then, consider yourself much improved! Modesty is for the weak." Says the guy who is painting naked ladies! Okay, I'm done picking on them. For now, anyway.

Genevieve wraps herself up in a sheet and walks over to peek at the painting, but he takes it off the easel and hides it from her. He insists the painting is a gift for her, as a token of his appreciation that she agreed to their pact. "Our pact?" Genevieve replies, as she pretends to pout. "We had such a lovely night, and now I see it was all a means to an end." Klaus prefers to refer to it as a "rather delicious means to a mutually beneficial end," because he's a prig, but Genevieve wants to know what a French Quarter witch stands to gain from joining Team Klaus, aside from the hot hybrid sex and the gorgeous painting, of course. Klaus considers this, and makes his pitch. "Well, the treaty my dear brother negotiated between the warring factions of this city, the one you yourself signed. No doubt everyone means well, but this is, after all..." Genevieve finishes his sentence for him. "...Still the French Quarter?" That makes Klaus chuckle. "A borough rife with natural enemies. What you and your witches need is the protection only I can provide. No one-- not vampires, not werewolves, not even my brother--will dare trifle with you if I am on your side." Genevieve is skeptical, but still asks him what SHE is to offer him, in return. He claims he only wants the promise of her allegiance, because having a powerful witch on your side can be quite helpful in a pinch.

Here are some issues I see with this speech of his. First, what is his angle, exactly? We already know that he's got an alliance with the werewolves right now, which Genevieve doesn't seem to know about. Is this really all just about having the witches on his side, or is he just trying to manipulate her into making the moonlight rings for him? And secondly, didn't Klaus pretty much lose his fight against Elijah in "Farewell to Storyville?" Sure, Klaus managed to get him with Papa Tunde's blade in the end, but I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that not even Elijah would be able to harm her if she was under Klaus' protection. That said, it's not like Klaus is known for being the most noble and honest of people, so the fact that he's lying to her isn't really surprising. I guess I'm really just confused about his motives. I have a hard time believing that he has genuine feelings for Genevieve-- she's too manipulative and too much like him. He's much more into the angelic-looking, do-gooder blonde types, like Cami, and Caroline, the ones who are his opposites and make him ~want to be a better man~ and all that.

Over at LaFayette Cemetery, Abigail, Monique, and Davina are all on the floor of that one tomb in which the witches are always convening. They're scattered across the room, each in a different yoga pose; Monique is laying flat on her back, with her arms raised up, Abigail is standing on her head while her legs lean up against the wall, and Davina is contorted into some weird and uncomfortable position against the wall. They are all murmuring the same spell: "Vie dans de ancêtres, renforer noblesse. Comme des ancêtres, de coeur noblesse. Décider on de ancêtres, garder noblesse."

Suddenly, Monique screams a bloodcurdling scream, and sits up before loudly chanting. "Sine la quatrieme puella leve, comme Genevieve ceciderit. Sine la quatrieme puella leve, comme Genevieve ceciderit." I was really confused, because this seems like a weird Latin-French hybrid language, non? Which is interesting, because French Quarter witches have been known to speak, well, French, while the witches we've known who use Latin are the ones on TVD: Bonnie, Luka, Jonas, Greta, Klaus' manwitch, Esther, etc. I only have a basic understanding of both of these languages, but after some quick Google-fu, I have figured out a very rough translation: "Without the fourth girl, Genevieve shall fall." Davina and Abigail immediately rush to her side and ask her if she's okay, because she sounded super creepy, as though she was possessed. Monique is super smug when she reveals that she wasn't possessed, she was channeling the ancestors, who told her that it's time to complete the Reaping in order to resurrect the fourth Harvest girl and gain the rest of their power. Which means? TIME TO KILL GENEVIEVE! Wooooo! TITLE CARD!

Klaus and Genevieve make their way downstairs into the compound's courtyard, where various construction workers are loudly working on renovations. I would be remiss if I didn't point out just how amazing it is to see Elijah rocking that long-sleeved v-neck! We don't get enough of Elijah in casual wear, but he rocks it just as much as he rocks those impecable suits of his. ANYWAY, Klaus whines to Elijah about the racket, so Elijah sighs and sends the workers on a break before asking him wtf his problem is. Klaus reminds him that he only agreed to a "general sprucing up" of the compound, and not rebuilding the entire house, but Elijah isn't having Klaus' little hissy fit. "Marcel and his minions abused our home for the better part of a century. Now, you might be content to live in squalor, I'm not." Bahaha! Classic Elijah. He's right though, it looks like Marcel and his henchvamps beat the place up pretty badly. Surprisingly, Genevieve takes Elijah's side, and claims that since it's a new era in the French Quarter, they're long due for a makeover. Klaus just laughs and warns Elijah that if Genevieve is agreeing with him, it means she wants something, which, of course, she does.

"Actually, I do have a request," Genevieve pipes up. "I'm told our coven hasn't been able to celebrate feast days in the open since Marcel restricted the use of magic. Now, with the new peace, I'd like that to change." Elijah assumes she already has a feast day in mind to celebrate, so Genevieve explains that she'd like to have La Fête des Bénédictions, or the Feast of the Blessings, which is when members of the community celebrate the witches by giving them gifts in exchange for blessings. Genevieve's plan for the feast is to use it as an event to introduce the Harvest girls into New Orlean's society. Unfortunately, while Klaus seems to be taken by Genevieve, Elijah does not feel so endeared to her. "So, your coven attempted to destroy my family--and you yourself held my siblings in unspeakable torment--and you would like a party for the witches?" Preach it! Klaus chuckles again as Genevieve reminds Elijah that she's already made her peace with Klaus. "Why don't you think it over?" Genevieve asks, as she strolls out the door.

Once she's gone, Klaus encourages Elijah to remove the stick from his behind, because the tourist love these kinds of festivals. Also, he believes it to be the show of solidarity that Elijah and the Faction needs to show they're dedicated to the treaty, by extending an olive branch to one of their former enemies. Elijah points out that their former enemy is now a woman with whom Klaus is fucking on the regular, but Klaus just shrugs and quips, "Well, who said maintaining alliances can't be fun?" Elijah turns the topic to Hayley, and suggests that maybe Klaus would be better served attending to her needs, considering she's currently gestating his devilspawn. Surprisingly, Klaus has become very chill about Hayley and the baby, which I am happy to hear. He calls Elijah out on the fact that Hayley is the reason behind Elijah's current home-makeover plans and sets him straight on the situation with Hayley. "Elijah, the truth is, the mother of my child is werewolf royalty. She's far safer in the bayou with her pack than she would ever be here with us! Don't worry, I'll bring her home before the birth. No child of mine will be born in a swamp." Wow, that is actually some pretty amazing growth on this part, although I'm sure his little deal with the wolves has something to do with his lack of control-freakiness about Hayley and his daughter. Still, that's a good move!

Speaking of Hayley, she's sitting on the porch in the bayou, drinking tea with Eve, when suddenly floods of new werewolves who have arrived in the bayou start approaching the encampments. "You've gotta be kidding me," Hayley exclaims as she stands up to get a better look at the newcomers. "Seriously, what is going on? Who are all these people? Why are they standing out here all weird and lurky?" Eve reminds her that they've come here from packs that span throughout the country, but Hayley doesn't understand why they'd come all the way here to see a baby who hasn't even been born yet. Oliver comes out of the shack and drops some factoids about werewolf packs on her. "Forget the baby," he states somewhat bitterly. "These freaks? They come here to see YOU. You know, given the place your parents held in pack hierarchy, maybe they think you're gonna be the long-lost werewolf messiah or something." Hayley's not really impressed by his jealousy, and just snits, "Great. No pressure, or anything." The more I think about it, the more I adore the idea of Werewolf-Queen!Hayley. BRING IT, PLEC.

Oliver's phone rings, and when he sees it's Klaus, he walks away from the crowd to talk to him privately. Klaus asks him for an update on "the matter [they] discussed," so Oliver stammers, "Yeah, um, about that....we got wolves coming in by the truckload right now, so it's gonna be a little tricky to find just one guy. I mean, all you gave me was a first name." In case you've forgotten, they're referring to Cary, the werewolf that Elijah and Rebekah saved in "Reigning Pain in New Orleans" after Klaus ordered Diego and his vamps to kill the bayou werewolves in order to reassure them that he had no intention of making more hybrids. He's also the werewolf who was wearing the ring that Elijah and Klaus revealed belonged to his mother, which she gave to Klaus' father.

"Yes, his name is Cary," Klaus says in frustration. "He's got blond hair and brown eyes. He's one of my clan, a distant relative from the Northeast Atlantic pack. His presence is required if we are to continue with our plan. You find him, and you bring him to me." Wow, it didn't take long for Oliver to totally become Klaus' minion, did it? After all his whining in the last episode, I figured he would resist a little more first. Anyway, Oliver assures him that he's on it, and is about to hang up when Klaus adds that soon, Elijah will be inviting him and the other werewolves to the Feast of Blessings, and in order to keep up the ruse, the werewolves will need to graciously accept. Oliver protests at first, but once Klaus reminds him that Elijah will be less likely to suspect they're up to something if he thinks his treaty is working, he eventually caves. Oh, lord, this is gonna get messy.

Klaus then walks into Rousseau's, where Cami is working at the bar. She asks him what he wants, so he informs her that he's recently made an alliance with someone who may be able to help Father Kieran with his hex. Cami is no idiot, though, so she automatically realizes he's talking about Genevieve. "Let me guess--tall, redhead, axe to grind? Those resurrected witches are the ones who hexed him in the first place. Why would she want to help?" All of those resurrected witches are dead, except for Genevieve, though, including Bastianna, who was the one who actually cast the hex. So, could the spell even be reversed, if the witch who cast the spell is dead? If what Genevieve said about New Orleans witches dying and releasing their power back into the earth is true, maaaaybe she could tap into Bastianna's power to undo the hex, but the ancestors would probably be super pissed at her if she did. ANYWAY, Klaus insists that she'll help her, because he wants her to, and then basically stands around waiting for Cami to thank him. When she doesn't, he suggests that if she has an alternative, then he'll leave Genevieve out of it, but, as expected, Cami changes her mind and tells him to do whatever he can to help her uncle.

Outside of town, Marcel is in his hideout, a pretty artsy-looking high-rise loft, where he and Thierry are continuing to plot and scheme. The two of them pace around the apartment and bicker back and forth as they discuss what Thierry learned following Klaus around. Namely, the fact that Klaus is totally into Cami, which Thierry thinks gives them an advantage, since Cami is so fond of Marcel. Of course, we already know the #1 reason why Marcel likes Cami is because she's human, and for the most part, still clueless about the supernatural world, so Marcel doesn't want Cami anywhere near any of this. "She's already got witches spying on her," Marcel reminds him. "Do you have any idea what Klaus will do when he finds out that we hooked up?" Thierry, compassionate as ever, claims this isn't his problem-- he's only concerned with what Klaus has been up to lately.
MARCEL: "He's got something going on with the witches, and he's doing it behind Elijah's back. Whatever he's up to, if I can find proof--"
THIERRY: [skeptical] "--Oh, you'll what? You're gonna rat him out to his older brother? You're gonna turn them against each other? You're exiled from the Quarter. Elijah even SMELLS you coming, and you're dead."
MARCEL: "You don't know them like I do. They're half-turned against each other already! Drama, pride, guilt, envy, all built up like a powder keg. All you have to do is light a match."
THIERRY: "Then where do we buy matches? Look around, Marcel. We have nothing."
MARCEL: "I started with nothing. Hell, things didn't get rolling until I turned you. You, and your music, and the whole city for the taking. Those were the days, T. Let's go get them back."

This is super intriguing to me, actually, because I REALLY want to know what Marcel was up to in the years after Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah got chased out of New Orleans. Like, we know from the timelines that we've been given from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, Mikael showed up in 1919 and chased them off. Then, if I recall correctly, the next time Klaus and Rebekah showed up on the timeline was in 1922 in Chicago, back when Stefan was in his Ripper days, met them at Gloria's bar, and started hanging out with them. Elijah wasn't in those flashbacks, but based on his conversations with Elena back in season 2, he and Klaus had been traveling on their own for quite a while, so it's possible he went elsewhere in the 20s. So, when did Marcel become king? What did he have to do to get there? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING but I get the feeling that we're not going to learn much more until at least next season, probably.

Over at the Coven House, Monique has gathered Genevieve and the rest of the French Quarter witches to the greenhouse for a meeting. Genevieve is naturally resistant to having the reigns pulled out of her hands, and snidely asks Monique who died and put her in charge. Monique is extra-smug when she reveals that she talked with the ancestors that morning, and that they told her it's time for Genevieve to sacrifice herself. It's clear that Genevieve does, deep down, have a bit of the Katerina Petrova in her, because she swallows down her panic and chirps, "Of course! It will be an honor to fulfill my duty to our coven. But, it's not quite my time yet." Monique starts to get frustrated, and reminds her that the ancestors were quite clear in their announcement when they channeled her-- with the impending war sure to break out between the factions, the witch community needs the last Harvest girl to be resurrected so they can have full access to their power. However, Genevieve must have already had a plan for this very scenario, because she starts some very impressive table-turning.

GENEVIEVE: "Careful, Monique. Not so long ago, I was one of those ancestors; a spirit, forced to watch as little by little, witches surrendered everything to vampires. We may no longer live under Marcel's thumb, but I don't particularly enjoy answering to Elijah, either. Before I take my leave, I'd like to ensure that you have the power to control your own fate. The Mikaelson's mother, Esther, was a powerful witch. Her spellbook contains enchantments that we can use to our own ends. I can steal it for our coven, and we'll never be held in subjugation again! [beat] You will have your sacrifice. But, I have things to do before I die."

Pretty speech, right? But, is she being genuine? She definitely wants to see Esther's grimoire(s), that much is certain--but, is it for her, or for her coven? I'd like to believe that in the end, she just wants what's best for her witch brethren, but there's still a huge part of her who is really enjoying being alive again, after her untimely death in the early 1900s, so her grabbing the grimoire seems to just be an attempt to buy her some time to figure out a way to stay alive even after the Reaping is completed. And, I mean, those of us who have watched TVD knows how powerful Esther was--she died shortly after turning her family into vampires, but still somehow managed to preserve her body so that she could bring herself back to life centuries later in order to try (and fail) to put her children down for good. So, I'm sure she's written down her spells for doing that kind of resurrection magic, which Genevieve could use to keep herself alive. Time shall tell, I suppose! But, for now, the coven and Monique (as well as, I assume, the ancestors) all seem mollified enough to keep her alive for the time being.

The next scene flips around between the vampire territory (outside the Pit), the human territory (Rousseau's) and werewolf territory (the bayou), as Elijah tries to talk the various factions into playing nice with the witches at La Fête des Bénédictions gathering that evening, so bear with me!

First, he gathers with Diego and the rest of his vampires near the pit, where he explains that they're holding a feast for the witches and that he expects Diego to attend. As expected, Diego is NOT feeling it. "You want us to go to a witch event on bended knee and give them a gift? I'm sorry, but I just remembered--we're busy doing just about anything else that night." Elijah must have prepared for this reaction, because he reminds Diego that 1) this isn't a request, and 2) since Diego's name is on their treaty, he needs to learn to play nice, and if he can't, Elijah can find another vampire to take his place as Vampire Faction representative. Diego reluctantly agrees to go, but that doesn't mean he's willing to quit complaining about it.

One that's taken care of, he swoops over to Rousseau's, where he sits down for a drink with Francesca to discuss the feast. She's a business woman/head of a drug cartel, so she's a lot more willing to play the political game than Diego is, thankfully. Elijah insists that having the party will be a demonstration of strength by acknowledging the witches, whom he refers to as a "lesser" faction. "But, you're not asking, are you?" Francesca says with a smile. "Oh, I see it's true what they say about you, Elijah. You make even strong-arming seem noble. Well, the tourists do eat this stuff up. Can you imagine what they'd think if they suddenly found out it was all real?" She assumes he will want her to attend both the public show in addition to the the private after-party, which Elijah confirms, so she agrees, on the condition that Elijah will owe the humans a favor in exchange for their cooperation. Damn, just like I can't help but admire Genevieve's hustle, I feel the same about Francesca. Girl has GAME, and she's certainly no fool, which definitely makes her more dangerous than Elijah and the rest of them seem to believe. Even if I don't LIKE her, I can respect her, you know?

Finally, Elijah makes his last stop at the bayou, where he negotiates with Hayley, Oliver and Jackson. Elijah emphasizes that the werewolves are in a unique position to set an example for the other French Quarter factions, and tells them that their attendance is important to their new treaty. Despite the fact that Elijah has clearly put a lot of thought into his negotiation tactics, Hayley is predictably NOT interested one bit. Surprisingly, though, when Hayley tells Elijah "Thanks, but no thanks," Oliver cuts her off and insists that they hear what Elijah has to say. "The witches are the ones that cursed your pack," Hayley argues. "And, they've been nothing but crap to me since I came to town. No, we're not going." Jackson is on Oliver's side, and points out that it's a new era, and that they need to play nice in the name of keeping the peace and coexisting. He turns to Elijah, and assures him that they'll send a representative with a gift for the witches. Hayley is frustrated, so she walks away in a huff, and Elijah, too, frowns as he follows her. He catches up to her and whispers, "That was too easy. Don't trust him. Don't trust any of them." YES! I'm glad Elijah is being observant and realizing something is up.

At St. Anne's Church, Oliver stumbles into the main room, roughly dragging Klaus' great-x10-grand-nephew Cary into behind him for their meeting with Klaus. Cary fights against Oliver's grip, and tells him he'll "knee-cap" him, regardless of who he is, if he doesn't cut it out. Klaus sees them and vamp-speeds toward them before making his annoyance well known. "When I asked you to bring Cary to me, it was as my guest," Klaus informs him. "Might I recommend you release him before I opt to release you from your mortal coil?" Oliver just shrugs and reminds him that he was the one who asked him to bring Cary to him, which he did, but then Cary jumped him. Also, apparently the Northeastern Atlantic pack and the Crescent pack have been feuding since the very beginning. Interesting!

So, Oliver argues he doesn't owe Cary or his pack anything, but Klaus, the war expert that he is, after a thousand years of watching them go down in various fashions, claims that the Crescents' short-sightedness in that regard is what caused them to be exiled to the bayou. Oliver retorts it was Marcel who did that, but Klaus has a pretty good point, as it turns out. "The packs should have been united. Marcel saw that weakness, and he exploited it. If you seek to rebuild with only the Crescents, you may as well stay in your hovels in the bog!" As much as I don't really like the victim-blamey-ness of that statement, it's definitely true--if all the werewolves banded together, they'd have a much better chance of fighting against the vampires, especially on a full moon. ANYWAY, Klaus turns away from Oliver and greets Cary, who seems to be in awe of him. Cary informs Klaus that legend says that he's descended from his line, which Klaus confirms to be the truth, before he pulls the ring he got from Cary out of his pocket and shows it to him. "I understand that this ring was passed down through generations of our family. I need to know what stone it housed." Cary replies that he never saw the ring with the stone in it, so Klaus sends him on an adventure to talk to his various family members and see whether any of them know what stone it was. Oooh, so it needs a specific stone, just like daylight jewelry needs lapiz lazuli stones? That is AWESOME.

We then cut to Marcel's hideout again, where Thierry has invited Diego over to try to recruit him for their newest army. Much to Thierry's surprise (and mine), Diego is actually not interested one bit. "You can't just start a revolution all on your own from exile across the river," Diego argues, frustrated. "I mean, like it or not, Elijah's plan is the new reality." I am actually impressed with Diego and his rational attitude right now, for once. (Although by the end of the episode, I will totally regret it, but I'll get into that later) I mean, Elijah's plan at least ensures that all the factions are treated fairly so they can all coexist in harmony--werewolves get to improve their living situations, witches get to practice magic again, everyone keeps to themselves and everyone stays out of trouble. It's simpler. Thierry disagrees, though, and points out that Elijah has the vampires bowing down to witches, and asks him how much longer it'll be before the vampires are forced to do the same to the werewolves. Diego just scoffs, and is like, "Right, and who is gonna lead this rebellion, huh? You?" That's when Marcel makes his theatrical entrance by waltzing down the stairs and states that he has a few ideas.

LOL, I love that he was probably just waiting upstairs, eavesdropping on their conversation until he could interrupt at a point of maximum drama. Diego isn't thrilled to see Marcel, either, and reminds him of the last time Marcel talked him into going up against an Original, which resulted in the deaths of like, 1/3 of their vampires and Marcel pledging his undying allegiance to Klaus to avoid getting slaughtered. Marcel claims that all they have to do is demonstrate that they're not going to let them just come in and take over their town, because apparently, Marcel is under the delusion that if they make enough noise, the Mikaelsons will eventually get bored and leave? BAHAHA, that's hilarious. Does he even know them at all? Trying to bully Klaus into leaving is just going to make him want to stay out of spite. They should at least try some reverse psychology, or something, or maybe do what Katherine did and find some old enemy far, far away to use as a distraction to get them out of town. But, I digress. Again.

Diego doesn't buy Marcel's plan, either. "Look, Elijah Mikaelson's a dick, no doubt," Diego tells them. "Thing is, with him, at least, I know where I stand." Marcel refuses to believe that's the truth, because he and Thierry have had eyes on Klaus this whole time, and know that he's not only been making side-deals with the witches, but he's been talking to the werewolves as well, which means he and Elijah can't be trusted. Klaus? No. But, Elijah? Duh. We've already seen on multiple occasions that Elijah is more than willing to negotiate, and when a deal is made, as long as the other party upholds their end, he'll do the same. That's a lot more than Marcel can say. "You're the one who picked up Klaus' coin!" Diego shouts in frustration. "You, Marcel. Maybe T's got a short memory, but I don't. You're a coward."

This sets Marcel OFF, and he lunges at Diego and tackles him, shattering his glass coffee table. Thierry immediately starts playing peacekeeper, but Marcel won't even let him get in a word-- he just yells that the only reason why he picked up the coin was to save him and the rest of the vampires from death via hybrid bite. Marcel maintains that a good leader knows when to pick his battles, and now is the time to try again and fight. But, when he asks if Diego is ready to fight with him, he's shocked and enraged to learn that Diego still hasn't been persuaded. "With what? Huh? Look around. All you've got is Thierry and a whole bunch of talk. You can't don't seem to get it-- you lost, alright? I picked the winning side, so if you want to start a war, you're fighting against me." DAMN! I'm digging this whole Diego-with-a-backbone thing, and I'm especially digging that he's not cowering in the face of Marcel's short temper and violent behavior. Not a good look, Marcel. Anyway, Diego immediately gets the hell out of there, and Marcel is super-pissed as he turns to Thierry and states that it's time they got more persuasive. SHIT.

Over in the bayou, Hayley sees Jackson and Oliver talking on the front porch and walks out the front door to join them. When they see her, they instantly stop talking, which immediately sets off her shadiness-radar. She's like, "What is this, high school?" but Oliver turns into a misogynist douchewad and retorts that she should take the hint and go back to the kitchen or whatever. Hayley's not one to play around, though, so she grabs his arm, twists it behind his back, and shoves him face-first into the wall as she pins him there. She tells them it's her pack, too, which makes it her business, but Jackson tries to talk her down, by using the baby as an excuse to stay calm down. "I have TRIED to play nice," she grunts as she continues to restrain him. "The last month of pregnancy is ALL hormones and mood swings, so unless you want me to snap your arm like a twig, I suggest you tell me what is going on." YES! Hayley can kick so much ass, even when she's 7.5 months pregnant and feeling as big as a house. Jackson tells Oliver that they have no reason to keep this from her, and confesses that they made a deal with Klaus that is gonna turn everything around for the Crescents. Hayley knows Klaus much better than they do, though, so she orders Jackson to tell her EVERYTHING about this plan.

Meanwhile, Klaus has stopped by the Coven House, where he's arrived to try to convince Genevieve to un-hex Father Kieran. Genevieve is skeptical that Klaus would actually give a fuck about some random human's life, but Klaus reminds her that Kieran is slowly running out of time, and he's been a very valuable ally to Klaus in his time in New Orleans. Genevieve isn't an idiot, though, and knows full well that his main motivation is because of his feelings for Cami, and informs him that there's no way to undo the hex anyway. He points out the fact that this is a bald-faced lie, because spells ALWAYS have a loophole, but Genevieve claims that there isn't one for this particular spell. "Not for this. At least, not among my people. Although, I do wonder...your mother was powerful. She would have had access to all manner of spells. Perhaps I could take a look through her grimoire?" Bahahaha! Subtlety is really not her strong point, is it? Klaus calls her out on her blatant deviousness, but Genevieve argues that Esther's grimoires have no worth to him, but have the power to solidify her place in her coven. Whomp, there it is. Besides, Klaus often needs spells to help him in his various schemes, and a lot of those spells come from her grimoire (daylight ring spells, for example, or the unlinking spell Elijah had Davina do) so it's not like the grimoires are just wasting their space, you know?

So, as expected, Klaus isn't willing to budge on this matter. "No, I'm sorry, love. It's bad enough my mother's power was consecrated with your ancestors. They last thing I need is for you to get a look at an entire book for her dirty little tricks." That is a very good point, though, as much as I try not to defend Klaus. He has already helped the NOLA witches by giving them Esther's immense power to channel, which has gone toward actively hurting him and his loved ones, so yeah, I really don't blame Klaus at all for this one. Genevieve knows without the grimoire, she'll likely be killed, so she goes for the low blow. "That's unfortunate. Particularly for poor Father Kieran. I guess you'll be the one to tell Cami?" OUCH! That's cruel! Klaus, true to form, lunges at Genevieve and pins her in a choke-hold against the table as he does his intimidating close-talking to inform her that he will not be manipulated. Genevieve simply whispers "Vamisa la visia" to give Klaus a mystic migraine, which forces him to let go of her. She replies that she will not be threatened, and assures him that no further demonstrations of power will be necessary as long as he continues to respect that fact. I'm guessing that's the end of their "mutually delicious and beneficial" alliance, eh?

Night has fallen, and the Feast of Blessing parade has begun on the main street of the French Quarter. All of the witches in the city march down the street, which is full of tourists and locals who watch as the three resurrected Harvest girls are carried by strong man-witches in golden thrones. The Harvest girls are each dressed to represent their ancestral element from the Harvest ritual, based on the order they were sacrificed. (I'm guessing that having these specific elements gives them additional mastery over those elements, too, although that's only fanon at this point) Monique is wearing a taupe dress with a lace overlay and a fabulous hat that is covered in flowers, because, as the first girl sacrificed in the ritual, she represented the earth. Then, Abigail is wearing a white dress and light-blue and white-beaded headdress to represent air. Davina is decked out in a bright orange-red dress and similarly flowery headdess to represent fire.

Genevieve is standing on the sidelines as the girls approach the stage, and before she leaves to introduce them, she meets with a heavily-tattooed manwitch. "It's time," she informs him. "Klaus will be at the event, which means the compound will be empty. You know what to do." OH SHIT, that is the worst idea EVER. She the rushes on stage to kick-off the festivities. "Now, in accordance with the Fête des Bénédictions, the witches of New Orleans bless you all!" She steps to the side so the girls can make their introductions. First, Monique steps forward, and raises her arms, causing a mild earthquake that shakes the ground from under them. When she steps back, Abigail moves forward and circles her arms in the air, which creates a strong windstorm that whips around the crowd and makes the audience gasp in delight. Finally, Davina turns around and pushes her arm toward the sign behind them, which immediately ignites with fire and starts setting off dozens of fireworks, which makes the crowd cheer. The girls smile as everyone in the audience gets the party started. Aw, those girls!

The manwitch minion of Genevieve's sneaks into the compound and walks into the courtyard. It only takes him several seconds of looking around to see the leather-bound grimoire Genevieve wants is laying on the dining room table. If you're thinking that this endeavor was way too uncomplicated to even be happening, that's because it totally is. Klaus watches the manwitch pick up the grimoire from the balcony above the courtyard before calling out, "A little too easy, isn't it? I've been expecting you!" He zoops downstairs to stand face-to-face with him and adds, "You're late!" Welp, so long, Mr. Manwitch. It was nice knowing you.

I'm not sure exactly sure where this after-party is taking place, but I know it's NOT the Abbatoir compound. So, somewhere in the French Quarter, Elijah stands outside the entrance of the party, and waits until Davina and Genevieve arrive. He greets her, and immediately tells her that he's happy to see her, especially since this time, it's under much better circumstances. "Is it?" Davina asks. "My friend Tim is still dead, and your brother's still breathing." OUCH. True, but ouch. Genevieve immediately scolds her like a child and reminds her that Elijah has been very generous in holding this party for them tonight, so he should be shown respect. Davina isn't really here for the forced chit-chat, so she rushes off, leaving Genevieve alone. Genevieve thanks Elijah for everything he's done for the feast, but Elijah is still cold as ice to her, in the most polite and amazing way possible. "This isn't for you," he states, for the record. "You know as well as I that your people would never accept a truce unless we showed them some respect. So bet it. Enjoy your party." DAMN, Elijah! Stone-cold truth.

Fortunately for Genevieve, Hayley shows up, which gives them both an out of that failure of a conversation. Elijah rushes over to her and makes a joke about how he thought she would be staying in the bayou with all of her "colorful" friends. Hayley's still a littttttle salty about having to be there at all, and snits, "Oh? You asked for a representative for the werewolves. So, take me, or leave me." Of course Elijah is going to take her, because who wouldn't? She looks AMAZING, in this very form-fitting black lace dress and a side braid in her hair. Phoebe Tonkin is literally the most stunning woman I have ever seen in my life, which is saying a lot, because I pretty much exclusively watch tv shows with ridiculously good-looking casts. But, she is rocking this look, even with the faux baby-bump. Elijah agrees, and chivalrously extends his arm toward her so he can lead her into the party.

Inside, Monique is continuing to succumb to the bitter jealousy she feels towards Davina, and just glares at her from across the room as Davina talks and laughs with some guests. Genevieve catches up to her and asks her if something is wrong, so Monique starts to rant a bit.

MONIQUE: "These people came to praise witches. What has she done to prove herself worthy?"
GENEVIEVE: "She's a Harvest girl. Like you."
MONIQUE: "Our power is a gift from the ancestors. I've had to make sacrifices to honor that gift. I lost my mother, my aunt. Davina has done nothing but stand against us."
GENEVIEVE: "She just needs a little lesson. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's putting people in their place."

Ooooh, this scene steamed me up so badly. First of all, Monique was the one who killed her aunt Sophie! So any grief she's feeling as a result of Sophie's death is totally on her. She didn't even seem to show any remorse about it afterward, she just strutted away with Celeste, Bastianna, and Genevieve. So yeah, I definitely think this is mostly petty jealousy talking. And secondly, didn't Davina lose her mother, too? For all we know, her father was killed as well. And while she did stand against the witches by going with Marcel, she wasn't exactly in charge, was she? Marcel kept her hidden in an attic for eight months, cut off from everyone she knew. She, too, died in the Harvest, and to boot, she was basically emotionally abused for the entirety of her death by the ancestors. I'd definitely say that's punishment a lot. I don't know, I can see where the witches are coming from to an extent (Davina's ability to sense their magic resulted in quite a few witches' deaths, including Monique's mother's, but I feel like none of this would have happened in the first place had the Elders just been honest about the specifics of the Harvest. Most of Davina's negative feelings came from the fear of dying and being lied to--how was she supposed to know she would come back after dying, if they lied about the fact that they were literally killing her in the first place?) So, in the end, I ultimately side with Davina because she's the sweetest. Also, the thought of Genevieve believing that she's in a moral position to teach people a lesson is both hilarious and infuriating.

ANYWAY, so Genevieve greets the guests of the party and announces that, per their centuries-old tradition, all attendees of the party are welcome to deliver their offerings to the Harvest girls, as it is their custom to never deny anyone a blessing. Now, we saw a bunch of gifts given out, as I'll get into in a second, but I sure didn't see any of the witches blessing anyone, so what is that all about? A line forms in front of where Monique, Abigail, and Davina are sitting in ornate throne-style chairs at the back of the ballroom. Hayley is first in line, and since she knows Davina best, she heads toward Davina to give her the werewolves' offering. However, she's stopped by another witch before she can do so, and is directed toward Monique, instead. Hayley sends Davina a sympathetic smile before laying the gift at Monique's feet. The next gift goes to Abigail, and then back to Monique, and back to Abigail. Repeat ad nauseum, So, Genevieve's big lesson, apparently, was not allowing anyone to give Davina gifts? That's really shitty, tbh.

Genevieve is watching all this go down when a voice behind her asks, "Do you get any gifts?" Gen turns around and is not very pleased to see Cami, standing there in her street clothes with a small gift in her hands. Genevieve asks her what the fuck she's doing here, so Cami babbles out a quick explanation. "Technically, I'm crashing, but it's you I came to see. Don't worry, I just want to say my piece, and then I'll leave." She hands Genevieve the gift, and tells her that it's an offering for her. She points out that she knows Genevieve has no reason to like her (and vice versa), but since her uncle Kieran worked hard to maintain the peace, just as Elijah is trying to do now, Cami wanted to do her part. Genevieve isn't really impressed to hear that this is about her uncle, but Cami isn't quite finished yet. "Like I said, I know you have no reason to help me, but Klaus said a long time ago, you were cheated out of life, and if I can't help him-- if you can't help him-- so will he. And so, I'm asking you, please..." Gen opens the box to find this lovely vintage silver haircomb with turquoise stones arranged on it, which Cami got for her because she knew Genevieve was from that era, and thought it would go nicely with her red hair. Genevieve is actually moved to tears by this act of kindness, which just confirms my suspicion that her entire goal in life is just to be liked, and admits that she had one just like it back in her day. "Perhaps I can help you," Gen confesses, after thinking about it for a moment.

Meanwhile, Davina has still not received any offerings, so after Monique shoots her the millionth smug smile in a five minute time span, Davina's eyes start to tear up, and she rushes the hell out of there. On her way out, she bumps into Josh, which shocks her. She asks him what the fuck HE'S doing there, and Josh's answer is so totally Josh that I can't help but laugh. "What, are you kidding? No way I'd miss out on your big day. Besides, music, wind, fire? The club kid in me is, like, in heaven." BAHAHAHA. <3 Josh <3 He realizes that Davina doesn't look very happy to be there, so he grabs her hand to lead her out. Of course, Klaus just so happens to walk in and see him, and we all know Klaus is not one to waste an opportunity. "Joshua!" Klaus calls out. "What a fortunate coincidence, finding you here. We have unfinished business." Davina firmly tells him that he needs to GTFO, pronto, but Klaus suggests that since she's not quite as powerful as she was before, he really has nothing to fear from her. Uhhhh, I wouldn't test her, just to be on the safe side, dude.

Klaus grabs Josh by the neck and leads him and Davina into the main ballroom where the party is located, and goes to give a speech. However, it's not at ALL what I was expecting, which is partially why I loved this episode so much. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? We are gathered here today to pay homage to our beloved witches, but one very special witch has been utterly ignored. That seems a bit unfair to me." Out in the audience, Genevieve's face goes white, because she totally just got called OUT on mean and petty attempts at putting children in their place. Klaus holds out a small blue box to Davina as his offering, but Davina refuses to take it. Klaus is taken aback at first, because he wasn't expecting that kind of a response, but he quickly recovers and continues his spiel.

KLAUS: "I understand why you would reject me, given our past. In truth, many of us here today have been wronged in the conflict which my brother's treaty ended. Your friend Josh was involved in a plot to kill me. It would be well within my right to execute him here and now. But, in the spirit of solidarity, and for your favor, Davina, I hereby pardon him. [turns to Josh] Josh, from this day forward, you have nothing to fear from me."

He once again offers Davina the small box, which she hesitantly accepts. Josh, who looked like he was about to shit himself the entire time, breaths a sigh of relief when he realizes he won't be dying that night. (Although, Josh didn't try to kill him! Marcel and his henchvamps weren't even trying to kill Klaus, because they all know it's a suicide mission. Marcel even admitted to Klaus that he fed Josh misinformation, so any part he played in that attack wasn't even on Josh, it was on MARCEL. But, Klaus doesn't really discern motive, I guess) Klaus leaves to rejoin the party, and Josh urges Davina to open the box and see what is inside. When she does, she finds an ancient-looking silver ring with a dark blue lapis lazuli stone in the setting, along with a folded piece of parchment. Josh frowns in confusion and asks her what it is, and her mouth gapes open when she looks at the parchment to find a spell. "It's the spell that makes daylight rings," Davina replies in shock. Josh realizes that the ring is meant for him, and smiles the biggest, brightest smile. YES! This is all I have wanted for Josh since we first met him and realized how amazing he is. BEST NEWS EVER.

Hayley is wandering her way through the party when Klaus catches up with her and wraps an arm around her shoulders. He brings up how he heard she's been brought into the plan with the wolves, and expresses his surprise when he found out that Hayley pretty much physically assaulted Oliver into telling her what was going on. LOL, I love that suddenly he's impressed with her because she used violence to get shit done, just like him. Only Klaus. He admits that he was equally surprised to hear that she was representing the werewolves this evening, and tells her he's going to assume that she won't do anything to screw up his plan. Hayley isn't really thrilled with the whole "going behind Elijah's back" thing, but Klaus points out that as long as the werewolves benefit, it shouldn't matter either way. Hayley starts to threaten him, should he be actually trying to manipulate and screw over her people, but he cuts her right off. "You know, you've come a long way, little wolf. I knew you were tough, I knew you were cunning, but I never knew you were a queen." Look at him, suddenly not regretting procreating with Hayley! How noble of him.

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Their conversation is cut short when a large group of bongo drummers come into the party, drumming away in their white suits. Most of the party seems pretty into it, thinking that it's all part of the celebration, but Genevieve is visibly confused and nervous as they ontinue their music. Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah linger nearby, unsure what to make of it. The lead drummer calls out, "Happy Fête des Bénédictions! We have a message for all of you, from Marcel Gerard." Before anyone can process their shock, all of the drummers pull out straight razors and slice their wrists right in the middle of the party, staining their suits and the white carpet under their feet. All of the vampires in attendance start to get antsy and hungry at the smell of fresh blood, while everyone looks around at each other, trying to figure out what to do. Elijah leaps into the middle of the room and yells at everyone to remain calm. "Control yourselves," he shouts at his fellow vampires. "This is a vulgar trick! We do NOT violate our agreement!" Shouldn't most of these vampires be at least a couple decades old? Wouldn't they have a bit of control by now? Hell, Elena and Caroline and Tyler are all newbie-vamps (like, a year old, TOPS) and they can see all kinds of people die bloody deaths right in front of them without even flinching.

The lights suddenly go out, and that's all it takes to snap whatever tiny amount of self-control those vampires had. They lunge onto the drummers and suck them dry, and then, when the drummers are dead, they move onto various human and possibly-witch attendees as well. Genevieve grabs Davina, Monique, and Abigail and pushes them toward a fellow witch, and orders them to get the girls out ASAP. The chaos continues for a long moment, and when the lights finally flip back on, there are dozens of dead/severely injured drummers and others humans laying around the floor. On the wall behind them, someone has written a message in blood: "THERE WILL BE NO PEACE." Hayley fell onto the ground at some point during the scuffle, and frantically calls out for Elijah, who rushes over to her to help her up. He assures her that it's okay now, but Hayley is quite visibly horrified at the carnage surrounding them.

Marcel and Thierry are (stupidly) hanging out OUTSIDE of Marcel's hangout across the river, where they're recapping the nights events. "Blood on the walls. Pile of bodies. All in all, I'd say message received," Thierry reports. Marcel's main concern is that Thierry got Davina out before the chaos erupted, but apparently, that was also part of the reason why Josh was there in the first place--to get Davina out, as well as the other Harvest girls, who fall under Marcel's "No Hurting Kids" rule. YIKES, Josh! I wish he would just stay out of both sides, at least that way he won't make any enemies! He's already narrowly escaped death too many times as it is. "That was just the warning shot," Marcel insists. "Now, we double down." Before they can exposit for our benefit what doubling down means in this case, Elijah's voice bellows, "MARCEL!" He lunges toward them and tackles Thierry to the ground before throwing him against the brick building. Then, he zoops over to Marcel so that he can look at him, face-to-face.

"I warned you," Elijah growls, as he pushes Marcel up against the wall. "And yet, still you return to the French Quarter." Marcel tells Elijah to just kill him, but then adds that if he does, he'll never know what Klaus has got planned with Genevieve. "Oh, whatever shall I do?" Elijah quips theatrically. "I suppose I can just ask him." Marcel spills the beans on all the secret meetings with the werewolves, and then pokes the bear even more by snarking that Klaus won't tell him anything once he knows Elijah killed him. Nearby, Thierry picks himself off the ground to prepare to defend Marcel, if necessary. Elijah sneers, "Do you not know me?" and shoves his fist into Marcel's chest to grab his heart. Thierry jumps in to protect him, but Elijah just punches through Thierry's sternum to grab his heart in his other hand. "For your violation," Elijah states, as he rips Thierry's heart from his chest, killing him instantly. He holds Thierry's heart right in front of Marcel's face and reminds him that he lives or dies according to Elijah's will. DAMN! I've never been a fan of Thierry, he's kind of a coward and an asshole, but it's always nice to see Elijah being the bad guy for once. When Elijah leaves, Marcel falls on his knees by Thierry's body and starts to cry.

Back at the party, Klaus catches up with Genevieve, who is NOT a happy camper. She snits that his vampires ruined her feast, but Klaus reminds her that they're not HIS vampires, not any more, though he does admit that Marcel took a page out of his own playbook tonight. He turns the topic back to Davina, and apologizes for getting in the middle of whatever "lesson" she was trying to teach. "I owed Davina some consolation because I killed her first love," he explains. "I do try to make up for my wrong-doings. As with our little quarrel earlier." He hands her his offering and hilariously tells her that a friend of hers "gave him a hand." Literally, as it turns out, because when she opens the box, she finds the tattooed manwitch's severed hands inside. Yuck!

"Did you really think I would leave my mother's grimoire unprotected?" Klaus asks incredulously. Genevieve is NOT at all pleased by this outcome one bit, and replies, "A century ago, I dreamed of what it would be like to know you. Now, I'm glad I didn't. I might been naive enough to fall for you, or fear you, but I learned a lot in death. And trust me, Klaus Mikaelson--it's you who should be afraid of me." DAMN! On one hand, I have a hard time defending Klaus, because he's awful and makes horrific decisions on the regular that usually results in innocent people getting killed. On the other, what is she pissed about, that Klaus won't give her a magical artifact that would surely be used against him, should she get her hands on it? Girlfriend is just bitter because she knows her ass is dead without that book. Klaus just can't fucking help himself, though, and retorts that he'll miss the awesome hate-sex, so Genevieve pulls out another low blow. "Your friend Cami showed up tonight. Her offering was quite sweet. So, I gave her hope that I would lift Kieran's hex, but there is no hope. Or, if there was, there isn't now." SHIT. Klaus swears that if Kieran dies, she will follow him shortly afterwards, but she calls his bluff--Genevieve is still a witch, and thus still an ally, so killing her would be stupid and would ruin the treaty. She knows as well as Klaus does that a powerless human isn't worth giving that up, and takes great care to mention that the human in question has been, you know, totally fucking Marcel. FUCK, I knew she was totally gonna use their little hook-up against them. GAH, THIS IS SO BAD.

Over in the bayou, Hayley is pacing around the bonfire that is roaring outside as she discusses the night's events with Jackson. "I've learned my lesson," Hayley admits. "At first, I was against your plan. I thought we should just live with Elijah's treaty, but after that party...all those innocent people... There will never be a peace. The weak will always be at the mercy of whoever is calling the shots." Jackson points out that it's all Darwinism at work around these parts, which is why it's everyone looking out for themselves only. He believes that the wolves need to focus on protecting themselves AND each other. Hayley agrees, and adds that they need to accept Klaus' offer to help while he's still willing to actually do it. "But, Jackson?" Hayley begins. "From now on, you have to tell me EVERYTHING. And, no matter what, we do NOT trust Klaus!" Atta girl, Hayley! He may be the father of your daughter, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a back up plan just in case.

Klaus returns to the compound, where he finds Elijah waiting for him, his hands still stained with Thierry's blood. Klaus takes notice, and snits, "Well, I see that you've already avenged the little wolf. But, judging by your look, you're still out for blood." Elijah's retort is so good, if quite self-deprecating. "If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, then surely my quest for your salvation ranks me as one of the maddest of men." Klaus, having just been talked down to by Genevieve, is feeling a little bitter and pissy, and asks his elder brother to clarify to which of Klaus' infinite misdeeds Elijah is referring. Elijah points out that in the past, he actually kind of admired Klaus' methods in getting done what he needed to do, but now that it's a new day of peace in the Quarter (a peace that hopes to protect Klaus' soon-to-be-born daughter and her mother, Hayley), he can only feel rage towards Klaus' super-secret deals that involve conspiring with the werewolves.

"Conspire is hardly the word I would use for a family council," Klaus argues, as calmly as he can muster. "Lest you forget, Elijah, they are my family as much as any Mikaelson--a name, in truth, I cannot even call my own." Elijah is not at ALL impressed with Klaus' ability to disavow the milennia in which Elijah has remained at his side, no matter what, but Klaus asks Elijah how he is supposed to ignore his paternal family's plight, now that he is aware of their existence. He then tries to appeal to Elijah's reason, by claiming that he figured Elijah would applaud Klaus' desire to help his clan, because not only does it help Klaus' newly-discovered family, but the Crescents as well, which includes Hayley and the baby. It backfires, though, because instead, Elijah just becomes defensive about his intentions.

"Do NOT question my allegiance toward that child," Elijah bellows, as he points at Klaus angrily. Klaus takes Elijah's uncharacteristic outburst as confirmation that Elijah's dedication to this peace treaty is a result of Elijah's affection toward Hayley, and brings up the lengths to which Elijah would go to protect her. That's when Elijah literally EXPLODES, which I've been waiting for FOREVER. "I have denied every single impulse I have ever had for that woman," Elijah yells, as he corners Klaus against the wall. "Out of some misbegotten respect for intentions you don't even have!" Klaus warns him to shut the fuck up, but Elijah will NOT be silenced, you guys. "I'm warning YOU. I've forgiven you, I have stood by you, I have forsaken every single one of my desires in the name of your ridiculous redemption. No more! If I want something, I'll take it. And nothing--NOTHING--will stand in my way." 

YESSSS! Seriously, you guys, I have been waiting for this breakdown for what feels like a hundred years. Elijah has made sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice for his brother, starting, I'm assuming, with Tatia back before they were turned, and then moving onward from there: Klaus tried to kill Katherine, ACTUALLY killed Celeste, and probably countless others, daggered him and his siblings on and off for like, nine decades. And that's just what we've SEEN. There's still almost millenia at least of history that we still haven't covered yet. As soon as Elijah defended Rebekah for the first time EVER in "Farewell to Storyville," I could tell that Elijah's unconditional dedication toward Klaus was starting to crack, and I figured Rebekah leaving would be the beginning of the end. AND HERE IT IS! He is finally standing up for himself, and making it clear that he's going to live his life the way he wants to live it, regardless of how Klaus feels, and should Klaus try to stop him, he's gonna fight back. YES YES YES.

Cami is cleaning up the bar at Rousseau's when an emotionally-exhausted Klaus shows up. When Cami asks him what he's doing there so late, Klaus confesses that he's there to apologize, because he's made a terrible mistake. Cami figures he's just being extra dumb and dramatic, and suggests he should sleep it off and tell her in the morning, but Klaus can't keep it in anymore. "You went to Genevieve. She was moved by your plea. She may have even cured Kieran. But, I insulted her, and as a means of revenge, she is refusing him aid. Kieran will die because of me, and it will be a horrible death." Cami is understandably upset by this news, but is also confused as to why he's telling her all of this. Klaus' answer kind of surprised me. "Because I believe that secrets are a poison," Klaus says numbly. "They need to be spat out. Like your secret...about Marcel." 

For once, I don't think Klaus was intending to be such a dick about it, but I don't really blame Cami for taking it badly. Which, she totally does. She points out that this is supposedly what Klaus wanted, since he was the one who compelled her to go out with him, and snaps, "And maybe it's your fault we got together, and you're just mad because you didn't get to control it." And, once again, the point goes to Cami for totally calling him out in the most accurate fashion, because she's totally right! Sure, he's a little jealous, because he totally has a thing for Cami, but really, it's just that none of this was on his terms that he's all pissed off. Anyway, Klaus stands up to leave, and gruffly instructs Cami to inform Marcel that if Klaus sees him again, he'll kill him. YIKES!

Out at the bayou, Hayley, Jackson, and the rest of the werewolves are all outside hanging around the bonfire. A little ways away, Elijah and Eve are standing together, watching the Crescents laugh and talk and drink. "You don't need to keep coming out," Eve assures Elijah with a smile. "I'd tell you if something was wrong. But, she's doing okay. The girl has a natural gift for leading. She surprised everyone." Elijah smiles, and watches as Hayley feels the baby kick, and grabs Jackson's hand to feel it as he corrects her. "Not everyone." Eve can tell that Elijah is quite fond of her, and kindly invites him to come join them, if he wants, which Elijah politely declines. "What I want is for that girl to be happy," Elijah admits. He requests that Eve not tell Hayley he came, and then zoops away before she can protest. I really like Eve, she seems so sweet and welcoming to Hayley, and she even seems to have become sort-of friends with Elijah, which means she's probably a lot more open-minded than, say, Oliver, for example.

Marcel is still outside his hideout with Thierry's body, which he has covered with a sheet and has begun to douse with alcohol. "This is Thierry Vanchure," Marcel eulogizes sadly. "Mean-ass horn player, lover of feisty women--witch, vampire, and human alike. I rebuilt this city with him, and he always had my back. Even when I screwed up, and forgot to have his. And now, all I can do is promise you this, T-- I won't let you die in vain. I will take back our city." Suddenly, vampires start jumping down from the rooftops around him, including Diego and Josh. He hesitantly approaches Marcel, and asks if they can join him in taking down the Originals--for real, no backing down. Marcel confirms that they will, before lighting a match and setting Thierry's body ablaze. Okay, but this is really stupid. So, Diego and the vamps are joining them because Elijah, Klaus, and all the rest of the factions are pissed at the vampires for going blood-crazy and feeding on/killing a shitload of people, right? But had it not been for Marcel, the vampires would have had no reason to do that shit and everything would be the same as it was before; the treaty would still be intact and everyone would still be playing nice. So, why is Diego suddenly all like, "LET'S GET REVENGE" when it's Marcel's fault that each and every one of the vampires is a persona non grata right now?

Finally, the French Quarter witches have gathered in that one tomb they're always in at Lafayette Cemetery to discuss Genevieve's fate. Monique states that Genevieve has failed them all, but Genevieve tries to argue that it will take time for her to access the grimoire. "Do you think the ancestors care about your excuses?" Monique snits. "The vampires attacked us. We can't retaliate until we possess our full strength. Your sacrifice is the final step." She holds out the athame that was used in the Harvest, and Genevieve begins coughing and gasping as a result of Monique's magic. Before Monique can deal the final blow to Genevieve, she's suddenly channeled by the ancestors again in order to deliver a message to the coven.

"Nous concedumus sa vie a Genevieve. Si elle hecatage a filia de Mikaelson." OH SHIT. My French sucks horribly, but I know enough to know that that is NOT GOOD. Genevieve begs Monique to tell her what the ancestors are saying (don't they all speak French?), so Monique admits that they told her to allow Genevieve to live, on one condition--they want another offering, an offering that they're allowed to choose. "Tell me," Genevieve pleads. "Whatever it is they want, I will make sure they get it. I swear it." As you could probably guess, the ancestors totally want Hayley and Klaus' daughter, which means that Genevieve has to kill a baby. NO NO NO NO NO. Monique seems WAY too thrilled about this task, tbh, while Genevieve looks like she's about to pee her dress in terror. Which is probably the best reaction, tbh, because we all know what will happen if Klaus and Elijah so much as suspect that the witches are planning to hurt Hayley or the baby in any way. Remember that epic slaughter of nearly all of Klaus' hybrids? When he tracked them all down and slayed the fuck out of them with an ancient sword? Yeah, it's probably gonna be a lot like that.

Next episode: Bomb explosion in the bayou! Father Kieran is dying! Marcel is still scheming!

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-Alright, so does Genevieve have the nerve to actually kill the baby? Like, I get it, she wants to be alive more than anything, but killing an innocent little baby is a pretty difficult thing to do, for any reason, assuming you're not a sociopath. I mean, Marcel learned all of his nasty tricks from Klaus and he outright REFUSES to hurt children in any way. Genevieve is vindictive and manipulative but I don't think she's a baby-murderer. Should be interesting!

-JOSH HAS A DAYLIGHT RING! I'm hoping this will ultimately end up saving him, by allowing him to travel in day or night? Honestly, as much as I love them both more than life itself, it'd probably be better for both of them if Josh just snatched her and ran away to like, Indonesia, or some remote place in Russia, or someplace super far away from sociopathic vampires and self-righteous witches.



  1. Did you forget about the time in Seaosn 2 when Elijah tried to kill Klaus? Elijah talks a lot about how he's always been loyal or whatever but it's not actually true. The first thing he told Elena was that Klaus no longer trusted him (and we have no idea what went down there). Even in 1x01 we got a flashback to Elijah & Mikael chaining up Klaus so Esther could force the hybrid curse on him against his will. So Elijah wasn't even loyal to Klaus way back then - it's just all talk on his part.

    They haven't spent 1000 years together (as you mentioned earlier in your review - they probably hadn't seen each other at all between 1919 and Season 2 of TVD). As for Tatia - we have no idea what happened there. Elijah said Klaus was in love with her and Esther killed her to so they wouldn't have anything to fight over. Also, it was Rebekah who killed Celeste - not Klaus. Back in 1821 Celeste was killed in a witch round-up but at the time of her death Klaus and Elijah were standing in a field talking so obviously Klaus couldn't have killed her since he was with Elijah at the time. Rebekah did actually kill Celeste in 1919 though.

    I don't recall Klaus ever trying to kill Katherine (post-her becoming a vampire). He could have killed her back in Season 2 when he had her compelled to stay with him but when he was done breaking the curse he set her free. Even Elijah commented at the time that Klaus wouldn't kill Katherine because it wasn't his style (when Elena told Elijah that Klaus had Katherine and they thought she might be dead). Elijah also compelled Katherine to stay put (in the tomb) and then Katherine had Elijah killed so the Kathrine/Elijah love story of Season 4 came out of the blue for me because they didn't seem to care about each other at all back in Seaosn 2.

  2. I haven't forgotten about Elijah trying to kill Klaus back in season 2. I don't think we know just how long Elijah and Klaus were separated and how long he had been planning it, but in the end, he ended up backing out and totally fucking the MF Gang over in the process as a result. And in fact, Klaus convinced him NOT to, and ended up rewarding him for not having the heart to kill his brother by daggering him two days later. It can be said that Elijah hasn't ALWAYS been loyal to him, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until we're told otherwise. That's just my personal feeling, though, I can totally see why you feel that way, though! I'm hoping that as the show progresses, we'll be exposed to more of the history so we can fill in the gaps and see what actually went down, but as you said, for now we have no idea what went down, especially since The Originals seems to be retconning a lot of what happened in TVD (like Hayley's personality/history, etc)

    As for Celeste, I would say that Klaus bears most of the blame for her first death in 1821, because he was the one who told the town's leaders that the witches were sacrificing people in order to cover up his own kills. He may not have been the one who ultimately drowned her, but he certainly wasn't innocent in the matter. It was Klaus' actions against Celeste in the 1800s (coupled with the way Rebekah treated Genevieve and killed her and Celeste/Clara Summerlin in 1919) that caused her to become so obsessed with getting revenge.

    The time I was referring to with regards to Katherine and Klaus was back in 1492, when Klaus was insistent that Katherine had to die in the ritual, even though Elijah had procured that elixir that would allow Katherine to be sacrificed in order to break the Hybrid Curse while allowing her to be brought back to life afterwards. Klaus knew that Elijah had feelings for her and still wouldn't even let him try to save her life, even though doing so would have no negative effect on the ritual (which we learned when Elena was ultimately sacrificed and brought back to life afterwards). I can definitely understand why you'd think that the Elijah/Katherine relationship in season 4 came out of the blue, and I don't necessarily disagree--the Katherine in the present day was TOTALLY different than the Katherine that Elijah knew back in the 15th century. My reference in the review was regarding the latter part, though. :)

    Thank you for commenting, though! I really enjoyed reading what you have to say! Thank you for reading, I appreciate the feedback!

  3. This isn't french:
    Nous concedumus sa vie a Genevieve.
    si elle hecatage a filia de Mikaelson.
    It seems latin, but french??
    My french is ZERO, NONE, unexistence, but i seareched each word, and even i used a lot of online translation pages, none of those pages, knew what i wrote.

    The word in french to daughter is fille (child) but at same time is used as:
    Personne du sexe féminin considérée par rapport à sa mère, à son père (par opposition à fils).

    In the serie they use or translated as: filia, but the right word in Catalán.

    And the accents are VERY IMPORTANT in french:

    Nous concedimus sa vie à Geneviève.

  4. Ummm... Monique was the third girl to be sacrificed, so surely she should represent air, and Abigail was the first to be sacrificed, so she should be earth.


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