Emily Rewatches TVD-- Season 5, Episode 16: "While You Were Sleeping"

YAY, ELENA IS FINALLY BACK. I still to this day cannot believe that the showrunners decided it would be a good idea to eliminate their main character, around whom the entire show revolves, just so a secondary character can have the spotlight for five episodes, but now that that infernal story line is over, it's all uphill from here! So, I'm not going to waste any more time getting into it! Let's talk "While You Were Sleeping!"

Between having her body invaded without her consent by her worst enemy, during which her friends didn't even notice for weeks, and the fact that she was injected with a werewolf venom/Ripper serum cocktail, she is understandably having a hard time adjusting to her return to her life. We open to a flashback and/or hallucination where Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, and Elena are all drinking in a crowded bar. They pass around shots until they notice that Elena has climbed on the bar and is dancing her butt off, and though Bonnie seems a little confused, Matt insists she's just having fun and yells, "Take it off!" She strips off her tshirt and throws it at him before joining them for shots, but once everyone takes them, she starts to get frustrated. "Am I seriously that easy to impersonate, or do you guys not know me at all? [...] When have I ever danced on a bar half-naked? You think I would come to a college bar with my underage brother and do tequila shots?" Everyone is totally confused, so Matt asks her what the fuck she's talking about, but Elena just shouts, "I'm not Elena, Matt, I'm Katherine! It's not me, you guys know me. I-I-I would never do that, guys! Katherine has taken over my body! This isn't me!" That's when Elena wakes up to find that she's alone in her dorm room, and she was just dreaming.

The dorm is completely empty, and she wanders around until she finally makes it to the common room and finds Stefan, who is happy to see that she's awake. He senses her confusion and explains that everyone left for spring break, and that she's been in and out ever since she first woke up at the boarding house. Elena is relieved to hear it, because she thought she was going crazy, but when she goes to walk toward Stefan, she runs into a mystical barrier that prevents her from going any farther. Even more confused, she asks Stefan what's going on, so he's forced to admit that they had to seal her in the building. "We've got a lot of catching up to do."

After the title card, Elena outlines the last moments she remembers before Katherine Passengered herself into her body-- she was running through the woods while she was getting slammed with memories of Katherine's entire life, and then when she found Damon and threw her arms around him, that's when everything stopped. Stefan hesitantly informs her that happened three weeks ago, which does not please Elena, especially considering it only took Katherine one second to infect her with the *sigh* "virus" that will make her want to kill all her friends. She's not convinced the lockdown is necessary, because she feels fine, but Stefan insists that they need to play it safe, because Damon's own struggle with the Ripper serum has taught them that even the mere scent of vampire blood can turn him into a bloodthirsty killing machine. Elena suddenly realizes that she has no idea who put up the boundary spell, so Stefan explains that Bonnie has made a new friend, Liv, who is a newbie witch who has been learning magic from Bonnie. He assures her that while this isn't an ideal set-up, Caroline is out searching for the antidote, and until then, they've learned how to keep her and Damon satiated, so they just have to figure it out. At the sound of Damon's name, Elena states that she needs to talk to him.

Speaking of Damon, he has been re-chained up in the cellar after his jail-break attempt in the previous episode, and Jeremy has just entered the room with a glass of blood that he uses to tease Damon until he finally gives up and hands it over. Elena then calls Damon's phone, which rings in Jeremy's pocket, and though Damon orders him not to answer it, Jeremy totally does it anyway so he can make sure his big sister is doing alright. She swears that she is, and tells him she misses him a lot before Damon's pouting becomes to much for Jer and he reluctantly hands over the phone. They make pleasant small talk about the Damon diet and eating people and payphones until Elena complains that Katherine put a lock code on her phone so she can't use it, and freaks out a little about not knowing what the hell Katherine did in her body for the last three weeks. Damon assures her that he'll fill her in on everything, and asks her what she wants to know.

Of course, Elena's first question is about their break-up, and how Katherine did it. "Oh, that..." Damon lies. "I don't know, it's not like it has been playing on a loop in my head over and over again, so I don't really remember..." Elena apologizes profusely for any emotional turmoil and admits that the last thing she remembers was running into his arms and feeling incredibly safe, which seems to satisfy Damon a lot, especially when she confesses that she wanted to fight for him, and she still does. "Elena, the second we are cured of this and don't want to rip each other's heads off, I'm going to hunt you down and give you the most mind-blowing night of your life," Damon replies, which makes Elena VERY happy. However, she has one question-- how do they cure it?

Cut to Caroline, who is shuffling around what's left of Wes' pop-up lab and finds his voice recorder, which confirms what we already learned from Katherine last episode-- the Ripper serum Elena was injected with has the extracted werewolf venom from Nadia's blood sample to make it more lethal to vampires. Basically, they feed and feed and feed until they die, though since it's in such a small amount, it'll take longer for it to kill her. That's when Enzo pops out of nowhere and asks if werewolves really are real, because he thought it was just a joke. She already knows all about him and insists that she wants no part of whatever he's there to do, but Enzo informs her that they're there for the same reason: to cure Damon and Elena of the Ripper serum. Caroline assumes that he's just trying to get his "murder buddy" back, but Enzo just snarks back, "Right. Damon mentioned you get a little judgy." Caroline smirks at him, but it slides right off her face when he adds, "Then again, he also said you had a thing for accents." ZING! Caroline, annoyed, tells her to stay out of their mess, but Enzo reveals that he totally has the antidote.

Damon and Elena are still on the phone, where Elena is worrying that she's likely flunking out of college because of Katherine, though Damon points out that it's more likely that Katherine compelled some chump to do her work for the whole semester. She adds that to her mental list of things to fix, including her friendship with Aaron, which immediately makes Damon's stomach drop. When he asks her what Aaron has to do with anything, Elena reminds him that they haven't spoken since he found out she was a vampire and mistakenly believed that she wanted to kill him. Damon mutters, "Well, uh, you probably won't find him," but when Elena asks why, he loses his nerve and states, "No reason..." Their conversation is interrupted by Stefan, who has arrived with a new phone for Elena and her midday meal, so Elena promises she'll call him right back.

She steps out of the phone booth she was using to call Damon and instantly gets so dizzy that she falls to the ground, and admits to Stefan that she's suddenly not feeling so good, which Stefan attributes to her hunger. He gives her a bottle that has four ounces of his blood, which she immediately chugs down. As expected, it's not even close to enough, and she tries to beg Stefan for more, but he won't budge, even when she insists that she's fine and can handle it. To prove her wrong, Stefan bites his wrist, and just the whiff of his blood that she gets is enough to make her vamp-out, with crazy huge eye-veins and all. "You're not fine, Elena," Stefan replies sadly, while Elena looks super guilty as hell. Horrified, Elena shouts that Katherine turned her into a monster, and when she asks Stefan if she's a Ripper now, he confesses that she's basically programmed to feed until she kills now, which does not help her mental state one bit, and she about melts down from hatred of Katherine.

Stefan gets a phone call from Caroline, who is still with Enzo at Wes' makeshift lab, who informs them that the bad news is, the serum Elena was injected with isn't the same as Damon's; hers as the addition of werewolf venom, which, of course, makes it even more toxic. Just as Stefan and Elena begin to freak out, Caroline assures them that she wouldn't just call them to tell them this without good news, and reveals that there is an antidote, but it requires Stefan to come meet her. Stefan isn't really game on leaving Elena, but Caroline insists that he has to come get it in person, and she can't explain any more about it until he gets there-- all she'll say is that it involves the Travelers, who aren't eager for everyone to know what it is exactly they're doing.

Since Stefan is pretty desperate to cure Elena and Damon, he reluctantly agrees and hangs up. Before he leaves, Elena has a question for him-- why didn't Katherine run off with Elena's body like she normally does? Stefan hesitates for a moment before vaguely stating that, in true Katherine form, she wanted it all, which Elena quickly interprets to mean that she wanted Stefan. Of course, this revelation leads Elena to ask if anything happened between them while she was out, but Stefan will only say that they kissed, but he stopped it, because he knew it wasn't her. Uh, not exactly accurate, but whatever, Stefan's gotta go, so he cuts their conversation short.

Bonnie is sitting at some Whitmore bar where Liv works as the two girls chat. Liv brags about how she locked a vampire in her dorm with an invisible wall, but Bonnie's not really impressed with her cockiness, so she pours a line of salt on the table and instructs Liv to do a "simple fire spell" to set it alight. Liv concentrates and says the spell three times, but nothing happens, and Bonnie just smirks in an attempt to keep her ego in check.

Meanwhile, Elena is in her room, calling Aaron to see what's up, but, as expected, it goes to voicemail on account of Aaron being dead and likely buried somewhere on the Salvatore property. She doesn't know that, though, so she leaves him a message asking him to call her back when he gets it so they can talk about everything that's happened. Once she hangs up, she grabs her journal to write in it, but when she flips to a fresh page, she sees tons of handwriting that isn't her own, and becomes horrified when she realizes that Katherine had even commandeered her diary to brag about how awesome it was to have taken over Elena's life, which just sets Elena's rage to nuclear levels. So nuclear, in fact, that she hallucinates Katherine and Stefan in their motel room, where Katherine has fully taken her greasy shirt off right in front of Stefan. He reminds her that there's a bathroom 10 feet away, but she just keeps flirting with him about how she loves how much of a gentleman he is. She coos about how they're both single and alone now, so nothing is stopping them, before the two begin kissing. After a few long moments, Elena pulls away and cries, "This isn't me, Stefan! Can't you tell? After everything we've been through, I wouldn't lead you on like that."

She throws on her shirt and goes to leave, but finds Damon standing in the doorway, blocking her path. Damon mocks Stefan for falling for what he believes to be "the oldest trick in the book," but Stefan argues that it's not like Damon saw through her, either. Elena yells at them to stop fighting, and claims that Katherine wanted this-- even dead, she's still ruining their lives. Stefan is angry now, and replies, "Oh, you think this is bad? You have no idea, do you?" Elena, scared, orders him to tell him what she means, just as she wakes up in her room, where her nose is dripping blood onto the pages of her diary. She looks at herself in the mirror and shocks and murmurs to herself, "What the hell is happening to me?"

Outside of town, Stefan and Caroline are walking through a junkyard, where Stefan is assuring Caroline that Damon will tell Elena everything. Enzo pops up out of nowhere once again and offers to tell Elena himself, since he was with Damon when he did it, but Stefan is more concerned about what exactly Enzo is getting out of this, aside from "getting Damon to undo every positive decision he's ever made?" Enzo insists he just wants to heal his friend, but before they can get into it more, the Travelers arrive, led by Sloan, who we already met a couple episodes back.

She informs them that they do, in fact, have an antidote to the Ripper serum, thanks to Enzo, who Wes saved from being killed by hungry Damon under the condition that he return to his occupation of test subject one last time, allowing him to create the antidote. Sloan picks up the story from there and adds that the Travelers took the antidote from Wes when they found out he was dead, and since Elena is valuable to them, they're using their resources to create an antidote to the Ripper cocktail she was given as well. Wait, so are they saying that the Travelers ultimately come up with a cure for werewolf venom? Because that could come in handy some day. Anyway, Stefan asks when it will be done, but Sloan replies that they need to find something first, or rather, someone-- another Salvatore doppelgänger.

Back at Whitmore, Elena has called Damon back and has just broken the news that she's been infected with werewolf venom on top of the Ripper serum, and explains that she seems to be deteriorating slowly, specifically by hallucinating all of her worst fears. Damon thinks he should go over there to keep an eye on her, but Elena reminds him that they'll rip each other apart, and settles for him continuing to tell her everything she missed while Katherine was in the driver's seat. Damon: "Okay, okay, okay. Let's see. Umm.... it's been unseasonably cold. Jeremy bought some new X-box games that are ridiculously loud and obnoxious. Tyler had a party... it was lame. OH! Oh! Have you heard the gossip? Caroline and an Original hybrid, sitting in a tree..." Elena's mind is blown at this revelation, especially when Damon admits that it was Katherine who told Tyler that it happened in the first place.

"Katherine is such a bitch," Elena says defeatedly, to which Damon agrees wholeheartedly. She's then wracked by a coughing fit that causes her to cough up blood into a towel, but, naturally, she hides that part from Damon and instead wonders aloud why Stefan would have to leave for some mystery location when they could just track down Wes and force him to make the antidote, which, AWKWARD. So, Damon admits that he killed Wes, and that he deserved it, but Elena is NOT HAPPY, especially since Wes was Aaron's only family. Fortunately for Damon, Matt shows up with Damon's midday snack, giving Damon an out to call Elena back in a bit.

Back in the junkyard, Stefan is shocked to hear that there's another doppelgänger of him out there, though Enzo thinks that Stefan should really read up on his Traveler lore, which he's learned a lot about in the time he's spent following them around. What he's learned is this: though Sloan and the others won't tell him WHY, the last remaining pair of doppelgängers from the Salvatore and Petrova lines are special, but the specialness in their blood only really helps the Travelers as long as they're the only ones still alive/undead, which is why Gregor and the other Travelers had orders to kill Katherine and Silas and Amara. So, the Traveler's leader, Markos, wants the blood of Stefan and Elena, the last remaining doppelgängers, for whatever business, but he can't use it for what he needs until the last doppelgänger is found and killed. Stefan figures they'll need a locator spell, but Sloan was thinking more of a linking spell, and doesn't seem to give a fuck about the fact that the last time Stefan was used to link to one of his doppelgängers, his brain was fried and he lost all of his memories; she just says that they'll have to be careful. Wonderful.

Back in Elena's dorm, she's slowly starting to unravel as the werewolf venom makes its way through her system, and she eventually gets so weak she has to sit down on the floor in the hallway. As soon as she's down, she starts hallucinating that she's walking toward Aaron's apartment, just as he's walking out. He sees how out of it she is and asks her if she's okay, but she just says that she's sick, and then starts to explain everything that's been going on lately, including that Katherine Pierce had taken control of her body. Aaron claims that revelation explains a lot, just as Elena walks into Aaron's apartment to find that it's completely devoid of furniture and belongings. She asks him why none of his stuff is there anymore, but all Aaron says in response is, "Because I'm not actually here." She looks over to him and sees that his neck is covered in blood, and Elena is horrified, and instantly believes that she killed him. She begs him to tell her that she didn't kill him, but while he doesn't explicitly say that she did, the look on his face alludes to the fact that she did, even though we all know that it was actually Damon.

She's pulled back to reality by this cute blonde boy, who exclaims "Elena Gilbert!" while he tries to help her to her feet. When she stumbles, he just assumes that she broke into the spring break booze early, and she eventually just straight-up asks him how the fuck he got inside the dorm. "David dumped my ass," the boy explains. "At Señor Frogs, of all the horrifying places. He thought I was cheating on him, so I took the first flight out of Cancun, and here I am!" After just staring blankly at him for a moment, Elena finally asks him if she knows him, so he reintroduces himself as Luke and claims that they met at the Bitter Ball. When Elena still doesn't recognize him (hint: they've never actually met before now), Luke assumes that she's drunk and offers to join her in drowning their sorrows in rum runners, but Elena immediately nixes that idea on account of her current condition.

Luke, proving himself to be quite the creeper, chirps, "Ahhh! Don't tell me you and Stefan hooked up while I was gone," which seems to be the last straw for our very strung-out girl. She spots his carotid artery pulsing in his neck and mutters that she's just really thirsty. She bites into her wrist and begins to force-feed him her blood, and she's just about to snap his neck to turn him so she can feed on him when she spots two puncture marks on his neck that are indicative of a vampire feeding on him. When she asks him about them, Luke claims that he has no idea-- his "paranoid boyfriend" thought they were hickeys, but he figured they were just some gross skin rash or something. Elena figures that her "friend" Kalena was feeding on him, and compels him to forget the conversation, go find Bonnie Bennett, and tell her to bring the witch to the dorm so they can let her out.

When we return, Elena is rushing through the hallways while rambling to Damon on the phone; she insists that she has no idea what's happening to her. She admits that she feels like no one is telling her the truth, and that she can't tell what's real and what isn't. Damon assures her that Stefan is on his way, but Elena is more concerned about Aaron and the fact that she killed him. Damon quite understandably starts to panic and promises to tell her the 100% truth, but not when she's tripping ovaries on werewolf venom. "Now is not the time?" Elena shouts. "Damon, I'm dying! I almost turned a student today, who Katherine befriended, just so I could feed on him! When would a good time be? Huh?" Damon is really starting to freak out now, only because he's so damn worried about Elena, and pleads with her to listen to his voice and try to relax, but Elena is convinced that he's lying to her. Finally, Elena completely breaks and throws her phone across the room, and when Damon hears the busy signal on his end of the line, he desperately tries to once again free himself from his chains.

When that fails, he calls Matt into the cell and tries to play it cool by claiming that his battery was dead and that he needed him to charge it for him. Matt makes a joke about how he was sexting Elena too much that doesn't amuse Damon much, so Damon sets his phone on the floor and waits for Matt to pick it up. When he does, it gives Damon the chance to zoop forward and wrap his arms around Matt's neck, grabbing him in a choke-hold. Matt instantly screams for Jeremy to come help him, and when Jeremy arrived, he still shows that he loves Damon enough to be surprised that Damon would pull such a stunt.
JEREMY: "Whoa, what the hell?"
DAMON: "I need to see your sister. Undo my chains, or I'll kill him."
JEREMY: [panicked] "I can't! You'll kill her!"
DAMON: "She's going to hurt herself, Jeremy. She's totally unraveling."
MATT: [gasps] "Don't do it, Jeremy."
DAMON: [frustrated] "Stop being an idiot, Jeremy! Trust me! She needs me. I would never hurt her, Jeremy."
As expected, Jeremy ultimately relents and lets Damon free, and only seems to be the slightest bit annoyed at the typical dramatics Damon pulled to get his way.
At the junkyard, Caroline and Stefan are chatting quietly as they walk toward where the Travelers are congregated. Caroline concedes that there are a lot of Travelers, but suggests that between herself, Stefan, and Enzo, they could probably take them, but Stefan calls her out on her desperation pretty quickly. He promises that it'll work out, but Caroline is afraid that it's going to be a repeat of Qetsiyah frying all of his memories allll the way back in "Original Sin." Stefan hilariously points out that if he loses his memory, he won't remember that he had anything to worry about in the first place, so it's not really a problem, but Caroline just gives him a look and laments the fact that he signed himself up for "witchy electroshock therapy." Stefan stops her and reminds her that he'd do it for her, too, and they have another cute little moment.
STEFAN: "Look, let's say that they DO fry my brain..."
CAROLINE: "-- I'll kill them..."
STEFAN: "Right. And then, you'll spiral out of control about killing them, and then, do me a favor, and remind me we were friends."
Aw, Stefan! Like I said a couple recaps ago, this is a Stefan I can get used to having around. Anyway, they finally rejoin the Travelers, and Sloan directs Stefan to a chair in the middle of a circle and instructs him to sit. Naturally, Stefan refuses to go any farther until they get the antidotes, as Stefan has done everything that they've asked and agrees to stay for whatever they need, so Enzo volunteers to make sure that Damon and Elena get the antidotes. Stefan and Caroline are both clearly wary, but when Enzo offers Caroline the opportunity to come with him and supervise, Caroline ultimately chooses to stay with Stefan and trust that Enzo's motives are legit. Once he leaves, Stefan sits in the chair, and Sloan uses a knife to get more of Stefan's blood for the spell, though Stefan takes great care to point out that Qetsiyah didn't need his blood to link him to Silas. Sloan's just like, "Big whoop, we do things differently," before dipping her index and middle fingers of both hands into the blood and pressing them to Stefan's temples, causing him to scream out in pain.

Back at Whitmore, Bonnie and Liv have just arrived to the dorm to find that Elena is throwing pretty much all of her possessions (specifically, ever part of her life that Katherine ever touched) into the fireplace, which is pretty much par for the course with Elena. "When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire," is pretty much the theme song to Elena's life. Bonnie urges her to stop and insists that it's just the venom/Ripper serum talking, but Liv points out that Elena definitely looks like she's losing it. Elena, finally noticing Liv's presence, asks if she's the new witch, and instructs her to lower the seal so she can get the fuck out of there, even after Bonnie reminds her that it's too dangerous to let her out when she's sick. Elena threatens to kill them if they don't, and when Bonnie points out that she's letting Katherine win by allowing the Ripper serum/werewolf venom cocktail to destroy her, and it seems to work for a brief moment of lucidity. Of course, once it's over, she breaks a nearby broom in half and launches it like a javelin at Liv, who is impaled in the stomach with it. Elena, in true Damon style, informs them that since they're going to need her blood to heal Liv, they're probably going to have to let her out, lest the newbie witch bleed to death. On the one hand, I hate seeing Elena like this, but on the other hand, I LOVE seeing Elena like this. SO CONFLICTED.

At the junkyard, Stefan is still screaming in pain while Sloan digs around in his brain link, and it isn't until Caroline complains aloud about how long this is taking that Sloan finally sees something-- in her vision, the Stefangänger is a paramedic who is in the midst of treating a severely injured patient. Stefan notices a nearby police car and informs them in between gasps of pain that he's in Atlanta, Georgia, but Sloan yells at the rest of the Travelers to keep going and push harder, because they need more information before they can kill him. Caroline insists that they need to stop before Stefan loses his memories again, and when Sloan doesn't heed her warning, she grabs a knife and holds it against Sloan's neck from behind. Sloan reminds her that if she kills her, the rest of the Travelers will kill HER, but Caroline orders her to stop and explains that she has a plan that will allow them all to get what they want.

Liv must have lowered the boundary spell, because Elena is frantically running around campus, completely delirious. She stops when she begins hallucinating that Aaron is there, and looks so relieved when she (mistakenly) assumes that he's alive and well. Aaron points out that she doesn't look so hot, but Elena promises that she's fine now that she knows Aaron didn't die because Katherine killed her while she was possessing her. Suddenly, the hallucination fades, and Elena realizes that "Aaron" is actually Damon, who looks so worried about her that it seriously hurts. He assures her that she's just hallucinating and hands her a cup full of blood to drink; to his everlasting credit, he shows absolutely no signs of vamping out at the sight or smell of it, so either he's been well-fed beforehand, or Elena's love really does give him some pretty impressive control skills. Elena insists that Katherine won, and though Damon tries to talk her down, Elena is just too overwhelmed to stop.
ELENA: "Look at me, Damon! Look at me! The plague of Katherine Pierce lives on. She's turning me into something that I'm not. I mean, look at me! I'm a monster. Liv, the witch, I almost killed her. And my friends, I want to kill my friends. I think I want to kill my friends!"
OUCH MY HEART. Damon tries to hug her and once again points out that she's going to be okay, but Elena pushes him away and informs him that she knows she killed Aaron Whitmore. Damon immediately goes, like, record-screech-level "Bwuh?" while Elena explains that she keeps seeing Aaron's hallucination everywhere. Finally, Damon can't take the Elena's misplaced guilt and confesses that he was the one that killed Aaron, and not even out of necessity so he could have a vampire to feed on, but because he thought Elena dumped him and he wanted to prove to himself that he was a cold-blooded killer who would never cange. Elena is completely dumbfounded, unable to process this newest revelation, and Damon is freaking out about how she's going to react. He eventually begs her to say something, but she's distracted by something behind Damon. She asks him why the fuck Enzo is there, and when Damon turns around to find him, Enzo drops yet another hilarious line. "Sorry to interrupt! I have the antidote. Although, from the looks of it, you'd both rather be dead." It's all in the delivery.

Back at the Camp de Traveler, Caroline has just finalized her deal with those damn singing witches and has returned to check on Stefan. Once he regains consciousness, she greets him with a smile, but he shoots Caroline a confused look and replies, "Hi... Rebekah?" LOLOL. Caroline is horrified, of course, so Stefan adds, "Kidding! ...Lexi, right?" BAHAHAHA. Caroline snarks that it was funnier the first time and swats at him before Stefan asks for the deets on their little spell. Naturally, Enzo has to spoil the moment and return to the camp to summon Caroline for their road trip, forcing Caroline to spill the particulars of her deal to Stefan-- Sloan was about to fry Stefan's brain to kill the Stefangänger, and since Caroline was NOT about to let that happen, she struck a compromise. Namely, that Caroline and Enzo would go kill the doppel for them so that way they wouldn't have to melt Stefan's cerebral cortex to do it.

Predictably, Stefan is not at all cool with this plan, but when Caro reminds him that her choice is pretty easy when it's between him and a complete stranger, he starts to understand, as he damn well should-- how many people has Stefan killed to save Damon? To save Elena? Hell, to save any of the Mystic Falls Gang? I'm guessing several dozen at the very least. Stefan insists on going with them, then, if it has to happen, but Enzo puts the kibosh on that, too, as the Travelers need him to stick around in case they need to dive in for more information. Caroline assures him that it's going to be fine and reminds him of his earlier words-- he would do it for her, so the fact that she would do it for him should not surprise him or piss him off. Stefan's mostly concerned about the fact that he doesn't trust Enzo, but she promises that she doesn't either before heading off with Damon's bestie, who seems to be pretty chuffed to be spending some quality time with everyone's favorite Vampire Barbie.

Bonnie is walking Liv back to her dorm room, while Liv, who is still covered in blood, jokes that she should donate her shirt to Elena's fire cleanse, which obviously makes Bonnie feel super guilty. She insists that Liv doesn't have to be a part of any of this, and promises that she won't be offended, acknowledging that magic isn't for everyone, and that's especially true of the supernatural hijinks that have surrounded Bonnie and her loved ones for the last three years. Still, Liv says that she wants to be involved, and that she wants Bonnie to teach her, so Bonnie says she'll meet her in the morning for some levitation and leaves.

Once Bonnie's gone, Liv enters her room and lights dozens of candles with just a wave of her hand before she strips off her bloodied shirt, not realizing that Luke is sitting on her bed, waiting for her. He calls her a showoff, and she flips out about how she was literally about to take her shirt off in front of him, but Luke exposits for our benefit that since he is both gay and her twin brother, she's basically the least attractive person ever to him. He then apologizes for dragging her into everything, but Elena thought she was compelling him and he needed to maintain their cover. Liv swears she's fine, though, since Elena fed her vampire blood, so Luke changes the subject to something VERY frightening.
LUKE: "And how is our precious Anchor to the Other Side?"
LIV: "I'm letting her think she's teaching me magic. It's kind of cute."
[They both laugh]
LUKE: "Until she realizes her friends are in jeopardy. Then, not so cute."
Finally, we return to Casa di Salvatore, where Elena is sitting silently by the fireplace in the study. Damon pours her a drink, but she refuses it, so Damon instead asks her to tell him what she's feeling. Elena's main issue is that Damon should have noticed that she was Katherine and not herself, because he, of all people, should know her better than anyone. Damon, of course, has already been mentally self-flagellating himself for it, and insists that he knows that, but Elena claims that had he seen through Katherine's schemes, all of this could have been avoided-- neither of them would have been Ripperized, Aaron would still be alive, and Katherine would have been dead way sooner. Of course, this starts an epic fight once again, which I'm going to transcribe because it's a good one. Sorry, kids!
DAMON: "Katherine didn't do this, I did! I thought you broke my heart, so I ripped open Aaron's neck. THAT'S how much control you have over me."
ELENA: "And I'm still here! That's how much control you have over ME."
DAMON: [flustered] "Listen to us! This is toxic! We are in a toxic relationship, Elena! I just killed your friend, and you find someone else to blame!"
ELENA: "You want me to blame you? Easy! Done! You screwed up, Damon. Again."
ELENA: "You put me in a position where I have to defend you, again. Where I have to bend my morals, again. Where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in, AGAIN, because I love you!"
ELENA: [frustrated] "I CAN'T!"
Damon insists that this is the problem: they don't work, and surprisingly, Elena concedes that point to him. So, Damon decides to make it final and ask if she agrees that it has to end, and she does. "It just did," Elena says sadly. "It's over... we're over." Of course, that lasted all of about a millisecond, during which they stared each other in the eyes and eventually just said fuck it and flung themselves at each other, passionately making out while they strip each other of their clothes and make their way over to Damon's bed. AWWWW YISSS. I love me some Delena, though I do acknowledge that they're toxic, but they don't necessarily have to be. It's just something they need to learn.

ALRIGHT-- stay tuned for three more recaps, followed by season 6, episode 1's recap in the next couple of days! :)


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