The Originals Season 2, Episode 4: "Live And Let Die" Recap/Review

In what is yet another amazing episode in a streak of fabulous episodes of The Originals, we get even more development of the plot, including some more insight into Esther's plans and what they entail, Elijah getting more involved in the rebuilding of the vampire community with Marcel, more werewolf mythology, and an update on what Davina and Mikael have been up to since they fled New Orleans. Since I'm still ridiculously behind on recaps, way more so than I wanted to be by the end of my winter vacations, I'm just gonna stop wasting time and jump right in! Let's talk about "Live And Let Die!"

Previously, on The Originals: New Orleans was the Mikaelson children's home once, and they want it back. Even though Klaus has managed to kill both of his parents over the many centuries he's been alive, both Esther and Mikael still found ways to crawl their way back from the Other Side/ancestral witch limbo to torment their children once again. Esther hopped out of Cassie's meatsuit, whom she had been possessing for several months, and into a witch named Lenore's in order to make her pitch to Elijah and Klaus: she wants them all to be a family again, but only if the two did what their brothers Finn and Kol did by taking possession of mortal (witch/vampire) bodies and relinquish their vampire natures. Finn revealed himself to be alive and possessing a witch named Vincent when he showed up to family dinner at the compound and made everything tense and uncomfortable, to say the least. Things were made even more awkward when Finn admitted that their brother Kol (who was killed by Jeremy Gilbert back in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries) is also alive and possessing another witch named Kaleb, who has the God-given privilege of sharing Daniel Sharman's face. Speaking of Kol, he also seems to be harboring a huge crush on Davina Claire, which seems to be at odds with his role in his mother's mission. Oh, and Kol saw Mikael's return with his own eyes when Davina summoned his father with her bracelet to take out a bunch of werewolves who were attacking her, but wisely decided it was best if he didn't fill his mother in on that crucial detail, Meanwhile, Esther decided that to show her still-vampire children the ~error of their ways~ and convince them to agree to her plans by taking everything they love away from them, which includes Marcel and his newly-rebuilt vampire community across the border, and which is where we pick up today!

We begin this episode at Marcel's loft, where he's holding a little get-together for the vampires. They're all congregated in small groups, listening to "Smooth Sailing" by Queens of the Stone Age and talking while they drink. Across the room, Gia is standing against a wall, looking calm and collected. Another vampire throws a dart at her face, but she easily catches it before it can even touch her, which makes her laugh proudly. She insists that the dart-throwing vampire pay up, and he reluctantly hands her a $100 bill since he lost the bet. Nearby, Josh (<3 JOSH! <3) is sitting on the couch, where he's checking a dating app on his phone. He scrolls through his profile, revealing that his username is the hilarious NoLaYolo019, until Marcel sits across from him and hands him a drink. When he asks him if he has any prospects, Josh just sighs and replies, "WELL, since you asked... Yeah, there's this one guy. We've been messaging so far, but... I think I like him. Like, REALLY like him." Marcel just chuckles and asks him what the problem is, so Josh babbles, "Oh, I don't know... I might have left a few things out of the old profile. For example, what has two thumbs and drinks BLOOD to survive? Oh, right! This guy!" He gives Marcel a double-thumbs-up, which makes him crack up laughing, at least until his window overlooking the city is shattered by something thrown through it from the outside. The vampires quickly stand and get into a defensive position, and when they look to see what broke the window, they see its a fellow vampire who appears to have had their throat ripped out. Ruh-roh.

Unsurprisingly, the loft is suddenly swarming with moonlight-ring-clad werewolves, led by Oliver and a new, super-cute werewolf named Aiden, who seems to be another one of the leaders of Esther and Finn's wolves. Gia, who has gotten quite attached to the vampire community in the short time she's been a member, immediately starts yelling at them. "The HELL is wrong with you people? We didn't do anything!" Aiden just rolls his eyes and points out that it's nothing the vampires haven't done to them a hundred times before snarking that she should learn her history. Marcel reminds him that while he has no idea who he is, the vamps made a deal with the witch-werewolf alliance-- as long as the vampires stay out of the Quarter, everything is groovy. Unfortunately, Aiden informs them that it's not good enough anymore, which brings out Badass Marcel. "Oh yeah?" he asks. "Says who? You? Or that witch you all answer to now? Lenore, right?" Wait, does Marcel know Esther's back? It seemed like Klaus was trying to keep that part away from him to protect him or something, but maybe they had some off-screen conversation to which we weren't privy.

ANYWAY, Marcel continues, "Never thought I'd see the day-- proud werewolves on a witch's leash. I hope those rings you're wearing are worth it."  Aiden just smirks and nods knowingly at a wolf standing behind Marcel, who lunges for one of the vampires and chomps on his neck. Another werewolf goes after Josh and tries to bite him, too, but Josh must have got some fighting lessons from Marcel, because he manages to use his strength to push the guy off of him before he can get bitten. Aiden yells, "That's enough!" to his charges, as Josh, who is visibly flustered, shoots a significant look at him. "Your privileges here have been revoked. Permanently," Aiden announces to everyone at the apartment. "So, when we come back, you need to be gone. Because next time? I won't call them off." When Marcel glares at him furiously, Aiden adds, "Consider this a warning, Marcel. It's the only one you're gonna get." Yiiiiiiikes! No me gusta! TITLE CARD!

When we return, we're in "Vincent's" office at Cami's school, where Cami is doing her required therapy hours to become a therapist herself. Question-- how does Finn know so much about psychology? Did he like, audit grad-school classes while he was on the Other Side or something? Was Vincent really a therapist and Finn has just been accessing his memories? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, IT'S BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY. Anyway, Cami is staring out the window, where an All Hallow's Eve party is in full swing in true New Orleans style in the streets below while "Ohio" by Shovels & Rope plays in the background. "This is a city of death," Cami says in an emotionless voice. "Fires, floods... to say nothing of the violence we do to each other. We may laissez les bon temps rouler, but really, we've turned life here into one big party to distract ourselves from a single, unavoidable truth-- we're all going to die." Finncent asks her if death is what she's afraid of, but she gets a little defensive and replies, "Who says I'm afraid of anything?"

Finn just sighs and reminds her that they've been having these sessions for weeks now, and she's still dodging his questions. When he asks her how her future patients are supposed to open up to her if she can't be open herself, but Cami doesn't seem to know what she's supposed to talk about. "I'm open! What do you want me to be open about?" My dead uncle? My dead brother?" Finn suggests that discussing the LIVING people in her life might be a good start, and insists that since she's "highly intelligent, charming, and beautiful," she must have some friends or boyfriends to talk about. Way to be presumptuous, Finncent! What if she had girlfriends? HMM? (Which reminds me, can we get a bi or lesbian girl on this show already? Josh and Aiden are a good start, but there is a distinct lack of bisexual women in television, and I want to be represented, damnit!) When Cami just laughs humorlessly and shakes her head, Finn calls her out on her fibs, and they have a pretty enlightening conversation, especially for Finn, who is clearly fishing for information on his dastardly hybrid brother and his associates.
VINCENT/FINN: [scoffs] "You really mean to tell me that there's no one that warrants discussion here?"
CAMI: [shrugs] "I'm attracted to the wrong kind of guy. I know, tale as old as time."
FINN: "Well, Cami, that's YOUR tale! And, part of the therapeutic process is in the telling of it!"
CAMI: [sighs] "There was this one guy. Smart, loyal, abs for days... But, I was his rebound girl, if I'm being honest with myself. And, he was also... well, you know, unique in ways that mean I should probably stay away from him."
FINN: [smiles] "Unique?"
CAMI: "Just trust me on this one. We're not compatible."
FINN: [changes the subject] "Now, you said ONE guy. Am I to assume there are more?"
CAMI: [shrugs] "There was... this other guy. Also unique. I mean, nothing ever happened between us. He just got under my skin, I guess. Manipulative mother, abusive father. And under all that anger, and mistrust, there was goodness in him. And, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't pretend it wasn't there."
FINN: "You cared for him. You wanted to save him. So, what happened?"
CAMI: [whispers] "Some people don't wanna be saved."
Interesting, eh? Firstly, I love how self-aware Cami is. She knows she got with Marcel after his relationship with Rebekah fizzled out, and knew that even though he cared about her a lot, it was just a relationship that couldn't work out, at least not now, because she needed to get out of the supernatural drama for a while. (Which, as we'll see, is a plan of hers that is failing miserably, but I digress. Again) Secondly, I think this is the first time that Cami has ever admitted that she had feelings for Klaus. They've had an attraction to each other since the first time they met in the backdoor pilot "The Originals"/the actual pilot "Always and Forever," and though Klaus has alluded to it several times (when Cami tried to kiss him in "Tangled Up In Blue" and Klaus rebuffed her, saying that he felt the same but that he needed her to give Marcel a second chance, and when he told her they couldn't be friends because his enemies kept going after the people he cared about, for example) but Cami has never said anything about her feelings for him until just now. Finn seems intrigued, of course, because he's getting the dirt on Klaus, but what he plans to do with this knowledge is unclear as of now.

Meanwhile, Elijah returns to the compound, where he finds all of Hayley's Crescent wolves congregated in the courtyard. He starts yelling for Klaus, but instead of his brother, he gets Hayley, who reminds him that all of them have supernatural healing skills, so he doesn't need to shout. Wait, werewolves have enhanced hearing? I don't remember that particular bit of mythology, though it makes sense, since wolves have keen senses and hybrids are supposed to have the keenest, so they'd have to inherit it from both their wolf side and vampire side. The more you know! When Elijah asks her where Klaus is, she snarks, "I'll check his calendar... Wait, no. Not his wife. So..." Elijah isn't exactly impressed with Hayley's attitude, though, so he retorts, "Hayley, this city is under siege by an army of beasts following my deranged mother's every command. Now, considering it was YOUR people who just declared war on MY kind, now's not the best time for your particular brand of sass."

Damn! Elijah must be channeling Hayley's sassiness, because that was intense. Anyway, Hayley is no longer amused, either, and informs him that Klaus left a while ago. "If only there was a magical device that people used to call people? I don't know, I'm out of ideas. Good luck." She turns to walk away from him, but stops at the last moment and turns toward him to remind him that the people he so affectionately referred to as "beasts" may be under Esther's thumb, but they're still her pack, and assures him that if he does anything to hurt them, his "bitch mother" will be the least of his problems. YIKES! On the one hand, I love that Hayley is getting more confident in her abilities and is standing up for herself (Not that she didn't before, but this whole using her hybrid powers to save her people has given her a sense of purpose that she desperately needed after having to send Hope away), but the fact that Elijah and Hayley still seem to be on the outs is seriously hurting my soul. MAKE UP AND MAKE OUT ALREADY, YOU DORKS!

Outside on the streets of the French Quarter, Cami is wandering around the raucous All Hallow's Eve festivities, where the streets are packed full of people in various stages of inebriation and costumes who are partying the day away as Rebirth Brass Band (ft Erica Falls) plays "Rebirth Makes You Dance." She pulls out her phone to call Davina, and is very pleased when the baby witch actually answers it. "Finally, you pick up your phone!" Cami exclaims. "I've been trying to get a hold of you for days! Way to leave a girl hanging!" The scene cuts back and forth from Cami in the streets of the Quarter to Davina, who is standing on the porch of a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Davina apologizes for being distant, but insists that she didn't want her to worry, since things with her are really complicated right now. While she talks to her, she watches a still bitten and beat-up looking Mikael as he trains with a wooden staff in the side yard. "Yeah, well, word on the streets-- and by streets, I mean Josh-- is that you've gone totally MIA. Seriously, are you okay? Where are you?" Cami replies, which is hilarious. JOSH IS THE BEST. Davina assures her that she's a-okay, and promises that she'll be back soon before telling her how good it was to hear her voice and hanging up.

Understandably, Cami seems almost appalled that Davina would just hang up on her without giving her any deets into what's been going on in her life. Behind her, Klaus stands, smirking, and gets her attention by calling out, "Well, that was rather rude!" Cami quickly turns around and gapes at him, completely speechless, which makes Klaus add, "Well, it's a pleasure to see you too, Camille!" She finally manages to find her voice and wastes no time calling him out for ignoring her for months and then just suddenly showing up out of the blue with his "crooked-smile" thing. When she asks what he wants, he gets right to the point-- he has a laundry list of people he needs to find and deal with, and little Davina is at the top for her schemes against him. Cami is stunned to hear this news, and you know how much Klaus loves the drama, so he just raises his eyebrows and is like, "Oh, haven't you heard? Mikael the Destroyer, back from the dead! And, by all accounts, under the complete control of your little friend, Davina." 

Cami immediately starts to worry about Davina's safety and reminds him that since he was clearly listening in on their conversation, he knows that she didn't say anything about where she was. However, this isn't Klaus' first rodeo, and he's learned how to use his hybrid senses to great effect-- basically, he heard the sound of cicadas, tans, and church bells in the background of Cami and Davina's phone call, and since he took the liberty of looking into Davina's family, he found that the Claires own a cabin in Terrebonne Parish, out in the Bayou, which is a mile away from a little chapel. Knowing where he's going with this, Cami asks Klaus what he plans to do next, and since he looooooooves Cami, he gives her the opportunity to sway Davina to their side before he resorts to his usual means of dealing with enemies. "Well, the way I see it, if Davina wants to use Mikael to kill me, we just have two options. One, you reason with her. Two? Well, I don't think you'd like two very much." Since Cami's not an idiot, she realizes that Davina's best chance at survival is if she tags along, so she sighs and reluctantly agrees to come with him to track her down. Aw, Klaus' love for his friends and lovers is making him an actually kind of decent person? I mean, there was a time where Davina would instantly be dead, no questions asked, and by now she's avoided being killed by him on several occasions. Basically, I am LOVING THIS.

Over at the lycée, Lenesther and Koleb are in the greenhouse, preparing to do a spell to help them track down Davina. Well, I should say that Esther is chanting the actual spell, while Kol just pretends to mouth the words and tries to check his phone under the table. "Qui nous ti fille, a pouvoir la trouver, yon souree non se bla--" Esther says, before cutting herself off and yelling at Kol to concentrate, which finally gets him off his phone and paying attention. She asks him if she's finally heard from Davina as she drops several rose petals into a glass bowl of water, but Kol claims it's only a matter of time, considering how charming his face is. He's not wrong! Esther doesn't seem confident, though, and just pricks her finger with a dagger so she can drip her blood into the bowl along with the water and rose petals. She instructs Kol to conjure Davina in her mind as she lifts up the bowl in her hands, so Kol reluctantly closes his eyes and thinks of Davina while she restarts the spell. However, after only a moment or two of chanting, the bowl completely shatters in her hands, spilling its contents all over the table on which they're working. She declares that she won't be able to locate Davina with magic, because she's using a cloaking spell to cover her tracks. Smart girl!

Kol seems relieved and declares that this isn't fully his fault, then, but of course, that's when Finncent strolls in to give his two cents on the matter. "Considering your sole task was keeping track of a teenager, you might want to draw a little less attention to your absolute failure to do so," Finn sneers, which of course gets Kol ready to start yet another argument. "Oh, you're one to talk about failure! Have you got that human girl to bare her soul to you, yet? Or are you too busy playing captain to a pack of mangy dogs to have any success as a fake headshrinker?" ZING! Kol 1, Finn 0. Now I'm starting to understand just why the rest of the Mikaelson siblings thought Finn was such a prat, because DAMN, he is insufferable as hell. Anyway, Finn is about to go into detail as to what Kol's problem is, but Esther, sick of their squabbling, as usual, cuts them off and reminds them of the task at hand-- if Esther is right, Davina has the white oak stake, which is apparently (and worryingly) necessary in their plans. "Find the girl, Kol, and get it back," Esther insists, as Finn and Kol look at her with serious expressions. OH SHIT. This is gonna be such a mess.

Meanwhile, out near the Bayou, Mikael is outside of the Claire family cabin, where he is standing with his eyes closed, his staff in hand, as though he's meditating. As I said earlier, he's still visibly wounded by the werewolf bites he sustained in "Alive & Kicking" and seems to be weakened. Davina walks outside to join him and points out that his bites don't look so good, and neither does he, but Mikael just spits, "Werewolf venom is to be purged by force, not acquiesced to!" Davina hilariously retorts, "And what is that? A Viking bumper sticker?" Mikael changes the subject and asks her how long they'll be hiding out in the middle of nowhere like cowards, but Davina reminds him that since Elijah saw him, he and Klaus both know that he's back in the world of the living. So, since Davina is still working on the unlinking spell to break Marcel and Josh from Klaus' sire line, they're stuck there until Mikael is free to kill Klaus without harm to her friends. "Confrontation is inevitable, child," Mikael sneers patronizingly. "Your fear will prove to be our greatest disadvantage." 

Davina insists that she's not afraid, but Mikael tells her that she should be, because she's a weakling, blah blah blah, this is basically the same emotional abuse he inflicted on his children, and Klaus in particular. Davina's not that easy to abuse, though, and she takes great pleasure in pointing out that she put another spell on the enslavement bracelet she's wearing, which will ensure it can't be removed from her wrist by any means unless she wills it so. "Ah, yes. Your MAGIC," Mikael replies. "How well did that serve you when the wolves attacked? Hmm? Magic can only fight half your battles. Remember that." He turns away from her and walks back to the yard to return to his training, but Davina calls after him to stop him. "Okay. Fine. You're so tough? Teach me," she states confidently. Mikael practically bursts out laughing and asks her what he's supposed to teach her, but Davina's not joking around-- "How to be strong." Mikael smiles despite himself, and decides to teach her after all. YES! PLEASE GIVE ME MORE BADASS DAVINA PLZ. She could be like Prue or Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed, who were able to magically and physically kick all kinds of demon ass. It's worth learning, don't you think?

Over across the river of New Orleans, the vampire clan, including Gia and Josh, are meeting at Marcel's loft to discuss what to do following the werewolves' warning to get the fuck out of town. Gia insists that they don't want to run, especially now that Gia has just found her place among them, and while Marcel both knows and respects that decision, they've got a bit of a problem-- there's a huge difference between wanting to fight and knowing how to win, and at this point, they're in the latter category. Gia argues that he should teach them how to do it, then, since they all know he's kicked tons of werewolf ass in the past, and that she's sure Marcel didn't do it all by himself. Unfortunately for them, back in the 1920s and the 1990s, the werewolves didn't have moonlight rings, and the vampires had much bigger numbers, too, so they were coming into the fight from a position of strength.

Josh sees this problem, too, and summarizes it in his very Josh-like way: "Um, yeah, not that I don't dig the whole Karate Kid vibe that we got going on here, but HOW are we supposed to learn to defend ourselves from an army of super-wolves in, like, one day?" Marcel doesn't seem to have an answer for that, but someone else does-- someone who zoops into the loft in a swirl of linen and silk, and who snaps the necks of two of the vampires in the apartment in the blink of an eye. Obviously, it's Elijah, and when they all realize it, Marcel just rolls his eyes and sighs in frustration, while Josh looks veryyy nervous, and understandably so. "Lesson one--" Elijah states for the crowd. "Always be on your guard." As the vampire gape at him in shock, Elijah just smirks at them. YESS! This whole Elijah-helping-to-lead-the-vamps idea is seriously amazing and I am loving it SO MUCH.

At Lafayette Cemetery, Finncent is meeting with the leaders of the various groups of werewolves at his command, which naturally includes Oliver and Aiden. He asks them if their message was well received by the vampires, and Oliver assures them that they did, and that they're sure to be out of town by the following day. Finn isn't totally convinced, though, and replies, "In my experience, once can never be too careful with these creatures, though." Uh, yeah, you're neglecting to mention that it's your exorbitant experience in BEING AN ORIGINAL VAMPIRE, dude! "We'll greet them with superior numbers," Finn adds, before instructing a werewolf named Sam to bring him his recruits. When Sam leaves to do as he's told, Finn informs Oliver and Aiden that he has a special task for them, which becomes very clear when Sam returns with a huge group of untriggered teenage werewolves. Aiden's eyes widen in shock when he recognizes a cute, dark-haired boy in the crowd that he seems to recognize. When he asks what's happening, Finn begins to give a speech to the werewolves about what's about to happen.

"Tonight is luna sanguinis. A blood moon. Now, one thousand years ago, your people marked this celestial event with a rite of passage. Electing not to shrink from their nature, but to embrace it with pride by slaying a human being and activating their curse." OH SHIT, this is TERRIBLE, even for Finn and Esther, who have already done a bunch of terrible stuff. Aiden gasps in horror when he realizes that they're going to force the kids to trigger their werewolf genes, and Oliver seems pretty scandalized as well. When Finn continues on to say that the children will be killing for the singular purpose of unleashing the "warrior" that lives within them, Aiden angrily interrupts, "They're just a bunch of kids!" Finn doesn't really care, though, and points out that they're not in a position to keep there children sequestered from the ~horrors of war~ any longer, and affectionately squeezes the shoulders of the young boy Aiden knows, as Aiden and Oliver continue to gape in horror at this plan. As Finn leads the children away, he leaves the older wolves with a parting message-- "From now on, you're either with us, or you're against us." Well, bugger.

Back near the Bayou, Mikael is carving a symbol onto another wooden staff he's fashioned out of a large tree branch when Davina comes outside to join him. When she asks him what he's carving, he explains that it's the crest of his family's clan, which is meant to serve as a reminder that they always carry the honor of their ancestors before they go into battle. Ohhhh Mikael and his antiquated Viking philosophies. He takes his knife and flings it into the wooden swing before standing and tossing the staff to Davina, who just barely catches it, and who immediately whines that she wasn't ready. "First lesson--" Mikael states. "Always be on your guard." Glad to see it wasn't just Klaus who experienced the effects of having Mikael as a father-- Elijah seems to have picked up some things from him as well, and thankfully, this is a pretty good lesson to learn, despite Mikael's general horribleness. Davina holds the staff in her hands and remarks on how heavy it is, which leads Mikael to go into more of his ancient alpha-male bullshit in annoyance of Davina's perceived weakness. "I was half your age the first time my father gave me the staff," Mikael sneers. "I would have torn every muscle rather than let him see me strain. And, had I--" he stops talking and attacks her with his own staff, which she just barely manages to block before it hits her in the face, "--He would have corrected me." Davina, panting from the effort of holding her own against this Viking warrior, retorts, "No offense, but your dad sounds like a jerkwad."

BAHAHAHA. God, Davina is the best, and the juxtaposition between the younger people in the show (Davina, Josh, Gia, Cami, Hayley, etc) and their manner of speaking in comparison to the formal and old-fashioned Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Mikael, Esther, etc will never not be fascinating to me. Mikael reminds her that in his world, mothers are meant to love their children, while fathers make them strong, but Davina points out that her own mother tried to sacrifice her in some ritual to their ancestors, and her father took off before she was even born, so neither of her parents have really shown those kinds of feelings toward her. Man, I want to know more about her family. Her mother is dead, I'm pretty sure, but maybe her dad is still around and will make an appearance? Also, not to be a total spoiler or anything, but I've heard rumors that we might meet Davina's sister in the nearish future? Something to keep in mind, I guess. Anyway, she continues to dodge and block Mikael's strikes, but Mikael criticizes her for anticipating and allowing him to determine what her next move will be before she even makes it.

He catches her off-guard with a well-placed strike and she's knocked off balance, which causes her to twist her ankle as she falls to the ground. Mikael looks almost embarrassed to be in her presence as she whimpers in pain. He orders her to get up, but she insists that she can't because she hurt her ankle. "The ability to end your pain is a warrior's true weapon," Mikael explains impatiently. "Master that, and nothing holds power over you." Davina glares at him in frustration, but Mikael just once again states, "On your feet," so she reluctantly uses her staff to pull herself up off the ground, giving him the stink-eye the entire time. Once she's facing him, Mikael looks just the tiniest bit impressed and adds, "Good. Perhaps you've actually learned something today," before turning away and going back to his own training. Man, what a dick! I'm already so ready for him to die. Get on that, Klaus!

At some bar somewhere between the French Quarter and the Bayou, "Half Crazy" by the Barr Brothers plays as Cami sits alone at a table with a glass of sazerac, staring off into space. Suddenly, Klaus storms in and heads straight for her. "'Wait in the car,' you said. 'I'll be right back,' you said!" Cami just ignores him and takes another swig of her drink, but Klaus is frustrated as hell and isn't done ranting yet. "Did I not sufficiently explain to you the urgency of this endeavor?" Cami groans in annoyance and reminds him that it was he who hijacked her afternoon plans to drag her along on his revenge fantasy, and adds, "Excuse me if I need a drink to take the edge off before the killing begins." Klaus figures her plan is to ply him with booze and manage to sweet-talk him into leaving Davina and Mikael alone, but Cami insists that it's not-- her plan is to actually listen to what he has to say, because she knows that's what he wants and needs.

"Come on, Klaus. You could have eavesdropped on that phone call and vanished before I even knew you were there. So, let's just get to the part you really want me to play-- therapist, stenographer, drinking buddy... call it whatever you want. I know why I'm here: to give you the one thing you've never had-- someone to hear her side." Klaus just gapes in shock, because 1) he's not used to people calling him out on his shit, especially not humans, and 2) because he's never had anyone who was actually genuinely interested in what he's going through and how he feels, aside for maybe Elijah, Rebekah, and Hayley, who are family and who don't really count. He sighs, and sits down across from Cami at the table, and you can tell she's pleased for managing to talk him into it. "So, you want to kill your father? Fine. Let's talk!" She smiles at him, and he reluctantly smiles back before grabbing her drink and taking a sip. YAYYYY KLAMILLE TIME.

Back at the cabin, Davina has moved inside the house to the living room, where she's sitting in a rocking chair and gingerly removing the boot from her injured ankle. She whimpers in pain as she strips off her sock to find that her ankle is black and blue and very swollen. Realizing she needs help, she grabs her phone and dials a number, and waits for her friend to answer. "Hi," Davina begins weakly, as she winces in pain once again. "I'm sorry, I know I haven't called in a while." Over at the lycée, Koleb has answered the phone and paces around the greenhouse while he talks to her. He assures her that it's all good, and asks her where she is and if she's okay. Not wanting to get into it, Davina replies that she'll text him the address of where she's staying, as well as a list of stuff she'd like him to bring her to help treat her ankle. Kol smiles and promises he'll be right there before hanging up and considering his next move. God, I love these two together SO MUCH. I basically ship any two characters in this show, but I'm surprised at how much the Davina/Kol pairing has won me over, though I'm not sure WHY I'm surprised, considering I have always loved Davina, and any character Daniel Sharman plays ultimately becomes a favorite of mine. It helps that they have amazing chemistry together, too.

Anyway, let's check out what's going on at Vampire School at Marcel's loft! "Bon Temps Rouler #3" by Mama Rosin plays while Elijah, who is alone in the room with Gia, is giving the newbie vampire some fighting lessons. They're standing face-to-face, but when Gia goes to punch him in the chest, he easily blocks it. "As a devout feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl," Elijah begins, which DAMN, that is like the hottest thing a dude can say to a girl. YOU WIN EVERYTHING, ELIJAH. He lets go of her fist, but she spins away in frustration when he suggests that they start again. She asks him why she can't go outside and practice with Marcel, "the nice teacher," and the rest of the vampires, but Elijah insists that she is his responsibility while he rolls up his shirtsleeves in preparation for more fighting. "...Says the feminist," Gia snarks hilariously, which makes Elijah chuckle before beginning to explain fighting in a way that Gia can better understand. "Fighting is rhythm. There is a music, there is a meter, there is a pattern. Let that rhythm beat within you." GOD, WHY IS HE SO HOT. This scene is incredibly distracting, to be quite honest. He instructs her to start again, and the two start sparring, while Elijah calls out various musical terms when he blocks her strikes-- legato, ostinato, crescendo.

"And then when you've established your cadence--" Elijah begins, after he blocks another shot, but Gia takes advantage of his distraction and spins out of his grip, kicking him back and eventually pinning him against the wall. "You change the key," Gia says with a small smile, and Elijah can't help but look proud as he catches his breath. He takes her arm, pressing her hand against his chest before instructing her to make the kill shot-- the head, or the heart? When Gia hesitates, he gently reminds her that none of these lessons will make a difference in the real world if she's not prepared to make the kill, but this seems to be her problem. "What if I can't do it?" she asks quietly, but when she takes her hand off of him, he grabs it and puts it back where it was. "You will," he assures her. "To survive. Now-- the head, or the heart?" Gia looks pretty terrified, but she does what she's told, and forcefully shoves her hand into Elijah's chest and grabs his heart. HOLY SHIT! I've never seen someone do the heart-rip on an Original before, that's pretty badass! Especially since Elijah is voluntarily allowing Gia to practice on her.

Anyway, he looks super impressed by how quickly she caught on to supernatural fighting, until Hayley suddenly stomps into the apartment and stops dead in her tracks when she sees what's going on. Gia and Elijah both look startled and almost embarrassed, as though they just got caught doing the do instead of practicing their fight moves, so Gia gently pulls her hand out of his chest as they turn toward her. Hayley looks mildly jealous, but she shakes it off quickly and gets to the reason why she's there-- they need to talk. Suddenly, Aiden follows Hayley into the loft, and Gia would have totally lunged his ass and practiced her newest heart-rip abilities on him if not for Elijah pulling her back at the last moment. Hayley promises that they're not there for a fight and urges them to listen to what he has to say, but Elijah doesn't seem that convinced. "Speak," he orders. "I suggest you be succinct." Aiden, realizing that he totally fucked up last night by coming after them and then asking for help, sighs and replies, "Please. I need your help."

After the break, Elijah, Gia, Hayley and Aiden have been joined by Oliver, Josh, and Marcel in a straight up werewolf-hybrid-vampire delegation to discuss the wolves' current dilemma. Aiden explains to them that "the witch" (aka Esther, under the guise of Lenore) has decided that she needs more werewolf soldiers, and so now they're being forced to join up or get themselves grievously injured or killed for their trouble. Even Elijah seems to be appalled by this news, and adds, "I've known my brother Finn to be merciless, but I'll admit, this exceeds even MY expectations." Hayley reminds them that the untriggered werewolf teenagers are just kids, and points out that since Marcel knows the Quarter better than anyone in this town, he's their best bet for getting them out of there before they can be forced to kill anyone. Marcel is like, "Yeah? And where exactly am I gonna take them?" but as it turns out, Oliver is still full of good ideas and is actually being helpful again. I love that Oliver is actually trying to be a good guy now.

So, he brings up the fact that there are still wolves out deep in the Bayou, the ones who refused to take moonlight rings for Esther, who will help take care of them. Marcel can't help but reply, "The ones that never sold out, you mean," but Oliver doesn't even try to suggest otherwise. "You wanna look at it like that, that's fine. We did what we had to do." Marcel still has one concern, which is that the werewolves have been fighting the vampires for decades, maybe even longer, so why are they choosing to trust them now? That's when Aiden confesses why he's really getting involved, which is that the cute little brown haired boy is his little brother. Josh looks completely stunned by this admission, especially when Aiden insists that he won't be sending his brother into war under any circumstances. Still family is a HUGE thing for Hayley, Elijah, and Marcel, this is more than enough to convince them to help out, and Elijah asks him to tell them everything that they need. YESSS! These big team-ups are quickly becoming my favorite part of this show and especially this season. I cannot get enough of it! Maybe peace between the factions isn't such a fairy tale notion after all?

At the bar near the Bayou, Klaus is getting into the nitty-gritty details of his current parental issues with Cami over drinks, and, as expected, Klaus is relishing in the drama of it all and the fact that he's finally got a (more-than) friend who is not only willing, but actually WANTS to hear what he has to say.
KLAUS: "My mother's intentions are far less savage than my father's. She'd prefer to place us all in new bodies, thereby reuniting our family in some bizarre coven of extremely dysfunctional witches."
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] "So, what, are you just gonna kill her, too?"
KLAUS: "If only I could! But, therein lies my predicament-- if I kill her, she'll just jump into another body. If I somehow manage to thwart that nasty little inconvenience, she'll rejoin the bloody witch ancestors and haunt me from beyond. But, right now, Mikael has the white oak stake. He needs to die first."
CAMI: [confused] "And how are you going to do that unarmed?"
KLAUS: [smiles] "I've taken precautions."

So, Klaus reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out Papa Tunde's bone-blade, which makes Cami impulsively finish off her drink. "Oh, goody, Papa Tunde's Mystical-Knife-of-Ludicrous-Torment. Glad that's still around!" LOL, I LOVE CAMI! I think she's been hanging around Josh a little too much, because she was seriously channeling his essence in that statement. Anyway, Klaus reminds Cami that his parents have dedicated their lives to making Klaus always feel weak and afraid, and since he's already kill each of them once before, killing them both again should be no problemo. He rises to his feet, ready to leave and get this murder-fest started already, but Cami jumps up and grabs him by the arm to stop him. "Klaus, wait! I get it. The hurt your parents have inflicted on you for a thousand years. I understand what you're fighting against. The real question is, what are you fighting for?" Klaus looks at her for a second, almost in confusion, although the answer to that question seems pretty obvious-- his daughter, Hope, is what he's fighting for, but since Cami and everyone else believe she's dead (and since, for her own safety, they NEED to keep believing it), Klaus can hardly say that. Luckily for him, Cami doesn't give him time to answer before she instructs him to ask her to dance, as Sharon Van Etten's "Every Time the Sun Comes Up" starts to play on the jukebox.

Klaus is understandably confused, and is like, "You want to DANCE? Now?" but while Cami admits that she never wants to dance because she's terrible at it, she insists that she's trying to make a point. Klaus almost looks as though he can't believe he's actually doing this when there are parents that need to be slayed, but he reluctantly holds out his hand, and he and Cami start dancing slowly in the middle of the bar. "There's more than the pain they made you feel," Cami continues, as they slowly sway and spin to the tune of the music, "A cold beer, a slow song, a good friend... There are good things, Klaus," she adds, as she takes Klaus' hand in hers. "And you need to see that, too." Klaus looks as if he's about to cry, because I'm not sure ANYONE (who isn't his family) has ever been this genuinely loving to him before, at least not that we've ever seen. They stare at each other, their faces unbearably close, as they continue to dance all alone in the bar. "There's no peace in revenge," Cami whispers, and it looks as though Klaus is about to kiss her, but he moves his face at the last minute and instead rests his cheek against her temple. Cami looks overwhelmed and almost a little disappointed that he isn't actually kissing her until he turns his face toward hers once again, their lips just centimeters apart. He quickly spins her around, which makes Cami smile for a brief moment until she realizes he's totally vamp-sped away while she was distracted. OMG, that is a shitty move, Klaus, even for you!

Meanwhile, at the Claire cabin, Koleb has just arrived with the witchy ingredients Davina asked for, and immediately takes a look at Davina's injured ankle, rolling up the hem of her jeans so he can see it clearly. "Yeah, I've heard about this!" Kol exclaims with a smile. "I've never actually seen it first-hand. It appears as though someone has knocked you head over heels, quite literally!" Davina giggles, because man, is he charming, and he adds, "And I thought I'd have that honor." Davina just hums happily as Kol uses his fingers to scoop some lumpy herbal poultice out of a bowl so he can rub it into Davina's bruised foot and ankle. Davina adorably wrinkles her nose and is in the midst of describing how bad it smells when Kol interjects, "[Like] you've run into something quite dead? Yeah, it's just a little something I picked up from a shaman block in Uganda." Once he's finished spreading the poultice over Davina's ankle, he proclaims that she's good to go, and Davina sighs in relief when it starts working. She attempts to stand to her feet while she remarks on how the pain is completely gone, but naturally, her foot is numb and causes her to stumble. Kol fortunately has quick reflexes and manages to catch her before she hits the floor, and reminds her that while the pain-relieving poultice is magic, it's not a miracle. He sits her down on a nearby bench and props her ankle up on a chair before he sits down next to her.

Kol notices that she's got a bunch of pages of notes in various magical languages, along with vials of spell ingredients and tries to get some information on what she's cooking up over there. When he points out the spell she must have in the works, Davina just smiles and plays coy, so he brings up the fact that he assumed she had her secrets because of the huge werewolf brawl at Rousseau's the last time they saw each other. Davina immediately apologizes for getting him hurt, but he shrugs it off and insists that he's not a fan of dull girls anyway. "That said, what exactly is going on here?" he asks as innocently as possible, but though Davina opens her mouth to speak, she can't find a reasonable lie to tell him to cover her true intentions, and Kol remarks that she's still not the trusting type. Davina asks him if he trusts her, which makes him burst out laughing and reply in the most adorable way that makes me fall in love with Daniel Sharman all over again.

"Are you slicked?" he asks a confused Davina. "Those sad eyes might fool some people, but not me! I know what you're after." Davina's eyes widen in fear, as though she's afraid he knows what she's really doing, Fortunately, he's just continuing on his flirtations. "You've got a lecherous heart, Davina Claire!" he croons. "I won't be used, not for my body, nor my medicinal herbs!" Relieved, Davina just starts giggling even more, and Kol insists that they can only hold hands, and that's it. "Whatever it is you're up to, well... you can tell me when you're good and ready," he says gently as he stares into her eyes, and she looks up at him as though she's totally crushing on him despite herself when he reaches out to brush a lock of her hair behind her ear. I AM SHIPPING IT SO HARD IT KILLS ME. Damn you, Sharman, and your damn face and accent and general charming self!

Back in the city, the rescue squad is gathered around Marcel's coffee table in his loft, looking at a map of the Quarter as they plan out their scheme together. Aiden points to a spot on the map and informs them that the werewolf children are being held in the City of the Dead (Lafayette Cemetery) until the adult werewolves bring them in through the Quarter. While this is going on, Finncent will be meeting with some in-the-know humans at St. Annes Church, who haven't exactly been eager to sign up for Esther's cause. Elijah is visibly horrified when he realizes that his brother's plan is to have the children kill any humans who stand against them, which will not only rid them of opposition, but will give them additional werewolf soldiers as well, which Aiden describes accurately, poetically, and succinctly: "Activate their curse, send a message to anyone who's thinking about going against him. It's two birds, one BLOODBATH." Marcel determines that their best bet is to go against them while the kids are on the move, and Elijah instructs Aiden to make sure that he and Oliver are in charge of escorting the children. When Elijah adds that they'll be handling the rest, Oliver gets a little antsy, because he can tell that Esther and Finn are already suspicious of him since Lenore got away on his watch, so if the kids manage to do the same, he's likely gonna get his ass killed for his trouble. However, Elijah reminds him that he's the one who wanted to help his fellow wolves and make amends for the shitty things he's done in the past, and points out that this is his chance to wipe out some of the red in his ledger. Eep, shit's about to get so real!

Over in the Bayou, Koleb has just deposited Davina (who apparently was so tuckered out that she fell asleep even despite the fact that a super cute boy was flirting heavily with her) into her bed. Once he's made sure that she's totally out, he heads out of her room and closes the door so he can start snooping around the cabin for the white oak stake. He starts wandering around, looking at all the ingredients to the spells she's cooking up, until he finally finds a room whose door is ajar and sneaks right in. The room is full of lit candles, and he immediately starts pawing through dresser drawers in hopes of finding what his mama sent him to take. Unfortunately, he didn't notice Mikael chilling out in that room, and he eventually pops out, grabs Kol by the arm, and twists it behind his back. "What have we here?" Mikael sneers. "A liar AND a thief?" Kol insists that he's just looking around, conveniently leaving out the fact that Mikael is totally roughing up his own son right now, but Mikael demands to know why he shouldn't just kill him where he stands. "The bracelet," Kol gasps as he tries to wriggle out of his grip. "The one she uses to control you. I'm a witch. I know the magic to turn it off. You'll be free to do whatever you want, provided you promise not to harm me." NOPE NOPE NOPE DANGER ALERT DANGER ALERT. Mikael seems interested in this, obviously, but doesn't want to look too eager, so he considers his options for a moment before he finally lets Kol go. Kol winces and rubs his aching wrists as he glares at Mikael. "I take it we have a deal?" he asks, but Mikael just stares at him.

In the French Quarter, the All Hallows Eve party continues to rage on, as costumed party-goers drink and generally act messy as only people in New Orleans can to the sounds of Rebirth Brass Band's "Rebirth Groove." Aiden, Oliver, and the other werewolf leaders are in the middle of walking the group of wolfbabies through the neighborhood toward St. Anne's church, and Aiden's little brother Nick looks extremely nervous. As planned, Marcel and Gia are at the party, too, pretending like they're blending in, until Gia, with a drink in hand, purposely runs into one of the head werewolves, who immediately realizes who she is and stops to fight her. Gia shoves him backwards, where he's caught by Marcel and has his neck snapped before anyone can even blink. WHOA, did Oliver and Aiden actually okay that part? They must be super serious if they're willing to kill some of their own people to protect the kids. Marcel gives Aiden a significant look before he and Gia flee the scene, which allows Aiden to "chase" them under the guise of punishing them. He tells Oliver to take the kids, and orders the other leaders to split up to track the vampires down.

Once they're gone, Oliver approaches the crowd of children and whispers, "Listen up, listen up. We gotta go. Don't ask questions, just move!" before he leads them down the street. He stops short once he's made their way through the crowd, and starts to panic when he doesn't see any familiar faces. Fortunately, that's when Hayley pops out of an alley and calls out to Oliver to follow her through the alley into Rousseau's. Once they make it into the restaurant, Josh meets them in the back room where he opens up a secret passage Marcel must have told him about. He explains that the passage leads to underground tunnels from the Prohibition days (which, let's be real, was probably created by the Mikaelsons) that will take them anywhere in town they'll need to go. Josh encourages the children to go on ahead through the passage, and then he and Hayley follow after them, leaving a very anxious-looking Oliver behind.

Alright, get ready for some cutting back and forth, because it gets a liiiiittle confusing. Oliver heads to some sort of parking garage, where Elijah is waiting for him. Oliver assures him that "they" should be right behind him and will show up momentarily. Meanwhile, Hayley is leading the children through the tunnels, and places her finger to her lips to remind the kids that they need to stay quiet. When they come upon a metal gate, Josh uses his vampire strength to break it, and meet up with Gia on the other side. Josh asks her the whereabouts of Marcel, but when Gia informs him that he's getting their getaway vehicle, Hayley snaps, "Hey! Big-mouth! Shut it! There are werewolves EVERYWHERE."

Back at the parking garage, Elijah and Oliver continue waiting around until they finally hear the sounds of the werewolves getting ready to surround them. Oliver is like, "About damn time, jfc," as they all circle around them, and the lead werewolf (Sam, I think? I guess it doesn't really matter, because we all know he's not long for this world) takes great pleasure in informing them that they shouldn't bother trying to run away, because they've got them cornered. Oliver just laughs and reminds them that they're certainly not dumb enough to bring the kids there with them, and Elijah seems to be growing more fond of him by the moment, because he totally backs him up. "Yes, I so do apologize for any inconvenience," Elijah adds, super polite as always. "The little ones you seek are elsewhere. Which, I suppose, leaves you here with me." Maybe-Sam side-eyes them and reveals that it's actually the two of them who are confused, because they didn't even come for the werewolf kids-- what Esther wants is ELIJAH (and probably Oliver, too, let's be real.) Wait, so did they ever plan to make the kids trigger their curses? I'm guessing that Esther and Finn would have taken advantage of the newly-triggered werepups if they had them, but it seems as though they had a feeling the ploy would reveal the double agents in their midst and could possibly even lead them to Elijah in the process. That is some DAMN good scheming, Esther! I'm actually pretty impressed.

Elijah isn't impressed, though, and starts to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeves, which is when you know that shit's about to go DOWN. "Listen to me very carefully," Elijah begins calmly. "I told a good friend that I'd do my very best to spare the lives of her people. You leave right now, I will honor that." He smiles a very Klaus-esque devil smile and adds, "Stay, and the situation becomes irrefutably awkward." I LOVE THIS DAPPER, ELOQUENT, BADASS MAN SO DAMN MUCH IT KILLS ME. Maybe-Sam's upper lip twitches as he braces himself for the inevitable fight, which causes the rest of the wolves in his group to do the same. Elijah just sighs, like, "Ugh, I tried to save myself a mess, but here we fucking go," and quietly turns to Oliver to let him know that it'd probably be best if he left. Oliver shakes his head though, and sighs before replying, "Either I'm in or I'm out, right?" It almost looks as though Elijah is pleasantly surprised by Oliver's change of heart from the person Elijah first met, and he nods in assent as the two men stand back-to-back and get ready for a werewolf showdown.

Hayley, Gia, and Josh have finally led the kids to a gas station on a back road, where Marcel and Aiden are waiting for them with an ambulance so he can take the kids out to the Bayou. He gestures toward the kids and instructs them to pile into the back, which they do. Little Nick breaks out into a huge smile when he sees his big brother, and he gives Aiden the biggest hug ever as he exclaims that he made it. "Of course I did!" Aiden replies affectionately. "I told you I'd be here, didn't I?" He helps Nick hop into the back of the ambulance, and once all the kids are settled, Marcel and Hayley close the back doors and get ready to take the kids to their old home. Aiden and Josh give each other another one of the many significant looks that they've shared over the course of this episode before Aiden turns to the rest of the group and thanks them all for their help. Hayley just smiles and replies, "We're both fighting for the same thing, you know. Just trying to save the ones that we love."

And that's what it all really boils down to in this show (and all of the shows that I like), isn't it? I've been seeing these gifsets on Tumblr with this quote that I think fits The Originals (and The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf, but The Originals especially): "I want people to tell their children terrifying stories of the things we did for love." Like, couldn't that be the quote that sums up all of these characters in a nutshell? Killing, torturing, casting spells and hexes, making mad grabs for power, faking deaths-- they're all things pretty much all of the characters are willing to do to protect the people they love, whether they be family by blood or by bond. ANYWAY, Aiden smiles at Hayley, and Marcel claps him on the shoulder in a friendly way before he and Hayley hop into the front seats and get ready to get the kids the hell out of there. As they drive away, Aiden gets one last look of his brother through the window. Aw, I'm dying of feels over here!

Back in town, Oliver and Elijah have both just finished taking out the werewolves; they're both absolutely covered in blood and Oliver is in the middle of ripping one of the wolves' moonlight-ring-clad arms off. "Well, I guess this is all they got," Oliver remarks through his panting, and Elijah agrees with him until his muscles suddenly seize up in pain. Naturally, Finn is behind him, doing that finger-rubby pain infliction spell on his little bro, and he insists that he's just getting started. In a surprising demonstration of loyalty, Oliver lunges at Finn after the witch clenches his fist so tightly the spell brings Elijah to his knees. Unfortunately for Oliver, Finn seems to be pretty great at martial magic, and he easily uses telekinesis to throw Oliver backward into a car. As he falls to the floor, seemingly unconscious, Elijah takes advantage of the break from his spell to vamp-speed over to Finn and grab him in a tight choke-hold. "Perhaps your next body will last longer than this one, brother," Elijah growls, and is juuuust about to snap his neck when a regular stake impales him through the chest from behind. NOOOOOOO! Somehow, Esther showed up out of nowhere and used her own telekinesis to stake him and take him out, and twists her hands to twist the stake until Elijah finally gets knocked out. THIS IS THE WORST. And, of course, Esther just looks over at Finn and smirks evilly, while Oliver comes to and realizes that if Elijah is down, then he is well and truly FUCKED.

Buckle in, babies, because we're about to do a lot more cutting back and forth from inside the Claire cabin and outside in the yard. So, Koleb returns to Davina's bedroom and leans over her as she sleeps to do what he promised Mikael and de-spell her bracelet. Unfortunately for him, Davina senses him and startles herself awake, so he's forced to cover by pretending he meant to reach over her to grab her phone. He informs her that her phone is full of texts and asks who Cami is, which worries Davina enough to grab the phone from him and see for herself. She finds text after text that all say some form of "I REALLY NEED YOU TO ANSWER ME. HE KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE." Knowing that Klaus is undoubtedly involved, Davina anxiously turns to Kol and grabs his hand to lead him into the next room. Meanwhile, Klaus has just arrived to the cabin, and walks up onto the porch to peek through the windows, though he can't see anything. The reason for this is the fact that Davina and Kol are sitting cross-legged on the floor inside, chanting an unintelligible spell that appears to be making them invisible to Klaus.

Outside, Klaus walks across the porch to peer into another window, but though he can't see anything, we can see that Mikael is standing on the other side of the glass, gripping the white oak stake. Klaus is still poking around in the front of the house, where he finds one of the wooden staffs with his family's crest carved in it, which makes him so angry that he lobs the thing through the window like a javelin. Inside, Davina and Kol both see the staff in time to duck for cover, but Davina does it a little too enthusiastically and ends up knocking her head so hard on a nearby trunk that she knocks herself out. "Enough games, Davina!" Klaus shouts from the porch. "Send out my father! Let's finish this!" Kol is in the middle of checking on Davina when Mikael comes in and grabs him in a choke-hold, threatening to kill him if he doesn't release him from Davina's control immediately. He drops Kol to the floor just as Klaus shouts, "DAVINA! Is this not why you brought him for? I'm not afraid!" Geez, Klaus, this rage is doing a number on your grammar skills! Kol grabs Davina's bracelet-clad wrist and starts mumbling some French that I cannot begin to interpret until the symbol on the bracelet starts to glow as the spell breaks. Mikael closes his eyes in pleasure, feeling the power of the curse lift, and sighs in relief. OH SHIT, HOW DID KOL DO THAT.

Klaus is continuing to wait impatiently outside when the front door suddenly creaks open and Mikael exits to finally have another face-to-face with his step-son. "Hello, BOY," Mikael spits, and though Klaus is trying his best to look cool and confident, his face is betraying quite a bit of fear. "You seem rather impatient. Are you so eager to meet your end?" Klaus just steps toward him and insists that the only thing he's eager to do is to stand over his dead corpse again. "Only this time, I'll enjoy it more," he adds hilariously. I LOVE YOU, KLAUS. They continue on with the hysterically dramatic banter before they gear up for the big fight. Mikael: "I've traveled all the way back from hell for this moment." Klaus: "Well, then, I'd hate to keep you waiting!" BAHAHAHA. Klaus lunges first, and the fight starts in earnest. Both fighters are able to block the other's blows, but it's pretty obvious that Mikael has the upper-hand, even this early on in their throwdown.

On two occasions, Mikael manages to ninja-kick Klaus onto the ground so that he can get him in a choke-hold and attempt to stake him; the first time, Klaus kicks him off and rises to his feet quickly enough that he could stomp on Mikael's wrist before he could grab the stake. They started to fight again, but the second time Mikael knocked him down, it looked like things were about to get pretty bad. Mikael manages to stake Klaus in the shoulder, but before he can remove it and get it in Klaus' heart, Klaus pulls Papa Tunde's blade out of his pocket and stabs Mikael in the heart with it. YASSSSSSS! He roars in agony as the knife embeds itself into his chest and falls motionless to the ground. Relieved as hell, Klaus rises to his feet and pulls the stake out of his shoulder, looking pretty damn pleased.

When we return from the break, Klaus is standing over Mikael's body, the white oak stake clutched in his hand, clearly debating whether or not he should finish his step-father off while he's got him incapacitated by Tunde's blade. Suddenly, Cami arrives, having run a long distance just to catch up with Klaus before he killed Mikael. She's panting for breath and clearly PISSED, and wastes no time going in on his ass. "Where is she? If something happened to her, Klaus, I swear to God--" I LOVE how much Cami loves Davina! She vowed like, midway through last season that she'd expose Klaus if he ever so much as touched Davina and Josh, and I'm glad that she's sticking to it. Anyway, Klaus assures her that Davina's totally fine, though she'll likely have a huuuge headache when she wakes up. "But, given her intentions for me, she should count herself lucky," Klaus adds. Cami sighs in relief through her panting, which makes Klaus smile. "'Course, if you drop dead of a heart attack, I may have to kill her on general principle." BAHAHAHA. Oh, Klaus, always the joker in tense situations.

Cami, still breathless, starts going in on Klaus again, and reminds him that he was the one who ditched her at the bar, which forced her to hitch-hike half the way and run through the backroads of the Bayou for the rest of the trip. Klaus is super amused at this point, and notes her perseverance, but Cami is NOT DONE. "Oh, shut up! I'm so mad at you, I can hardly SPEAK! But, I am here, and not to bargain with you, and not to shame you, but to TELL you-- under NO circumstances will you hurt that girl, do you understand me?" YES CAMI! YOU TELL HIM WHAT'S WHAT. Klaus opens his mouth as though he's about to make some snarky retort, but he reconsiders and instead gives her his word that he won't harm Davina. Cami is finally relieved by this, and, having no further reason to be pissed at him, lunges for him to give him a hug, which surprises Klaus as much as you'd expect. When they finally break apart, Cami notices Mikael's body on the ground and gasps. She asks him if he's dead, but Klaus answers in the negatory. "He's still alive, in complete and utter agony. I decided to take your advice, keep him that way for a while." Cami looks a little horrified, like, "Uh, that's not exactly what I meant by not killing him," but since the alternative is that Mikael kills Klaus, she goes with it.

Meanwhile, back in town, Josh is sitting at a bar (which is playing the Avett Brothers' "Bring Your Love To Me"), looking at his phone, where we can see he has a message on his dating app from someone named MordorInTheFirst. OH SHIT, I can already tell this dude is perfect for Josh, OMG. The message reads, "Tonight, 10PM, Bywater Tavern," and as Josh rereads the message, he sighs and takes a swig of his beer. After a long moment, fucking AIDEN THE WEREWOLF LEADER shows up and sits down next to him. YESSS! Hottie couple alert! Josh seems surprised to see him, and remarks that he's surprised that he actually showed, but Aiden just retorts that he didn't think Josh was a vampire. "Ditto on the whole leader-of-a-werewolf-army thing," Josh replies. After an awkward silence, he brings up the fact that Aiden's pictures on his dating app don't do him justice, because he's way hotter in person, which is SUCH a Josh thing to say. I love it. I LOVE JOSH. "You know, when you're not murdering people..."

Aiden gets kind of uncomfortable and says that he shouldn't have come, and Josh doesn't necessarily disagree, but he does want to know why he did come, then. "I guess I hoped seeing you might make me feel a little less... I don't know. Alone?" AW AIDEN. Josh suggests that perhaps for this evening, they can pretend that they're not members of two warring species, and that the city isn't about to implode from this supernatural war that never seems to end. "We can just, I don't know... be ourselves?" Aiden smiles a beautiful smile and nods, assuring Josh that he'd like that a lot. Josh just grins back and settles in as Aiden gestures to the bartender for a drink of his own. YESSS! Bromeo and Bromeo are happening!!! FIRST CANON GAY COUPLE IN THIS UNIVERSE I AM SO PUMPED.

Over at Marcel's loft, Marcel, Hayley, and Gia are hanging out in the living room, where Marcel is pouring them all drinks at his bar. Mikky Ekko's excellent song "Smile" plays as he hands a drink to Hayley, which she accepts it with a smile. She excitedly points out that they all actually managed to work together to rescue the werecubs, which she never thought was possible. "Well, you're a vampire now," Marcel reminds her. "First rule is NEVER say never, 'cause never ain't that long. And, what we did today was the right thing. But, you know, it's gonna make things worse between your people and mine." Hayley turns toward Gia, who is sitting on the window seat and staring out toward the French Quarter. "There's a life lesson for you, baby vamp!" she says kindly, as she grabs a drink for her and walks over to hand it over. "It always gets worse before it gets better,"

Gia looks worried, though, and brings up the fact that they just left Elijah out there alone. Hayley, feeling a bit awkward considering the current state of her relationship with Elijah, assures her that while she does worry about many things concerning that suave Original, Elijah is more than capable of taking care of himself, which seems to cheer Gia up a little. I just want more of Hayley and Gia being girlfriends already! And I love Hayley/Marcel team-ups, too. Basically any time that characters who don't often get time together end up working together for the common good is absolutely perfect for me. BRING IT ON, JULIE PLEC.

At the cabin, Klaus is in the middle of loading Mikael's body into the trunk of his SUV. When he closes the trunk door, he sighs heavily and turns to return to the house where Cami is waiting for him. Unfortunately for him, he isn't there to notice the fact that Mikael manages to startle himself back into consciousness despite the Blade-of-Torment stuck in his heart. He fights against the pain caused by the cursed blade and groans in agony as he reaches into his chest and finally manages to pull the bloody knife out. NOOO THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A SHITSHOW.

Finally, we end up at Lafayette Cemetery, where Elijah awakens to find that he's been chained up in one of the many crypts there. His wrists are shackled and suspended from chains that are attached to the ceiling, just like Lenore was when she was captured in "Every Mother's Son." He anxiously looks around the room, taking note of all of the burning candles surrounding him, before he realizes that Lenesther is standing nearby and staring at him. She smiles, which does nothing to endear Elijah to her, and he demands to know what she wants from him. "I only want us to be a family again, Elijah," she says softly, as she approaches him and takes his chin in her hand so she can look him in the face. "But-- I'm so sorry-- in order for that to happen, you MUST be purified." WHAT THE FUCK? She turns and walks away, leaving Elijah alone and bound where no one will look to find him. THIS IS THE WORST.

Next episode: Mikael hits Klaus where it hurts by capturing Cami in order to lure him to another showdown that he hopes will end in Klaus' death; Davina learns some shocking information about Koleb; and finally, Elijah is tormented by his past when his mother reminds him of his first love, the doppelgänger Tatia.

[screencaps via Screencapped]


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