The Originals Season 1, Episode 16: "Farewell to Storyville" Recap/Review

As much as I loved this episode (and there was a lot to love!), I am still SO SAD about losing Rebekah, you guys. It's possible that it's just the timing, because I have lost a shitload of my favorite female badass characters in the last couple of weeks/months--it started with Ziva being written off of NCIS when Cote de Pablo decided to leave, and then went to Katherine being killed on TVD, and as I type, I already have my HUGE recap of Teen Wolf's "Insatiable" started, so losing Rebekah on top of all of that was just especially hard for my fragile, little heart. On a happier note, Claire Holt absolutely rocked her performance in this episode, so she definitely went out with a bang.

And thankfully, it seems as though this is just a temporary break so that she can get out of Atlanta and back to LA/Australia for a while to see her family, so with any luck, maybe Rebekah will be returning to help the gang out next season! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

But, just because we're all still grieving over losing our fabulous, take-no-prisoners Mikaelson Queen doesn't mean that there wasn't plenty of drama and stuff to discuss in "Farewell to Storyville," so let's get to it, shall we?

Previously, on The Originals: The Mikaelsons used to run New Orleans, back before Rebekah and Marcel tricked Genevieve into contacting Mikael and leading him back to them New Orleans, in hopes that he would chase Klaus away and allow Rebekah and Marcel to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Mikael had other plans. Namely, burning down the opera house and half the city, compelling an audience full of humans to sit and laugh as they watched werewolves and vampires being tortured on stage, and then threatening to kill all his children for not helping him kill Klaus. Genevieve, who was killed by Rebekah in 1919 so she wouldn't spill her guts to Klaus about what she and Marcel did, was brought back to life by Elijah's former lover, Celeste, in an effort to get their revenge on the Mikaelsons by pitting them against each other to drive them apart. Her role in the plan was to finally tell Klaus that it was Rebekah and Marcel who had brought Mikael to New Orleans, which he didn't take well, and to manipulate him into going after Rebekah to punish her for her actions. Before Elijah killed Celeste for good, she trapped the Mikaelsons in the cemetery with a lunar spell, so now Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah are trapped with two weapons and eight hours before the spell lifts. Which is where we pick up today!

Well, kind of. First, we go on a journey in a time machine to 900-something AD, when Klaus and Rebekah were just tiny little children! It was thunder-storming one night, and Bb Rebekah was very scared and started crying, and surprisingly, Bb Klaus was a huge sweetheart who immediately ran out of his bed to comfort her. "Hush now," he whispers sweetly. "It's just a storm! Don't be afraid, I won't let it hurt you." Ouch, my heart! Klaus climbs out of her bed again, and when Rebekah urges him not to go anywhere, he comes right back with a toy that he whittled out of wood! It's a knight that Klaus apparently made for Mikael, and since knights are brave, having it will make Rebekah brave, too. She asks him if he'll stay with her until the storm is over, and he promises he will. "I will always stay with you, Rebekah. No matter what." Yup, as if we needed any more reason to hate Mikael, this is it--he turned a super sweet child into a narcissistic sociopath. Also, how perfect was the casting of the Mikaelson children? Their likeness is uncanny.

Now, we return to the three-way standoff between Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah at the cemetery, where they've been trapped for God knows how long. Klaus shouts for Rebekah, but Elijah insists that Rebekah run away ASAP. "I can't," Rebekah whispers. "I'm stuck here. Elijah, he has the white oak stake." Klaus points it at her and informs her that he brought it especially for her, but Elijah is not in the mood to play along with Klaus' games. So, he finally convinces Rebekah to go hide elsewhere in the cemetery, citing the fact that her presence is just making things worse, while he deals with Klaus. "I'm asking you, brother to brother--we end this nonsense now," Elijah states, but of course, all Klaus can do is snit about how Elijah is on Rebekah's side and not his. Elijah insists that he's not taking sides, but either way, he's not letting Klaus hurt Rebekah, regardless of his reasoning. "We cannot leave this cemetery, Elijah," Klaus reminds him. "How long do you think you can defend her?" He immediately zoops on over to where Rebekah is hiding out, but Elijah knows Klaus too well, and easily blocks him. "As long as it takes, by whatever means necessary." I am SO happy to see Elijah defending his sister for once, hallelujah! TITLE CARD!

Elsewhere in the cemetery, Rebekah is hiding out in a tomb, where she's on the phone with Marcel, updating him on her current situation. Marcel has a similar line of thought as Elijah. "Do whatever it takes, just stay alive. I promise you, I'll get you out of there." Rebekah is doubtful, though, and informs him that she's never seen Klaus in a rage as terrible as they one he's in right now. Apparently, he spent the entire night yelling obscenities at her, and as a result, Rebekah is sure that Klaus is going to kill her. All Marcel can think of at the moment, as far as advice goes, is "Alright, stay as far away from him as you can." Good idea, dude. It's not as if he's got super strength, super speed, and the only weapon on earth that can actually kill her. Rebekah agrees with me: "That's a brilliant strategy. But, given that dead-bitch Celeste has trapped us in here 'til moonrise, my options are somewhat limited." Marcel promises that he is NOT going to just leave her in there, and reminds her that Davina is up and will be able to find a loophole and get her out early. "If Klaus comes after us, we will take him on one hell of a ride." Rebekah isn't exactly thrilled the idea of going back to a life on the run, but Marcel tells her to not worry about that part yet. Instead, he instructs her to buy him some time.

Marcel walks into Davina's room in St. Anne's attic with a bag full of supplies. Davina is sitting silently on her bed, looking pale and super, super sad. I feel so bad for her, seriously. This poor girl has literally had nothing but shit piled onto her and it's only getting worse. Marcel puts on a smile and tries to cheer her up.

MARCEL: "Hey D, how you feelin'? Got you some stuff--organic soap, and scented candles, some incense. Just trying to help you get back to feeling, you know, yourself. [beat] Word on the street is, the witches are celebrating. Three of the four girls sacrificed in the Harvest have come back. First it was your friend, Monique. Then, another girl. Now, you. What I hear, the others are saying that the ancestors were with them while they were dead. You know, talking to them, teaching them. They say they're stronger than ever. [hesitates] Was it like that for you?"

Davina, unfortunately, did not get that kind of treatment in the ancestral-witch-version of the Other Side, and shakes her head sadly. "There was nothing. It was cold, empty, and dark...and it went on forever." Marcel quickly realized that he definitely didn't consider this turn of events, and sits down beside her to comfort her. He apologizes to her for bringing it up, but it just makes Davina more upset. She insists that she doesn't want to talk about it, and tearfully begs Marcel not to make her tell him what happened. DAVINA! :(((((

At the cemetery, Elijah and Klaus are still in a standoff. Elijah is feeling pretty confident in his skills. "You've been at this for hours. To what end? Niklaus, I know you, and I grew up fighting you. I can't be beaten, nor can I be persuaded. You cannot get past me." Unfortunately, he should know as well as we all know that poking the bear isn't exactly the best way to go about getting what you want. Klaus points out that he could get past him by staking him on his way to staking Rebekah, but I have a hard time believing he'd want to do that. 2/5 of the vampire population has already been killed off by Kol and Finn's deaths, and losing Elijah and Rebekah would result in the loss of 2/3 of the remaining, at least a couple of whom are surely New Orleans vampires. So, I think it's safe to say that's not happening. ANYWAY, Klaus reminds Elijah of the fact that he stabbed him with the Knife of Excruciating Pain, and wonders if he should redirect his fury toward him instead. Elijah pulls out the big guns. "You should see yourself--the murderous expression, the self-righteous posturing. You look like father." Again, this was not the wisest direction to turn the conversation. "I am not him," Klaus bellows. "Rebekah's betrayal justifies my anger. His was that of a madman. You were never the recipient of his cruelty. None of you were--not Kol, not Finn. None of you! I think you've forgotten what he's was truly like." Elijah, somber, informs him that no, they have NOT forgotten.

Cue flashback to ~900 AD! Teenager Elijah and Bb Klaus are in the forest, where Elijah is helping Klaus learn how to hunt with a bow and arrow. As Klaus takes his aim, Elijah instructs him to hold still and take a deep breath before releasing it. Unfortunately, Klaus just barely misses the deer he's shooting, which scares it away. Klaus is definitely disappointed, but Elijah assures him that his aim is improving, and the next time, he'll get it. That's when Mikael swaggers in all his Viking-warrior glory and taunts Elijah for encouraging him to continue to be pathetic. Klaus angrily retorts that he isn't pathetic, but Mikael cuts him off. "Do not talk back to me!" he sneers, as he snatches the bow from him. "You're not man enough to hold this weapon. If you can't hunt, you're nothing but a burden." Klaus apologizes, but, as usual, that's not good enough for their father. He grabs Klaus by the shirt and throws him onto the ground. "It's a shame we can't feed on sad-eyed apologies. It's your one and only skill!" Yeah, if this episode shows anything, aside from Rebekah's awesomeness, it shows that Mikael is pretty much responsible for all the shit that has happened on both shows regarding Klaus. Mikael starts beating and kicking Klaus, but when Elijah tries to stop him, Mikael throws him backwards and threatens to go after him next. "The boy needs to be made strong," Mikael spits.

In the present day, Klaus stares at Elijah, angry and sad after I presume he saw the same flashback we did. Then, he vamp-speeds over to where Rebekah is hiding, but is blocked once again by Elijah. "Niklaus, I understand your anger, but I implore you, be better than him. Do what he could not--demonstrate the grace of mercy, rather than this petty cruelty." Klaus just scoffs, because hello, it's Klaus, and points out that showing mercy to someone who has wronged him is not at all his thing, which Elijah knows full well. Rebekah finally decides to come out of her hidey-hole to face off against Klaus herself. "Enough! Whatever I have done wrong, my guilt is nothing compared to yours. You want revenge? Fine. But, before you have it, I will look you in the eye and tell you why it was your cruelty and your spite that led us to this." Klaus is furious to be talked to like that, naturally, but after a moment, he decides to humor her. "Fine, then. Speak your piece, and when you are finished, I will grant you the punishment you deserve. Even if I have to go through Elijah to do so." God, he really is all talk, isn't he? This whiplash I keep getting from swinging between hating Klaus and loving him is really making me dizzy.

Back at St. Anne's Church, Cami has arrived to Davina's room, at Marcel's behest, to talk to her and try to cheer her up. Cami is so happy to see Davina alive, and Davina is so happy to see an actual friend, that they both hug each other and almost start crying. After they've greeted each other, Cami admits that Marcel told her she was here, and asks her if she wants to tell her what happened to her. I don't know if it's because Cami's human, or because she's woman who has helped her in the past, or because she knows Cami has a psychology background, but it doesn't take long for her to divulge all the details of what happened. "I died," Davina confesses, as she starts to cry again. "And at first, I was alone, but then I heard them. Voices, whispering to me." Cami asks her who was whispering to her, and, as expected, Davina informs her that it was the ancestors. "They're so angry with me. I used my power against my own, and they said they'd do horrible things to me if I misuse my magic again." God, that is horrible! I had a feeling when Monique came back filled to the brim with the ancestor's nutty rhetoric that Davina may have suffered as a result of her actions while she was in limbo. and it's so, so, shitty, because she was just trying to SURVIVE. If she hadn't been lied to, none of that would have happened.

Downstairs, Kieran is getting the low-down on recent events from Marcel. He looks very pale and sick, and it seems pretty clear that the hex is affecting him in a bad way.

KIERAN: "So, a century ago, you betrayed Klaus--the most dangerous vampire in history--and the only one that can save you is the girl that you had locked up in my attic. But, she's a basket case. So, really, your only hope is my niece, psychoanalyst-to-resurrected-teen-witches. Does that about sum it up?"
MARCEL: [paces] "You're pretty smug for a guy with a witch's hex. Davina's magic is your only shot at a cure."
KIERAN: "Let's not dance around the obvious--this hex IS going to kill me."
MARCEL: "Look, every spell has a loophole, alright? You, of all people, should have more faith."
KIERAN: "I lost my faith when Sean died. When I came back to New Orleans, I had nothing but hope of preventing a war between the vampires and the witches. And now, the witches are out of control, and you allowed an Original vampire to take control of the Quarter. [beat] No. There is no hope--not for you, not for the city, and certainly not for me."
MARCEL: "I got Davina back. She WILL find a way to take down Klaus."
KIERAN: "No. He's going to get out of this trap that he's in, and when he does? He's going to find you, and he's going to tear you into pieces. You reap what you sow, Marcel."

DAMN! First of all, hearing Father Kieran be so pessimistic about the state of things is just kind of heartbreaking to hear. I can't even imagine what he must be feeling--anger at the witches for hexing Sean and himself, guilt for being the reason why Sean was hexed in the first place and did what he did, fear that he's going to die and worry over who he's going to hurt before that happens. Plus, he's Catholic, so killing himself isn't really an option here. The way he said, "You reap what you sow," was chilling, especially considering THAT is what Bastianna told him before she hexed him. Secondly, it makes me really sad that Marcel is still pushing for Davina to help him. I get that he's backed in a corner and doesn't know what else to do, but if he really loves Davina like he says, he wouldn't just use her as his get-out-of-jail-free card, you know? Sigh.

At the cemetery, Klaus has perched himself on the roof of a tomb, still holding the indestructible white oak stake,to make it even more convincing that he's going to be acting as judge, jury, and executioner to his own sister. "Let it begin," Klaus declares. "The trial of Rebekah Mikaelson." Rebekah is not impressed with Klaus' typical melodramatic theatrics, but Elijah assures her that he'll make sure he behaves while she pleads her case. Klaus announces that she's accused of betraying her own flesh and asks her how she pleads. "I plead you to shut up and listen," Rebekah snaps. Hahaha, BEST. Klaus refuses to believe that Rebekah has a legitimate defense for bringing Mikael to their home, which led to the final step of Klaus' evolution to full-blown sociopathic monster, but Rebekah simply responds, "I knew he was the only thing that you feared, and I wanted you to run." This sets off a back-and-forth argument that just continues to make Klaus look like an oversensitive bully.

KLAUS: "Because you hated me."
REBEKAH: "Because you were HATEFUL. You denied me the freedom to love!"
KLAUS: "Oh, so that's your defense? You called Mikael--the Destroyer, the hunter of vampires--because I kept you from pursuing some dull suitors?"
REBEKAH: "You were cruel, and controlling, and manipulative!"
KLAUS: "I was trying to protect you! From imbeciles, and leeches, not to mention your own poor judgment!"
REBEKAH: "And what about the one that you loved enough to call friend? Why did you forbid me to love Marcel?"
Klaus turns into a HUGE baby, and curses her for daring to bring up Marcel's name. Rebekah just sighs, and asks him what happened to the sweet young boy who was kind and loved art and music. She reminds him that once upon a time, she wanted to be him, and asks him why he's stooped so low in his old age. Then, Elijah makes the most compelling of arguments. "You say you despise Rebekah for her betrayal, and yet, no one has stood by your side for as long, not even myself. Perhaps it you that's forgotten."

We flashback to the 900s, and Elijah's voiceover narrates the scene. "I remember the day that Father caught you whittling chess pieces with his hunting knife. He beat you so mercilessly, and for so long, I actually feared for your life." They're all older, now, so it must have been shortly before they were turned. Mikael is whipping Klaus, who is curled up on the floor in the fetal position. Elijah, in all his long-haired, sleeve-less leather-shirted glory, begs Mikael to stop, but again, Mikael forcefully pushes Elijah behind him and shouts at him to back off. All of a sudden, Rebekah runs in, with Mikael's sword in hand, and aims it at his chest. "Stop it! Stop it! I will not let you hurt him anymore!" Mikael becomes FURIOUS. "You stand against me? For HIM?" Mikael bellows, but fortunately for Rebekah, she's his favorite, so instead of beating her, too, he just angrily grabs his sword from her and stomps away.

In the present day, Klaus is once again pissed at Elijah for siding with Rebekah, but he sees an opportunity to do a show of force without having to kill his sister. "So, you would paint her as a loyal sister, but she betrayed me out of lust for Marcel! Perhaps that was why you did it--for love. Perhaps I might temper my rage, if Rebekah will admit she was a victim of her own idiocy, that her great love, Marcel, used her to oust this family and to take my city." GROSS. GROSS. I'm hardly Marcel's biggest fan, but that's just awful. Rebekah insists that Marcel didn't talk her into anything, but that doesn't stop Klaus from trying to manipulate her. He continues to suggest that he's right about Marcel only wanting to be with her to get one over on Klaus, but thankfully, Rebekah refuses to indulge him. "We loved each other," she states. "It was your refusal to respect that that led to your ruin." Klaus asks her why, then, Marcel didn't come looking for her after they fled the city, but Rebekah has had ENOUGH of Klaus' shit.

"I was the one who brought him to New Orleans because of your wickedness!" Rebekah shrieks furiously. "I wanted love, and happiness, and you denied me the freedom to have either! Yes, I hate and I was afraid of our father, but he was a lesser evil than you. My bastard brother, who loomed over me, threatening me, as you are now! I wanted rid of you, and, given the choice, I'd do it again!" Klaus' rage has hit nuclear-levels, and lunges at Rebekah, pushing her back against a tomb and pinning her there. He holds up the stake and is about to plunge it into her heart when Elijah jumps on him and tackles him onto the ground. The stake falls out of Klaus' hand, and Elijah is easily able to grab it as he gets to his feet. He tells Rebekah to leave, again, and though she refuses at first, eventually she does it Once she's gone, Elijah holds his arms out widely, Papa Tunde's blade in one hand, the indestructible white-oak stake in the other, and smugs, "You wouldn't listen to her. So, now, you must deal with me." OH, SNAP! Of course, Klaus just glares and pouts, but there's not a lot self-righteous anger can do when you've lost your secret weapon, is there? Especially when that secret weapon could be used against YOU.

We then return to St. Anne's Church, where Cami and Davina are still discussing Davina's time in limbo. Cami gently suggests that Davina is feeling the effects of trauma and abuse at the hands of the witches who forced her into the Harvest, and her ancestral spirits who punished her afterwards, but Davina points out the very legitimate point that it's not like Cami was given training in how to help recently-resurrected teenage witches who were murdered in a magical ritual, so it's unlikely that Cami knows anything that will help her. "Okay, forget the books," Cami concedes. "Let me tell you what I know from experience. When my brother died, I never thought I'd be okay again. I cried for weeks. I blamed myself--I blamed HIM. And then, I realized all that...sadness was swallowing me up. And I made a choice; I wasn't going to let it. You can make that choice, Davina." 

Davina has a hard time believing that, because she's smart enough to know that the witches have more plans for her and her power. Cami insists, though, that no one can control Davina unless she lets them. "How do I even know who to trust?" Davina asks, frustrated. "Should I trust Marcel? The first thing he did when I came back was try to use me again to help Rebekah. Be honest, Cami. Isn't there something you want, too?" OUCH. Cami admits that she did hope that Davina would be able to help her uncle, but when that makes Davina start to cry, she rushes over and takes her hands in her own. "That's not why I'm here. I care about you. I want to help you!" Davina gets even more frustrated, and asks her what Cami could possibly do to help, and outlines her main problem since coming back to life. "When I came back, the voices I heard? They said the only ones who can help me are the witches. But, after what I did to them, they hate me. So, how can I go back and ask for their help now?" Outside Davina's room, Marcel has overheard their entire conversation, and looks very disappointed, both because Davina is in such a bad place (partially as a result of his prodding), and because she's not in a place to help Rebekah, either.

We cut back and forth between St. Anne's and LaFayette Cemetery, where Marcel has called Rebekah to inform her of the snag in getting her out early. Rebekah is, as expected, disappointed that Davina can't help, but Marcel assures her that he'll find another witch to do it, considering the whole town is crawling with witches. "All of whom despise you," Rebekah snarks defeatedly. Marcel swears there's still time, and instructs Rebekah not to piss Klaus off any more than he already is, to which she's pretty much, like, "Yeah, about that..." She brings up how Klaus suggested that Marcel seduced her solely to take control of the city, which Marcel swears he would never, ever do.

"We almost got away," Rebekah says wistfully. "If we'd just kept going, we could be anywhere in the world by now. Klaus may have found us and killed us, but he'll do that, anyway. Would've been nice to have a little happiness, first." Marcel has a hard time believing that Klaus would ever actually kill her, frealsies, because they're siblings, but Rebekah reminds him that he is like a son to Klaus, and Klaus CERTAINLY intends on killing him, too. "You know, I've never much thought about dying," Rebekah claims, though I have a hard time believing that, considering how much she wanted the cure on TVD. "One of the perks of being immortal, I guess. What an odd thing it is, to be here one minute, and gone the next. Rather terrifying." Marcel can tell that Rebekah is actually legitimately scared that Klaus is going to kill her, and tries to comfort her, but she cuts him off with an order to run ASAP. "When the moon reaches its apex, Klaus will be free, and he will do to you what he is going to do to me, only worse. Go now, and don't look back." She hangs up on him, leaving him shocked and at a loss for what to do next. THIS IS A DISASTER.

Elijah and Klaus are still at an impasse outside the tomb where Rebekah is hiding out. Klaus just can't help himself, and starts to taunt him. "So, what's it gonna be? You hold both weapons. Tunde's blade would put me down, but the stake could finish me off for good." Elijah smiles and points out that since he's not the murderous sociopath like Klaus, he's not the type to kill his own siblings, no matter how terrible they're being. He claims he's only holding onto the stake in order to prevent Klaus from using it on Rebekah (or himself, lbr), and he's only using Papa Tunde's blade as insurance in case Klaus does something stupid. Klaus is pissed that Elijah isn't as mad at Rebekah as he is, considering Elijah was hurt just as much by Mikael's return as Klaus was. "Because she is our sister," Elijah argues. "And, because I like to remember her the way that she was before we became what we became." He quickly flashes back to a memory to five of the six Mikaelson children (I'm guessing Henrik hadn't been mauled to death by werewolves yet, so it would just be Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah) wrestling outside, laughing and having a wonderful time. "She was an innocent girl," Elijah adds. "Quick to laugh, full of life." Klaus retorts that his memories of Rebekah at that age only makes her betrayal sting worse.

"Can you not, then, accept some small part of the blame?" Elijah asks carefully. "After all, it was your cruelty that led her to do what she did." Klaus argues that Rebekah's true intention was for Klaus to be killed by Mikael, and not just chased off like she claims. Elijah insists that he's wrong, but Klaus refuses to believe it, and reminds him that she's always hated him. "You have no idea, do you?" Elijah says in disbelief. "You have no idea what she was prepared to do for you. When our sister sees something that she perceives to be an injustice, she can be stubborn, impetuous, and--at times--dangerous. And never was this more apparent than the night she tried to kill our father." In flashback, a young Rebekah grabs a knife, and slowly slinks over to where Mikael is asleep in his bed. In the present, Klaus assumes Elijah is just making up stories to endear him to Rebekah, but Elijah swears it's the truth, because he saw it happen with his own eyes. "And she would have done it, all to protect you, had I not stopped her. I often wish that I could revisit that moment, complete the task myself." In flashback, Young Rebekah steels herself to kill her father, but before she can, Elijah appears, and stops her. He grabs the knife out of her hand before yanking her back toward her bed.

Klaus can't understand why Elijah would wait until NOW to tell him all of this, but Elijah is only concerned at the moment with keeping Rebekah safe. "Niklaus, sometimes our sister acts without thinking. She's short of temper, she's quick to fall in love, but she loves YOU. But, your malicious treatment has broken her heart. So, yes, she responded our father. Yes, that was a mistake. I'm not entirely sure that I can blame her." God, I have waited so long for Elijah to acknowledge that Rebekah has plenty of reason to want payback. Plus, I mean, let's be real--yes, Mikael coming and chasing them around from the place where they had put down roots was pretty shitty, and yeah, it definitely seems to have left some scars on Klaus, but they lived through it! And Klaus even ended up killing Mikael himself, so it's not like they have to worry about this anymore. Anyway, Klaus is all, "Well, I CAN blame her," and vamp-speeds over to Rebekah's hidey-hole again. Again, Elijah beats him there, holding both weapons defensively.

Elijah is SO done with Klaus and his shit, but Klaus finally calls Elijah's bluff.
KLAUS: "Are you really going to stand against me? And not with that pathetic blade You'd just have to pull it out someday, and then, I'd hate you as I do here, now. If you want to protect Rebekah, you'll need to use the white oak stake."
ELIJAH: "I don't have to listen to this nonsense--"
KLAUS: "--Oh, don't pretend you haven't thought about it. You look at me, and you see everything you abhor in yourself. Sure, you dress it up, with your fancy suits and your handkerchiefs. You, with your mask of civility and eloquence--you're every bit the abomination I am. Or worse! Go on, Elijah. Go on! Use the white oak stake!"

Elijah, thankfully, refuses to indulge Klaus' dramatics, (even if he TOTALLY did intend to kill Klaus back in season 2 of TVD, and even came very close to doing so, although I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to remember that now that they have their own show) and throws the oak stake several yards away. "I am not so cowardly that I have to kill you, Niklaus," Elijah states confidently. "But, if I have to make you suffer to protect Rebekah, that is what I will do." Klaus just smirks, and taunts him for his inability to kill him, since he continues to cling onto the hope that Klaus might actually evolve into a somewhat-decent being. Then, he catches Elijah off-guard, by zooping over to him, snatching Papa Tunde's blade, and stabbing it into Elijah's gut. Elijah screams in agony as the knife embeds itself into his abdomen, and glares at Klaus as he falls to the ground, only semi-conscious. "There! Now you know how it feels," Klaus sneers into his face. Behind him, Rebekah's voice calls out. "That was supposed to be my line!" She holds up the white oak stake, which she picked up from where Elijah threw it. "Now, I have this. So, I decide who lives and who dies." 

She insists that she is going to take the blade out of Elijah, but Klaus retorts that she'll have to kill him, first. "And now, you have the means to do so! Why not finish what you started a century ago?" Rebekah swears once again that she didn't want him dead, she just wanted him to run so she could be free. Klaus, super pissed at this point, bellows that he's a liar, and that she wanted revenge against him. "You drove me to betray you, and now you want to twist it and make it worse, so you can justify killing me instead of accepting your own fault?" Rebekah shrieks furiously. "All I did was love your friend! You could've been happy for us, but instead, in your paranoia, you feared losing us both. And, because of that, you did. There is no one else to blame but you." DAMN! Rebekah and Elijah are spilling so much tea all over Klaus' head, and no matter how much he tries to deny it, deep down, he knows they're right. But, of course, he can't admit that out loud, so instead, all he can do is sneer, "Where is Marcel now, hmm? I thought he loved you, and yet, he left you trapped in here with me?"

Speaking of Marcel, he's made a trip over to the Cauldron, where he's crawling back to Genevieve to try to convince her to help him. "The trouble with the witches in this city is that they lack direction," Genevieve chirps, as she organizes some herbs. "Fortunately, our coven has found a new leader--me." Wait, so they're letting her live, even though by doing so, she's preventing the last Harvest girl from being resurrected? That is a shitty deal. Was she an Elder before she died? Or did she find a way to become? I'M SO CONFUSED. Anyway, Genevieve points out that Marcel wants a favor from her, to lower Celeste's boundary spell, but Marcel doesn't control the witches anymore, so what does Marcel give them in return? Marcel reminds her that in order to help the witches, they need to broker peace with the vampires, and she'll need his help to do it. Genevieve recalls that the last time they met to hammer out a deal, he tried to kill her, so Marcel smiles guiltily.

"I learned my lesson--if you can't beat them, make them an offer. So, here's the deal: you help me now, you have my word--vampires stay out of the Cauldron. No more executions." Genevieve just laughs, and though she concedes it's a good start, she states that he has to pay a price for her help. That price? She wants Davina Claire to be returned to her coven. Marcel is NOT thrilled about this plan, and reminds her that her people have done more than enough terrible shit to Davina. "You must know it's your fault she suffered in death," Genevieve coos. "She was shunned by the ancestors because of her alliance with you, but that's all over. Now, we can welcome her home. She will be revered by her people, and I will teach her how to control her power. Give her a home where she's safe, not surrounded by vampires." She stares Marcel down, and makes the deal quite clear: "Bring Davina to us, and I'll find a way to break Celeste's spell. If not, well, let's just say that I won't be the one to mourn Rebekah." Man, Genevieve really is something, isn't she? She is NOT someone you want pissed at you, yikes!

Back at the cemetery, Klaus is poking at Rebekah to figure out a weak spot to exploit. First, he starts off by pointing out the fact that Rebekah is weaker than he is. I get that he has extra juice as a hybrid, but come on, Rebekah is just as old as him, vampire-age-wise, and has shown she's a skilled fighter, so Klaus is just being extra-petty, imo. "You against me--it's hardly a fair fight, is it? I mean, perhaps if Marcel were here, you'd stand a chance, but I expect he's already found another girl. No doubt younger and prettier." Rebekah is pretty much just like, "You realize you're just proving my point, don't you?" but Klaus just wants her to admit that she wanted him dead all along. She insists she simply wanted him to run, regardless of what he believes, but Klaus won't let it go. "Elijah lies suffering, and I will allow you to help him! All you have to do is admit it." Rebekah retorts that he's insane, because DUH, but Klaus actually agrees with her. "Yes! Yes! I am a vicious, heartless monster, and so you summoned Mikael to kill me. Admit it!" They continue this back and forth until finally, Rebekah can't take it anymore, and whispers, "Maybe I did." Klaus is shocked that she would actually admit it, at first, but then his shock turns to fury. Before Rebekah can elaborate, he furiously shoves the white oak stake into her chest. NOOOOOO!

(via stllesstilinskis)
After the break, Rebekah awakens to find Klaus sitting nearby, holding the stake in his hands. She is surprised to find that she's still alive, and points out that Klaus missed her heart. "Perhaps I did," Klaus concedes. "Or, perhaps, I never meant to kill you. Perhaps I just wanted you to feel a fraction of the fear I felt when Father came for me." Rebekah asks him if he knows the truth behind his actions, but Klaus replies that what he DOES know is that Rebekah accused Klaus of being evil, and then did evil herself by conspiring to kill her own brother. Rebekah rehashes the same argument that has been made this entire episode--Klaus tormented Rebekah and Elijah and made them both miserable. And while Rebekah makes excellent points, Klaus does have one argument that works in his favor. "I love my family--you, Elijah--I loved all of you. I know I can be difficult, but i did not make myself this way. It was Mikael who ruined me." This argument only goes so far, though, because despite the horrific damage Mikael did to him, in the end, he's still in charge of his own actions. He can break this cycle, if he really wants to. Which is the main point Rebekah is trying to make.

REBEKAH: "He ruined me, too. That's what you forget. Centuries later, each of us is broken. You, with your anger and paranoid; me, with my fear of abandonment. And poor Elijah. [she looks over to where Elijah lays, Papa Tunde's blade still in his body] He dedicates himself to everyone but himself. We are the strongest creatures in the world, and yet, we are damages beyond repair. We live without hope, but we can never die. We are the definition of 'cursed.' Always, and forever."

Marcel has left the Cauldron to return to St. Anne's attic and check up on Cami and Davina. When he asks Cami how Davina is doing, she admits that she's incredibly depressed, and suggests that maybe she should be put into a mental health center, where she can get intensive psychotherapy and maybe even medication. Ha! Marcel correctly points out that Davina, being a supernatural person in the middle of a war between witches and vampires, would just come off so delusional to humans who don't have a clue that she would NEVER get out. Cami reminds him that they don't really have a lot of options, here, but Marcel admits that he's considering taking her back to her coven. Cami is understandably NOT a fan of this plan, but Marcel has a pretty good argument. "There are bigger things going on here, Cami. It's the only chance she has." Cami wants the two of them to have a serious talk about this before he does anything, but Marcel gently argues that he didn't come here to ask Cami for permission on what to do. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with Marcel, I am impressed that he put his own personal feelings aside to do what's best for Davina. That's not to say that I believe going back to the witches is the best thing for her, but at least there, she'll be taught to control her magic and maybe even get some answers.

At LaFayette Cemetery, Klaus kneels down beside Elijah's body, plunges his arm into Elijah's abdomen, and violently rips Papa Tunde's knife from his chest. "Now, we're even," Klaus whispers, as Elijah groans in pain. Something tells me good old Eli is NOT going to be a happy camper when he's back to normal.

Marcel meets with Genevieve again at the Cauldron to finalize his deal. He informs her that Davina is asleep, but when she wakes up, he'll tell her what's going on and bring her back to Genevieve. Then, he reminds her that they need to lower the barrier, ASAP. That's the stupidest part of this deal, tbh. We already saw that it's night-time already, so really, Marcel could have just kept hold of Davina and just waited the extra hour for the moon to rise. But, I guess Marcel has no idea that Klaus WON'T kill Rebekah, so whatever. Anyway, Genevieve plays coy. "Celeste cast a powerful spell. Fortunately for you, she's gone. Her power bled back into the earth. Now, I can channel it, manipulate it. It'll take some doing, but then, I'm pretty good at what I do." Marcel tries to weasel out one last favor--getting Genevieve to remove the hex from Father Kieran--but Genevieve claims it can't be done. Apparently, the longer the hex has been placed on someone, the more it takes root in their body, so now, there's no way to take it back. Genevieve also adds that by undoing the barrier spell, she'll be letting Klaus out, as well as Rebekah, but Marcel doesn't even care at this point. "And, just so you know," Marcel snits. "Even if Klaus is free, if you hurt Davina in any way--" Genevieve just smirks smugly, though, because she knows she has the upper hand now. "Marcel, it's over. You lost. Try and have a little dignity."

Rebekah approaches Klaus in the cemetery, and points out that the spell is still in effect for a little longer. "Whatever you're going to do to me, do it now." Klaus, however, has been thinking about what Rebekah said. He's been thinking about what Mikael did to them, and wonders if maybe he learned to be that way from his own father, just as Klaus learned to be cruel from him. As they speak, a strong gust of wind blows through the cemetery, and the front gate unlocks itself and opens. Klaus realizes that the barrier is down, and sighs in relief. Rebekah admits that she knows Klaus hates her, but that what she did has been done, and there's no changing it now. That's when Klaus decides to show a surprising amount of growth, ensuring that my rollercoaster ride of a relationship with Klaus will continue to make me swing violently between loving him and hating him. "What's done is never done. It remains with us, a story we tell ourselves so we know who we are. Vicious father, bastard son, and the sister who betrayed him. Perhaps it's time for a new story. What is it you want, Rebekah?"

"Same things that I've wanted since I was a child," Rebekah confesses cautiously. "I want a home. I want a family. I want someone to love me, and I want to live." Klaus decides that they need to compromise, if any of them are to have any semblance of happiness. His proposal is this--Rebekah leaves town and goes wherever she wants, under the condition that she never comes back to New Orleans. "We are far too damaged to remain together; less a family now than a volatile mix of ingredients. New Orleans will be mine. I will raise my child here in the city you stole from me. No doubt, Elijah will choose to stay, but you? Sister, you are free." Rebekah is shocked at this uncharacteristic show of graciousness and civility, and just gapes at her older brother for a minute before walking out of the cemetery. As much as Klaus thinks that he's banishing his sister forever, I have no doubt that Rebekah will be back sooner than we think.

Rebekah's first stop is the plantation house, in hopes of grabbing any leftover things that didn't burn up completely in the fire. Elijah finds her there, looking through the rubble. She smiles at him, and admits that she's leaving in a little bit before asking if there's any chance he'd like to come with her. However, she knows as well as he does that Elijah won't leave, both because of Hayley and the baby, as well as the lingering chance that there's something redeemable in Klaus. Still, Elijah smiles warmly, and genuinely states, "I do hope you find everything you're looking for." Rebekah grows more serious, and apologizes for bringing Mikael to town all those years ago, because her intention was never to hurt Elijah in any way. We already know, though, that Elijah not only forgives her, but has a hard time blaming her for being pushed to her breaking point. What Klaus DIDN'T reminds us is that right after that happened, Klaus daggered Rebekah for 90 YEARS, so really, she's already been punished, tbh. "I was certain that Klaus meant to kill me," Rebekah tells him. "Whether he never really did at all, or he changed his mind...maybe somewhere, deep down, he still is the brother we once knew." Elijah seems to agree, though he does admit that it is very, very deep down. Haha! Aw, I'm going to miss Elijah and Rebekah feels SO MUCH. Rebekah urges Elijah to help him find his way before kissing him on the cheek and leaving for her next stop.

When Klaus returns to the Abbatoir compound, he finds Marcel and the rest of his cronies crowded around in the courtyard. Klaus is NOT in the mood for any more bullshit, so he asks him what they're all doing there. "I asked them to be here," Marcel states. "You and I need to settle this, out in the open." WOW! He seriously must have a death wish. Klaus tells him that he assumed he'd be long gone by now, but Marcel claims this is his home. "You may want me to beg forgiveness, but I'm not sorry. I may not be able to beat you, but I came here to face you, to end this in front of my people. If you're gonna kill me for that, get on with it." Klaus stops, as if he's going to say something, but instead, he just sighs and marches up the stairs to his room. Marcel is a little disappointed, and like the rest of us, VERY confused...

...Until Elijah arrives in the courtyard moments later, and makes the facts of the matter quite clear to everyone who is gathered there. He zoops over to Marcel and tosses him across the wall before greeting all the vampires in attendance. "Good evening," he announces. "I trust I need no introduction. After all, this was once my family home. Tonight, I'm taking it back. Your privileges here have been revoked. Marcellus, out of respect for my sister, I will grant you this one mercy--I will allow you to keep your life. [points at him] However, you are hereby exiled. If I so much as find a trace of you in the French Quarter, it will NOT end well for you. Do you understand?" When everyone stands around and gapes at him in silence, Elijah hilariously adds, "That is all. Run along!" Bahahaha! Some might think that Elijah is being harsh, but honestly? Marcel and the other vampires have been pretty shitty to the Mikaelsons ever since they arrived. And we all know I love my badass Elijah. Anyway, once the henchvamps have filed out of the house, Klaus smirks from the balcony, and tells Elijah that he's impressed, because he's starting to sound like him. Yeah, not really a compliment, Klaus.

Marcel has met Rebekah in the backyard of the old Mikaelson plantation, where she stands and stares at her mother's gravestone. I totally forgot that they buried Esther in the backyard, so that she could be a New Orleans witch whose magic was used in the Harvest ritual. Plus, they even put up a headstone, which is pretty generous, considering she tried to kill all her children on multiple occasions. (And LOL at the "Our Beloved Mother" enscription under her name, that's fucking HILARIOUS) "I was thinking," Rebekah begins. "My mother was consecrated and buried here. She is forever bound to this land, but not me. I'm finally free." She looks over at Marcel, and adds, "And you." Marcel's not as thrilled about this new status, though, because he hates that Klaus and Elijah waltzed into town like they owned New Orleans, AND him. Considering Marcel's past as a slave in the 1800s, he's definitely not wrong to hate that feeling. He admits that he can't just run away, because he needs to fight for his home and people. Of course, this isn't the first time they've had this conversation, so she knew going in that he wasn't going to elect to go with her.

"I'm not asking you to. I'm not a fool--I see how much you love this city, and I'm not the kind of girl who likes to share." God, I am in love with just how much Rebekah has grown since we first met her several seasons ago on TVD. Can you imagine that girl who meangirled Elena and Caroline for funsies and terrorized the Mystic Falls gang saying something like this? She's so much more mature and chill and understanding these days, and it's amazing. Marcel starts to walk away from her, but before he can leave, she confesses that part of her wishes he had finished building their home, because even if they never got a chance to spend time in it, it would have been nice to have a beautiful monument to their love that would remain even after she was gone. Marcel pulls her toward him and kisses her for a long, passionate moment. When she pulls away, she smiles at him, and leaves him with some parting words. "Goodbye, Marcel Gerard. Do try to stay alive."

Rebekah's last stop is the bayou, where she finds Hayley outside, sitting next to a roaring bonfire. She's shocked to see Rebekah out there, so Rebekah breaks the news that she's there to say her goodbyes. Hayley is clearly hurt, and says, "What happened to us girls sticking together?" But, once Rebekah explains the too-good-to-be-true agreement that she had made with Klaus, Hayley understands that this is not only a good thing for her, but really, something she's wanted for a long time. I mean, regardless of the roots she's put down here this past season, she never really wanted to come back to New Orleans, and only ended up coming in the first place to make sure Elijah was okay. Once she knew he was, she only stayed because she couldn't quite untangle herself from her brothers, Hayley, and Marcel. Now, she's ready to do so, although, like I said, I don't think this is going to be permanent. Whether it's another supernatural threat or just an aunt wanting to see her newborn niece, Rebekah will be back again.

ANYWAY, Hayley jokes that Rebekah has earned a vacation, after a thousand years of hanging out with Klaus. Then, Rebekah gets to the meat of her goodbye to her best friend, which is basically a warning. "Listen, about Nik--he is a monster. Don't EVER cross him. But, he does want more from life than to just be feared. He's too broken to find it himself, but I do believe there is hope for him in the baby that you carry. And speaking of your child--our family has no shortage of enemies. She will inherit ALL of them. Please, be careful." Hayley smiles, because we all know she can take care of herself, and assures her that she'll help her come visit, if she wants, because she's been known to keep a secret or two from Klaus. Rebekah laughs, and makes Hayley promise that if she's not able to ever come back, Hayley MUST regale her daughter will all kinds of stories about her "crazy Auntie Beks." Before she takes off, she leaves Hayley with one last request. "And, let her know that despite my absence, I do love her very much." Annnnd cue the tears. COME BACK SOON, REBEKAH.

(via thevampirediaries)
In the closing montage, Klaus goes to his study and pulls out a wooden box. When he opens it, he rustles through some papers, only to find the little wooden knight that he made 1,000 years ago for Rebekah hidden underneath them. He pulls it out, and flashes back to that memory of him and Rebekah during the storm, which makes him tear up. Meanwhile, Rebekah is on the highway out of New Orleans. She looks pretty anxious at first, as anyone would be when they're leaving home for an unknown destination. After a moment, she realizes again that she can do whatever she wants. Go back to Europe, or to Asia, or South America. Hell, she could stop by Mystic Falls for a quickie with Matt Donovan, if she wants to. She smiles, as she finally accepts that she's free of her siblings' control. As sad as I am to see her go, I'm hoping Rebekah has some pretty crazy adventures until she makes her way back for whatever inevitable drama.

(via stllesstilinskis)
Next episode: Klaus fucks around (literally and figuratively) with Genevieve, Elijah crowns himself the new ruler of New Orleans, and the warring factions finally come together to figure out a peace treaty.

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[screencaps from this Screencapped album]

-So, what do you think the witches have planned for Davina? Genevieve is clearly up to something, and I'm wondering how exactly Davina will factor into it.

-While my love for most of these characters (Rebekah, Davina, Hayley, Elijah, Josh, specifically) remains constant, and while my love for others has grown slowly (particularly Cami, and Father Kieran), my feelings for Marcel and Klaus are constantly pushing and pulling from love to hate and back again. Which, I should say, is NOT a bad thing--not at all--it keeps me on my toes, because 1) it makes them complex, flawed characters, and 2) makes it so you're never exactly sure which way they're going to go. Like, in Klaus' case, I was so angry at him for being so terrible about Rebekah's betrayal, but then he completely turned and ended up making a surprisingly mature concession to her. Growth, and progress! In Marcel's case, it was much the same--I was angry at him for caring more about Davina's ability to do magic to help him than Davina's mental and emotional health, and then BAM! He turns heel and gives Davina back to the witches so they can help her try to overcome this trauma. Whether or not these decisions will end up working out as intended remains to be seen, but it's still a very exciting change-up with lots of potential!

-More werewolf story lines and mythology, please and thank you? And also, MORE JOSH. MUCH MORE JOSH.


  1. Why didn't Marcel ask Josh to talk to Davina? Daylight, I guess.

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